Big Brother Spoilers – Britney: “Frank is going to win this game.. survived the block 3 out of 4 weeks and won 2 HOH’s”

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots They think Comp is tomorrow
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

7:07pm Cam 1-2 Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Most of the houseguests in the kitchen… recounting the HOH competition. Boogie tells Frank he had a advantage in the HOH because he played in all the competitions so far. Boogie and Frank are obviously happy.. Dan and Wil appear worried.
Eagle eye Joe gets right to work Avenging Janelle’s eviction.. he’s pacing back and forth in bedroom like a caged tiger. He’s planning his next move to propel PowerHouse to the next level.

Talk in the kitchen is random.. Shane mentions how they Diary Room eggs you on to leave nasty goodbye messages. (Feeds keep getting cut because the houseguests are talking about production oriented things)

7:17pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom .. power house

7:30pm Cam 1-2
Everyone in the Kitchen except for Eagle Eye Power House Joe.. Just random talk. Britney and Dan try hard not to look worried.
Apparently the instruments around the HOH competition were real and Jenn went to go see them and production told her to stop. There is some talk about the audience responses when they voted out Janelle. Ashley says the audience didn’t sound too happy when she voted to evict Janelle. They all start to question the edit Janelle received. The general consensus it hat Janelle received a very good edit that didn’t show her personal attacks or lies.

7:35pm Cam 3-4 Frank went into the bedroom to talk to Joe about the pork. Joe was pissed told him to go do whatever he wants with it.

7:40pm Cam 1-2 Have Nots Britney and Danielle. Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney is crying about Janelle leaving. Danielle tells her she’s one step closer to the money. Britney is worried She’ll get nominated if Joe wins the Veto. Danielle says Ashley and Joe are going up and Wil is going to be the replacement nomination so she doesn’t need to worry. Britney points out that the next HOH is more important because it’ll be double eviction.Britney telling her she couldn’t hear the song during the HOH the audio was really distorted.

They start counting the players left and days left.. both agree that something big has to happen because there are too many players in the house.

Britney: “This is week 5 this is the pandora’s box week.. this is usually when a power is brought into… This is when Matt Won the Diamond power of veto.. this is when Jeff got the Coup d’état”

Britney: “frank is going to win this game”
Danielle: “I don’t think so”
Britney: “He’s survived the block 3 out of 4 weeks and won 2 HOH’s.. if he makes it to final 3 sign the check”

Britney feels like it’s her fault that Frank won the HOH.. she’s feeling bad about it and is really worried about Frank. Britney tells her they need to go out there and be happy not look like they a sulking.

7:54pm Cam 3-4 Boogie telling them about his goodb bye message to Janelle and how “awesome” it was. He said that during season 7 Janelle messed around with Will and Will girlfriend (Now finacee/wife?) stuck by him but does not like Janelle. Boogie said he dedicated that eviction to Will and his Wife.

8:18pm Cam 3-4 Boogie and Frank

Talking about taking Joe out this week and putting Wil up as a pawn. Frank is getting really worried if they do not put up a strong player on the other side they will blow the cover of the Silent 6 (SHHHhhhhh………………………………….SHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) Frank says the logical person would be Dan but he talked to him about it and Dan was not agreeing. Frank thinks as an alternative they need to talk Shane into volunteering to be nominated. Boogie agrees, points out that Ashley and Jenn won’t be as pissed at them.

Frank is really worried that it will look too obvious that they are working together.. Boogie says that Shane could win the POV again and he will use it.. that keeps their options open. Frank wants to call a silent Six ((SHHHhhhhh……….SHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) ) meeting soon.
Frank: “Dan looks worried..:
Boogie: “ya.. he’s always thinking.. never relaxes”
They head back into the kitchen

8:47pm Cam 1-4 Dinner..

(No indication they are going against the Silent 6 Shhhhh Shhhh .. this week)

8:54pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Wil

They are feeling that the entire house is gunning for them. Wil says the strong players are going to start going after each other and hopefully they can blend into that background until they win some comps.

Ashley: “When joe leaves are they just going to pick us off”
Wil wonders if they are really going to go after Joe.. He points out that it will be a waste of a HOH if they do.

Wil: “We need to get Mike out of this house ASAP”
AShley: “I want double eviction jsut to get him out”
Wil: ‘And Dan… heres the thing if any three of us win HOH we’ll be putting them both up.. Dan and Boogie”
Ashley mentions how it really hammered home they were alone when Boogie picked both Wil and Ashley to compete in the Knockout comp. Ashley says Britney and Boogie are really close she notices they are talking a lot.

9:24pm Backyard cam 1-4 nothing much going on.. Frank is telling them about this pit bull he had when he was a kid. Boogie asks if it ever attacked anyone. Frank explains that it never attack any people but use to hate other dogs..

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the powerhouse picture is funny!

Godless Monkey

Poor Eagle Eye :( He went from his mighty Powerhouse of one to…well, nothing’s changed, still one. If I were the HGs I’d be weary of his cooking now more than ever.


i cant wait to watch bbad tonight and see danielle lie more about shit


Exactly. You talking about high school. Here’s a woman who says she has 4 degrees and is in med school yet she acts like one of the very high school girls she claims bullied her when she was younger. All she says is Janelle called me fat. So what get over it. Have confidence and faith in yourself. Jenelle doesn’t define you. Yes you said you USED to be Anorexic as a kid, Seems to me like there are still some scars there. Her issues go far more than Janelle.Here’s a woman that didn’t even tell her own mother she was coming on the show. She needs to stop focusing on what people are saying and play the game and stop being petty. People are going to always talk about her that’s life, and if she didn’t want it to be worse than life maybe she shouldn’t have gone on a game show.


honestly, if boogie and frank dont strike first, they will be removed in the double eviction next week.

they need to make a big move now, and shake up that big alliance. sorry silent six. Id nominate shane and brit and say “sorry”


A bit early for that yo. But next week 1 of the silent 6 will be leaving.


its really funny that joe thought janie was staying, and no one seems to care.


I still think Boogie and Frank will stay loyal to the six, I do however predict that they will come out and say that Ian was a side part of the alliance in order to save themselves.

BB King

What a fake a$$ liar Britney is. Now all of a sudden she feels bad for lying and backstabbing a BB player. She even said in her diary room (aired in today’s show) that she just doesn’t have it in her to play this game by lying and cheating (or something to that effect, it’s a paraphrase).

Hello! Have you forgotten the fact that you cheated and lied to backstab Brendon in BB 12, after making a deal with him not to put him up, if he does not put you up. (I can’t believe I am defending Brendon :( btw). Yet that’s exactly what she did when she won HOH in that season. Brendon had to win POV (it was a punishment POV).


LMFAO Yea defending Brenda is like BAD MAN


I know, I agree. Britney is the one of the biggest liars in BB history. I mean it wasnt as bad that somebody like Jenn, for example, lied to Janelle. But Britney spent almost all her time with Janelle and you have to be pretty low to lie repeatedly to someones face like that over and over.

Lady E

Britney was super fake with Rachel. I didn’t like her on Season 12 but this season she’s doing okay. Her comments are catty but they do sound funny lol.


me too, i HATED britney on season 12 bc i thought she was so mean, she would talk bad about people on an unnecessarily mean level and seem to get sick pleasure out of it, in a way that had nothing to do with the game, i really despised her, but i actually like her this season, she really doesnt trash talk that much, i dont care if she lies bc that is part of the game, but she seems humble nad quieter and just nicer….i am wondering if it’s bc she has matured a little or bc she is married now or maybe she just saw how she was last time and made a change, either way, i gve her credit


Stupid, stupid stupid move to get rid of Jani, she wasn’t going after the D and B how can u leave Boogie in the game with his #1???
Boogie does ppl dirty they should know that I bet any amount of $ someone from the
silent 6 go up as a pawn (wink wink) or gets backdoored. I don’t see Eagle Eye leaving just yet thats way to easy to do.

BB King

I also don’t see Joe leaving. Either Wil or a member of the silent six will be gone.


Not so stupid. That competition was exactly the kind of thing that Janelle could have won. Shane, Danielle and Brit wouldn’t have been any safer than they are now. Boogie would have gone on the block, but if he won POV, there wouldn’t be many choices for replacement. Dan is safer for now, but anything can happen. I was hoping Ian would win. I’m glad Janelle is gone, and I never expected the silent six to last another week. I love it when you can’t predict what’s going to happen next. In spite of the coaches, this season is the best since season 10 – so far.

Dannie Boy Rocks

Totally agree. Janelle could have won this and for sure she would not have put up Britney and Dan. She may have put up Shane or Danielle though. My guess is that it would have been Boogie and Shane. She wanted to get guys out first. I really don’t care about Britney crying because the same thing that happened to Janelle will happen to her. Dan should have tried harder to keep Janelle. I know that he could have gotten through to Danielle. Now they are all worried and scared about this week. I’m hoping Danielle and Britney go on the block, but I’m sure that a girl and a strong guy is going up. It’s not looking good for Dan and Britney. I hate to say that I was right about keeping Janelle. Big mistake.


Omg. I’m so terrified for Dan right now. I hope he can pull this off. Dan is a master at this game. I hope that Frank doesn’t stab him in the back. Frank should know that if he manages to make it to the end, no one will want to vote for him (other than Boogie) because of his connection with him. Frank needs to let someone else do the dirty work. As for Boogie, he really has no class. I don’t get why he hates Janelle, she never screwed him over. He screwed her over. I really do think he has some sort of thing for Dr. Will. All he talks about is how Will and Janelle had a flirtmance. Its been six years. Why is he still so hell bent on hating Janelle? Why is he still so invested in their flirtmance? Jesus. They’re both married and parents. It’s in the past. I really want Frank to turn on Boogie and backdoor his ass. Too bad Frank is so far up Boogie’s ass.

It doesn’t matter what Boogie does, he is nothing without Will. If it hadn’t been for production, he would be done in this game.


Im pretty sure wil’s wife was not happy to be reminded that her bf cheated on her lol but I guess corn on the cob aka wont see it that way. Honestly boogie is too corny n a loser


ib, what are you talking about?


Oh ok so what boogie is basically saying is that it’s all janelles fault that Dr plastic face cheated on his fiancé. This guy is the biggest loser.


i know, i was thinking the same thing, and i love how said that his fiance “stuck by him” as if he went through opn heart surgery or something, dr. will is kind of slimy that way and that’s that, and if you ask me, i don’t like hating on other women, but his fiance Erin is an idiot for staying with him esp. since that was earlier in their relationship, they have been together for like 8 years or something and he only proposed to her after she got pregnant, like he had to or something…how does it help her to hate Janelle and for Mike to carry out vengence on a five year old indiscretion, come on, it’s things like this that remind me how stupid and vapid these people are living in reality tv world

BB King

Also, Shane’s confession that production tells BB players to leave negative goodbye messages is further proof that BB is rigged (to a certain extent anyway) for all you doubters and skeptics out there.


Did they even play Wil, Ashley and Danielle’s goodbye message? If they did, I missed them. Danielle was so proud of her message last night, and they didn’t even show it.


Look, no more examples are needed. They cancelled a flippin eviction to keep a guy safe. That’s all the evidence needed.

The only thing keeping me going is knowing Jeff, the most popular BB player ever, has not won the game. Though, they did give the cash prize both times, but it still doesn’t compare to $500,000.

Also I would like to say, if Jeff wasn’t given the Coup D’etat, I think he would have had a better chance of winning the game. His game suffered when he gained power and Jesse would have been set home the following week by Michelle, who would have got the target on her back. Just saying that BB doesn’t need to rig it to get good results. Just look at the sports landscape. Give people a reason to root for any of the house guest.


JJ, those are all *excellent* points that, unfortunately, will fall upon the deaf BB ears.. .


I agree


The way Janelle went out last night was kinda gangster. CBS captured the makings of the blindside well. It was a good show. I was really rooting for DDIBS (Quack Pack)…was really hoping Brit could have got the HOH key over Frank…smh. Somebody from DDBS is going home I feel. Its like losing Janelle is gonna be a blessing AND a curse for them. We shall see how it olays out over the course of the week.


Watch out Danieele, brit and Shane! I smell back door!


Blah……………what is the fascination with Frank…….so boring


Since the game was “reset” last week, would this still be considered week 5, or is it back to week 1?

Fleur de Lis

I can honestly say that I am going to take a one week break from this blog. Not because Janelle was evicted but because the houseguests THREW the HOH to Boogie and Frank. Rewatch the freakin episode and tell me that they didn’t give it to them. First… NO ONE put Frank or Boogie up to the podium until the end which allowed them to coast to the end of the freakin HOH competition. I understand that they “think” they have a deal with the Spawn of Chilltown but it doesn’t mean you had to give them HOH!!! The other reason I won’t be reading the blog for a week is I cannot bear to listen to Britney, Danielle, Wil, and Ashley whine for 7 days about how they “should have voted Frank out”! Which I know is going to happen! Because Boogie and Frank are going to do what they want to do now and I really don’t see them thinking that Joe (who is alone and hasn’t won jacksh!t) or Ashley (the airhead) are targets. Wil is barely a target but I can see them putting him up and guess what…. Shane and Dan better be VERY worried. Danielle’s an idiot and this week she will actually understand how bad she is at this game. Oh…. and I predict Britney (sob story and all about not wanting to hurt and lie to people.. which is absolutely very good at) will now become the new Janelle (since she instigated a lot of what Janelle did to get kicked out.)

Really wish I didn’t buy the Superpass a couple weeks ago… I can barely go on watching the show with the amount of hypocrites, liars and POS’s in the game. Guess my vote right now would be for Dan to win but really I just couldn’t care less except that I don’t want Boogie, Danielle or Wil to win.


I don’t understand the picks during that competition either. Boogie and Frank should have been put up together as soon as possible. Brit wasn’t thinking.


boogie for being an adult and so rich…is immature..i mean janelle is annoying but that goodbye message was dumb….im pretty sure he has a gay thing for dr will


Ok so does anyone think that Frank will ever turn on Boogie?
I was pondering that tonight, sooner or later everyone backstabs, but I wonder if Frank will realize he sould do it way sooner than later.
The guy is skeevy to begin with, I never trust anyone that constantly proclaims they want to play honest, straight shoot, etc.

Gonna be a long week methinks *sigh*
He need to quit quoting Kenny Powers too (“On the Reg”) he is so smary always trying to throw out some catch phrase.
Plus he is almost ruining Kenny Powers and Eastbound and Down for me =(. Almost!


@noname.I don’t think Frank will ever turn on Boogie and I also don’t think that Boogie will ever turn on Frank.I think Boogie views Frank as either him(Boogie)or Dr.Will,and we all know that Boogie was 100% loyal to Dr.Will.Which means Boogie will be loyal to Frank.After watching Boogie refuse to work with the coachs,even after Dan tried to explain that he wants Boogie&him(Dan)to work with each other.Boogie still refused to cut Frank loose and work with Dan.Boogie seems like the only person he wants to be loyal to is Frank(which means he wants to take Frank with him to the end),and Frank seems like he only will be loyal to Boogie.In my opinion,Frank will never turn on Boogie.And Boogie won’t ever turn on Frank.


I don’t understand why Boogie would be mad at Jani for hooking up with Wil during allstars. Wasn’t that Chilltown’s plan, Operation Double Date. If Will’s fiancee was mad about that she should take it up with Will. What exactly was Boogie trying to avenge? He should have thanked her for taking out Will because he would have came in second place against him.


It is obvious Boogie has a thing for men. Why would he care about Will and Janelle. Boogie is really creepy. 42 yrs old fucking grow up. Janelle showed class tonight.

BB King

Boogie may be bisexual. Boogie’s real name is Mike Malin

Here is the source:

Malin used “company resources and assets embezzled from plaintiffs to facilitate” multiple sexual encounters “with various older men during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies … playing out Malin’s versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship.”

I don’t have a problem with the LGBT community. I am a liberal and believe they should have equal rights, but Boogie (if true), should simply embrace his sexual-orientation instead pretending otherwise.


Well, I guess we can see where Ian’s loyalties lie considering he picked Dan and Britney to go against each other rather than Boogie and Frank.

production rigged it

i was thinking the same thing i wonder what he will say if britney asks him about it.


Speaking of Ian, he looks like a “mini-James Franco!” Speaking of movie stars, earlier today I watched a couple of classic 80’s comedies: “Sixteen Candles” and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” As I watched tonight’s “predictable” episode of BB14, Ian reminded of the character “Long Duk Dong” from Sixteen Candles, with a bit of bit of Ferris Bueller’s genius mixed in!

Another, perhaps to some, pointless observation, is I think the “girls”, with guidance by Wil, should give Jenn a make-over! Maybe it would give her more confidence to get in the game! She definitely needs to stop taking make-up tips from Danille – and start using a brush to apply make-up, instead of a spatula!

Had to love “Chef Boy-Am-I-Dum’s” message to Janelle! I’m sure Janelle wanted to hide under Julie’s hair while watching it! Poor Janelle – play too hard, too fast!


Probably just because I rewatched “The Dark Knight,” my favorite movie of all-time, I thought of this:

Britney: “Frank is going to win this game.. survived the block 3 out of 4 weeks and won 2 HOH’s”
Enter Boogie: “Ha,ha,ho, he,,he, aha,ha,ho,he.” –


Awesome JJ!
That’s my favorite scene in the Dark Knight
My son and I always do the lines –
Gambol :”You think you can steal from us and just walk away ?”.
Joker “Yes:”. That deadpan no infection “yes” gets me every time!
SO much better than “Rises”, which is good but never going to top Dark Knight.

OK sorry for diversion, back to BB…..

PS- Also love “He will find him….and make him squeal (with the fist clench)”.
Gdamn what a great movie….


OMG!!!(Never typed that before). It is just a spectacular movie. It’s cool that I had a “Star Wars” moment with this movie. What I mean by that is finding a movie that is just etched in a tiny part of my life. For a year, my friends and me were still saying “Because I’m not wearing hockey pads,” and “Here… We… Go…”

Lady E
quack-pack fan

Anyone else notice how much Boogie resembles Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek forever after? Especially when he gives that devious look!


When Mike wears that plastic orange hat and matching orange shirt, he looks like an old man on his way to Denny’s for their senior citizen’s early bird dinner special – all you can eat scrambled eggs for just $1.99! Needless to say, I hate HIM! Dan is coming off as a bit of a weasel as well! I know Dan only just wants to play against Mike (an hopefully win!) but he’s seems to have lost his “sheen!” Dan needs to cool his jets!


Yesss!!!! I just thought this when I watched Shrek! Especially when Rumpelstiltskin says “I’ll make you a deal” lol… I Googled pics of Boogie and Rumpel and laughed my @ss off! :)


Buttface Booger doesn’t waste HOH ON non threatening players like JOE{and this is his HOH} Watch out Dan Shane and Britt here he comes.Why are all the new players always so stupid. Don’t they watch this show ever.


Team Powerhouse don’t care about no pork! This one man alliance is about to mow down 10 others. Nothing can stop the awesomeness he’s about to unleash!


He made a final 6 pact with the fish. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. They’re running the house!


Shhhhhhhhhh *glug glug glug*


they didn’t kill the fish yet?? didn’t one die last season??


Britney needs to be careful, and just lay low this week…She keeps talking/acting like this and Mike will get wind of it–sending her packing…


Nose Booger is one messed up dude. Leaves a gloating message to Janelle because she messed around with Dr. Will S7 upsetting Will’s girl? Guess Will bore no responsibility in that or maybe Boog’s still jealous Janelle came between him and his guy?


sounds ’bout right to me, getting between mike and his guy. boogie is the stereotypical self loathing closeted gay man, out to make anyone else miserable he can, in a feeble attempt to prove his self worth…he needs help.


So can anyone tell me if Frank is going to honor the silent 6, or is he going to put his alliance members up.

BB King

Simon, I am curious. Who gave them the name ChillTown 2.0? Did Frank and Boogie name their alliance that or was that your invention? :)

BB King

Okay thanks. I forgot to thank you for giving me the link to Joe’s ghost story, so thanks for that too.


Frank has to HONOR The Final six deal…hes gonna get pushed by Boogie who wont want to waste a HOH on a weak @ss player like JOE…he will try to get Frank to put up BRIT…but Franks not buying just yet.


I think Frank and Boogie badly want to. But here is the thing.: There is only two of them. During double eviction week, they would be sitting ducks because only one can compete for HOH.

I guess they could give it a shot, if they join the other side of the house, but I would still take Dan’s 5, minus one voted out this week, over Boogie and the rest for the HOH comp. They would have to figure out something so diabolical… Probably there best bet is bringing one of Dan’s five over, instead of asking Jen or Ashley for help. lol. I can see any one of Dan’s 5 betraying the group, including Dan.


I think they will take their time and see how things shake up in the next few days. Right now they’re thinking Joe, but I think that if they get enough sure votes, they’ll try to boot a stronger player.


Frank the stank should be happy “eagle eye joe” I mean “ecoli joe” I mean “joe dirt” isnt cooking.

production rigged it

if it was later in the game this would be the perfect time for a backdoor but if they do it this week frank can’t play in the next hoh and if boogie doesn’t win it then one of them goes home so i don’t think they’re ready to take that chance yet, on a side note why should they care that dan doesn’t wanna go up as a pawn he lied to them last week and told frank that he was golden so frank could tell him the same thing this week, also does frank really believe that the rest of the house doesn’t suspect the silent 6 are working together it was mentioned by somebody earlier in the week wil or joe i think, also britney said she couldn’t hear the song because the audio was distorted but for some reason frank seemed to hear it really well though. (hmmmmmm?)


I see the house stabilizing this week with joe wil and ashley hitting the block with veto useage in that order. Shane or Dan will win the Veto.


i hope they get shane out.
that will crush them. brittany & danielle suck at everything except being bitches. and dan, he’ll ‘throw’ all the competitions cause people will think hes weak(havent heard that one before).


Joe is really needs to go. Where not scare of Joe’s powerhouse. Joe has no army. He is a lone wolf. Chew on that Joe!

Mikey Fresh

Is anybody else having a problem with the live feeds tonight? Everytime I click on the Big Brother Live Feeds link I keep getting a message that says live feeds offer upsell.

Mikey Fresh

Thanks Simon!!!!


I can’t wait to hear Joe’s DR session after what just happened…He’s GOING TO BE YELLING LOUDER THAN EVER!!! lol


The only way Frank and Boogie could screw their alliance is to put up two members of their alliance. Otherwise, they can’t guarantee that they have the votes. Shane goes up against Joe – Dan, Danielle, Brit, Ian vote to keep Shane. Boogie is the tying vote for the other side. The problem for Boogie if they do this is that the target on his back becomes JINORMOUS and either he or Frank will go up. THe house would vote to evict either of them since they are both threats. So, my guess is that Shane would stay – 5-3 vote at the worst.

If DBS threw it to BF, it was a smart move in anticipation of a potential physical comp next week and a possible double evict. DDBSI all get to play HOH – Frank does not. My bet is that nerves get the better of them and they put Frank up for a fourth and final time.


ah yeah well boogie did seem legit about wanting to stick to the 6. fair enough. it is best for the long run to get rid of joe, but if joe wins pov, you might take a shot at a backdoor with shane already on the block in that scenario

production rigged it

britney brought up a good point this is the week for the coup d’etat or diamond power of veto which if frank gets obviously he will backdoor somebody and it would be dan if he’s smart because shane has the veto ticket and gets to play in it anyway plus dan is the brains of that group and then frank could protect himself the next week when they came after him for revenge, of course this would also mean that they want frank to win since he was already saved once by the twist and then yet again if he gets a power of some kind, if that happens everybody else just might as well walk out the door because it couldn’t be more obvious who they wanted to win was.


I will be shocked if Frank takes out Ashley, Joe or will. Boogie doesn’t care about alliances other than Frank. He is so cocky that I’m sure he is 100% confident that no matter who Frank nominates HE (Booger) will be able to turn the others against each other. Why wouldn’t he be he turned this week around. My extreme dislike for the Boog is ruining this season for me.


Shane, Brit or Ian FTW!!!


Frank the Stank aka Richard Simmons needs to GO!!


I don’t think Boogie and Frank will straight up nominate two people from the 6, they may do Joe and someone else, but it wouldn’t be in their best interest to turn on that alliance right now. They would only have eachother ( and maybe Ian) and only Boogie to play in the next HOH…..which they have all talked about being a double eviction or fast forward.

Dan just needs to have a one-on-one with Boogie tonight and really solidify a final two deal (because I think even Boogie knows that if he’s at the final two against Frank, he won’t win it. Not to say he has better odds with Dan, but him being a coach- he does have slightly better ones. His best bet really is to take Brit to the final 2 because she’s a coach, a woman (and no woman has won against a man), and she hasn’t done a whole lot so far.

Just my thoughts. While some may think that Frank would be wasting an HOH on Joe, I think they’ll get a lot more mileage from the other HGs for sending him home and the two of them can fade into the background after next week, having just gotten out someone who everyone wants out and not pissing anyone off.

Boogie’s ego should know that if he’s so great, they’ll be plenty of time to get them out later.

Silent 6! Quack Pack! Go Dan & Brit!


So if Shane is nominated, he plays in the veto competition. What happens with that veto thing he won? Saves it for another week, goes away, can give it to someone else?


Pretty sure that 7 people will play in the Veto Comp. The Veto Ticket is only good for this week…. yeah kinda stupid if he were on the block and it became a pointless prize.


I can’t wait for Boogie and Frank to back stab Britney, Shane and Danielle the way they did Janelle. They completely deserve it! Janelle would’ve stuck with them but, they’re so effing stupid they evicted her. DUMB ASSES!!! Now they’re gonna regret it. LOVING IT!!!! Evicting Joe at this point would be the dumbest strategic move for anyone that’s in power. He’s helpless and won’t really win anything. Since when did Big Brother become so personal? It’s a freaking game people, it’s not about who you like or don’t like, it’s about what’s best for your GAME!!!


“I can’t wait for Boogie and Frank to back stab Britney, Shane…They completely deserve it! Janelle would’ve stuck with them”

how quickly it’s forgotten that brit and shane were working with jani, and she dumped them. why would they ever trust her again???


Does anyone tthink that in the HOH game it seemed like there was a plot to get Frank to win. To me it looked like Britney was the only one really trying to win it, and it was so obvious with the pairings that they were setting up Frank to win. Even Boogie boogered out so it would go to Frank.


Yeah. This competition was choreographed by Sid Vicious


Pignelle is a self serving Bitch that only cares about her inflated ego. She wouldnt have stuck with anyone, she would have floated to the power week to week.


Rat Face is so jealous that janelle has more fans then him.


Ummm…Boogie could care less.

The guy is a massively successful businessman.

production rigged it

why does frank care if the other side knows they’re working together it’s not like they’ve won anything or are going to so who cares put 2 of them up and send joe home, hell will even volunteered to go up as a pawn so he could make a speech so take him up on it, this proves that frank doesn’t have to put one of the silent six up so if he does then he’s making a mistake because if he backdoors them he’s a marked man next week.


I wonder if Joe is smart enough to at least make an attempt of getting Frank to turn on Mike? I doubt it, but he has to try something at this point…


Boogie wants revenge on janelle because boogie wanted to hook up with Dr will.


she cast the vote to evict dr will from his only loss in BB. its as simple as that

did you not see the chilltown shoutout with the shirt at the end?

I just hope he decides to just go crazy and take people out, or he will be a victim of a double eviction, heck, he will be no matter what, so why not have the most splash dmg

well, frank is likely to win bb, because thats chilltown. will wins,, boogie wins w/ will’s help, now frank will with with boogie’s help. chilltown takes care of their own


if danielle had been into frank, and not shane, dan/boogie would be steamrolling right now together.

watch dan when boogie does stuff, says stuff, smirks….just watch him. dan wants to play with boogie, im interested to see if that can happen. Id LOVE to see it


How did Britney and Danielle become the have nots.


I hope shane be smart this wk and not be talked into being on the like a Lawan situation.


I dont think Boogie is upset about Janelle and Will’s showmance from Allstars like some people here aresayimg. I think he was just trying to bring the sting of loosing a third time to her….and what better way to do this than to remind her that she ws played all throughout Allstars.

And why does everyone hate boogie? Hes just planning the game…..would rather he be clueless like Joe and Ashley


and as he always says, he is there to put on a show. period.


It’s amazing how clueless Joe is lol..Wil hs some social skills and kinda has an idea of what’s going on, and gives Ash and Jenn game info…Joe doesn’t know jack about what’s been going on…