Power Of Veto Competition Results! Sarah & Ashleigh are Guaranteed Final 3!

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: Ashleigh & Godfrey

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 19-01-24-009

Power of Veto WINNER: Ashleigh
Guaranteed Final 3: Sarah, Ashleigh

1:30pm – 9:50pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the power of veto competition. This veto competition is the most important one of the season as the winner is the sole person who decides who they want to evict and essentially who they want in the final 3. If Sarah the head of household were to won this veto she would have then decide who is the sole vote by using the veto or not using it.

9:55pm Post POV
Talking about the Veto Ceremony. Sarah says the veto ceremony and Eviction will happen at the same time.
Sarah – it’s all combine.. I choose the use the veto
Ashleigh – On myself

(Random chit chat.. )
Sarah says it’s racist that they don’t make bandaids for black people.
Ashleigh isn’t sure that that bandaids are supposed to be skin colour
Sarah brings up Skin coloured crayons not really being skin coloured for people of colour.
Brittnee thinks there are black people bandaids out there.
They go on to talk about in America black people are called “African American” but in Canada they are not. Sarah mentions she’s first generation English and she doesn’t call herself English Canadian. Godfrey mentions how Toronto is very multi cultural.
Sarah – Unless you’re first nations your not Canadian.. Or we’re all Canadian.. A nation of immigrants.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 18-51-48-275

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 18-53-13-297

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 19-07-36-611

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 19-14-20-250

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 19-29-37-412

10:22pm HOH Lockdown
They have no idea what is going on. They wonder if maybe the veto ceremony is tonight. Feeds cut at around 10:30pm.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 20-02-42-746

11:04pm HOH Sarah, Brittnee and Ash
Sarah and brittnee are trying to convince Ash to evict Godfrey. They tell her that Godfrey won’t take her to the final 2 and godfrey has more votes.
Brittnee says at the end of the day it’s Ashleigh decision.
AShleigh tells them since her 2 closest allies have left the game she’s come to the conclusion the only way she can get to the end is by winning comps.
Brittnee says Godfrey intimidates her. Adds that Godfrey has a lot of vote in teh house because of his social game.
Brittnee – I see the pros and cons in both of us (her and Godfrey)

11:17pm Sarah and Brittnee HOH
Sarah says Godfrey will throw the HOH to Ashleigh. More or less trying to figure out how to get AShleigh to not vote out Brittnee.

11:20pm AShleigh and Godfrey bedroom
Ashleigh bringing up her converation with Brittnee and Sarah.
Godfrey – that’s just fricken ridiculous man.

Godfrey points out that Sarah is pissed and Sarah is never pissed this much when someone goes home. Adds that Sarah knows with brittnee going her chances of winning have decreases. Asheligh laughs says that they are trying to convince her that Britnee/Sarah are not taking each other. mentions they are saying that straight up but in a round about way.
Godfrey points out that Brittnee has taken out 1/2 of the people in the jury. They agree Brittnee will have a tone of Jury votes.

Godfrey says Zach controlled the first 1/2 of the game and Sarah controlled the second 1/2. Points out Brittnee getting both powers helped.

They see a spider on the ceiling light. Godfrey tries to catch it. The head up to the HOH asking Sarah and Brittnee what they should do with the spider. Brittnee says “Flush it” Sarah suggests trying to let it sneak under the door to the backyard. Godfrey thinks maybe they should leave it at the main door.

Godfrey – by a vote of 5 to nothing spidey you are evicted from the Big Brother house.
Godfrey nknocks the glass over and the spider is set free..
Godfrey – You played a good game spidey
The spider doesn’t leave Asheligh now suggests they flush it. Godfrey refuses leaves it near the main door.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-22 20-51-03-511

11:51pm Bedroom Godfrey and Sarah

Ashleigh starts to practice her speech says that her two closest friends and it makes sense for her to take out the two closest people in the game.
Godfrey warns her that Sarah has a good chance of beating both of them they can’t mess around with this final HOH.

Ashleigh knows if she hadn’t won the last bunch of vetos she was going home.
Godfrey thinks that Sarah would have a better chance of beating him over Brittnee. Ashleigh brings up Zach telling her before he left to get Sarah out. AShleigh is worried about Sarah’s final 2 speech, ‘She’s so good with her words and she’s so convincing”
Godfrey – that’s true she has been convincing people quite a lot

12:07am Last night with the fembots

2:11am Godfrey and Ashleigh Kitchen
going over the season. They agree Graig wasn’t a bully. Ashleigh really liked Johnny.
Godfrey – Johnny was a good guy man
They agree that Johnny and Naeha would have gone far in the game if it wasn’t for the double eviction.
Godfrey thinks the one person he thought was going to win the game was Kevin, “He was so smart yo.. so calm and Chill”
Ashleigh tells him they really have to bring it in the final HOH.
Godfrey says their odds have never been any better.

They have a chuckle at Sarah saying Godfrey should go because he’s got all the jury votes.
Godfrey heads to bed tells her he say a couple webs on her bed he hopes the spider isn’t back.

2:09am Everyone sleeping

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Anyone know who won the VETO? Twitter seems to imply someone but nothing affirmative yet…


i’m 99% sure Ashleigh won it


Simon, first once again thanks for providing an incredible source of capsules and video for BBCA. Second I hope Ash did pull off the VETO win as there is nothing better then a house being shaken to spice things up…




I love Brit but isn’t it funny how Ash is getting redemption for her overthrown Hoh, this time she gets to be the sole vote to evict B. Same two people on the block.

Now that’s some Final Destination shyte.


Brit talking game to Ash, OMG that was painful!


Brittnee’s best argument to stay is to tell Asheligh: ‘If you vote out Godfrey, you have my jury vote over Sara 100 % guaranteed! If you vote me out I will not vote for you on jury and I will poison the jury against you.


Yay Ash!!!!!!! Finally Brit has no power handed to her!!!!!


This is going to be sweet sweet revenge! I’m Glad Brit got that super power now, just so i could see her being evicted solely by Ash in front of a live crowd. Ouch Brit, that’s gotta STING! HAHAHA!!!!


The social-psychological impact on the houseguests and the viewers of the Have-Not Superpower was one of the best moments of the season for me. They should bring that back next year. A big brother power is supposed to turn the houseguests against one another and get the superfans riled up and interested! Much improved over the double veto power that this inexperienced production team did not realize may not be used! I know most superfans do not like viewer intervention this late in the game but I am all for the fans helping out one or maybe two of their favourties this late in game. Would I have like to have seen this power introduced earlier? Yes. However its impact on the house and the viewers did what it was supposed to do. Superfans are still talking about it instead of being bored! Its like the Triple Eviction which I think was a masterstroke . . did not even happen! Next year I would introduce it eariler and add to it allowing the HOH to play in the next HOH competition since a big chunk of their HOH is rendered useless.


The double veto probably would’ve been used, had not the HOH won veto. Well, the chances would be higher anyway. I guess “them’s the breaks”!


Brittnee got one superpower, and everyone says: “OMG WHY DOES THE GAME FAVOUR BRITNEE?? I HATE HER! blahblah….zzzzzz” She won everything else by her own merit, but I guess that doesn’t account for anything, because you still hear the same thing. If you hate Brittnee, fine, but don’t hide your true thoughts behind something that you know is bullcrap.

Britnee Hater

Actually, I hated her from the very first show, but her getting treated differently by BB didn’t make me like her more, nor did her attitude. Just sayin’.


sarah seems happy.
poor brit


Of course Sarah is happy. The only thing standing between her and the prize money is Brittnee. Brittnee will be eliminated from the game and Sarah gets to keep her hands clean. Sarah always wanted to take Godfrey to the final 2, and now she doesn’t have to make a tough decision if she wins the final HOH.


Is the previous HOH allowed to compete in the final HOH? didn’t think so


Yes everyone competes in the final HOH


Well that sucks. Brit is done, here’s hoping it’s Sarah and God in the end!


If Sarah is not gonna win the last HOH it’s very likely that neither God nor Ash will take her to F2.


Ashleigh is the Sabrina of this season. She rode a team to the end without doing anything (until she needed to) and there was a nationwide groan when she got to Final 3.

Deja Vu part 2

And then Sarah is the Neda of the season: the player who played a great psycological game and took out lots of players but won’t win because only she wins, nobody will take her to final 2

Firstname Lastname

Aww….This is the end of Brittney!


Well….. bye Brittnee.

Too Little, Too Late

Britt should have taken the opportunity she had with her last HOH In the double instant to get Sarah out. I’m not saying this because I am against Sarah, I’m am speaking to game play with respect to Britt only. I still don’t understand why a lot of people thought Sarah and Britt should be F2, unless and except for people who wanted Sarah to win. Britnee would never have a chance sitting beside Sarah before the jury. Sorry, but there are a lot of super fans in there who will vote for strategic moves, not puppet moves, and Sarah would win against B hands down. Like God said, “perception is reality” . . . . .


I don’t even think that Brittnee and Sarah have ever entertained the idea of taking each other to F2. The fact that both have kept Godfrey around proves they’ve always planned to take him to F2 if they will have the chance.


I do think that Sarah is secretly a little bit happy, because with Britt in Jury she has one more guaranteed vote and someone to campaign for her in Jury. On the flipside, I think it’ll be an uphill battle for her to get to F2, because I think Godfrey realizes he has a better chance with Ashleigh. And as it now stands Ashleigh will take God to F2, because Zach (ugh…) has “poisened” her against Sarah (remember when he made her promise to never ever work with her?… That bitter douchenozzle! (sorry, couldn’t help myself :))


If Brittnee is evicted by Asheligh, she probably won’t try to campaign for jury votes for Sarah. Brittnee probably suspects that both Godfrey and Sarah threw this veto competition, knowing that Ashleigh would vote out Brittnee. I know that Brittnee and Sarah have been really close for most of the game, but making it to the final four…so close to the money…and then being evicted, sucks. Brittnee will be bitter for quite some time. If Brittnee goes, I see Godfrey and Sarah taking each other to the final 2. Godfrey has not forgotten that there was a Chop Shop alliance. He knows that Ashleigh has the votes the win the game.


Those are all valid points. But with Brittnee gone it will still be a guaranteed vote for Sarah. And maybe a little bit of campaigning (though if not, I feel like it’s not because Britt is bitter, but rather a very passive and lethargic person when it’s not about her). And with respect to whom Godfrey might take: as I’ve mentioned in another post, I feel like he will easily win against Ashleigh. Between those two he would have Sarah, (and therefore) Willow, Britt, Sindy, JP, Bruno, Kevin (those 3 picked God as their dark horse in their exit interviews) and maybe even Bobby. Now, I realize this is just my opinion and even if it were a fact, it might not seem as crystal clear to God, but I believe he would be smart enough to sense this and pick Ash over Sarah. With Sarah it will be more of a toss up and she on the other hand probably will take God (unless she fixates on her mantra that “no woman has ever won over a man in bb). Ditto for Ash.

Now I know that the one argument against him is those comp wins, but it is pretty impressive that he was targeted early on and got this far without a single HOH and only one Veto. If there’s one person that can use that in a spectacular speech to their advantage, its Godfrey 😉 And bear in mind that he could still win the final HOH, who knows? Also, he will have Bruno, one of the more persuasive people in Jury, campaigning for him.


I really want to believe that if Godfrey were up against Ashleigh in the final 2, he would win. It’s a wonderful thought. (I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it). Do I think it would happen? No. Not a chance. Votes that Godfrey should have in the bag (Bruno, JP, Brittnee, Sarah) he probably won’t get. In past seasons, jury members have given ridiculous reasons for why they voted a certain way when it came down to the final 2.

Also, I wouldn’t put too much faith in Bruno as a campaigner for Godfrey on the jury. This is the same Bruno who used the veto to save Zach, knowing that Brittnee could put up Godfrey as a replacement.


I think Godfrey will beat Ashleigh in the F2. It comes down to what type of game the jury has the most respect for. Asheligh’s game of powerful alliances (Chop Shop then Diapers) and winning comps versus Godfrey’s game of lone-wolf and throwing comps while maintaining relationships with all sides of the house. If you think the Social game trumps the Power game then you will vote for Godfrey. I would guess. . .and this is only a guess that Superfans will vote for the Social game because they admire the ability of using other people in the house to get the power players evicted for you. Or using power players in the house to turn a vote in your favour. Godfrey can say that he convinced Sindy that he would be better for her game than her showmance Jordan and used her to filp the house. He can also say that he threw the HOH competitions – 100 mins of Hell to Sara, “Ratetribution” competition when Arisa asked questions to Sindy and “Pick Your Poison” Head of Household competition just to name a few. Also he won the POV when he had to in the “Big Brother Concentration” POV Competition and he convinced Kevin to backdoor Bobby instead of him. I think Godrey WON’T get the following votes in a F2 with Ashleigh: Bobby is in love with Ashleigh so Bobby will vote for Ashleigh, Zach will vote for Ashleigh because of the Diapers alliance and he appreciates competition wins more than the social game, Pilar will vote for Asheligh out of loyalty and friendship and Sara will vote for Asheligh because she wants a woman to win. Therefore Godfrey WILL get the following jury votes: Jordan, Sindy, Kevin, Willow, Bruno, Brittnee and Canada. 7 votes to 3.


You need to see a doctor regarding your Bruno obsession. It’s really pathetic how much you obsess over the guy. If you watched the exit interview, he flat out stated he wanted “his boy” Godfrey to win so I’m not sure where you’re getting this idea he’d vote for Ashleigh.

If he were to vote in favour of Ashleigh, or if anyone else voted for her ahead of Godfrey, why would that be bad decision? She won everything she needed to, aligned herself with people who would protect her and eliminated her threats. She also overcame having her HOH ruined by production. Even though I like Godfrey, what has he done to deserve anyones vote? He is the very definition of a floater. Ashleigh isn’t as stupid as that arrogant hypocrite Sarah would have you believe.


What a pile of steaming poo! They kept GOD as a vote versus diapers get real. He did what a floaters suppose to do sell his vote to be safe.
Don’t presume Ash is voting out B til it happens. There have been some strange votes. I think production is getting what they want which is Sarah 7 questions. GOD’s gonna out think himself and blow both comps thinking he is going F2 no matter who wins.
A smart Sarah and she is BB smart takes Ash in an nano second. No respect in the jury for the showmance game “hiding” behind Zack sorry. Where does she get 6 votes from? Because Canada’s vote is all Sarah/GOD. GOD is a wild card Sarah isn’t rolling the dice IMO. Ash gets picked by both HG’s she got 25K in her pocket but that’s it.
I think the argument I never won an HOH and here I am is specious at best. What other argument does he have for 100K versus Sarah. He has to control the 100K prize by winning 7 questions the take Ash and cash the cheque! I think Ash is about 90% to take GOD. Only a Sarah win leaves GOD outside the money. Gotta hope Ash doesn’t change her mind and keep B.
It’s not 50/50 how I have F2 voting figured….
Looks like Sarah 66% but that’s not reality.
Sarah>Ash=Sarah I say Sarah beats either but must win part 3 to pick who is F2. this creates one event essentially.
Ash>GOD=GOD logically Ash has one choice for a hail marry win. Take GOD and hope the jury can be swayed I don’t think so. No reason on GOD’S green earth to take Sarah F2.
GOD>Ash=GOD Well this is how I see it. Logically Ash/GOD take each other b/c Sarah is unbeatable by extension who ever Sarah takes gets second place money. Sarah has a 1 in 3 chance of winning BB. Having B go gets rid of the only variable where voting may have left her second. I’ll do a separate comment on B’s season also.
Only production can change the odds….. not by fixing comps to favour Sarah though that is definitely doable. But by convincing GOD in the DR to tank the comps as they’ll both take him F2 and he’d be the greatest player since DR. Will. Funny but this is a long standing question for me. Is production manipulating GOD like they do most HG’s or is GOD running his own show? If he throws the 3 part final he’s a fool deserves nothing. Sarah will be happy to help him too!


Yeah God made a lot of sense but Brit would still have been in the same situation even if she had got rid of Sarah. Because she wouldn’t be HOH anyway coz she couldn’t play, and Veto holder would still be Ashley, or Pili, and they’d still get rid of her.


I seem to like ash’s spot more than most of you. I like her for the win. It will be a tight vote against Sarah but I give ash the advantage because of her relationship with the jury. She’s been Brit and Sarah’s target since they got rid of Zach and they can’t shake her. They can’t oust her because she’s winning vetoes and saving herself. She’s not safe because canada likes her, she’s winning vetoes. As for Godfrey he entertains me the most but hasn’t done enough of anything to win.


Wow…Ashleigh might actually win big brother… Which would have been so unheard of a week or so…I actually believe whoever wins HoH next week will win big brother… either Ashleigh or Sarah. ..


At this point I don’t see Godfrey swaying majority of the jury to vote for him. This ninth jury will be able to talk and socialize to the jury and it will sunk G’s game further. The knowledge that sarah won HOH and Ash wins veto guarantees votes in their favor.

Even if he wins the final HOH, no matter who he takes, Ash or Sarah, those two has been established as threats and were able to escape eviction because of their competition wins. The only definite vote for Godfrey right now is Bruno and given that a jury vote might even be voided, there is a high chance that Bruno’s vote for him will not count.


Danger Alert….

BB is a social game! Wasn’t much reason to say that enough. Ash has showmance on her hands. Sarah is just a nasty person. GOD is well liked and has a couple votes in his pocket already. Bitter jury even gives him a 1% chance versus Sarah. Ash got so little credit hiding behind Zack how does she get 6 votes? If she won 7 questions and chose GOD F2 she deserves it this jury won’t give it to her. GOD beats ASH F2.


Does anyone know what brand dumplings those are?! Godfrey made me want some LOL

Ughh Super bummed about Ashleigh winning POV 🙁 but happy Sarah and (most likely) Godfrey are safe!! They are my dream final 2!!!


i hope ash and god boot out sara and take each other to final 2 – seems like a perfect way to end this shitty season


I know a lot of you aren’t Ash fans, but come on. Winning 3 povs in a row when in danger is something to be respected.


I gotta agree with you there. Ash has shown she can fight when she really needs to and I’m okay with either her or Sarah winning over Godfrey.


But winning comps isn’t everything! I really don’t think Ashley was strategic at all. She had the chop shop protecting her most if the way. It’s not like she engineered herself into that group, she got picked. Zach really played her game. I don’t think ash deserves to win over B or Sarah, who were both strategic AND have comp wins (rip Britt). Or even Godfrey, who was a target for so long, managed to stay in the game by strategically playing the floater game and escaping the block so many times. Ash did not make any moves if her own and has no strategy except winning her way to the end, I don’t think that’s a good game personally.


As someone who likes Godfrey even I can’t defend his gameplay. What has he done? At least she had the foresight to align herself with people who would protect her up until a point where she had to win comps, which she did. He never felt that pressure and just floated.


I like Godfrey, but I honestly can’t make a good case on why he should win over any of these girls…he wasn’t good at competitions..he was in the middle for most of game even though he had allies…he sat the middle for the later part of the game and got dragged to the final 4, 3 or 2…he is basically Victoria, but a lot better…sry for the unpopular opinion.


I don’t think that anyone of those people left played a good game, that’s just my honest opinion. Just give the winner to one of the camera guys or some shit and end this typical crappy Canada show.


And yet you cared about this show enough to come here and read this article, and make a comment… -_-


and you apparently think your asinine nit picking comment is any better??

Guy From Canada

Victoria was carried along and used as a pawn carried with a group. Godfrey carried himself. He played smart creating zero blood by throwing comps, while Victoria just sucked. I am curious to see if he actually threw this comp as well to Ashley, to send Brit out without any blood on his hands again.

GOD’s only argument I see from an outside watcher is that he played to get to the end, appear as a weak player, and get no blood on his hands. While he has no friends in jury, he has no enemies either. If he can sell that point, he can win against Ashley. Maybe a shout out to Dan Gheesling saying he purposelessly appeared weak to get to the end. I have no idea what other angle he could say other then that…….


I can actually see Godfrey easily winning against Ashleigh. If him and her are in F2 he would have Sarah, (therefore probably) Willow, Brittnee, Sindy, Bruno, Kevin, JP (those three guys all said he would be their pick in der exit interviews), and maybe Bobby (just out of peer pressure). Against Sarah it would be a toss up. So while I hate that Ashleigh gets 20K, because she had no strategy other than aligning with her Diaper-clique, it would be smart for him to take her.


You get no respect from the jury if you don’t win some competitions…Dan won competitions….and even Victoria won more competitions…I don’t see it it for him …Ashleigh with her back against won so many competitions….That to me is much stronger case…


Okay she won some comps at the end, which I give her credit for BUT let’s be real. She started playing the game 9 days ago! Up until that point she couldn’t even be bothered to talk to other people and would get annoyed if the other house guests wanted to talk prior to nominations, pov ceremonies, game talk or to get her vote.

Conversely, Godfrey may not have won comps, but he had to play the game THE ENTIRE GAME and even managed to find a way to make the diapers play/listen to him before those 9 days occurred. The only other person outside the alliance who did that was Sarah. I give Godfrey more points for his social game and let’s be honest if he had pulled off a couple wins he would have been targeted immediately.

So, for my personal preference I want a Sarah/Godfrey final. Sure either of them could beat Ash but I want the 2 players I feel played the best game in those 2 chairs. Sarah was my fav from the start, but Godfrey grew on me. As much as I’d rather Sarah win I’d be happy if either of them won and took the top 2 spots.

For me Ash benefited simply b/c she was an attractive girl. This was like summer camp for her for 50 plus days while others were trying to play the game, win comps, build relationships and stress over not getting evicted. Rewarding her to me is like saying you have a pretty face, here take some money. I get it, I’ve benefited throughout my life by being attractive, however I’d rather benefit by achieving something I can feel proud of. It’s not the same as players like Dan or Andy who didn’t win until the end of their seasons b/c THEY WERE playing the whole season.

But.. I do hold out hope if she does win part of the HOH it’s Sarah she has to go against b/c she spent so much time upstairs with the Diapers she won’t have a clue how to answer the third and final part of the HOH.

It will be a fitting end to her BB life if the reason she finishes third is simply because she never bothered to get to know half the people in the house!


Its not so he didn’t much the competition


Agree wholeheartedly. Now it will be up to the Jury and if they value Comp prowess or strategical play more.


Its not just the fact that he didn’t win competitions…it is the fact that he sat in the middle and let himself be dragged by not picking a side..the best players to me are the ones that are not afraid getting their hands at the right time and can pull themselves out of trouble when in danger with the cards they have, not let someone else do their work less than a week before the end of the game…talk about dragging it out for far too long..i do agree with one thing…Sarah is the most deserving of the win..if she makes the final 2..she should win for sure…


You might be right. We’ll know on Wednesday. But to me Gods game was way superior to Ashleighs. I wouldn’t consider winning a few comps against Britt and Sarah, two (physical) comp fails, and someone who has been throwing it a big accomplishment. That’s my opinion. The Jury might think differently (though Zach will certainly be impressed by it, since he failed miserably in spite of being QB1… lol). God has been able to determine what people wanted to hear and told them just that and avoided showing his cards, which to me is a bigger accomplishment (in the game of BB only of course). And he could still win the final HOH. But I highly agree that Sarah deserves to win this season. I’ve been super impressed with her BS detector and ability to read the house. My ideal F2 is her and God with her taking the big money.


Comps are such an overrated part of the game. Every week you should put yourself in a position where you don’t need to win a comp. that’s how a good player plays the game.

How many comps did Dr. Will win?


Godfrey successfully convinced everyone he was not a threat to their game. Even Zach.


Maybe Britts agreement can be there will be a physical and god will not beat??? Emitte should have picked tally and not Gary he would have won. Ash has a better shot with the girls.

Bring back Zach



Zach would likely be in an all stars season. In the US they did all stars for seasons 7 and 14. So maybe canada will be similar.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch that season because I know they’ll put Peter in it.

The Hidden Hand

Great final 3 once B goes! A diaper, a stoner and a Godfather. Who would have guessed? Don’t even care who wins. Each could make a case to the jury, even the King of throwin’ comps, the Godfather himself.


Pisses me off that Ash won. Sadly Brit will be voted out. No way will Ash keep her.

If Ash wins it all, I’ll throw up. I’d rather see Godfrey win it if it comes down to the two of them. Either way guess my money is on Sarah.


I’m expecting something to come out of the HOH floor tonight


Hope something does!


Hopefully THE CLOWN!!!!!


Lol good one….That clown was disturbing and creepy… their reactions were hilarious tho. Just glad I wasn’t there to experience it!


When it comes down to the end of the game it has always been about the comps!!! As a matter fact the comps have a lot to do with the whole entire game when you think about it yes there’s strategies in between and forming alliances and playing a good game but in the end it really all comes down to who wins the comps!!! Ash seems to be able to win comps when she needs to so I guess when she works well under pressure it’s like she has a remarkable reserve of energy that she uses only when she needs to…I still think that Sarah will win!!!! Team Sarah from day one!!!!


I am very pleased with Ashleigh winning this POV. I also felt sorry for her due to the fact that the remaining HGs shunned her somehow after Zach’s eviction and now it’s really funny how everybody are seeking her attention after this win :). I do hope she sends packing “the queen B”, wins the next HOH and also this BB season. I am rooting for her right now because i appreciate her fighting spirit and the refusal to give up and keel over.


Oh please. Ashley faces some hard times for what a whole 2 weeks? And now every dumbass is rooting for her? The twit who got carried by her entire alliance for the majority of the show and only REALLY started playing the game when she was forced too.

Ugh. If Godfrey and Sarah don’t win this game I’m not watch this shit fest again.


Zach’s been gone for less than 24 hours, I don’t think she has been shunned lol


My dream F2 is God and Ash. Ashleigh has proven that she was not Zack’s lost little puppy/puppet. She is capable and proving herself when it counts, and even voted the captain out for her game.

I have been a God fan since day one. I actually think he will be happy with the F2 20. He is a positive person and will be thankful with that at the least. I think he’s even reconciled himself to the fact that he will not win.

As long as Sarah does not win, I will be happy. Sorry, guys, you can hate me, but she is as dirty as the people she despises and puts down in this game, including her passive aggressive treatment of Britnee.


Nobody shunned her. Sarah went out of her way to be nice. She decided herself to sulk alone, which is her prerogative. When the roles were reversed however, the Diapers (plus honorary Diaper Bruno) WERE shunning Britt and Sarah.


Seriously? Are we watching the same show/live feeds?

WHEN did ANY of them shun her? Sarah made it clear her room was all their room. Not once did they ever try to get away from her. And how much have we seen Sarah/Britt cooking for the 4 of them since Zach left (or bringing them ice cream)?

In fact the truth is the opposite. When Zach was in the house they basically stayed in the HOH room and Ash made it abundantly clear she didn’t want to talk game. HENCE tonight when Britt said “I can’t even really talk to her b/c she DOESN’T LIKE THAT” The truth is Ash is very transparent when she is in trouble she hangs around and asks about make-up and game scenarios, but when she is in trouble she runs from game talk. Tonight Britt was trying to talk to her and as soon as they were allowed to leave the room Ash jumped and ran out the door.

It’s Ash’s prerogative to play the game this way (or rather not bother to play), but please look at the facts. Like Zach was lost when JP left, Ash will now be lost w/o him and ONLY follow the step by step directions Zach left her with which means she’ll take Godfrey, If she gets the choice and Sarah warns her if she does it Godfrey will win it will be the ONLY good thing about Sarah not making it.

Ash is a nice girl (most of the time, as I did see her treat Pils meanly sometimes, but that’s a young girl thing I think), but she’s had no where near the stress and hardship God/Sarah & Britt had or for that matter pretty much everyone in the game except for her & Pils.


It’s amazing how much Ashley stepped up her game after Zack left I guess he must’ve been actually weighing her down she’s playing so much better without Zach & Pillar


if Sarah and Ash are F2, Sarah need to make sure to say in her speech that Ash never played her own game, and even after Zach was evicted, she still kept saying Zach said I should do this and Zach said I should do that, which is what she said to Britt and Sarah in the HOH last night lol


Usually people do best when their arguments focus on the pros of their own game and not slamming the others. Ashleigh’s true challenge is in believing her game and presenting it with confidence. She is concerned that the others, in F3/F4 can all speak better than her and she needs to not be rattled by this.
All within the F3 have a case for winning. Game presentation will be key and they have little time to speak.


Ash has actually done a lot of work throughout the game. it’s true she had Zach in front of her as a shield. But Sarah also had shields in the form of Graig, Sindy and even Bobby (he was sent out by the diapers).

Just because Zach was always trying to control the conversation about which strategy to take and what to do next, doesn’t mean he was really making the moves. There was a lot of back and forth between Zach and Ash during strategy sessions. It just appears that Zach is saying everything because he would talk over her and want to do things his way.


Brit Quit the Veto comp
Not a good thing to do
I’m about 90% that Ash will evict Brit
Here goes Sarah into overdrive ………. She shouldn’t do that, she might bury herself
in the spin … If I was her I’d chill and play the part carefully … Sarah should be relieved.
Let Brit do her own campaigning.
Got to give Ash some credit here … 3 Veto’s in a row


yes, britt quit the veto comp, but as she said on the feeds——–Ashleigh finished in 18 minutes, Britt quit after an hour and a half.

you can only bang your head against the wall for so long before giving up in defeat.


why won’t anyone make this same argument for pili quitting the ‘Shomi the veto’
ashley completed in 28 minutes
and pili was taking at least an hour already
so what’s the difference between pili’s and Britt’s quitting competitions


It’s crazy the way Ash keeps winning POV’s tho like WTF!!!!


It is much easier to win VETO comps at this stage of the game. You are competing against 3 other people compared to the usual 5.


The rest of the time she let Zach pull her strings and she did nothing. She just woke up and started really started playing the game a few weeks or so ago!

Hope the jury is fair and objective, that they choose the person who played the best game from start to finish and not pick Ash because of the stupid diaper alliance!

A Fan

How is using your alliance to go far in the game not good game play?
I’ll quote Sarah, “what is the point of having an alliance if they won’t protect you.”


If the jury is objective they’ll see Ashley managed a powerful alliance which held strict control over the house for weeks, despite everyone coming after them. Then after a losing a coinflip HoH for triple eviction power, Ashley hung on by winning veto after veto while the whole house was still against her.

Zach was quite wrong about how the house viewed the diapers, but Ashley was always more cautious and in it turns out more correct. It’s true she was helped tremendously by hiding behind Zach and Kevin, but that is the reward for having an outright alliance. The downside is the alliance gets targetted.


HATE ASHLEIGH!!! Wish anyone else but her would have won it… Hope Sarah and Godfrey can make it to final 2!!! I’d be happy if either of them won… If Ashleigh won it would be absolutely ridiculous!!!


When the going gets tough, Ash wins POVs 🙂 If she wins the next HOH, she has a great shot of winning it all. When her HOH was flushed down the crapper due to the superpower twist, she didn’t let it bring her down. Instead she told Pillar “It’s Big Brother. Expect the unexpected”. With that attitude and her newly proven fighting spirit, she could be a worthy winner. You go girl!


Why would you hate Ashleigh? She was one of the nicest houseguests overall lol. You mad because she’s pretty? I’m confused.


Asleigh may be…ok now, but she has that matronly vibe about her. Did you see her mother? Plus, she was willing to give out sexual favours to advance herself in the game. To me that makes her ugly.


Ashleigh has zero chance of winning big brother, she has been playing for second place, Godfey and Sarah will beat her hands down, her only real chance is against brittany. She can say the exact same thing in final two that brittany will say they both won comps, when they needed to, both had shields sarah and Zach… I love brittany but that would be her only option of winning. It would be in her best interest to evict Godfrey because i have a strong feeling brittany would take Ashleigh over sarah in the end

Umm, Yah

If you really do love Britt as much as you profess, maybe you should back it up by learning how to spell her name correctly.


OK…can we have the eviction soon? Already tired of Brittnee’s whining. Now its Zachs fault for making the game harder for her than it needed to be (so she just said). Is this girl delusional? She knocked out half the people in the house, and she now expects Ashleigh to keep her. There is no middle of the road with this girl. She’s either in “Queen B” mode or pouting and whining. Can’t stand either. Lets get the eviction over and she can go cry in jury.


LOL!!! I tried to give you 10 thumbs up but I am only allowed one!


I feel two ways about God right now
1. super impressed at the social game aspect where he did not need to win the veto to be safe AND ITS THE FREAKING FINAL FOUR?…. that’s some mad-skillz.
2.The fact that he hasnt won any HOH (he won 1 lousy pov) makes me feel some type of way…..i dont know if i am preconditioned by production to value competition wins ….but the fact that God has not been in power ever impresses and baffles me at the same time.

The Truth

I Knew there was a huge probability that Ashleigh would win POV based on previous comps. Now Britt is going home for sure.


Because Ashleigh has more “friends” in the jury, production may decide to only count 7 votes, which will be all the people who will vote for Sarah. I am so glad Brittnee is getting evicted (she should have been evicted when she kept wearing a bikini 5 sizes too small for her) and hopefully Sarah to follow to let Godfrey and Ashleigh become F2. No production pet should ever get a free ride to the finals.

It’s strange that there was ONLY 1 physical and 1 Endurance HOH. The rest were all mental, production tried their level best but unfortunately Ashleigh can actually win comps and win her to way to a deserving F2.


the cameraman got his wish, Ash wins it all . She has 90% of the jury votes. I guess that is how production wants it . Hope there are better PLAYERS next year. Like if you throw a comp , there should be a punishment.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Godfrey won final HOH?


Ash is not going to take Britt, she never liked her and she was kinda her target so why would she do her any favors…Britt is desperate but I heard that she quit the veto competition so she definitely does not deserve to win anyway!!! Now on the other hand, I don’t trust Godfrey at all & he definitely does not deserve to win because his game was pretty weak and I never had a solid feeling about him the whole game so I don’t really know where he stands he is definitely a wild card aka Joker & I think he played a very undercover game and I don’t think there’s a Genuine bone in his body, he’s pretty fake & you just can’t crack his code~ that’s the only thing I’ll give him that he remained under the radar i guess, but I really don’t think he cares about anybody and I don’t hate him but I don’t want him to win either….. Sarah for the win all the way up!!!!!!


due to these events darah needs to step up herself and win stuff. my guess is ash will knock out the endurance comp the wait for the winner of the next one which will be sarah if britt goes….but britt if god goes. in the 2nd cse sarah will rely on another to pick her…never a good place to be and i can see another neda being set up. tho as a watcher i do not like the neda/emmet gambit at all because imo it is lazy and cowardly to take a sabrina or victoria to the end. i appreciate derrick and cody for not selling out and sticking to their own day one plan.


I almost think juries will vote for the goat to win these days, if you take one. Just because you had the nerve to take a goat to the end. But maybe that is a bit more survivor style i’m not sure.


This final 3 is going to be very exciting to watch.


We really don’t know what is going to happen, ” expect the unexpected ” Remember guys!


Oh, and Brittney, love you girl, BUT you have no one to blame but yourself. IF you hadn’t ousted Willow b/c of your need for Sarah not to have another friend Willow could have easily been beating Ash in these comps and it would be you Sarah and Willow in the F3.

Sorry, but this feels like a bit of BB karma.

For Sarah this scenario is actually good as long as she can win that last HOH b/c now Britt can set Willow straight on what really happened in that triple evict. I kind of felt as much as the players kept saying Sarah was the mastermind that if Britt was beside her the haters like Bruno/Zach etc would take out their anger on Sarah by voting for Britt. This way they may actually pick the best game player remaining (though I wouldn’t hold my breathe b/c Bruno might still vote God or Ash just to be spiteful, hopefully he’ll prove me wrong and HOPEFULLY she can get her butt in one of those chairs).


Basically the last few days there is so much revisionist drivel… B is going to set Willow straight? What about the fact she must know from Bruno that Sarah voted to evict her and that is why she is in the jury. Common TT that is foolishness on your part. Sarah owns the vote no one else period.
I see comments about Ash staying with diapers never put in time with the rest of the house. All very true but now the facts Sarah spent a lot of time in a room whining and crying like a little baby. Sarah smiling lately b/c she’s getting the season handed it to her. And she better finish 1st in 7 questions or she gets 3rd this season. She gets F2 she’s a shoe in. Best player this season not even close. You say guys like Bruno bad if they are bitter. I say if you had and played a social game they wouldn’t be bitter. If Sarah loses it’s her social game and I know you know this but… BB is a SOCIAL game!
What happened to you the last couple of weeks. some of your almost always excellent posts resemble a walk through a pretzel factory. Contrieved attempts at logic only the thumb trolls would buy and that’s not you. You know full well Willow went to jury because of Sarah you always own stuff why can’t you this.
Enjoy what you have as it appears. B goes that’s mostly good for you. Sarah has to win 2 comps she wins the season. Speaks to who she is up against and the season. You should have a big smile GOD likely throws everything and Sarah needs 7 questions versus Ash. That’s at worse a crap shot 50/50 and you know production will do all it can. Smile your in a pretty good spot. Try being a GOD fan with the win on the line he’ll likely throw the comps and hope the girls take him final 2. Sarah will have non of that!


Wow Stan,

You talk like you know me or something. Hey, it’s just my opinion. Although I will say I’ve gotten a little tired of you referring to my comments as foolishness or stupidity. Are you related to Bruno? Just teasing.

Bottom line, you didn’t like the season or Sarah. I get it. Last year you didn’t like Neda either, I did. I also liked Jon but felt Neda was the better strategist and won at key times just not when it really counted (F4 POV/F2 HOH).

You may be right, but I think Bruno will have the entire jury ready to vote God the winner no matter who he sits beside. That’s my opinion.

You say Sarah is a whiner and got handed stuff, but from what I can see she won the POV to save her own life and also won the last 2 HOH’s she competed in. Sure Britt winning the double helped but each of the players remaining had help. Britt was the one who got the power so in my mind it helped Britt mostly since she would have been gone otherwise.

AND for the record… I’ve got my reasons for not being fond of Bruno’s game play.

* he began his tarnish Sarah campaign “she’s poison” as soon as he got Naeha out
* he kept telling anyone who would listen she wanted an all girls alliance, and yet his actions showed that he wanted an all boy alliance.
* his wife hugs him and asks if he feels bad about the fight with Sarah & he then says he regrets it and would vote for her in publicity but quickly changes on the car ride to the jury saying he’ll lie to get what he wants to happen.

Overall Stan, I’m fine with this decision of his if it’s how he wants to play the game, but I don’t respect it. Having said that if Sarah had gone to jury instead and done it to Bruno I wouldn’t like it either.

You keep saying he’s just saying the truth but you also keep avoiding simple facts. The only reason Bruno’s name got mentioned as a renom is Sarah was trying to keep Willow OFF the block. AND the only reason Sarah voted for Pilar is b/c Bruno/God told her they were keeping Kevin. Bruno knows fully well how emotional Willow is & he is just trying to screw Sarah’s game over. It’s his prerogative and while I don’t mind a crafty lie or strategy this feels much more mean spirited than strategic. And for someone who says she played a similar game I find it funny he goes so much out of his way to bury her. Kevin & JP can respect other people’s games, Bruno.. not so much.

Finally, Sarah did try repeatedly to work with Bruno and he kept saying she was selling him out but would NEVER ADMIT that he was. She knew he kept calling her poison and throwing out her name but he could never “as you say OWN IT”.

I don’t like his game play because it’s not based on strategy it’s based on cruelty and ego. That’s my opinion (foolish/stupid or whatever) I OWN IT!


There’s some good points there but I have to disagree with the ending completely. Sarah was actively throwing Bruno under the bus all game and was only using him to get the diapers out first. Sarah never ‘owned’ that.


I’m also hoping Sarah breaks the BB Canada curse that has seen the BEST PLAYER (Emmett/Neda) exit third for the past 2 seasons.

I’m sending out positive vibes for Sarah to break the trend get some BB luck and finally the deserving winner will actually get to F2.

(p.s. BB Production: Can you make the first part if the competition something with clowns, lol)


How is she deserving? What has she done? If you say Ashleigh hid behind Zach, then wasn’t your beloved sarah also hiding behind Sindy. Despite productions pathetic attempts to gear competitions towards her and even go as far as having an HOH comp what would Sindy say, she did not win anything.

She was NEVER the target until when she actually won POV, but even if that week she didn’t win production had a BS twist already planned to save her. Has she had to win 3 POVs in a row to save herself? NO, the only deserving winners are Ashleigh, Godfrey and Brittnee. STOP drinking the production kool aid


Get over your Sarah-hate dude. It’s getting ridiculous. How was Sindy her meat shield? She was in there maybe 2-4 weeks overall? Geez…


Well done Ash! I’ve said it before, I’ve been on team Sarah but if Ash gets to F2 by winning all these comps I’ll tip my hat off to her. In the first 60 plus days she was never high on the list of potential winners. Comp wins especially at this stage may or may not be essential. Janelle could’ve won in BB6 or All Star had she won the final HOH but some may argue that players like Will, Derrick and Jun didn’t win the final HOH and still reached F2.

Britnee – if she’s evicted at F4 it confirms what I feel about her. She relies too much on comp wins and can’t convince Ash to take her over God. I won’t be surprised if Sarah’s the one who can get into Ash’s head. It’ll just solidify S status as a good social player.
God – I’m sorry but at this stage I’m really questioning whether he throws comps or is really suck at it. You’re fun to watch God and although I find his floater strategy valid, it merely keeps him from getting evicted and I agree with what some of you guys say that he never actually affect any outcome of the game. He is likeable and that helps.
Ash – If she gets to F2 it’s up to the jury to look past her performance pre Zach’s eviction and if they want to award her fighting spirit.
Sarah – She’s not perfect. The fact that she’s a stoner, cries or whines a lot…what people feel about her is everyone’s personal opinion. Gameplay wise out of the 4 she’s the only one who’s feared because of her social skills.


B we hardly knew yah. Well that’s not true. Her season can be remembered for the secret power garbage. A complete farce created by production not her fault nor Sarah who got essentially all the same benefits. “Canada” so wanted diaper blood the very integrity of the game meant nothing. The trolls here were clear on that point. Vote wasn’t quite what they wanted.
The reflective view here says B should have gone after Sarah there. That makes no sense to this day. Willow wasn’t gone for about 5 minutes but that was her ally get rid of her at 9/8 made no sense.
Think in general B played with fire partnering with Sarah. Look what the snake did to Willow. Thing is what other option did she have? The alliance was born out of necessity. They had a nice run with it. Sarah fans gotta be so happy B is going. What could B have done different except the usual win more timely comps. She played aggressive in spurts and owned her decisions basically adult BB play from a sand box. Cudos from me for her season.
One move that could have changed her game…………. Not take out JP. I know but other than that what truely would have changed her fate. Secret Power had no option to get out Ash(HOH) Silly part is GOD goes earlier then maybe….. Naw that whole idea is just plain silly. she did the best she could played a really decent game too. F4 down you gotta win comps………. votes Sarah 1st then GOD as a jury member finale night.


It actually irks me that Ashleigh a girl who has done nothing for the vast majority of this game might be in Final 2. What a great end to a shitty season.

Anyone who actually truly believes she deserves to win over Godfrey and Sarah are absolute MORONS. Yes I am harsh, but really?




Britt took over an hour and a half on the POV comp before quitting, and Ash finished it in 18 minutes.

I’m fed up with the argument that Ash played for Zach. No, what was good for Zach, was also good for Ash. Because they were in an alliance with one another, and he would have taken her f2 regardless (whereas she was always ride or die with Pili). Also, there’s nothing wrong with being in an alliance, that’s actually how Big Brother is meant to be played, despite the newer generation of fans basically rejecting that aspect of the game. Ashleigh played a great social game, which is how she wound up in the two major alliances of the season. By being in those alliances, she was able to lay low for the first half of the season while bigger personalities were picked off. Then, when she started feeling the heat, she turned up her game and killed three POV comps in a row to save herself (no one else saved her). She didn’t let the super power taking away her HOH get to her head, and she kept herself focused on doing whatever it took to stay in the game. I don’t care if you don’t like her personality, I don’t care if you didn’t like her because she was in a dominant alliance and you like the underdog, I don’t care if you don’t like her because of her showmance with Zach (who she used as a meat shield, which is another valid strategy, and she even voted him out), I don’t even care if you don’t like her simply because she was against the Fembots, but to say she’s been useless the entire game and that she’s done nothing, is simply not true. She’s even tied/broken comp records with her latest POV win. To not acknowledge that is just petty and pathetic.


“Ashleigh played a great social game, which is how she wound up in the two major alliances of the season.”
– BS she got into the alliances in the first week, were everything is based off of popularity based on looks which even Zach brought up ie. she didn’t do anything spectacular to get into them
– She has no social game besides the people in her alliance, she made no connections or relationships outside of that group, even within the chop shop she didnt talk game to more than half the members get real! Where you even watching feeds? At least people can say Zach had good social game but Ashleigh?! Her and God only have a relationship CAUSE OF GOD, she only talks to Sarah and B cause SARAH MADE AN EFFORT (caps for emphasis lol) and the list goes on.

Ashleys game: having none, relaying 100% on her alliance (and no I am not new generation this has NEVER been considered a good players strategy), and playing ONLY when she was forced to.

My favourite quote from Ashley to Sarah when things started getting tough aka 2 weeks ago for her “this is really hard” the look on Sarahs face said it all “bish I’ve been doing this for the entire summer” haha!

Either way Ash is a nice girl. But to call her deserving of a win makes me concerned about some of these commenters. Like are we even watching the same show? Someone deserves to win 100k for playing such a subpar game?


Graig brought her into the CS because she was athletic and he thought she would kill endurance comps. The DA was formed later in the game after Ash made strong bonds with Zach, Pilar, Jordan and Kevin (that has everything to do with social game). Ashleigh maintained ties to B/Sarah to the extent that they truly thought they could flip her to their side, i.e. she wasn’t a target in their eyes until the last two weeks. Even through the TE B kept her off the block because she thought Ashleigh would side with them over the guys (which is B’s fatal mistake in this game). Sarah made no more of an effort with Ashleigh than Ashleigh did with Sarah. Ashleigh sought Sarah out for little game talks here and there through out the season (when sarah went for smokes, Ash was always right there keeping her company and it paid off for a while).

Being in an alliance isn’t considered a good strategy? That’s BS. It’s the strategy that the game was founded on. Until recently, not having an alliance and being a floater was considered the worst strategy you could have in Big Brother.

Ash earned my respect by relying on and saving herself three consecutive times, while production handed Sarah and B a power because they were so hopeless in the game. B would have been gone that week, and Sarah wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Popularity contest winners who do nothing but whine about how unfair the game is while being given a helping hand, don’t earn my respect as gamers.

At least Ashleigh has watched a handful of seasons of Big Brother. Britt doesn’t know anyone that wasn’t in BBUS15, and didn’t even understand how the F3 HOH comps worked, even after Sarah sat there explaining it to her for five minutes.


“Until recently, not having an alliance and being a floater was considered the worst strategy you could have in Big Brother.”

Que in Jun Song and Alison Irwin from Big Brother 4; 12 years ago. Dr. Will was a floater for a majority of the game after Boogie left in Big Brother 2; 14 years ago. Floaters have done well years ago. It also does not help that people like Rachel and sucessing casts have completely tarnished and twisted what a floater really is.


Dislike Brits attitude. This isn’t the first time she showed no fight and insecurities. I think what I love about Sarah is she able to see the positive, critical thinking, seeing from another’s ptepective, believes everyone is an individual, quick to apolozie if she hadn’t .


I love them both but lets be real. We have all seen how Sarah behaves when she doesnt get her way. Crying, talking sh!t, getting into hysterics. Thats why the hate is so strong for her here lol. If the roles were reversed, Sarah would NOT be taking it well.


Yes Sara does have that side to her. Week 3 when Bruno put Sara and Johnny on the block it was ‘great TV’ watching Sara fall apart for the week. Next when Sara and Brittnee were voted by Canada to be have-nots Sara and Brittnee hit rock bottom. Sara was a mess! Unfortunately, Sara was immediately called to the diary room and told that Canada was really voting for something else because when Sara left the diary room she was no longer upset and spent the rest of the day consoling Brittnee.


Think I would have like ash’s game without zack. She doesn’t deserve to win she only had to play the last couple if weeks. Didn’t someone say she should have been on another reality show. I really really don’t believe she deserves it. Not for only playing for 10 days. Thought it was unfair that zack saw her good bye message to pilli. If I were zack id be kind of pissed. It was zack that carried her so far.


I’m a little surprised Ash is taking God to F3 because that conversation she had with S/B was pretty much stating that jury WILL vote for God if he’s in F2. I think Ash could possibly win sitting next to B, she’d have Pili, Bobby, probably Zach, Willow and probably Jordan’s votes. Next to God? Probably just Pili’s.


I’m pretty sure that in the conversation with S/B, they were pretty much saying anything and everything to Ashleigh , in hopes that she’d evict godfrey/keep B.

in Ashleigh’s final conversation with godfrey, I believe she was sincere, keeping him (splitting up the S/B “power couple”) since that’s been her goal since Zach left.


But it was Ashleigh saying the boys would vote for Godfrey, she confirmed Z/K/Bru/Bob would all vote Godfrey, and we know they will because of their exit interviews. I think she’s making a mistake in taking God, but that’s just my opinion.


who else can she take? There is only four people in the house, and two are joined at the hip, and will take each other to the end. Godfrey wins to go with her by default, besides her wins lately are very impressive.


I’ve always liked Ashleigh and Godfrey’s little moments together. They always seemed like they had chemistry, but their friendship is actually pretty cute, too.


Godfrey could do better than Ashleigh. ‘Fo real.


If it’s ash and god hope she loses by land slide. Believe things come in 3’s so ash luck ran out.


In his goodbye message to Zach on the sideshow. God said he was going to send out his “showmance” next. So perhaps he doesn’t like his chances at the end with Ashleigh? Or perhaps with Pili gone, he thinks she is his next best chance to win? The message was over-the-top like God was running the show somehow instead of one of three votes. I wonder if all his messages were like that, maybe hoping to convince the jury he had more control that they thought? But they didn’t see any of them anyway.
He clearly has tried to win some of these comps but hasn’t, which is fine, but I don’t see how anyone is buying that he’s purposely thrown everything. He’s played well, and he is very entertaining, but he has never had any control. His game is entirely defensive. Except maybe in tricking Sarah into voting out Willow? If I understand correctly how that went down, it’s surprising that he took no heat from Bruno or Sarah for it. That was a good move. But overall he’s missing the offensive component he should have to beat Sarah. He might beat Ashleigh, but for me he wouldn’t be a great winner.

Dan Lue

Man 2 weeks ago, any pro Sarah posts would be up voted like crazy and now it’s the opposite lol.

Godfrey deserves to win, he hasn’t had to rely on comp wins to make it, but his excellent social game that’s manuevered him into positions where he has never been in serious danger. And for all you guys valuing comp wins so much, the best big brother players in history are ones that don’t need comps to save their asses ( will, Dan, Reyes, Derrick,) but with excellent social games.


one argument i could think for S/B is to convince Ash that the only one benefiting from the three of them targeting each other is God who’ll probably end up in the f2. Ash has won these last few Veto and could probably win the final HOH against S/B. I remember All Star when I would’ve never thought that Erika and Jan would work together and at f4, they compared notes and Jan evicted Will. Kudos to Zach! Even without him being in the house his influence on Ash may lead to the Fembot’s demise. Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy the show for what it is and accepting the fact that whoever wins the season…is the winner of the season. The HGs stressing about who’s voting for who is merely their own perception and to some extent, what they want to believe. Cody genuinely believed that he had a fighting chance against D and was somewhat disappointed that the Jury thought of him as a puppet. HG makes decision based on what they know. When there were more people in the house, words go around and they strategize based on that. Now, it’s just prediction or assumption. It’s always great when a season generates a lot of talk or disccussion. I like B. if she survives this eviction she could say for once she’s not relying on any power.


So if I was playing and I was Britt here’s what I’d do:

Preface: Britt has a reputation of NOT LYING (so it’s time she smudge the truth a little, not with complete lies but there would be some bending of facts).

I’d go to Ash tomorrow and tell her the basic reasons to keep me & then tell her I’m going to be straight up with you. Remember how Sarah told you about the Purple Cobra’s and Zach denied it? Or when we suggested the 3 boys had an alliance? And he finally admitted it before leaving? So now you know we were always telling you the truth, but Zach lied to you until he knew he was leaving. Right?. You know I haven’t lied to you in the game either, I’ve always been straight up right?

Well I’ve got some hard facts for you to hear, and you may not want to hear them, but at least I’ll have said my peace and you can chose to change the course based on your next choice. At least I’ll be able to leave having played my own game with my head held high knowing I gave you the option and tried to make you see the light.

This is all logical stuff Ash but Zach kept you isolated and perhaps you didn’t see the truth. Here are the hard facts:

1) If you were so close to Zach and these other alliances meant nothing why did he lie about them until the day before he left?

2) Canada has repeatedly sent you messages:
a) they cheered loudly when I nominated Zach in dbl/triple evictions
b) they booed/groaned when Bruno saved him
c) they picked Sarah & I for the SP b/c they were tired of Zach controlling the house
d) they cheered when we finally evicted him.

(I’d stop here and ask her) Did they cheer or boo when you voted Zach out? (knowing they can hear the cheers from outside) She’ll respond cheered. Then I would say, so you are a showmance, why would they cheer you voting him out?

Because Ashleigh You’ve been portrayed all season as Zach’s puppet! Let me give you more proof.

1) Did his letters mention you at all?
2) In your Mom’s letter or when you spoke outside did she say PLAY YOUR OWN GAME? Or be true to yourself, anything like that? (She’ll answer yes to both).

Now I know that was hard to hear, but there’s also a reason for why Canada would think that & it’s not just Zach. Sure, he was joking around with the boys about it. JP told Sarah and Bruno told me. All the boys referred to you as “Zach’s extra votes” or “Zach’s additional HOH/POV” He was telling the DR how he would get you/Pils to do whatever he wanted so it was like having 3 people play his game for him.

Bruno would get so mad about it toward the end b/c you guys would sit & watch him bathe & Zach was laughing about it to the boys. He said he had you like this (make a motion like wrapping fingers up). He made a F2 with Bruno and a F3 with Bruno/God did you know that?

Now as far as Godfrey goes there is a reason he has played both sides b/c that’s all he needs to do. He just needs to get to F3 b/c he thinks any of us will take him over each other.

And then I’d pause and tell her, okay here is the big part… There is a reason I targeted Bruno first …

Because Bruno messed up. He thought I was leaving so he told me some stuff the day of the vote.

He sent Bobby to work the jury with lies about Sarah and to play up how you and Pils got dragged through the game and didn’t even know there was a game going on. His plan was to take out Zach the week after I was suppose to leave & then he was going to get you guys to target Sarah. He figured he could beat anyone else.

When I asked him what if they get you out, he said no worries then Godfrey will win. They have the jury primed for God to win Ash. Think about it.

Sarah tried to reason with you the week she thought I was leaving but you guys wouldn’t listen. Now it’s too late to reason so I’m just putting it on the table as it is.

I know it’s taking a chance to keep me & I know you are leaning toward Godfrey but I guarantee you Bruno isn’t just voting for him, the entire jury other than Pils is. (maybe Zach if he wants to be nice now that he’s gone from the house).

You do what you want but if you really want to make a move vote out the guy who won nothing and is waiting to collect $100k. And hey maybe he’ll decide to finally stop throwing comps, but no matter what he tells you, he’ll take Sarah b/c he knows Bruno poisoned the jury against her.

Finally I’d say to her, And I’ll be honest if you keep Godfrey just b/c Zach told you to and then take him to F2 then as far as I’m concerned Godfrey deserves to win. I’ll join Bobby & Bruno and vote for him as will Sarah and we’ll get Willow, Sindy and JP and you know Canada will pick him too and that’s assuming you win out.

Like you told Godfrey yesterday you’re playing for a $20k POV (this will shock Ash that Godfrey told them she said that) well Ash this a $100k decision and more importantly it’s how you’ll be remembered by the audience. Do you want to be another Erika? Or do you want to be remembered as Ashleigh Wood?

So… that’s what I would say to Ash if I were Britt. It might not keep Britt but it would definitely get her thinking and it might even give her pause to pick God over Sarah at F2. Hey Sarah has gone to bat for B a bunch of times (especially the week she was suppose to leave). After taking Willow out of the game on Sarah, this is the least she can do to help herself and also help Sarah at the same time.

Sarah has been able to get into Ash’s head a couple of times, I bet B could too. Anyone else think it could work?