Big Brother Spoilers – Danielle to Shane: “I WON it to keep you safe”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 2 (Saturday)
POV Used ??? POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9
Original Nominations:
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Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon)
Last Evicted Houseguest

10:30pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Boogie Wil, Dan and Danielle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan asking him if Boogie told Frank that Danielle was going to vote out Frank. Boogie says that he thought they were rolling with each other and Dan potentially could of put them in harms way. Dan leaves and Frank comes in.

Boogie sals that Janelle was telling him that Frank was going to nominate Boogie. They both laugh, Janelle: “You see how stupid”
Frank asks him why did Dan know Danielle was going to vote him out and didn’t stop him. Boogie: “He claims that he knew about the twist”
Britney comes in Boogie tells her he’s been hearing from everyone around the house that Frank was going home (Joe and Janelle).
Britney starts acting shocked. Boogie explains it’s from people that have a vested interest in having the house fight.
Britney leaves Frank: ‘I can’t trust her as far as I can throw her” ian joins them they congratulate him and he leaves.

Boogie tells Frank he only trusts Ian and Frank.
Boogie: “Why the fuck didn’t he tell us last night when he found out”
Frank wonders why Dan didn’t tell them. Boogie thinks that perhaps he wanted Frank gone to work with Boogie. Frank: “He’s jealous”

10:42pm Cam 3-4 Britney and Shane

Britney tells Shane that they need to Deny deny deny what Janelle’s team is saying and tells Frank and Boogie as far as they knew Frank was safe. Britney felt it was best to give the HOH to Danielle because otherwise Janelle might expect her to put Danielle up Britney feels like there’s a lot of targets in the house they need HOH next week.

10:52pm Arcade Cam 3-4 Danielle And Shane

Shane says that Janelle’s and Joe have already told Boogie and Frank that Danielle and Wil were going to vote out Frank. Danielle: ‘OMG.. I told you I was going to win.. I did it because I thought Dan and you would be on the block” Danielle says to him she won the HOH to make sure he was safe. Shane thanks her says she did fantastic out there. He ads that they are now even. Danielle is pissed about Janelle calling her a floater and not thinking she could win the HOH. Shane is salty because his HOH was useless it only helped him burn bridges. Danielle points out the people that were cheering her on says Janelle never cheered for her. Shane is surprised to find out everyone hooking their arms in between the bar he wishes he would of done that. Danielle says he did a good job and was proud of him.

11:10pm Bedroom Shane and Frank
Shane saying that he talked to Danielle right before bed last night and she said she was down with the plan. Frank knows Danielle told him in the morning that she was voting for her. Shane tells him they should get Dan, Danielle and him together tonight and talk it through.

Frank is thinking that maybe it was Wil that was flipping the vote. Shane: ‘I don’t trust Janelle or Wil.. I want Janelle up” Frank “You can’t trust them.. I want Janelle and Joe”. Shane says that he’s sure Frank and Boogie are going to work together and right now Britney and him are all that’s left. Frank says that Boogie had brought up to him that about working with him. He thinks they need to talk because the 4 of them have a real chance. Frank I’ll be alright to keep Britney and Mike around for awhile to knock players out. Frank says they need to get Dan out Next week it’s up to them to win the HOH/POV. He adds that Janelle is trying to bring the coaches together but no one is buying that as a real viable Strategy.

11:40pm Dan and Janelle

Dan saying they need 5 votes to take out a player this week. Dan: “4 Coaches and someone else” janelle tells him Joe and Wil are leading the charge against the coaches, She’s done with them. Dan susgests of Frank is out they might be able to pull in

11:42pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Danielle in the Storage Room
He said he made a big mistake telling Boogie that Frank was on his way home.
Dan explains that after he hit the red button to get back in the game he told Boogie that Frank was going home. Dan feels really bad.
Dan: “Rarely do I get that excited in this game.. I made a mistake.. Stupid move”
Britney joins them says that Frank and Boogie told her that Danielle flipped the vote on Frank.
Dan: “No all I said to Boogie… Your guy was going home”
Britney says that all Janelle’s players told Boogie that Danielle was going to vote out Frank.

Shane comes in
Dan explains what he told Boogie: “After I hit the button I got so excited.. I made a mistake”
(Dan goes on and on that he made a mistake I wonder if he’s being sincere.. seems a bit of a overplay)

11:52pm Dan leaves
Brit: “I don’t know how you are going to recover from this” They agree that Dan Needs to go to Boogie and tell him he heard that Wil was going to flip his vote not Danielle. Danielle proposes she won’t put Frank up that will regain his trust. They start talking about possible targets. Shane seems gung oh to get Floaters out. Names Ashley, Joe and Jenn. Britney reminds him that Jenn will vote their way. Britney suggests Janelle and AShley, Danielle agrees. Shane thinks they’ve talked for too long he’s going to head back outside. tells them they’ll have a talk when they get the HOH room .

Britney and Danielle start talking about getting Janelle out. Britney tells her that Janelle is running around making stories and lies right out. Britney tells her Dan has this horrible reputation for lying and She’s worried about what he did to Boogie. Danielle thinks they can trust Dan but she’ll talk to him tonight. Britney wants to trust Dan because they need him but she doesn’t know. Danielle brings up Memphis in Big Brother 10 and how Dan was with him 100% of the way. (So Danielle is Memphis what makes Britney?)

12:13AM Cam 1-2 Arcade Room Frank and Wil
Wil tells him Britney knew Danielle was votign against Frank. Frank explains to him about what Dan told Boogie. Wil: “Dan got caught playing both side.. Stupid move.. ” Wil wants Shane, Frank and Him to make a run for it. Wil doesn’t trust any of the coaches he feels they had a unfair advantage.

Frank wants Dan out of here, Next week he’s going to put him up. Wil says Danielle and Dan are very close. Frank wants to try and get Janelle and Joe up. Wil: “We can get rid of a coach right away” They start thinking if they can convince Danielle to Backdoor Dan this week.

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Carol & Steve

OMG – everytime I hear Joe start to talk I just scream in my head “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!” Oh please let Joe or Janelle go home!!


Are you a Breaking Bad fan? There was a great shut up moment on this past Sunday’s episode.


I love DVR cause I fast forward past his jibber jabber and screams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Danielle stood there for more than 3 hours against some tough competitors and some of the best players in bb history , she showed that she is a true competitor with a big heart, way to go Danielle well deserved

Godless Monkey

What I would love right now is to hear from “Danielle’s Orange Dress.” Where’d you go? Loved your comments, and this week is your time to shine. Please come back!

King Silva

LMAO; me too!

I can admit I thought Danielle was pretty useless but she pulled this shit out to save her man!

Didn’t Dan say to her on last night’s episode for her to not get like Rachel [ <3 ]: "Nobody gets between me and my Shane!"

I LOL'd when he said that. :p

I posted this on my forum but this was basically my reaction when I read that Danielle had won the HOH [I just read it like 1 hour ago since I was busy yesterday and didn't want to be spoiled til I saw the episode on youtube]..


Oh my fucking Lord Jesus the previously useless Danielle won the most important HOH so far this season! I literally marked the fuck out when I read that since I was so upset that Shane had a big chance of going home had someone like Ian/Frank/Boogie won. Shane is totally safe with Danielle since she is like in love with him.. Now he better keep literally kissing her ass [and face] to keep her on his side because if he denies her too much she could flip her bitch switch and get him out.. :-X ;D

Boogie is going to make things very interesting. He was out first in the challenge and he didn't even want to be back so I can see him just self-evicting or really trying to get out should he be up against Frank [who's ass keeps getting saved… O_O ]. His ass would have been GONE had they went through with the eviction and I don't think he should have been spared. It should have just been him getting evicted and Shane didn't get to compete since he was a true HOH.

Shane had about the worst week as HOH since his week lead to NO ONE going home and even though he got to compete in the following HOH [I think a first!] imo he should have gotten a little advantage for getting fucked the week prior.. Not much but say his foot rest was a couple inches more than everyone else's or his bar was easier to hold on to. Idk I just feel he was fucked and thankfully he seems to have dodged a MAJOR bullet since Danielle outlasted Ian!


Well, here we go. This week’s gonna repeat itself again, only this time, Frank’s gonna be sitting next to Boogie


I certainly would love to see both of them nominated. Let them squirm! They would have to campaign
against each other. Great fun!


I’m actually a bit in shock!! I never would have figured that Danielle would have lasted that competition, less off win it to grab the big room upstairs!!! Things should be pretty nasty this week as they all try to set new alliances. I wasn’t a fan of coaches to begin with and didn’t want to see them enter at this point but hopefully some big action will take place.


Really? I thought it would get down to Danielle and Britney, since these types of competitions aren’t really made for the stronger houseguests. Ian is pretty much built like Danielle and Britney, so I wasn’t surprised that he lasted that long.


Ah man I’m kinda coming around on Ian kid just wants to be liked by everyone




Favorite thing tonight was the Shane/Danielle Titanic-esque kiss LOL and Brit giving the win to Danielle saying “Love ya” hahaha

Lady E

That was cute, but it’s like leading her on


Bombs YO


I didn’t really follow this comment, for someone supposedly intelligent, I think it was a piss poor analogy.




Wait Wait Wait

Did Ian really say this?

Oh man,… I could go on for pages but I won’t bore your readers.

Suffice it to say, I have a 14-year old son with Aspergers who has many of the same mannerisms as Ian who also has a deep interest in international politics, especially Asian nation states.

Man, this is the kind of comment he would just toss off the cuff.

Not something you’d expect to hear in casual conversation.


My son with Aspergers is 15

Not A PH D Student thinks Allison is a d-bag

someone need to tell the players that there is no such thing as “America or America vote’s” as is pretains to BB. That d-bag AG is “America” when it comes to anything during the game. For those people who actually spent money voting your choice in I feel sorry for you wasting your money. The one thing AG knows who to do year after year is F this game up. When you need to give a 17 minute speach on what and how things will go down if or of not coaches enter the game to make sure it comes to the turn out she wants is not reality. I’m sure the next POV comp will be who has the biggest azz making sure Janelle wins it’s.

Allison Grodner is worse then the Olympic badminton teams. She should be never allowed to produce this show anymore. Everyone saw this coming from weeks away, America vote’s, my azz. Only a matter of befoe the Diamond power of veto comes out to screw someone over that d-bag Grodner doesn’t like the way the game is going.

Simon if it is alright with you I would like to end the rest of my posts with “Allison Grodner is a d-bag”


I was wondering the same thing about America’s voting Having BBAD we knew for awhile what was gonna happen with the exception of no eviction this is where AG is so obvious she needed to help Frank out why because his father is famous oh please the show had to explain why this gonna be so we see the portion of the interview with his dad I was thinking who cares about an old wrestler (has been) and his unemployeed kid This year it was revealed that Frank got a key last year but they change the dynamics of the game and promised him this year Shane never tried out for Big Brother he was scouted Danielle and Ashley tried out for a different show and was put on Big Brother, Willie was a brother,( Russell) so in the future don’t even think about trying out . So the 3, that royally got screwed was Jodi her 6 hours of fame , Kara a playboy model (another famous person) and JoJo . If its gonna be a reality show let the cards fall as it may otherwise rename the Show Big Brother Soap Opera


I wonder what Danielle’s Orange Dress thinks about the HOH win.


Lol I loved that kiss especailly cause Shane told Julie he would probably NOT kiss Dani again but after she won he ran up and kissed her lol awwwwwww <3


shane is playing danielle, thats why he kissed her again. shane is a jerk!!!


If I were Danielle, I would put Janelle and Boogie on the block. They are the two I feel people trust/like the least. If one of them wins the veto she could replace them with Frank or Ian.

Karen S

I agree Sara!


Got that one in right before my comment! I agree 100%… is the best move in the game.


I think that would be perfect. Boogie has two maybe three people who would take him off the block if they won POV. Not sure who, at this point would take Janelle off – maybe Ashley since she drank Janelle’s kool aid. Plus, Janelle would be fun to watch as she tries to best Boogie!


I would put Joe and Boogie or Joe and anyone on the block with Joe being the target


Disagree…Joe sucks, but cannot win anything……get. Powerful player out of the game!


Yeah, I agree with Sara but up Boogie and Janelle and have Shane or will win the veto and backdoor frank that would make this an exciting season


Joe needs to stay because he is the worst and if Shane and Wil go against they will win , Bu the stuff Ive read Boogie and Janelle and if they win pov then put up Frank next week janelle or shane will win then everything will flip next if Shane or Janelle win then its wil and dan keeping britney ,joe, danielle that it for next two weeks


Pretty shocking that the twist included cancelling the eviction. One of the few times that I was actually surprised by a twist.

I have to say, I’m super impressed with Danielle and especially Britney. I never would have thought Britney would last that long.

Sounding like maybe Dan slipped up telling Boogie that Frank was going home since Britney, Shane and Danielle are rolling with the story that Danielle was voting to evict Joe. Hopefully it doesn’t cost him.

Hoping that the Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane alliance hold strong. I think Wil would roll with them too. I’m liking him better since he split from Janelle. That group could clean up I think.


I did like when Danielle was complaining about Janelle caller her a floater. “I’ll float her ass right on to the block!”

King Silva


I’m loving this new Danielle!

She should really nominate Janelle and Boogie with Janelle being the target.

Britney really needs to tell Danielle that it was Janelle who was the one who was talking hardcore shit about her ‘weight problems’ NOT JoJo.

I’m pretty sure JoJo never talked that much trash about Danielle’s weight and it was mainly Janelle [someone please clarify if you know] and I just felt that was so wrong to lie about it..

Either way Shane is safe and the team of Shane/Danielle/Dan/Britney seems to be on an excellent start.

I just want them to maybe pick up two more people and continue to win stuff. :)

Karen S

The heading should say for the night… Wiggle wiggle wiggle.. Squirm squirm squirm! lol
It was a good comp!


I will say it again….put boogie and janelle on the block! If either one wins POV….put up Frank! Joe, Ian, Jenn, and Ashley are all floaters and will gravitate towards power. They don’t win shit! get out 1 of the 3 most powerful players in the game now. Yes, I am biased…..rooting for Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Brit! Wil and Ian are the dark horses depending on how nasty this game becomes! Great season so far!


This should be a hell of a week. Looking forward to some major drama!!!!! :)

MU Tigers

Love your name. hahaha


It’s too much chaos going on right now.Dan needs to get Britney,Danielle&Shane together and remind them,that they need to stay focus.They can’t turn on each other right now.Danielle&Shane knew there was a possibility that the coachs would come in the game.The four of them(Dan,Danielle,Britney&Shane)had a alliance with each other.They need to get Boogie or Frank out this coming Thursday.I doubt that production will be so bold and save Frank twice in a row.The four of them need to talk things through tonight,before more lies are told.


I just figured something out, a theory, but it could wind up coming true. They’re going through talking about double evictions, originally it was one person wins 500k, and the coach gets 100k. What if the winner now gets 500k, second place gets 100k, and dun dun dun, THIRD gets the 50k the runner up was supposed to get. Which means that 3 players this season are guaranteed a pay out.


Good theory but nope I really don’t think there’s going to be any changes in payout. The $100K for the “winning coach” was fake all along because CBS *always* intended for the so-called coaches to enter the game from the get-go. Having America vote was just a guise (they knew how America would vote OF COURSE and who’s checking the votes anyhow?). So it’s not like there’s an extra $100K floating around to be given away since it was the plan all along to have the veterans enter the game. My theory is that CBS planned the season this way with the coaches gimmick so that the vets wouldn’t get picked off in the early weeks since they’re outnumbered by newbies. I think it’ll be the same payouts for first place, second place and America’s Choice… that’s just what I think anyways :D

crying out loud

I agree. I just find it so ironic that 4 newbies left leaving room for the 4 coaches to enter the game. I hate that Shane’s HOH was worthless but as a BB fan, I laughed when no one was evicted.


Exactly right Sara. Janelle and Mike are the two to put up. And if one escapes the block, Frank is the sacrificial lamb. Either way, the blood flows and it tastes good!


LOL @ Danielle thinking everyone is pissed that she won HOH and whining about everyone hating her. Britney trying to convince her that everyone is pissed that the coaches coming in is even funnier.


what is Dan thinking?? Is he gonna roll with danielle, shane and britney OR has he turned on them? Was the “apology(excuse)” for real? Gotta admit I can’t figure him out right now. Simon, what’s your take?


Im team Dan…but people are starting to bring up his name. Hopefully he’ll work his mist on the house.


I think Dan made a mistake, but don’t think it will be that costly… the end of the week, shit is going to fly!


I think dan was thinking to protect himself from the block if Ian, Frank or Boogie won Hoh he just forgot the consequences for Danielle though

Dannie Boy Rocks

I am totally Team Dan. People continue to underestimate him. He is a major player in this game. Boogie is so jealous of Dan. That’s why he’s always saying stuff like, “Dan thinks he is sooo smart”. STFU Boogie. Dan won his season and didn’t have to ride on the coat-tail of someone like Dr. Will to win. I thought Boogie was tougher than this. Who knew he was such a cry baby.

~Dannie Boy Rocks!


No no no, pig face janelle and joe dirt need to hit the block. Boogie is too good for shits and giggles.


Not a fan of Joe, but would be a wasted HoH getting rid of him…..


It wouldn’t be a waste. I’m tired of being yelled at.


JOE is fucking useless….l.just like str8 shooter…..he is not a threat! I hate at fucker but wouldn’t blow an HOH on him.


You’re alright in my book CJ


Instead of calling Joe, “Eagle Eye” they should call him “Screaming Eagle” !!! Cause DAM that boy sure screams alot .


Joe is like testicular cancer. I can afford to lose a nut eventually, but I chose to go after the real cancers that can kill you, Mike and Janelle.


Perfect analogy!


Omg Britney is the dumbest player to ever play this game. Why is she in here with boogie, Dan, and janele? Why would Britney tell Daniele that janelle wants the coaches to align. You want to keep that to yourself. She is so dumb. There must have been about 10 players who turned down her spot. If janele goes home then Britney is on her way out 2 weeks later


Why should she keep it to herself? She has no interest in working with any of the other vets other than Dan. If it causes a split, so be it.


Janelle and Boogie have no real interest in working with the other coaches. They give lip service to it and both Brit and Dan know it and play to it.

Janelle needs the coaches to stay in the house, just as Danielle proved twice last night. She counted votes with Brit and Dan separately and EASILY got to 6 votes each time. Janelle is in a very bad position and she knows it. Everyone has her number.

Now if they can just pin that untrustworthiness on Wil too…


Dan slipped up. Honestly, that’s the biggest surprise for me lol.
I’m starting to like Danielle a lot. Maybe she’ll be less annoying if Shane gives her the attention she wants cause she’s HOH.
Also, I’m tired of the guys saying the competition was tailor made for girls. Everyone thought Ian was going to win it and it was his type of competition. Also, the cold water would get to someone skinny like Britney over a beast like Shane. (Have you ever seen Danielle season 8 on that standing HOH comp for final 3?). Shut up! You couldn’t do it and Danielle was good today.
If I was her I’d vote out Joe and Ashley then backdoor Janelle. The BDDS group would vote against Janelle. The veto would be used on Joe so Ian could vote janelle out against what Boogie would want (having the coaches come together) because he would never vote out Ashley. The rest of the house would vote to keep Janelle (maybe a couple less).
The reason why I wouldn’t put Boogie’s team up is because of Dan screwing up. Boogie would cause too much trouble and ruin it for them. Plus, I think you want Janelle out as soon as possible. She is a bigger threat than Boogie. Unless there is a sleeping comp I doubt Boogie can do anything gamewise or social wise.


Actually those comps are tailored for short guys and short girls. No tall guy or even girl will ever win those kind of comps. Well unless all the competitors are tall.


boogie dominates certain comps. if you get some comp middle of the night that tests ability to remember obscure details of the day before, boogie is your guy.


Janelle whining, that she worked so hard… awww STFU bitch, you just mad you got beat by a noob….. If she would’ve won she would’ve been calling herself queen, it’s insane how alike her and Rachel are “willing/losing”, hope she goes this week


Difference is Big Red won!


come on shane is playing a game with danielle he doesnt want her… he dreams of kara


I think Shane likes Dan


Will is gone. He’s trying to act like he was all for frank staying and at the same time throwing Shane under the bus. So when frank confronts Shane and Daniele they will tell the truth about will and then the sh|t is really going to hit the fan.


I really wanted Ian to win this one, I knew it was over when he started shaking. PLEASE send boogie home his ego makes me wanna vomit.


i think this show is Rigged because why was all the hype last night on bbad about danielle has to win hoh….and how she kept saying i will win…wow and what a surprise she did….this show is so fake.


First of all, I liked Rachel, she is nothing like Janelle, ok maybe a little, but janelle is wearing on me, she is not real, at least Rachel kept it real, even if she could be a little annoying, second, I soooo want brit, dan, shane and danielle to team up, go to the end! Danielle should put up Joe and Will, then backdoor Janelle. PS Ashley cracks me up with the peace love and im totally dumb, I love her attitude, I think she will go far as a floater!




If I was Danielle, since it’s likely that Frank and Boogie will go after them anyway, she might as well nominate them. Janelle is obviously still at their side and possibly Ashley. Ian will be safe due to their promise. So who’s left:

> Boogie
> Frank
> Will
> Joe

to be nominated or backdoored. I vote Boogie and Frank so that if they do win the POV, they’ll save themselves —then put up Wil if need be.

>>>And really –they’re going to try and get Danielle to backdoor Dan —Seriously?? Like she’ll ever do that. He’s one of the allies she can rely on –sure he made a big mistake today but like he said there isn’t a mistake that you can’t get out of as long as you believe that there’s a way out.


Janelle is a floater this season. Of course she’s aligned with them, they have the power. That being said, why keep the comp queen around?


Idk I think she might have been floating just because she didn’t have much of a risk of leaving the house, now that it actually matters what she says/does she has to have an alliance with somebody, can’t get to the end standing alone.

Beyonce Fan

Dan trying to save janelle saying he was the one who told boggie. And its not good to put up janelle and boggie you put up one and can joe ever stfu?


They are going to have to backdoor Janelle if thats Dani’s target. You don’t put up the pov queen up to play for it. I don’t care that she’s gained 50 pounds, they(BB) will tailor make that shit for her to win and take herself off.

King Silva

Yeah you probably should backdoor her ass because you know the production wants the Vets to last a little while longer. :(

So maybe put up Boogie and Frank?

Pray that Janelle isn’t chosen and then if anyone but say Ashley/Janelle plays and wins the Veto then a nominee is taken down [Frank] and Janelle goes home.


S***** has hit the fan if Danielle won HOH

Godless Monkey

Can’t wait for Danielle’s seeking validation from every HG this week that she’s the hottest/skinnest/prettiest. “Yes, Danielle, you’re the smallest, most skinny, most desirable girl in the house! Of course Shane wants you! You are so hot, way hotter and skinnier than every other girl here, and Shane is in LOVE with you!!

Tell her that, she’s your new best friend.

Janelle, for increasing Danielle’s insecurities, is for sure on the block this week. This should be entertaining!


If she puts up Janelle and sends her home half the viewers will leave with her. There’s no way BB will let Janelle go, they will make the POV be something that is suitable for her to win. And if Dan doesn’t talk her out of putting up Janelle, Janelle will not trust Dan anymore and come after him. I can’t stand Dan, he’s such a two faced liar, yet he claims to be such an honest, wonderful person. His game play sucks. He’s doing the same thing he did in season 10. And it’s so obvious that Danielle is jealous of Janelle, it makes me sick. Right after she won hoh, Shane gave her a big fake kiss, after he just said in the live show that he would never kiss her again.


What is with you Janelle worshippers? Not even 10% of the viewers (let alone the posters on this sight) are SO enamored with Janelle that they will quit watching if she leaves.

She had her time in the sun. She is not the competitor she used to be. In seasons 6 and 7 she would have out lasted everyone just so she could yell “Bye, bye Bitches” one more time.


A couple comments on the convos after HOH. Boogie, stop whining. You almost got played. You are just pissed because someone almost did to you what you were planning on doing to someone else. It’s part of the game. Griping about Danielle and calling her names shows what a low class loser you really are. She played you. A woman. You hate that. Get over yourself. You and Janelle – two peas in a pod. Saying that you two were running the house – you only had a hand in evicting two people – Kara and JoJo. Jodi was never in the game and Willie self-evicted.

Boogie is a legend in his own mind. He will forever be in Dr. Will’s shadow. Janelle will always be the also ran. Neither of them has any loyalty except to themselves. Neither one of them has any class. I would really love for Danielle to put Boogie and Frank on the block and if one of them one POV, then put up Janelle. Wouldn’t matter who went home – both gotta go.


Best move is to put up Janelle and Boogie. Let them fight for POV, and see if one of them wins. Either way, one of them goes home, hopefully Janelle, because I don’t think Boogie would win the game no matter who he sits next to. Not even Ashley or Jenn. Janelle is a bigger threat and needs to go this week. I am not convinced that Frank is still with Boogie, and I think Jenn is over him too. Joe is obnoxious and needs to go, but not yet. Get Janelle and Boogie out pre jury and then worry about the so called floaters. As long as Shane, Danielle, Brit and Dan stick together this week and get Wil and Frank onside, they have the votes to get it done. If Janelle leaves, Ashley and Joe will be orphaned and forced to start playing the game for themselves. Team newb for the win!


From what I’m seeing, Danielle will do whatever Dan wants, and he seems to be pushing to get the 2 guys that know that the newbs are toast if they don’t pick off the coaches now. And Danielle is going to go along with the plan and get Keesha’d at final 4. Dan is smooth and Danielle is an airhead. I don’t understand why Brit is protecting Janelle. Her only chance is to play up being the underdog of the coaches and get in good with the newbs. Danielle is about to ruin her game and take Shane, Brit and possibly Dan down with her.It’s looking like AG is fixing it for Janelle to win this year, like she did for Rachel last year.


I’m not thrilled that they did not have an eviction last night.

Poor gay Shane… They are gonna shove this “showman” down his throat for as long as they can… And he almost has to suck her ass now this week! Funny….

The newbies MUST get rid of a coach this week or one of the coaches will win!


I can’t stand Britney or Danielle. Britney is listing ppl who are untrustworthy, bitch u are too. And Danielle is gonna feel stupid when she see that she’s being used. I hope janielle wins pov.


After stayin up Dani should put up Frank and Boogie and if one of them wins veto put up Janelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@cj how is Janelle a floater she just entered the game. You can’t base her play on what she did as a coach cause all her players are fucking losers. They couldn’t win shit so of course she had to kiss ass


And who picked those losers?

Janelle. Thats who.

Birds of a feather…


sort of hope the dan brit stuff gets broken up now. I dont want that final 5 deal to just ride to the end. there are 12 people in the house, lets see more than just some stupid brigade style alliance that does nothing but vote as a group


I’m watching feeds right now and Danielle just did a really good job at working over Janelle to be an asset to her, didn’t even reveal she was in a team with Shane/Brit/Dan, and got Janelle to think bringing in Ashley for another vote was her idea. GG Danielle


Danielle, Please put up Wil & Joe on the block so that Janelle will be backdoor. Janelle needs to go! Bye-Bye Janelle! Have fun see your husband. Final 4:Shanielle,Frank & Dan.

Danielle's Orange Nurse Scrubs

Ahh… tonight couldn’ta been more perfect. Now Shane knows how I much I love’m. And it was super hard standin’ on that thingy for hours. I mean I had to think long and hard on somethin’ to keep my mind off the pain. I mean what’s pain when you’re in love, right ya’ll?

Really though, once I started thinkin’ ’bout him, it wasn’t hard at all. I just thoughy ’bout Dr. Dreamy Eyes and how he hurt me and I got all mad and the pain just went away. I mean, he’s the reason I even went to nursin’ school in the first place. Then he goes and transfers to a different hospital after I did what I did to get put on his service. It just broke my heart, ya’ll. I still don’t know why that other hospital wouldn’t hire me, I mean I put him down as a reference and everything. I just don’t get it ya’ll.

But Dr. Dreamy Eyes don’t matter no more cause now I have my Shane and I know he loves me. I mean did you see him kiss me tonight? It was beautiful, like somethin’ outta Gone With the Wind. I have never been in this much love before ya’ll, well exccept with Dr. Dreamy Eyes and my high school gym coach and those other five guys but they don’t count. What me and Shane have is true love, somuch better than that dating show I wanted to go on!

I kinda wish Shane had kept Janelle’s weddin’ ring cause I know she ain’t gonna be loyal to our team. Not like I’m loyal to Shane. I betcha anythang Shane would’a given me that ring, ya’ll!

I kinda wonder why Shane didn’t come rescue me when stinky Frank was spinnin’ me around? I was thinkin’ for sure he would. Guess I’ll haveta ask him tonight when he’s in my HOH bed. Maybe we could keep winnin’ HOH so we can stay in that bed all summer. I hope so ya’ll.

I wonder if Dr. Dreamy Eyes is watchin’ me and Shane? I hope so. Night ya’ll!

King Silva


Does she really say ya’ll that much?


Yay! Now my BB experience is complete.


That was a slip-up on purpose on Dan’s part. What he’s thinking, I have no idea but I know there’s reasons behind it and he was emphasizing too much on the “I made a mistake part”. I can’t speculate as to why he would do that on purpose because there’s just way too many scenarios at this point since the house is scrambling everywhere. Only time will tell, or maybe he explains it in his DR sessions.

Danielle obviously surprised everyone by winning HOH but I can’t believe it’s gonna be another week with an HOH who won’t be able to think by themselves and will only be swayed by anyone else around them. Noms are gonna be between Boogie/Janelle/Dan/Frank (Dan still unlikely but who knows, people could sway Danielle that way because of the “mistake”).

It’s gonna be interesting to watch for sure.


Bye Bye Janelle, can’t wait to see you out the door. The queen of comp is history! Janelle is officially a queen of floaters. Your going home! Dr. Will was right, your a three time loser.