Big Brother Spoilers Boogie: “It’s amazing to me the people they stick in this house they have no clue”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Ashley Safe)
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

8:45pm Cam 3-4 Frank and BoogieFrank is explaining what happened last night with Ashley. Jenn came up to him and told him that AShley was crying in the bathroom saying she misses Kara. Frank could see Wil, Joe and Jenn starting to get pissed so he decided to nip it in the but right away. He pulled AShley into the HOH to talk to her. Frank felt really good about the conversation and it was all figured out.
Frank: “f**king “Janelle and Wil come up and Bull dog her.. they were 2 feet in her face.. The good thing is I came out better than will and Janelle” Boogie agrees wishes that people in this game would just relax a bit. Wil come out, Frank tells him about AShley. Wil is still pissed says Ashley has a key why is she going around crying.. Boogie adds that all she has to do is sit around, vote their way and do nothing until they’re at 6.
Boogie: “It’s amazing to me the people they stick in this house they have no clue”
Wil: “Seriously she should of went on the real world”

9:03 Cam 1-2 Dan and Frank playing Chess Frank takes out Dan’s queen early in the game. Boogie joins them tells Dan that he better keep a eye on Danielle she’s getting pretty tipsy, “Loose lips sink ships”

They start talking about Willie, Boogie says it’s probably just sinking in now how much he F**K up. Boogie does a shout out to his son Brady Malin. Janelle comes up and hands them some cookies. Dan leaves to see if Danielle would like some. (And to check on how drunk she is)
Frank asks Boogie what is he worried about with Danielle. Boogie is just worried that Dan told her that she’s safe and she’ll start running her mouth starting shit with JOJO. Boogie thinks he might be a little too paranoid but he doesn’t want to take any chances.
Dan comes back says he’s got to get down there so he wants to finish the chess game up.
Dan: “britney’s twisted .. to” (Drunk)
Boogie what does she know.. Dan explains she doesn’t know much.
Boogie wishes jojo was allowed to drink this week it would be hilarious she would let it rip.
Boogie asks Janelle who is still down in the Kitchen what the hot tub crew is doing. janelle: “ahh talking about Horrible terrible first dates” Boogie: “I’m glad i’m missing that one”
Dan beats Frank at Chess.

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9:07pm Cam 1-2 Hot tub Joe getting drunk

10:09pm Cam 1-2 Ashley, Britney and Danielle prior to being in the Tub the girls were talking about the conversation Danielle just had with Dan. Dan came up to Danielle and suggested to her that she should drink some water because she seems a little drunk. Danielle says that Dan didn’t want her to feel it tomorrow. Britney says there is nothing going on tomorrow. While in the hot tub Britney tells them about her husband. *here is a picture of him

Britney asks them if Frank flirts in the house, Ashley thinks he does a bit with Janelle. Danielle says that Frank has a nice body. Britney gives her a funny look. Britney teases that Frank and Ashly could have a showmance. Ashley says he’s not her type she just wants to cut off all that hair.
Danielle: “I didn’t get it in before I came on the show”
AShley: “Look at you talking all gangsters”
10:30pm Britney asks Danielle if she thinks she’s going home this week. Danielle says she has no idea. Ashley: “What does your gut tell you” Danielle hopes she’s staying but she really doesn’t know. Danielle complains that the camera is zooming in on her. Ashley: “I don’t think they are watching us.. I think they’re b**ting off to some really great pr*n not watching 3 regular girls in a bathtub”

10:42pm Cam 3-4 Joe and JoJO Joe is offering her some thing she can sell on eBay for her Cigarettes.
Jojo says to him she would rather have his vote. He explains to her that it’s 50/50 right now and JOJO needs to distance herself from Willie. Jojo: “I fu***** hate Willie.. He brainwashed me… You know how he can talk” Joe laughs asks her if she would do a deal with Adolf Hitler. jojo explains how she messed up with Willie and she’s sorry. Joe tells her to Lay low and Calm down. Jojo says that is what she’s been doing but tomorrow she’s going to start campaigning hard.

Joe will give JOJO his vote for 2 packs of Smokes.

11:18pm Cam 3-4 havenots Ashley and Shane
Ashley asks him if he’ll be upset if JOJO leaves. Shane will because she’s in his alliance. He says there really isn’t many people left in the house losing JOJO would mean 1 less person for me to work with. Shane telling her that earlier in the day he was with Britney and Wil in the kitchen anf Shane was saying how it will be 6 on 2 next week. Wil told him that he’s not targeting Shane and it’s not going to be 6-2. Shane wonders who Wil nominates if it’s not Shane and Daneille. Ashley says he’ll nominated her.

11:46pm Cam 3-4 Dan and DAnielle Dan warns her that JOJO will be working Frank and Boogie Hard tomorrow. He points out that JOJO has bene laying low latley she’s saveing it all for tomorrow. Shane joins them and Danielle starts telling them about her parents and how her dad was a sergeant in the Marines and her mom was a gunnery sergeant.

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37 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Boogie: “It’s amazing to me the people they stick in this house they have no clue”

  1. Joe’s comment about his 11 year old son dating the hottest girl at his school is a little creepy..

    That pedobear needs to meet Chris Hansen.. O_O

    1. LOL, that’s the other network.

      “Joe, you’ve been evicted.” then everyone switches over to dateline NBC for his exit interview.

  2. It seems they do a lot of Jordan bashing this season and I was watching bb 7 before CBS copyrited it and people were saying Danielle should of won season 3 so I was wondering who people think was the worst jury decisionfor winner mines would be season 4 Allison was awesome on that season and june didn’t do shit the jury was bitter Allison played them and kicked ass in comp

    1. I think season 7 janelle and will should have been final 2. I have watched every season more than once and only 3 were off to me 7. 9 should of been Ryan but it was even close to me. And 12 Enzo ran all evictions as far as I saw he deserved to ad least be in one of the final two chairs. I also hate to say it but last year I think I was at the time of the finalle show for the first time happy with the winner. I was always to much involved and bitter while watching the other seasons to appreciate the winners till afterwards lol.

      1. I completely agree with Ryan I hated Adam but I didn’t really hate any other winner I just think most of them didnt deserve to win besides Dan and will and I hated Rachel and dick but they both deserved to win

        1. Wow how could I have forgotten how much I hated evil dick words can’t say but ur right between the two of them he did deserve it. Here is a question for u. Evil dick threw tea on Jen the cigarette episode ect. Why did the chest bump between two men get Willie thrown off? From what I saw joe started it and showed aggression by putting his dukes up first. Sounds funny but do u know what I mean. I think both or neither should have been expelled . I don’t condone violence but I don’t think if the production would have let Willie go in the dr the 5 times he tried before the incident then I don’t think it would have happened

          1. Yeah I agree dick definitely burnt Jenn on purpose with that cigarette and should have been kicked out for that but Willie did deserve expulsion to because he said he was going to try and get himself out and Joe raises his fists when Willie charged him but he didn’t retaliate if he would have swung or pushed back he prob would of went out to or mate they’d both be here but Joe was a bitch about it and acted like it was way worse and prob pushed production to expel Willie saying he was afraid for his safety and shit

          2. Wouldn’t you put your hands up if you felt threatened? And Joe would be expelled for someone else touching him?

            1. did u really just say that enzo deserved to be in the final 2, what the hell did do except go around and say yo and meow meow all the fucking time, hell even britney won more competitons than he did and i also agree that evil dick should have been kicked off the show in season 8 but that just goes to show u that whoever they want to stay stays and whoever they want to go goes.

          3. When another guy is charging aggressively at me, I am not going to leave my hands in my pockets. Damn right they are going to be up in a defensive position. And yes, Joe’s hands were in a defensive position. Willie was the aggressor, and he was the one threatening to hit someone. Joe didn’t say anything to Willie first. He responded to what Willie had said to him and then Willie pursued him down the hallway into the bathroom at which time Joe did what any intelligent person would do and that was prepare to defend himself. Joe did nothing to warrant getting kicked out of the BB house. Willie on the other hand, did everything to get himself thrown out. But hey, why let a little thing like facts get in the way of your rants.

            1. Not entirely true. Joe was trying to wind Willie up for hours before that. He even went upstairs and told Frank that if he wanted to send Willie home now, he should go downstairs because Willie was about to blow. Frank didn’t go downstairs, so Joe did. I don’t condone what Willie did, but Joe provoked the whole thing, and what he wanted was for Frank and Willie to get into it. Joe was the instigator. Willie was trying to get in the DR to cool off but they wouldn’t let him, and Joe kept it up when he should have walked away, but he didn’t because he was trying to get Willie to blow up and get expelled. He was hoping to get Frank out at the same time, hoping they would fight. He is a shit disturber that puts on an innocent face. I don’t blame Willie for losing it and wanting to kick the crap out of the little weasel. I bet he wouldn’t try something like that outside the house.

              In season 11 Kevin chest bumped Ronnie, and Jordan chest bumped Russell. They didn’t get expelled. I enjoy gameplay, but when you deliberately provoke someone with the idea of making them go violent, that is going too far. He should have at least been reprimanded with a penalty vote. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is putting something in the food to make them all bloated and farty, but he is the self proclaimed cook at the BB house because everyone lets him. They better get him out soon or he will make it to the end like Jun did.

      2. boogie was so much more deserving than janelle that year. I like her and all, but cmon, she got played all season by boogie and will, not just will

  3. simon i think it is too premature to assume this season is already over just because of a couple boring days
    remember the seasons never get really good till at least week 4.
    proof is how many posts you get here
    you go from 25 to 30 each category to 150 200 after week 4
    regardless i watch it all and read all the posts from beginning til end of each season

    1. Ya week 3-4 is usually when things get busy.. this year was a bit of a anomaly with the willie factor week one it’s going back to normal now.

  4. we also can’t forget how on the live feeds joe was talking about how his son is “one of the best looking kids he’s ever seen, with his blonde? hair and blue blue eyes”…validated why i refer to him as creeper joe.

  5. If JoJo would shut her mouth and listen to what other people are saying.. she would be so much better off.
    I had to turn the channel. Ugh~

    1. LOL Karen I did the same thing!
      Joe was trying to give her some advice and she would just go “yeah, yeah” then rattle on some more about HERSELF.
      I started flipping to other channels after about 3 minutes of that.
      I want her to stay because she is a character but she needs to shut her mouth and LISTEN.

  6. The only thing Mike Boogie has been worried about this season is the beer situation. If I was in there I would propose that none of the coaches got any booze seeing as how coaches don’t appear to be in any danger of being have nots.

    1. boogie hasnt had to really scheme much. he is weeks ahead of the other coaches, has the most rounded team, and has no need to put targets on their backs by filling their heads with game talk.

      if I were him, Id be doing the same, he has to kind of lay low right now, not talk much, and seem to not be making a move yet, as he will eventually once he feels comfortable w/ numbers

      but really, whats he supposed to do, he isnt playing the game. there is only so much he can tell frank at this point. he made a deal with dan. hes in with janelle for at least this week, not sure what else he can do really.

  7. Is Ashley drunk? Why is she bringing up stuff from last week? No one cares that she didn’t vote Frank out. Especially, someone who is out the door on Thursday. And I really wish JoJo would stop bringing up Willie and saying that he fucked them over. She’s messed her own game up.

  8. If the pov is used i think he would nominate her, or even before just make her sweat and then back door Shane. The power better switch sides next HOH or u know for sure they want a Boogie/Janelle showdown.

  9. This would not be happen if JoJo (Jwow) aren’t associate with Willie (Albert Belle), She needs to stop blaming herself and keep it calm & cool. You already screw yourself, stop being a fool & campaign hard.

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