Tim tells Dallas “You’re staying! I’m not here to play a boring version of Big Brother!”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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9:20am In the HOH room – Tim tells Dallas You’re staying! Dallas asks you’re serious?! Tim says yes. Dallas hugs Tim and says my word is my bond. Tim says if it ever comes down to it there are some conditions but it just comes down to I never won Big Brother Australia by voting out the best. At the end of the day Big Brother to me is about those that are willing to get to the finish line and learnt most about themselves in the journey. That the game changed them for the better. I don’t think she’s (Maddy) here for that. I don’t make decisions out of fear. I’m not afraid of you coming after me or people that are with me. I’m not afraid of Maddy. What I make my decision on is my respect for the player and I’ve always respected you. Dallas says thank you man! That means a lot. Tim says so don’t stress about it, what we want is for Maddy not to know this. And if it even comes down to a tie … she is going to think I’m keeping her. I’m not here to play a boring version of big brother. You knew that, I just had to come to it. And I wanted the others to come to it as well. I don’t want Cassandra to make decision out of fear that Maddy is going to come after her. I want her to make decision because she wants to do it so the plan is until Jared, Raul and Ramsey are out of this game.. You’ll never come for Me, Cassandra, or Phil & Nick. After those three are out of the game… fair game. Come for us, this isn’t a final 3, 4, 5 deal. Dallas asks you don’t want to make that deal? Tim says well if you want to do that we can but I don’t want you to have to change who you want to be with at the end. We might want that in the next couple of weeks. The first thing is those three in which ever order. We’re happy to help you win HOH next week. Dallas says my word man, I will not blind side you guys. I was going to show you today my macaroni pieces. Tim says well yeah that’s the thing I would be working with you. Dallas says I would put up Jared and Ramsey. Tim tells Dallas you deserve to go after Jared. I don’t want to take Jared out instead of you. You deserve that. Dallas says oh Tim, I’m so happy!! You’re not going to regret this, I promise you that. Tim says we don’t want the others to know. Dallas leaves the HOH room.

9:35am In the backyard – Tim apologizes to Nikki for yesterday. Tim says that he just wanted to do something nice for Cassandra because she hasn’t gotten any use of the room. Nikki says you just got so mad at me. Tim says I wasn’t mad at you. I’ve just had enough of the girl drama. Nikki says I’m not jealous of Cassandra. It was that I just cleaned it. Tim says I don’t need the bath cleaned, you needed it clean. You said one line. That you were really sick of me. And I snapped. Anyway can we… I’ll even clean the bath for you. I’ve got something else exciting to tell you. Dallas is staying. Nikki shrugs her shoulders. Maddy is going but don’t tell anyone.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-30 06-41-19-463

9:30am – 10:10am In the bedroom – Maddy asks Jared if he knows what he’s doing? Jared says he’s voting to keep her. Just so you know there are people campaigning against you. Maddy says I know. I’ve heard them. Cassandra and the Brothers. Jared says he just doesn’t want it to come down to a tie because Tim might make a big move like that. Me and Mitch don’t want it to come to that. The count the votes and say they have Jared, Mitch, Raul, Ramsey and Nikki. (They don’t have Nikki’s vote) Maddy says if she wins HOH she is going after the people campaigning against her. Maddy tells Ramsey she will Tim aside today and tell him that if Cassandra votes against her.. then her promise of safety for Cassandra is off. Maddy talks about having a good eviction dress. Ramsey tells her

10:10am – 10:30am Hot Tub room – Cassandra tells Dallas that he’s staying. She tells him he can’t come after her, Tim or Nikki until we’re the only ones left in the game. (Cass didn’t include the brothers in the deal and Tim didn’t include Nikki in his deal) Dallas says he will. Dallas says that he will tell Tim he will devote 1 hour a day to find food for his spider. He’ll like that. Dallas tells Cassandra that he owes her one. I owe you ten! Dallas says I have you, Joel, Nikki and the brothers. Dallas says he can’t stand the way Maddy mopes around and b***hes.

10:50am In the secret suite – Loveita talks to Kelsey about how she should have gotten the brothers out and how they need to be the first ones backdoored if she gets back in the house.

11am In the bedroom – Dallas tells Nikki that he’s been working on Tim and is willing to make a deal with her, Tim and Cassandra. If I stay I’m going after Jared and Raul. Nikki asks are Jared and Rual going to come for me? Dallas says they’re not going to come for you. People are going to want to take you to the end. I am playing with as much honour and integrity as I can. Nikki says obviously where ever Tim stands at the end is where I’ll be. Dallas tells Nikki that he has her back till the very end. They hug and Dallas leaves.

11:30am – 12pm Jared tells Cassandra and Nick that he is going to vote how he wants to and they can vote how they want and we’ll see after. Cass asks what does that mean? Jared says if Dallas stays in this house he will be laughing that you kept him. Whereas if Maddy stays she will still be sitting in the corner. Dallas is a good competitor, you can’t tell me Maddy is a good competitor. You can’t trust someone who can’t be trusted. Cass says Maddy went against her own alliance. Jared says exactly she’s by herself. If Dallas does stay in the house I am probably going to be the first person he is going to come to ..to work with. Cass asks so if he stays you’re coming after us? Jared says no. Jared walks off and says talking to her is like talking to a brick wall. Cass goes back to him after and tells him not to say talking to her is like talking to a brick wall. Jared says I’m just annoyed because we all made a group decision and now I’m hearing something else. Cass tells him not to say she is like talking to a brick wall go say that to the brothers, not me. Nick talks to Jared and says nothing is set in stone. As of this morning Dallas is going. Cass says she is coming after me and the brothers. Jared says I’ve been on the block because of her. I’ve been screwed over way more than you. I just know she isn’t going to win any more competitions.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-30 08-48-18-293

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and another girl leaves….


That’s ok if that girl is Maddy. Besides we’ll be getting one girl back in the house.

White iverson

Don’t worry there are lots of girls left..
You still have Mitch…Raul..and crybaby little girl Ramsey.


Okay that was a pretty offensive, homophobic and heteronormative comment. Chill. there is nothing wrong with guys crying, it’s actually endearing. And gay guys aren’t girls. Dumbass.


It’s called Comedy, are u in the PC Police Academy?


Why would ag be in in the “PC police academy”? What pray tell is sooo “comedic” about a homophobic joke insinuating that Mitch and Raul act like women because there gay?


Because gay people generally act more like women then men Lol.


No the comparison is not funny. It’s sexist and homophobic.


How is it either of those things. It’s an accurate observation.

You wouldn’t be so miserable if you weren’t offended by everything


i laughed lol…take a joke people!

White Iverson

Maddy deserves to leave for such a terrible decision.
I hope Raul is next.

Big Brother is life

I was really hoping Maddy to stay just for that Ramsey kiss but another girl leaves and another comes back. Also seeing no one will tell Maddy she is going, Ramsey won’t kiss her as he thinks she is safe.




Is there another double eviction this week? It was stated whoever comes back can change the game. Maybe the one who comes back will be the one to decide who gets evicted???


Does any else think that when the houseguests find out that either Kelsey or Loveita will be coming back before the voting, that the voting outcome will change (especially if there’s a tie) on Thursday? I’m thinking that Tim will change his mind and keep Maddy in the house because he’ll think if Loveita comes back she’ll go after Maddy? And with Loveita coming back, she herself would also be a huge target. Additionally, by keeping Maddy and getting rid of Dallas, he’ll keep Jared’s side of the house happy. I’m just thinking that when the houseguests found out about this huge twists, they may change who they’re going to vote out on Thursday.


Really hope this works. It’s time for guys to go but Maddy put herself at the top of the list with that incredibly stupid move. I’m loving the Dallas / Jared feud and hope they both stay and fight it out for a while.


I love Jared campaigning to get Dallas out.

Jared ” if he stays he’ll come after me”

What everyone is thinking “good”


I don’t think its fair for this weeks evictee to leave and have Kelevieta stay..
They should have the three (this week evictee and Kelevieta)play in HOH comp to see who stays!
God Save The Queen!!!


bye Bye Bitch!! 😀


Do we know for sure when they will find out one of them is coming back. And then when they will find out who it is? Could be interesting if they find out one is coming back but they don’t know which one until after the vote. If loveita and Kelsey are able to hear their reactions, that would be great.


As much as I find Maddy a terrible overall game player, I’m actually really hoping Joel will flip and vote out Dallas with Mitch, Jared, Raul, and Ramsey. It will certainly be a blow to Tim’s growing ego. I can practically picture the look on Tim’s face if he gets robbed of the chance to cast a tie breaking vote.


It’s early on Wednesday and somebody has already been told they are staying. This is not a foregone conclusion. I keep looking for deviousness in the motivations of telling someone a day early.
I’m still expecting a double eviction this week to replace the fake double. I’m still expecting a Canada’s vote situation as well, but that’s only because of the caption on the bbcanada page that was leaked early a couple of weeks ago.
Is there still a chance that things could flip again? Yes. How likely is Joel to flip? pro- maintains his connection to Mitch. strengthens connection to Jared. con- it weakens him because he’ll be seen as a liar to half the house, he will be working with Raul who he doesn’t trust, it cuts his ties to the brothers and to Cass. He no longer has any value after the vote because he won’t get intel from all sides. He ends up in bed with a couple of people that have stated this week that he is the first in line out the door after Dallas and Ramsey. Depends on Mitch’s sway over Joel or Joel’s self interest.
What about Ramsey? Is the fact that Maddy is going to say she loves her boyfriend in her 30 seconds before the vote going to make him say okay I look like a goof? Not only is he the second in line to her bedroom door in the game, but she’s off the market. Anyone image conscious would be saying this isn’t a good look. He could flip either way as well.


Why don’t they have BOTH Loveita and Kelsey come back in, but have them come in as one (same as the brothers). I think that would be hilarious!


I am loving this feud going back and forth between the two sides for the Dallas and Maddy votes! – Which ever way it turns out it can only mean good things for who ever returns to the House – Love or Kelsey! Because if Dallas stays people will not only want him gone they will still be focused on him which will take the heat off whoever returns and if Maddy is still in the house same thing people will want her out because they know that she will be coming for them! Good times ahead.


I don’t buy Maddy’s campaign to Phil. She contradicted herself a lot. But hey if contradictions swing Phil, more power to her.


Is there any tension between Jared and Cassandra in progress ? This is for the second time when i see jabs thrown at each other in less than a week. Or it is because Cassandra’s ego is as big as Tim’s in the last week. Who does Cassandra think she is anyway?