Tim’s Koala Bear Nominations – “I will have no active part in the decision”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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11:40am Tim gathers everyone in the living room to make his announcement about how he will be doing his nominations. Tim yells hurry up!!! Mitch suggests the last one down gets nominated. Tim says yeah and then yells last one down is nominated!! Tim tells the house guests that Cassandra is playing the roll of admin for the meeting. She has no special powers and will also take part in the proceedings. Tim says so did you guys catch big brother last night.. it was a terrible shock double eviction. The house guests laugh. Tim says this week I am just the facilitator. I have no power this week. I am going to hand over two names I will have no active part in the decision. I am just the facilitator. You will have 5 points and you tell me two names. You have to give at least 1 point to each person. The top 2 people with the most points will be the nominees. There will also be a little twist when we get to the power of veto which I will tell you later. (The veto winner will also get to choose the nominee.) This week its house decision. Maddy asks how do we know you are adding up the points correctly and not just going into the high roller room and making your own choice. If you don’t want to participate then the 5 points will be put against your name. Tim says you also need to give a reason why you’re attributing the points to the person and it can’t be for strategic reasons. If I think you’re not taking it seriously or its not a good reason the points will be attributed to your name. Dallas says so its just a popularity contest. What if we just all refuse to vote and we all get 5 points against our names. Tim says if you want to do that we can do that. And we’ll roll the dice for everyone. Maddy and others say they don’t want to do that.

In the storage room – Jared tells Dallas I couldn’t do that to them (Brothers) they just saved my a$$. Dallas says I don’t even want to play this sh*t. This is bullsh*t my fate is being decided by koala bear. Jared says I couldn’t do it to the brothers they saved my a$$ in this game. Dallas goes around the house and tells everyone to put 4 bears on me and 1 on someone random. Maddy says then you’re up . I’m not playing the popularity contest.

11:50am HOH room – Cassandra tells Tim that she walked into the storage room and overheard Dallas saying this is bullsh*t my fate is being decided by Kuala bears. Tim then asks her who she would like to give her bears to.

Cassandra says I would like to give 4 bears to Ramsey and 1 to Dallas. Ramsey because when I am near him he is listening and spreads what I say around the house. Dallas is sometimes very grumby and not very nice.

Dallas says what I just told everyone in the house was to put 4 bears on my self and 1 on another person. Tim says you can’t nominate yourself. Dallas says that changes a lot. I don’t like that one bit. This is just a popularity contest. I’m prepared to fight for the veto at this point. Tim says you will love the veto, the power will be in your hands. Tim tells him he can put 5 bears on himself if he wants. Dallas says done and walks out.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-25 09-04-44-531

12:10pm – 12:35pm Jared says 4 bears on Dallas. He’s antisocial and becoming who Loveita was last week. And 1 bear Ramsey because he stresses people out in the house by being a gossip. Joel says 3 bears to Dallas because he is a strong competitor in the game and he went back on his word early on in the game. Two bears on Ramsey because he said he wanted to work with him but told others the exact same story. Maddy says 3 bears to Dallas because she wouldn’t feel so obligated to be by his side. And I give 2 bears to Jared because him leaving there wouldn’t be two sides in the house. Mitch says 3 bears to Dallas on a personal level a lot of things he says don’t sit well with me. The other 2 to Ramsey because of his self control. He breaks the rules a lot singing and napping. Nick/Phil says Maddy 3 bears because she annoys me, she’s loud and obnoxious. Nick agrees. And 2 bears to dallas because he blew up in the bedroom before you got here. We don’t need that negative energy in the house. Nikki says put 5 points towards my name so my conscience is clear. But Dallas said to put them on him so … Tim tries to persuade Nikki to put more bears on Maddy than Dallas because most people would be nominating Dallas. Nikki says 4 bears to Maddy because she is trying to get the girls out and she’s good at manipulating the guys. She’s gone for Nick’s bed to Ramsey’s bed. And 1 bear to Dallas because he asked and I like him. Ramsey says 2 bears to Jared because he hasn’t gotten a change to get to know Cass & Raul because of Jared’s alpha presence. The second person is Dallas for 3 bears because he has persuaded me to do this twice in this game and him leaving I could make decisions by myself. Raul says 1 bear on Joel because he hurt me a lot and makes me feel uncomfortable. And 4 bears to Dallas because he makes me feel uncomfortable around the house and he can be very rude to people in the jokes he makes. After Raul is done that concluded the procedure. Tim looks at his board and says obviously Dallas and Ramsey are up for nomination. 30 bears to Dallas and 9 bears to Ramsey. Maddy had 6 bears. Jared had 4 bears. Joel had 1 bear.

Nominations: Dallas & Ramsey

The nomination ceremony will be later tonight.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-25 09-33-37-625

Kelsey and Loveita are watching the house guests talk to Tim in the HOH room. Loveita figures out Tim’s nomination plan. They were able to read the house guests lips as they made their choices and they saw Tim’s score board in the bathroom.

1:20pm By the pool – Ramsey talks to Joel and he tells him he voted for him. Ramsey then talks to Mitch. Mitch explains why he voted for Ramsey. Ramsey talks to Mitch about others voting from him. Mitch explains if Ramsey is up on the block he won’t vote against him. Ramsey starts crying and says he takes everything so personally. Ramsey says you and Joel …I just see no strategy why you would both vote against me. I just don’t want to be kept here just because I’m next to Dallas. People are using my name as an easy name. I just know Cass voted for me! I just know it. The person I voted for was so if that person left I could build a better relationship with Cass. I don’t know for sure, I just heard others saying she was going to vote for me.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-25 10-22-52-892

1:45pm Secret room – Kelsey talks to Loveita about how if she goes back into the house she is keeping Maddy because no one will pick her to win in the end. Lovetia says if I got back in the game I would play her.

2:10pm – 2:20pm Hot Tub room – Phil asks Dallas why didn’t you just put 5 votes on yourself, why not put them on someone else? Dallas says because I’m here to play Big Brother Canada not Big Brother Australia. Its okay to go out that way I think. I’m ready do make some big moves if I can just get HOH.

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Tim says he has no active part in deciding who is nominated and then he says this…….’If I think you’re not taking it seriously or its not a good reason the points will be attributed to your name.’ Uhhhhhhh I think that is playing an active part…..along with all the other rules you are making up as you go along. Nice try…


Easiest cop out way to not get blood on your hands. Not a bad move. But tim always say he wants to shake up the house…this is just doing exactly what the house wants.


Tim you scared little wuss, you’re here to play BB Canada, NOT BB Australia


This could backfire on Tim. If any of the HGs are serious fans (which I doubt), they may take offence to his attitude towards the game. The best part of Tim’s process is Tim telling Cass to stop eating the votes!


Tim is brilliant.


No, he is a AHole for making noms this way.
He does not have the balls to make up his own play like Joel did.
The Aussie sucks!!


This is a bunch of nonsense…seriously. Now it’s no longer Tim’s HOH it’s the House HOH. Utter nonsense. And the nominations can’t be strategic…..wtf? I’ve seen snippets of the Australian Big Brother where a person could get nominated just because they eat too much food, not because they’re a threat in the game. I’m more into strategic gameplay not this circus that Tim is giving us.

Viewers may like Tim but I can’t wait for his reign, or non-reign to be over so someone can win HOH and actually have the balls to put someone up without all the theatrics. . If he gets to final 2 how will he answer the question ; ‘ What big move did you actually make in the game?’ Yah the move of playing it safe and letting everybody else decide and not him the HOH.

If this works for him then kudos to him , but come on Tim, for his next HOH he better make a move.


The noms were all strategic and he stressed over and over that she could – and should – be strategic. He just wanted non-strategic reasoning as well. It’s his HOH, who cares how he chose to conduct it? This made things interesting.


Just take out the brothers their both putz’s anyway get a 2 for 1 deal.


Omg the way Cassandra lied to Maddy about not giving votes to Ramsey…and the poor guy is crying because of the possibility of her voting against him…


i like tim but i do agree with Dallas that it’s a popularity contest this time. People just follow the majority like sheep as per usual. tim should have had the guts to make a big boy decision and nominated like an HOH does.


I want to hear the girls fart in the secret room: Loveita and Kelsey? Did anybody hear a fart?


Mitch is busted! He’s not my favourite but honestly if he manages to stay after one of those two return he deserves to win lol

Lots of talk

I so thought from hearing Tim talk he would nominate well and own it gladly. This feels like a huge cop out. I’m disappointed in this. Might work out for him but as a viewer I wanted to see something stronger from him. I’m hoping for Loveita to come back over Kelsey. Is it going to be Canada vote ? And if so I have no idea who Canada is favoring. But I just don’t like Kelsey’s flirty ways even tho it does work. The women are getting taken out and a house full of men will be left for her and she will go to the finale. I just personally don’t like that kind of game play. I would also like to see how Jared plays the game without her there.


To those saying this is Tim cop-out: He is playing the long game. All other houseguest have now clued him into their strategy…watch as he uses this information to take them down.

sunny dee

do they have a bathroom or sink or anything in that secret room. That would be pretty bad if not, doesn’t seem like it. ordering food in of course, just seems more prison like (tho cells have sinks and toilets, just saying)

too bad they don’t have sound on the screen, that would make it interesting.

Dallas is took the wind out of Tim’s sails anyway, telling people to say his name. Good for him. If it comes down to it, and Tim didn’t do this move, he would have put those two up anyway. he’s just pretending now. Dallas telling everyone to put it all on him also takes the burden off the other HGs. and the reasons, ‘dallas lied to me’ or whatever they are, those are strategic reasons that Tim told them they can’t use. obviously putting up Dallas is strategic, he is gunning after the 2/3 pair, he is ‘head’ of the ‘other side’, he wins POVs and have nots, it is just a matter of time for him to win a HOH. getting him out helps level the playing field for everyone else.


Right now it doesn’t matter who wins the veto because who ever is replaced will never be the one voted out. Unless Dallas wins and nominates Maddy.
Maddy effed everyone over this week and Tim put the nail in the coffin! – I loved what Tim did but I also think it would be a shame if Tim won this game! Time for Loveita to come back in this game and make a strike at Tim and Cassandra!


When Ramsey cries and says to Mitch “you and Joel voted for me?!”…man that got to me , meaning he expected the rest of the house to betray him not them…..to make things worse its personal….man it breaks my heart ….cause am sure he feels so alone ???? …. Then maddy comes– am like to hell with you ????Cuddling with that whore!


Ramsey reaps what he sows.
Why shouldn’t Joel nominate someone that said forty eight hours earlier that he was a man of his word and was with Joel and Loveita? He betrayed one at Maddy’s whim, what makes him worthy of the trust of the other? He isn’t.
As far as Mitch, Mitch is a landshark. He plays the entire weak and vulnerable emotionally card to appear weak, and sees Ramsey doing the exact same thing to fly under the radar. Takes one to know one, and Ramsey is just too inobservant to recognize it.
It already came down from “the house” that Ramsey and Dallas should be nominated. Mitch will always go with the house. It’s what floaters do.


Say what you want abou Loveita but she’s my favorite player this season! Her exit last night was pure class and she seems really geniune and a solid nice person. Maddy and Cassandra are horrible. I find it hard to believe that these two witches beat out thousands of other contenders to play the game. There are no redeeming qualities to them at all. I hope Love gets voted back in to exact her revenge and really shake things up. Joel and Ramsey need her. Was not a big fan of Dallas but I am now. I do hope he survives this week.
Everyone else in the house are just bland gutless sheep!!


It’s not a game, it’s a reality tv show. Crazy people are the common denominator on reality tv shows.


Tim’s math was wrong from what people said to what bears he put out. He transposed the brothers nominations. Not a big difference, but it was an error nonetheless. The brothers gave 3 to Maddy, 2 to Dallas.


Im actually liking watchng Kelsey and Loveita together. Go team Kelvita!


Tim is just a guy in the house. If they didn’t all follow him around and do whatever he says he couldn’t pull this off. Tim is able to change the game because Tim is the Shepard. To be complaining about the soft power someone has in the bb house is assanine.


Few weeks ago Ramsey and Cassandra pledged to save each other if one of them wins the POV and now Cassandra gives 4 bears to … Ramsey. If I were Ramsey i would spill the beans to the entire house to screw her game down the road assuming she probably has made similar deals with others too .


I see the problem as Ramsey made similar deals with the brothers, Loveita and Joel, and Mitch, as well as Maddy and Dallas.
He blows up his deal with Cassandra all of them think hey, you had the same deal with me you’re just as shady as her. And he’s on the block.


With Tim setting up his way of voting…….yikes….and looks like BB will allow…….he now knows so much info on all….he is the shepherd and leading the Canadian lambs to slaughter…..

Good Grief Eh

Wow. When Tim first proposed this I thought this would be stupid and it was just a cop out. Now I’m not so sure. Every HOH gathers information on who people want to see up and why. He just made it public that this is what he is doing and that he is going with the majority of the house. He isn’t the first HOH to nominate based on what the house wants, he is just the first HOH to make it clear to everyone that is what he is doing. And it is already working. Ramsey is questioning who voted for him and why. Tim has taken the spotlight off of him and put it onto the house guest. I got to give him props. I don’t think any other house guest could have pulled of this kind of game play. Plus he still obtained a lot of good info on people. and about people. that he can use later on.

And finally, it has all of us talking about it. I can’t wait to see if it continues to work for him or if it blows up in his face.


I would respect Tim more if he put up Maddy and target the bitch.. Gummy bears is a Weak and lame playgame and its just stupid. What a waste of HOH

Furless Bat

The problem with this is that in BBAU the rules are different and don’t work in this format. They can’t discuss noms ever, and at this point in the game 5 people would be nominated encouraging ppl to distribute the points on more people. This is just a “go with the house move”, pretty disappointing after all of Tim’s big talk.


awww poor Rammy

Flick Ramsey

Ramsey got what he deserved! Poor Dallas!!

Willy from Halifax

I demand a recount. If The brothers gave Maddy 3 gummies (@10:23) and Nikki gave Maddy 4 gummies (@14:35) how does the final tally end up with Maddy getting 6 gummies. My takly is
Joel – 1
Jared – 4
Maddy – 7
Ramsey – 9
Dallas – 29

Ariana Grande stinks!

Come on Ramsey, grow a pair of cojones!