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27 thoughts on “Donate to

  1. Couldn’t finish watching Big Brother HOH competition tonite once it was down to Rachel & Brendan. Deleted the whole show, don’t care who won, will not watch it again. Was a huge Big Brother fan till this season. So unfair to bring back so many veterans. Jordan, Jeff, and Daniel are OK but Rachel & Brendon are absolute idiots. Had a bad taste in my mouth when I saw them on Day 1. Takes to me back to high school to see all the petty drama Rachel causes. So for my mental health I am done with big brother.

    1. Rachel is an idiot REALLY! She played an AMAZING social game & she WON MORE competitions than ANYONE! She won and she DESERVED to WIN!

  2. No one cares about your opinion, their not idiots. Relax, your the one being dramatic not Rachel, with the show affecting your “mental health…” Bullshit.

  3. Love the site. I just sent a message with my donation sorry it could not be more but I will donate again when I can. Thanks for this awesome site. Ohh I hate to say it but the dunce hat should be passed from Kalia the hut to the straight shooter. ahhahah

  4. Damn iPad! I lost my other post!

    I missed all day feeds, watched BBAD last night and could smell the tuna from Napa! Dani is gullible if she falls for the Brenchel act…ugh…

    So someone catch me up, did Dani go to JJ today? Did JJ ever go to her? Is Dani going to take the snake deal with Wrenchel?

  5. Hey Simon, or any one else, how do I cancel the 3 day subscription. If I just subscribed today ( Saturday at around 2PM) When, and how do I cancel the free subscription! Please help me out :)

  6. Hi Simon~ I want to donate. I don’t think I have ever posted but I am on this site constantly in the summers! :) So I read the donation goes to cover bandwidth fees and such……can I be nosy and ask how much that runs? I want to donate a good amount and not too low and not too high :) Thx!

  7. Simon/Dawg: How safe is donating to your site using a credit card? I don’t have Pay Pal.

    You guys have done amazing job this season and I want to acknowledge that before it ends.

  8. Simon, I just to know if I get in trouble of donation. Do I get in trouble if I don’t donate? I just want to know and respond ASAP!

  9. We should gave Porsche’s credit to win, as a newbie, she did get J/J out of the game which was not so easy to play this game.

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