Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feed black out results


Feeds were down all weekend while the Houseguests decided who out of the two fake double evictees comes back.


Kelsey enter the house


Head of Household winner Raul

First player out Maddy
Second – Ramsey
Third – Kelsey
4th out – Cassandra
5th out – Joel
6th out – Niki
7th out – Jared
8th out – Mitch
9th out – Nick

Raul Selects the have nots
Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

Raul’s Nominations are Joel and Mitch

Rauls short list

Power of Veto Winner JAred

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Screw it, I want Nikki to win HOH.

loveita free zone

bye bye

Insert name here

Ah so disappointing, I was hoping for loveita . Thanks for the update

Jared the bully

was just handed a big fat 100K check . Seriously , every decisions they made this year are horrible . Whatever is in their best interest they do the opposite . Really a bunch of dumb dumb idiots .

loveita free zone

she paid the price for having a crap social game




I find Kelsey boring, I was hoping unstable Loveita would enter the house.

Kelsey is BB's relative

Hi BB: Thanks For bringing back your relative! Now Make her the winner.


Being very serious are you sure Kelsey is related to a member of production?


Kelsey kind of looks like she’s sporting a bit of a baby bump.


She also looks Downs


It’s her eyes man…they look crazy…and for that matter so are Joel’s…they both look downs spectrum

No name

What a stupid twist by BB. I still wonder why BB wanted us to vote …..why wasting our time and energy where there is no value of it. ????????????


If the votes went the way they wanted (propping up their terrible showmance), maybe they would have gone with the viewer vote.




1) Raoul is such a moron.
2) logical next Big Brother step: Raoul wins HOH.

A bunch of entitled stupid people in this house. Too bad: just liuke week 1, we will never know what went on in the house these past very interesting days. BB sure doesn’t care to show what “really” happens, as we can see time and time again. Like “Ramsey was the swing vote, and he only switched because he developed a crush with Maddy”.
No word of Nikki being the swing vote, no mention of Ramsey finding out that Dallas promised most of the house he’d put Ramsey up next to Jared if he won HOH.

Tims glaring white chicklets

I felt the same way, of COURSE Raul wins hoh. These morons agree to let Kelsey back in and now Mitch is screwed. Almost every single person I have rooted for is gone or now on the block [Joel]
And since I’m on a rant….if I have to see Raul cover his mouth with his hands every time he laughs, crys or shows surprise one more time I think I’m going to barf.


This twist has ruined the dynamic of the game. Before Kelsey came back in the game, the middle was balancing the two sides carefully, now the most interesting players could be screwed over. It’s a shame


I’ve said it previously and i’m saying it again: Big Brother shroud put a brake on the twists a little bit otherwise he’ll ruin not the house guests’ game, but the show itself. Probably they should follow BBUS example from last year when they let the people play the game unimpeded


If Mitch or Joel win the POV, who do you think Raoul would put up? I really hope one of them wins it!


Jared won the POV! does that mean Mitch will likely be going this week?


Well there goes that promise to Loveita to pull Joel in and keep him safe. That lasted all of what… 48 hours? Good job Kelsey. Glad you kept that integrity.

Big brother fan

It was Raul who won hoh, not Kelsey.


I haven’t watched the episode yet and not really following the updates on here for the past weeks much but why did Raul nominate Mitch? As a pawn or is Raul actually clever enough to find out Mitch has been playing both side?

– thanks


Kelsey came back in the house and told him that Mitch was playing both sides of the house.




Joel and Mitch are the last 2 houseguests that I would actually want to win this season and i’m so heartbroken that they’re both on the block this week…


Kelsey, really? What a joke. Why would you do that? So you let an alliance come back together? Then she lets him nominate Joel? What a train wreck. Can’t wait for more of her boring smug attitude where her in depth recruit game knowledge is always right and you’re always wrong.


Shocker Kelsey comes back in and immediately gravitates to Raul & Jared. Why would they pick someone who would never waiver from a solid 3 person alliance whereas Loveita could have been swayed.

Good grief eh

Maybe it was a better the devil you know, whereas Loveita would be more of a (pardon the pun) wildcard.


Jared won the Veto and didn’t use it.

Kelsey just said “Raoul said if you (Jared) use it he’d put me up”.


No!! I wanted Loveita to come back!!!

loveita free zone

she spent 7 days in a room, doesnt go back in or even make jury



I’m so confused. Kelsey you were suppose to use Mitch and Joel not throw them on the block! I hope there’s a BD target lol.


Raul blew the opportunity to use Mitch by running to him with the info he got from Kelsie


These house guest are fucking stupid! Why the fuck would you bring Kelsey back when they tried so hard to break the 3 headed dragon alliance. UGHHHH I HATE IT!


I fucking hate it! These house guests are so fucking stupid. Why would they vote Kelsey in? They tried so hard to get rid of the three headed dragon alliance. If Loveita came in she’s alone. UGHHHH just pisses me off!!! Production sucks!!! Because if this freaking twist, one of the two most interesting people in the house will be eliminated.

another name

Strange. I don’t know if it’s because the feeds were down for so long, or if it’s the inevitable Kelsey return, or if it’s the basic staging of the entire episode, but i think i’m going to remove myself for a couple of days. For some reason, I feel like I sort of don’t care right now. lol.
It’s not sour grapes, it’s more like general apathy. Maybe coming back Wednesday and finding out all that was going on while I was gone will put some energy back in.


Did anyone notice that Raul used 2 hands while the other 3 only used 1 hand

kelsey sucks

Kelsey has no integrity by allowing Joel to go on block, after promising Loveita to keep him safe.Sadly Loveita should have gone back in


Getting Mitch out is a smart move for them. But sad for us viewers 🙁

loveita free zone

if he goes, it means no more having to listen to his monotone mumble


Well I think Kelsey was voted back in because everyone had to agree and I can’t see Jared and Raul saying ok lets vote Love back in. Also, with Kelsey coming back in. Jared, Raul and Kelsey is still a big target that people will go after before targeting others. Just my thoughts.


WHY Raul… WHYYYY!!!! Ughh he’s so dumb. Such a wasteful HOH. Hope they BD Maddy this week!


If the pov isn’t used tomorrow I get the feeling Joel will end up being the one to leave.
Ramsey has given his word to both Joel and Mitch in the past two weeks. Maddy will prefer to keep Mitch. Therefore Ramsey’s weiner will want to keep Mitch. Nikki won’t want to do what Jared and Kelsey want because she’s decided she’s sick of them being exactly who they were before Kelsey left the first time, and she feels protective of Mitch. Nikki votes to keep Mitch. The brothers knew all about Mitch Joel and Loveita. They were in on some of the meetings. They are closer in terms of game to Mitch. The brothers keep Mitch. Especially if Mitch tells them Jared wants them gone despite what Kelsey whispers in Phil’s ear to manipulate him. That’s 4, and given that Raul is… strategically special needs, he’ll vote out Joel who targeted him over Mitch.
Bye Joel. Maybe he can be on the sideshow with Loveita to recreate the season two Mumsie Kenny send off.


One of the worst episodes of production interference, unethical behaviour and perhaps even pure cheating!

Obviously the blackout was designed to make sure production could bully to get Kelsey back in. Then the HOH comp was a joke. 3 separate unequal task. The individuals doing each task chosen by production. What an Fing joke.We get down to brother versus Raul. Did you see how fast they had the treadmill going at the end? No one has mentioned what is clear cheating by Raul. He used 2 hands and not one at the same time. He further at one point had the top of the disc touching his cheat to stabilize the disc to keep the ball still. That comp was a pure cheat.
If you taped the episode go back and look at the production disgrace. I’d be really interested to know if Kelsey really is related to someone on the production team. If true the RCMP fraud unit should be brought in. In the US you cannot have a relative compete on a game/reality show there are very strict laws after the 1950′ scandals in the USA. Not sure that could be legal in Canada either.


What we know: Kelsey’s middle name is Faith. her last name is unlisted.
Cassandra and Jared know each other socially outside of the game; Jared went to the Calgary Stampede with they guy Kelsey used to date; Joel and Kelsey’s aunt do theatre together. Kelsey and Raul live near each other (within 20 minutes it was stated in the suite).
From a cross section of the house guests as an exemplar of population of Canada, it is now valid for someone to say “you’re from Canada? Do you know John?” without it seeming foolish. Any chance casting recruiters took one person’s social media contacts and ran with the list doing a six degrees of separation style of casting for the season?


Raul had two hands on the stick, while all the others had one. How was that allowed? It was completely rigged.


So are you telling me that their personal hatred for Loveita runs so deep, that the majority of the house will screw their own game by voting back Kelsey? They basically allowed themselves to be bullied out of $100,000?


I find it incredibly stupid that the house voted Kelsey back in. Is everyone seriously that stupid?! Is everyone just playing the Jared/Raul/Kelsey game? Why give someone one of their numbers back? So so stupid. If everyone hated Loveita so much they could of just put her up on the block this week. Stupid how Jareds reasoning was that she was such a “threat” and they couldn’t get her out any other way other than a backdoor. From what I remember, Kelsey was up on the block two times as well, the same as Loveita. Everyone just played into what Jared and Raul wanted. So disappointed.


It would have been a vote in by the public if they could guarantee Kesley would win. The poker chip hiding would have been the entrance back into the game if Kelsey had won (given Emmett’s words on the importance of the challenge). Neither could be guaranteed.
A vote in by the house guests under black out conditions… that could be guaranteed.


Scared and doubly dumb byvoting out Dallas and most being scared now to offend nosepicker Jared and his friend Raulchel. So more dumb and they vote in Kellogsey.
Major disappointment!!!


I need to watch this episode. A friend txt me at work and I rushed to see what was happening here.

Raul’s shortlist was telling enough. Are the brothers a BD plan perhaps? Jared would definitely want to get rid of the brothers and Kelsey and Loveita both talked about that scenario as well. Well they also talked about getting rid of Tim and exposing Mitch so who knows.

I’m just floored that Raul nominated Mitch. Did it imply from the episode who the target was?

Also I don’t think Jared should have won the POV. Raul is already the HOH. Why not throw the POV to him? You just had Kelsey walk back in the house, and unless T3W alliance has scooped up the fellow showmance in the house (Maddy and Ramsey) as allies, the target on those 3 is going to be big.


With two international hgs more international peeople have their eye on the canadian production of BB and this twist and no public vote and blackout has ruined the reputation of canadian BB. I am saying this from an international perspective and from a view of having watched different BB from around the world. This season is a nightmare! It is a shame beacause i love Canada but these people left in the game are not playing a game. It’s summer camp. The people are so generic and like-minded that the conversations are so boring. At least Dallas and Loveita were there to play hard and they made good TV. The ones left arn’t even doing that. It breaks my heart a little because i care about BB…

Snow fall

Dear BB we r interested in watching games NOT romance or showmance or whatevermance! Hope u understand that.


Why does Kelsey dress like a street walker?


I have a feeling that it wasn’t the houguests who chose Kelsey to come back. I’m pretty sure it was the product! I mean why would they took down the feeds? They didn’t do that before. We didn’t really get to see who actually want Kelsey or Loveita back. Just a thought.


Let’s just hope the plan is to black door Maddy! I can’t bear to watch the bitch!

loveita free zone

kelsey coming back, raul winning hoh and jared winning veto third wheel teaming up to ditch mitch the snitch


BBC need to do what they did last season and have Canada vote for the most 2 hated hg’s, have them secluded in a room but turns out they are actually most liked by Canada and given a secret power move to put a major curve ball to help their own game (Possibly cut down 2 of the heads of the 3 headed monster* hint* hint* a double eviction BBC production!)
Give Canadian viewers some power to do this, at least b4 jury!!


This season so far is so boring they need to throw in a lot more twists. This “fake double eviction” was so friggen useless & way too soon in the game!


3 headed monster out before jury please!!!!!
Other hg’s need to have minds of their own, take the stick out of their @#$ and play their OWN game, not Jared/Raul/Kelsey’s game! Chicken $#!%’s
All those other hg’s are scared $#!t%€$$. That’s why they don’t want to make big moves or get blood on their hands. (other than Joel & Dallas) This is big brother! Wake up!!


Kelsey calls herself a Mastermind? She was given all her information!
I like twists but bringing back a houseguest that has been fed all her information prior to going back is unfair. There are people actually playing a good game who have been cheated. Just give the three headed monster their money and let’s be done with this season.