Kelsey, Tim & The Brothers make a Final 3 Deal – “Treaty of the Final 3”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-04 08-42-22-472
11am HOH room – Tim is talking to Phil and Kelsey about keeping or getting rid of Cass. Tim says that if Joel makes it to the end he will win the show. I’m not thinking strategic from here on out. I have a weird thing with Joel now where next week I either take him out or I take him to the end and beat him. And make sure people know what he did. Tim asks so the only worry is will Cass and I help each other to get to the end. Kelsey says We’re going off a liars word right now but Joel is also a liar. Nick says I would have a very hard time if Cass got us out. Tim says then lets get her out then. So the only problem is if she won the veto and didn’t send me home or if I won the veto and didn’t send her home. I am telling you that I would send her home. Tim says I am not going to play my way the whole game and then switch to playing her way of being deceitful. The ends don’t justify the means to me. Its not at all costs. Cass has always been if I’m no use to her she would get rid of me. When I won the veto she was like you’re dead to me. Nick says that’s what I’m worried about her doing next week. Tim says I think she is repairing bridges. Kelsey says so you’re saying if Cass stays you will go against her next week. Tim says yes I will vote her out over you two. Kelsey asks and if Joel stays you’ll work with him? Tim says I don’t know. Nick says my first thought was get Cass out. Tim says I would feel more comfortable getting Cass out next week and who ever wins the veto would do it. Kelsey asks why do you feel less comfortable with Joel? Tim says because there’s more unknowns. I’m still getting over what he did this week. Tim, The Brothers and Kelsey all agree to hear out Joel before they make their final Decision on who goes.

Tim, Kelsey and the Brothers agree on a final 3 deal. They all put their hands in a circle and throw throw their hands up in the air. Tim says the treaty of the final three. Kelsey says 1, 2, 3 threesome!
big brother canada 4 - treaty of the final 3

12:30pm – 12:55pm In the bedroom – Joel talks to Cass about how he has to campaign. He says its 50/50 at the moment and how he wouldn’t feel right about not trying. He wonders what they will be voting on .. integrity or who has more jury votes. Which ever one of us makes it .. It will be all on me to win my way to the end of the game. Cass says same as me. Right now I am completely alone in this game. Joel says I am too. Joel says I don’t know what other campaign I could have. I definitely can’t go to anyone privately any more. Twistos Twist would be great about now. There hasn’t been a twist in awhile. Cass asks would you vote me out over the brothers? Joel says if there was a twist tomorrow I would go back to the freak show.

1:20pm Tim, Cass, Kelsey and the brothers have lunch. Joel is in the diary room.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-04 10-22-06-403

2:25pm – 3pm HOH room – Kelsey comments on how they should talk to Joel. She tells Tim to go get him. Tim says he doesn’t want to. Cass says she’ll go get him. She heads out and Joel goes into the diary room. In the bathroom – Cass tells Tim to help her in the conversation. Tim says he will.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-04 11-25-49-905

3:20pm – 3:30pm Joel comes up to the HOH room to talk. They tell him that their minds aren’t made up yet. Nick tells Joel that Cass came clean about everything she lied about and now its your opportunity to own up to what you’ve done. Kelsey says that Cass has given them reasons why they should keep her. Joel says he needs a few more hours to figure out what he’s going to say. Phil says I think honestly is the best policy in either of your campaigns. Nick says and that you stick to it. Phil tells Joel to not act defeated. Joel says he’s not .. its been hard to process what’s happened the last few days.

3:40pm – 4:50pm Tim, Kelsey and the brothers do a clothing swap. Joel didn’t want to be a part of it because he only had a limited amount of clothes. (He gave up his clothing in the veto comp)

5:50pm Joel is still practicing his campaign speech. He says he doesn’t want to forget anything.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-04 14-48-58-525

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Another F3 deal

I don’t have the live feeds and, due to a minor car accident this week, I haven’t kept up with this awesome website. What exactly did Joel do this week that has made the brothers, Kelsey and Tim so against him? Cass frequently switches teams; did they all just realize that Joel does this too?

Another F3 deal

Thanks Dawg! I really appreciate all of the work you and Simon due to provide this forum for everyone.


Wish they would have caught sneaky rat Andy during his season and called him out like what’s going on with Joel. Andy winning BB15 was a travesty 🙁

lol what?

Completely different. Andy was in a secret alliance, working together to play the other side of the house!


Apparently Joel helped one of the brothers during the veto comp instead of helping Tim. Joel was suppose to win and take Cass off the block. Tim seeing that decided to go for the win rather than throw it to Joel

Willy from Halifax

Tim and Cass were on the block. The PLAN was they would let / help Joel to win the POV. Joel would take one or the other off (it really wouldn’t matter which one) and the only person Kelsy would be able to put up would be the Brothers. In the evection vote the only voters would be whoever came off the block – Cass or Tim – and Joel. With the Threek show having the votes sewed up, the brothers would go home,. A PERFCT PLAN.

Except, in the VETO, Joel ignored Tim (claims he didn’t hear him try to help) and helped and accepted help from Phil. Tim witnessed that and thought that meant Joel had left the Threek show which made Tim mad enough to win the veto rather than wait for Joel to win.

Thus what started out as a perfect plan ended in the demise of the Threek show and it was all Joel’s fault (even though it was Tim who fckt it up by jumping to the wrong conclusion)


tims game is so good its scary

Pinocchio Obama

Tim is looking strong.


So would Tim really cut Cass next week or would he cut the brothers if given the chance?


i think its all an act
like yeaturday and cass daying she would cut tim
he hopes this way they keep cass
and if one wins veto they both go to the final
best case
cass stays
tim wins hoh
cass or tim win veto
send brothers home


I do think they are still working together but if it was between Cass & the Bros, Cass would be gone. Tim knows he can beat the brothers. Cass & Tims end game is different. She wants to take Kelsey & Tim being smart knows they both lose against Kelsey. He knows for sure he would win against the brothers and he knows if Kelsey is gone Cass would take him & so would the brothers. Getting Kelsey out is a win win for Tim.


I think they are interchangeable. I would prefer he got the brothers out but it is really about who wins the veto.


I haven’t watched the feeds or the episode after the first month. WORST BB CANADA EVER!!!!!!!


I totally agree. This season went south in casting.


Agree with the bad casting, too many immature, unintelligent players, with no knowledge of the game.


Then why bother coming to comment? Bored much? I think this season has been a lot better than the last, though BBCAN 2 remains my favourite.


I respectfully disagree. Its been a good season.

Willy from Halifax

But if you haven’t watched weeks 4-9 shouldn’t it be hard for you to judge it the worst one, especially the worst one EVER. LOL


I am one of those people that always roots for the underdog. I do believe Kelsey has made some smart decisions in this game and I do like the Brothers (go Ottawa!) but the whole Cass & Tim thing does create quite a bit of good entertainment. I personally just don’t like Cass’s game play much but her and Tim are growing more and more confident at pulling the wool over Kelsey & the Brother’s eyes. I hope they see it for what it is and I would love to see the look on Cass & Tims faces should their plan not work. That would make for some excitement. If it does work then however much I hate to say it you have to hand the victory to one of them. They have done a good job of stressing Joel out, stabbing him in the back like everyone else and using him to deflect focus off themselves.


BBOttawa, I agree with you, and I as you, root for the underdog. I think Cass & Tim have worked well together this season, and just can’t get over Cass’s tactics of deceit. If they get to the end together, they deserve it. I personally don’t think it will happen. Tim needs to get her out before then to have any credibility to win the game. My problem with who might win boils down to the fact that with the exception of Mitch, the jury is filled with people who are completely going to vote emotionally. Watching their discussion of who should win, I decided that they are sitting where they are right now because their own games were really bad, and have no right to (for instance) call the brothers idiots. Those so-called idiots are still in the house. Like them or not, they have gotten where they are because they are willing to do what most of you sitting in jury didn’t. There was no discussion on hoh OR veto wins whatsoever. I like Kelsey, Bros, Tim and Cass and whoever at this point wins, deserves it. The biggest hurdle will be this jury.


Oh, you haven’t heard? Their not so called idiots anymore, it’s a proven scientific fact now. THEIR IDIOTS!
I think the only reason they have gotten this far is because of their horrible game play. It’s the weirdest season for that reason. The casting has been so bad, that no one in that house (other than Tim) has a frickin clue what’s goin on, or whatever went on. People are playing with strategies that make no sense. Dumb and dumber are the best example of this, Kelsey’s second. The bros are so oblivious to what’s going on in the whole game, that their ignorance is what got them through. If they actually made any type of good strategic moves up this point, they’d probably not be there right now. It’s just hard to watch these idiots. Please BB, get them out!!!!


Remember just because we see everything online does not mean all the players can too. That is the whole point of the show. We get to be the oh so wise experts and if we are really smart we don’t always trust just what production wants us to see. If you have none of the info provided by online tipsters and camera views of conversations all over the house you might have to realize that some of the decisions made by the Bros ie trying to get Tim out earlier actually showed insight on very litle visible evidence within the house and same with Kelsey to suspect not everything was as it seems. None of them left are idiots at this point as they have all had to use their brains at some point to get where they are now


I don’t know. The brothers were a big part of making the middle strong and the middle has survived in the house. They made a call early on to keep the strong players in the game and it has worked out well for them so far. That’s why they wanted to keep Dallas over Maddy as well. I don’t think they are masterminds by any means or that is the most effective strategy but they really capitalized on it by making it to final five.


Sabs.. you said this about the brothers… “their idiots” (twice) ummm let’s think on that for a second.. Should you have said “They’re idiots” or “They are idiots”? Yes, that would have provided a better outcome other than just making yourself look like an idiot… truth.


Lol, yeah, you got me. Sorry “they’re dumb frickin idiots” You’re right, that is better. At least I know that El Niño has to do with weather and not being a person, and I know that we have earthquakes in Canada, cause of the faults, and that we have extremely dangerous animals in the wild. (Earlier Tim mentioned El Niño and Phil asked “who is that?” Then went on to tell Tim we don’t have fault lines in Canada so this no earthquakes, and while comparing wildlife with Australia Phil stated that we have no extremely dangerous animals in Canada. But no, THEY’RE not idiots at all.


Sabs … Lol sorry, I never said they weren’t idiots..I was being a grammar douche there. Bad timing I guess.. You are so right!! They tried to nominate themselves… Safe to say, they are total idiots. Although I did have a glimmer of hope for Nick for a wee while though…that’s been dashed now.. Your comment was awesome. I haven’t watched the live feeds and had no idea they said those things.. Hilarious. ???? Oh man, they just get dumber and dumber in that house!! Thanks for filling that in…


I was just going to say the same thing haha.


Yeah make a final three deal with the biggest player in the game that you have no chance of beating. Then listen to him try to save his closest ally. HA! Haven’t like him or Cassandra, but good grief they deserve to lose to them if they let this happen.

sunny dee

every BB, over 17 US seasons, and 4 Canadian seasons, everyone always assumes jury will vote emotionally. And every season, they don’t. I don’t think many of us as fans like that fact, because we like the underdog or the specific person to win the game based on them being nice people and not backstabbing liars. however, to win the game, basically you need to sometimes be the best backstabbing liar and win comps.

i also think the majority of many best players go out 3rd, maybe 4th, because at the end when they have to win it all, they don’t win when it counts. neda is a good example, she was a great coach for Jon, but in final comp, she should have won it. instead he won that last one, and that is 100% on her. at final 4 and 3, it is no longer good enough to be working with someone, or think you are working closely with someone who is obliged to take you to the end. every single one of them should be working independently, and deciding what is best for them.

example, it is better for kelsey to keep cass. Cass has a history of not putting her up, or voting her out, and she has actively aggressively campaigned when kelsey was on the block to keep her in the house. she hadn’t done that for the brothers at any time, not that there were a lot of chances. before when joel and tim were up, they weren’t really in danger, but at those times she also didn’t actively campaign against them. other than wanting them out before jared, and jared was on board with that anyway.

anyways, the only reason the brothers want joel still in the game is because they are still sure he would keep them over kelsey. so that’s my point, it is not better for kelsey to keep joel, it is only better for the brothers. and this is the time for kelsey to realize she needs to make decisions for herself. even if cass remains, the brothers are not going to leave kelsey, so she has nothing to lose unless she agrees for joel to stay.

what amazes me is that no one is presenting that argument, that joel will protect the brothers given their day one deal with each other over kelsey. and that kelsey needs to stop thinking about if joel could win a comp on slop, and more about the real outcome of keeping joel for her own game.


Tim needs to go out just like Frankie went out. Both cocky smug jerks that think they deserve to win over everyone else. Big mistake to leave him in the house this whole time. Mitch said it best when he said “You were both on the block and they voted to keep Tim” Mitch to Maddy in Jury house. How the hell could they let a previous winner of a BB sit in this house like the King of Siam for this long.
I cant wait to see him walk out the door not a winner of this game.

Time to cry now that I don’t like your favorite. Too bad I don’t like him. Out damn spot OUT!


I think you are going to be disappointed in the end. Tim has the best chance out of all 4 right now to make f2 and if he gets there he will win. It may be a closer vote with Kelsey but I believe she loses Mitches vote & possibly even Raul’s vote if Tim is sitting next to her.


Phil doesn’t leave Kelsey alone for a minute. Always all up in her bed in the room on her ass following behind her. She cant even get up and walk to the bathroom with out “where are you going”….Go away you little bug.

The human touch and missing it is one thing. I would be annoyed with this guy always up under my arse.


“My penis seems longer”…”best day ever!” bahaha


Hahaha omg funniest conversation EVER!


who said and where do i find it? lol


It’s in the first clip while Tim is exercising in the HOH room when they make the final 3 deal. Tim said it looked longer in its natural state.


Hey Nick, integrisley is not a word! It is so funny how the brothers hear a word from someone and then try and work it into a sentence as often as possible. They have also used past BB playes catch frases throughout the season.


And past BBC guest don’t like it! There’s a lot that complain about the two idiots all the time. Mostly from BBC2


They got it from Tim, Tim says it often. so now make the same comments about Tim as you do for the brothers saying it. LOL


Just because the brothers are making a final deal with Tim doesn’t mean they are going to keep that deal. Watch when Tim breaks the deal they will make a scene and call him out on it and call him a liar. They probably would want Joel over Tim for final 3. The brothers are hypocrites they can lie but others can’t and if Tim breaks this deal they will behave like they always do, they will handle it like 2 year olds. Not sure if Kelsey would go back on her word.


I don’t know..Phil is starting to look at Tim with those same googoo eyes he looked at Jared with. This whole week has just been extremely odd. Why isn’t Joel campaigning and leaving it all until the last second? What happened in the backyard with Joel that he’s not allowed to talk about? It has something to do with production b/c BB came on & told him to stop & Joel said no..I can’t talk about it. Maybe Joel did get some weird power…?


Very torn. Like Cassandra’s ability to manipulate (still on the fence what percentage is her and what percentage is Tim) so i like her game, but don’t like Cassandra. Hate Joel’s campaign style and play dead game, but don’t dislike Joel as much as I dislike Cassandra.
Don’t ask for an explanation on the gut reaction to personality, I don’t have one.
The strategy analyst in me thinks Cassandra. The gut prefers Joel.
Oh well. either way a part of me is going to be somewhere in between disappointed and disgusted.


I understand how Keeping Cas might be ok for her game but I can’t believe the brothers are even considering it due to Cas’ s bare faced lie.

If Tim & Cas pull this off they deserve final two and the brothers and Kelsey should self evict right now.


Everyone on these boards are bowing down to the greatness of Tim. Quite frankly, I dont buy what they are selling. He was productions pet. I was even wondering for the first part of the game if they were led to believe the internationals cant win? Nikki and Tim were never given a serious thought of going on the block?! When you come in the game with a huge advantage, that raises red flags to me.
Ive watched the entire season, and from what I have seen, his game strategy is to act like he is there for fun, and not for winning. Acting like a “mentour”, because he won BBAus… However, as far as I can see, he is not the reason that any person has went home; even his own HOH is what the house wanted. He has no convictions. His social game is on point, but he is only your friend to your face, and everyone in the Jury has felt that sting (Calling him Malicious)…. He talks the talk, but doesnt walk the walk. He may be good at saving his own skin, but I just dont think its enough. They are all social players except for cass. I dont think he can win against anyone at this point, at least I hope not.


Joel has lied as well do not forget about him….. He is no better than anyone else…. Tired of his sappy looking face and watching to see who is watching him looking down and sad …. Then the acting begins


I don’t know why everyone thinks it would be better for Kelsey’s game to keep Cass? Cass is still working with Tim, if they keep her they are leaving that duo intact. If Joel stays I think it would be more interesting to see who then aligns, Joel, Brothers and Kelsey may align to get Tim out? I think if Cass stays the outcome will be pretty predictable, her or Tim will win HOH and the brothers and Kelsey will go up. I’m hoping Cass goes, she was playing a really good game up until this week, now she’s just ruthless and kind of sickening to watch and why the brothers or Kelsey would believe ANYTHING that came out of her mouth is beyond me, if they keep her it’s their own fault if one of them leave next week.


Go Tim Go. Superior game play from this dude. His only competition in the brains dept was Mitch and maybe Cass, but he’s quite likely going to be the last man standing. Good on ya, mate. (to coin a phrase)
The brothers? OMG, well, I was always taught if you can’t say something nice say nothing, so, I’ll simply say, “I’m sure their mother loves them”.
Kelsey? I’m sure her mother loves her, too
Joel? ditto, his schtick just didn’t work for me.


Lol, that was the nicest way to say exactly what i think a lot of us are basically thinking. You could teach a posting etiquette course. I’ll be honest I could probably use a few sessions.


I think that this season has been a very entertaining season. I also don’t think that you can pin down one solid strategy that can work in every single season of BB. The types of personalities that are thrown together and the relationships and enemies that are created can NEVER ever be duplicated no matter how hard you try. Therefore when some of you say that the casting has been shit or this particular players strategy has been awful is somewhat unfair. I don’t think there is one right way to play this game. Some people are okay with deceit, some people stick by their morals and to each their own. Some people in jury may think it is cowardly to play deceitful and some find it impressive that you can back stab and make you’re way to the final two to potentially win. I think if you have good verbal skills and present your case appropriately and target it strategically to the jury, you may find that you’ve won them over.

bb is poorly cast except 2 hgs these days

Its ok to put in people such as Cass and Tim but stop puting hgs who worthless i mean cast that let Cass and Tim win its so typical of these days to cast so many hgs so poorly and just have 2 good hgs i want hgs like Cass and Tim to actual be challenge but this never happens in today’s big brother’s. You never see Tim play against real bb players like Dan, Dr Will, Janelle, Rachel or others who Tim out during week 1.


I cant believe that Kelsey and bros are even thinking and believe that Tim and Cass would vote each other out. LOL How DUMB can you get if they believe that blows my mind. Tim and Cass are the only two that should be in the F2. I hope they really pull this off. Their final speeches in F2 would be Awesome against each other.

sunny dee

i can’t believe it takes JOEL TELLING KELSEY that he would work with the brothers and take her out over the brothers and tim, for her to figure that out. doesn’t occur to her that is the only reason the brothers want cass out now? it was unbelievable to me that cass wouldn’t have mentioned that as a possible thing, or kelsey didn’t as a possible. oh, no, but joel would work with tim, yup. no. joel would work with the brothers, against kelsey and tim, dummy.

hopefully cass can be smart enough to pick up on that


Cass has been telling Kelsey that the brothers want to take Joel pretty much every time they talk. Kelsey just says I dunnoooo in that weird baby voice.


Omg Joel..please stop picking your nose..I had to stop looking at the screen and just listen to the voices.


Cas doesn’t need to throw Joel under the bus he does a good job of that all by himself. Yes Joel tell the person who is the tiebreaker that you’re voting her out next week, does he not realize Tim will pick Cas?

I had to fast forward through Joel’s karaoke performance of call me baby, Kelsey’s head petting is almost bare able in comparison.


I think they hit casting gold with great players like Cass, Tim, and Mitch. Great TV like Niki. Joel has played well up until now. As far as some of the others go, it’s good to have some that don’t know the game to make the mistakes that make good tv. So I think they got a pretty good mix here.


Is there a part 2 to this convo b/c part 1 ended and it didn’t seem like the convo was finished..just curious. Can someone tell me how the conversation ended? Was it soon after part 1? Don’t have feeds????


I was going to add it later but is this the one you are looking for?


Yes..thanks so much! You rock!!


As always, you rock, Simon. Thank you.


I think Kelsey is so use to petting her dog that she is using the guys heads as a fill in lol and I agree really gross watching Joel pick his nose….. at least use a tissue


I don’t know if it’s something he does when he’s nervous or what but it was excessive. They probably didn’t notice it as much in the house but the way the camera was right in his face..that’s all you could see, so it was hard to miss.


A grave mistake to keep Cassandra. She is the most deceitful, evil, soul-less. She easily sold her soul just for a shot at 100K.
Cass has no distinction between lies and truth.

Everyone will deeply regret keeping this Evil Soulless Cackling Devilish Witch.


A grave mistake will me made if Cassandra stays. Evil, Soul-less, deceitful can not distinguish between lies and truth anymore. She will make the house guests deeply regret keeping her.
She sold her soul just for a shot at 100K. Pure Evil, deceitful, soul-less cackling Witch.


Just a random slightly unrelated question but to all you big brother fans, who would play on the show if they were presented with the chance?


They are screwed no matter which one they save. Cass will still work with tim and brothers go know cass wont evict little timmy boy. If they keep joel he will want kelsey to go IF BIG IF he wins veto..slim chance of that though, so I would be saying we’re keeping joel.. they have to know tim wont continue to play with joel, his whole BS comment when asked by the brothers/kelsey,..was “i don’t know, i just don’t know”…timmyboy is playng brothers/kelsey…tell me that they aren’t that stupid…guess we will find out tonight if they actually are that stupid. with HOH being joel/brothers/tim huge chance that it wont be joel i personally would take the chance and keep joel…the veto would be all of them and joel winning veto? not likely. So they would be nuts to keep cass over joel. i love how cass was able to flip it around to make joel an even bigger liar then she is. amazing that they all agreed. joel had deals with did cass…how is joel worse then cass? i don’t get that part.