Big Brother Canada 3 Episode 28 Recap – And Then There Were 3

Big Brother Canada 3 final 4 eviction episode 29

With the finale of Big Brother Canada 3 in just 2 days, tonight is when we learn the identity of the final 3 house guests. Before the live feeds were turned off for the season we knew that both Sarah and Ashleigh were guaranteed spots in the final three. The remaining spot comes down to who Ashleigh would want to be sitting next to in the final 3. As Ashleigh was on the block and had won the veto its safe to say she used it to remove herself from the block and Brittnee was the only remaining choice to be the replacement nominee. So the question remains who would Ashleigh rather compete against in the final 3 part HOH AND who does she think would take her to the final 2 over Sarah. – Brittnee OR Godfrey? – This eviction will be shown on tonight’s episode, however it actually happened on Saturday morning less than an hour after the live feeds were shut off for the season. Ashleigh held all the power with the sole vote to evict.

Final Week Schedule:

  • Monday Episode airs at 8pm – Showing the Veto competition and Eviction
  • Tuesday Special Episode of the Side Show at 8pm
  • Wednesday Episode 8pm: Finale


Final 4 STATS:

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  • Ashleigh used the veto to remove herself from the block
  • Brittnee is the replacement nominee by default
  • Ashleigh votes to evict Brittnee

Big Brother Canada 3 episode 28 final 4

Actual Results from the episode:

(This section will be updated as the results are revealed on the episode.)

Episode intro asks – “How will the house guests react to a shocking game changer to the jury”

Power of Veto Competition – It’s an individual timed competition where the house guests have to match up the numbers of the days on the train to blocks with the event that happened on that day and then put them in order.

– Brittnee QUIT the competition after an hour and a half.
– Ashleigh won the Power of Veto with a time of 18:55 minutes.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-25 17-29-33-158

Brittnee tells us that she lied when she told Ashleigh she would take her to the final 2 over Sarah. Ash asks Godfrey to promise everything that he would take her to the final 2. Godfrey tells her what she wants to hear.
– Ashleigh used the veto and Brittnee went up as the replacement.
– Ashleigh voted to evict – BRITTNEE

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-25 17-44-22-484

– Brittnee tells Arisa she wants Sarah to win and will make sure the jury votes for her
– Arisa tells the final 3 – They must decide 1 person to be evicted from the jury!! They are locked in the vault and have to unanimously decide who to evict from the jury. They decide to each pick two jurors they don’t want evicted. The episode ends with Ashleigh arguing with Godfrey over the choices. Tune into the the finale to find out who they picked to be evicted from the jury.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-25 17-53-28-754


What’s NEXT:

The final 3 house guests compete in the final Head of Household of the season which consists of 3 parts. The first of the 3 part HOH competition is typically an endurance competition where the final 3 compete against each other. The winner of part 1 automatically advances to the part 3. The other 2 house guests compete in part 2 which is typically a physical competition. The winner of part 2 advances to part 3 to compete against the winner of part 1. Part 1 and Part 2 of the HOH competition would take place between May 23 and May 26th. The final part 3 of the HOH (Typically a Question A or B / True or False Competition) takes place during the live finale episode where the winner decided who they want to sit next to in the final 2. The final 2 then state their case to the jury and the jury then votes for who they want to win Big Brother Canada 3.

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This is what the GREATEST BB player of all time had to say about the Twistios twists:

In summary, he described how these twists take out the integrity of the game and people who have put in 60 days of work i.e. Bruno are going to be screwed because of some stupid twist 3 weeks before the finale. This F4 has to be the most rigged and influenced F4 of all time. This is the reason why I will not respect Sarah and Brittnee’s games because Britt should have been gone long ago were it not for that stupid and unfair twist. Now hopefully, there’s less rigging in the final HOH so we can have Ashleigh and Godfrey F2.

No more production pets
No more production rigging

ps Arisa asking Britt “you were on block and you managed to get to F4, how did you do that?”…..umm through rigged superpower to remove the competitors when I should have been evicted 3 weeks ago…but of course Brittnee didn’t say that.


I just wanted to say that I love Dr. Will and have been a huge fan of his since his seasons on BBUS. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed with him and the way he’s chosen to go about talking about his issues with BBCan. It just reeks of something else other than genuine concern or love for the franchise or show and I just don’t like it. He’s entitled to his opinions, I just don’t agree with them in this instance. I love both versions, most seasons, for what they are and look forward to watching many more if the shows are still running.


I heard about the comments (Dr.) Will Kirby made about Big Brother Canada. Here are some things he really should have considered before opening his mouth:

1) 100K is a lot of money, but not enough motivation for the Big Brother Canada houseguests to portray themselves poorly on national television. 100K does not go that far, and these houseguests have families and careers to return to. They will not jeopardize that for so little money. 500K maybe. 100K, not a chance.

2) It is a cultural thing. I am Canadian and I identify with many of the Canadian contestants because I am Canadian. Dr. Will is not familiar with Canadian culture, so there are many things about Big Brother Canada that he simply will not get. Contestants walking around the Big Brother house topless might be seen as entertaining to some viewers in the US, but many Canadian viewers won’t find that entertaining.

3) Canadians ARE polite. This doesn’t mean that we are not competitive. We have just decided that we won’t bully others or throw around racial slurs to improve our chances at getting our hands on prize money.

4) Dr. Will was a fantastic player during his season, but he has been eclipsed by more innovative players like Nakomis (from season 5 US) and Danielle (from Season 3 US).

5) Big Brother viewers are smart enough to realize that his controversial comments were made to drum up interest in the upcoming season of Big Brother US. Pathetic.


Agreed with everything you said. I relate so much more to the Canadian players than the American ones because I’m Canadian and I’m too polite to say why. :<)

Also he mentioned that America has so many more players too choose from than the much smaller neighbour Canada. Really? I was embarrassed for him with that comment. I thought he was super smart. Um…does he know there are a lot of people in Canada? A lot? Does he think we might run out of contestants?


BBCAN is a great combination of the Dutch original, and the USA version. The twists ensure that the Houseguests conduct themselves appropriately and that there is a higher power in the House just like in life that influences the “game”. The viewer should always have a hand in controlling the game. That is why as Canadians we can “hold our heads high” after each season of BBCAN and have no shame in saying those Houseguests are Canadian.

Sarah Smile

Enough crying about the twists Dr. Will.
Every single HG that got stung by a twist had an element lacking in their social game that could easily have prevented that sting.  You of all people should know that Doc!  What’s with the purist mentality?
Fans of BBUS have been screaming for an effective twist the past 2 seasons to stop the nightmares, and now it’s all like “WAH you wrecked the show with twists WAAAH”
BBCAN is pure fun, good f n TV!  N.O. FULL STOP on trying to suck the fun out of it.


Agreed, Kevin triple, he could’ve avoided even being nom’d. Bruno and the SP, they wanted Zach all week, he just couldn’t play nice. He was a good player but his compulsion to lie and deny even obvious things was poor play. Also, if he hadnt veto’d Zach, Canada may have voted for him to get the SP. Britt was lucky with the SP but her mistakes at the triple finally came back to bite her. If she had nom’d Ashley instead, I don’t see how SBW wouldn’t be the final three right now. But one change can lead to many so who knows.
Dr. Will is just trolling. If he really cared he would go to town on his own franchise and try to get the twists removed from BBUS. If this was real at all, he could gather an army of former BBUS players to bombard them with demands for a non-twist season. With enough cast members they could get millions of even the casual vewiers to join in. When any of them do that I’ll give them respect. But in reality it’s all B.S. advertising for BB17.
I agree with the non twist argument, but it isn’t going to happen. So, I’m watching for players that know how to survive them. I do think this jury vote-out is kind of awesome though, if this happened each year, it would add a whole new level of strategy to final three. As well as having to carefully choose your words on the way out the door if you want your spot in jury.
I would love to see that whole vault argument, Godfrey trying to hold his cards close to his chest and bs-ing about having even one vote, Ashleigh showing all her cards as usual, Sarah mixing her lies in with lots of truth.
I hope they kick Bobby off the jury.


Agree with him about the twists. The twists really hurt the great players as we have seen. I want to see someone play a great game. See strategy unfold. I don’t want to tune in each week just to see the latest twist victim.

I can’t ever see a US vs CAN BB though. It would essentially become a team based game, picking off the players from the other country.

Kathleen Sauerbrei

Well if the (Supposed) MD. wants a “PURE” Big Brother, maybe he should look at how BBUSA Bastardized the original Dutch BB and assumes that the USA is the only “PURE” one?


All the the twists this season were very random and nonsensical. I feel like production just said “Oh wait, we haven’t had any sort of twist for two weeks. Double Eviction this Wednesday!”
However, although this is your personal opinion (and I respect that), I don’t think it’s fair to say that you don’t respect Sarah’s and Brittnee’s games because of the SP (let’s be honest, a win for one was a win for both.) At the end of the day whether or not production rigged the have not votes or Canada’s votes really did count, someone had to win that power, and the players in the have not comp had very little control over that. Did Sarah and B whine throughout the game? Yes. Were they always the best at comps? No. But when push came to shove, together they played well strategically and made big moves when they had the chance. That has nothing to do with the special power. To be honest though, it was ridiculous. I don’t think production should of had the power twist in the first place.


There will be twists! Would you like a bag?

…But it’s just not FAIR! Nom Nom

another name

every year or so it seems Will Kirby comes out to pontificate in regard to some big brother issue. i don’t think this is the first time he’s taken issue with big brother Canada.
hey, he played a great game in bbus season 2. it’s been respected by many contestants and viewers ever since.
this doesn’t mean his opinion is worth any more than any other person viewing the show.
for the record, i’m not a fan of twists, but i don’t feel any more justified or validated in my dislike of twists just because he doesn’t like them either.
the twists and powers and instants and doubles and triples coincided with twists and powers and instants and the like on season 2 if you look at the weeks in a side by side comparison. every week where there was a game alteration in season two had a game alteration in season three. the only difference was the type of alteration and it’s degree. these things are blocked out in pre-production as the network is trying to get sponsors and sell advertising spots.
if i remember correctly, and my memory could be hazy, Kirby started having problems with big brother Canada after filming commercial(s) for big brother Canada season one while wearing a slice hockey jersey. there was talk that he didn’t feel he was paid enough for the commercial endorsement. I’m not sure if he has appeared on any season of big brother Canada… perhaps he has. I’m not pointing that out to scandalize what he has to say about big brother Canada. I’m pointing it out because sometimes there is more than meets the eye.
i read a review of kirby’s opinions versus the stance of the big brother Canada franchise. the reviewer made a huge error (if i could remember which article it was from i would cite it). he said never before in such a late stage of the game has the Canadian series thrown such a huge game twist into the mix so late in the game (cough cough… gary returns in season one… cough cough) to validate Kirby’s opinion of the third season.
the Canadian version has always been slightly different than the American version. He didn’t seem to mind putting on the slice jersey and making the commercials. for that matter, he didn’t oppose being the jury consultant on big brother 16 where the double hoh twist had a major impact on the game.
i think there’s more to the story regarding his comments. i don’t like the twists, but i still think there is more to the story regarding his comments.


When the greatest of all time says the twists essentially ruin the integrity of BB the trolls attack I laugh! I’ve written that more than once this season. If you want fair game play announce the schedule for the twists 1st day of the season. Well then there no longer a surprise that’s the catch 22. when long time fans like myself judge the integrity of production my personal conclusion is they lack integrity. F3 and they’re still messing with the game’
So here we are with 3 folks needing to agree on 1 to be removed. Sarah wants to save Willow, Cindy, B while Ash would want Pili, Zack and Kev perhaps. I venture god will attack and try to breakdown Ash. Not based on the clip tonight but rather production using him as a pit bull to weaken Ash for a Sarah F2 win. How remotely fair is this B S process. And there is a time restraint as you still need to do the comps. Maybe in the end GOD gets 3 and the one left out is gone. that’s Bobby, Bruno, JP and …..that’s the problem the 10th is one of these 3. I’d say it should be JP but GOD gotta want him on the jury. Maybe they decide the last evicted isn’t on the jury how’s that for a Twistos twist. ROFL
Easily the worst season from Production either side of the border ever. And I’m no AG fan either. Can you see production allowing Willow to be removed or either of Sarah’s 2 other votes. Nope this is designed to attack Ash and nothing else. If she is strong enough and holds her ground from what I expect will be total bullying then production has to create a way to keep Sarah’s votes and get rid of a Ash vote. At any point if this were to happen are Sarah fan’s ever gonna admit this season has been geared towards her as the pet chosen to win.
Any fan who says this whole season isn’t contrived is full of something. Production in Canada has ruined the franchise at this point. Might see redemption on Wednesday but I don’t expect it. At this point I’d be happy to see the end of BB CAN this season and beyond. A quick observation…. I saw an ad for Monday’s show earlier in the day. Brit got twice the time of Ash and remember B was gone long before these ads edited. Sarah got all the stroke. GOD wasn’t there at all. Must have missed the very start of the ad. They edit to be pro Sarah but more B than the others to further stack this thing production frankly looks like a bunch of crooks at this point.
Dr. Will got it right and he should know he played the game!


For fun I rewatched adds that were running during the Monday show on Global. I found entire adds with Sarah, b and GOD. production is so one sided it’s disgusting. B was evicted days earlier and not a mention of Ash not even once. This is how you find Canada/s favourite you do not so subliminal messages. Here’s your favourite Canada let me jam it down your throat!
Subliminal messages by the way are 1 frame pictures that are hidden in media such as Movies. They make the reader want to buy soda from the shop by running pictures of a desert to get folks thirsty as an example. It happens so fast the concious part of the brain does not register just the subconscious.


Never liked him but, he’s right about the twist, it ruined the game this year, the players wasted any time they spent on strategizing, production ran the show not the house guest

Moronita Pilar

And yet BBUS is a crap show 100%. Last 4 seasons were absolutely dreadful, predictable, “evolution of gangs”, and filled with racism, stupidity and evilness.

BBCAN is qualitatively different and thank God it is so! Life is a combination of everything including luck. Twists helped boosting the dynamics of what was happening on the show and introduced a factor of luck that we all experienced in our lives. So… WAY TO GO CANADA!


Twists only appeal to the simple minded who want “the good guy” to win in the end. Any educated person will understand why these twists are ridiculous and take away from the integrity of the game. This is why Survivor is so successful.

Moronita Pilar

What?! You’re making distinction between people who watch BB and still consider it to be a TV show, entertainment… that you call “simple people”, and those who adore watching constant backstabbing, conniving mean-spirited people tearing each other apart in a super boring season (BB15, and esp. BB16) gamewise (BB16), with lots of racism, homophobia and other socially appalling displays (BB15)… If the firs ones are “simple minded” people, than the latter group is a pile of Aholes. No doubt about that!

As for Survivor, THAT show is created for VERY SIMPLE MINDED people! Ridiculous and/or dumb competition, infinite boredom, random evictions (for the most part), plus the element of fake “starving”… and it all lasts 35 days.

Cindy Withanesse

Just another washed-up ‘has been’ trying to remain relevant and cling onto his last 15 minutes of fame;

I have no clue if he was a good player or not; nor do I plan on watching previous seasons; what he fails to realize is that the bottom line is viewership; if bb were to continue with the ‘purist’ mentality season after season, it would become very stale, and ultimately, ratings would suffer; the networks want to attract new viewers as well as retain existing ones by ‘spicing’ up the game preventing monotonous atmosphere.

You’d think somebody considered ‘one of the best’ would have the aptitude to comprehend that.


The twists this year were odd and uninspired, but at least they kept Canada involved in voting which is the unique thing about BBCan that I like. What REALLY bothered me this year was the BLATANT sponsorship of EVERYTHING! It felt like every challenge, every task, every twist was not just sponsored but completely based on the sponsor. The KFC veto challenge that Godfrey won was embarrassing. The challenges this year have been more like the stupid challenges these stores do on the street to give away free coupons. Watching the challenges is one of my favourite parts of BB and one of the only reasons I tune in to the TV portion of the show and they absolutely RUINED it this year. It was cringe worthy to watch. The prize is $100,000 there is no reason for this type of thing. Maybe next year they should spend less money on completely renovating the house AGAIN, take away most of the sponsored events and hire some creative minds to come up with some real twists that won’t feel like rigging and pandering.


there are always sponsered comps…..season one emmett won a pov that got him 5 or 10k credit from the brick and there was a pov in season two that the winner received points from ramada…maybe there was a trip somewhere in a comp…..this season we saw more comps with more cash and prizes ftom sponserf. i see this as a good ting…i hate that more players cant get more cash thru the game….this way more than just final two can walk out with $$

also these wins are used against people as reasons to in oh gary already got five k and five hundred and a thousand or whatever so evict him lol


Except that being liked by Canada has proven to be part of the game and players should strategize for that. Just ask Andrew about it. I love that Big Brother does not reward bullying and shunning out guests as a strategy.

The thing about having a strategy that has been said over and over again is that you should be able to survive no matter what is thrown at you. If Bruno did not have girl-phobia he would have not been taken out on the super power twist. He was sitting nice and pretty until he decided to save Zach and expose all his cards. Even after he did that he could not suck it up and be nice to the girls. If he had not had a huge fight with Sarah, Britney might have just chosen to evict Zach so Bruno led to his own downfall.

Lastly twists are not only a Canadian thing. Pandora boxes have shown up in the US version, duo twists have been unleashed, and double evictions have happened before. And for someone to respect Godfrey and Ashleigh’s game but not Sarah’s makes me lose all respect for him. Coincidentally Britnee’s power saved not only Britnee but Godfrey as well so hey, maybe he should not respect Godfrey’s gameplay as well. Godfrey would have been a sitting duck in that eviction and he does not know how Sarah would have adjusted her game after Britnee left.


“…Big Brother does not condone bullying” Then why is Sarah, who demeans almost every house, still in the game? Oh thats right, you’re sheeple and just shut your eyes when Sarah does something wrong.


This is exactly what Ive been saying but this form of logic upsets the sheeple who want Sarah to win. Dr. Will is correct about boring people who do virtually nothing being in a position to win because of these stupid twists which save them. If Kevin and Bruno were still in the game, it would be 10x more interesting since both would have a compelling reason why they deserve to win.


I agree with Will 100 percent. As an avid viewer, I love twists but only in the first half when there are still many people sleeping\floating with no entertainment value whatsoever. Production should just let it play out as it should be in the 3rd to last quarter (with maybe some minor twists) that’s the period where people hustle so much so chances are the better players are still in it. Unpredictability should be something production must work on.


Hilarious you chose to pick Kevin & Bruno b/c Kevin’s number one target WAS BRUNO and in case you don’t remember Kevin told Sarah FIRST & ONLY during his HOH that his target was actually Bruno. He chose to believe Bobby had the special veto b/c his plan was put up Bruno in his place when Bobby used it.

The truth is Britt did more harm to Sarah’s season than anyone in the house b/c Willow & Kevin would have worked with Sarah to get out Zach and Bruno. And Kevin had already caught onto Godfrey so he would have left even before Sarah/Britt, however Britt would have been right behind God as the next target IMO.

Kevin’s ultimate mistake (which is understandable given the pressure of a same night eviction) was not telling Britt/Sarah about the Diapers and banding WITH THEM. It could have saved him from being nominated and we would have seen Zach, Ashleigh and Bruno on the block with Godfrey as the renom. Then likely Zach/God would have left in the triple and everyone would have targeted Bruno next b/c he was Kevin/Sarah’s target.

Kevin’s ideal F4 was Pili, Willow, Sarah (b/c he could have easily won and he wasn’t aware of Willow/Sarah F2) so your thought process is somewhat flawed IMO.



You’ve made it clear all season in your posts why you felt Britt got an advantage and others didn’t. I just don’t understand how you can say Britt had other comps given to her. For example the triple evict she beat Bruno so how was that unfairly given to her? Or the double evict for that matter?

At the time of the SP, Sarah had removed herself by winning the POV which every other house guest (except Pili) could have won. No matter who won the SP, Sarah would have remained safe and she won HOH right afterward.

I get why you don’t like the twists and you can continue to say they were “given” but the truth of the matter was the polls showed who were the top rated players. Jokers had Sarah as the top ranked player for the majority of the season and Bruno never made it past half way.

Britt winning that triple evict actually helped Bruno b/c Kevin wanted him gone and if he had stayed another week what’s to say Bruno wouldn’t have been the target? Further, by Britt winning Willow exited which made Sarah’s path more difficult.

The reality is there will always be twists to help the underdogs, but please be honest and view this realistically. Was Bruno a great player – yes, but even he admits Sarah was playing too similar of a game to him which is why he wanted her gone.

The 3 remaining hamsters were meant to be there, or they wouldn’t be. It’s that simple. Shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t matter now. If it did Kevin would have told more to Britt/Sarah during the triple evict and they might have put up Zach, Ash and Bruno instead. Right.


It’s purely meant for promotional hype. I love Dr. Will but saying he could beat all Canadians in one of his tweets was simply hilarious. Neda and Emmett would have voted him out FIRST… bet on it.

As per the twists, to imply BB US doesn’t have twists then what exactly was America’s player or replaying the entire week with just 5 players remaining in BB16 or Rachel’s sister getting to remain in the house and keep power repeatedly or Judd returning in BB15.

For those who don’t remember the Diamond Power of Veto (in essence what Britt got was utilized in BBUS to save Jeff) so the twists are part of BBUS as well. Perhaps they don’t use them as much but given last season was like watching paint dry (albeit enjoyable if you liked Derrick’s complete and utter domination) perhaps they should use more!


Stupid twist to evict jury so jp wasted his time in there sucks for him. Godfrey could only beat ash.

Kenneth Chow

Methinks if they want to take the easy way out and get out, pick Jordan because he was the first person to be in the jury…DONE!!!…


It would be cool if they could choose the next Jury member is booted. So one of them.

Sarah Smile

I’m hoping the three never reach a consensus and are then required to vote out one jury member apiece (of their own choosing). Dr. Will would need a diaper change.


LOL. Godfrey playing it safe in keeping two jurors safe is damaging his game. He doesn’t want to show that he has Bruno and Bobby in his back pocket yet him not wanting them to be ejected is basically telling them he has them.

I actually like this twist, it makes it more difficult for the players because they are basically showing their cards to their competitors. Somehow I’m predicting that either Kevin or JP will get the jury boot.


I think Sarah might think she has Kevin because of their side converations, Ashleigh probably thinks she has Kevin because of their alliance when in actuality according to the sideshow, Godfrey has Kevin’s vote.

I think Jordan’s getting the boot, I’m surprised they didn’t mention him when they were arguing who to get rid of, they were more concerned with trying to convince eachother fruitlessly to get rid of their own definite votes.


The vault discussion for me was extremely telling. First they all pick 2 jurors they want to keep:

Ash: Zach/Pilar
Sarah: Britt/Sindy
Godfrey: Bruno/Bobby

Leaving: JP, Kevin and Willow as the people who they would all consider secondary votes.

Here’s where things get interesting. We see Godfrey get animated and angry saying he has no one which Sarah calls him on and we see Ash get angry calling him out that she’s unwilling to give up Zach.

This is just my perspective and without seeing the rest of the conversation I’m speculating BUT I saw this quite differently than Peter/Gary did on the side show citing Godfrey as playing brilliantly. In fact I actually thought it was Sarah who was getting the upper hand. WHY?

She sat back and let Ash/Godfrey get into the fight during which it pointed out things Sarah can use to ensure getting to F2.

The fact Godfrey wants to keep Bobby/Bruno tells Ash she doesn’t necessarily have their votes (meaning God had an alliance with them) and by making her angry it also helps Sarah say to her he’s planning on winning Ash and has Bruno working the jury for him so we have to take each other b/c you know you’ll have Bruno/Bobby votes over me.

Ash getting frantic about wanting someone in the middle shows she feels she has a majority of the votes which should be a red flag for Godfrey.

Meanwhile Sarah was more successful at sitting back saying she only has Britt/Sindy and eventually says “fine you want me to take Willow I will, but she knows Ash thinks she has her”.

So moving forward now there is animosity between God/Ash who might not want to take each other anymore & by Sarah sitting back basically saying she only has 3 votes they both might want to take her to F2 now b/c she wasn’t fighting like God/Ash were. Plus the fact Godfrey said Zach could influence the jury Sarah can use b/c she knows that isn’t true but if she plays it up to Ash it might convince her she wins anyway by taking Sarah.

It was the one time I haven’t seen Godfrey keep his cool and it was telling. Now let’s see how well Sarah can use that to her advantage with both God/Ash. Prior to this occurring in the vault I was worried she wouldn’t make F2 unless she won her way there. Now I think she might be able to convince either Ash or God to take her over the other.

So based on those 3 remaining jurors it’s likely to be one of JP, Kevin or Willow who get ousted:

Ash/Sarah will both believe they have Willow’s vote so they won’t agree to her

All 3 believe they have Kevin’s vote so doubtful they agree to Kevin (and he’s a production darling so they won’t want that either)

Which leaves JP who Ash likely also believe she has. I tend to think Godfrey will see JP as good to oust since he was Zach’s right hand man and Sarah might feel ok with since she helped get him out.



They should vote out Bobby
He’s the wild card
Wish the vault was on live feeds BBCA!


This jury twist is BRILLIANT, but the best part of it all is seeing which idiot will give in. Whoever gives in loses my respect- all they have to do is keep refusing until they get their way. If I were them, I’d stay in the damn vault all week to get my way so I’m excited to see how this plays out.


This twist will show that Ash has the most friends in the jury and will make her the target no 1 in F3.


For me they should just give up the person who are guarantee a vote like bruno, pilli, and britt. That way it fair for each person. But that was a stupid twist, dr will was right they make dumb twist. So if they vote to evict jp he spend too many days and it sucks for him. It will be tough for godfrey now. I think he will have to break out an epic speech like today to win. I say again stupid twist for jury evict, I think canada should have done it to make it mysterious for the houseguest and get shock when its time for voting. I glad he still there I want to see how the jury perceive his gameplay. And finally it sucks they did not show pilli and zach video footage of entering the jury house.

The Truth

I get why you are saying this but that’s a bad idea. Surviving Big Brother is already a game that involves a lot of luck. Why punish yourself by eliminating a guaranteed vote. I’d rather see them draw the shortest stick then that. What Arissa should have done is put a time limit on it. If they are still unable to agree on one contestant then a hefty portion of the prize the money will be forfeited and given the jury to share. That should motivate them to stop wasting time.


Godfreys blowing it!
The last thing he wants is two scorned women after him.
His odds just took a nose dive.
He should of played it off much smoother.


Godfrey was actually handling it well? All I saw him do was trying to explain his choices. He can’t just go along with what they want there’s a lot on the line. Also who thinks that whole argument wasn’t 100% production pushed? Just seemed out of nowhere. Could be wrong.


I honestly think he is screwing with them n he is showing both of them that its better to take him to the finals because he has no one….in his words he is a Floater, Godfrey is still playing the game.


they both know the game that Godf is playing, both Ash and Sarah have talked about what Godf has told each of them, he isn’t fooling anyone, and in fact is making them angry at him cause they know so he needs to stop playing the ‘I am useless act’, and insulting them…and they know he thinks he has Bruno and Bobby duh


Agreed he was being mr nice guy to them and playing low key and now he decides to put his foot down and piss them off? How can he said they had alliances and he didn’t? Bobby, Bruno? Who is he trying to fool. He shouldn’t treat them like idiots. And whats with his obsessive hatred of Zach? They guy is already out of the game and now he wants him out of the Jury too?

another name

if I heard the beginning of the argument edit correctly:
Godfrey stated he didn’t have an alliances in the game. sarah gave an eyeroll or something and said she was tired of his untruthfulness (she didn’t say lying I don’t think, and I thought her choice of words was weird). godfrey tried to convince Ashleigh Bruno would vote for sarah over him and her. Ashleigh refused to give up either Zach or pilar. Godfrey said sarah had willow on lock. sarah said you want me to take willow i’ll take willow. Ashleigh and godfrey and sarah started going back and forth on the Zach debate. Ashleigh started to get more heated at godfrey as godfrey kept pushing for Zach to be nullified.
each person picking the two they did was telling. it shows that godfrey has been expecting votes from the jury and not playing for second as he was trying to lead everyone to believe.
i suspect it will come down to Jordan and kevin. because as godfrey pointed out, willow is a vote for sarah, so she won’t agree to that. in the end i believe for no other reason than each of the three thinks they could get his vote, that Jordan will be nullified. he was a diaper. he got along well with godfrey. he got along well with sarah. if all three can claim him all three can make the case that he’s the biggest unknown. add to that the ‘been out of the game the longest’ idea, and i’m thinking Jordan, who didn’t see goodbye videos, will be evicted from the jury. i could easily be wrong on this. but for some reason i think it comes down to the three nobody picked and trying to come to an agreement. the easiest cop out will be to remove the person that has been out of the game the longest and missed the most.


Godfrey has a valid concern with Zach. It is perceived that Zach controlled the majority of the jury while in the house and would probably maintain that control in jury.

another name

while I believe that Zach would be a good choice to nullify from godfrey and sarah’s perspective (a sure vote for Ashleigh), I think most of Zach’s control over jury was actually those jury members stroking Zach’s ego to make him feel that he exerted more control than he did as a game move.
things that lead me to believe Zach doesn’t have that much control over the jury:
willow’s rants against Zach to sarah. she had to be talked down more than once.
Bruno saying he was playing up to Zach in order to strike him down.
Jordan dismissing Zach’s intelligence quite a lot.
kevin saying he wasn’t playing big brother to play for Zach, he was playing his own game.
Zach has less control over pilar than kevin. Zach has no control over cindy. Zach has less control over bobby than Bruno.
getting rid of Zach makes sense for godfrey and sarah if they believe he is a sure vote for Ashleigh imo, not because he is a jury Svengali.
there is no way on earth Ashleigh will agree to evict Zach from jury. no way.


So here are my predictions for who picks who.

Sarah – Willow, B

Ash – Pili, Zach

God – Bruno, Bobby

Then the seventh juror will be one of those three. With this in mind let’s think about F2 scenarios.

God VS Sarah

Bruno – God
Bobby – God
Brittnee – Sarah
Zach – Sarah?
Willow – Sarah?
Pili – ????
Ash – Depends on who won. God?

As you can see it highly depends on the Speech with it going either way.

Ash VS Sarah

Bruno – ????
Bobby – With Bruno
Zach – Ash
Pili – Ash
B – Sarah
Willow – Sarah?
God – ???

This jury set-up has a harder read due to many more variables affecting them. (Time in jury how they get alerted of final jury etc.) This makes the result of this jury set up hinge even more so on the speeches.

God VS Ash

Bruno – God
Bobby – God
Pili – Ash
Zach – Ash
B – God?
Sarah – God?
Willow – Ash?

This jury has the most cemented votes and will likely hinge on a few sway votes. At this moment in time I am uncertain on Sarah and B’s complete view of God/Ash making their votes in the air. I don’t have any clue as to Willow’s opinion; however, I’m assuming some “Chop Shop” residue loyalty may remain.

What are your thoughts?

Kenneth Chow

If its ash vs sarah…bruno said he would vote for Sarah over anyone except most likely Godfrey, so does Bobby, most likely…Willow votes for Sarah always…Zach also said if Godfrey wins…he will eat his shorts…so Zach and Pili does not ever vote for Godfrey…we can aalso assume that Ash would follow Zach and vote for Sarah…and did you forget kevin, jordan and sindy…only one person does not get a vote…


How was BBUS13 for example different? Rachel coming back, they got Pandora box, etc.
US version is no better by any means.


Their top prize is definitely better.At least in US if you win and don’t get screwed by the twists , you pocket in 500k , not just 100k.If you lose, it doesn’t matter anyway.


Don’t forget taxes!

Screw the Tax Man

While the winner of BBUS “gets” 500k after taxes that only works out to 350- 375k depending on which state you are from.

Canada gets 100k + the 25k gift card from the brick + 10k trip = 135k in value WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY taxes

considering the fact that the US has 10 times the population of Canada, Canadians get paid hellava lot more by production.

Id say the American player is getting robbed ..Heck the US should be getting paid 1.35 million excluding taxes for it to even be a comparison not a measly 350-375k


I understood it to be a nine person jury. They unanimously vote out one of the nine and the last evicted becomes the ninth. I put first picks then a second if that person is out.
Jordan – Godfrey over Sarah over Ashleigh
Sindy – Sarah / Godfrey
Bobby -Ashleigh? / Godfrey
Willow – Sarah / Godfrey
Kevin – Godfrey / Sarah?
Bruno – Godfrey / Ashleigh
Zach – Ashleigh / Godfrey
Pilar – Ashleigh / Godfrey
Brittnee – Sarah / Godfrey
Godfrey and Sarah would chooses each other over Ashleigh
Ashleigh – Godfrey
These are my thoughts only. Probably all wrong since none of them had any true alliances the entire game other than Ash & Pilee / Sarah & Britt.


Imagine a 3/3/3 tie…. In that case would the evicted jury member get to break it?


Nevermind my last comment….. Blonde moment, lol. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part that there would be three finalists to vote for like on survivor.


I think the jury twist is being misinterpreted. The 3 left in the game are all voting UNANIMOUSLY to evict ONE person from the jury, meaning that on finale night there will be NINE jury members casting their votes. The “pick two” jury members was just a suggestion (from I don’t remember who) to start narrowing down who to cut out. My money is on someone like Kevin or Jordan getting evicted from jury.

Random thought...

It would be awesome to have a BB USA and BB Canada all star season!!! I would love it!


Oh wow Sarah crying again…Surprise surprise!!!!

In GOD we trust!!!!


Are you dumb? Godfrey did nothing else than drop comps and talk to let people think he was useless and not any danger for anyone.. is a snake and deserve to be evectied


No respect for a good float game? Tell us what you really think of GOD please? Simply put GOD missed the big move at the end to busy sleeping. lol He has an argument and likely a good speech. He is F3 so he did something right.
Think of it this way 7 weeks ago would any of the HG’s have chosen GOD to sit beside. Naw they’d of chosen Pili. That’s the enigma that the GOD season is. B say’s she carried him the other day. Think she honestly believes that too. He just became a vote for other peoples(HOH) agenda. That’s in part what a float game is. GOD got a lot of HOH room time the last few weeks. 1st few weeks the red couch downstairs was his lay about space. If he wasn’t eating that was GOD’s spot YO. There has been a shift and a purpose as options narrowed like Bruno’s eviction for example.
F2 loses to Sarah maybe beats Ash or crushes her not sure.


Ashleigh going off on Godfrey tonight was kinda epic. I loved that she finally stood up for herself and I’m hoping she doesn’t give in. I’m really hoping the girls take each other because I’ve lost all respect for Godfrey’s game. If Godfrey doesn’t think he has either Bruno or Bobby then he can just take one of them out. This game of I have noone I am a floater is getting old.


Not shocked with Brit leaving, and while it was nice to support her at times, it was her time to go.

When it comes to the jury twist, I like it. I think either Sindy or Jordan will be cut because technically speaking, neither were supposed to be in the jury, and it is an easy copout to use. The returnee twist forced Sindy to be a juror, and Jordan would have been the last pre-juror.

Sarah will have to win the final HOH in order to make it to the final 2, since the others will NOT take her. If she is in the finals, she will win.

Godfrey will most likely won if he is beside Ashleigh. The jurors respect the game too much to give it to Ashleigh, who only had to fight for her life in the last week and a half only, and rode the fuck out of Cap Canada’s shield.


There is nothing wrong with alining yourself with a powerful player who can carry you as far as possible in the game.


No Alex, there is nothing wrong with that. But think about it. Did any of her DR sessions make us believe she was making her own decisions? She was a tad bit less oblivious than Zach. Even though that was the case, her whole game was “it’s too early to make this move”. She was boring and does not deserve to win. At least God was entertaining and actually spoke about his plans. If she had any, who the hell knows them?? She never told the fans and she never formed any relationships with other players outside her alliance (shown by her performance in the last HOH). She’s not completely clueless, but she did not show us what she was actually thinking. And for that reason, I am lead to believe she did not play for herself and was solely hiding behind a bigger threat.


Diary room sessions are meaningless. If we went by diary room sessions then Brittney would be the game’s mastermind.

I suggest you go back and watch some of the strategy sessions between Zach and Ashley. She was definitely going through the reasoning well. Don’t let Zach’s loud mouth fool you into thinking he was setting the pace.


Even if she spoke strategy and was aware about certain things (not as aware as Sarah or God IMO), who had the ultimate say? Like I said, she always felt it was too early in the game to make moves. I really feel the jury knows Sarah deserves it and will give it to her if she’s in f2.

Why were most of the houseguests planning on bringing Pili and Ash to f2? Because everyone who was more aware and putting in work, knew they could beat them. God mentioned this in yesterdays episode as well about bringing Ash to f2 because he will most likely win against her.


Ash always acquiesced to Zach.


You might be right.Unfortunately it’s not us, the fans, the ones who will vote for the winner, but the jury members.And it looks like Ashleigh has the most friends in the jury.


your delusional if you think big brother is not a game where you hide behind bigger targets.
Derrick from bb16 did it with frankie christine caleb
andy from bb15 did it with mccranda
so i don’t understand how hiding behind a person who is a much bigger threat than you is disadvantageous.
and being boring should not be the determining factor into a winner. it should be based on competition wins and their social game. and Godfrey only has one while Ashleigh and Sarah have both so they should win as Godfrey was carried into the Final 3. He did nothing for himself.


I’m not saying it’s a bad strategic move, I’m saying it’s the only thing she was doing this whole game. Great players have a plan B, C, D. Ash didn’t think about that. She was so confident the diapers were going all the way, and that’s not a good social game to me. Derrick had a lot of back up plans and was actually strategic in his social game, so I’m not even comparing them. So she won vetos when she had to…when you compare her to Sarah and God, she’s always gonna be 2nd place.

zachs horseshoes

I would take one of my of “maybe votes for me” jury members out. That way if I dont win final hoh the winner knows I have 1 less person and I have a higher chance of being picked then the other. Tell the jury that was your plan and you might get a couple extra votes that way.


That’s not the brightest theory. You’ve gotten to the final 3, you have already made moves to get there, the jury are your former houseguests, and all of them have already made up their minds, none of them are changing their decision in the last few minutes based on what you suggested.

The maybe votes for each houseguest are who exactly? The maybe votes would be the same for every houseguest, JP/Willow/Kevin. God is confident in Bobby/Bruno, Sarah is confident in Sindy/Britnee, and Ash is confident in Zack/Pili. The only other maybe vote would be who gets evicted out of these final 3. By them all suggesting to pick 2 people they don’t want to evict, the only people left would be the maybe votes. And basing your luck to get to final 2 on the interpretation of the winner seeing that you have 1 less supporter would also not work. These 3 know each others game, the only one that is probably less perceptive is Ashleigh, but God and Sarah aren’t budging.


Jasmine, since each of the F3 are potential jurors they should agree to nullify the HG’s vote that is not taken to F2. I am not sure if this is a possibility or if they would think of this. If they were not so reved up during this decision I would hope they thought of this scenario.
It seems a plausible strategy to consider. Then each’s hand would not need to be revealed which it seems is the purpose of this twist.


It’s a great idea but it seems they are not allowed to vote for one of themselves, let alone a ‘dynamic’ vote where rather than being a single person it is ‘the next person who leaves’.

I wish they explained the rules of this better during the episode. For example what if they can’t come to an agreement? There is usually a harsh punishment in that case but it hasn’t been specified.


Don’t worry Sarah will explain it all the Ash 🙂


There have been so many twists this year that the sheer luck is what you need to win this game.


Why does they just cut they sure thing vote like pili, bruno, and britt that way it fair for each person that even it final 2 fair.


They have to all agree to only one juror…not three.


It’s clear why Ashleigh suggested that though, she has Pilar and Zach without a doubt and Sarah was quick to agree because after she explains the truth to Willow, she’ll have Willow and Sindy. Godfrey didn’t want to admit that he had some sure votes. JP is the wildcard they need to get rid of, but I’ll feel bad for him because it’ll be the second time a twist will have a hand in screwing him.


Dawg. Re: STATS. Ash won 3 veto’s not 2.


Thanks for the correction!


I think I found a spoiler online saying it was Bobby who was voted off jury. Though it makes me happy bc he’s an idiot, he would’ve been a vote for Godfrey, boo.


whats with everyones obsession with Godfrey winning. he’d be a worse winner rather than andy from bb15. at least andy had competitions wins and a social game that carried him unlike Godfrey who did nothing.


Maybe he could use his secret veto (the new one he found at jury house…lol) to save himself…lol…jk

Pilar with a P

Just to digress from the “Who they should evict from jury debate”, in the timed events only the winner’s time is given. What would be wrong with giving the times of the other contestants? I would like to know how close the competition was. Secondly, I for one loved the Rube Goldberg inspired house this year. I hope they keep it for next year, and fill it with contestants who’s wheels are turning also.


There have been times with competitions like this, they would reveal all the results, one at a time, starting from the worst to the best. My thinking is that the other’s time wasn’t even close to Ash’s and they didn’t want to embarrass the others. Especially Sarah.


Though it’s hard to tell with the choppy editing of the vault discussion, I think Godfrey made a huge mistake by not being straightforward and owning up to the fact that he has Bruno’s and (probably) Bobby’s vote. I think it infuriated Sarah that he was still avoiding showing his cards, because she knows that Godfrey is a massive bullshitter who always tells you what you want to hear (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this game), whereas Sarah is more straightforward. On top of that he also got into an argument with Ash (seems to be for the same reasons, though the editing made it a bit unclear). The two girls may see this commonality and his blatant attempts of downplaying his chances of winning the game as a reason to bond and maybe take each other to F2.


We all say/think Godfrey has Bruno and Bobby’s vote since we are privy to the exit interviews. But, Godfrey can’t be certain he has their votes. Within the game Godfrey those two kept a lot of info from Godfrey, the Chop Shop, the tie to the Diapers, the Bobby veto and Bruno saving Zach. Couple that with Bruno’s assertions that if Sarah is in the end she wins. So it is plausible that Godfrey does not have those votes.
Because Sarah and Ash are pushing those votes to Godfrey as a lock for him does not mean he should accept their arguments when it plays into their game and not his. Him claiming any votes on lock is contrary to his game.


Godfrey’s argument is mostly against the process they are using to decide. His game arguments are that he is alone. Forcing him to claim Bruno and Bobby is akin to him picking, hence saving, two votes for the other two. This is why he said Bobby is more a vote for Ash and Bruno for Sarah.
Perhaps he came up with an alternative means to select and agree on who to evict. The process we were shown doesn’t work for his game.


But doesn’t the fact that he stated he would probably take Ash to the end, suggest that he thinks he has Bruno’s (and Booby’s) vote.

As of now the overall consensus in the house seems to be that Bruno will likely vote for whoever sits beside Sarah (I know, I know, Bruno said differently in is exit interview, but the houseguests aren’t privy to those). So him wanting to take Ash means that he apparently would gamble on two votes that are supposedly swinging between him and Ash. This implies that he knows that the Chop Shop hasn’t been legit in a long time and thinks he has Bruno’s and Bobby’s votes. Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense that he would want to take Ash since it would be too big of a risk. With Sarah he supposedly would have those two on lock.

Even if his arguments were against the process, they still managed to piss both girls off. This could lead to a more open discussion between Sarah and Ash. All they have to do is compare notes and they would realize that God has been playing them both. Sarah could capitalize on that and say that while their sides have been going at each other God has been sitting pretty in the middle. She could also argue that if Ash took her, she could secure that Bruno and Bobby’s votes are going her (Ash’) direction, while she only has Britt and Sindy. Since the rest has all been in an alliance with Ash at some point Ash should take her.

Also him saying that Bruno might vote for Sarah over him, was just a poor attempt at downplaying himself, since they have no indicator that Bruno would do so (with the fights between Sarah and Bruno and all). They all know that at this stage they are downplaying themselves in case they need to be taken to F2. Him doing it so blatantly and in front of all of them together did not help his case and only infuriated both girls, therefore created a reason for them to bond and talk (see above). The girls could ask that if he doesn’t think that Bobby and Bruno would vote for him, why he didn’t suggest to evict one of them.

Sorry for the rant, hope that this was somewhat comprehensible. Can’t wait to see this all play out on Wednesday 🙂


she also needs to push that BB history shows that a man is voted to win over a woman as he is perceived as a better competitor if he makes it to the end ..and women are seen as being shielded by someone…Ash needs to look at the odds


Personally, I hope that Jordan is the one they cut from the Jury! – For someone who says he is such a fan of the game he still has no comprehension of the game itself – First one in first one out!


Well the 1st hour Wednesday should be interesting. We get to see a no vote nice reward for 10 weeks. Enjoy the stipend everything else was a waste of your time. Cindy because she got 2 chances, JP because he was 1st evicted to Jury. Well Sarah isn’t letting Cindy go any where. Seems like JP but this rumour it might be Bobby is interesting.
Now to the 3 part final. Is production going to get away from endurance part 1 to try and “fix” a Sarah 7 questions spot? Interesting but I think she has a legit shot part 2 anyway. Part 2 generally has become a combination Physical plus puzzle. Sarah seems pretty good with puzzles. Don’t trust GOD….hehehe. I seriously think he might believe they both take him and tank both part 1 and 2. That would make letting go Bobby as pure genius? He’s a Pchycology student he might be here for research and not 100K. Remember Alex from the shield. I often thought the guy was working on a paper and not 100K.
The heavy hand(production) has a few more chances to further ruin a terrible season. Just let Sarah win legit on Wednesday. Don’t rig or remove endurance in her favour. Just let her thump GOD fair and square in round 2 she can do it then don’t fix questions she can win fair and square. As for the vote my thoughts

Bobby gone 9 left
Sarah versus GOD- neither is taking each other….next
Sarah versus Ash- Willow, Cindy, B, Bruno, GOD 5 easy votes minimum Ash no chance
Ash versus GOD- you’ll see some Sarah hate if not in the final. She has said several times Ash doesn’t deserve the money. Zack, Pili, Kev maybe JP and 1 other girl. Might need 2 actually JP definitely a swing vote. Bruno, Sarah and B are GOD JP could be 4th here as well. Cindy and Willow might decide. Willow Ash and Cindy maybe GOD you need 2 of these 3 could be a 5-4 cliff hanger.
For argument sake Sarah thumps GOD IMHO if they are F2.
Now make it JP no vote………….
Ash versus GOD the closest of the options IMO. Bobby appears to be a sure GOD vote. If so Ash needs both Willow and Cindy. Let’s say Willow votes Ash then Cindy with an “S” decides the season. GOD better not have accepted Bobby no vote. He could still win but wild card JP out gives him a real 5-4 shot for the money versus Ash.
Sarah wins if she is F2. I cannot count 5 votes for Ash. If Kev turns it could be 7-2 thumping in favour of Sarah.



What if this season was decided based on best social game? This would be painful to watch and oh the trolls here would have to lie up a storm. Ash has diapers. Sarah has B and Willow and Cindy when she was here. Sarah did nothing social with diapers and Ash vice verso. Ash had early social with JP and Chop but the Zackmance ended that. Ash was buddy with Willow early but Sarah snuggles ended that. What if either of these less than spectaculer social player needed Bobby and Bruno just on social play alone. It’s been a really bad season for the core of the game.
TeamSeagull for the win!


Imagine Willow getting voted of the jury… imagine the psyche damage that would cause… lol


sarah won 3 hoh’s fyi.

the gears one where she worked with brittnee is a win. the main site lists her at 3 hoh’s.

Moronita Pilar

Godfrey is the worst BB- floater we’ve seen in years. He was carried on through the game on B’s shoulders most of the time, won no competition. He actually said he would stop throwing them since quite some time and yet didn’t win any. That much about his competitiveness.

If God was a girl (almost) EVERYONE would be talking about how weak a no-game player he is and how he did not deserve a spot in the final 3. BUT, since he’s not a girl, everyone seems to be convinced that Godfrey played an amazing game — despite a lack of evidence or any rational argument. #GetReal #FloaterIsAFloater


I don’t think hisghender played a role in why Canada liked Godfrey. He was funny, charismatic and had killer speeches. Also he was the underdog. Those are the reasons why Canada did not classify him a a useless floater. If he did not have those things going for him, I’m sure he would of been seen in a negative light.

Moronita Pilar

The only thing I can admit is that he was a constant underdog AND a floater.

Sarah was very much of an underdog too but she at least managed to win a few competitions when needed. God, on the other hand, did LITERALLY noting!

What annoys me the most is that people comment on his “game” as amazing, while he did really nothing except benefiting from Britt’s wins and doing basically nothing. Even Ashleigh did more!


Kevin won’t vote for Ash in final 2 even tho they were kinda in an alliance. Kevin will vote for best game play. I think Willow won’t vote Sarah now that Bruno f**ked that up for her. Will be interesting to see where the votes go, but that depends on who makes it to final 2. As long as God is in final 2, but I think he has a better chance to win over Ash. He won’t beat Sarah I don’t think!!


Willow WILL vote for Sarah…. she tipped her hand tonight when she said “I’ll vote for the person who played RIGHT FROM THE START OF THE SEASON THROUGH TO THE END” This was a discussion she had with Sarah repeatedly about why she was happy they were now playing together b/c she was embarrassed she hadn’t played the first portion of the game like Sarah did.

I still tend to believe her reaction to Bruno in jury was production promoted, regardless Britt would have straightened that out the minute she got to jury.


BB16 was boring,true.But the cast was better and more entertaining on the feeds.

BB Can 3 was boring,the cast was boring and the feeds as well.

Ps: Will is right,way too many twists.


He is wrong about the amount of botox one should have. Your face is suppose to move when you speak


On a more positive note,thank you Simon and Dawg.I barely watched the feeds and relied on you guys for updates.
Awesome job as usual,thank you.


You’re welcome DAny 🙂

HELLo asks...

Are the bb 17 feeds available to Canadians? I tried to sign up using the link from your site, but it was not to be.
Please let me know if I can purchase feed access. Thanks.


We’ve asked our live feed rep this. We will post the solution once we hear back. Last year it was so I’m thinking it will be this year.


I see we got a new thumb up/down design, cool!


They should unanimously evict Britnee. Britnee pretty much holds the most information amongst all the jurors. Besides, I don’t want Sarah to win so evicting Britnee would prevent her from campaigning for Sarah. Just a thought.


the jury member doesn’t get told til finale, so it won’t make a difference as they will have already had a chance to talk to each other…


Ash’s best chance of winning is actually against Sarah. If she is sitting beside Sarah her guaranteed votes are Zach and Pili with the probability of Bruno, Bobby, Kevin, Jordan and Willow. Sitting against God, she only has Zach, Pili and probably Kevin, Jordan and Willow.

Sarah’s best bet is with God, by eliminating Ash, she gains votes from Zach, Pili and Ash, and adding her two solid votes Sindy and Brit, that’s enough to clinch her win.

Godfrey wins if he sits with Ash. He’ll most likely gain the votes from the SSB, adding Bruno up with Bobby and Kevin as a toss up.

Either way I actually think that whoever wins the final HOH will be the winner of this season.


This season has been epic! All I watch is the televised show and I come and read OBB synopsis, so I get the luxury of missing ALL the annoying sounds and whines from the houseguests. My Opinion below.

B was my fave to win. It didn’t matter what she did/didn’t do, I was rooting for her blindly. She was a plus size model on slop, fought an uphill battle, and went after big players. She had confidence and was a big decision maker. A fighter. Sad to see her go.
I find Sarah is really, really, REALLY hard on herself. No wonder all the Sarah haters talk about her being vile or whatever… She probably puts out a quarter of what she puts on herself! From what I have read she has been the most uplifting house guests, and she has definitely formed the most solid relationships in the house. Her assumptions and people reading has been on point the entire season. Shes was my #2, now my No1
God, on the other hand, has a very positive inner self and I appreciate that about him!
God is super entertaining and has a great sense of humor, and it’s really too bad the jurors wont see that. But… his game is riding coat tails and appearing like a wounded animal to drag to the finals. (Everybody seems to see through this, so obviously not as cunning as he thinks) I do not, in any sense of the fashion, want him to win.
I think I prefer Ash to win over him, and most of Canada is going “Ash who?”
She owned those Veto comps! Sure, sshe has spent the majority of the time living large and laying low. However, its the same thing God has been doing. No one can fault her for the showmance. If you root for God, you must appreciate her game as well. And at least shes won a couple comps.

Sure, they all earned their right to be here, but I value hard work and dedication. I hope a woman takes home the title of WINNER BBCAN 3!


You value hard work and dedication yet you want Ash to win. The same girl who said on day 64 that maybe it was time to start getting close to other members of the house…on DAY SIXTY FOUR!

Then you say God is riding coat tails when Ash did the exact same thing for an entire season. Unlike Ash, God actually had to SPEAK to different members of the house to do this.

Ash has won a couple of veto comps, congrats. But the thought that she is in anyway deserving over God or Sarah is laughable. Ash fans are delusional.


Ummmm.. … … I am not sure if you read my post right, or you have some poor reading comprehension?
We are basically saying the same things… but you think Gods game is better then Ashes…
Ash won things and was in large alliances.
Godfrey… well… he is friendly enough and made some great t.v.
Sarah for the win!
BUT if God and Ash in F2… Go Ash! (Ugh, that is depressing… that’s how bad I think Gods game is)


Didn’t someone say ash was on the wrong show, she thought she auditioning for real world. God had to bust a move from the beginning, he had a strategy. Right from the beginning he knew and I heard him say, going to leave don’t want anyone thinking we are together. He said this to Bruno after Greg left. Knew diapers were targeting them.
Sarah #1. God #2.


Sorry, but i thought this season was the most boring of the 3.


I think at the beginning of the BB season, once the house guest have entered the house. BB should release the schedule of twists to the viewers.. what they are and dates when they will happen. I don’t think it would lessen the viewers interest and anticipation of the game, I think it would enhance it… especially the engagement of live feed viewers and numbers. If there is any integrity to this game whatsoever out of the hands of production, revealing the twist schedule would lend some evidence of proof.


After watching last night’s episode, I’m convinced that this show is fixed from the start. I find it difficult to believe that Britnee did not study for this comp and had to drop out. Britnee is good at this stuff! Also, watching her and Sarah lying in the HOH bed and pretending to cry was not very good acting……there was a lot of wiping of face but no real tears. Then, her exit was not on point with someone who is devastated at being evicted. Mind you, she exited with mucho class. I love Britnee and she was my favourite to win but somehow watching last night’s show, I felt that BBCan had already selected the winner – GODFREY!!! I just found the whole show very fake and it made me wonder if at the beginning of the Season all the contestants compete off camera for the winner and then Production builds a show around that winner. Just my humble opinion people!


Several times Britt has stated that she wasn’t good at memorizing the days/events etc. She has told both Willow and Sarah that she would have to rely on them for that and she wasn’t even attempting to try to memorize this.
It is unfortunate for her that the need for this often comes up at F4. I guess she’s not an attentive fan of the game.


there still going to have 10 person jury!go sarah


is this first that some1 get booted from the jury house?

another name

so far this week i’m left wondering what’s the difference between godfrey throwing comps and godfrey not throwing comps. intent is different, result is the same so far.
after watching the videos of the f3 receiving messages from their pre-game selves I get the feeling that production is working overtime on the godfrey image they’ve concocted.
I can appreciate things that godfrey has done in the game, believe me. but one of the things I thought was so impressive about his game was being allied with others mostly on the down low. given episode edit, he had no allegiances at all. That’s being played up in d/r. that’s being played up on sideshow. it was played up in the vault. doesn’t make it true.
a lot of people complain about how production fiddles with the game with twists. it has been heavy handed. when considering the secret power and it’s implications on the game, a lot of people seem to forget that godfrey benefitted from that particular twist as much as britt and sarah. if she’d received a single bum veto, his game would have been over I think. I find myself pretty annoyed by the slight of hand production fiddling in the episode edits. I still think aspects of godfrey’s game have been great. but I think the story on feeds is a lot more well rounded than the episode edit. I have found myself questioning the speeches that have been the clarion call for godfrey’s popularity. my eyebrows were raised more when godfrey himself said he wished they could change the scripts for ceremonies. my eyebrows stayed raised when I compared his bloody hands and showmance speeches with his live speech next to pilar. something feels off. am I the only one who is getting a weird feeling?
his episode edit is a great story. it’s only about 40% of the story.
i’d be pleased with godfrey in final 2 and even with godfrey winning. not because of his episode storyline, but in spite of it.


et canada already showed that willow is team sarah again
i think they should have picked two each then go around and figure out ho is left……..i think the arguing was godfrey was refusing to pick two to get them started? natural they would get annoyed about that. if they start with all nine it would take forever…each picking two to save makes sense since there will only be one gone in the end but choosing among all is crazy.

they can debate do they all agree that is someone they can all lose?

god is right he doesnt really have bruno but imo he should just choose to others if he believes that….if he focuses on trying to get rid of others saved names he will lose the argument plus it makes no sense …there will only be one gone not three or four….taking out zach is meaningless and a waste of debate time…..if sarah and god are final two zach could be a vote for him if he is bitter to sarah. if it is god and ash then god goes in knowing where zachs vote is which is also useful knowlege

i dont think anyone could really say who jp would vote for since it has been so long…my guess is sarah. god is right bruno is more likely to vote sarah…whether god is there or not….god wouod get his vote only if ash is there ehich is why he should consider him a vote ….bobby will do what bruno says and pili will do wha kevin says all of which add up to votes for sarah if she is there.

the only way for her to be there is to win all comps….just like neda if she wants it she had better win it….. and just like neda she will overthink and stress herself out of the win

another name

hey sunnydee. i’m not sure if I agree with your assessment. since I appreciate your opinion, I thought I would respond to you with my own.
i’m not so sure that Bruno would vote for sarah. he may have said so in interviews the day after his eviction: the day after it was brought to his attention that he has been portrayed as the hothead bad guy in edits. if his act of contrition were his true intention, there would be no point in entering the jury house with the express purpose of poisoning the jury. he told willow a half truth in order to turn her vote. why do that if his end goal is to vote for sarah?
Zach has said on more than one occasion he would not vote for godfrey. changing his tune at such a late date would not be fitting with Zach’s character. although it wasn’t put in the episodes, zach was not impressed when godfrey tried to campaign for Bruno after the have not power was used. further, zach was not impressed with godfrey saying he would vote to keep zach during their negotiations, then telling zach he would not vote for him in the hot tub room two days later. he expected sarah to nominate him. he agreed it was a good game move. he was more disturbed by godfrey saying he would save zach and going back on his word.
players seem to take more exception to being told they are safe before being evicted. look at the effect jillian’s duplicity in that regard had on alec and peter in jury on season one. those two were the classic picture of bitter jurors. There was actually no reason for godfrey to play zach after the power of veto. he continued the ruse for a full day. before power of veto godfrey was hedging his bets. great move. after the power of veto, godfrey kept up the ruse until he secured pilar and Ashleigh. great move in terms of managing the players remaining. poor move in managing a juror. I think zach would vote for sarah over godfrey. she threw down the gauntlet, didn’t back door him, and gave him the chance to win veto to save himself. given his character and ego, he would respect someone declaring him the biggest threat in the game more than the person that said ‘I got you man’ then left him hanging for a day after pov before saying ‘I’m not voting to keep you man.’


i hope kevin get the boot from jury house!

another name

I’ve got a stick between my teeth so that I don’t bite off my tongue in the midst of a seizure. yes, i’m watching the sideshow.
don’t worry about the possible error godfrey made in choosing two people (bobby and Bruno) as his ‘don’t touch’ choices. sideshow completely re-edited to his later argument that he had no votes as the reason why Ashleigh got angry. so it didn’t happen there was no possible error. instead he was praised by peter and gary for pushing buttons because he wouldn’t make a choice. so don’t worry. it obviously didn’t happen. apparently everyone that thought godfrey chose two was suffering from a group hallucination as a by product of mass hysteria because the sideshow hadn’t altered our perceptions yet…..


I get so anxious at this stage in the game. I still don’t understand ash being dub social player? She even said in herself that she spent most of her time with her friends. There’s that one player who happens to be in the room when an alliance is formed. She was one of them.

another name

hey marie, I agree that the label of having a strong social game is a misnomer.
she just happens to be one of the lesser threats of an alliance. her sideshow d/r explanation of her showmance as a calculation to use Zach as a shield sounded very much like a production d/r contribution than her actual words. she admitted previously that d/r tells her what to say when she doesn’t have an answer to their questions. she’s done well in comps since the have not power. is it coincidence that she became better at comps as soon as her back was against the wall? no. I think she reacts well under pressure in comps. now that she believes that godfrey has her back, will that fire still exist? or will she fall back into the pattern of under performance because she feels like she has someone protecting her again? this is the question that I’ve been pondering since yesterday’s episode.

BB Can Finale

I was watching sideshow and man Naeha was dead on with the finale threes game play…If she didn’t get kicked out on the instant eviction I believe she would have been a force in that house!!…She seems like a huge fan of BB and understands the game well. It’s unfortunate she got kicked out early and someone like Pillar lasted so long who didn’t even know what POV meant 40 days in!!!

Thoughts Dawg and Simon??


BB Can Final …. really enjoy reading your posts. It’s analyzing the game and discussion that bring me here but most of all the Dawg & Simon updates. I do this every year. Thank you.


The unique part of this final three is that they were all different game players so it’s nice to see this dynamic come together in the end…. ultimately comes down to who wins the HOH but I feel that Sarah played the best strategic game from the beginning to the end she was consistant, slow and steady and she deserves to win this race!!! I also hope that Ashley and Sarah get Godfrey out and take each other to the end blondes do have more fun you know lol Sarah-Leigh!!!


The unique part of this final 3 is that they are all different game players so it’s nice to see this dynamic come together in the end…I do hope that the girls end up making a final
2 deal & Ashliegh and Sarah get Godfrey out and take each other to the end Cuz well u know blondes do have more fun lol So come on lets go Sarah-Leigh!!!I Although that ultimately it depends on who wins the HOH, I feel that Sarah played the best strategic game from the beginning to the end she is soooo intelligent, consistant, & played slow and steady and she deserves to win this race!!! SARAHHH FOR THE WIN YESSS!!!


Is there a reason why you aren’t counting the HOH Sarah won with Britt? Just b/c she let Britt make the noms doesn’t mean she didn’t win it, right?


The unique part of this final 3 is that they are all different game players so it’s nice to see this dynamic come together in the end…I do hope that the girls end up making a final
2 deal & Ashliegh and Sarah get Godfrey out and take each other to the end Cuz well u know blondes do have more fun lol So come on lets go Sarah-Leigh!!!I Although that ultimately it depends on who wins the HOH, I feel that Sarah played the best strategic game from the beginning to the end she is soooo intelligent, consistant, Kind & played slow and steady and she deserves to win this race!!!


The unique part of this final 3 is that they are all different game players so it’s nice to see this dynamic come together in the end…I do hope that the girls end up making a final
2 deal & Ashliegh and Sarah get Godfrey out and take each other to the end Cuz well u know blondes do have more fun lol So come on lets go Sarah-Leigh!!!I Although that ultimately it depends on who wins the HOH, I feel that Sarah played the best strategic game from the beginning to the end she is soooo intelligent, consistant, & played slow and steady and she deserves to win this race!!!