Mike says just put an empty suit case in there. Frank says yeah, and show up to the Geisha House wearing the leotard?

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


1:05pm Janelle and Ashley are in the downstairs bathroom. Janelle is asking her if Wil has said anything to her about not voting for her. Ashley says no. Janelle says okay because he would be a real di*k if he didn’t vote for me. Janelle tells Ashley that they have to make it to the end together. Meanwhile Danielle is packing up her things in the HOH room to move downstairs. Britney and Shane are up there helping her.


1:10pm – 1:30pm Mike and Frank are in the living room talking. Mike says moving out of the big house, that’s a terrible walk on Thursday. Mike tells Frank to put just an empty suit case in the storage room with just a pair of shoes. Frank says na. Mike says I will get you your stuff. Frank says yeah, show up to the Geisha house wearing the leotard. They both laugh. Dan and Shane join them on the couches. Frank asks you really think I should pack nothing? Mike says yeah, I would put a little weight in there though… don’t worry I will get you your stuff if something crazy happens. Frank says maybe after whoever wins HOH we should hold a house meeting. Frank says that Dan needs to go up, we should scum bag him. Frank says that he will never forget how Dan was up there telling him me that I was golden when I was packing my things last week. Mike says you know who I want to go home this week if we win, Britney. Frank asks really you think she is a threat? She’s not that dangerous. Mike says yeah, less of a threat though, but her social game is strong. Frank says that Ashley and Jenn told him that they want Wil out but that there are some threats they want out before him. Mike says that he like that they are starting to think that. Mike says that he likes Dan but that he is just too good socially. Mike gets called to the diary room.


1:35pm – 1:40pm All the house guests are getting ready for the live show tonight, they are putting on make-up, eating, and cleaning up the house.


1:40pm – 1:45pm Joe, Janelle and Shane are in the storage room. Joe is mad because he went up to Danielle and asked her if she is okay. He says that she yelled at him and said no it is not, go away get away from me. Janelle says she is probably just cranky. Shane tells Joe that she is just stressed she didn’t mean anything by it, just let me talk to her. Joe says if someone said something about me that I said I am going to be pissed off. Joe is getting mad. Joe says that he wants to call a house meeting. Janelle tells Joe not to call a house meeting. Shane and Janelle tell him to calm down and just leave it be. Janelle and Shane leave the storage room. Danielle comes into the storage room and tells Joe that she was mad because she heard someone else telling lies but that it had nothing to do with him. Joe says okay because I can’t take people telling lies. If there is anything I can do for you just let me know. Danielle says thank you and leaves the room.
Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds – FREE 3 Day Trial!


Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!
2:15pm Frank, Ashley, Britney, Mike, Dan and Danielle are in the living room talking about random things. Jenn is giving Joe a hair cut in the bathroom. After she finishes she starts giving Shane a trim and then tells him to send Dan in for his trim.


2:35pm – 2:40pm Danielle, Britney, Frank, and Ashley talk in the living room about movies, their weight & height and Miss America. They all stand up and look at themselves in the mirror to see how tall they are compared to each other. Danielle says it looks like we’re in a family portrait.


2:45pm – 3pm In the kicks room Janelle tells Joe that if she leaves she will be happy and sad. She says that she will be happy she will get to see her husband and daughter. Janelle asks if he thinks she is leaving. Joe says if you are we are for sure being lied too. Janelle says I think Britney and Ashley are voting for me for sure. Joe says so you have me, Brit, Ashley and you need Dan or Wil. Janelle says yeah of Jenn. Joe says yeah. Janelle says that it doesn’t even really matter she just wants it over with …to either go to the hotel room and see her daughter or to the HOH room if she wins. Janelle tells Joe to remember all the comps because its going to be a knock out competition. Joe and Janelle lay down to take a nap. They continue to talk about random stuff. Frank, Wil and Ian are getting ready for the live show.

3:12 Trivia..

Watch Big Brother 14 on SuperPass!


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Do ya think anyone will tell Frank there is a hole in the crotch of his suit before the live show??

So funny every HOH packs up most of their stuff the night before.
Guess Heavy D (sorry could not resist) decided she was good enough to wait until Thursday.


OK and before anyone jumps all over me, I know she isn’t “fat” in the normal sense.
However she is a pretty *thick* woman, and next to lil bitty ones like Brit it just makes her look all the larger.


dude it comments like yours (comparing women) that makes women think there is something wrong with themselves! You also have to factor in the Brit is shorter as well. D is a beautiful girl.


Ok a few things.

1) I am not a Dude, I am a women. You don’t even have to begin to tell me about women and body image in the age of the anorexic.

2) What you just said is EXACTLY the point of my post. I said she is NOT fat and she is just of the thick variety. If you look at her she is pretty toned for her size. My “comparing” of her to Brit was just showing WHY she probably looks so big on TV.

3) If she would just stfu and not bring her insecurities out on national TV there would not even be a coversation happening here. Like I have said, I was pulling for her until she started down this horrible road to self pity land this week.

4) Like I added to my post, I knew I would get some slams for the Heavy D comment. So I shall take my lumps (but I will not regret saying it, it was a joke).


lol, I am a womAn, not womEn.

See? The crazy is rubbing of, I am developing split personalities!


NoName is right, Danielle is on the fatter side, but the problem is not that she is fat but that people think being fat is so bad that it means someone is ugly or unattractive…why can’t Danielle be a cute girl (come on, she is not beautiful, kara was the only really beautiful one in that house) but she is a cute girl who happens to be chubby or fat….it shouldn’t be a bad thing, noone can change her weight, it is what it is, it shouldnt be a big deal and it shouldnt be something that necessarily makes her unattractive….


Danielle is exactly where she needs to be weight wise. She is approx 5’8″ and she said her weight was around 139. Based on that info and that she is of medium build – optimum weight for her is 136-150 lbs. All the other women in the house (with the exception of Janelle) are quite a bit smaller – Brit is only 5’1″! Add to that, almost all of the guys are on the slender side – Ian, Will & Boogie are downright skinny. Also, remember that tv adds about 10 lbs. Danielle’s legs are also going to look larger as they are quite muscular – sports, cheerleading plus being on your feet most of your work day as a nurse. I think it is time that people stop criticizing folks for their appearance. You can complain about their social game, the competitions, etc. Perhaps this sort of criticism is exactly why Danielle has body image issues.


Well said ‘Cruizin596’…very well said!


THank you. I just get tired of the constant critique of women’s bodies. No wonder we are all so screwy when it comes to our appearances.


I’m not going to make fun of her for that, especially since I do think she’s very cute (more so with mininal makeup), but the girl is 23 and has cellulite on her ass. She could lose 10-15, pounds. But then I like skinny girls. Actually, try to see her when she’s playing Badminton. She moves like a cow because she is overweight. Not much, and still looks good, but she’d look better a little skinnier.


By the way, you say her weight at 5’8 should be 150lbs? Are you out of your mind? 125 max.


Optimum weight for a 5′ woman is 100 lbs. Add 5 lbs for every inch – so 140 lbs. Then you need to take into account bidy type. 5’8″ and 125???? Way too thin, especially for an athletic woman. But, guess you like bones sticking out.


125 Max? It is people like YOU. That are screwing up this world. When I was a more fit version of me I was 133-139 at 5’7″ and pure muscle (besides my butt). I was not overweight in the least bit, seeing how she is an inch taller than me I know as a woman you are wrong. Being 5’8″ and 139lbs her BMI is 21.1. An average healthy bmi for her height is 18.5-24.9. GET OVER YOURSELF, stop looking at a woman’s weight as being her flaws. If you want to criticize someone do it to her character.


Take a look at the “family picture” above. Approx 4 inches seperate her and Brit, not 8.


oops! spelling mistake


See my above Cruiz.

BTW though, I think she is minimizing when she reports her weight. Anyone with her kind of issues is not going to be honest about that. She thinks she is small than Ashley, you know in her head she can’t believe that.

And YES she has huge legs, which can probably be attributed to her athleticism.

All that being said, she needs to STOP talking about her weight, her body, whatever. She is exposing a major flaw to people who are going to shred her later in this game when it suits their needs.


I agree that she obsesses about the body image thing. Apparently it is her achilles heel. That being said, when that button is repeatedly pushed, it would be hard not to react and once you get going, difficult to put the brakes on. She can’t distance herself from meanness – she is stuck there 24/7. Bottling up something that is so bothersome to you for an extended period of time would not be healthy either. I would much rather have her ranting than have a Rachel meltdown….we just happen to have front row seats to it. Hopefully, with Janelle going out the door, she will be able to move on…out of sight out of mind, right? And, if she makes it to jury, Janelle won’t be there to deal with either. Now, if she could just summon the gumption to tell Production and Shane to take a hike about showmances. I think she enjoys the cuddling, wrestling and friendship, but I don’t think that she thinks he is anything more than someone to pass the time with…kind of Mister Right Now.


No way Danielle is 5’8! 5’4 max!!


And, you would be wrong. Ashley said earlier to day that she is 5’4″ and one half (they even joked about the 1/2″) I was slightly wrong, she is 5’7″ not 5’8″. If you look at the “family picture” she is about 2-3 inches taller than Ashley


Relax… Just because Ashley says she’s 5’4″ doesn’t make it so. I’ve yet to meet anyone who says they are 5’4″ and really so. Take a good look at the picture…D is not that much taller than B and A is somewhere between them. Plus D has her head held upwards. My point was, she’s no where close to 5’8′ or 5’7″ .


She is not fat at ALL. That being said, we would not be talking about this if she didn’t talk about it 24/7. The first thing she said about the feeds is ‘they’ll call me fat’. Was that your first thought when you saw her? 99% would say no. She is the one that always talks about weight and who’s bigger than who, etc. Janelle knew that was an insecurity of dani’s and capitalized on it when telling her a variation of a Jojo comment to get them to fight. It escalated as the days wore on and she kept talking about it. Overall it’s a shitty topic and problem for many girls and women, but you have to learn to deal with what you look like, tell others to go f- themselves if they talk shit and create a positive self image.


I am happy to see others defending Danielle on this site.


LOL , her legs are not muscular , they are chubby :)


She’s a happy meal away from being fat,no reason at her age to have cottage cheese legs/ass.You ppl crack me up with the she’s athletic excuse..if she was athletic,she would be toned,she looks like a fish outta water playing in the back yard.She is a whack-a-do!!!!!!!!!!!


you are so right …she has a nice firm body .. she doesnt look sickly, or thumpy … and sounds like many a female attacked her weight only because of jealousy…. i always say if you make fun of a persons appearance it is done only so you can feel better about yourself .. you know the saying .. when putting someone down.. usually means you are calling the kettle black … (you are what you say and see)


As a straight male, I say this in the classiest way possible:

I would have carnal relations with both of them, neither have anything to be ashamed about.


LOL – good one!


Personally I think Danielle is way more attractive than Britney. She has beautiful womanly curves and is very sexy. With that said her insecurities grate on my last nerve. I don’t think I could be around her more than 5 minutes. If she owned her body and had a “like me or fuck off” attitude I would love her.


Thats one of the things I liked best about Jojo. She was straight up. She was hot (I am a straight woman and can still admit it) and she owned it. We are told growing up, be proud of who we are and what we look like. But the moment a woman says that she is hot or beautiful all of a sudden she is full of her self and conceited. Granted Jojo said it ALOT but I give her credit for knowing she is a beautiful woman.


Perhaps JoJo was, but she was just as annoying talking about being hot.


I agree. Where Danielle is unattractive because of her lack of confidence, JoJo went the opposite extreme. She’s comfortable with being attractive and she owned it but I didn’t need to be reminded of how attractive she felt she was every five minutes.


noname…c’mon, danielle is beautiful!!! i really dont think she is like this outside BB…but what do i know!!!


Joe is SERIOUSLY cracking up in this house. What is the deal with these weird people this season??? Willie gets evicted, God knows if Janelle knew she was leaving, she would have walked out before Thursday. Joe is so paranoid that he is freaking out. IDK. I am just ready to see how the HOH goes down tonight. If Frank or Boogie get it, I think they might be hitting the gas too soon on breaking up the Silent 6. If anyone else wins it, they just need to coast along and get Joe out. And if Joe wins it…God Help Us.


I hope Joe(with his McDonalds french frie on his chin) wins the hoh just because it would be so funny to everyone kiss his ass.
I think he’d put up B & F and I’d looooove to see Boogie go home.

I knew Dan shouldnt have worked with B&F now they are up to some bs.


OMG Danielle is by far the most annoying house guest. Please put her up and get her the hell out of the house. I’m freaking tired of her complaining about how fat she is and forcing Shane into a relationship which he is clearly not interested in! Then she goes on and on and on about people telling lies in the house when she’s one of the biggest liars in the game!!!!! What’s with the makeup mask? Some days she’s pale as hell then orange as hell! I hate boogie but I’m leaning towards their side now. Get the “fat ass liar out”!


couldnt agree with you more and its causing shane all kinds of problems


Excuse me if I am wrong, but I didn’t see anyone dragging his ass into the Danielle’s HOH bed and under the covers. Shane is as much to blame for this as Danielle. Come to think of it, HGs and production have been egging them both on.


Yeah, Shane looked pretty happy to be wrestling around with Danielle.


exactly, shane put the closeted gay, moves on her, making her fall for him, he could’ve just minor flirting, but the kiss after her HOH win, made her believe he is madly deeply, even though the only person he could be madly deeply with, has a “penis”

Poor Dani gonna try a Rachel Riley and succeed…………..


I’m with you on this one!


Haha Dani is so freaking annoying she needs to go but at the same time if shes annoying it could get her to the end because it will make people hate her and she go to the end and no one will vote for her.. and she could get pity vote or votes from the Alliance and she could win so maybe? I hope someone realizes that and takes her to the end. Aha would love to see D get her rude awakening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB gonna me interesting tonight and all week Dan will throw HOH thinking that Secret 6 will have him I hope M&F win and put Danielle and Joe on the block and hope Danielle will use some smart campaigning or win POV I want her to win even though shes annoying and what happened to getting over Trey I have to say she is defiantly not skinny but shes not fat either shes just right Shes perfect and she might have a reason for her acts I hope AG ask in a DR confession about why she acts like a d-bag!! I hope this is the end to the Stupidity ends here but don’t forget she applied for a dating show shes looking for love hah shes so weird i want her gone. I have mixed opinion on her :)

MU Tigers

Have you met CaptainWedgie? I think you two could start up a blogmance. You could make hard to follow posts together.


No doubt. What happened to good ole fashion punctuation. LOL

Hook ’em ;-)


Who will win HOH tonight? Any takers?


I think Dan will win the HOH tonight, leaving Frank & Boogie in trouble again… This season is crazy, I cannot BELIEVE Mike Boogie is a person I am now pushing for…but only as far as Frank can go too…


I like Dan, but I think he isn’t playing a good game this season. I really don’t think he will target Boogie. If he does win I hope he does, but I doubt it.


I agree w/ you about Dan, Deb. He is really likeable but not playing the best game….lol I just saw Frank, Ashley, Britney & Danielle in the “family portrait” above…too funny!! To those of you subscribing to feeds, how long before the live show @ 9 EST (so i guess 6 pm BB house time) can you watch until?


Usually shut down around 4 or 5 BBT.




I’m with you Deb.


I think Will!!

Big Sister

I don’t like either Mike or Frank, but I can’t wait to see Danielle’s, Shane’s, Britney’s, and expecially Dan’s faces when they are nominated for eviction. Why on earth would you trust Mike so totally? I truly believe that Janelle will have the last laugh as they fall one by one. What goes around comes around. It would be hilarious if Joe won to watch the scrambling. Wil is too weird for me. The crazy voices and hair twirling get on my nerves.


Yeah I’m going to need a fast forward to happen tonight and Danielle out of the house. She is like a 3 track record being played over and over and over again.

VA Vet

Looks to me like Danielle’s bitching pales in comparison to the bitching on this site. Makes me wonder if those who bitch on this site would be much different (bitch-wise) if they were in the BB house.

Dark Horse

Oh boy here we go…Frank wants Dan out and Boogie wants Britney out?? Really Britney!…do they want to continue to be poisoned by Joe???

I wonder when exactly Dan & Brit will regret this decision to not evict Frank…oh well whats done is done now.

MU Tigers

Hours, maybe days. It won’t be long though.


It would be interesting if there’s a fast forward and Frank gets evicted. Even better if he actually didn’t pack his bags.

quack-pack fan

Yeah – it didn’t take B & F long to start scheming on their new alliance. Not sure if they were serious since it was kind of in the open. I did notice that Boogie managed to get Britney’s name out there. Wasn’t sure if it was an attempt to deflect Frank from wanting Dan out right away. At some point Frank may sense that Boogie wants Dan over him so that is a possible wedge worth exploring down the road.

I am pretty sure Britney will be the first to regret making this alliance. If Boogie is ready to turn on the Silent Six this quick then her instincts were on point. Too Bad Jordon in the DR left Dan’s mic open so the whole house heard “So it’s the Silent” before he could say Six the mic was muted. That doesn’t sound like enough of a clue for anyone to figure out the alliance name.

LOL @ Joe wanting to have a house meeting just before eviction!!! Sorry but he has no clue about this game and seems to think that cooking meals is the way to everyones heart. Only thing his meals have provided is some nasty HS discussions about hemorrhoids! Preparation Joe has to Go!!

Skinniest BB player EVER

No one’s noticing Joe’s secret strategy: to give all the house guests food poisoning until he’s the last one left! Genius!

Skinniest BB player EVER

that is if his head doesn’t turn so red it explodes while he yells at the innocent viewers through the diary room…


Britney, Shane, Dan, and Danielle are so stupid to have trusted Boogie and Frank! When they win HOH (which I am sure they will) they are going to turn on them so fast!! They should have just voted out Frank, I hope they get Dan out next week because this was his stupid idea!! He was so desperate to work with Boogie that he threw common sense out the window!! Did he not forget that he admitted to Boogie that he was backstabbing him the week before? What makes him think that they will just forgive that?


I think that Frank and Mike are just talking. I have a hard time believing they’ll turn this week just because if they do their odds of going home go up greatly. That said, they may be that stupid.

Neither option was very good. Janelle was obviously going to protect her little gang with her and go after DDBS too, so the option to keep Frank and Boogie, who have less options available to them I think is the better move, but again, neither was any good and both are risky.


“Dan and Shane join them on the couches. Frank asks you really think I should pack nothing? Mike says yeah, I would put a little weight in there though… don’t worry I will get you your stuff if something crazy happens. Frank says maybe after whoever wins HOH we should hold a house meeting. Frank says that Dan needs to go up, we should scum bag him….
Mike says you know who I want to go home this week if we win, Britney.”

So, I’m confused, they were having this conversation right in front of Dan and Shane?


I was wondering that, too.


No they weren’t there…Dan and Shane left before this discussion happened.


Thank you for that information MisDoc! :)


The Silent Six, along with the other houseguests (except Joe) have done an amazing job of not letting Janelle find out she’s leaving tonight. And, I suspect that Dan telling people that production said no one was allowed to tell their vote ahead of time was just something he made up so he could get Janelle off his back. As long as I can remember, people have been telling who they are voting for (or lying about who they are voting for). Yes, some people have used not disclosing their vote in advance as a strategy, but it was always their own personal decision, not some Big Brother ‘rule’.


That’s a really good theory, Linda, I didn’t think of that!!! I thought it was awfully strange of the HG’s to suddenly start abiding by this supposed “rule” when I can’t think of a time they have in the past….


I agree, way too soon to break up the Silent Six. The newbie alliance has 4 people in it, and there is always the possibility that Shane and Danielle will flip to the newbie alliance, if provoked.

Wheres Danielles dress??

I agree danielle needs some therapy but can we stop calling her fat, i mean anyone is going to look fat next to Britney!! I wish someone evict Boogie hes so full of himself. Brits social game i think is alot better this year but please get these vets out of there!!!!!

hopefully next season they will stop bringing past houseguests back


I know, it’s getting annoying. She’s not fat, she has an ex cheerleaders body, her legs are really strong, but by no stretch of the imagination is the girl fat. I have a feeling the people calling her fat are like huge land monsters who are shut in’s, similar to the cat ladies of the Jeff and Jordan era.


See I knew not to trust Frank /Boogie. I hope they are not the house guests and who ever gets HOH puts up Frank and Joe that will teach him.


Please be a double eviction with Danielle going HOOOOOOME!!!! I think I dislike her more than Rachel.


I think it would be bad strategy for Boogie and Frank to break up the silent 6 this soon. Boogie has shown that he can manipulate Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brittney with ease. Why put a target on his or Franks head by breaking that up? If he really wants to screw them then he needs to build a side alliance with himself, Frank, Jenn and Ian. He knows that Ian will be loyal and that Jenn is so desperate to be in an alliance and strike a deal with SOMEONE. He could continue feeding the silent 6 a load of bull crap, while his real loyalties are with his old coaching team. In the event that he or frank win HOH, they could put up Wil and Joe to avoid harming either alliance.


Im sorry for that statement. Who ever gets HOH needs to but up joe and frank then backdoor Boogie that will show them Go Shane !

Barb B

I agree, backdoor Boogie….that would be hilarious. I would love to see his face if that happened, it would be priceless.


Now I want Boogie to win hoh. I want to see Britney cry! That will be great. If someone else wins and puts Boogie on the block will be great also. I want to see him on slop.

what did everyone vote for the have nots? I am bummed, I forgot to vote. Hopefully it is the onions.


Lol at Frank asking the whole house have they seen Captain Jack with Kurt Russell. No one knows wtf he’s talking about cos it’s Captain Ron!

I love when Brit, who looks so girly is like ” I LOVE war movies!” hahaha! Boogie was just looking at her like whatha?


I want Ian to win Hoh so all the gossip comes out Boogie trying to get Dan or Britney and he chooses to turn on Frank and Boogie, back door Boogir please


Frank alone means loser just like his job status lol


ian isnt stupid. that would be fairly stupid. it puts him as an immediate target where he is a lready at the bottom of his alliance. never take out the other side of the house you are also with til you get rid of the rest. you get rid of “tits” and let someone else take care of boogie

realize, mike boogie will get a max 2 jury votes (frank, ian maybe because he is an odd one). Id vote for him if he got there, but the odds are his out of game life puts him with 50k in the f2, why do so many want him gone, when he brings GREAT TV, GREAT BBAD and strategy to the table?


I agree, I dont think Ian has had the opportunity to really play the game yet. Boogie has spent his time with his wonder boy Frank thinking about strategies to get him to the end that he hasnt bothered to really explore what Ian has to offer,

I think Ian has the potential to bring something real unexpected to the game and he also has a respect and a love for BB unlike any of the other newbies. So I think it would really be great to see the underDAWG in power.


Please take out Joe. He is very poisonious & he needs to go as well.


what few mention, is the advantage boogie got this week. the advantage I mean is this: Everyone knows boogie will lie at some point(doesnt everyone) but his reputation is basically set as a backstabbing player…OK…he has rolled with this, by turning the tables, he forced everyone in the house to lie, and now he sees exactly how they think, and how well they lie. before he was pretty sure he couldnt trust anyone, now he has to be completely sure. the reason he wants brit out, is because unless brit was to work with him, she is indeed the biggest threat to HIS game, because she goes from person to person and passes on what she is hearing. that is a mike boogie nightmare. he wont lie til later in the game when he can get all these lie sniffing dogs like brit out of the game(brit not a dog, just an example)

Ice Princess

Tonight will be interesting!!


*Waves* Bye Janelle*Waves*


don’t let the big brother exit door hit you, where tons of dicks have…… take your baby to Disney land with the money you made for your 3rd round failure


I would love see Janelle’s face when she leave. That way, Joe will be the next to go. He nothing but trouble. Bye Bye Joe.

billy bob

i like britney but she never shuts up,lol everytime i click on shes rambling ,someone needs to tell her to shut the fuck up,lol


Just wondering….why isnt this website using the term Chilltown 3.0 instead of 2.0? This is the 3rd run of that alliance.


Good point LOL I guess it is chilltown 3.0


Is Shannon the forgotten member of Chilltown? You know, like the guy from Wham! that wasn’t George Michael.

Red Lampshade

Pretty much. Lol. Krista was a part of Chilltown at one point as well (and she made it farther than Boogie).


I hope someone from the Team T!ts wins HOH tonight, just so we can see the Silent Six scramble. GO TEAM T!TS!


I hope someone does like wil, and puts up danielle and shane LOL in a double eviction, it would be PERFECT.

but really, joe just must go, if boogie could work with him, he would have been keeping him and pushing wil


Wil would make a great vindictive, power hungry, unpredictable HOH! Wil for the win!


yea, go team tw!its


This would be interesting. Joe will be useless that by the vote of 8 to 1. Adios Janelle. Next up, Joe!


joe’s face look like he bout to cry, because he knows he’s next, he not winning anything unless it’s the ” who can poison more” comp… Team TITs wain’t winning neither either Boogie,Shane,Frank,Dan or Ian will win HOH


Who’s in Joe’s Powerhouse? Joe


and whatever that thing is on hi chin… that makes up his alliance of angry failure


ya… it’s a power house alliance probably the best we’ve seen to date


if janell train joe well i wonder if he can win the hoh tonight … i cant wait to see the expression on dan , britnney face when boogie nomanate them …..


Uh-Oh Chef Joe is getting mad…I would recommend not eating his food if he’s mad tonight, he’s got a secret batch of Ecoli stashed in the BB house…

HOH Comp

HoH is going to be that red light (Coaches comp) Yellow (PoV) Green (HoH) kinda comp and Janelle probably would win. I’m going to say Britney wins HoH.


Yeah lets get all the girls out so we can have an orgy




wow. ban this guy, trolllllllllllllllllllllll. who cares how people look, all these accounts are ridiculous.

Janey Doll

Ugh if Janelle would have just sacrificed Joe or Wil she wouldn’t be going home tonight. She really lost her game protecting those losers this year.


If its the knock out game everyone will pick on Shane and Frank or Ian since he knows all the answers Ashley will probably win or Wil


if the silent six has half a brain, one of them is going to win that.

if one of them targets the other, its going to ruin everything for that group. it doesnt matter once janelle goes, what anyone thinks.


regardles of wether or not b&f scumbag dan or his alliance i think it is still a better move to get janelle out it would inevitable that if frank was to have remained the target janelle & boogie would of had to work together and thats a combo you dont want to face in the bb house


they never would have worked together. thats the thing. even if backed into a corner, I Think boogie would rather walk out the door than work with janelle

getting rid of her, is = to winning the game for boogie, well, maybe the 100k not the 500k. but hes fine going at any time now, considering he can now claim he got rid of janelle, again, and his legacy will grow(if you call history in a reality show a legacy) and janelle’s will be tarnished

Karen S

Hey Simon,
If you still plan on doing caricatures of the house guests… I found one for Janelle. It’s a bionic woman doll. *plastic* : )


I’ll be putting them up on Monday-Tuesday.. we had a bit of a discussion last night about them. Send me the link and i’ll take a look

Post with the avatar discussion http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-spoilers-everyone-against-eagle-eye-in-my-opinion-the-sht-he-cooks-is-not-that-great/


Janelle always reminded me of one of those Fem-Bots from Austin Powers. Built like a brickhouse and kind of emotionless.


that’s a good one

Danielle is a raging idiot...

OH PLEASE – enough with the worrying about Danielle’s body image – she is not some chick at the mall that we are making catty comments about – she did not drop into the BB House by mistake…………….

AND FRANKLY – forget the weight – there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH more that we can talk about – like the fact that she is a crazy batwitch……..she lies, she inflates every story and is on a constant mission to get everyone’s impressions of her. …..

OH and battling an eating disorder – I so do not believe that because i believe nothing she says – four degrees? Doubtful…..too…..

so let us talk about her just like we always do…….


Why don’t we just stop hating her for no good reason and focus on her game play which has been great.


Four degrees isn’t entirely impossible. Bachelor’s is a given. AA can be easily achieved on the way to a Bachelor’s. There are also professional degrees that can be earned. She didn’t specifically say bachelor’s degrees.

I’m not saying it’s probable, just possible.


Shouty capital letters- shit’s gettin’ serious.


Here’s what I think might happen. I think Boogie and Frank will throw the HOH to one of the other silent 6ers – I don’t think they want to show their hand and I think that they want to be under the radar this week. Shane wants to throw it to Brit, Dan or Ian – since he doesn’t think it will be physical. My guess is that one of these three will win (especially if it is knock out). THen, it is quite possible that either Boogie or Frank goes up. I think Dan wants Frank out (he wants to have the bromance with Frank). I think Brit will want Frank out (finally). Ian will put up Wil and Joe (unless Dan can work his brain mojo on him to put up Frank). I think DDSBI are nervous about when Boogie and Frank will turn on them and these two really are the remaining big threats – Joe & Wil can wait as Joe is no threat at all (except for his cooking) and Wil’s only threat to date might be his social game.


hence why double eviction WILL happen. production knows everyone is on board with goodbye joe. other than winning a pov, hes gone. I dont think in a game with 12, with 6 weeks left, they will waste a perfect chance to guarentee they get rid of a bad HG, and can keep all the vets in the game because of the loss of janelle they will need them


I don’t think the double evict will be tonight. I think maybe next week….one reason is the Olympics are still on and the other is that they haven’t promoted it. THe double evict nights should draw a larger audience. Also, since last week was so big I can’t see them doing major upheavels two weeks in a row.


Exactly. The double eviction is a great hook to get viewers back once the Olympics are over. There’s no point in tossing out something that’s been a proven BB ratings draw in trying to compete with that ratings Juggernaut.


I wouldnt say shes fat but she is chunky, she could lose 10 lbs and look alot better. needs to tone up alot.
none of the women are good looking this year, there all nasty.


Whoever thinks Danielle is fat, is crazy? She is good looking and hot. She is not close to being fat.


ANDREW, she is chunky, she not even in shape, she could esy lose 10lbs, and tighten up her Abs ,
shes prob at 20% BF, people can be 10-15 and still be heathy
just bacause most people are fat and they see someone with abs they consider then skinner or not heathy.


Who is in “Dawg”?


Some jerk


you’re too funny….you made me laugh out loud.


Good One-LOL

Pliney the Elder

Dawg and that guy Ken from 3 weeks ago.. or was it Kurt?

Carol & Steve

Dawg & Joe – LOL!!



Carol & Steve

sorry Ill Will – replied on the earlier post adding Joe then saw you’d said the same here. my bad :)


real deal question of the day: Is Joe a worse HG than Adam from last season?


Joe is more entertaining


good point. provides awesome imitation moments too

Pliney the Elder

Adams back stories were funnier. his weed admissions were hilarious. but he didn’t do any thing! I personally love the ones who run around making trouble and stirring up shit. These are caged hamsters. they react like a ping pong ball in a room full of mouse traps. I loved Shelly, Natalie and Dani and Kevin , BB12 Matt and the ones who plan some sabotage… then I love to watch it blow up in their faces. Only Kevin and Nats ‘BIG LIE ‘ was really successful.


Ok, here are my thoughts:

As much as I am not a Janelle fan and do not think she is an honest player, I still feel sorry for her that she is in the dark about what is about to happen to her. And please note for the record that BRITNEY has felt very badly about this too. She was the only contestant that was reluctant to vote her out. This shows me that even though Britney felt very betrayed by her week two–she still has a decent heart and feels guilty about the others swaying her to keep it from Janelle.

I really like the silent 6–I don’t care for Boogie (I agree with Janelle in thinking he is male chauvinist), but I will have to give him credit for his intellect and clever mind in creating this plan to “out” Janelle.

Overall, I think Dan (the nicest player–and most honest), Danielle (I like her–just a little immature–BUT NOT FAT), Britney (the smartest social player, just a little naive when others are lying to her), Shane (the most athletically competitive) and Frank (seems to be pretty honest) make a great final 5.

Btw, no offense to Janelle, but I am very glad that poor 3 month old baby of hers will have her mother back. I honestly don’t know how she could be away from her that long.

Thanks for the website–I love reading all of the updates and posts.

Pliney the Elder

Janelle said her baby would be 1 in December they were talking about ‘pont parties’ last night.

Pliney the Elder

ooooops rtfa PONIES.


Mike needs to be worried, I could see the house do to him what they all did Janelle…I think people will finally realize Frank is not a threat, but that Mike is just using Frank as cover…


How serious is Frank?

“Frank says that Dan needs to go up, we should scum bag him. Frank says that he will never forget how Dan was up there telling him me that I was golden when I was packing my things last week. Mike says you know who I want to go home this week if we win, Britney. Frank asks really you think she is a threat? She’s not that dangerous. Mike says yeah, less of a threat though, but her social game is strong. “


Dan was real dumb to tell Mike last week that he knew Frank was going out, he told him right before last week’s HoH comp.


very. he and mike will not forget that they were both bold faced lied to. now, im not saying thats bad in the game of BB, im saying thats bad in the game of BB IF mike boogie and an ally are the two people you did that to, and they both happen to still be in the game.

dan’s going to eventually get screwed, but I have this feeling he will get some america’s vote cout de whatever they want and dan will overthrow the move and jeff his way to the end.


Looks like the silent 6 SHhhhhhh………. is the most popular.


Football is on for me tonite instead of bb. What is the site I can watch it live online?


Silent 6 alliance (Plus Ian) will win HoH. Team Joe’s powerhouse,team tits got to go.


With Janelle evicted, Boogie and Dan’s strategy is to remove the hg that is the least likely to vote for them from Jury house. Both guys will try to influence the HOH to put up the next two who will not vote them the 500gs.


That would be a good plan… except, a lot of people won’t vote for boogie, a lot more will vote for Dan


If this plan commences, Dan will win for sure


Boogie knows Dan would win so Dan needs to go to Jury for Boogie to win and Boogie will get his vote. Boogie will strike first but not this week.


though your all probally right that dan would beat boogie in a final 2 although im not sure that it would be warranted at this point i think as a coach boogie out played dan and thus far after the reset has out played i also beleive that dan was not far and away the best player of his season as most people do he was no doubt the best but not a 7 to 0 vote good and had he sat next to jerry at the end he probally would have lost and yes the same could also be said about boogie if he had chose to sit next to janelle but just as far as who is more of a bb legend and who has played better thus far id say boogie on both counts