Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Wil says Ashley is sweet, but she is out to lunch!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

12am Ian comments that another day is over and that they made another $107 dollars. Shane asks if he actually calculated what they make a day for being in the Big Brother house? Ian says yeah, it is about $107 a day. Ian says that he would like to take Michelle Noonan out on a date but only if she didn’t try any funny business. Janelle asks like what, strip down and try to bang you? Janelle says that she thinks that would be a good possibility. Shane and Jojo head to bed in the have-not room. JoJo and Shane are alone in the have-not room talking. They talk about playing the game for themselves vs. playing for your coach. Shane says that he values Britney’s opinion but he isn’t going to blindly follow what she tells him to do. JoJo says that they need to make that clear to Ashley that she needs to play for her best interests and not Janelle’s. Jojo says that her and Ashley are going to talk again tomorrow. They decide to go to sleep.

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12:45am – 1:15am In the backyard, Jenn is watching Wil and Joe play the corn hole game. Janelle joins Jenn on the backyard couch. After their game ends, Janelle and Wil head over to the hammock. Janelle says that she is just trying to think of all of the options. She says that Dan worries her. I don’t want to mess up on getting him out now while we have the chance. Wil says that as long as Shane is in the house he doesn’t really have a chance to win competitions. Janelle says that she is really nervous of Frank and Boogie’s relationship. She says that they are really tight. Janelle is surprised to hear that Wil says that he trusts Frank. Wil says that he doesn’t think Frank would put him up. Janelle says that if Boogie told him to, he would. Wil says that Danielle isn’t going to put us up if she wins HOH. Janelle says but is she ever going to win HOH? I don’t think so. Wil talks about how Ashley is starting to become a liability to them instead of an asset. Janelle agrees. Janelle says that his week do not trust Boogie. She says he is a millionaire and doesn’t need the money he is just here to win the title. Wil says that next week they could get rid of a floater like Danielle. Janelle says no, we can’t do that, it will leave us in jeopardy for the next part of the game. They speculate on how the next twist is happening on Thursday. Wil says that if Jojo stays we’re fu*ked! He says that if Joko goes then Britney and Dan will be down to just one player each. Janelle comments on how she is nervous about the twist because Boogie works out 3 hours a day.

Janelle and Wil head back over to the backyard couch where Joe is sitting. Janelle comments again on how nervous she gets watching Boogie working out 3 hours a day because he thinks he’s coming into the game. Joe tells her that she can beat Boogie, you’ve done it before. Janelle says that she wonders if Dan will actually work with them. She then says probably not. Wil says that we could put up Ian and Jenn. Janelle says that she thinks they should leave Jenn alone for now. They tell Wil that Jenn really likes him. Janelle says that Ian, Boogie and Frank are really tight. Joe says but Jenn isn’t a part of that team. Janelle says that he is but she isn’t. They agree that Jenn knows that those guys would cut her at any moment. Joe says that next week we have to get Shane out. Janelle and Wil agree. The conversation turns to guessing what the twist will be. They talk about the coaches entering the game and they wonder if Frank would break away from Mike. Joe says that Frank thinks he can beat us, so he will stay loyal to us. Wil thinks that Jodi or Kara are going to come back. Wil and Joe talk about how they can’t trust Ashley. Janelle tells them that she will tell Ashley that talking to the other side will come back to bite her.

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1:30am Dan and Danielle are talking in the Arcade room. Dan tells her that she needs to win the HOH this week. Danielle says that she thinks it would be better for Shane to win it. Dan says that he think Shane will nominate her. Danielle disagrees. Dan brings up that he was worried she was drinking in the HOH room with Britney and Ashley. Danielle says that she was being a fake drunk. She says that she knows what she is doing. Dan tells her to talk to Frank tomorrow to find out where his head is at for the votes. Danielle tells Dan that she thought he spent all his time with Kara and that people said she was he race horse. Dan says that she and Kara needed two different things and that he coaches to win. Dan comment that if Britney is down to one player, she will crumble. He says that she is too negative and he can’t be around her. Danielle says that she topped up Britney’s wine glass and only put a tiny bit in her own, and that’s why Britney got so drunk. Dan says he was annoyed at Britney when he was trying to getting Danielle to drink water so she wouldn’t be hung over and Britney thought Dan had pulled Danielle away to talk game. Dan says that he started to tell her to shut up and let me coach my player, and for her to go coach Willie. He says oh right that’s why Willie’s gone, because you didn’t coach him. They both decide to head to bed.

1:50am – 2:15am Joe, Wil and Janelle continue to talk out in the backyard. Joe says that he feels like he is playing for second place. Janelle says that she doesn’t believe that’s the truth. She says Joe has a good argument if he were to go to final two with Frank. She says Frank is unemployed and has no wife or kids and Joe has four kids. Joe says he wants to win the game on his merit and not because he has four kids. He says that he will take the win either way but he would like the votes because the other house guests thought he played a great game. Janelle says that she thinks Joe will win HOH this week. Wil says that he hopes he wins HOH the week he is at his breaking point because it would mean that much more to him. Janelle says that she doesn’t want Ian winning it. Joe wonders what Shane would do if he won. Janelle says his target is Frank. Wil says that even if one of their team got put up they would have the votes to save their teammate. Janelle comments on how it might be time for her team to get blood on their hands. Wil says he is ready to get dirty. They talk about Ashley being a sweet girl. Wil says that she is sweet, but out to lunch. They agree that they will put up Shane and Ian if they win HOH. And if Shane wins the Power of Veto they will nominate Frank as the replacement. Wil and Janelle say to then vote out Ian. Joe disagrees and says that Frank is the bigger target. Wil comments that they are getting to far ahead of themselves and they all agree to go to bed.

5:40am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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41 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Wil says Ashley is sweet, but she is out to lunch!

  1. The twist should be once a coach lose all their players they enter the game but they play for one of their players. Only thing is the coaches can’t be on the jury. This way the coaches will be playing for themself and one of their players. This would shake the game up good and pit the newbies against each and the coaches. The alliances would be shook up too. Just a thought

  2. Did Dan win this game? He is a horrible coach. If I were Danielle I would run as fast as I could away from his advice…

    1. Tim yes, Dan did win his season using the same tactic that Danielle is doing. The problem with his tactic now is that people knows that he stays out of sight for the first couple of weeks and then start winning challenges.

  3. I just really hope Shane wins HOH this Thursday or at least wins his 3rd Veto [in a row] to f*ck with people even more. :p

    1. Can people stop b****ING about how boring this season is, obviously your still watching, and the first week was so crazy that of course it was going to drop, it’ll get crazy again when Shane wins HOH this week.

  4. I really hope Kara comes back, just to shake things up and give more numbers to Dan. Boogie is masterful but pretty boring even with all of his views on the game. I like Dan’s game. He literally is just coaching Danielle to be a mini-him. And I was really happy that he won his season…..I just don’t really care for Danielle….but Kara, I could root for. Since Willie left, I’ve been desperately trying to find someone to root for and what I’ve come up with is anyone but Janelle’s team. They are too cocky and are the “mean girls”, if you will, of the BB house.

    Originally, I wasn’t rooting for Dan- I was rooting for Britney- and while she’s hilarious….I think that unless Shane escapes the next few weeks, she doesn’t have great odds. Not that Dan does, numbers-wise, but he’s a really great coach and like I said…..if Kara comes back, he’ll be in a good spot. I can’t wait until Thursday to see what the twist is! This house needs some shaking up!

    1. Did Kara or Jodi do any CBS post eviction interviews? Usually the booted house guests, prior to jury, will do interviews. I don’t really follow that stuff, so I don’t know. If Kara and Jodi did interviews, they are not coming back. However if nobody has seen post eviction stuff with them, they could be sequestered and coming back in.

      1. I googled Kara Monaco eviction interview and found this interesting, (

        “Starting this week, the evicted Big Brother houseguests are no longer available for phone interviews. Luckilly, we are still able to ask questions to the departed Big Brother houseguests over email. ” hummm no live interviews, only emailed questions. Sounds like a sequester scenario to me. Production can monitor the emails to keep any information out that would impact returning Kara to the game.

        1. so basically we put her back in the game because hugh hefner was rooting for her?

          other than that, I have absolutely zero reasons listed by anyony why kara coming back would do ANYTHING. at least jodi might try to play the game, kara did ZILTCH when on the block, how do we expect her to do anything if she returns

          its funny to me, this “if im voted out, ill come back harder than ever yadda yadda”. people say this BEFORE they are even nominated. if it was so true, why not just dominante and take names before your nomination/failed POV attempt? answer: you don’t have it in you to dominate

          bringing back kara would be a step backwards. this game needs MORE people playing game, more people with strategy, not bringing back someone with no grudges, no real reason to be there, and possibly the next jordan just with no jeff.

          no. just say no to both kara and brit returning. janelle would just get rid of them anyway at first sign of the men showing them attention

    2. but that shakes nothing up. it just adds a number to the girls girl power that will take place very very soon

      kara brought nothing to the big brother table, there is no reason to bring her back, Id rather they just waited.

      also letting coaches in the game is moronic if its based off of who loses their players first, since that is rewarding piss poor play. I dont understand where losing your players get you a shot at 500k, but coaching them to victory leads to 100k max, that makes no sense if people are suggesting to have the first 2 who lose people to join the game

      if brit joins the game, its the one thing that would seriously make me turn off my TV. I really cant stand that they brought her back. I mean janelle at least was/is a dominant force. Brit got played her season, wasnt a force in any way shape or form, and sort of floated by thanks to negative rachel talk, and a huge target on R/B and then eventually lying matt.

  5. All the coaches are telling the their houseguests to stay quiet and not say anything to anybody. MOST BORING YEAR EVER!

  6. Scrap BB14 and redeem yourself CBS. Start casting a fall lineup with all “NEW” houseguests. Limit returning alumni to hosting games or special appearances like you used to. Cast big personalities who are allowed to think for themselves. This is the first year that I don’t have livefeeds running 24/7. BORING…..and the feeds are cut when something juicy happens. Please bring back the BB that I looked forward to every summer!! Please!!

    1. I have issue with how they are constantly cutting the live-feeds when anything good is happening, or they are talking about something that BB doesn’t want us to hear. If that is what the feeds have been reduced to, it’s pointless for me to have them. I bought them on the idea (that they push) that I would see what they couldn’t show on TV. BS, I see what they want me to see, nothing more. Well they got me for one month’s worth, they won’t get me for anymore money than that.

  7. I think the twist should be that the first two coaches to lose their players get to play for the 500k, that way the coaches turn on their players and try to get rid of them. Also this could start a lot of drama.

  8. dan’s game is to lay low have 1 true alliance and at week 4-6 come and win.& why does everyone hate danielle she is sweet i was rooting for her from the start

    1. I wouldn’t say she is sweet. She has self esteem issues and I am really tired of her trolling for approval. It’s embarrassing to watch. When Kara was on the block she didn’t really do much to make her feel better. The conversation always ended up being about Danielle again. Kara would say, I don’t want to go, and it ended up with Danielle whining about how unfair it was to her to be left alone in the game, how she didn’t want to be backdoored, waa waa waa. I felt bad for Kara. Even Kara said so to Dan. Danielle can’t even think unless Dan tells her what to think. She is just a vote, and nobody even bothers to try and sway her because they all see that Dan is playing through her, so they will approach Dan instead. Jo Jo might be annoying, but she is real and she is trying to play her own game, and you always know where she stands. Brit is a really bad coach. Last night instead of drinking she should have been trying to work with Jo Jo and Shane to be ready for the mad campaigning today. Just goes to show what her priorities are.

      1. I totally agree. I liked Danielle at first – but she isn’t thinking for herself. Jojo is annoying but at this point I’d rather see her stay because I think she could stand up for herself and play her own game.

      2. I didn’t think much of Danielle and I wanted to give her a chance so I made sure for the last couple days to really pay attention to her feed time.

        Well.. everything you all say about her is correct, she’s nice I guess but absolute bore on the feeds.

        She fishes for complements 24/7
        She talks about her weight 24/7
        She talks about her “Intelligence” 24/7

        Just like @Chloe said she’s just a vote.

        My question is if Dan had apparently had a chance to interview the players before going into the house why on earth did he pick her?

        1. I completely agree. I’ve tried to give Danielle a chance, but she is a typical low self-esteem girl looking – constantly talking about her weight and fishing for compliments. The one day Ashley commented that Danielle looked skinnier. For the next hour she kept going back to that comment, even as the group started talking about other things. She really offers nothing to this game. Why in the world would she make up the job lie? It doesn’t make any sense. Yes being a nurse requires intelligence, but I doubt the house would look at her any differently or would consider her a threat. I honestly don’t see her winning any competitons. I also wish the CBS edit was true to the Shane situation – they showed it as a mutual ‘crush’ versus the reality of her following Shane around like a lost puppy dog……and stalker!

          By the way, I’ve just been reading your re-caps here and not catching the feeds the past couple of days. Is she still hung up on Shane? It seemed like he is increasing the flirt factor with Ashley and Jojo.

          1. Shane really doesn’t want much to do with Danielle.. Danielle acts like she’s not interested but I think she still is a bit.

            The more I think about Danielle the more messed up her game really is.

            CBS do something please throw Willie back in LOL

            1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT WILLIE. Every summer our laptops are wired and connected to our TV’s….. we run all 4 feeds on our flat screens, non-stop, in every room, as to not miss anything. Literally all night and all day until the show ends. (pathetically addicted….I know) This year, I’m sad to say, we haven’t had the feeds on since Willie’s exit last Friday and we even missed Sunday’s episode. Just lost interest. This is a first for us in all our years of BB. A quick glance here, on your link, and I’m caught up…..which I’m completely thankful for …….so THANK YOU Simon at Onlinebigbrother.

          2. I read on here that Shane told Jojo they should have sex (or full around) before Thursday, I would of loved it if Danielle heard Shane say it. IDK, maybe she did and that is why she is bashing on him now saying she isn’t interested since he lost so much weight (duh, slop for two weeks) and he needs to shave his chest (something he has regularly waxed outside of the BB house).

          3. thats unfortunate. shes my type. she SEEMS sweet, seems cute, seems like that sort of southern bell type. but from what im reading its so far from the truth.

        2. and you can’t forget how she always talk about how “over shane she is” one second then the feeds switch and she’s following him around like a lost puppy or she’s making some jealous comment about how much he hangs out with jojo…she’s so pathetic.

    2. @Blondie.I’m sure that you already know I’m rooting for Dan,but I mentioned before that Danielle makes me nervous.Dan is one of the best players that ever played this game.But Danielle acts like she doesn’t trust what Dan tells her to do.My feelings about Danielle isn’t like how everyone on here,feels about her.On a side note,WoW!I didn’t know there was so many people on here that don’t like her.Anyway,back to what I was saying.Danielle acts as if she didn’t watch Dan on season10,he played the entire house,and he was crowned the winner of that season.I want the twist to be where the coaches don’t have to coach anymore,and get to play the game.Like I said,the only house guests that I like is Dan.I want him to play this game without having to constantly convince Danielle that he knows what he’s doing.After I read this,”Dan tells her that she needs to win the HOH this week. Danielle says that she thinks it would be better for Shane to win it. Dan says that he think Shane will nominate her. Danielle disagrees.”I think Dan knows what’s best.He has won this game,if I’m not mistaken,didn’t the entire jury vote for him to win?So I’m not trying to be rude to Danielle,but she should just zip it and do what one of the best players that ever played the game tells her to do.Lol.When Dan tells her that she has to win the HOH this week.Then the next words out of her mouth should be,I know.I will try my best.I’m not a Boogie fan,but he was in a alliance with another person that is considered to be one of the best players ever,Dr.Will aka the puppet master.I’m sure Boogie took notes on his buddy’s great strategic game play.I’m saying this because,I wouldn’t think it would make sense for Frank to question,Boogie’s advice.Ian and Jenn,should,because Boogie is shady and only cares about Frank.The people on Janelle and Britney’s team have reasons to question their coaches advice,because neither of them(Britney&Janelle)are known for being great strategic players,and neither of them have won their season.My point is,i don’t have a problem with Danielle being boring,but I do have a problem with her being a hindrance to Dan’s game.It seems as though Danielle has doubts about his loyalty to her(I guess she forgot that she’s Dan’s only player left).Here is an example of this,”She says that she knows what she is doing. Dan tells her to talk to Frank tomorrow to find out where his head is at for the votes. Danielle tells Dan that she thought he spent all his time with Kara and that people said she was he race horse. Dan says that she and Kara needed two different things and that he coaches to win.” In my opinion,Danielle seems as though her loyalty to Dan could break in any minute.I’m starting to think that Dan should have kept Jodi,because she was a fan of this show.It’s probably more likely that Jodie has seen Dan on his season.Therefore she will understand the way that Dan plays this game,will give her a better chance to win this season.Which means that Jodi will probably trust that Dan knows what he’s doing.But that’s just my opinion.

    1. Agreed. All the coaches are telling the houseguests to be nice and not talk about game. UGH. I would’ve loved to have seen the game played between all new houseguests.

      1. its the 2nd/3rd week, we will see game from the hg’s, the coaches twist just has to play itself out, as of now, it wouldnt matter if they talked game, boogie janelle have it on lock this week, then starting next, its team boogie/dan.

        if you put kara back in the game, you give boogie the numbers to go at janelle next week. if thats what people really want

        1. and yeah boogie voted her out, but he tried the same on all stars week 1 and that danielle had no issue teaming up with james and boogie and will weeks later

  9. There is a possible that JoJo would go home. However, if there is a twist Kara would come back.

  10. the show has become so boring!! i actually watched Monday nights Glass House out of boredom with the big brother live feeds… This season started out so great – but (in my opinion) is a big yawnfest since Willie flipped out and left.. I dont see the coaches all getting let into the game (and dont know that it would make for great television even if they did) and I certainly hope the ‘twist’ is something more than bringing Jodi or Kara back in the game.

    I notice a lot of comments about Danielle – not only is she BORING but unlike what they tried to portray on the Sunday night show, I see no chemistry between Danielle and Shane AT ALL… Shane seems a little gay to me – and if he is not, I see him more attracted to Jojo than to Danielle. I think the only way there will be a showmance this season will be if Ashley gives in and plays the role with ian.

    I am so disappointed with this whole coach concept… Dan is soooooo boring… Britney comes off snobby instead of fun-catty like I found her to be during her original season… I used to be a HUGE Janelle fan but she seems like a bitchy housewife now and I never liked booger – still dont…

    i find myself wishing that Rachel were back in the house – that is how bad it is – because I cant stand Rachel!

    1. shane is definitely gay but doesnt know it. DEFINITELY

      you don’t hit on JOJO over danielle, sorry, no matter how annoying danielle is(jo jo is awful too) jo jo over danielle? no. just no.

      then there was the eyeliner or whatever he wore, funny? no, just sort of a way to show things you enjoy but wouldnt do with your “normal” friends

      shane has about as much interest in hooking up as he does justifying hes straight to himself

    2. anyone saying the season sucks, and coaches twist sucks, and willie gone is the worst, and its been bad since then

      blame willie. period. blame willie. rachel didnt quit last year when it was beyond obvious everyone hated her. she got the winning vote from freaking shelly.

      willie is at fault for his leaving. period. they played some mind games with him, but he let one small thing, that in a day or two would have meant absolutely nothing if he had just said “I was just mimiking, nothing about him being gay, I have gay relatives” and ended it there. instead he let it grow into someone it never would have been. then once the hg’s saw that, joe pounced, boogie pounced. janelle pounced. as they should. its big brother, its a mental game, and willie proved to be mentally weak beyond belief with extreme insecurities.

  11. This season sucks, now that Willie and the drama are gone it is way to boring, I paid for the live feeds and maybe have watched thirty minutes it all together. I am so tired or returning players. They either need to do an all new cast or an all alum cast, none of this mix it up crap. I think tho when a team is completely eliminated the coach should have to face off with their players as a returning house guest.
    As a viewer, they should eliminate Danielle because 1. she drives me crazy 2. she doesn’t have a personality. Keep Jojo because Jojo has more personality (whether you like her or not). That way Dan’s team can be gone and we can see what the real coaches twist will be.

    I blame the boringness of this week on Willie, if there wasn’t so much (fun) drama the first week, we could of slowly gotten into this season, but since it was non stop game play week one our expectations are now set to high. I really want Shane to win on Thursday and for him to put up Joe and Wil. I don’t want him to put up Frank because between Boogies and Janelle’s team I trust Boggie’s a whole lot more. JMO

    1. yep. boogie you know where you stand(or we do I should say). whereas janelle doesnt really have a 3-4 week plan, or like 50 options in her back pocket like boogie likes to have. which ends up being her downfall. she is much like rachel, and if boogie puts a girl in front of her, she will vote her out first if the other on the block just plays dress up/make up time. take a bath with janelle and you stay safe for the week it seems

      i just wish boogie could play, if anything, Id say lets boot dan and brit(I like dan, but oh well) for losing so many players(both down to 1 on thurs), maybe let one in the house of the two of them, rig it for dan so that brit goes home. please.

      then you could have janelle and boogie join the game along with dan. brit goes to jury just to keep things somewhat interesting, and brit fans who love her vulgar mouth and rude dismissive comments about others who have said nothing about her, to watch her in all her bitter glory every week in the jury house.

  12. It really is unfair that Frank gets/was able to eliminate two targets this week. In my opinion they should not evict anyone and let everyone including Frank play for HOH.

  13. If an evicted houseguest comes back would they possibly make them compete against each other for the spot? If so – even JoJo or Danielle should be be able to compete as a returning house guest. Didn’t they do something like this last year with Brendon?

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