Big Brother Canada 4 – Eviction, HOH & Returning House Guest Spoilers!

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In the aftermath of a double eviction there is always likely to shake up the house. Last Thursday, Kelsey was evicted and soon after Maddy won HOH and nominated Jared & Raul with Loveita as the backdoor plan. Nick won the power of veto and used it on Jared allowing Maddy to realize her plan of backdooring Loveita. This move angered Dallas as he viewed it as a selfish move on Maddy’s part as he felt they should have finished what they started with crippling the 3 headed monster by taking out Jared. This was the final straw for Dallas which ended their alliance. In the second eviction of the night, Loveita was voted out of the house. Tim then became the second head of household and opted to put his nomination power in the hands of the house guests. The majority of the house guests votes went to Dallas and Ramsey. In the power of veto competition, Ramsey won and used it to take himself off the block. As head of household Tim then nominated Maddy as the replacement nominee as she received the third highest amount of votes. Some of the house guests have been firm on voting out Dallas however others have been wavering. Yesterday morning Tim notified Dallas he is staying however due to a Tim and Nikki fight this morning it appears as though the vote has flipped again landing in Maddy’s favour.

Tonight either Maddy or Dallas will be evicted and we’ll receive more information about either Kelsey or Loveita returning.

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  • Evicted House Guest: Dallas by a vote of 5-3 (The 3 were Brothers, Joel, Cassandra)
  • Returning House Guest: The house will deliberate whether Kelsey or Loveita return – must be unanimous
  • Additional info: The Live Feeds are off til Sunday
  • HOH Winner: ?

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Jared votes to evict: Dallas
Nikki votes to evict: Dallas
Ramsey votes to evict: Dallas
Raul votes to evict: Dallas
Cassandra votes to evict: Maddy
Joel votes to evict: Maddy
Mitchell votes to evict: Dallas
Philippe / Nick vote to evict: Maddy

Evicted House Guest: Dallas by a 5 -3 vote


Returning House Guest: ?

HOH Winner: ?


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That is such bull
Fuckin hate Maddy….
And now Kelsey is coming back almost for sure. Great.


I don’t think anyone in that house wants anyone to return. Unless there’s something else to this returning houseguest, why would they all vote together? Joel wouldn’t want Kelsey back and Maddy wouldn’t want Lovita back. The houseguests should just talk amongst themselves and make sure it isn’t unanimous. That’s why I think there has to be more to it … some sort of incentive. Why would they want anyone back in there?


Maybe the incentive is – “If you can’t decide on which one, BOTH will enter the house”. Surely that would be even worse. So the lesser of two evils might be the threat needed here. I am just guessing – but the tactic would work!

White iverson

Feeds are blocked until Sunday.
Dawg/Simon enjoy your well deserved 3 day vacation!! Definitely earned it.

players player

now that there are no feeds for the weekend i have a quick question for fans to think about

i have a players player prize idea – vote up if you think its a good idea or vote down if not

the idea is give no prizemoney for 2nd place and give that money instead to the player(no matter what place they finish) who former bb can house guests from all previous seasons believe was the actual best overall player and strategist of the entire season…this vote would be via text/email/phone to production or in studio for those who attend on finale night and a more accurate indication of who was the best strategist as former players wont be bitter like a jury and shouldnt treat it as a popularity contest like a public vote would

so players like emmett and neda would be rewarded more fairly for their strategic game play even though they finished 3rd and players who were carried to final 2 like sabrina would get no prizemoney…this would possibly have more players playing trying to win rather than playing for 2nd…and if the 2nd place finisher who was the worthy winner gets screwed over by a bitter jury they would still get the equivalent of 2nd place prizemoney in that scenario

i would be interested to see what people think of this idea


anyone think it could be an instant eviction this weekend with the returning house guest safe?

maybe why there are no feeds?


friday is april fools

what if they make the house guests decide unanimously to cause tension thursday night

but then on friday arissa says april fools

and both kelsey and loveita play in the hoh, whoever does better in the comp they stay and the other is eliminated from the game…they could also become hoh by winning the comp…hoh could be an instant, meaning loser of loveita and kelsey leave and the hoh instant evicted house guest both leave on the sunday episode?


or on April 1st .. they say BOTH stay .. saying April Fools .. since it was a FAKE double eviction ..


yes. thank you.

rare second chance

do you think players should be allowed to return after being evicted?

vote up for yes and down for no

Guy From Canada

Because of the Canadian franchise, public voting or competition only to bring back a house guest. None of this voting inside the house unless it’s a punishment if Canada voted differently


whats her name again? blondie? i forgot

Pinocchio Obama

The drama is great this season.


imo, Mitch’s game is going to tank because he’s pretty much accepted the responsibility of personal care of Nikki through all of his manipulations. This is the guy that cried in bed to Loveita about Nikki’s mental health after her first tantrum. Once you are Nikki’s friend you can’t talk to anyone else, or you are betraying her. Do you think Jared’s going to put the war on hold to stroke Nikki’s ego 24/7? Maddy? Raul? Ramsey?
nope. They’re going to leave that to Mitch or leave her afloat.


God I hope you’re right. She is the worst and for someone who doesn’t even want to be there just sent home someone who fought all week long while Maddy sat in bed whispering to Ramsey all week and let Mitch do all the work for her. SMH what a disappointment.


They killed bbcan 4! I’m actually fuming!


Totally agree B Canada has good TV and then production gets on their high horse. Its BBC not Bbaustralia or Bbengland . I am so done watching BBC.


Well this sucks…Nikki blew it…not only did Dallas get voted out, but they will all vote for Kelsey to come back in. I think I’m done for this season…not interested in watching Jared’s crew run the show. BORING.


I’m not 100% certain that’s the case. Initially I felt the same way, but there are legitimate arguments for it not to be Kelsey:

Joel/Mitch will both assume they have Love still in their 3 way alliance

Cass/Bros: won’t want to help Jared/Raul b/c he just told them in essence his life meant more than there’s so why would they bring back Kelsey to reunite the Big 3?

Jared/Raul: Mitch will work them so he remains top 3 in their group & will try to convince them Kels will only put a bigger target back on Jared/Raul

Tim: Though he gets along with both I think he might lean to Love b/c he’ll feel she doesn’t have anyone
except Joel

Nikki: had a great relationship with Love BUT she changes her mind as quickly as she blinks her eyes. Given she is now anti Tim/Cass she might also lean to Love b/c she might think it’s not what Cass/Tim would want.

BUT Most importantly will be Maddy/Ramsay and I believe who returns will come down to a simple gesture:
Kelsey left the house pulling out Maddy’s duck basically saying F.U. Maddy whereas Love, the person who
protected Maddy, was in her alliance, got blindsided and back doored hugged her and said no hard feelings.
I think it’s obvious Maddy will be pissed about anyone coming back, but I still think she’ll pick Love over Kelsey BECAUSE OF A DUCK!

Sask fan

I think they’ll choose Loveita just because they will all think it’s easy to just vote her back out again. I really hope she gets time to talk to everyone before being back on the block, or gets a safe week. Otherwise this whole fake eviction is just a big waste of time and would seem cruel to put Loveita through. I can’t see a unanimous vote for Kelsey because why would they agree to putting that alliance back at full strength again? They aren’t that dumb.


Love NEVER gets a unanimous vote. Maddy isn’t voting Love back in nor is Raul or Jared. That’s why production has the HG’s voting on who re-enters. The poles show the fans would vote Lovieta back in so no Canada’s choice. Why do you think production cheated having Emmitt target Dallas for eviction. By the way can anyone think of a visiting person specifically naming the target in BBUSA I cannot remember it happening. Production is a cheat and has been a long time.


Nikki should be hospitalized in a funny house or something because that is her place where she needs to be, not the real world. She’s such a bunk!


i like that cass, the brothers and joel did what they wanted to do rather than playing ‘lets do all the things that jared wants to do’

they put in work this week and it took a production rig via a niiki bribe to thwart their efforts…would have been great tv to see dallas stay

i would enjoy seeing one of those 3 win hoh and with tim go after jareds crew

put up nikki as pawn with mitch or jared and if one comes off backdoor the other


Dallas got screwed big time! The house guests this year are so boring. I’m a woman in her 40’s, not some young guy, and I thought Dallas was the most entertaining to watch, yet he didn’t make jury or win a prize. He must have said something that pissed off someone in production.


Had a feeling the HGs would vote for the returnee.

While it would have been nice for Maddy to leave and Dallas to stay, he was in borrowed time, and was running out quickly since the second week.

Pretty sure Kelsey is back. Im pretty annoyed that the feeds are blocked.


He was on borrowed time the moment he was the houseguest to walk through the door first.
In North America nobody has been first in last out.


dallas’ delivery, especially in DR, reminded me a bit of the actor michael rappaport

i think the show will miss him as a big character, shirt ripping, ric flair strutting, calling out jared etc

he really appreciated the help of particularly cass and the brothers this week especially evident during goodbye messages when he cried…good to see a real appreciation for getting the chance to be there and fighting until the last minute to try and stay


In order to get a unanimous vote:
either everyone has to line up and kiss Jared’s ass.
everyone has to come to concensus who they don’t mind putting on a revolving door back out of the game.
Nobody would believe Jared and Raul would revolving door Kelsey.
Given everyone said they wanted Loveita gone, even Joel said he understood in a game way why she had to go, but he couldn’t vote out his friend.
If they look at game only, I do think Loveita is the better choice. Given the way they behave, I think it will be Kelsey, but shouldn’t be.


i bet fans voted lovlita back in!


The four diferent fan polls i saw had Loveita leading on four different sites.
not that that means anything. but the closest they got was 54/46 percent in favor of Loveita, the furthest was 71/29 in favor of Loveita.


damn firs guy the boot damn dallas!


And…. I’m done with Big Brother Canada for good, see you in the summer Simon and Dawg thanks for your work, at least i have Survivor to watch. I will still watch Big Brother U.S. though just because there’s nothing else to watch during that time… see ya.


Okay so it is a house vote but it has to be unanimous. I’m dying to learn what the specifics are b/c what if they can’t come to a unanimous decision.

For example: why would Ramsay/MaddyCass want Love to return and why would Mitch/Joel/Bros/ want Kels to return?

I wonder if they can’t come to a unanimous decision if Love/Kels could both return and unanimously be HOH that would be interesting as they’d no doubt put Mitch and either the Bros or Cass on the block.

Have to see tonight I guess. Initially I was certain it would be Kelsey, but now knowing it has to be
unanimous I’m wondering if Mitch will convince Raul/Jared to vote back Love and that Maddy will convince Ramsay to do the same.

REMEMBER: Kelsey left the game pulling out the duck basically saying F.U. to Maddy whereas Love who Maddy blindsided/back doored and was in her alliance hugged her and said no hard
feelings. That one minor gesture may make the entire difference on Love returning over Kelsey!


I had a funny thought. What if the house can not decide, and then the girls return as one player , Like the brothers,
that would be funny,, they are on opposite sides of the house, yet they play as one,


Just 1 hope for the season. Kelsey gets back in(gonna happen) and starts to educate Jared on Maddy, MITCH and Ramsey. Second she has a big talk with Raul and lights a fire on his floating do nothing ass. Think the show has run out of steam in Canada. This should definitely be the last year.


The producers are the reason why this show is going to run into the ground. They’re trying to throw in “twists” to make the show interesting but they’re such awful twists and they’re executed so poorly they end up falling flat. These twists make watching BB a chore.


The main fail is the cast. Which is another production fail
Without the foundation of a good cast, all the fluff is irrelevant
Maybe if they would cast people who want to be there who have actually watched the show,
can at least play a decent game of chess, and have an IQ above winter temperatures.
This is a microcosm of our societies … casting based on political correctness
rather than merit and reality.
Just as BBCA fails, so does our societies based on these flawed principles

Guy From Canada

What I believe this years failing is a complete opposite casting process of last year. Last year was super fan year, and was boring cause everyone was cautious and Sarah cried the whole time to a win with retarded production edits on the show resulting in Canada awarded twists.

This year is Mitch and Joel as super fans, lots of Cast with watch the show before status and Jared who doesn’t know who emmet is. Less influence from outside the house this year (no point system to earn extra votes, house guests having more control inside voting people back in, not a single Canada votes twist, twists pulling their sponsorship ).But with the Dallas flip this week it’s weird why that pattern has changed from keeping big players.

What I have to say is that from watching from season 1, season 2 was my favourite so far. Good cast, good amount of twists, just enough Canada influence(man the first 5 sucked except for Arlie) and my only complaint is that Kenny didn’t make jury, at the expense of Canada’s vote at the end. Looking back I think this season will rank very close to season 3 as least enjoyable to watch from a fan, but won’t fall flat at the end like the USA seasons have seemed to do in recent years.

Tims glaring white chicklets

You are so right. Why in gods name we need to have two players from other countries is beyond me, two people get evicted yet get a chance to come back in. The trouble is in fact with the casting, yes let’s have a Emmett look a like, yep let’s have some irritating over the top gay guy(before the pc police freak on me I know plenty of gay people and could care less what your preference is) Raul is just damn annoying, then there’s the token pretty blond and of course a showmance. Doesn’t it make anyone wonder if this was the plan along that in the event Kelsey got voted out THAT was when they would do the double eviction that just didn’t really count? I am very frustrated with the manipulation of this show.


totally agree on all of that. I am so disappointed that they felt the need to bring in internationals this early in the history of BBCAN. I mean we’re only on the 4th season. And why not give the opportunity to win $ to the citizens of Canada for a while? The other BB countries utilize their own citizens & given them this great opportunity to better themselves.(not counting celeb BBs) Also, I never would have thought they would do something like this before having a Canadian All-Star season. And i would think that our first international rival season should be a USA vs Canada since we’re neighbours and basically play the same game only with more twists. My gosh these HGs dont even know who past Canadian players are let alone the internationals. Would have been better served and more exciting in about 6-8 years IMO


I agree.. The show is so predictable with all the BS. An hour for two evictions ( one fake). And then an hour and a half for only one eviction and talk of the the one plus fake eviction. Then Sunday someone comes back. Goes on and on. Plus the extra half hour show to review all the boring BS during the show. Why do I watch. Must be some form of insanity.


If Kelsey comes back, I’ll stop watching. She’s a sour-faced slut.


Geez you’re such a sad and jealous person. Get some help.


Jealous of?


You tell me. Projecting that aggressively onto a person that you don’t even know, and you’re showing the observant individuals quite a bit about your inner world. Kelsey’s sex life has nothing to do with this game because surprise surprise she hasn’t had sex with anyone. And she’s quite capable to engage in whatever legal and ethical forms of sex she desires with her body just like everyone else.

I’m sure you’ve had sex too, and probably with more than one person. So you’re “slut” too right? And if you haven’t had sex with anyone and rejection is a much more common occurrence in your life then I can see even more clearly where your nasty attitude comes from.


yea i do believe that he or she was wrong in making that statement but so were you, you do not just go around calling someone a slut, that speaks cheap of you


Chinenye I wasn’t calling them a slut. I was making a point of how ridiculous they look slut shaming Kelsey when
1) They know absolutely nothing about her sex life. 2) She’s hasn’t had sex with anyone in the house, and thus sex is utterly irrelevant to her (or anyone’s) gameplay (which is what people should be commenting on). 3) People in general (not just guys and I don’t know the poster’s gender identity) act like the greatest insult they can hurl at a woman is that she’s a slut and shame on her for wanting to engage in, learn about, and grow her sexuality.

Plenty of people the world over and throughout the ages have had multiple sex partner. I was making the point that if Kelsey’s “automatically” a “slut” for doing the same, then if the poster has had sex as well they’re in the same boat she is in. It’s just hypocritical and mean spirited.


Anyone can throw their vag at a guy to get ahead in the world, sweetheart. Takes a lot more to keep your panties on and your legs closed, unlike Kelsey does.


Clearly it’s been effective all these years due to guys being equally as slutty. Back off and talk about the game you weirdo.


Maddy was so fake this week playing the nice girl it was nauseating!


Maddy’s boy Ramsey takes fake to a whole new level. He spent more than an hour last night telling Dallas how much he likes and respects him and that his vote was still very much up in the air. He professed to be so conflicted, to the point of being in physical pain. Dallas left the conversation believing there was a very good chance that Ramsey would vote out Maddy. What a bunch of nonsense. His vote was never in question. Strategic game play and solidifying his position in the house was inconsequential. The bottom line for Ramsey is that Maddy has some physical “assets” that Dallas does not. End of discussion.


the most fake in the house…


then daylight

then ramsay and maddy

sunn dee

today, since they voted out Dallas, i would like Kelsey to come back just to head smack Jared and Raul for voting out Dallas.

I think that whoever they vote back in will surprise them, because they wont know how the two have a common plan for whichever of them returns. they are now interchangeable but the HGs don’t know that, and will treat them as if they are the same as when they went out.

If the vote has to be unanimous i don’t see Mitch revealing himself to jared/raul as not wanting kelsey back in, even tho obviously he doesn’t. i agree with whoever said that they might vote in loveita just because everyone would agree she will go out first opportunity, and really doesn’t have anyone.

ideally maddy will freak out, regardless of who returns, with everyone looking at her. if it was Kelsey coming back, we will now see the original 3 intact, same issue as before, but fewer people on ‘her’ side to get them out. may not matter to her, but if she thinks she can cosy up to the 3 with kelsey there, she’ll be mistaken. if it was loveita coming back, maddy is looking at being the one who backdoored her.

either scenario is going to see maddy freaking out, while either kelsey or loveita isn’t going to worry too much about. instead, they seem to be focused on mitch. had mitch not voted out dallas, so he shot himself in the foot. had he not voted out dallas, but instead was on good terms with him, whether it is kelsey or loveita back, mitch would feel like he has a place to gravitate. kelsey usurps his place with jared/raul, loveita usurps his place with joel, and that loss of dallas who he could have linked up with in the case that kelsey comes back. as it stands who is he going to align with having been instrumental in thwarting Tim, Cass, the brothers and Joel’s preference to keep Dallas. that’s a lot of people who won’t be blaming Nikki for that vote outcome


I was under the impression that both ladies wanted to get rid of the brothers. Loveita wanted to work with Mitch, and I’m not sure what Kelsey would do with him.

Jared is already suspect of him, and wants to get rid of him sometime after the brothers go.


That was before Jared made a final two with Mitch and moved him up the ladder above Raul.
In Jared’s eyes Mitch proved himself by working so hard to help get an outcome Jared wanted. Jared doesn’t want Mitch out anymore. He wanted Mitch out when he thought it was him and the brothers or him and Cass to the end. But he’s had final two deals with (in order) Cass, Tim, the brothers, Raul and Mitch this week.


I’d have to go back and look through the post, but I remember Jared recently having a conversation with Raul about keeping Mitch safe, but realizing that neither of them would beat Mitch in the final 2. Raul agreed, but didn’t want to be the one to cut Mitch because of how close they are emotionally. Jared understood and seemed to agree that he would be the one to get rid of Mitch when the time came.

We know Jared’s final 2 with Cass is fake, because lets be honest Cass has final 2’s with everyone. I’m pretty sure after Tim tried so hard to keep Dallas in the game that he and Jared’s final 2’s with each other are fake on both ends now (if they weren’t already).

Logically speaking it would make the most sense for Jared to take Raul all the way to the end though, because he’d easily beat Raul, and I don’t see Raul ever turning on Jared in the game. But again I can’t remember whether the conversation with Raul was after or before Mitch and Jared talked about final 2 deals. I do remember that conversation because I remember Jared saying he didn’t want to do Mitch dirty by taking someone like Maddy to the end (but he never said anything about taking Raul to the end lol).


the conversation about cutting Mitch was at least 24 hours before the final two deal between Mitch and Jared.
Mitch made a final 2 with Raul, the next night Jared told Raul they’d have to cut Mitch. the next night Jared and Mitch made their final 2.


Thanks for the information Anonymous.


Yes I remember both of these convos. It was Tim who initially told Jared that Mitch needed to go & Jared in turn told Raul.

With that in mind I felt that final 2 convo between Jared & Mitch was fake and Jared was just trying to make Mitch feel comfortable with him so he wouldn’t suspect anything. That’s how I took it but perhaps I’m wrong and it was real. IDK


This season has been frustrating. It’s so bad I was hoping production would meddle.

Love Maddy

Why is everyone hating on Maddy? She’s the hottest one in the house and she doesn’t smoke, which makes her even hotter. If Kelsey didn’t smoke cancer sticks she would be hot as well. Speaking of which was she able to do that disgusting habit in the other room?

Maddy's bf

tbh she’s not that great

Maddy's Boyfriend

Hey, I’m Maddy’s boyfriend.


I bet that if Maddy smokes a dong will be even hotter.


Ummm maddy is constantly walking around with a finger stuck up her nose or chewing on her nails. Better yet, dig picking her nose and chewing on that same finger. But if you get off on that all the power to ya


Ummm maddy is constantly walking around with a finger stuck up her nose or chewing on her nails. Better yet, dig picking her nose and chewing on that same finger. but if you get off on that all the power to ya


Cancer sticks….. ummm ur an idiot!


Gee, Dallas gone I’m done. Lousy season


u want all guy season house have fun!

No name

What a stupid move by BB! Y houseguest are choosing L or K. Ridiculous!

Good grief eh

BB USA has allowed the house guests to vote on a returnee a couple of times. Although I don’t think it had to be unanimous.

BBCAN has already done a Can votes and a competition. Having the house guests decide makes sense to me.


You’re my target. I’m going to get you. Your ass is grass. Unless Loveita comes back then we literally have to team up to chop off her head.
Show that loyal integrity again Maddy and Casandra. Not going to be seen as two faced at all with that one.
Hmm, might be good for the house to vote in Loveita if that’s the case. They might believe she’s going to go after the one that backstabbed her and the one that made her life hell.
And it keeps the schemers occupied. Only hold outs would of course be Jared and Raul.


if im cass and the person who just said they were going after me told me they had a change of mind i would say sure

but it would only matter if she actually won hoh though


Cassandra bringing up the idea in front of everyone else though?
Right after the vote?
Bad idea.
No wonder Tim, the brothers, and half the houseguests started laughing.


thats the point, its a joke, they arent going to work together, they dislike each other and everyone clearly knows

majority of the house as a collective might be together to vote loveita right back out though same as what happened in the double


both girls were whispering

it appears only tim and phil heard

they had a good chuckle because its so unlikely to happen


Tim and Phil announced it out loud to everyone sitting on the couches.
They were laughing not because it was a joke on Cassandra and Maddy’s part, but because it showed the whole house that the two of them were schemers with no loyalty to anyone.
Phil and Tim are showing the whole house that any deal they have with either Cassandra or Maddy will not be honored, because the moment they are threatened they will flip flop. For example Nikki voted out Dallas for three reasons: to show that Tim doesn’t control her; because Maddy said she would go after Cassandra in the blue room; because when confronted by Dallas about his snitching and 1/2 truths in campaigning, Mitch pulled the gay card to Nikki to get her sympathy.
Showing the room that Maddy will target someone in one breath, and make a deal with them in the next should further erode Nikki’s faith that Maddy will follow her word. Given Nikki’s psyche and the way she views people in the game, exposing the deal should turn Nikki away from Maddy. The entire third wheel would view this as negative as well. The brothers, Tim, and Joel would also now be pushing that neither Cass nor Maddy will be a team player when push comes to shove.
The entire exchange on the couch could actually strengthen Tim and the brothers in a resolve to bring in Loveita. If Kelsey enters, business as usual. If Loveita enters, at least two people are so concerned with her presence that they target her instead of worrying about the guys.


nikki is controlled by production who were absolutely desperate not to lose another girl

tim and phil are already united, and cass, one of their crew, saying to maddy she would work with her – to get loveita out if she returned – is not the same as making a final 2 deal, and most of the house would be ok with working together and voting loveita out, again – maddy was also trying to minimize her ass is grass speech in case cass won hoh

tim and phil did not look worried at all that cass and maddy might team up because they know that wont happen, they both laughed in the bathroom, with no major concern, as it was a comical moment


Further thoughts:

Immediately Cass said to Maddy we need to make a pact to get out Love & Tim totally called her out for it & then he & Phil ran upstairs to rehash it. Dumb move by Cass.

Obviously Jared/Raul want Kelsey back but IF THE HOUSE ALLOWS THAT THEY ARE LITERALLY

Mitch has to know based on what they showed the house from the 2 in the private suite: Love saying I may as well tell you now …and also b/c they told them the girls talked all week & even HEARD portions of what was said that if Kelsey returns she’ll immediately be telling Jared that Mitch is triple/quadruple dipping. That can’t be good for his game.

Additionally, the brothers won’t want Kelsey back b/c it will only serve to make them a bigger target as the 3 headed monster plus Mitch/Nikki will have the majority of the house if they last just 1 week.

Should be interesting, but I would hazard to guess Cass is going to go gangbusters to get Kelsey back in the house whereas the powers that be will likely try to influence Tim/Nikki to bend the house in Love’s

Well see and I’m in agreement with the post above it’s utter and complete BS that we won’t get to watch live feeds for 3 days while they deliberate. And, in the end if it’s Kelsey I’m afraid BBCan4 finalists will be
already determined with 11 house guests remaining. Maybe I’m wrong but the fact Kelsey who said she was going to be different was the one who never even mentioned Love in her speech which tells me she’ll go back target Mitch (one of the few playing the game) and go right back to how she was playing with the “cool kids club”.

Anyway I’m off… disenchanted production is potentially setting up the game to hand Jared the cheque and not even being able to watch how it all goes down. If the powers that be are reading sites like BBU I hope you recognize by blocking the feeds for 3 full days you’re also losing viewers who might not return or will
immediately stop watching if it’s a Third Wheel Reunion. (aka …. predictable outcome)


tim and phil know cass would never work with maddy and that it was just said in the heat of the moment as both would want loveita out, if those guys make that a bigger issue then they are pretty dumb


What’s the point of Nikki again? She’s absolutely clueless and she may be the reason why this season will become a bigger snoozefest now. I am done with BBCAN. I was sick of BBCAN after last season when the producers kept rigging it for Sarah but this season has just been piss poor. I should be the producer, I can do a better job for free FFS.

Tims glaring white chicklets

Oh but come on, she’s british don’t you know, we are supposed to be enthralled with her (sarcasm) What a waste of a player in the house.


Nikki from now on is completely useles for EVERYONE since nobody can certainly rely 100% on her even for a vote. Tim and Cassandra have only kept her around thinking that Nikki is a vote for them.
I hope someone will “waste” an HOH and send her packing sooner rather than later. What a BS…

Sask fan

So you think it’s ok if she’s a vote for Tim and Casshole but not if she’s a vote for someone else? I think it’s great that she made her own decision even if it was for emotional reasons. She loves Mitch. If Dallas hadn’t gone off on Mitch in front of everyone she was going to vote Tim’s way out of fear that he would not be her friend anymore. Dallas did it to himself.

Caren in Cnada

Well that is your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it, but I simply adore Nikki and think she adds more flavour to the show than the other hgs! Not to mention, she sits in top three position in almost every fav pole! I personally would take her tantrums and humour over an other hgs in that house right now!(my humble opinion)


im over nikkis bs, it doesnt add anything good to the episodes

i find it tedious and staged

it annoys me she doesnt care to even be there, taking the place of someone who would appreciate it

the whole scenario is an insult to viewers intelligence


I don’t like the move she did this week by voting out Dallas, but I like her too, she is a little sweetie pie.


What is the bloody point of having a vote on the global site when it says right there that the house guests will decide right under the words WHO WOULD YOU KEEP.
Oh, they scouted sites and polls using their media consultants and thought the outcome might not be what production wanted, so decided to rub salt in the wound afterwards? Nice. Not being dicks at all.


Let me borrow a quote from Nikki about tonight show.. “I’m steaming” about the cluster feast they aired. Wow they constantly block the feeds most of the time so show us 1) maddy n ramsey (Yuck) 2) Nikki ‘s weird facial expressions and finally family matters… On the bright side Mtich game might be dead.


Jared saying look how hard it was to get Loveita out the first time. uh, moron. His gf convinced him to save her because she was having a genius moment.
If Jared screwed up, that didn’t make her invincible. That made him a moron.
Either time she was on the block it would have been a walk out the door, except Jared screwed himself the first time.
Reality of his statement: If i don’t get my gf back in here, my airtime is going to continue to decrease. And why wouldn’t everyone do what I want, I want it.


You’re acting like Jared is the only “moron” when he didn’t even vote that week lol. Everyone else voted to keep Loveita and then they all ended up despising her even more because she wouldn’t make a move that they wanted (targeting T3W alliance).

I’m curious where this attitude that some people have against Jared is coming from. How is he acting like if he doesn’t get his way then he gets angry? He told Cassandra, Joel, and the Brothers to vote however they wanted. Then out of the wood works Cassandra, Phil, and Joel acted like Jared was trying to bully and intimidate them.

If anyone deserve credit for gaining teh upper hand this week it’s Mitch. He still got what he wanted and by the looks on Cassandra’s, Phil”s, and Joel’s faces they know they potentially made a mistake voting against Maddy.

Maybe people don’t want to see Jared and his “crew” (Raul) go to the end, but if the people in the house won’t put him up and vote him out then it’s their own fault not his. Personally I think the idea that Jared and Raul have been running things is a illusion. They’ve been middle tier in terms of power, People in the house just know they won’t turn on each other.


I’m pointing out that Jared said it.
I’m pointing out that Jared didn’t pull the trigger when he had her on the block.
I’m pointing out that if 10 people don’t want a person in the game, that person is not hard to get out of the house.
I’m pointing out that it was a stupid mistake on his part, not some amazing power she possessed.


Well yeah he said it, but that hardly means he’s the only person thinking it.

And again the HOH’s power is a illusion. He can’t (or any other HOH) force people to vote her out. He stated that entire week it was smarter to get rid of her, and when the rest of the house (strongly Cassandra) rallied to keep her, he threw his hands up and let them do what they wanted. The house did, and then regretted it. So I guess I’m missing how Jared is the only moron in this equation.

I agree that it’s ridiculous for 10 people to think it’s hard to get one person out, especially if said person is BD, but I’m still missing how this is Jared’s fault. HOH’s can’t push people off ledges, they can only put them on ledges.


In terms of the “bullying” (not what I would call it), he told them to vote the way they wanted.
That in itself is implying that they needed his permission. When they decided not to vote the way he wanted he looked directly in the camera and said they just bought themselves a one way ticket to the block. When talking to Cass he said the brothers are dead to him because they weren’t going to vote his way, and said he doesn’t want to do the same to Cass, so she should think about that before she votes. It’s not bullying. It is entitlement mixed with intimidation. I beleive that he expects that every time he expresses his wishes, everyone will say yes. That is also why Loveita staying week two was in part his own fault. He okayed the plan, and went around and told people to vote out Sharry.


How does that imply they needed his permission though? When Jared stated the facts that the chances of Dallas winning comps was greater than Maddy winning (which realistically is accurate she only stands to win endurance and maybe mental) then Cassandra and Nick ran to tell Phil and eventually Tim that Jared is coming after them and they need to get rid of him. Jared’s no Emmett, but he isn’t stupid either. He wasn’t initially coming after then until he started to put two and two together.

This vote was telling imho. Jared was right not to trust the brothers because surprise surprise Phil was the first person to bring up to Mitch, Cass, and Joel that keeping Dallas in the house keeps him going after Jared. How is that beneficial to Jared’s game? And how does leaving Dallas in the game somehow mean you’ve still got Jared’s back? Jared saw through what Cass and Phil were selling,

The reason why I’m over the bully word being tossed around the victim card being so carelessly thrown around is because ALL of these people (well minus Nikki) are equally plotting against each other. I just think it’s ridiculous for solely Jared to get the labeled the aggressive player when you have other players like Joel, who is totally as much of a snake as Cass and Mitch are, being praised as one of the good guys when just last night he and Phil were talking about hitting Nikki hard emotionally, which failed horribly this morning because Nikki saw through their bs. Not to mentioned Dallas and the way he got really aggressive with people. Most of these players are aggressive, but they do each display it differently. Most are passive aggressive.


I don’t think i’ve used the word bully much in the last few seasons, because i agree with you that the use of the word has become commonplace.
I know we disagree about Jared, and I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.
His social game was okay to me until it changed this week, he was getting what he wanted through positive reinforcement. I still thought he was playing the alpha expectation card, but it wasn’t so blatant. it’s the change in his social game that i’m disliking more and more. there’s nothing positive in the reinforcement now.


Oh it’s no problem Anonymous. I can agree to disagree. I can see where you’re coming from in regards to Jared. I just don’t think he’s the only one doing it is all. It’s amazing how my opinions on the way some people are playing can shift every week lol. They certainly picked a kind of polarizing cast.

I think why I don’t see him as a stereotypical Alpha is because he’s a type B personality rather than say Dallas who was a type A personality. Jared’s more passive aggressive similar to Tim whereas Dallas was just aggressive. When I think Alpha I think of Jeremy and Devon.

And yeah Vanessa really ruined the bully word and victim role for me. I started watching (and became super into the game) during BB16. When I started watching BB15 later on I was horrified and disgusted to see what happened to Candice. I’d still say that Vanessa played better than Steve and Liz, but I didn’t respect her game.

If you want to play deviously that’s fine, but just own it in at least the DR.

Good grief eh

You still haven’t answered why you are only singling out Jared. Loveita targeted Kelsey in her first HOH but couldn’t rally the votes. What does that make her? Tim targeted Maddy in this HOH, but couldn’t rally the vote. What does that make him?

I too read a lot of negative comments about Jared and I don’t understand why. He is just playing the game. Of course he would target people that don’t have his back. That is how you win BB. Tim, Cass, the brothers and Joel all wanted to keep Dallas because he was going after Jared. Why be mad at Jared for figuring that out.

Everyone is going to want the houseguest back that is best for their game, not just Jared.


Amen to that. I don’t understand all the hate for him either. I think this is something that always happens. If people think someone is “good looking” (so shallow) for some reason they are hated or thrown shade at all times. When they play the game people are mad about it? I guess people forget all the shitty things that Dallas has done and said. Just because your “Honest and a Rebel” doesn’t mean that’s going to be good for your game when you don’t know when to shut your mouth.
Its just as bad as liking Joel (who I like) just for being the under dog. Umm no, he is playing the game and talking just as much shit as everyone, so don’t be fooled. He knows whats up.
They see Maddy as a nothing and just a vindictive little girl who obviously doesn’t like any of the other girls (except Nikki of course) because their all “better looking” then she is, or she thinks so you know.It was better to get out Dallas because hes a better competitor. Who still in the end said and did what he could just like anyone else would have.
If the two “pretty girls” had of joined forces instead of letting people pit them against each other, that would have been something. Now we wait to see who comes back in.


In this instance, the reason i am singling out Jared is because the comment came out of Jared’s mouth. I can’t attribute the comment to people that were thinking it, if they were thinking it, because they didn’t say it.
I’ve made positive and negative replies about the comments and conversations house guests have had. They aren’t always about Jared. It is in this case.
I’ve made a lot of comments about every one of the house guests this season. I don’t centre out Jared, but I don’t exclude him from critical examination either.

Live feed much?

You clearly missed the conviction jared had with Kelsey telling her that’s she’s dead to him if she votes out Maddy. Then said the brothers are already dead to him as he knew they were campaigning, and said that he was telling her because he didn’t want that to happen to her….. miss thay convo? Might be why ppl are thinking jared is an ass.
Not a Cass fan, but why is it more important for Cass to get out someone who’s target jared than Maddy who was targeting Cass? Jared is incapable of seeing anyone else’s views in this house, and is very selfish that way. Do what I want because it’s best for me. What an ass hat.


So the premise of your arguement is that it is not ok for Jared to play the game. He should stop talking and do what everyone else wants or he’s a hat with ass. But, Nobody else playing the game is a smelly hat.

The point is why just pick on Jared, especially when your reasons could be used against a number of houseguests. It all seems petty to me. And FYI, they aired the conversation with Cass on the show .


I saw that clip, but I also saw clips of Tim, Cass, Joel, and Phil scheming on turning on Jared, Raul, and Mitch by keeping Dallas in so they could gain a numerical advantage. I also saw clips of Cass blatantly lying to Maddy and Ramsey’s faces this week, and her being very passive aggressive towards Ramsey. I saw a clip of the brothers pushing Jared to vote to keep Dallas. I saw a clip of Joel and Phil/Nick plotting to hit Nikki emotionally so she’d vote to keep Dallas. I saw clips of Tim being passive aggressive with multiple people this week. I’m not sure what live feeds you’re watching my friend, but they sound one sided if you think Jared is the only person playing aggressively. As I said all these players are aggressive, but have different ways of expressing it. If Jared’s an ass hat then so are the rest of his fellow HG because they’re all playing, and therefore trying to get their way.

Jared and Mitch caught onto what their supposed fellow group members were doing and initiated a counter attacked. Tim, Cass, Joel, and Phil’s plan backfired and put then directly in the minority. It’s hardly like Tim, Cass, Joel, and Phil just innocently wanted to keep Dallas in the game, and Jared’s a selfish aggressive bully telling them what they have to do. They were scheming and got caught.

The whole conversation we were all having earlier was how it’s ridiculous to single out one player when all of these people are equally scheming against each other. What is Jared suppose to do? Just sit and play with his thumbs because some viewers are mad he and the “cool kids” (whatever the heck that’s suppose to mean) are playing the game?


Why are the feeds down? Is it for an instant eviction?


Nikki and Tim are both production plants. Nikki is pretty much assigned when to have a freak out. Tim is told when to push the envelope. The pattern of when they get called into the d/r and the exchange of information is so choreographed.
They are brand ambassadors. They have separate contracts and riders to the other house guests. They are Marsha the Moose’s illegitimate offspring.


the dallas boot was ensured by production asking nikki to vote him out so 6 girls didnt leave in a row


Dallas had actually secured Nicki’s vote on Thursday afternoon, and then he got cocky and yelled at Mitch. Nikki saw it, didn’t like it, and then told Mitch she would vote out Dallas. It’s on the feeds.


she was faking

production wanted dallas gone


The smartest thing for the house to do would be to agree to vote in the one everyone wants out of the game, and vote her out immediately. It buys everyone one week of salvation to regroup.
Will anyone figure that out?
Or will they all think lets get the one we all liked back in here and make the majority a bigger majority? yay summercamp.


No feeds! F U BBcanada

Icky Nikki

-.- I wish the Spanish bombshell came into the house instead of nikki. She’s ruining my mental game.


Haha. Actually she was Italian.


The hgs think that whoever is voted in will automatically become hoh.


I heard Jared say that in the episode as well.
How many people would fear if Kelsey was hoh? Maddy, Joel.
How many people would fear if Loveita was hoh? Everyone but Joel.
No need to wonder why he said it?


I thought it was Joel who said this?


Nope, camera firmly on Jared when the words came out of his mouth. Rewatched the episode to make sure.


I agree that the incoming hg may be the HOH. Hope it is Lov, that would shake up everyone.


I doubt that whomever comes back to the house will be named HOH without earning it. It might be that she will be given one week of immunity so that she isn’t just sent right out again and has some time to re-establish herself in the game. She should have an excellent opportunity to accomplish this if she puts the inside information obtained from observing the house over the past week into good use.


Yeah but expressing that possibility in HG’s mind could sway their vote. I think that was the point being made.


Ugh I feel like the people who could potentially rally to get Loveita back into the house won’t speak up!


I felt so bad for Dallas when he was watching the houseguests’ goodbye messages and tearing up. Sad to see a good person go when a piece of scum like Maddy gets to stay. Nice edit for her tonight too by the way! Absolutely outrageous.


I can’t see Tim wanting Kelsey back in that house for the very reason of not seeing any game moves from Raul yet – and knowing Nikki is gone off her rockers. He may just realize he needs a strong woman like Loveita to align with and tell everyone yeah will get rid of Loveita right away then align with her as soon as she comes in the house! Plus he knows what it was like when Jared Kelsey and Raul were like as a 3-some before not to mention Phil was making eyes at Kelsey as well. Plus he just heard that Cass and Maddy want to align to get rid of Loveita you can bet Tim will want to align with Loveita especially if he can get Joel in the process. Can you imagine if Love tells Tim about Mitch! – Oh the fun of that convo! Would be nice if the returning House Guest is also Safe for a week!


Poor bbc 2nd year in row they promise wildest season ever, shake up the house, twists, casino theme and what? Total fail. Last year the telephone booth twist was a total fail, would have been better the week before. What should have happened was the one who hid the chips better should have come back and allowed to cast a vote. Play hoh and get on with the game. Dallas would have stayed, love would have returned now watch the scrambling. And the live feeds would have been on. They should have all these comps ready and implement when they can be sure it would work. So disappointed in Ramsey!! Sure his family would live for him to bring her home.


In my weekly game analysis, the person that has profited most is Ramsey. He was slated to be out of the house next week or the week after. Now he’s got three people to align with. The ones not aligned with him aren’t going to be after him first, because all of the egos of the house are after each other directly now.
Jared has more people against him than he did last week at this time.
The brothers have more people against them than they did last week at this time.
Cassandra has lost her social commerce.
Mitch is now known to be a social manipulator and a snitch.
Tim isn’t looked at as a messiah anymore by more people than last week.
Joel and Raul are in the same place now that they were last week. Irrelevant pawns and little fish not worth the effort. Except to each other maybe.
Maddy was protected, now she’s disposable, just a number and bottom of her group.
Nikki. oh why bother. She’s just going to keep voting depending on who she hates at the moment. But now she isn’t the perfect pawn.


mitch the snitch


I am just wondering what happens if the house can’t come to a unanimous vote? BB screwed this up, not impressed at all. As far as twists go I think this is by far the worst one I have seen executed because twists are meant to leave the house left scrambling and this is anything but that. I tuned in to see someone go back in the game only to see them be put back in to the suite under lock down yet again. Total crap this episode if you ask me!


“Im not going to watch the rest of the season, “Im done with the show”..<—can we be any more dramatic? Just because the game isn't going your way, get over it. Lovita and Kelsey both deserve to go back in the house. I don't think anyone wants anyone back in the house, oh hell no, but that's the game. Especially if you're the one who put the person on the block. Should be fun.
Someone needs to humble Tim and Nikki a little bit. My God shes really brutal and I don't see how she was a favorite on her season…Was it all the drama or just her crazy antics that people liked? I don't know, if I was in a house with her, it feels like it would be more stressful then needed.
Like Jon Pardy said "Im kinda over Tim"…me too I feel. Love his manbun and he still reminds me of Ryan Gosling.
Awesome feeds and updates.!

Is it Sunday yet?


It’s not people being dramatic, it’s viewers frustration at how scripted and edited this show has become. Many of us watch other Big Brothers in other countries (US/UK/AUS, etc.) And it’s always been nice to watch BBCan because it was essentially “untouched” for many years. It was like how Big Brother used to be in many countries. The Live Feeds were free and 24 hours and the weekly shows were exactly what you saw on the feeds – no edits. It’s generally frustrating when you see how producers are casting characters this season and the ‘twists’ are not ‘twists’ at all but just ploys to get more ratings/viewers. This show was like a baby gem. It was great and now it’s so manipulated by the casting agents, producers, directors that it’s just such a shame. That’s why so many viewers are airing their anger on twitter, forums and anywhere they can.


Oh shut up Brian.


If Kelsey comes back this week I’m done with this season. BBCAN ur dumb edits don’t trick the viewers. No one gives a (bad word) about Jared and Kelseys dry humping relationship. BRING BACK LOVEVITA!


Never amazes how BBCAN always fumbles every year. Dallas and obviously Lovevitan(whack ass BBCAN forcing Jared and Kelsey relationship on us) is gone. My two favorites gone 🙁

Good grief eh

So it’s a fumble because your two favourites are gone? You don’t know who is going back in. Neither of these two are favorites of mine so does that mean I can give production a touchdown? Lol.


Wow, so many think Kelsey coming back but I disagree, I think after they debate they will come to realize it is better off for the entire group to bring back Loveita as they believe they can get her out easier…

Mark my word, this is what happens…


So basically your saying it will be one of the two.


I have been thinking about the whole house has to decide, who comes back ,,And they all have to agree. I bet if the house can not agree, both girls return . The feeds are down because they want it to be a huge surprise .


roulette wheel red or black if house not unanimous

i could see the massive roulette wheel from bb15 return as an hoh comp as well

Good grief eh

I think It would have been fun if BB had a trade instead of an eviction. They could have let the winner of the poker chip challenge (Loveita) pick which nomination they would attach to (let’s say Dallas) and if Dallas was voted out, Loveita would return. To make it dramatic, the house guests could have been told about the trade on Wednesday, including who was attached to each nominee. This would bring another level to the conversation. Are they voting to evict or to return? Would Jared and company have kept Dallas if Kelsey was the trade for Maddy? We will never know. . . . .

Ah, just my thoughts. Up to late and bored with no feeds to watch!


Im glad it will be a surprise on Sunday. Kelsey was ready to go home on her eviction night and I think Lovevita got her excited about the game again. I don’t mind either one of them but I think Lovevita has more of a plan going back in where Kelsey thinks she has a plan.


Two words for tonight’s episode:

I have never been more let down in ages.
Seriously the genius that came up with this
horrible twist needs to be fired!!

Guy From Canada

This episode was a fail on several levels, but it’s not productions fault. The houseguests are just lame. If there was super fans in the house they would know that Nikki is drama, so she should be on the block every week. Jon nailed it in the side show when he said how are they leaving a bbau winner remain in the house. The players (yes even Mitch) are in a position where they are playing for second. The brothers sorta know this is the time to start kicking it up and that’s why they and Joel voted to keep Dallas. Coming up to jury you have Tim who is there to have fun and win, Nikki who has no idea how our game works and will vote any which way in jury and sheep that are following right now.

It’s not that this episode is a fail, it’s the houseguests aren’t living up to our expectations. Mitch and Joel are the only super fans in the house and have a clue. Mitch is playing a better social game (somehow) then Joel so we are seeing sheep follow the floater strategy. Joel wants to put up big players, but is playing such a poor social game they don’t see him as a strong player. Dont blame the twists when it’s the players that suck at the game and cAnt see the big picture ………


The episode failed because of how it was edited. A lot of gameplay occurred this week in the last few days and especially the last few hours prior to eviction. The swing vote in the house was Nikki not Ramsey, but the edit and voting order set it up as Ramsey. Furthermore Mitch, who was virtually absent from the show, played a critical role in securing Nikki’s vote and ensuring she hid her vote from Tim.
With so much gameplay and intensity in the house why show a family segment of returnees? A waste of time. And why flaunt the returnee twist at Dallas when he was just evicted.
considering the poor editing choices


The episode failed because of how it was edited. A lot of gameplay occurred this week in the last few days and especially the last few hours prior to eviction. The swing vote in the house was Nikki not Ramsey, but the edit and voting order set it up as Ramsey. Furthermore Mitch, who was virtually absent from the show, played a critical role in securing Nikki’s vote and ensuring she hid her vote from Tim.
With so much gameplay and intensity in the house why show a family segment of returnees? A waste of time. And why flaunt the returnee twist at Dallas when he was just evicted.
considering the poor editing choices of Thursday’s show and the feeds being blocked it seems pointless to watch Sunday’s show. We will gain little insight into how the HG’s dealt with the twist of the returnees.


Stupid stupid way to send either Kelsey or love back in. Also a bit unfair as i suspect Kelsey will be going back in. To let the houseguest pick is stupid! We as canada should of decided. They haven’t included us in anything yet this year. Im disappointed in this season as far as that go’s. But this year im not for any side. I like a couple of people and not awhole alias.

Good Grief eh

The house guests are good enough to pick who leaves and ultimately who wins. But they are not good enough to to pick who returns?

Remember the drama from last year when the final three had to pick one jury member who couldn’t vote. I bet things are heated in the house. For all we know, they are still arguing (ok not likely), but one never knows. 10 people needing to agree. The brothers are shaking, Nikki is crying, Tim is laughing, Mandy has no nails left and Jared is disgusted with Cassandra’s catiness and the rest just want to go to sleep.

Either that or they decided within 20 minutes and then they all got drunk. With this group, we just don’t know. Until informed otherwise, I hope for scenario one.


It is unfortunate we are denied watching it unfold.

Good grief eh

I agree. But in the absence of the feeds, I’ve got my imagination running. . . .

Right now, the brothers can’t agree. They played 26 rounds of rock/paper/scissors and are tied. They decided to arm wrestle with the winner take all. Nick is clearly about to win when Phil pulls out some crazy WWE move, flipping Nick over, grabbing him around the neck with his legs and holding sweet Nick in an unbreakable vice like grip.

Tim, who was drinking red wine, snorts out a shocking laugh spitting wine all over Cassandra.

Cass’s crying causes Maddy to leap out of Ramsey’s bed thinking another male may have come available.

Raul hugs Tim while they both laugh uncontrollably. Soon they are both covered in wine.

Jared rushes over to the brothers and counts Nick out.

Mitch looks on with a sly smile on his face while Joel shakes his head.

Nikki looks at the wasted wine, rolls her eyes and says ” You’re bloody lucky that wasn’t my vodka!”


What would be big brother without the usual comments “I’m done with bbcan”, ” they ruined the show, see ya” and the likes… They make me laugh. They always complain for the current season and promise to come back to the American version or following year, just to start again with the moaning when something doesnt go the way they would love. Round and round in circle.
Like a little kid who’s losing at a game … “the ball is mine.. I’m going home and I will take it with me.”

Fine… Go… No need to announce it. You are watching the show, you are not part of it.


Jarad and Raul with the fake emotion over Kelsey. They don’t want her back. It just puts a target on them and they know that they have the numbers with their new unspoken alliance (Jarad, Raul, Mitch, Nikki, Ramsey and Maddy).

Love will come back if Cass agrees. There will be an overwelming narrative coming from that group that Love will automatically be the next boot but Jarad and Mitch will want to work with Love to get out Cass, Tim, Joel and the brothers.


I am proud of Cass, Joel and the brothers for not switching their votes. It wouldn’t have made any difference anyway. Jared lied when he said to Cass that the brothers are now dead to him. They were never alive in his books. His jealousy of them has clouded his game since the first time Kelsey threw her arms around Phil and grabbed his ass cheek. He lied constantly to them in telling them he trusted them. They saved him by taking him off the block, and now the first chance he gets he is throwing them on the block because they vote against him. What a plan Jared. You’re an asshole in my books, and totally overruled by jealousy when things don’t go your way. This week has been quite telling in how these people act. It became a challenge to see who got their own way. Mitch (usually showing no emotion) has exposed himself as playing on Jared’s side. Joel and the brothers no longer will give him the information they did before, and his face was priceless when Loveita made that statement telling Kelsey that she would come clean about the information she had. I hope he is out of there so fast his head spins. He used Nikki through her insecurities and now will pay for it, because she will be joined at the hip with him. Let him search out her vodka, draw her baths, treat her like royalty………or else feel the wrath of the little Princess. Hopefully she will wig out on him the way she did on Tim. Tit for Tat there I say. His running to his room and crying to Nikki was just over the top acting and her thinking she had to save her Mitch, absolute comedy at its best.


This was up on the BBCAN website today – Last week, Kelsey and Loveita were evicted in a Fake Double Eviction.This week, they lived in Big Brother’s secret suite watching the house guests in the BBCAN Grand. Although the house guests will decide which of them goes back in, we still want to know: who would you keep? Cast your vote! – I voted just in case the house isn’t unanimous ! So cast your votes people you never know what will happen!


Why bother?


I’m still trying to figure out why the show was 90 mins long ???? We found out very little , no new hoh , don’t know who is going back in and no live feeds ! Alotta hype all week for nothing ! Great way to lose viewers imo and if maddy is the best they could find in Vancouver then maybe skip Vancouver next season when doing casting calls !


After hearing the debate last night surprisingly Maddy had good idea about bringing Lovita in just to take her out. But I doubt Jared is going to allow it. In Jared’s head it’s his way or youre against him.