Big Brother Spoilers Janelle’s Marital Advice “Keep his belly full and his PP empty”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 23rd (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: July 26 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: JOJO and Shane
Current Nominations: JOJO and Danielle
Have Nots /Slop Willie, Shane, JOJO, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle
Next Coaches Competition July 27 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest Kara, Willie

Cam 3-4 5:20pm BBT Arcade room Danielle, Britney, Jenn, JOJO

Britney is explaining to them what is wrong with the season she says any time you have 6 vs 2 what you get is a boring show. She adds that producers will shake the house up one way or another because right now the show is boring. Danielle thinks there will be a shake up soon, “What if Shane wins HOH then things will get dirty”
Britney points out that it’s 1 vs 5 in the HOH next Thursday so the odds are he’s not going to win. Britney tells them when production was planning out this season they didn’t expect it to turn into 2 teams destroying the other 2 teams and they didn’t expect Willie going nuts and getting removed.

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5:37pm BBT Arcade room Jojo, Jenn and Ashley
JOJO starts campaigning telling them that the girls are dropping like flies and she thinks the girls need to do something about it.

Jenn says she believes jojo to a certain degree she points out that they’ve really had only 2 Head of Household competitions. She says that the last HOH comp wasn’t physical they all just screwed up.. if the last HOH was physical Jenn would be all about boys versus girls but now how it stands Jenn sees the last 2 HOH’s to be pretty fair. Ashley tells them she’s going to take the next couple days off from game talk or she’ll get in trouble.. Jojo leaves to let Ashley and Jenn to talk about what happened last night.

Jenn tells her that she never blew it out of proportions that is not the type of person she is. Ashley: “You know it’s said but it’s probably my team that blew it out of proportion”
Jenn: “that’s what I’m thinking”
Ashley doesn’t want Britney, Danielle and Shane to think they are all allied so that is why she said and did what she did in the bathroom. Ashley and Jenn both agree that this game will be completely different if it was without coaches. Ashley: “Kara went home because of her coach”

Ashley says that Wil is telling people that she is a floater.. Sometime she feels that after what Wil did to Kara he will do it to her 10 times stronger. Ashley doesn’t want to see the guys team up so she’s trying to keep them fighting. Jenn wants to nominate Jojo because she is so strong in competitions, Ashley and Jenn really like JOJO but she has to go. Ashley warns Jenn that Wil is extremely paranoid and extremely cutthroat. Ashley really wants Shane to go up next week she wishes they would have backdoored him this week. Jenn explains that Frank only had 5 minutes to decide who to nominate because of all the “Willie Drama” happening that day. (Jenn and Ian freaked out about the idea of putting them up as pawns against JOJO with the plan to backdoor frank. Ian being the most vocal against it)

Jenn is positive if Shane wins HOH he’ll gun for the guys, her and Ashley just have to hold on tight and let them go after each other. Ashley points out that Shane and Frank are getting closer but she’s not sure.

6:25pm Dinner

7:00pm Cam 1-2 Kitchen Janelle and Dan Doing the dishes and talking about their spouses. Janelle asks Dan if he has a “Man Cave”. Dan asks Janelle what she does to make her husband happy. Janelle: “Keep his belly full and his P P empty”.. Later in the conversation Janelle asks Dan when the twist is coming. Dan says next week nor this week. Janelle asks him what they are going to do to beat Boogie he’s a beast he works out 3 hours a day.

7:30pm Cam 1-2 Janelle, Danielle All the girls have sore stomachs. Danielle asks them if she’s going home. Janelle says that her players want to keep Danielle over JOJO. Ashley joins them she has a sore stomach. Janelle tells them that she was up in the HOH and she saw a jar of medicine but the label was covered. Feeds cut.. When they come back Janelle is talking about someone who had the genital warts removed on Dr. Will’s shows. The girls are trying to figure out why there stomachs hurt so much.. Janelle thinks it’s her period, Danielle thinks it’s the rich Food. ( I hope it’s Joe trying to get a leg up on the competition)

Danielle starts talking about her weight and how she needs to stop eating Janelle’s Baking. She wants to do her laundry before tomorrow because she thinks the backyard will be closed for the setup of the endurance comp.
Janelle: “It’s not going to be endurance week 3 it’s going to be a crapshoot or Q&A”
Danielle explains that they are 25% done the game she doesn’t think anyone is coming back.
8:00pm Danielle Tells Janelle she’s not into Shane at all, “he’s lost 15 pounds”.

8:03pm Danielle and Janelle still have sore stomachs pains from joe’s cooking.. Janelle blow a giant fart.

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Joe's spatula

Damn janell is dirty. But I guess her only real talent is in the bedroom with those jugs.


I still think that a coach will enter the game when all of his players are evicted. For instance when JoJo and Shane are evicted Brit will not be evicted but will then become a player.


what did she mean by PP empty? is it what I think it is?


God I hope not. The whole sentence was just awkward and nasty if she meant that D:

Dark Horse

LOL Sad part is…she meant it that way


This is the most boring season ever! I waited a year just to watch FOUR people play – boogie, Janelle, Britney and Dan. Ughhh soooo mad at Big Brother. Big mistake with these ‘coaches’. Everyone feels like they are on a Team. anyone notice how Big Brother keeps telling them to not say the word Teams. I think they have realized they screwed up with this one. Willie was right and these people are idiots!


Yeah, Janelle kicks ass in comps but if it’s her vs Boogie he’s a force to be reckoned with, I mean he beat her in the All- Stars final HOH and he would have beat her again in the veto had he not taken his foot off the bar, so it would be interesting to see the war between the two of them, they better be scared of each other. Question, if it’s Boogie vs Janelle, who are you guys rooting for, given the opinion on both might have changed from previous seasons.


At the point where it comes down to Janelle vs Boogie, I would find something else to do with my summer. I hate the coaches twist. At first I thought the first week was awesome because of the twist. Now that Willie is gone I realize it was because he was the instigator of all the fun and drama. I was hoping the newbs would be more alive than the idiots from last season, but hope is fading. All I know is that if Jo Jo goes, it’s going to be a bore.


i love how they’re always complaining about how bad they feel after eating creeper joe’s cooking, but they continue to eat it; i can’t say i’d be disappointed if joe was trying to poison them all to get ahead, at least that would be a little entertainment. danielle is so annoying, as much as i think jojo is a skank, danielle rubs me the wrong way how she’s always fishing for compliments about her intellect (even though she isn’t as smart as she gives herself credit for being) & she’s so worthless, she’s just a vote…along with several other people in this house. and ashley aka shelly 2.0 is so dumb, she thinks that trash talking the entire house won’t come back to bite her in the butt, she’s so annoying i’m so glad wil can’t stand her and wants her out.


ha ha ha shane is a pretty boy :)


exactly! she’s always talking about how fat she is or how fat she feels and she’s not even fat. and she constantly talks about herself especially alabama…she finds a way to work alabama into EVERY conversation plus everytime i turn on the live feeds she has on that stupid ‘bama’ shirt.


You nailed it Alessandra.
Her constant begging for validation is getting WAY old.
She steers every conversation back onto herself, but most of them do in this house (she is the worst though).
How does BB manage to find so many self-centered assholes??

PS- I knew nothing of Dan before this season started, I only started watching BB a couple years ago. I thought I wouldn’t like him, but he really seems to know how to deal with people.


I might be pulling a Lawon and over think an upcoming twist. But I really believe Dan will enter the game if he loses all his players. So I really want Danielle gone. For that reason and 99 other Bama-reasons. Dan’s game is solid, his “team” are dumb rocks weighing him down. IF Dan enters the game, I don’t know who his second (Memphis) should be… maybe Ian. But Ian wouldn’t turn on Boogie. Maybe Shane. I

production rigged it

i know one thing if something doesn’t happen in the next 2 weeks my watching this season is over because then it will boogie versus janelle picking off each other’s players until the end which will be so boring and monotonous.


I want them to keep Jojo and eliminate Danielle this week. They think that would eliminate Dan, but I think it’s the opposite.

I think the twist is that when a coach runs out of players, they get to enter the game. I could see that happening maybe twice. Then we’ll end up with 2 coaches in the game and the other 2 trying to help their players eliminate them.


the twist is some crazed BB fan throws a smoke bomb into the BB house then shoots em all :)


Very disrespectful comment. The happy face just adds more insult to the victims of this past week. You should be ashamed!


What an insensitive thing to say. If that’s funny to you, you are one sorry waste of flesh.


Really offensive. Families looking for a little light chat and they get this…keep an eye out for black SUVs.


they better find a way to make this interesting, as of now only boogie coming up with strategy and scenarios with dan is the only noteworthy thing to happen game wise since willie’s exit.

our thirst for the entry of the coaches only validates the need for a freaking all stars season


lol..this season sucks..coaches comp ruin everything.

production rigged it

what a surprise BBAD sucks again tonight mostly showing dan and frank playing chess with boogie watching, the cameramen get worse every year, i hope they read this site because this goes out to them YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

production rigged it

i forgot there could be camerawomen too if so YOU ALL SUCK TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so boring , thank god i’m not paying for showtime and have a 3 month free trial right now.


I think that they have even killed the possibility of an interesting all stars. A lot of fans are sick and tired of them all, and honestly, the all star material from seasons 8 – 14 is spread really thin. Anyone that could have been an allstar has been overexposed. After a great first week where I felt for the first time since the first half of season 11 that I didn’t waste my time and money on the feeds, it is imploding. Wow. Janelle baking cookies. What a thrill. Not. Frank and Dan playing chess, and Danielle trolling for approval in the HT. Listening to big mouth Joe bragging about idiocies. Boring. I feel like I did last year when Dick was gone before the feeds started. AG needs to be replaced. I doubt her show this year will be able to compete with the Olympics. The show needs a serious revamp because it is on life support.


Well, it’s official, this season is a snoozefest. I hope all the people who hated Willie are fucking happy. I noticed comments have dropped down, also noticed Beyoncefan has been quiet. Maybe it’s cos all her Janelle does is stuff her face, bake and talk in a baby voice. Exciting stuff! Janelle’s ass is now taking up half of my widescreen.

I was hoping Ashley was playing Game yesterday, but it looks like she’s just an emotional idiot. (she has Wil pegged, tho) Hoping for another Ashley meltdown before the twist. Do something hamsters! Give us a reason not to hate all of you.


The chess game is so exciting production thought we should see it on all 4 cameras. Bah!

production rigged it

i know right i had to slap myself 3 or 4 times just to stay awake…………… oops sorry just did it again watching janelle and ian playing pool, snooze snooze snore!!


So this season is all about Janelle vs boogie.. Willie just ruined the entire season for a lot of people.


I guess there is no easy way to tell Joe that his meals makes everyone constipated lol.

And I’m still shocked at the fact JoJo is not being smart about her social game. She must want to go home. It sucks too because I expected a lot from her this season. Smh…


I wish people would stop saying the season is a snoozefest/boring. If it’s so boring, why are you still watching? It’s not BB’s fault Willie decided to quit.


As much as I enjoyed him, BB should never have cast him in the first place. The only reason he was there was because they thought he’d be good for ratings because his brother is Russell. Casting is so lazy that they just sit back and give us camera whores, has beens and people looking to further themselves in the “entertainment” business. They have a whole freaking year to find people, and the best they can do is give us 4 people we have seen before, Russell’s brother, Sycho Sid’s son, and the stereotypical token gay, fake boobs, a jock, a nerd, a tattoo lady. The only person in the cast that is just a normal person was Jody and maybe Ian. The rest are models (Kara, Danielle, Jo Jo, Ashley, Shane) a successful rocker and a big mouth chef with his own tv show.

production rigged it

we’re still watching praying that something else exciting will happen since nothing noteworthy has since willie left and if u don’t want to see people complaining about it being boring then stop reading our comments.


=/ If that’s the case, it can’t be too boring if BB is still peeking your interest. And unfortunately, that’s not how it works here; otherwise, you wouldn’t be commenting on my thoughts.


Go back to the 3 girls in the tub! And send them in some MORE BOOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CBS Ratings put everyone to sleep. Make more twist, like bring back Team JJ,Rachel, Dr. Will, or anything. Make more exciting and better yet, bring back the twins.


Someone needs to take a huge shit in jojos pillow case and get the party started.

A wise woman

Wise words for wives across the world. Seriously. It can be that easy.