Big Brother 17 Live Feed Upcoming Schedule With Exclusive Extras!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-28 09-57-40-065

Now that Big Brother Canada 3 has come to a close, we all know you’re craving for Big Brother 17 to start. The first of the TWO Night Première episode of Big Brother 17 will air on June 24th at 8pm on CBS. If you’re a fan of Big Brother you know there is more to the reality TV show than just the 3 weekly episodes. You’ll often notice that the episodes don’t accurately depict what actually happens inside the house and definitely don’t show you everything that happens. By following our live feed updates and signing up for the live feeds you can enjoy your summer knowing you won’t miss a minute of the action. We post what happens and then when you have time simply login to your live feed account and flashback to watch what you missed.

This year, the Big Brother Live Feeds are included in the CBS All-Access subscription, and cannot be purchased separately. With the subscription you can watch every episode from all 16 seasons of Big Brother including over 6500 other shows. This season you’ll be saving 25% savings off of last years monthly subscription rate for the Live Feeds. CBS All-Access is ONLY $5.99 monthly!
If you don’t have CBS All-Access, try it now for 1 WEEK FREE!

** There will also be no early bird special this season only the 1 week free trial and then $5.99 per month. (This is still cheaper than the live feeds were in previous seasons.)

Important Dates:

  • June 10th VIP chat with Derrick (Winner of BB16)
  • June 15th VIP chat with Frankie (“Fan Favourite” LOL)
  • June 16th Exclusive live stream interview with the NEW House Guests
  • June 24th Big Brother 17 Première!
  • June 25th Live Feeds start after night two of the première (after west coast air)


What do you get with the CBS Live Feeds?

  • Big Brother live feeds – the full Big Brother experience with 24/7 live feed footage of what’s going on in the Big Brother house as it happens.
  • Watch 24/7* Across Devices
  • Subscriber-only votes
  • Full Episodes from previous seasons
  • Multiple Camera View: 4 cameras plus a quad view
  • Rewind and highlight capabilities
  • Community and VIP Chat Rooms
  • Social Media integrations


Why sign-up for the live feeds through

By signing-up for the live feeds through one of the links on our site you are helping support all the spoilers we provide all season long at no extra cost to you. Its just one of the ways you can help support all the hard work we put into the 24/7 live feed updates.

Live Feeds are ONLY available in the US this year:

“CBS All-Access is a US only service and since the live feeds are a part of All-Access, unfortunately we will not be able to offer it to Canadians (Outside of the US) this year.”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-28 10-02-33-819

Casting Director, Robyn Kass tweeted that the Big Brother 17 semi-finalists have been notified:

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-28 09-57-33-053

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If they just replaced “Fan” with “Producer” and just said Frankie is a producer favourite, then that would be a lot more accurate. Shit.

As a Canadian, I will wait patiently. We know that OBB will definitely help us deal with any issue that CBS will pull on us.

lol what?

Frankie was such a “producer favorite”, that production decided to rip his 4th place spot from him. They took a page from BB CAN’s book on that one.


Simon and Dawg – Unless one of you guys has a US based credit card how are you going to sign up for the feeds then? You’re in Canada right? Personally, I think that is taking it a step too far. Make it open to only the US but don’t do the credit card thing. A lot of us would actually spend money on a VPN. Low blow.

I think BBUS has a pretty loyal fanbase outside of the US, it’s unfortunate.

Let’s hope things change! Otherwise I am becoming a ‘casual viewer’ for the first time in probably a decade.


looks like you dodge that question good, not that I believe your answer.


You guys MUST participate.. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I’ll pay $5.99 on my own US credit card for the summer and give you the password! ????


Hi Raymondj, I would be very much grateful to anyone that can help us out. Please email me at and hopefully we can work something out.


You could probably buy a prepaid virtual credit card from a website that works with VISA U.S.A license .
You will receive a number generated by an american bank so you should be good to go. seems legit. go for an “eGift” unless you want the actual card to be mailed to you .
Note : CBS could be blocking these cards aswell although i’d say the chance is low, use at your own risk.


Edit to my last post : won’t work i just tried its us only. i’ll post if i find a working website


get VPN


Hi Marissa, Yeah we’re both in Canada.. this is ridiculous that they only allow US credit cards to purchase their feeds. Hopefully someone helps us out in the US or CBS changes their policy I would hate to have to stop live feed updates because of something like this..


Hey Simon, it would be hard to do the stats while you guys live in Canada. I’m sure we will figure things out. Hopefully, I will keep track the stats for bb17 and bb18. If you need send you another stats for bb17, please let me know. I’ll track down the stats.


I just found out CBS blocks all prepaid cards now with their new policy so don’t bother trying virtual/giftcards .


Frankie is this fans favorite!


LOL, you must be so lonely.


Someone started a #BoycottBB17 on twitter, I’ve sent out a few. and added #CBS. Hopefully they will want our $$$ again this year. Next year, BBCAN should show the same courtesy for US fans.


Just got a notice that Canada will not have access to live feeds this year.
Si BB17 is not on my schedule this year.
But, I can still watch BBUK 🙂


I’m really in to BBUK this year. I have more appreciation for the social gameplay now.


Just watch BB17 will be Blood vs water featuring the media mogul Frankie Grande and his famous pop star sensation sister that no one wants shoved down their throats.


I can’t understand how after the fanbase’s reaction to Frankie last season, CBS still pulls him in for interviews as the ‘Fan Favourite’.

Who do they want watching it? Ariana Grande fans?? Stop shoving him down our throats! He was not liked.


I actually kinda liked Frankie for the first few weeks in the house. But once he revealed to the houseguests who his sister is, his whole attitude changed. He became very smug and demeaning to others.

Serious question from BB Can 3 finale...

Did the jury not know Godfrey won the final HOH and took Sarah???….Because I don’t remember Ash telling them who cut her from final 2….Isn’t winning final HOH a huge thing for deciding who wins the game?? I mean Sarah failed terribly and had to be taken to final 2. I have a feeling production didn’t tell the jury who won final HOH so there darling Sarah would 100 percent win. Just seems odd. Thoughts??


I’m sure it was discussed but didn’t make it to the “live show”. It was heavily edited. The jury questions were so choppy.


Godfrey said it in his speech.


I agree but most of them don’t know how to play the game anyway..Godfreys game which was good..the jurors just don’t understand. Godfrey didn’t do too good in proving or making a case for himself either.


This article is about Big Brother US, not Canada. So go ask that in the BBCAN finale article dammit or let it go man!


WOW! A bit heavy aren’t you?

Same Anonymous

Yeah that’s life, deal with it.


Wow your right. Bobby mentioned in a backyard interview he did. Jusy didn’t find out until after the finale Godfrey won HOH comp. So rigged! Here’s the proof:


“June 15th VIP chat with Frankie (“Fan Favourite” LOL)”
LOL indeed.


Came on the site to buy the feeds…only to find out the feeds are blocked for us Canadians.

*Curls up in a corner and sobs*


I found this forum on survivorsucks that tells you how you can access the feeds if you’re Canadian.


I will keep checking your site Simon & Dawg for updates….fingers crossed they change their minds
If there is anything us fans can do just let us know, I for one will do anything to help to get us access


Thanks please let us know as soon as you figure it out? Even if a Canadian has a us.based credit would still have to live in the us. to get the feeds no? Why would they do that when I’m sure they made a lot of $ off us the past few years? Sucks!


You need a US credit card and a vpn.. Unless someone from the US can help me out I won’t even be getting the feeds this year. OBB will have to stop live feed updates.. 🙁

Even though our site has been selling the feeds for 9 years we cannot purchase them ourselves.. Hopefully something changes in a month.


What if you guys contact some past House Guests? Get them to bug CBS to open up for Canada? People like
Dan or Jeff/Jordan or Derrick/Cody have alot of pull with CBS. I bet Dr.Will or Evan Dick…could persuade CBS.
I hate to say it but the Media Mogul Frankie probably could help…or the Brachel_Army? (have alot of Canadian fans…they all use your site..maybe they can help? Really you guys could try that?


the only option i can think of is a cc that is a prepaid giftcard that you purchase in the us which you could do online. you then register the card to show a us address which could be a mailbox.service address …..with these cards you arent actually getting anything mailed so it does not matter.

techy people know a work around for the vpn i assume unless they are blocking prepaid gift crds (some can detect them and do not allow them) it could be anoption.

fwiw the prepaid preset amount ones at a place like moneymart have been set up in US funds very annoying for anyoe who did not rralize this but possble option as well tho i would suggest instead ging online to do a visa ard out of the US

as i say i dont know if this option will work but it would only need a $90? amount on the card which can easily be applied to other online purchases if it didnt..

you can google mailbox servics….most border towns have a few in the US you be looking in blaine in yu are in BC one is mailboxes international on H street… put your name (or a name) then te address to register the card so when they cross check for zip code it will how US zip 98230




Sunnydee…..I live Sault Ste. Marie ON.Canada which is a border city to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan . ..are you saying I could do something like that? Would it cost alot?


Sorry for duplicate comment…just put 1

Pinocchio Obama

Did anyone else notice that Jeff and Jordan are on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars starting on WE tonight?

'Da-Beat' the purpose

Unfortunately they are indeed.
Can’t shake these two – no shocker, Jordan is as dumb as ever!

Jimmy 64

26 days till BIG BROTHER 17
We all want all new people!!!!!!!!
With a two day start up that means we probably are going to have
that battle of the block again ! Hope it doesn’t go as long as it did
last year.


Or how about they just don’t do battle of the block at all, period. The twist completely ruined last season. But knowing Grodner she loves sticking her middle finger to us fans, so who knows.


Frankie Grande billed as Fan favourite? Are you freakin’ kidding me CBS? In the BB16 finale, when America’s Favourite Player was announced, he wasn’t even in the top 3! Now I feel like CBS stands for “Channel of BullShit”!


i thought i saw that Global TV channel in Canada was advertising BB17 to air in June?…. and for the Live Feeds, now the Canadians will have to go through what the Americans have to do every year to watch BBCan Live Feeds….

at least ur able to watch the TV show on ur Global TV channel… the Americans were not able to see even see the TV show… BBCan Blocked the Americans from watching the TV show & the Live Feeds for 3 years in a row…

but we was able to watch everything from Canada cause we followed OBB on what to do… now the Canadians will have to do the same thing we had to do for 3 years….


We had American after dark on slice also in canada lol


Possible workaround for Canada ?
Outside USA can’t sign up as of now because the feeds are included with all CBS shows, and all TV sites in all countries use geoblocking.. using a USA credit card or an American Express card appear to be the best bet as of not (even a Canadian Amex card, and possibly even Amex gift cards).. there may be more workarounds as we go, so please be patient and don’t panic! I’ll keep you posted


Also a Hola user Warning … Hola is a P2P … duh
I guess we need to keep an eye on this little situation


Thanks to everyone for offering to help us get the live feeds this year. Why CBS decided to make it near impossible for Canadians to watch the feeds is beyond me but thanks to our US friends We now have a subscription that works!

We will now be able to watch the feeds 24/7 and report here at onlinebigbrother.

Can’t wait BB17 is going to be great 🙂 🙂
(I’m starting off this season hyper optimistic)


Great to hear.

Can you continue looking for live feed solutions for those living outside the U.S.


It’s just like CBS to open up the feeds to Canadians 2 weeks after they’ve started.. Didn’t they do that with BB15?


I live in the UK. I noticed that you can purchase an American Express gift card online from their UK website. Do you think this will work? I take it that the gift card will have a number, expiry date and security number similar to a standard credit card.

If anyone has tried the American Express gift card method can they let us know how it went. Thanks.


Going to try with my Amex. THANKS GUYS! Love pretending I live in the 90210.

But like Simon mentioned maybe they will open it up after the first couple weeks into the season…


Thank the good Lord. At least us Canadians will have this site to stay informed and not depend on the edited TV show.

If I cannot get the live feeds I plan to donate that money to this site and I hope others will do the same.


Are you planning to post clips of the US feeds here like you do with BB Can? They were so well done, I barely watched the live Canadian feeds this year.

I imagine that CBS would be upset if you did post clips of the feeds here.


Also I might add CBS is very active in taking down youtube accounts that post videos. We even got a warning for posting long animated gifs on google+


Good idea to donate feed subscription to this site if you are Canadian.
Looking forward to BB 17.


You guys are the Big Brother experts, I have a question about the house itself. I know that when it first came on through season…..5(?) that it was a single floor and starting in 6, it’s the layout we have now. Is it in the same studio though? I can’t find a layout of the old house online and have been curious about this as a new season is rapidly approaching (which I am preparing myself for by watching stuff from previous seasons on Youtube).

I hope the twist is good this year. Two HoH and Battle of the Block last year was pretty solid and a huge improvement over the MVP failure from season 15.


I think it moved locations on the same studio lot.

I’m kinda hoping they keep the twist to a minimum and cast more regular people. Don’t care for the stunt casting.


Any updates on feeds for Canadians?

Jimmy 64

16 days to go till BB17
It’s a coming
Too bad BBAD is on POP and not on showtime 2


Hey, guys. What’s with the lower price this year. Is it because they received a lot of flak for last year and the year before and they’re not expecting much interest? I’m almost afraid to look at the cast this time, but I’m still hoping for a good season.


Nah, i think it’s a marketing scheme. To try to favor those who might feel like they might feel like to get a fair deal when they need it most to buy into the propaganda.


Any chance of a better standalone player like BB Lite this time or just the CBS site?


There might be a BBviewer this year but I’m a bit more skeptical because of the CBS all access BS.

My personal opinion is the website showing the feeds is the most stable. I always try the viewers but have always stopped because of the bugs. I know Dawg has used the viewers in the past so it might just be me.

Pinocchio Obama


Do you know when they will unveil this seasons cast?


Not sure about the time but the Cast reveal is scheduled for the 16th.

Pinocchio Obama

Thanks Simon.


Does anyone actually expect a good cast?


There will be gems.. Hopefully they stay longer in the house.

If there is no stunt casting this year i’ll be happy.


Un fair for people that use the live feeds to get to see thr real people not the efited ones