Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! Tim “if Cassandra votes against us she is dead to us”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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POWER Of Veto Ceremony Results:

Ramsey used the veto to take himself off the block
– Tim then nominated MADDY as the replacement nominee

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2:45pm In the bedroom – Tim says if you or anyone else come to me with a legitimate reason why you don’t want Dallas out then I’m all for it. But no one has come to me with any reason to keep him. Tim tells Nikki if its you and Cassandra on the block.. you’re fine. No one would send you out at this point. Kikki says because I’m rubbish at tasks. Tim says we’ll get Maddy out next time. I will on live tv in front of Canada who will not vote against me then I’ll flip a coin. Nikki says ever or put you on the block. Tim says when you have power use it.

In the bedroom – Maddy tells Cass that she cleared her name with Ramsey. I cleared your name only because you said you would vote for me. Cass says I told you last night I would confirm closer to. Maddy says it takes two, Ramsey’s going to trust you, if you trust him. Maddy says I’m done having to convince you I’m not putting you up ..until there’s just 3 girls left. Maddy tells Cass I don’t feel like you’re going to vote for me! Cass says I told you I’m going to confirm closer to. Why would I want to vote for you if you already don’t think I will. When I was on the block you didn’t vote for me. I get it, it was better for your game. Right now I just need to sit by myself and figure out if I can trust Ramsey or not. Cass says I hate that this season might be portrayed as the mean girl season. Maddy says Loveita was pretty mean.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-28 12-37-20-141
3:40pm – 4pm In the HOH bathroom – Tim tells Nikki about how Maddy is saying that she doesn’t believe Tim interviewed celebrities. Why would she say that it’s easy to confirm it by just googling it online. This just confirms I did the right thing. Nikki says I am 100% voting out Dallas, unless you tell me otherwise. Cassandra says that Maddy said she was going to put me and her up if she wins. Tim says if Cassandra votes against us she is dead to us. Nikki says I think Cassandra is saying that just to scare me. Tim says that’s what Cassandra does… she lies. I need her gone. I don’t trust her. She’s probably one of the people I trust the least in this house. That’s why I voted against her that week. She is very good at seducing people. She’s great when she’s working on your side. Cassandra realizes she’s not getting her way and that’s why she’s throwing a tantrum today. All the boys are not going to vote to keep Dallas. Tim says if it comes down to a tie, I might choose something surprising. If its a tie and Cassandra has flipped on me then I will tell Maddy she is safe if she agrees that we both go after Cassandra next week. She (Cass) can’t give me one reason other than Maddy will come after me. Not one reason. She’s doing it only for her own game. Its really offensive to me that someone who says they’re working with me is trying to work against me. Jared joins them. Tim says we’re having problems with Cassandra. What she wants to do is a selfish move against us. If she does it then she’ll be gone next. I have one rule you don’t vote against the people you’re working with.

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Wish it was Cassandra leaving the house instead. She’s so classless and vulgar.


hi loveitas mom


Without Cass in my opinion the season, but even more so the feeds, would have been a bit boring, as there are not many people in there with lively and energetic personality and good humor. She is the player that has provided me with the most entertainment, but everyone has their likes and dislikes. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching her. I think Robyn Kass selecting Cass was a great choice.


Wow Tim is offended that Cassandra won’t vote the way he wants but it’s ok for him to vote against her when she was on the block.
Who does he think he is? I can’t stand that they all vote the same way. Use your freaking mind people!!!

Tims glaring white chicklets

Initially I liked Tim but no longer. He’s arrogant, loves the sound of his own voice and a chicken $hit the way he handled the nominations. (what guy actually pierces his own “member” ?Yuck) Bravo to Dallas for not playing into his plan. Hope Maddy is gone over Dallas. It would serve Maddy right for being so self-serving in her nominations


tim constantly contradicts himself, he is a bizarre character in this game, there are rules for everyone else, but not for him


i will add it will be fascinating to see how tim handles himself when he is under the pump, on the block, on slop, needing votes etc

he can dish it, but the really interesting element will be to see his reactions when his cage is rattled

whoever has the balls to put him up, thats gonna be an interesting week


Yes remember how he threw the bat? I think when he doesn’t get his own way Timmy may explode.


Tim’s one rule isn’t you don’t vote against the people you’re working with imo, it’s you don’t vote against Tim.
All of his we’re all equals talk is just that.


Tim is mad at Cassandra for claiming to vote for Maddy to stay but behind his back she campaigning for Dallas. That is why he saying she will dead to him


tim sdhould put phil-nick up!


Here is Cassandra’s problem right now:
Her exaggerations are going to come back to bite her in the ass.
She told everyone Sharry bullied her. Then Loveita obsessed over her and attacked her. Then Maddy kidnapped her.
Here is Cassandra’s other big problem right now:
all of her male allies are so enamored of Tim, and of other bros in general, that she’s going to have to rely on all of the people she’s pretty much ignored to help her. Is anyone going to believe her when she starts crying that Tim is bullying her?


Actually, she might get away with the bullying talk because both Jared and Tim were there.
She can spin two guys telling her what she has to do.
Why didn’t she say to Tim give me your reason for Dallas having to leave. Fear for Jared? Why is that more valid than my fear of Maddy and Ramsey?
but no.
Silly manipulator dropped the ball the first time she got called out.


pretending that those girls you mentioned havent treated cass poorly during the season is a little odd

youre not the best judge of character or youre not watching properly, part of tims schtick during his australian season was to mess with a sidekick, in this season its cass, no other girl would be able to handle him in terms of having the emotional stability needed to go along with his antics…actually if he had done that christine vote scenario to anyone else in the house with the possible exception of phil, there would have been total meltdown by that person…if she was cool with that, tim really being heavy on wanting dallas out is not gonna phase her, and she will realize the move is not as bad as first thought for her personal game, especially as the girls are trying to smooth things over…she has made decent connections with a majority of people in there, dudes are starting to go after dudes, and her position in the game is not as bad as youre stating

production would have liked seeing her be the only one of her group to really consider a maddy boot, as otherwise a certain dallas 8-0 boot with zero discussion of a dallas save would have made the thursday ep game chat segments kinda boring


Pretending that Cass isn’t the author of her own misfortunes with the other female hg’s is a little odd.
The attacks she keeps going on about in regard to herself and Loveita were the fake fights that the two of them had. She told Loveita it was so nobody would realize they were together when in truth they were used by Cass to sully Loveita to the house.
The supposed bullying by Sharry was contradicted. Cassandra said Joel was there. Cassandra said Christine was there. Christine said to the people in the bathroom ‘when Cass told me Sharry yelled at her i knew i was right about her from the beginning.’ If Christine was there, why did Cass have to tell her? Joel said when he heard about Sharry yelling at Cass from Cass. If the bullying happened in front of Joel why did Cass have to tell him about it. It didn’t happen. It was another exaggeration as reason for her to flip her vote.
The kidnapping by Maddy. Cass was sitting on the outside of the bed with Maddy against the wall. she was free to leave at any time but was busy pumping for information.
All of the cattiness leveled at Cass has one common denominator: Cass. Each time she exaggerates the reality to make herself the victim, and the other the aggressor.
To say otherwise is an attempt at gross manipulation similar to what Cass does to the house guests when she drops into every conversation no matter what the subject that everyone is mean to her.


the general behavior and toxic vibes loveita pushed on cass was a little crazy in my opinion

loveita foaming at the mouth all week like a pitbull and threatening to flush the spider down the toilet came across as someone who was a major loose cannon

its clear joel and cass switched their votes week 1 after sharrys treatment of them

and maddy admitted herself shes been a bitch to cass

thats my impression based on what ive seen and heard, if you saw and heard it differently, then no worries


Are Cass and Raul being punished for something? What’s with the garbage bags?


When Arisa told Loveita and Kelsey they would get to occasionally control what goes on in the house… Is it possible the two of them would get a shared vote in the eviction?


Wow , The airhead award really goes to Maddy, enjoy the block and hope you go out that door!!!


the young Maddy should read The Art of War


Maddy is not good at selling. She’s trying to tell Cassandra that as long as Maddy convinces Ramsey (which she claims she is the only one who can), to be on Cassandra’s side, then Cassandra is safe. What a load of crap. She can’t even manipulate like an adult.


In the Hide and Seek poker chips, the black team that gets Nikki is massively disadvantaged (OCD). White team also has six members if both brothers participate since Tim isn’t included.

winner winner chicken dinner

Cassandra’s lies are catching up to her. They are starting to see the real Cassandra. She can’t manipulate Tim and she had a witness to what was being said with Jared sitting there so she can’t go crying and lying about the conversation. She just walked away knowing she wasn’t able to sex herself out of that conversation. I hope she loses the party game too maddy and nicki are on the same team with jared and tim will join lol will be fun to watch the jealous witch explode


She could easily say that two men coming in and telling her what she had to do with her vote was actually the two of them bullying her. Tim telling her what to do and the alpha male muscle guy his enforcer. It isn’t true but she could make the case that two guys with a final two deal were intimidating her, and it’s weird because Tim said he didn’t want any involvement with nominations because he was a facilitator. Why does he care?
Dallas would buy that. Joel might as well. The brothers would not buy the bully talk but would hear final two and Phil would be snakey because of Tim’s talk with Jared in the hot tub when Tim was upset with Phil, and because they already know from three sources Maddy wants to nominate the brothers. Parts of the house might buy a Cassandra lie if it is in their best interest.


The one thing that pisses me off about Tim… Is he called Loveita a dictator and he is doing the same thing … IMO he is worse. ….People want MADDy out and he is like no I want to save her … Damsel in distress bullshit –but MADDy is no damsel in distress she is more like a rabid dog thats frothing at the mouth—super unpredictable and only beneficial for his game cause he thinks maddy will owe him –maddy is only good for her self — she is super selfish and irrational:/…..good luck with that bullshit rationale —–BUT WHAT I CANT STAND ABOUT TIM HE IS ON A MISSION /CRUSADE TO PUNISH DALLAS FOR NOT PLAYING HIS STUPID GAME —-I Hope Maddy leaves this week ….#TIMNEEDSHUMBLEPIE


The difference with Tim and Lovieta:
Tim: vote out Dallas because he is a bigger threat in comparison to Maddy he could win competitions, if you say one thing and then do something different then you’re dead to me
Lovieta: Vote Cass out! She’s a liar, a liar, a liar! You can choose to vote whichever way you want but vote Cass out!


Nailed it perfectly.


You didn’t address the dictator part well at all…whenever an HOH was insisting people vote the way the HOH wanted them to Tim was in the background telling everyone that no one should be able to demand people vote a certain way and that everyone should be able to vote how they wanted to in essence exciting people to vote against the HOH…ok so maybe more of a hypocrite but still the dictating how people should vote is there too.


Okay maybe the dictatorship part was a bit Much…you are right though …I meant HYPOCRITE….Damn Hypocrite…..I just wish he followed his philosophy and let people vote Maddy out!….just this once could Tim practice what he preaches :/


its actually smart what he has done, he nominated both maddy and ramsay, who were targeting cass…with maddy going to be saved and tim giving maddy/ramsay the hoh room for a night, it appears maddy/ramsay would now target the brothers/jared/raul rather than getting revenge on tim/cass as tims hoh being the reason they were nominated…tim and cass have potentially now prevented a maddy or ramsay hoh win seeing them as first choice noms…the girls have united too…dallas leaving is even better as he will not be there to join forces with joel and loveita if loveita returns…it also weakens joels game who turned his back on the middle last week but now wants back in


Who is this middle you speak of? There hasn’t been a middle in over a week.
Tim is trying to portray people as middle.
Mitch has a side. not middle.
Raul has a side. not middle.
Joel has a side. not middle.
Ramsey has a side. not middle.
the brothers have a side. not middle.
The middle ground and the rise of the floater idea was never going to happen with Tim as flagbearer of mediocrity taking their place at the top of the food chain. It was a smokescreen.


yeah now its the house v the small group who were nominated this week

but third wheel could reform on thursday, or loveita/joel/mitch could join with ramsay/maddy as an extra number if she returns or mitch stays with third wheel, depending who wins power and how damaging the returning player is to mitchs game

i see the brothers, tim, nikki, cass staying together with possible addition(s)

depends who comes back, who knows, its just predictions


even though I don’t like Maddy, I think her and Ramsey are cute


This is really just me nitpicking, but I hate the way Tim and Nikki talk. Tim says things like ” If Cassandra votes the other way she is dead to us.” Not me, US. Nikki is blindly following Tim, and he knows it. It also bothered me that Nikki said “I’m vote Dallas out, unless you tell me otherwise.” I wish she would think for herself. I don’t have an issue with them voting out Dallas and I don’t dislike Tim, but sometimes the people on this seasons just get on my nerves.