Nikki “I want rid of Cassandra! I want her out! I f**king hate her!”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-31 06-02-41-572

9:05am In the kitchen – Joel says he is having a hard time with people making comments about being gullible and making fun of how I do in challenges. Nikki asks who said you were gullible? Joel says Jared. Joel says I don’t feel like its necessary or that its right. Nikki says don’t listen to people. I’m sure people say a lot about me too. Joel says its been said a lot and over the last couple weeks. When thing pop up like being made fun of it brings me back to my childhood when I was made fun of. I don’t like to think about that stuff. I don’t like people like that to go far. It makes me upset when people laugh at me. Even when I nominated Raul he was sitting there laughing at me. I think more and more the game has gotten person and it doesn’t need to get like that. Nikki says you just have to be strong. Expel them from your life. Joel says I’d like to expel them from this. Nikki says I know but until then.

Nick tells Nikki that if you keep Maddy in the house we’re all pretty much done. And if you keep Maddy in the house you’re keeping someone who’s been talking sh*t about you since day 1, whereas Dallas hasn’t said one bad word against you. When I was close to Maddy she was making fun of you during your tantrums. I didn’t tell you because I don’t like ratting on people but given the circumstances I think you need to know. Nick gets called to the diary room. Joel says for what its worth Nick & Phil have always been the ones to come and talk to me. Phil joins them. Phil tells Joel if anyone else bothers you, tell me and I’ll tell them to f**k off. Joel says thank you.

9:20am In the bedroom – Maddy practices what she will say in her eviction speech. She says those that vote against her she’ll see them on the block next week. Ramsey says he’ll help her with her speech. Maddy kisses Ramsey on the cheek and tells him she wishes he was still naked. Ramsey says there’s a huge target on my back now. People know we’re never going to vote about each other.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-31 06-46-13-218
9:40am In the bedroom – Nikki tells Mitch that she doesn’t like Maddy and doesn’t want her here. Mitch asks more than Dallas. Nikki says Dallas doesn’t bother me. Mitch says that Dallas literally made an aids joke last night. There have been so many times I’ve had to bite my tongue. Nikki asks why is it all hanging on me. Is it because I’m the last to make a decision? Mitch says I don’t know. Mitch says Nick and Phil have said they have control over you. Mitch asks who are the people you want ot go far in this game? Nikki says You, Jared, Raul, Tim. Tim joins them. Mitch asks Tim do you have a .. you said last night you didnt care? Tim says I could go either way. I just want if Dallas stays .. that people like Jared don’t think we want Jared out. I can’t justify keeping someone like Maddy in the house. There’s no plan a head if Dallas stays, he’ll likely go next week. Mitch says if Dallas stays he will likely work with Jared next week. Tim says you’ve always made your own decision but there will be consequences which ever way you vote, that’s big brother. Nikki leaves to brush her teeth.

Tim says I do think someone told Nikki something about Cassandra that wasn’t true. Tim says if Maddy stays that’s great. Nikki asks why aren’t we sticking to the original plan. Tim says you were on board with getting Maddy out. Nikki says I was and then we worked it out. Nikki starts getting upset about Tim excluding her and how much she doesn’t like Cassandra. Nikki says I want rid of Cassandra! I want her out! I f**king hate her!! You’re always whispering with her. Tim says its probably just about jokes. Tim talks about how he wants to go up against the best. That’s how he did it in BBAU. I don’t want Jared to go, I want to work with him. Tim says he doesn’t think Maddy deserves to be here she’s been gloating about thinking she’s staying. Tim tells Nikki he wants her to vote how she wants to. If you just do what I say I won’t respect that. Tim says on a friendship level I am sorry you felt that I was spending more time with Cassandra than you. I didn’t think that’s what’s happened at all. Nikki says its very hard to know who your real friends are. The conversation turns to talking about the bathtub incident. Nikki tells Tim she is so sick of him trying to rule this house. Tim says I’m not trying to rule this house. If that’s how you feel then I’m done. Tim leaves. Mitch joins Nikki and hugs her. She calls Tim a bully. Mitch says why did he bring this up here, Tim is fine to be honest in certain situations.
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10:45am In the bedroom – Ramsey and Maddy start getting heated because he told her things that Tim said about her during the Nikki & Tim fight. She wants to go talk to Tim about it to clear the air but Ramsey thinks its going to come back to hurt him. Maddy says that he’s more concerned about himself than her when he isn’t even on the block.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-31 07-40-18-488
10:35am – 11:05am HOH room – Mitch tells Tim that something that has been mentioned to him is that you said to the brothers that I’m someone that could slip through this game and make it to the end. Tim says yes I said that. Mitch says my decision on how to vote this week is because something they said I said that was taken out of context. Tim says I can respect that.

11:10am In the bathroom – Cassandra asks what happened with you and Tim? Nikki says ask Tim. Cassandra says Tim is so stupid. If Maddy stays she’s going to put up me and the brothers. Cassandra goes to the HOH room and says Nikki is voting out Dallas. Cassandra tells Dallas that he has to go talk to Nikki and play the sympathy card with her. That you deserve to be here and Maddy doesn’t. Dallas says he’ll talk to her right before.

11:20am In the storage room – Cassandra tells Raul that she is voting with Rual and Jared.. I am voting Dallas out. Raul says if you help us, I will help you. Cassandra tells Raul she doesn’t like how Jared treats her.

Dallas tells Nikki that people are switching their votes on him and that he doesn’t think he’s going to make it. Nikki says Tim was so adamant that he wanted you out and then he changed. I don’t like Maddy. Dallas says I think he changed his mind because I convinced him. I made a deal to keep you, Tim, Cassandra and the brothers safe. Nikki says Tim is the reason you don’t have my vote. I don’t want anything to do with Tim. Dallas says what kind of deal can I make for you? Nikki says I want Cassandra and Tim out. Dallas says If I win HOH and I do that .. either way I am hooped if this gets out. Nikki says you’re making deals with everyone. Dallas says he’s been caught in the cross fire for something he didn’t even do. Jared comes into the bathroom. Nikki says I can’t make a decision and leaves the room.

11:30am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:35pm In the storage room – The brothers are trying to convince Jared to keep Dallas and vote out Maddy. Phil says whoever stays is going up next week. Nick says he is public enemy number 1 and if you’re up next to him you’re not going home. Joel says that he has no idea where Maddy lies with him. I could disagree with her on a movie and she might put me up. Its the unpredictability that scares me. Nick says Maddy put you up on the block and we saved you. Why do you want to keep the person in the house that put you up. Jared says I’m not stupid enough to think that she’s not a threat, I just think Dallas is a bigger threat. He has convinced you to keep him, isn’t that threat enough. Maddy is just a dunmb girl that jumps from bed to bed. The brother tell Jared they aren’t going after him and that they still have trust in him. Jared says he isn’t going after them either and that he trusts them too. Jared says you guys got to do what you gotta do .. we just don’t see eye to eye on this. They all hug it out. The brothers leave. Jared says to camera the brothers have bought themselves a ticket on the block!!

In the bedroom – Maddy and Mitch are working on Nikki for her vote. Nikki wants to go vote right now. Maddy says she can’t vote right now. Maddy tells Nikki that she will be respected for standing up and making her own decision. Nikki says I will have to tell Tim. Mitch says you should but wait till the last minute. He’ll respect you. He doesn’t care. No one is going to come after either of you in the next coming weeks. Mitch says I know my life in this game is shorter if Dallas stays. Nikki says I have to protect my gays! Nikki then goes and tells Jared that Maddy is staying. Jared tells her what she wants to do. Nikki says she isn’t keeping him after what she witnessed with him intimidating Mitch.

2pm Dallas starts making the rounds asking the brothers if they’re still good.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-31 10-59-40-101

2:15pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

3pm – 4pm The Live Feeds return for a bit with the house guests still getting ready for the live eviction tonight..

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Please BBCAN god NIkki win the next HOH


now that would be funny, I can just see them all now, one would be fanning her while the others feed her grapes…god please let it happen

Jaja Binks

please bbcan god make nikki a have-not. THE MELTDOWN.


Nikki shouldn’t even be there, she has serious issues and I think that doing this game is harmful to her…no money is worth someone’s metal health. I hope she leaves soon.


She would only go after another female…Cassandra and Maddy if she stays and Lovieta when she comes back.
o: Canada


Imagine the nominations in the high roller room.
Raye-eel drinks my vodka. Cassandra is taking Tim away. Tim isn’t my friend anymore.
(if Maddy stays) Maddy is hooor-ible. Joel thinks I like him that way. Can’t we just nominate all the turds? Oh I just can’t. I’m done with this. Big brother, I just don’t care anymore. Go ahead and nominate whoever you want, can I have a tablet please?


I can’t stop laughing at your post Anonymous! – Perfect!


so dallas is going home because mitch is gay and because nikki didnt get to have a bath when she wanted one?

nikki: “i hate maddy and dont have an issue with dallas, but im voting dallas out”

i will tell you whats happened, im absolutely certain production has told nikki to vote dallas out to ensure there arent 6 girls leaving in a row…theyve told her to play up the tim fight to try to sell it to the audience as a believeable reason to keep someone like maddy that she hates(and vote against the people she has been working with)…production probably gave her $ to ensure it happens…very suss that this has come up now out of the blue

nikki does not want to be there, should not be there, and perhaps hasnt already self evicted due to her contract

ps i cant believe im saying this but mitch is even more boring than ramsay, he mumbles “do you know what i mean,” after every sentence…if you ever are having trouble getting to sleep just watch some mitch clips…intelligent guy, sure, but crushingly boring


Snake = Ramsey (all an act the emitional garbage on last nights show)
Hoe = Maddie (must not think Canada has seen her with 3 guys…boyfriend should never talk to her again)


Can’t stand Nikki right now… She telling Mitch stuff that she heard in confidence—she is doing what Maddy did to lovieta betraying her alliance —for petty reason —-I can’t take her tantrums —screw her:/




I like Nikki, but she is acting like a spoiled, entitled little bitch right now. Tim isn’t paying her all the attention, and she is having a temper tantrum, unfortunately using the vote over his head. She is screwing with someones eviction here, and regardless who wants Dallas to stay or leave, this is completely wrong.


This is a social game. everyone knows that’s how Nikki acts and that she needs attention from people or she will go off. Knowing that Nikki is one of the swing votes, Tim should have been all over her making her feel special and wanted to avoid any possible drama. Unless Tim truely doesn’t care about who goes home, he could’ve managed this better.

Sask fan

Totally agree with you. And if Nikki votes with her emotions how is that different from all the other girls in this game this season. Cass is the worst. At least Nikki is entertaining!

hernanday oleary

This is a social game. everyone knows that’s how Nikki acts and that she needs attention from people or she will go off. Knowing that Nikki is one of the swing votes, Tim should have been all over her making her feel special and wanted to avoid any possible drama. Unless Tim truely doesn’t care about who goes home, he could’ve managed this better.”

So its Tim job to manage the behaviour of a women who is 33 years old, nikki needs to grow the f— up.


Wll looks like Timmy must change from Maddy to Dallas to save face. Seems the house has rallied to get the votes to evict Dallas. Tim is going to have to go after the whole house minus Cassie. ROFL He’ll switch before the vote for sure. Production will give him the heads up on that. What appears is Jarad can rally votes when needed. That’s the real power atm especially if Maddy stays.
Bad Nikki….. she never gets tight on the Jared side. Her game is done she is just a number. Hating on Tim behind his back 1 thing. Let the Aussie clown find it out another.
Hope the spoilers this afternoon come out early. Bye Dallas seems to be part 1!


Jared did NOT rally any votes. Mitch did all that. Jared acted like an entitled fool. His true self was once again revealed. He has done nothing to earn the “threat” title. It was given to him to keep eyes off of others. He could not support his alliance, let Kelsey go home, hasn’t won any of the vetoes, only one HOH and it wasn’t even physical, it was luck. This game has gone to his head and I can hardly wait for Mitch to turn on him as well. He lost a lot of “friends” and respect this week with his tactics.


I love nikki she’s the best!!


it’s so sad to see Dallas go home over Maddy. He has worked and fought so much and to go out like this is a disgrace.


GOSH ! Tonight episode is about to be an explosive one ! Can’t wait to see the drama unfold ! NIKKI has HOH would be so perfect !


Finally decided that out of all these insufferable people that I want Joel to win, he’s just trying to play the game the best he can even with all his insecurities. Mitch is so annoying to me now because he acts like he’s so undercover with his moves when really he is very transparent; everyone sees what he’s doing now and I really hope he’s on the block soon.


give kelsey the $100k for having to endure loveita alone in a room for 7 days


Ever since Joel made the move against Kelsey and Raoul, he regrets doing so.
Before that, he kept telling everyone that he didn’t have any connection to Dallas and Maddy, that he didn’t trust them, he knew they were liars and that they never made any effort to get to know him.
Now that he switched sides and Loveita is gone, he’s switched to “spineless coward mode” and is just trying to impersonate a pile of goo. Worthless, a waste of an HOH to get out.
I liked him in the first few weeks, when he was sincere and nice, and his story also made him likeable. Now, he’s just being fake 24/7, and his pathetic attempts at being fake social are giving me a headache.
This morning, I was so disappointed in him when he actually went ahead with their “let’s tell Nikki that Jared is being mean to Joel” story to get her vote. He was putting it on so thick, it was pathetic. Fortunately, Nikki might not be smart at the game, but she’s able to recognize really bad acting when she sees it.
Tourette’s isn’t an excuse for the behavior he’s showcasing. At all.


It’s been a weird BB season for me, usually by now I have somebody to root for but this season there’s really nobody I like enough, I don’t care who goes home. Anybody else having that problem?


Your not the only one a lot of people are having the same problem.


Does it really matter who goes at this point? Seriously, none of the campaigning and none of the arguing is even about the nominees anymore, it’s all about the egos of the houseguests who have had it pretty easy most of the game trying to maintain control.
It truly feels like all of the people making the most stink about who votes where isn’t about who is best for the game. It’s become about each one of the egos trying to get their way.
Watching all of the chest thumpers parade and all of the manipulators try to hedge their bets is getting weird. The eviction isn’t even about Maddy and Dallas anymore. That’s weird.


It would seem that it does matter who goes home. Each nominee seems a threat to someone should they get HOH. If that seems equal (kind of equal) to the group then perhaps they should be considering who potentially sits in jury.
At this point I would not want Maddy in jury…but Ramsey probably does.


If this were the basis for any of the most recent arguments I would agree, but it’s boiled down to “if you don’t vote my way you’re against me.” It’s been the one repeated point made this week, if everyone doesn’t do what one of the wannabe alphas want, or if they use their own minds, they are the enemy.


I was just thinking this morning about that poker chip competition for the pizza party that Love and Kelsey hid all the pokers Chips and Love still had the most remaining Chips hidden – I wouldn’t put it past production to set it up that Loveita gets to go back in the house because she had the most Chips still hidden! – I just think it’s strange how they haven’t mentioned how they are going to get back in to the house yet they hide those poker chips and Emmett makes sure to mention to each of them hide your Chips well so people can’t find them! after all this Season is in a style of a Casino! So I am betting on that tonight!


That would be pretty neat, however I don’t think they’re going to decide who gets to go in without telling them that that was the way they would go back in. I think that they will compete in the HOH competition and whoever goes farther in the comp goes back in the house. That’s just my piece on it.
Thanks for the positivity, it’s refreshing!


I think the poker chips will be used to decide who comes back. I think they would have thrown that bs into the Wednesday episode if it weren’t too relevant.


Watching the Live Feeds this morning – Caught the tail end of Dallas with a raised voice at Mitch this morning then Mitch runs to the bedroom calm but as soon as Nikki comes in the the room he sheds a few tears and calls Dallas a bigot and a bully! – Oh please…… Dallas is no Bigot and no bully. Dallas is calling Mitch out on the truth and Mitch can’t handle his secrets coming out. Another thing that doesn’t sit well with me is a gay man calling someone a bigot and a bully for sympathy from players when clearly they are not! – Just to gain sympathy from others and damaging someone’s reputation in the process. Mitch should know better. Disgusting !


I do think Dallas is abrasive and unfiltered in his daily conversations. But here is the issue to me: Dallas admittedly called Raul a fag a couple of times jokingly to Raul. Raul never said that he took offense to that word until last night and Dallas apologized saying he didn’t mean any offense. Has Mitch told Dallas he takes offense to some of the things he says? No. Because he wants to use those things to play the BB15 card. In my wandering of the feeds I didn’t hear an AIDS joke, I just heard Mitch say Dallas made an AIDS joke. I can imagine Dallas saying something like that without the understanding that it’s offensive, but I didn’t hear it. Dallas doesn’t seem to have an understanding of what is funny and what is offensive. It’s one of the things I dislike about him. But did it happen or is it more of Mitch being a manipulator? If it was just a manipulation, that’s a foul to Mitch in my opinion, because just as a joke about a worldwide epidemic is wrong, lying about somebody saying it is just as wrong.


You’re right on all accounts – but I do think Mitch is manipulating the situation quite a bit. I watched a conversation with Raul and Mitch on the couch a few nights ago where Mitch was telling Raul his favorite place to go for drinks at night at home. It was a bar his boyfriend and him go to. Then he tells Raul it is a Queer Bar. Raul said he hates the name Queer even though he is gay and Mitch proceeded to say don’t say that – Queer just means all inclusive plus there is no room for hate in our lives. Now he is going around saying he hates Dallas. I think he needs to practice what he preaches and sit down with Dallas and educate rather then hate.


I don’t think Mitch hates Dallas, but he understandably doesn’t like him. He’s using it as strategy to get Dallas out of the house this round. Dallas is disgustingly ignorant and never thinks about how the things he says can be hurtful or offensive to other people. Dallas only takes himself under consideration, and then lashes out like the child when someone calls him out on it. This isn’t the first time Dallas has gotten into a confrontation with Mitch either so the dislike seems to be mutual.

I was disgusted when he used the f*g word with Raul. It’s not a joking word, and there’s nothing funny about it. He kept calling Sharry a lesbian when she told him she wasn’t. Sharry’s current girlfriend is the first female she has ever dated. She explained that she just loves people. Dallas can’t be educated because he doesn’t want to be.

Now if Mitch is making up the AIDS comment that is pretty low. Then again Dallas and Maddy are already at rock bottom in terms of personality so…


I haven’t witnessed Dallas on the feeds myself but I did witness Maddy using the words f*g and d*yke. What is wrong with these people?! You’re on LIVE FEEDS!

And the fact that Mitch used it to further his gameplay irks me. Was it smart? Yes. Was it grimy and offensive? Yup. If you’re playing that card you have to be desperate – and Mitch has been way too desperate this week for someone who wasn’t on the block in the first place.


I agree with your view of them, but I have been told if I object to them being “real” then I am at fault, a prude and a hypocrite. The new perception, apparently, is that calling people names is perfectly OK if the “name” is your own version of “truth”. I find it all a bit too convenient and twisted myself.


Game aside, Dallas yelled at Mitch in front of everyone because Mitch cought him in a lie and he panickly wanted to strike back the same to make Mitch a liar or whatever, but also every gay person(myself included) knows how sensitive topics like AIDS or words like ”faggot” are, therefore Dallas should at least apologise aand he sb should teach him how to have a discussion with a normal tone of voice like an adult.


Mitch is amazing

mitch's monotonous mumble

i would rather watch grass grow



here is another vote for I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE IN THIS HOUSE.

It is weird, but kind of nice to just sit back and watch without giving a rat’s A** who goes home.


Nikki just reminds me of that type of girl that is jealous of any other girl around no matter the facts…

winner winner chicken dinner

I see where Jared and a few others ignore and make fun of Joel, and speak to him in such a rude voice. i feel so bad that it brings back those childhood memories for Joel.. Jared is an asshole plain and simple. Self centered egotistical idiot that feels he is entitled . News Flash Jared, you can only get by on your looks so long…. your looks will fade quickly when your hair falls out and your body becomes pudgy. I can’t understand why Raoul is so mean to him he is a gay man that one can barely understand. i am sure he did not go through his childhood without getting picked on by bullies, he should be the last one to make fun or laugh at anyone. Nikki is another one taking Jared’s side because Tim let her down, but taking up for Mitch because dallas supposedly told an aids joke. Yet we had joel pouring his heart out to her telling her how jared and raoul makes her feel. and she still has to protect jared and raoul . knock knock nikki anyone home. i am glad lovetta comes back tonight she will at least protect joel and give him back some self confidence. end of rant


She knew what Joel and the brothers were doing. And that it was alot of people doing it about the bathroom tim called him out several times about it. They were after her sympathy vote.

sunny dee

my guess is Mitch told Nikki Dallas made an aids joke because he could see her slipping away, wanting to evict maddy.

Tim really blew his shot keeping Nikki on board with him. Watching after dark last night, and probalby in the clips here as well, Nikki comes into the HOH, joel, Nick and cass are there and Tim re enters. basically tim kept his back to nikki, did not offer her any of the candy and didn’t actually speak to her. Nick tries and joel and cassandra ask Nikki to stay and relax, and not long after Nikki leaves without saying a word. But immediately, she is with the ‘other side’ laughing and joking around. sure Phil is out there too, which is probably a good thing, but Mitch’s comments to Nikki regarding Dallas, that is really below the belt imo.

and Dallas is not intending to come after Mitch, but if Dallas is not there, who is to say who is going after who after that? the brothers are seeing that mitch is not actually working along with them, even tho a day ago he was saying he was. this particular eviction mitch really came out strong, and is no longer really playing quiet. and that could be getting himself on the radar. if he had just stayed quiet about it all, instead of campaigning so hard about Dallas, he might still not be mentioned by anyone as going up. it isn’t keeping Dallas that might do that, it is all the other things he is doing.


I can’t help but laugh at how Cassandra is trying to saveface with Raul/Jared now that she sees the tides are quickly turning against Dallas.

Phil and Cassandra are all about the group now! *rolls eyes* They know full well that they wanted to use Dallas (or Joel) to get rid of Jared. And I’m so over Joel’s nice guy act, when he spent this morning trying to emotionally manipulate Nikki by suggesting Jared was bullying him.

I’m proud of Nikki standing up for herself and voting in a way that will weaken Cassandra’s game and potentially lead to her being put up on the block if Maddy or Ramsey win HOH. And for people suggesting Nikki is pulling a Maddy and selling out her alliance I ask in return what alliance? Tim and Cassandra leave her out of most of thier game talk and assume she’ll do what she’s told. That is NOT an alliance.

Last night Tim told Cassandra he didn’t think Nikki was going to play the game. Well you Australian Dingus I bet you didn’t see this one coming.


In Tim and Cassandra’s conversation last night in bed, they said if they couldn’t get Nikki to play their way, they should flip their vote back to the other side.


Exactly Anonymous. I don’t know if it was you or another annoymous, but they mentioned how now nobody is under the radar anymore.Everyone’s games are transparent.

Tim and Cassandra hoped they’d be able to use Nikki like a puppet (not a real alliance member, a real alliane member is let in on all convo’s and not just given scraps), but now she’s going against them. The closer Tim and Cassandra have gotten the more they have in a way pushed Nikki away. Nikki rather smartly realized last that if Cass and Tim are that close then where does that leave her? At the bottom of their totem pole.

Now Cassandra wants to vote with Jared and Raul to evict Dallas because she’s scared that Jared will come after her for trying to save Dallas. I almost laughed when she told Nikki Maddy would put her and the brothers up. That is exactly what Nikki wants to hear because she wants Cassandra gone bad.


Tim has kept Nikki apprised of game moves, he has not kept her out of the loop. And Nikki had conversed with Cass and agreed that they should work to keep Dallas. Nikki’s beef with Cass started the night before the bathtub incidence when Tim asked both women to leave his HOH. Nikki complained to other HG’s that Cass ruined her night in the HOH.
So her vote is not about game but about what she sees as a betrayal within her and Tim’s friendship.

mitch's monotonous mumble

its sad they are trying to showcase nikki as a circus act when she is that mentally unstable

i never thought bb can needed that, the show is good enough without any of that crap


That’s exactly how it is. Nikki knows hoe she is and she does apologize for it. Cass thinks she is the perfect everything she is a liar spoiled brat who thinks she is all that and more and sorry darling your not.I hate women who use their sexual it to get in with people. I have been around alot of beautiful women who do not act like that. Tim is also getting to act like he is a god nope I really liked him on bb aus and loved in the beginning but he says one thing and Cass comes in and does another if he says he knows what she is doing than why is he going along with her.


I don’t know why but every time I see Mitch he reminds me of the Adams family , like the creepy long lost son ! He’s very slimy sneaky and has a creepy quality about him ! I hope next week someone puts Cass on the block cause I’m sick of her stoner voice all over the house ! Having such a difficult time this season cheering for anyone ! And on a final note Maddys family must be soooo proud of her ! NOT !


I am really annoyed with Nikki’s emotional antics, and how she openly shares all of the privileged information she has from Tim the second she feels slighted by him. She has given Mitch everything she has heard from the other side, she is just as bad as Mitch – and worse, because she is so clueless she isn’t even doing it to benefit her own game. Mitch the Snitch, I cannot stand at all. His stupid smug face and that annoying voice of his. I cannot wait for one of the girls to return and blow up his game the way it deserves to be. He has already put a giant target on his back this week with his manipulation of Nikki. He knows she is mentally ill and he is preying upon that and controlling her. Tim has never been that manipulative of her. It is really vile and disgusting on Mitch’s part, and shows his true character. Mitch is revolting inside, and I cannot wait to see him get what he deserves.


12 yr old preteen little spoiled brat!
cant trust a bitch like that…nutcase!


Nikki seems so controlling and jealous when it cones to Tim (maybe she likes him?) but I just cant help but love the girl! She’s so entertaining one to watch, and Tim! Lol


Tim wants to control Nikki he has been pretty mean to her when Cass is around. The night nikki was sleeping in the Hoh Cass barged in and wanted to sleep with them even after Tim had said no. She got right in the middle and was being a brat. She always does that she follows tim around like a puppy. Yes OMG Nikki over reacts why do you think bbcan wanted her there for that reason. Cass has been playing both sides of the house blabbing info. . She thinks she is the hottest thing and wants all the attention. Nikki loves Mitch and Mitch has been there for her. Tim has not been lately. I liked tim until he has been around Cass he turns into an a$$hole around her. I love hoe Cass got talk planning with Maddy though by Tim and others. Bahahaha


The only positive of this week’s “campaigning” is it revealed everyone’s game.
Nobody is under the radar anymore. Everyone’s true game style has been seen.


OMG…the Dallas pleading to Nikki….really no chance because of her issue with Tim….WOW WOW WOW
MY GOD…i felt for him here!
i woulda said…fuck you…u spoiled little c#*t!!!
and got ready to go home..woulda been worth it sorta lol


QUESTION? is Cass really voting Dallas out or is she lying?


last vid never works


dam…i wanted to apologize before u responded
i was impatient lol…sorry bro
Appreciate everything uze do for us!!!!
i thought it was a misfire or something…it worked as soon as i sent message..,no way of stopping


Mitch and dallas had 3 verbal fights so far. 3/3 times the feeds were cut off…so viewers don’t know the big part of this whole dallas/mitch situation. And when Mitch was explaining to Loveita the slur Dallas said to him weeks ago feeds were cut again. This is now going on for weeks, it’s not just today and it is an ongoing problem. We need to remind ourselves that it’s the bb who controls what’s shown on screen. Just notice.


Mitch told Loveita that Dallas tells jokes that Mitch thinks are Whisper whisper, and that he thinks Dallas is whisper. There was no mention of a fight in his discussion with Loveita. In fact he said he hasn’t told Dallas that he finds such things offensive.
Dallas is offensive. Make no mistake.
The only issue I have is we’ve heard the things Dallas has said before feeds cut. At no point did we hear an AIDS joke on the feeds. If he did, Mitch is completely justified and Dallas is an ass. If he didn’t Mitch is completely in the wrong for that kind of slander. Everyone knows Dallas has a foul and socially unacceptable mouth.
The problem is Mitch has been making up stuff in his pleas to people for two days, trying to stroke everyone’s egos to get his way. Is there a limit to what string he would pull to get what he wants? I’m unwilling to make a call until i’ve been given all the evidence. Right now it’s just convenient gossip.


Hmmm. Ramsey, leaning towards voting for someone doesn’t break down to a 50:50.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Go Nikki! She’s the show. All the others are just extras ;- )


Tim is the biggest target in the House i don’t know why why they cant see that his HOH was sooo cowardly he used & abused all of them, exposed their games & got no blood on his hands clearly he’s a