Big Brother Canada 4 Week 10 Power of Veto Spoilers

POV Holder: Tim Next POV April 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots ?

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Bring back Maddy

This is starting to get way to predictable.

Maddy carried it with some dignity since she left there is none. I may never watch BBC again.

btw… FIRST!

Good Joke Yo

BAHAHHAHAHA… wait youre kidding right?


Dignity? LMAO!!!


If Tim has won, we’ll finally see Casandra being sent out the door. This will happen ONLY IF Joel goes up as a replacement nominee.


Only if kelsey didn’t fall for Cass,’ BFF crap


because kelsey and bros are so dumb and emotional and cant see joel will be tougher to beat, cass may need to pull a secret veto out of her ass

simon/dawg remember when you photoshopped a secret veto into the backyard pic? ha ha i think bb can season 1


Hopefully Production won’t interfere with people’s game (fingers crossed) as they did last year when they literally boosted Sarah’s and Brittnee’s game out of the blue and screwed Bruno’s game. They did it again in season 2 too , but back then it didn’t impact on the game.

final 2 stat

if kelsey knew that in 20 north american seasons only twice has a female beaten a male in finale…

do you think she would be much more likely to keep cass, the only girl left other than herself?

vote up for yes and down for no


Why cass screwed her and Jared over if Kelsey keeps cass over Joel she is an idiot.


kelseys only chance of winning 100k is against cass as alot of the jury dont like her and would vote emotionally rather than for gameplay

kelsey is not going to win against the 3 guys, so she would be an idiot on a strategic level to evict cass, if she does, at best she can only win 20k 2nd place money


Tim will take himself off and I guest Kelsey will put up Joel.
So who do you want to go Joel or Cassandra?
I say goodbye JOEL!!!


bone head phil and silly kelsey arent very bright

they both very clearly LOSE to joel in f2

kelsey and bros have a better chance v cass

idiots, morons, emotional players not using their head wanting cass out due to hate or revenge

for cass and kelsey the 2 girls should be looking to keep each other safe as their best chance is against each other in f2 – if kelsey kept cass safe this week, the 2 remaining guys tim and phil would be targeted by everyone in f4, the 2 girls would make f3 and have a decent chance of taking each other f2 for a better shot at 100k

these should be the main arguments of the campaign of cass this week – to bros and kelsey they have a better chance in f3 comps and in f2 jury vote against her compared to joel, and specifically to kelsey, joel as hoh targeted and evicted kelsey whilst cass saved her from maddy evicting her, and the final most crucial point – girls hardly ever beat guys in f2

but i think the real reason kelsey wants a bros and joel f3 is that kelseys aunt knows joel from theatre that joel is involved with and kelsey wants to sleep with phil after the show is over

i want to go there with a megaphone in the parking lot when they are in hot tub and shout “kelsey your best chance to win is against cass in f2 – evict the bros or joel this week” or fly a banner over the hot tub ha ha

Brothers and Tim Fan

Yess Tim won the veto, best case scenario. A Final 3 with Tim and brothers is good to me! A competition beast like Nick and Phil winning HOHs and POVs when they need it and Tim, the best social gamer in the final 3 will be an epic battle. Can’t wait for finale!


I am not a Tim’s fan, but i have to admit the dude does win the comps when he needs to.

Aussie BB Tim info

In the Aussie version he won whenever he really wanted it or if he was just bored and wanted to play with the housemates standings. He came across as a fearless guy who was a big silly prankster, very lovable yet annoying at times, and always fun to watch for the Aussie public! He was like the pesky, prankster brother that drove you batty but was fun. Tim was very raw & unincumbered emotionally on that show.

He was more about the title and not the money. After he won, he gave each of the 16-20 housemates $500 for Christmas. He said that he could either put it directly into their accounts or to charity in their name.

Honestly, he could be a comp. beast if he wants to be. He is up there with one of the BB greats! I was watching the side show and I was agreeing with the commentary someone made about him being up there with the best.

Aussie BB is a VERY different format than ours. You were not able to talk about your nominations or you would get the BB boot right out the door. They had 5 points to assign each person and BB would ask them why. If you didn’t have a good reason for your nom, you would be threatened with a point you the against next time or questioned/grilled about it by BB.

If you can watch it, you will be entertained. The episodes are much longer but I sometimes forwarded the fluff & filler parts. Some tasks were meh so buh bye! It is on youtube “Big Brother Australia 2013”

Does anyone know where the Cass and Tim fight is? I may gave missed it somehow. Thanks all! Good luck to all of them! I am shocked that Cass actually thought someone would give up their spot without some sort of life raft for themselves.


Tim doesn’t really care he won veto. He might pretend to care just for dramatic effect, especially in DR, but he would rather be at the beach. He doesn’t need it or want it. I want to see players in final 3 that really want it. He was booked as main DR narrator of the season story, and as a production plant within the game. He gets big $ either way so it matters little to Tim.

Also whilst I agree with him that Jared was cowardly by forcing Kelsey to vote against him to avoid the Cass tiebreaker speech, Tim himself is cowardly when he runs away from arguments. I really thought he would be more imposing in heated moments.


Phil said to Nick last night “I don’t see one thing we’ve done that’s moronic.”

If he punched you in the face he would blame you for not getting out of the way.

It will be interesting to see just how much production go out of their way to protect the brothers(production darlings of the season as one of the wildcards) and not air their disgraceful behavior of the past few days in the eps. To be fair in case a Canada vote is the 9th jury vote, the audience that watch eps only rather than feeds deserve to see their true colors.


A competition beast like Nick and Phil??? you are joking right?


As weird as that sounds, they’ve won the most competitions this season (4 if you dont include the HoH gifted to them) and nobody else has won more than 2 except for Jared (1 HoH, 2 PoVs) and even he was gifted a PoV by Raul.

High school Spanish teacher

Interested to see whether or not Tim will go back on his word to take Cassandra off the block. His decision will show his true colours of being fine just bowing out of this game. Not bloody likely!

He’ll have to get a read on Kelsey and whether she’s willing to put up the brothers. Cass is going home this week!

High School Algebra Teacher

Cassandra was pestering him about it earlier today, hours before the competition. She told him he said he would take her off the block if he won POV. He was quick to remind her that he said that before he was on the block as well.


Thats what I was saying also I think this is the first time we will see Tim’s true colors…. He is always saying how he is happy to bow out. Now we’ll see I guess.


“True colors”, as in if he is a good game player (takes himself off) or if he is not (takes Cass off). The only “colors” that matter in the game that is Big Brother.

Kim McTaggart Osmar

If someone really wants themselves off the black then they shul fight for it not expect everyone else to give up their own game to save their pathetic ass for it


Hey Simon 53 days till Big Brother 18
It’s coming I hope the rumors of all- stars is wrong
I want all new people.

Jeff & Jordan's Baby

Please, please, please let it be all new fresh faces!! I hope and pray Robin Kass finds a better cast this year. I don’t think I can watch another season of people like Austin, Liz & Julia, Steve, Vanessa, and Becky!! It got to the point that I couldn’t stomach watching live feeds anymore about a month before the finale. The finale was a bust too. I couldn’t have cared less by the time it rolled around.


What I find deflating is how many are recruits and not people who try out

Pot Ball Fan

I’m hoping for an entirely new cast and if I ever see Jesse aka Mr. Pectacular ever step foot in the Big Brother house again – I’m done!! I don’t think I can deal with anymore Austins, twins, Vanessas, or Steves again either. I loved James and Meg and enjoyed the Clay & Shellie showmance but that was about it. Only thing I cared about watching during the finale was James getting favorite houseguest! On another note, it really is time for a new Big Brother house. The international BB houses make the BBUS house look like a dump by comparison.


loved BB Pot ball, Bowling, Sling Band each night

brought to you by swiffer

i liked the banter and humor of meg, james, twins and austin during that

No mixed!

I could care less whether it’s an all star or a fresh-faces season… as long as it’s not mixed. I HATE when they mix new players with old ones.

Oh casss

Lol, by saving tim last week cass technically help her demise.


Bahahaha! I’m sure the brothers are stoked. Maybe they will volunteer themselves to go up as the replacement nom since things haven’t been going their way! #fingerscrossed


Bye Cass!


Not sure Cass is done. Bro’s Cass and Timmy Joel hypothetically. The it’s Kelsey who decides. What’s important to Kelsey is F3. She cannot compete next HOH which is huge. She needs the Bro’s so I don’t see them going up. Noming the Bro’s isn’t Marcellus not using POV but as stupid as God taking Sarah BB Can 3.

Cass has worked her a lot harder.. Would Kelsey buy her as possibly keeping her even to the end? Kelsey just has to believe the brothers go before her baring HOH. She has to pick Cass over Joel IMO to stay. If Joel has any attachment it’s marginally to the brothers. Tim has the most risk F4 but has 2 tries at F3. I really like Tim and Kelsey F3 and the third is your guess is as good as mine. Kelsey keeps Cass IMHO.

Bad Medicine

Watch the freakshow explosion now. F2/F3 deals will be thrown Kelsey’s way from all directions.


The only players that I will be happy to see win is Joel or Tim at this point.


Joel has done nothing to deserve a final 4. He’s expendable


Plus, most of the time Joel is talking, I can’t hear him. I turn my computer up full volume, my speakers and the video … and can’t hear him. Dani Danato was the worst with her wet, stealth whispering – but Joel wins it for this season. Why do Canadians want another Ian/Steve nerd type player to win? I would love to see a female take this season out – especially because of the first 6 weeks of female evictions – but if Vanessa couldn’t win (and 2 of the final 3 were females) last season, I wonder if a female will ever win again. Sigh. At least women win in Canada. 🙂


Oh boy Cass or Joel. Imagine Bro’s evict person A and tie vote is Kelsey. That might be Joel. funny he has avoided realigning late this season now needs the people he avoided to save his azz. Frankly Tim should want Joel but he’ll keep Cass IMHO. Cass’s talks with Kelsey might get her the tie breaker with Kelsey would save her F4. Fact would appear to be Tim would want Bro’s out 1st so Kelsey appears to be in a decent spot to go F3.

I’d prefer Cass out over Joel. Production might even convince Kelsey to put up Bro’s. LOL It will be a decent F4 but I don’t like anyone enough to cheer for anyone.


Kelsey can actually win the whole thing if she brings the brothers to the end. She will have the votes from Jared, Raul, Tim, Cas, and Mitch (to fulfil his promise). I am rooting for her to win.

No way

Why would she have Cass’ and Tim’s votes? They’re both ruthless players who respect intense game moves, Kelsey has done nothing but sit pretty all season. The brothers are douchey dinguses, but they at least did something. I honestly see Tim loving the way the bros declared war on the internationals simply because they took a stance in the game and had an opinion.

stop that

if its a kelsey, brothers final 2 it will be a dark day in bb history


This is going to be so tough for Cass to wriggle herself out of! Really hoping she can some how pull this one out of the bag. Her gameplay is absolutely deserving of the crown & although I do like Tim, he will never win against any of the remaining players. Anyone wanting Joel to win, doesn’t want a “player” to win. Joel has played this game being somewhat scared and has very much faded into the background.
In terms of the brothers and Kelsey, I have some respect for Kelsey as a player. She lies, backstabs and is 100% playing the brothers, they are putty in her hands. The brothers lecturing that they are 100% ‘truthful’ and haven’t lied etc is such crap. The hypocrisy is such a joke, they have no clue and their self awareness is nil, they are kids!!

I wished the final 4 would be (I know I am dreaming a bit though!!):
Cass & Tim vs Kelsey & Bros.
4th: Bros
3rd: Kelsey
2nd: Tim
1st: Cass


Joel needs to be the replacement nom


Remember the talk in storeage room with Kel and Joel ? Joel told her the truth what they said to Cass in pink room about the deal. Kel knows they were lieing in that fight. I hope Tim can talk her her into putting up the Bros.

Scooby Doo

Actually, Joel wasn’t even in the room when the supposed conversation was had. If you watched live feeds you would have seen that it was all a calculated plan by Cass (who then recruited Tim into going along) to try to cause drama and plant doubt in Kelsey’s mind about the brothers. She then went to Joel and told him to basically be prepared for fireworks because she knew Phil was not going to take it lying down. She told Joel his part in the plan was to back her up and say she was telling the truth. Once the whole thing went down, you see Tim finally admitting that he didn’t hear them make a deal before he tries to remove himself from the argument. Joel was hiding upstairs because he thought the Threak Show was going to expose him to Kelsey and the bros. He didn’t know they had figured it out days ago. Kelsey eventually told the bros that she knew Cass was lying.


THANK YOU! Finally some one has remembered this conversation. I was wondering if I had dreamt it ffs lol. This is why Joel was hiding up stairs because he didn’t want to lie about that and get flustered. It was a good attempt from Cass to cause some dramz but it backfired. Now she has to reap what she was sewing and take her lumps. It might have cost her her spot and that sucks. I would rather have her there then Tim though because she has been “working” since day one.

The brothers have liked Kelsey and wouldn’t turn on her unless they had to. (I believe)

Thanks Scoob, *Throws Scooby snack*


Wow, real mature! What the hell does being fat have to do with anything. Maybe if we’re lucky we will get to see Phil smack her around bit while calling her a useless fat bitch. I’m sure you would quite enjoy that. Just remember calling somebody fat is no different than calling someone a nigger or faggot. Grow up asshole!


What a disgraceful post “dummy”> N word and faggot are terms of hate, division and bigotry. Fat is a word that speaks to FACT. I’m a 56 year old man who has been OBESE since I was 12 years old. Fat….. you fing bet I’m fat. I have been bullied from 12 through my teens and sometimes as an adult and fat was kind compared to the names I was called. Dummy you really should be called idiot IMHO.
Several years back we herd and saw a season of BB USA filled with racism. You compare that with someone being called fat. Please your a complete fool. The comment you mentioned has been removed I presume it was directed at Cass. Truth is she has gained some weight. She even mentioned recently she needs to go on a diet. seems to be pretty self aware whether she diets or not.
Give the PC thing a rest. Keep the name please it warns everyone on the OBB board what kind of drivel they are about to read.

Big Brother is Life

I don’t know why but I feel there is a chance Tim takes Cassandra off the block and force a tie but work on Kelsey the whole week to show that Noel is a threat. People said it themes levels Joel has the biggest shot to win. And he does right now even though the jury may not want to maybe they would vote Joel over Kelsey or the brothers. Kelsey needs to think about that. Even though Kelsey has no shot at winning if Tim and Cassandra put in her head that she could win but Joel in the game makes it harder for her she may just evict Joel. She would 100% be safe next week. Brothers win HoH they go after Tim and Cassandra and same for Tass as well. She will be nominated and all but Kelsey is garunteed final 3. I just want Tim and Cassandra still in the game as right now they have good resumes that deserves to win. Kelsey is an horrible player even though she tries and the brothers are too full for themselves to know really how to play the game. I personally think Joel doesn’t have a good resume btw but he is growing to be a Steve. Steve was an ally to Vanessa and Austwins but was been to go before them and he managed to make it final 2 pass them. Same goes with Joel in how he has not really been targets in a game where everyone worshiped Third wheel. But yeah Tim be the wildcard you are and take off Cassandra.


You’re a sorry excuse for a human being, a true representation on what’s wrong with humanity.


What’s hilarious is as people read my comment all they see is racism and bigotry. And that is the real problem with society. A derogatory comment is a derogatory comment, whether it’s about race, sexual orientation, size, religion etc. Someone who thinks they can pick and choose what ones are acceptable are the true problems with humanity. They are all equally just as wrong and hurtful, but I’m sure all you see is a homophobic racist.


Forget to take your meds?


As I said before I am not really behind anyone, but I was not impressed by how Phil kept going and going at Cassandra. I don’t care if Nick wins, but I don’t feel the same for Phil. As such, imagine if production came back and said due to their nomination last week, that they would be the replacements this week, can’t say I would be too upset. Or, maybe if they get the most votes, the houseguests will get to nominate which one goes home, split them that way.


I don’t think Tim will use veto on Cassandra. Joel and Cassandra were whispering in the pink room and I think Tim told her before the veto ceremony all bets were off. Cassandra was throwing Tim and Joel under the bus in HOH room last night, I’m not sure if Tim found out about it.


I read that Tim told Cass that all bets were off & that he’s playing for himself now, i’m guessing that he’s just saying this to make everybody think they’re not working together so when Joel goes on the block they’ll vote out Joel & Cass & Tim will still be together next week.


Kelsey, don’t screw up, the only people you can trust are the brothers. Put up Joel as replacement. 2 vs 2 is more exciting in the final POV


Wow, cool down! This is a game and there is no reason to attack players in it or viewers on here commenting on it. All have their own views. You can up or down vote. You don’t need to denagrate either.


Well that little kid deleted their post anyways. But this game is a social experiment for both players and viewers. All I’m saying is calling someone fat because you don’t like them personally or their game play is no more acceptable than using any racial slur or derogatory phrase. If ones OK, then they are all OK!


I watch this for the social/psychological experience that it is. All housemates are stripped of their belongings, most notably, cell phones. No contact with the outside, no amusement via music and videos, no contact with loved ones. They are there without cell phones, family and friends. They don’t know that Prince died. Love that the house has the purple dome and other elements of purple.


I don’t understand why anybody thinks Tim has no chance to win…just blows my mind! You actually think he would lose against the Brothers?! Lmao I honk he would go back to Australia & kill himself if he lost to those idiots..oh sorry..dinguses! Like I said before..If he gets to F2 he wins. He is going to take himself off b/c he knows Cass is in good with Kelsey now. I can’t wait for Cass to realize he’s not going to use it on her…all that fake crying and ruining your make up for nothing.


Guess we finally find out where Tim and Cass stand as a duo as Tim did tell Cass and Kelsey if he won POV he would use it on Cass….. At least the house has been shaken up again when the other side wins a POV and Kelsey then has to replace them….


Can you imagine if the brothers and Tim were final 2 and they were tied and Canada had the deciding vote for the win. Voted for the International for the win. The look on the brothers face…………………..Zing!


I would choose anyone over the brothers! They are immature little boys who think it’s OK to double team a woman. I realize it’s a pressure cooker in that house, but these little boys in men’s body just can’t handle the fact that Cass played them. If they were to own their actions and offer a sincere apology to Cass, I might feel differently. If they choose to continue boasting about that exchange, I can’t respect that and hope that Canada boo’s them off the stage when they leave! Going from Canada’s HOH to hearing boo’s when they leave may just be the wake up they need to see that their behaviour was unacceptable in any situation. It’s a game boys! Cass played you….she didn’t kill your dog! I am disgusted with these boys and as the mother of a daughter that age, I am no longer a fan.


I read on another site that there is a possibility that Tim’s POV win would also allow him to replace the nominee BUT that makes no sense b/c then Cass wouldn’t be so upset

Shrimp on the....

That would be utter bullshit if that were to happen. Talk about “rigged” for Tim. Tim winning BB Canada would be an embarrassment. He does not respect the BBC show at all.


He doesn’t need to respect BB Canada. Why should he? There is nothing to respect in this game. Plus it is the worst Big Brother i have ever seen internationally….


Worst internationally? No its not. I doubt you have seen the worst then dude because this isn’t even close to “the worst”. Nice exaggeration. Most of the internationals are brutal, never mind the language on them yet people have a problem with BBUS and BBC.
The worst hahaha check again .


Kelsey is not who I want to win but I give her credit this week for handling her hoh in a respectful way. If Jared had gone a long time ago she would have had a very different game.


Uhhh…at this point I am so over tim…worst case scenario. Cass will be evicted, so this season is over for me, i’m only interested to see if someone will be able to get tim out.


Anything happening on the feeds? I thought i would be seeing Cass go a little crazy by now….


Wow, the Brothers have now gone from attacking Cass to attacking Tim for winning the Veto all because they didn’t win it. I should say Phil because it is mostly him doing all the talking and also he is attacking Nick verbally in the process as well. Disturbing behavior from Phil the last 2 days to say the least. But he has treated Nick the whole game that way and we have all seen it. But tonight he was full on in Nick’s face being an A- Hole in the washroom and Nick didn’t even play in the Veto.
Tim will not use the Veto on Cass he will use it on himself. He is here to win the game people he isn’t an idiot ! But I can see him trying to convince Kelsey to get rid of Joel this Week instead of Cass and Personally I think that is the best game move for everyone. Joel can’t be trusted at this point in the game not to flip at the end. He has been protected by Kelsey and by Cass and Tim for too long. And Joel knows it. Joel is also a threat to win at the end just as much as anyone. Best game move would be to take him out and Kelsey and Cass had some good bonding time this week which could help in Cass’ favor. – Not to mention how pissed off the Brothers would be if Joel was sent packing this week over Cass. Tim would be smiling from ear to ear in Phil’s face if that happened. Take that you Dingus!


Finally! Someone who sees Tim as a player in this game & not someone who should throw his game away for someone else! Phil going off about how Tim isn’t a “real man” if he saves himself & not Cass…he has NO CLUE what he’s talking about!! Cass didn’t do that to save Tim.he was safe anyways! She did that to protect Joel! Gawd..the things they will find out when they leave that house..I just can’t believe how they really do think they have this game in the bag. I can’t even watch them anymore..I just sit here flabbergasted & then I end up getting irritated. It used to be funny but the way they think they are so much better then everyone else, yet treat people the way they do is just..what…?


I love Tim. I can see why he won his own series in Australia. They should have gotten rid of him long ago but it is too late now I think. I really would like a Canadian to win Candaian Big Brother but may the best man or woman win. I think your choices are Tim and Kelsey to win.

You kept the winner!

If YOU decide to keep a WINNER of big brother safe, I feel YOU deserve ALL that’s coming to you if they win. Everyone in there had MANY a chance to get him OUT of there. Frankly the DINGUS in this situation is NOT Tim. I would say that about any former winner. I bet if it were survivor he would have gotten the boot within the first quarter. If he has WON once than he has certainly pulled the wool over others and now he has done that to you housemates! ! Oh by the way, CheckMATE! HE IS PROVEN that he is good! You know he has won!!! I/you/they/houseguests can’t fault him for taking it and running at all costs! It’s not puppies and rainbows folks!!! It is the game if BiG Brother and irrespective of passport, they are ALL at AN equal footing when they enter. IF you don’t get him out then it’s your undoing so get out the popcorn and let’s watch the game unfold. As the saying goes, ” let the games begin” – in this case, continue.

Sarah Connor

Im so glad Kelsey has managed to hang on. The vendetta against her is hopefully over. This comment section has been a pack of nasty wolves to this girl. All because of what again?

Go Kelsey and…Cass or Joel and I would be happy. Joel because he knows and loves the game so much.


Is it just me or did anyone else notice that talk between the Brothers and Joel was basically, you come with us, you are last…. I know Joel knows that so now we have to see what Tim does with the POV…

Video Star

Nice focus in on the reflection in the mirror camera guy, friggin douche trying to catch something were you!


As soon as Cassandra comes in the room and starts talking, Joel starts touching the side of his head. LOLS she is the kind to give one a kink in their neck isn’t she.

Ariana Grande stinks!

The Rubes hated intensely Cass last week b/c she was HOH, and now they hate Tim b/c he won the POV (Sic!!!)
I HOPE their parents realize what a social nuisance they’ve raised. I can only hope b/c they too muct be equally obnoxious, rude, stupid and disgusting…

The Rube Brothers should evaporate from the house.
Unless Tim does something extraordinary, Cass will be heading to the Jury house. In that case — Go Joel and Go Tim!

Meat Sweats

That’s why you shouldn’t be a turd about things. Maybe the brothers will be just as happy to see you go as you were to see Jared go Cass. You blew up your game saving Tim and that was the time you should have cut him. You didn’t and now your shitting bricks as you should be. She should go followed by Tim. Then there will be 1 head of each dragon left, Joel and Kelsey. I think that’s awesome.

Hacky Sack

“That’s my Karma for getting Jared out”…………………..Could be. Cass knows when to turn the tears on with Joel.


Imagine if Joel had been lifting weights all season. He comes out of the show all huge hahaha. Ahh Joel buddy I hope its him and Kels in the final 2. They are both nice kids.

Pin Head

Okay Phil, the bed isn’t that big, you can go on the couch now. Could Kelsey be any more uncomfortable there haha.

Is Tim mad at Joel or something. Is Joel working with Cass still or has he flipped?


Spinal Tap

Phil is getting all the feels right now. LOL

Little Red Corvette

It must be hard in there for so many months with out any hugs or touching or kisses or just some cuddles. No affection would sure cause some crappy moods. I think this is why Huey and Dewey let Raul massage them or just touch them because they were starving for human contact. How could you not be in there with no one to be with.


Maddy took a lot of heat for ‘playing around’ with boys – Kelsey has been ‘rubbing boys’ heads’ on a pretty consistent basis and leading them on. Why was Maddy so bashed about this behaviour when Kelsey has been teasing everybody. Kelsey is a gold-digger and even said so. Can’t stand her and watching her in between these two gearboxes in bed is disgusting.


not that i am encouraging shaming either girls but because maddy had two showmances vs. kelsey who just flirts around and had a showmance with jared where she only kissed him like once behind a stuffed dog. so that is a disgusting thing to say.


I cant believe your stupid comment got likes. How ridiculous you are. Kelsey is flirting…..Ummm ok what’s the problem? Is she married? Even if, is flirting such an awful thing? How weird, don’t you sometimes feel like some affection or are you just as frigid as your comments?
Maddy was on everyones pecker (if you want to go there) she started off with Dallas actually. Then he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere so he invented the “shes like a sister to me” okay dude. Then she was finger banged (if you will) by Nick. THEN moved on to Ramsey who she ended up banging. All this while having a boyfriend at home.

Kelsey, who is single, flirted with Jared and liked him. She has flirted with the brothers since day one. Yes you are right, its exactly the same thing now that I see it.
*Shakes head*

She’s only a “tease” if what she does gets you hot”…Is that what’s happening to you? Get over yourself.


The chances of Kelsey leaving the threekshow intact? Not currently high. She knows 2 vs. 2 is better odds than 1 vs. 3.
The chances of Kelsey turning on the brothers? Not currently high. She’s still currently snuggling them and treating them like step brothers (in that oddly creepy incestuous kind of way).
The chances of Kelsey saving Cassandra and voting out Joel? Not currently high. She wouldn’t be pushing the brothers to get closer to Joel even now if that was her current intent.
The chances of Tim using the veto on Cassandra or not using it at all? Not currently high. It never was an actual consideration. He says he made that promise before he was sitting on the block next to her. He was 100% aware he was being nominated, Kelsey had already told them. It was another con job.
It’s late Saturday night / early Sunday morning.
Veto Ceremony isn’t until Monday.
Right now all that is definitively known is Kelsey will be one of the final four. Beyond that, everything is a guess. She hasn’t even started to develop HOHitis yet. She just learned that the veto holder has the majority of power in the final four becoming the final three (unless hoh is also the pov holder) yesterday. Even after the veto ceremony Monday, there are a few days of campaigning to be done. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the inevitable meltdowns. I’ve gone and got more popcorn.


Team Kelsey All The Way! GO GIRL


if an already evicted houseguest who basically quit the moment she was nominated and gave up her spot voluntarily for someone like raul, then got a week off and a second chance and won the season, production would hang their head in shame

the bb gods would strike down upon production with great vengeance and furious anger

Spinal Tap

Why don’t you get over the fact that Kelsey was evicted. She has been in the house for how long now and been playing well. She cant help that if BB brought her back or not. She gave up….Ya after she left the house. What was she suppose to do?
Theres no choice to come back and play because your obviously still in the game. Just like Gary did, he had no choice but to come back in and play. Why shouldn’t they.
If she came back in and didn’t bother to try everyone would have had a fit and said, “She was given another opportunity and not using it and blah blah” . Its so annoying. She has actually taken Lovita’s advice and played when she came back and using her second life that she was given. I think people are sore because she is doing good. The other alliance is blowing up (HA HA) just like hers did. Every one thought that was funny at the time.
Im enjoying the laughter now too. 🙂


for me, once youre out, youre out

if an evicted houseguest ever wins a season, its not a true win, theres a big asterisk

* winner was evicted week 4, had a week off, returned week 5, and was the only player who got a 2nd chance


That’s too bad isn’t it. Its how the game works. She had a second chance and took it and did a good job with it.


Still not a true win in that scenario. A true win is winning without ever being evicted, and not getting a week off.


She wasn’t at the spa you know. She was stuck in a small room with someone who she didn’t like and who didn’t like her. They didn’t go home and were brought back. They were still on set and they watched what they could and talked, both still in the game. Whine all you will want about it, it still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still there and fighting. Its the rules so tough we have to deal with it.


Boo Hoo Brothers they get so upset if they don’t win something Grow Up ! Soooo glad Tim won Pov. Tim will win comps when he has too so they all better watch out. Tim is not there to lose they better wake up. Tim and Cass has played the best and out smarted them all hate to see Cass going. F2 should have been Tim and Cass. I don’t care who wins now as long as the brothers don’t ! As for BB18 I hope its All Stars to watch house guests play BB that knows how to actually play the game !!

cass extremely unlucky, kelsey would be dumb to evict cass(only person she may beat f2)

the only combination of hoh winner and veto winner to have potential to result in a cass eviction happened

hoh – kelsey had a 1 in 4 chance, veto – tim had a 1 in 5 chance

so there was a 1 in 20 chance (5%) of that happening…any other combo and cass stays

to rub it in even further tim promised he would take her off the block even if he was on the block as well, and he is going to go back on his word(he even said youve played this season like i played mine in australia, ive had my win in australia, you clearly want this way more than i do and i would be happy to bow out to help you achieve your dream in your country like i did)…tim, who doesnt appear to want to be there and is already wealthy, deep down also knows cass has been the best player, put in the most effort, but also has been the most entertaining to watch

as well as that kelsey – who says she is cass friend and was saved from eviction when cass risked her own game to persuade maddy to renom raul – is too dumb to realize her only chance of even remotely coming close to winning is against cass

in 20 north american seasons only twice has a female beaten a male in final 2 – jill aided by the topaz jury vote error and sarah aided by twists

if kelsey(poor strategically, and who has already been evicted, giving her little shot to win) evicts cass and thinks she can go up against 3 fairly well liked males in final 4 she is a complete and utter moron, and will be crushing her own chance of winning 100k…kelseys only chance is against cass, who is disliked by much of the jury

kelsey chance of beating tim, bros or joel – 0%
kelsey chance of beating cass – higher than 0% meaning theres ‘a chance’ depending how bitter jury is to cass

on rhap derrick said he thinks cass is the deserving winner at this stage even over tim, and rob said he thought cass was a morph of neda and janelle…thats high praise

for me there has been no better player on a pure entertainment level than cass – and the combo of strategy, humor, liveliness, energy and fiestiness has been great to watch and i hope to see her on allstars as i think she would fully deserve it, along with other females like neda and jill…in a season of female decimation, with guys and girls going after girls from the outset, cass being such a loud, dominant personality but being the only female yet to be evicted is an impressive achievement

if cass goes, any other player winning would annoy me as tim is apathetic and doesnt show any fight or determination to want to stay, more often than not doesnt look or sound bothered if he leaves or not, he doesnt care so i dont care about his game, i cant root for someone that is so unappreciative being on the show with a care factor of zero, he also thinks he is the most entertaining player, but he is not, i find him quite boring majority of the time…then brothers are disgraceful the way they treat others and then pretend they are angels(even the way phil treats nick is embarrassing for their family to see)…joel has done very little in the game and is majorly boring…last but not least kelsey, who treated it as summer camp, gave up instantly when she was nominated and wanted to leave then was evicted, and now targets the only person left in the house she has a chance of beating in f2 due to being bitter that cass got jared out, she says she wants to be friends with cass, and is not friends with joel – so why keep joel who is well liked on jury, who was the hoh who evicted kelsey, and he will be the best at memory comps in final 2, 3, 4? cass has never targeted kelsey individually, but joel has and evicted her

kelsey please use your brains, youre a lock for f3 – evict boring joel and keep cass, someone you may have a chance to beat, and then the fireworks can continue in f4 – bros/kelsey v tim/cass


Fingers crossed Tim has a Diamond POV. Takes himself & Cass off, whilst the Bro’s and Judicious Joel feel the pressure!!

From the Cape

I really think it would be possible for Tim to get the brothers to volunteer to go on the block. If Tim said to them “If you really want to prove you metal and your trust in Joel & Kelsey, go on the block. I might even vote for you to stay cause that would be a bold move that even King Jared would be too afraid to make”. Since the brothers were prepared to tell “their first lie (insert eye roll here)” to play Joel, he could go against his word for the actual first time and play them. Now that would be good TV!


Cassandra has grown on me. Besides Mitch, I think she’s one of the better analytical players that they have this year. I would be sad to see her go.


Cass for allstars season if there is one please production!

Great in DR, on feeds, campaining for herself or someone else, being humorous, being sly, strategic chats, getting in fights, she is never a dull moment!