Big Brother Canada 4 March 26 Power Of Veto Results

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Power of Veto winner is Ramsey

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It means Dallas/Maddy will go home.


hope its the idiot maddy


…lol…that would be epic and if Lovieta goes back in…lol…poetic


If I’m not mistaking
Tim said he would let the winner of POV pick the replacement nom
I would Imagine Ramsey won’t be picking his bff Maddy to go on the block
It’s all part of Tims weak ass copout of HOH
I hope Tim is on the block next week for being such a whoosy


Well… Dallas is gone… FINALLY the first GUY goes home in week 5!


buh bye maddy & hello loveita!

Let's Pray

God, I really hope so! I hope Maddy gets evicted and Loveita comes right back in. I would die to see Maddy’s face if that happens.


In the eventuality that Ramsey goes to the d/r and asks them to explain the pov situation and why they wouldn’t let Tim do his pov holder nominates plan, would they be obligated to tell him that they said no such thing?


Miss Trump. female Oompa-Loompa. if Cass gets any more orange… A sprained ankle gives you jaundice?
It started to look ridiculous a week ago. After her most recent coat of spackle someone really should call her into d/r and tell her everyone is complaining that they are fixing their colour balance so she doesn’t look quite so awful.
Somebody tell her. Please. It’s beginning to leave a “voice of fire” color dot on my retina.


Hilarious – made my day.


I love that Jared and Raul are FINALLY talking about getting rid of Mitch! I’m respecting Jared a lot more now. I’m not sure now is the best time for them to pull a Maddy move, but it’s good they recognize they can’t beat him in the end game. And this is coming from a Mitch fan lol. I respect Dr. Will and Dan as gamers more than Derrick because they were in the hot seat at least once, and adapted their games to stay in the house. Derrick was never in the hot seat until the final 3. Mitch and Joel need to show they are adaptable to be “great” players instead of just “good.”

Who will Ramsey put up? Jared? I would think even if he did that people would get rid of Dallas before Jared. Either way it sounds like during the POV Ramsey has shown himself to be a strong competitor. Ramsey winning will also throw Cassandra and Joel for a twist since they were hoping to get rid of Ramsey this round.

This week is starting to become more interesting. I don’t see Ramsey putting Maddy up as the replacement so it’s a bigger chance of Dallas leaving this round. Which may be the first guy leaving of the season.


I was under the impression Tim said between the noms and POV competition that he will be the one nominating a replacement nominee, not the POV holder.


Thanks for the correction ac! I only skimmed the previous post I didn’t watch the videos all the way through.

So we know that Tim really likes Jared, and wouldn’t mind him winning the whole game (from his convo with Nikki at least who also likes Jared), so it’s unlikely he’d put Jared up. Tim also likes the idea of using Maddy potentially down the road so he may not make her the replacement either. After his conversation with Phil and Cassandra I’m getting the feeling that Joel (and Mitch) are definitely players on Tim’s radar so he could always put one of them up against Dallas. I think, and I stress the word think, Dallas would still leave if he was up against Joel, but this is BB and we should expect the unexpected. I don’t see him putting up Raul either because Tim and Nikki seem to like Raul much more now than they originally did. So that only really leaves Nikki (who I don’t think Tim would put up even as a pawn), Joel, and Mitch.

As of now I still see Dallas leaving this week, but Tim could totally pull off a masterful stroke and use this as an opportunity to get rid of one of his biggest rivals in the house (Mitch and Joel).


Dallas is for sure going


i hate Cass but She is trying to get rid of Maddy…as they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend …daym i cant even say it ….my friend for the week..maybe …not really!!

I'll give Cass a break this week

If she can get Maddy put up and put out of the house!! LOL


Tim, with Cassandra brings up the possibility of nominating himself. He says there is nothing in the rules saying he can’t, but it means a lot of admin (I am guessing he means diary talks).
Another b.s. move. Later confirmed by him telling Dallas and Ramsay “he said no” to nominating himself so they should calm their jets.
Truthfully, the little chaos craps about the pov are getting ridiculous imo.
If someone in the house doesn’t go to the d/r and say wtf is this crap? I’ll be completely shocked.
Sewing this many chaos seeds and then lying saying big brother won’t let me is going to cause even his strongest supporters to say how can you work with someone as an equal if they are going to pull crap just for the sake of pulling crap. There is a point where cool becomes attention seeking. Tim passed that a loooooooooong time ago.


Add to the fact that Jared has caught on to Mitch, he has also caught on to Tim. Now he has found out that Cassandra was wanting Ramsey out over Dallas. Her lies and ties all over the house have caught up to her. Jared has so many people to put on the block now his head is spinning. He better keep his guys close this next few weeks. Also up in the HOH room when Tim was away she was telling Joel they needed Maddy out before Dallas, and when Tim came back she agreed with Tim saying that Dallas had to go this week. Poor Joel is probably going WTF?

Green is the new Orange

Before her eviction, Cass told Kelsey that she was being voted out by the “bitches” (her words) because Kelsey looked so hot in her short, tight dress when she first entered the house. Kelsey was being evicted because of jealousy. Now Cass wants Maddy out, which, based on her own logic, means that Cass is jealous of Maddy. I think Cass wants to be the last woman in the house, which, again, based on her own logic, means that Cass is the least attractive of all the women!


In the kitchen .
Cassandra and the brothers.
Nick makes Cassandra an english muffin.
she slides it aside as they game talk.
she says because every game talk on the show she has food with her. (how does she know that? It’s pretty close to true but how would she know that)
one simple way to stop that. Stop nibbling every ten minutes.
This is not a fat comment. I don’t think she’s fat. This is a get yourself under control and stop eating constantly comment, or at least stop talking while chewing. That’s just wrong.


She was on slop for 2 straight weeks. I’d be eating constantly too if I hadn’t had real food in 2 weeks and had the potential for being on slop again next week.


Maddy took out Loveita way to early, they needed her for a number. Tim is right she messed up Dallas and Joel’s game and her own. Who is going to trust her now. She says this is not a numbers game. Idiot. You are not going to have protection without the numbers. Your like a thread without the numbers with the numbers your strong like a rope. Strength in numbers. She also ruined Ramsay’s game. Hope that Ramsay and Joel leave her in the dust.