Big Brother Canada 4 Week 10 Nomination Spoilers

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots ?

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Kelsey nominates Tim and Cassandra for Eviction. Tomorrow is the Power of Veto.

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Love the noms


yeah i love the fact that two pussies that can only scream and yell at woman when they get called out on their shit aren’t on the block. Can’t wait for joel to win the pov and completely fuck them over, because the last time i checked those idiots still haven’t clued into the fact that its a very real possibility that their pussy asses are going home on kelsey’s hoh. Just wish I was there to help them out the door!


I think you need to relax. It’s just a tv show friend…


Agreed. But it is a show that reveals your true character. Not all ” reality” shows are actors reading a script. This one and a few others allow viewers real insight into contestant’s heads. Sure there are times when someone
might play it up for a chance to move ahead in the “game” but I think after many days or months your inner self is laid bare. We all lose our composure now and then and say somethings we regret later but the complete lack
of common courtesy and self-awareness is shocking in the brothers.


Wasn’t it this week that Britney went home on Sarah’s HOH last season? They were the tightest 2 in that house (by then). Because Kelsey is a recruit and hasn’t watched the show … I don’t think she’s fully aware (or I’ve just not caught it on the feeds I’ve seen) of what could happen.


Britnee went home when it was Final 4. Ashleigh won the POV which forced Sarah to nominate Britnee as the replacement because there was no one else. This week Kelsey will have the option of either Joel or Brothers as the replacement. The only way the brothers go on the block is if Joel wins and takes someone off, leaving no other option. So it’s kinda similar, although I wouldn’t compare Sarah/Britnees bond to Kelsey/Brothers. They only started working together now because it’s 3 against 2. Kelsey and Jared would have gotten rid of the brothers if they had the chance earlier


Nice one Kelsey…..we can go for the last 2


Granted, I only watched the first hour of the drama..
Phil is stark raving mad, as they should be… They played them. They were being lied to, and have had lies told about them… then made to look “crazy” for flipping out. They are clearly portraying that they have maturity and poise, but purposefully escalate the situation. The bros are called names just the same. Sure, you can say that they insult themselves, but, we all know they are very sensitive about it. This is not lost on Tim & Cass.
So far, I have to side with the bros. Cass and Tim are a different breed, they can hold their own with Phil and Nick, my heart is not bleeding for them… They are highly manipulative, and conniving.
It is usually rare that I disagree with the masses. But this season, I cant back Tim or Cass BECAUSE they are so good at this game. This is the first time this season, it hasn’t felt scripted to me. Glorious!


That fight — I’m scared of Phil. He went too far and he’s kind of frightening. I think they were terrible in that “discussion” and it shows their complete immaturity that they can’t have an actual conversation without screaming and calling Cass every horrible thing they can think of. I think both the brothers are nuts.

Where I think Tim and Cass were justified is that they’ll admit they’ve done some shady stuff. They wanted the brothers to own up to something they’ve done and they refuse. We’ve all seen them suggest that Jared be put on the block, but they won’t admit it. And Kelsey and Jared certainly wanted the brothers out and talked horribly about them as well. And I would guess that Cass and Tim might be right — if it was before HOH and no one would assume that Kelsey would win, they’d want to make a quick attempt to save themselves. It’s fine — that’s what happens in BB. But the brothers won’t admit any of it.

Overall, I thought their fight put Tim in a better position.


Oh B.S!!! They weren’t innocently trying to get the bros to “own up” or take responsibility. They were trying to make them blow up their integrity game! They wanted to make it sound like they are all cut from the same cloth, and the bros are just as snakey… We ALL know that isnt true.

Yes, they said Jared in Cass’ HOH, but it was when it was a choice between the two of them to go up on the block. They NEVER tried to intentionally throw Jared under the bus. Not like Cass intentionally threw everyone under the bus. They found a small hole to poke, and they made it into a crater. The bros did articulate that as well… Cass & Tim take a truth, and add a twist to suite their agenda.

Phil and Nick may not have a high EQ, but it showed me, they figured these guys out, and they have every right to flip the f out.

Daisy Duke

I have grown to really enjoy and like Phil and Nick. I have pretty much always liked Nick and I was so impressed at how he rushed to take care of Joel when he thought Joel was in distress over the “date” with Cass. We now know Joel was only doing a task for Big Brother, but Nick didn’t know that and he was so genuine and caring with Joel. He just stole my heart. I used to get a little miffed with Phil when he would pick at Nick but then I watched a conversation Phil had up in the HOH with Raul (who was the HOH that week) about how much he loves Nick and he knew how hard Nick had tried to win the HOH that week. He broke down in sobs because his brother means so much to him. So, I’ve been rooting for them to go farther in the game. I’m a long time Big Brother fan and I’m always surprised when fans like the back stabbers and the people who play cold hearted to win at any cost. I still don’t understand why there were so many who didn’t like Jared. I watched the live feeds and I saw him every day. I liked the guy. I’d hang with the guy in the real world. Oh I knew his showmance was ruining his chances to make it to the end but I really liked he and Kelsey both. I haven’t liked Cassandra because I believe she cares about no one but herself. She was ready to slit Tim’s throat last night and turn against him until he convinced her he was in awe of her cold-heartedness. He even called her a narcissist to her face and she just smiled. She picked “Silence of the Lambs” as her HOH movie and told everyone that she sort of liked the idea of killing and eating people and she admired Hanibal Lector. So, for me, I don’t understand people liking or cheering on someone like that in the game. Anyway, I hope Cass goes to jury next and it ultimately comes down to the brothers, Kelsey, and Joel in final 3. I’ve found Tim to be enormously entertaining to watch this year. I was not really a fan of his Big Brother Austrailia season in 2013, but I think he has been amazingly adaptive to playing Big Brother Canada. I guess I wouldn’t be terribly upset if he made it to 3rd, but I’d rather one of the others (not Cass) win on May 12. Just my opinion. So go ahead and fire away at me. Go for the win Kelsey, Phil & Nick, and Joel!


thank you … I was beginning to think that those making comments on here had escaped from the insane asylum … I agree with your final three .. and Nick is very entertaining .. not so much with Phil .. unless they are together.. Nick has the quick wit. I am hoping the brothers win .. I did like Cass’s game But .. she started to tick me off the way she was putting down everyone .. Nasty Nikki started rubbing off on her I think ..

like really?!

Like when Phil puts his hand up to Cass’s face when she tries to speak and he says “shut your mouth” or “don’t talk”… like excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are? I’m surprised Cass took it. I wish she would have stood up for herself or left the situation until the brothers settled down.

j fin

I do not want to see a Kelsey, Phil/Nick in the finale. It would be mean girl versus jackass showdown.


With the ones left in the house the only time it isn’t a mean girl with a jackass is if it’s two mean girls or two jackasses.
They’ve all been horrible behind each other’s backs in cases where it wasn’t warranted. Yes, Joel fans, even Joel.


Thank you, finally someone else says it too. I have been saying for weeks, they are all mean girls and the guys are just as bad. I personally found nikki to be the worst of them all, with the things she said but especially due to the comments she made about cass’ weight. I just expected better from someone who had such a severe eating disorder. It pissed me off when sarah/peter/brittney kissed her ass on the side show…they attacked everyone that actually played the game but the one who did shit, they go on abut how great she is…i have no idea what is so great about her. After Cass’ attitude last week it is great to see her on the block…hope she goes out too. If Joel is as smart as everyone thinks, then hopefully he wont use the veto if he is the one to win it. I would rather see Cass or Tim walking out the door, preferably Cass. I couldn’t stop laughing when she was crying to joel..only because last week she told Tim that Jared came into her hoh crying and then the two of them started to make fun of him for it.. I was appreciating Cass’ game until last week, she just really showed what an awful attitude she has…almost as bad as maddy. Wont even start about her stupid annoying voices.


Big Brother, we’ve all heard one million times that Jared and Cass already knew each other. No need to block the feeds every time it’s mentioned.


My take on the Brothers – They have lied just like everyone else in this game. No different from Cass or Joel. The only difference is they are the ones that have protection this week. ( so far )! – I didn’t have a problem with the Brothers up until tonight and the fight with Phil and Cass. Phil took it too far. Set aside the lies whether they were or weren’t is besides the point because this is BB and this is the game whether you like it or not this is what you signed up for. But when you start yelling at a Woman and shouting full on and she is not yelling back at all – and further more, you then raise your fingers and your hand at her not to mention bang your hand down on the table that is Aggressive behavior and should in no way ever be tolerated, EVER. That is what I had the problem with. I can’t condone that type of behavior. And by the looks of things BB didn’t condone it either because after noms Phil was keeping his distance and not speaking to Cass. ( maybe a certain house restraining order was issued ) I wouldn’t doubt it?!
Anyways moving on – this plays good for Tim because the Brothers now hate Cass more and she them. Kelsey wants harmony in the house and Cass is now pissed at Joel for not defending her to Kelsey. Kelsey also looks at Joel as a weak player. Which bodes well for Tim. The starts are aligning for Tim.
Now if Tim could only win the Veto this could be the fireworks Week we were all hoping for.


Cassandra threw the bros under the bus, but failed. Hope she gets evicted this week hahaha


…Also it’s hilarious to watch Tim kissing Cassandra butt lately LoL


Cass and Tim are bullies to the brothers. The way Tass talk to brothers are so mean. Tim always laugh at Phil call him idiot .Tim is such a jerk, this is not a strategy. Cass can’t have power, when she has power, she thinks she is above others. Don’t forget that brothers are big guys , they are nice to people but they will get their temper out if Tass keep push them.

I don’t care how sneaky or you call strategy Tass are, if they are play bully like the one in last season US, you should out right before the final!


Phil actually terrified me… he was absolutely insane, cruel, and totally off-the-wall. An absolute psycho.. telling Cassandra to shut up, fuck off, calling her an ass, a ‘fucking bitch’, and yelling like a lunatic. Going on about how he’s better than her, a bigger man, and yet he continues to berate her. They’re delusional and insecure as hell.

And Nick is… a little slow? It’s like everything he says is read off of a prompter but with a weird delay. He’s little like a small child. He was trying to throw insults at Cass and Tim and they were making me cringe.


A LITTLE slow? That’s putting it lightly. Tims meme was so bang on! They have to be the two dumbest people that I’ve seen so far out of both the American and Canadian BBs. Like cmon! Really, who the hell casted them? I feel bad for them in a way, cause their maturity level is on an elementary school level and their IQ combined must be way below average. The longer the show goes on the more they can’t hide it. They should be in a nut house, not the Big Brother house.


I’m thinking it’s either a huge tactical error for Cassandra to be spilling a spin doctored version of the game from her perspective to Kelsey, or Kelsey is actually gaming Cassandra. It was weird to type that so give me a second to wrap my head around it. A bartender getting information out of someone with wine. Okay, that makes the Kelsey gaming someone easier to almost imagine. The amount of information now in Kelsey’s possession is significant. Cassandra is throwing Joel in front of every bus she can find, reversing, and driving over him again. She’s only being slightly more charitable to Tim. At the same time she’s telling Kelsey Joel won’t use the veto on her, she’s revealing they’ve been ride or die since week one and her influence on him was greater than Loveita’s.
So Kelsey told the brother’s she was going to spend time with Cass, but not to worry, the plan is the plan and she isn’t deviating. Did Cassandra tell Joel she was going to dig herself out of the hole by throwing Joel in it?
Would Kelsey reveal that Cassandra spilled everything on Joel before the veto in order to get Joel flustered and anxious? She’ll obviously tell the brothers just how close they’ve been and for how long to dispel Phil’s notion that Joel isn’t so tight with Cass.


Perspective is a funny thing.

Let me back up and say it’s very obvious when the Brothers are lying because they become angry & agitated. They accused Tim or being a manipulator & Cass of being a liar. All while they were screaming at the top of their lungs and whether you like Cass or not, it was absolutely INAPPROPRIATE to tell her to shut the fxxk up, and you watched the video so no need to go into more details. I’ve liked the Bros, especially Nick, but I lost all respect for them tonight.. They took it too far with the personal slights, name calling, bringing family into it and slamming fists. All just so they could cover a lie! It was so aggressive to the point I thought things were going to get physical.

Look they’ve all lied & the Brothers don’t want to own it FINE! But there is never a need to speak like that to anyone. (female OR male) Kelsey was told of what she said the night of the hot tub, and feels bad. They were drunk SLAMMING Cass and sunk to a new low that night .Are Cass/Tim/Joel angels … no not by any means. But the things that have been said to Cass have been predominantly personal and often on the threat level.

As for Cass, I don’t blame her for being miffed. Joel has allowed her to protect his game so he can ride the
middle. The FS agreed to getting out the Bros & when they won POV The trio said Jared. For Cass it wasn’t the right move personally, but it was for the group. I get that Joel & Tim are just playing their games, but I’d be angry too if my alliance expected me to take all that heat with those types of things being said about me and to me just so they could get ahead. The is the exact opposite of loyalty..

The Bros integrity speel went out the door (in actuality as soon as they said it because they were working the middle the entire time UNTIL Jared accepted them.

Now…. here’s where the perspective comes in. Cass & Kelsey were ALWAYS friends and I do believe it was Cass plan to make sure Kelsey made it deep in the game with her (but not necessarily Jared). If you
remember in the beginning it was Kelsey who got Jared/Raul to accept Cass as their 4th. Watching them
giggle tonight was genuine.

Now I didn’t watch the live feeds, rather I watched the video, but Kelsey now understands why Cass was going a little insane b/c she had no idea the FS had been aligned all this time. So, now her decisions make sense.
Remember back to Love when she explained to Kelsey she had that alliance with Mitch/Joel. Kels respects
loyalty and she is already a little fed up with the Bros youth & immaturity Plus, Kelsey woke up with a bad hang over the morning after the hot tub and didn’t remember things that were said.

Kelsey was always telling Jared not to say mean things, especially personal. She has no problem having an
argument face to face, but then she can let it go.

I think the girls literally had a good laugh tonight over their 2 trios of Boys and now that Kels knows how much Cass has done to be loyal to her group she “gets it”. Sure, she’s sad she lost Jared, but she understands why Cass is going insane b/c while Kelsey knew Jared would NEVER take anyone over her to F2 conversely Cass is working with Tim/Joel who she can’t trust to take her, let alone stand up to those 2 Bros and say that IS NOT OKAY! .

Case in point: this morning Joel/Tim were talking about how Tim could stay over Cass and Joel was saying she dug her own grave. And while I’d agree she does get loopy at times the fact 10 mins later Joel is asking her how he can fix what Nikki said (about voting for him to win) and how he can keep his participation in the FS
hidden is hilarious.

Joel learned he will be the renom if someone comes down and that he will stay b/c the Bros will do what she tells them,. That said since Kelsey knows Joel has lied to her she owes him nothing . I think Kelsey’s
preference to leave is Tim BUT if noms remain the same I’m sure he could convince her he’ll take her F2.
Having said that, Cass made enough leeway tonight to get their friendship back on track so I won’t be
surprised if Tim is the #1 to take out and Joel could even be moved ahead of Cass.

And of course Joel could jump in and do what he wants should he win veto b/c he knows he isn’t the Bros or Kelsey’s #1 based on the Dbl re-nom and Kels telling him he would go up as the renom. He could very well pull down one of Cass/Tim & then the Bros leave. Then she can’t play in HOH in F4 which is a disadvantage. Sure the POV holder picks who stays but they do so from the 3 people who aren’t HOH which she can’t win. .

We’ll see how the week progresses but given the fact Kelsey wants Cass to move to Calgary I won’t be
surprised if they take each other!

And just for the record. after a season of catty females, how great was it to finally see 2 genuinely getting along and sharing a laugh? I wonder how the season would have looked had the 4 (Tim/Cass/Kels/Jared) aligned.

Bottom line, Kelsey is smarter than she lets on. .. in the absence of a true floater the vitriol coming at Cass has made her as close to the perfect F2 partner as you’ll get!

That, AND on the first full day/night Jared was out of the house she chose to spend her night with Cass,
drinking wine and asked her to sleep in the HOH with her. That says something.


Must be nice to be an Angel. Long winded as usual. You do know this isn’t your diary right.


Part of the FS plan is to have it seen that Joel is leaning more to the bros than Cass. This is an attempt to get the bros to trust Joel enough to throw the veto to Joel if it is down to them two. They also want Phil a bit rattled as he does not play as well in comps when he is stressed.
Should the plan not work, each of FS is trying to protect there own game, ie: in the event of a tie vote Kelsey votes to keep Cass if up. Cass may be trying to get Kelsey to keep Tim over Joel, I’m not sure. Or she wants Joel in the game over Tim.
Pre fight, the attempt was to get Kelsey wary of the bros should Tim win veto. Post veto, if this is the situation, all of them will be working Kelsey hard.

apeshit brothers

For a guy who is diagnosed with mental illness, and another who has suffered a brain injury and the resulting trauma and issues associated with that, those brothers are completely insensitive and vicious when it comes to the use of terminology associated with mental illness. Firstly, Cass isn’t a sociopath, nor is she crazy or psychotic. She also doesn’t have multiple personalities, and isn’t a compulsive liar. She is playing a game called Big Brother, in which most people who want to win the game will lie and backstab. Newsflash: every single person in that house right now has lied and backstabbed. They are bitter because they know Cass has been playing a better game than they have, and she ousted Jared – the ‘biggest player in the game’. They only ousted Maddy, whom they didn’t even target, they were forced into it by the house. When confronted about their deceit and lies, the brothers go completely apeshit….so it is a bit rich that they call other people nuts, crazy, psycho etc. when they are the ones exhibiting that kind of unhinged aggressive behaviour. Screaming, swearing, berating, and demeaning a woman, and talking over everyone else repeatedly saying stfu…their parents should be really proud of those boys they raised. Well done Mrs. Paqs, your boys are ugly inside and out, especially that troll Nick. Nice to see their true colours finally on full display in the house, they tried to hide their true thoughts and personalities….but getting close to that money has brought out their true disgusting selves. This is that end part of Big Brother, wherein we see what these people are really made of. Cass, Tim, and Joel aren’t angels, but they have been consistently the same people throughout the game, and have never misrepresented who they are. They have strategized, planned, and collaborated to get to this point and it is well deserved. Tim and Cass were also hands down the most entertaining people in that house. Tim or Cass for the win, and hopefully we get a miracle and those vile brothers leave this week.


Ya right ! I’m sure cowsandra’s parents are proud of her also ! NoT! Her ability to lie so easily and the crowd of people that live in her head makes her a prime physic patient


Yesss! Love it. Good girl kelsey!!! Bye to that dumb bitch cass lol 😉


To bad Kelsey is wanting tim out though. I personally would prefer cass out too. I don’t like her victim routine.


I have to laugh at that fight. Phil and Nick wouldn’t shut up for a minute to let anyone else speak. I dunno how Cass and Tim didn’t tell them stfu and let us talk. Phil was calling Cass a psycho and sociopath because she lied? Lol I didn’t know a lie made someone a psycho and sociopath. Cass and Tim sat there calmly the whole time while Phil and Nick screamed and yelled and insulted Cass. And then Phil stomped around the house with his chest all puffed out mumbling more insults about Cass for the cameras. I’d hate to be his future wife and piss him off. If anyone was acting like a psycho it was Phil 100%. I must say I was a little disappointed in Tim for not coming to Cass’ defence. She saved his ass from eviction, the least he could have done was defend her or tell the brothers to stfu and stop being so disrespectful to Cass. Of anybody in that house, as a man, Tim should have had her back.


The hilarious aspect of the argument was Nick’s persistence that the convo in dispute never happened when , as with most of Phil’s game talks, he was not present. So much of what he is arguing with comes from a place of Phil’s interpretive rendition or just not being involved.


Those idiotic brothers think joel wont use the veto if he wins it? What big brother are they playing?
I hope Joel wins, saves Cass and the brothers go out the door with Cass laughing in the background like she did while voting for Nikki…
I hope we go this way:
5) Brothers
4) Kelsey
3) Tim
2) Joel
1) Cass – Deserved winner


Almost every week there’s a Cassandra vs. insert name argument.
Immediately following there’s negative comments about the people who argue with Cass.
It’s part of her passive aggressive strategy to start arguments with people.
After every argument she plays injured victim, and plays up how other people are attacking her and other people have mental issues.
In the majority of arguments she will push buttons or follow a person into other rooms to continue the argument if they leave until tempers flare, then she will make a show of removing herself while tensions are high, then return to stoke the flames and antagonize.
After the argument she will say she doesn’t know how everything got so intense, and play up that she tried to leave at some point to portray victim. It’s a pattern now.
That’s how she successfully had the house thinking Loveita was a dark cloud in the house. She inserted Loveita’s crazy into every conversation no matter the topic for two weeks. She still brings it up occasionally now.
She discussed the possibility with Tim of inciting an argument against the brothers to make Kelsey doubt them a day ago. She succeeded in getting an argument.
What’s the common denominator in the nearly weekly Cass argument?
Sharry vs. Cass. Ramsey vs. Cass (These two weren’t even on feeds, but because she said it enough, her version became gospel, and people were writing about Sharry being a bully and Ramsey being a snake). Loveita vs. Cass. Dallas vs. Cass. Raul vs. Cass. Tim vs. Cass. Jared vs. Cass. Kelsey vs. Cass. Brothers vs. Cass. Each argument a tool to try to manipulate social opinion within the house as part of her strategy.
Congratulations for taking a bite of the poison apple.


Very unpredictable vote this one. Really hoping Cass stays in, she is very witty, entertaining and the most logic-driven player. She knows exactly what Kelsey loves in this house (i.e. wine, girl time + goss) & absolutely exploits it. The bros must be livid. Looking forward to the edit on the next episode!

What is most likely to happen:
#5: Tim
#4: Bros
#3: Kelsey
#2: Joel
#1: Cass

What I would love to see:
#5: Bros
#4: Kelsey
#3: Joel
#2: Tim
#1: Cass


I’m sure the parents of the brothers must be disappointed in them,you don’t treat a woman like that.Whats wrong with those guys,show a little respect for a woman,is this the way you would treat a girlfriend when she doesn’t agree with things you say.Talk about verbal abuse,it’s just a game no money is worth making yourself an a—–e.By the way the only one there now that I want to win is Joel.


are you seriouslly making the comparison between how you treart a girlfriend to how the argument in the kitchen happened with cass, an opponent in the game? Cass has treated the bros like shit as well and a ot of feeling are hurt within the game. The gender issue shouldn’t even come into it. It was an heated argument but seriously they are all fine.


Finally some good drama. Havnt seen it since Mitch left. I’m not on team Cass or team brothers. I don’t think the brothers took it too far ( I guess you don’t like evil dick if think they did). They were calling Cass on her Bullshit. I don’t blame Cass for trying but It didn’t sound believable. Even Tim couldn’t put up with her story. This is a game. I respect Cass for trying to get the brothers on the block. And I respect the brothers for fighting back against her attempt.
Still team Joel. I didn’t watch all of it but I didn’t see him back Cass to kelsey, which is good for his game. He’s played a good honest game and sets himself up pretty good at not being a target.


unless you can see that people have different temperaments, you would not understand that the brothers are authentic themselves. Phil acts consistently and some people handle stress, confrontations like he does. He got himself worked up because he felt Cass was lying to kelsey about them. That’s understandable. Emotions har hightened in that house and when you feel betrayed it creatas a strong reaction in your brain. I get it. The brothers aint bad people, they just react differently than say Joel They are very gullable and naive but i do like them at the end of the day. They have flaws and they clearly show them. I like that about people.


Sorry not acceptable, everyone else in that house has to deal with the stress and don’t behave like that. I really liked the brothers in the beginning. My opinion of them has changed. They are cruel when they don’t get their way and act like 2 year olds.

Texas Gold

Sorry I don’t agree. Everyone else has to deal with the stress and yadda yadda but not everyone has a head injury and chronic slowness/hint of bipolar. The stress would effect them differently. Just like everyone knows how Joel went to hide for the fight because of what ever is up with him. Anxiety and don’t like confrontation and a hint of tourettes . These people will all handle the stress different. Not all people have a thick skin.


I don’t know why Cassandra is throwing Joel under the bus. All that Kelsey has to do is let Joel know that she is doing that to him. Another move that Joel can do since Cassandra is throwing him under the bus. If he wins the veto take Tim off, the brothers go up and Joel makes a promise to the brothers that he will not vote them out if they keep him safe next week. This way Tim will take him to final 2 instead of Cassandra if Tim is not voted out by then. Joel would probably win over Tim. Jared,Brothers and Kelsey would not vote for an international in the end, that would be 3 guaranteed votes for him


Do we know who won POV


Nope .. the feeds are still blocked