Big Brother Canada 4 – The Black Widow VS Backwards Man Eviction & HOH Spoilers!

big brother canada 4 may 5 2016 eviction hoh episode
In the aftermath of the double eviction from last week the big brother Canada 4 house was sure to be shaken up. Jared’s refusal to cut his hair in the veto ended up costing him his shot at the 100k grand prize. Nikki was the next victim of the double eviction and the 5th member of the jury. Kelsey won the head of household and nominated Tim and Cassandra for eviction. In the power of veto competition, Tim lost all faith in his Threeak Show alliance when he witnessed Joel helping and being helped by the Brothers & Kelsey. Tim realized that he needed to put his fate in his own hands and win the veto. Tim beat Phil in the last round of the veto competition and secured his spot in the final 4. In the power of veto ceremony, Tim used the veto to remove himself from the block and Kelsey nominated Joel as the replacement nominee. The brothers, Kelsey and Tim then made a final 3 deal called the “Treaty of the Final 3”. Joel tried his best to campaign by calling a house meeting to come clean about his game, however, he did more damage than good when he called Kelsey out as his next target. He stated he was trying to get the brothers out but now wanted to work with them going forward. This wasn’t a good move considering the brothers are clearly working with Kelsey.

Social Media Spoilers:

Thank you – hamsterwatch for the spoilers!

  • Evicted House Guest: Joel by a 2 – 0 Vote!
  • HOH Winner: The Brothers
  • Additional info: Eviction show airs Wednesday – The Live Feeds end Sat afternoon – Viewers get a jury vote!

Arisa announces “Our 2 hour season finale is next Thursday, it all starts at 7pm Eastern Time.”

Nikki & Jared enter the jury house. Nikki says I don’t want Kelsey, The Brothers or Tim to win and I’m NOT backing down!

Arisa states that because Ramsey left due to his family emergency there is one more spot open on the jury and Canada will now vote and ask a jury question. Send in your questions.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-05 17-39-15-982

In Joel’s eviction speech he calls the brothers hypocrites and says they have a lot of growing up to do.


Tim votes to evict: Joel
The Brothers vote to evict: Joel

HOH tie breaker: Not needed
Evicted House Guest: Joel by a 2 – 0 vote! On his way out he says “Good luck Threeak Show”

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-05 17-50-23-402

Final 4 House Guests:

Tim, The Brothers, Kelsey & Cassandra

Arisa states “the Live Feeds are down as of Saturday afternoon and on Wednesday they drop a bombshell surprise eviction.”

The HOH competition was “Earn Your Slot” held in the high roller room
– A slot machine themed competition about the seasons veto comps –
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-05 17-55-42-852

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-05 17-56-12-658

The episode ended without showing who won. We’ll find out officially on the live feeds. When the live feeds return – The house guests are in the HOH and Phil is reading his HOH letter. Cassandra congratulates him.

HOH WINNER: The Brothers

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I really enjoyed the eviction episode. My favorite episode of the season. Great editing, use of music and stings. I really liked the music during the Joel and Cass chat at the pool, reminded me a bit of Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock. Perfect pacing and inter cutting DRs for each sequence. Adding in Cass DR laughing during the hot tub argument was brilliant. The episode showcased the entertaining humorous showmanship and strategic side of Cass, but also the warmth of her character – Joel and Cass really appreciated each others friendship as Beauty And The Brains throughout the season. Jury piece was good too, showing all the jury may not actually be voting on a bitter note and that they all seem to respect good game play – even surprisingly Jared and Nikki. The only other thing I would have added in was just how much Cass was in the dog house with Kelsey and especially the brothers at the start of the week, who didnt even want to be in the same room as her, let alone talk to her(except for when they were arguing) for quite a few days – so it really was an impressive turning of the tide to survive. To the editors, very well done and keep up the terrific work.


SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brothers won HOH.


Tims plan already in effect…muhahahah


Sorry but what is Tim’s plan? I am so confused even though I read this site everyday.
BTW Dawg/Simon – Thank you for all the work you do keeping this site going for BBCan. I love it and will be supporting you with a donation for all the time you invest.


His plan was to have the Bros as HoH? DUMB plan!!


Was tonight’s show taped and that’s why we are getting spoilers?


Thank you would have been a better spoiler if Tim had won hoh.


Tim thought it would be better to do it this way so the brothers don’t get a vote and he wants them in the f3 and not Kelsey. Even if Kelsey is the one making the decision after veto, Tim stays. But the hope is for Tim or Cass to win veto & get rid of Kelsey. He wanted the brothers in f3 but he wanted them to get there & have no power to pick Kelsey over him or Cass.


…” So the Bros don’t get a vote” OMG lol what?? The Bros can win veto and they get the ONLY vote,.. Duh!!!


I worded it wrong , The Bros will have Kelsey vote out who they want.

Bob the Builder

Wait, did I read that right? There are no live feeds after Saturday? No live feeds for the last 4 days in the house? THAT SUCKS!!!!!


How can you know they won if it’s live tonight?

sunny dee

too bad brothers got HOH, i really prefer them out of the house. Now i suppose tim and cass will be on the block, so up to them to win POV. i guess it is a 95/5 shot, (i can’t say cass has a full 25% chance, more like 5%, but if she wins the veto, kudos to her, that will be something.

2 scenarios i like, one i prefer more. Cass/tim wins veto, takes themself off the block, kelsey goes up, cass/tim votes out kelsey. that’s my preference cuz then they win it for themselves. 2nd scenario i don’t mind is kelsey wins veto, then she votes out tim, then she and cass work together for F2 and turf the brothers out the door.


just one person votes to evict, the veto holder


F4 nominations are irrelevant. HOH really only secures their own spot, but has no power. The only true power during F4 is the Veto holder, as they will have the sole vote (or chooses who has the sole vote if HOH).


does Cass know of the treaty of final 3 alliance?

Marsha The Moose

Yes, Cassandra and Tim agreed days ago that he would go to work on Kelsey & the brothers wherein he would convince them he and Cass were no longer together. They bought it and formed the treaty of final 3 to vote Cass out next; however, Tim has absolutely no plans of voting Cass out next. His target is Kelsey out next. Cass is totally aware of everything Tim is doing. She planned to throw the HOH. She and Tim wanted the brothers to win the HOH knowing that they both will go on the block. She plans to play hard for the veto so Kelsey will be the renomination and backdoored by either or Tim as the sole voter.


Thank you! Jeez..I was like am I the only one that gets what is happening right now? They better win the veto so I can hear that speech and watch the others faces lol


Glad the brothers won HOH only thing that matters who wins final pov. Whoever is not on the block cast the sole vote . Kelsey for POV


BBUS is always Live on eviction night, BBCAN tapes in the afternoon. BBUK and BBAU is always live too for evictions. Why cant Canada do it Live?

because of one person!

it’s one word that rhymes with spaz and the definition is a precious stone, typically colorless, yellow, or pale blue, consisting of a fluorine-containing aluminum silicate.


For a full explanation, during the finale of BBCAN1 the final two had a very close game, and after the host explained the voting scenario, one jury member, topaz, voted for the wrong person and cost her friend the game by a single vote. She made a big fuss out of it and the host was forced to go to commercial until it was figured out.


Hahahahah stupid me! I thought the show really aired live. Very boring.. Joel left. Well, they were actually smart to vote him out since I think pretty much everyone in jury would have given him the victory at the end. I’m surprised Cassandra was able to pull this out. Honestly anyone for the victory but Kelsey. I don’t dislike her as much as I disliked Maddy (and those feelings are long gone now since she’s out), but she doesn’t deserve to win. I still don’t get why Joel was giving Phil the cars during the Veto! He should have hidden it… put them in his trousers if necessary! Dummy.

Must repeat what I said weeks ago: I’m surprised how I don’t have any of the BB Can contestants. In the US version I generally hate most of them LOL!

Big Brother is life

So Brothers won 3 HoH’s Back to Back yeah if they make f2 you know their plea with that big EGO of theirs.


Wow, that Cass is the biggest hag ever… I’m truly sick of listening to the big lies and I don’t think BB has done us any favors by having such an unscrupulous person on the show.


I usually agree with most of your comments but I do believe cass is all star material. I think she win against anyone final 2. She played game on day one. Dan got into heads, Derek got into heads, dr will got into heads. That’s the game. The problem with the brother is they think they are these great players ….. Not.


Yeah she gets into heads for sure. She got in Kelseys head so much that she had Kelsey believing that Kelsey came up with it all…Kelsey to bros: “Cass wasnt campaigning – I thought of this myself, if Cass stays its because of me.” Bros saying Cass was getting in her head annoyed Kelsey, making her want to do it even more.

After being so against Cass, and being burnt by her, being nominated then screwed over by the veto deal, its incredible the bros fell for her again, being seduced back in again by the black widow.

Also alot dont realize that the Maddy backdooring Loveita idea came from Cass the day before the double eviction in the high roller room – Maddy at the time said thats a great idea, and sure enough she did that move the next day. Probably wouldnt have done it without Cass first mentioning it, then saying it again right after Raul and Jared were put on the block during the double and confirming almost everyone would vote her out.

Cass then owned both Maddy hohs after convincing Maddy she was her friend and then to put up Raul to get him out, when Maddy originally wanted either Jared or Kelsey out.

Im not in any way saying Cass is Dan, but there are elements of her game that are shades of Dan – strategic, social game, ruthless – always game over personal, quality DRs that feature showmanship, playing a likeable, but at times, villain role. Getting out of a situation when she strikes trouble, but also playing at times a high risk rather than boring and safe game, remembering its a tv show and doing it in an entertaining way.

Imperator Cassandria vi Shahinfarius XI

As much as I really want Tim to win…Cassandra imo has the best game this season, hands down. If its her and Tim in the end, I actually wouldnt know who to vote for.

I would like to see Cass win

First of all Cass needs to make final 2 by her or Tim winning veto, or her convincing brothers, Kelsey that she is much easier to beat than Tim is, in the final 3 comps and also that taking a well liked former big brother winner to final 3 instead of Cass would be dumb.

If she makes it…Looking at the jury video – I think Nikki and Joel both will convince Mitch and Maddy to vote for Cass if she is not against Tim, and depending on who Cass is against, Jared and Raul may vote for her if she is not against Kelsey…and Kelsey would vote for Cass over Tim if Tim cuts Kelsey, but she would vote for brothers over Cass. I cant see the brothers voting for Cass over Kelsey(Phil wants to sleep with her) and Phil has a man crush on Tim. Tim will vote for Cass…also as Tim and Cass seem the clear fan favorites, I think Cass could get the Canada vote as well especially as she is the best Canadian gamer in there, and she has been in my opinion the most entertaining player to watch throughout the season.

Kelsey v Cass – Cass wins 6-3 or 5-4, depending on the Canada vote…Kelsey only gets Jared, Raul, bros
brothers v Cass – could go either way, but Cass wins if she gets Mitch and Maddy(Tim/Joel will convince them)
Tim v Cass – Tim favorite, depends on f4/f3, does jury want Canadian to win, Cass gets Canada vote(Joel is key to convince Mitch, others of Cass gameplay)

As Nikki says, Cass has been relentless, and as even Jared says, she has played a great game. She has also had to navigate alot of trouble. Tim, after looking bored most of the season, all of a sudden is now saying he “really wants it,” but im not a fan of Tims general laziness this season. Cass has really wanted it from the outset, and its evident she is the only North American format superfan left. Kelsey gave up her game and virtually quit for Raul, the bone head brothers wanted to nominate themselves, and Tim who wanted to nominate himself and also volunteered as a pawn, has looked so apathetic and uninterested to be there at multiple times, mentally checking out of the game and running away from confrontations when the heat was on. I also think he has played kind of a boring, plodding, safe game. He kept saying Maddy was favorite to win, due to winning 2 hohs, but this just shows tims inexperience and knowledge of this version, as winning 2 hohs(both manipulated by Cass to get Loveita and Raul out) is not a good enough reason to vote for someone like Maddy as a winner. Tim in DR claims he went into the house and “learnt the game,” but it was Cass who taught him how to play the North American version(if she makes it this needs to be in the f2 speech of Cass). Neda taught John how to play, and Cass taught Tim how to play a different version he wasnt used to. Tim says often he doesnt respect the style of game of Cass, despite benefiting from it, but that is because he isnt capable of doing what Cass does so well, and he also doesnt respect the North American format, and doesnt feel its real big brother, compared to the Australian version.

For me, Cass is the best female casting on bb can since Neda, and Cass has thoroughly entertained me with her showmanship, comedic relief, banter, and strategy…she is DR and live feeds gold bouncing from room to room with great energy and liveliness, and also perhaps the best campaigner and side campaigner of the cast. She should for sure make All Stars.

If big brother 16 winner Derrick says he thinks Cass could win, even over Tim, then that just confirms to me my own thoughts I have had for a majority of the season. Cass has ‘done work Canada’ each and every day of the season and for that effort, she would be a deserved winner, if she can get there to finale – for my Canada jury vote, Cass to win.


The brothers are going to put up Tim & Cassandra of course, I really hope that Cassandra wins the veto Cuz he played an amazing game and fight really hard to bring herself to the point that she’s out right now and I respect her and I raised her for that big time she definitely gets my vote in the jury for sure!!!! Kelsey will have to go up as the replacement & then they finally Get the non-Canadian OuT send him packing to go join his international partner Niki in Jury!!! CASSANDRA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And So Clean

I agree with Cass winning POV etc but I disagree with Tim being voted out. I like Tim and he and Cass have been a formidable match in this game and both deserve to be F2. IMHO

The two of them are very smart and can see their way around every obstacle and they make great friends and great entertainment. I think they both deserve 1st and 2nd place in this game. International? meh, Worthy? Yes!


It means Tim and Cassandra will run the block…again!


doesn’t matter who is on the block


The brothers are going to put up Tim & Cassandra of course, I really hope that Cassandra wins the veto Cuz she played an amazing game & fought sooooo hard to bring herself to the point that she’s at right now and I respect her & give her props for that big time, she really did play an amazing game so she definitely gets my vote in the jury for sure!!!! Kelsey will have to go up as the replacement & then they finally they can Get the non-Canadian OuT & send TiM packing, I think he played a genius game & all very similar to his Australia game but he’s not Canadian and I would really love to see a Canadian win, also I didn’t really appreciate Tim’s egocentric attitude, he seems like a very self-absorbed person to be honest, & even though it seemed like him and Cassandra we’re together I really feel that he was still on his own & once Cassandra became useless to him in the game, he was ready to just turn his back on her and throw her away like yesterday’s newspaper. I do get that it’s a game and maybe that was his game move but he just seems very selfish & like he only cares about himself so having said that, he should be sent to join his international partner Niki in Jury!!! CASSANDRA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If Tim or Cassandra could not win that HOH involving POV players against Nick they have NO chance of winning the POV later this week….. That HOH competition was made for one of them to win it and not Nick..

Queen Cassandra

Cassandra played an amazing game that’s all that I can say !!! She is a good reader of people she knew how to Mix her energy with different energies in order to vibrate on the same frequency with whoever she was dealing with at the time!! I loved the fact that she had good internal controls she’s just so smoooooooth A little bit of a smiling assassin at times but always real in each moment and I think that A little bit of a smiling assassin at times but always real in each moment and I think that’s what made her so unique, social game was the best I’ve ever seen played she really knows how to litigate and get herself out of any corner she’s very likeable on top of all of that and she just played an anazingggg game she played very hard she took a lot of low blows until Chris south to final four… Very admirable game!!!!! Goooo Casssandra !!!’


Not sure why Joel keeps coming at Nick/Phil. He’s totally misjudged the people. They were the most genuine with him. He got involved with the two of the dirtiest people in the house. They pulled him in with the “we’re weird and outsiders. They are the insiders.” Knowing that’s what he responds to and he bite hard.

Hope somebody puts a video of Tim, Cassandra, and Nikki saying the things they did and sends it to him so he knows who was being honest.


I can tell you why.

The Bros were in TIGHT with Mitch/Joel initially (as well as Cass) as the middle people. They were ALL in
agreement to let Maddy/Dallas/Ramsay target The Third Wheel & vice versa. They were big on Joel putting up Jared/Kelsey in Joel’s HOH & the only reason they shifted directions to put up Maddy/Ramsay was b/c Jared
FINALLY agreed to work with them AND they were scared.

He’s NOT cool with how they spoke to & about Cass (when they’ve done the same thing).
He never saw the Bros work to help the middle while pledging allegiance to it
He saw the Bros as being the first to jump ship
AND I think b/c he talked to Nick (a lot) throughout the game he knows how they discussed getting Jared/Kelsey out.

Heading into the Double Eviction the Bros had told Joel HE was their F2 and when they put him on the block he knew they were lying. And, I think he could have respected that game move IF they hadn’t screamed at Cass and called her a bunch of personal names. Which wasn’t the first time. (hot tub Cass rant).

Let’s not forget that was Jared/Kels & Bros going off on PERSONAL slights to Cass. Joel doesn’t like that kind of thing.

Hey, none of them are angels… it’s a game, but the Bros lied/broke most promises (in his mind at least, I’m sure).

The other factor is Cass couldn’t have a better person going to jury at this stage since the other evictee likely won’t join jury until the campfire, so he can set it up for her in case she gets there.

Just goes to show I was ready for Cass to leave & would have been pulling for Joel (and even anyone BUT the Bros) getting to F2, now my horse has a shot again… go figure

Queen Cassandra

For pulling that off, Cassandra deserves ALL.THE.MONEY.


Totally agree, Cass deserves to win it all!


Cassandra played an amazing game that’s all that I can say !!! She is a good reader of people she knew how to Mix her energy with different energies in order to vibrate on the same frequency with whoever she was dealing with at the time!! I loved the fact that she had good internal controls she’s just so smoooooooth!!!! She may be a little bit of a smiling assassin at times but she was always real in each moment and I think that’s what made her so unique Her social game was the best I’ve ever seen played & she really knows how to litigate & get herself out of any corner & she’s very likeable on top of all of that!!! She played an amazingggg game overall & tactics and strategies all seemed to have manifested right before her own very own eyes & ours She fought for her life & took a lot of low blows in the game but managed to take herself to final four… She put up with a lot of Tim’s abuse and took it with a grain of salt’s so overall she played a Very admirable game!!!!! Goooo Queen Casss!!!


Glad that Joel called the brothers out for being immature and hypocrites.


There is no way Cas would have got through this week if Tim hadn’t mentored her through it, he is absolutely brilliant as is she I just prefer his style of play.

I’m very pleased with Joel calling out the brothers before he left, I truly hope they take heed of what he said and actually take the time to reevaluate their social skills and manors.


I was gonna say…why is everyone so impressed with Cass for staying when it was Tim who later the ground work & had to tell her exactly what to say & do? He could have let her sit there and cry like she was doing and self combust but he didn’t & that’s exactly what would have happened. Without Tim the brothers & Kelsey wouldn’t have even listened to her..they would have just thought she was lying again. Cass is a great player & I totally respect her gameplay but I’m sick of people trying to discount everything Tim has don to help her. Even she does that! No he didn’t use the veto on her but he said that’s the only way they can both stay..had he used it on Cass he would be out right now & Cass would be on her ass & out the door come Wednesday.


Tootles and Tanica, both Cass and Tim put in work this week. Much more work was put in by Cass especially on Kelsey though, convincing Kelsey she would take her final 2. If Cass had not convinced her of that, as well as acting that she wanted Tim gone, none of it would have happened, no matter what Tim did.

When you say you prefer Tims style of play thats your taste, but for me I find Tims style a little on the boring side. Entertainment factor of a player is a big part of it, and to me Tim is either looking bored, or trying way too hard shouting in DR that he “really wants it”. Also Tim saying in DR that it would be an easy win v Cass in final 2, he is not being truthful with the audience.

You saw how impressed Tim was after the hot tub Joel incident. The look on Tims face when Cass strolls in was priceless. That was a moment of mutual respect between the 2 best players this season. As Tim said to her, her fate this past week was in her hands, not his. She had to fight to give herself a chance, he then helped sell the lies. I still think she would have stayed had Tim not made the treaty alliance etc, that was just icing on the cake. It was clear that Cass staying was best for Kelseys game, which Cass made her realize, going from you have no chance of staying to being saved, and the bros, despite preferring Joel to stay, were always gonna go along with what Kelsey wanted. So it was the Cass work on Kelsey that was key.

And So Clean

I think Tim did not completely do all the work. He kinda like ‘lead the horse to water’ and the horse drank 😉

He just encouraged her to keep going and let her know she was very capable. She took the rest in her own hands and Tim was just proud (of himself as well as her) that she carried through and pulled it off. But I got that conclusion from watching the show. Maybe something happened in livefeeds after that that wasn’t shown on TV. But to me Tim has been learning about himself and his own capabilities during this time, and was not so arrogant to think he is a puppetmaster. That is only my opinion tho, but obviously I believe it


And people were comparing Cass to Victoria at first. She certainly surprised me.


I’m sorry, but Joel calling the Brothers out for being immature and hypocrites……….hello Pot? I choked on my coffee.


Oh I’m sorry, I guess I missed the feed where Joel yells and bullies people because he didn’t get his way or was deceived in the game called big brother where everyone is playing for 100,000$, maybe you can send me a link to that.

I didn’t necessarily like Joel’s game play last week but he never yelled and screamed at people or called them names.


Im SOOOOO DONE!!!!!! Bros dont deserve to be in the final 3!!!!!

Perfect scenario is Cass, Tim, and Kelsey. Tim can beat both girls in comps. Tim/Cass get rid of Kels.



The perfect scenario was the Threekshow.


I can’t believe Kelsey believed Cass and was convinced to keep her!

Joel sort of gave up – he was too nice to play this game with ruthless Cass and Tim.

Now that the brothers won HOH, Kelsey’s chances of going this week are pretty high. Cass and Tim will not be getting rid of each other. Kelsey not likely to win POV over Tim or Cass

Were the brothers pretending to believe Cass/Kelsey/Tim because they knew Kelsey was going to save Cass (so they were pretending to go along with it because they had no choice), or were they actually also convinced by them that keeping Cass was the best move?
(I mean they were just lied to on live TV last time they were HOH when Cass used the POV – can they be that gullible?)


The brothers believe they win next to anyone.


i will miss the live feeds…i will not miss kelseys constant head rubbing…my god that girl gives off such a bitch vibe…i am not a girl hater.
Cass keeps stroking her ego, does kelsey not see it?…i love how cass plays her like an idiot.


Oh I think that sent by mistake (unfinished) I was going to add if Kelsey sits beside Cass – Jared/Raul will still vote for her regardless (and probably the Bros) but everyone else will vote for her. It would be pretty funny however if Joel goes in to the house & tells Jared how Kelsey is all over the Bros & vice versa and that triggers him to vote for Cass. THAT would be funny!


One of posts was lost there,… Anyway, I was responded as to why Tim wanted the Bros or him as HOH

1. Bros will be less inclined to fight hard for POV (just like when a team is up 1-0 in a series they don’t have the same fire to win the next one).
2). It gave Tim/Cass the opportunity to start planting seeds re: Kelsey has all the same friends in jury
3) It gives the Bros an out i.e. they don’t have to be the ones who vote her out & then they’ll assume they’ll win b/c they’ll get all Kelsey & friend votes.
4) Cass would have preferred Kelsey/Tim to Tim & Bros but she had to throw HOH (but by the sounds of it she didn’t think she would win anyway)

How about the Bros and Kelsey’s faces as Joel said his speech? PRICELESS, Phil was still sour when they voted.

Tim is doing what he’s done all season by planting the seeds with the Bros – – this is yours to win unless you are beside Kelsey hoping just in case he ends up F3 with her/Bros they’ll take him (or maybe even vote her out… Phil is in love, he won’t).

I’m wondering how the audience cheers affected them this evening – Tim & Bros heard cheers for their votes BUT they also heard cheers for Joel’s speech and for Cass being safe. It has to have dawned on them that the Threek Show was well liked by now, hasn’t it?

I almost spit my drink out when Tim was looking at the Bros saying “yeah, no I know it was all Maddy and then Joel who told me Jared/Kelsey wanted to flip it, but it wasn’t true, just Maddy lying. Phil/Nick refuse to take
ownership for that. And how Phil thinks he shone the spotlight on Mitch is beyond me b/c whether you like her or not that was all Kelsey!


Cass wanted bros as hoh so bros arent so desperate to win veto but more importantly Tim tries even harder in the veto

I dont think bros would take Tim f2…If its a Cass, Tim, bros final 3 I think Cass would be taken to f2 by both and I think its the bros that Cass wants to face in f2…cutting Tim at the end would give Cass the win