Tim “We are cannibals and we’re going to eat you alive! Never trust a psycho!”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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Nick asks Tim if he thinks Cassandra would throw the HOH? Tim says he thinks she would and says if it’s a physical competition, she won’t even try. The Brothers and Kelsey tell Tim no matter what Cassandra would try they would still vote her out next week insuring they’re final 3. The brothers, Kelsey and Tim tell Cass they like her more when she’s on the block rather than when she’s in power. Tim asks where’s your tiara now?! Cassandra tells Phil that she is 100% throwing this HOH competition. She says I will literally just stand there. Cassandra says I am not going to try to win, I am not going to try to compete. Phil says this is one more thing I am trusting you with. Cassandra says I’ve been real all week with you. I am throwing this HOH competition. You keep me safe, I owe you my life in this game.
Big Brother canada 4 - cassandra and Tim

In the bathroom – Cassandra tells Tim I don’t know whether I’ll throw the HOH. Tim says good don’t. Cassandra says if I did they would absolutely hate me. If we win the veto we’ll save each other. You’re not going to screw me over would you? Tim says no. Absolutely not! I’m imagining that the moment in the veto competition when they think its me getting up there to send you home .. and I go Cass get off the bench! We are cannibals and we’re going to eat you alive! Never trust a psycho! Tim and Cass laugh. Cass says that’s why I think its best if I throw this HOH and let the boys have it and we win the veto. Cass asks Tim They’re going to keep me? Tim says yeah. Unless they’re tricking me. Cass says I don’t think Kelsey would do that. Tim says it doesn’t sever any purpose to trick me this week.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-05 08-04-53-789
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12:20pm The feeds are still blocked..

2pm The feeds are still blocked..

3:50pm Still blocked..

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I hope Cass wins HOH tonight, why throw it when this one guarantees the final 3?! Would be great to see the little boys throw a tantrum again, ha.


I can kind of see the logic in her throwing it. It is final 4 which means the winner of the pov basically decides who is going home. You can only eliminate 1 of Kelsey/Brothers this week so the Brothers winning HOH isn’t a big deal because you can just get rid of Kelsey. The real power here is in the POV and if she trusts Tim 100% then she has a 50% chance of staying and throwing the HOH would likely bring the guards of the Brothers and Kelsey down making it easier for either Cass or Tim to win it and then hold all the power. If there is any week to “throw” and HOH, it’s a final 4 week because the POV holder is actually more powerful than the HOH.


It’s not worth the risk, get the HOH & let the rest of them fight it out, she’d have to depend on pure luck at that point & nobody can be trusted to keep her…remember Tim made a deal with those guys so either she wins or she goes home. Come on Cass!!


There’s no logic in throwing the hoh, it’s a FINAL 3 spot. That’s the spot you want to be in to compete in the 3 part HoH! She’s playing them, she has no intention of throwing it! If Cass doesn’t win HoH, Kelsey or the Bros could win pov and send her to Jury! You can be HoH and win Pov too, lol !!


devastated by where this appears to be headed… I’ve always rooted for the guy that plays with integrity… not a Cass fan, and lost respect for Tim now too… I personally even in a game wouldn’t have the heart to take advantage of someone’s kindness… Kelsey is gonna feel real stupid when she realizes she was fooled and convinced the brothers who should be trusting their instinct instead of being swayed by her head rubs… im sure if Jared was there he’d be banging his head against the wall at this play… she really hasn’t figured out this game, or Cassandra


Kelsey and the Brothers still have no idea how to play Big Brother. Jared is just as clueless. Have no idea why they feel so entitled to be the winners. They’ve been outplayed at every turn.

Tim and Cass have played strategically since day 1. Don’t blame them for playing. that’s what they signed up for. They deserve the win if they get to the end. They played a great social and strategic game.

All those who cried self evict like the brothers and Joel have forgotten they are in the house to play and win $100K. They don’t deserve to be in the house or in the finals. They self pitied and gave up. They had to be talked into campaigning and to stay.


I have never seen such stupid people. If they don’t get Cass out I hope she wins. It would look good on these idiots.


Well I hope Cass and Tim slay the brothers. I’m all for deals in BB but any deal where a person is expected to throw HOH in exchange for being saved is a deal begging to be broken. And if Cass throws it her and Tim better have a plan because They are my choice for Final 2.

And I don’t care that Tim is Australian he was in the house like the other Canadians , playing the game so if he wins, he wins. I say this because some people are not too thrilled about an Australian taking home the money.


Agree with you! Tim has as much right to be there. Big Brother is an international franchise. Without it, there might not have been a Big Brother Canada. If he gets to the end and wins, great for him . He was a masterful and very entertaining player to watch.


Looks like your not a fan of Dan Gheeseling’s GAME
sad to feel betrayed in a GAME
if it was real life the murder rate would be high…sigh


its a GAME to win money and NOT to make friends. Why do people forget that, if we were in there we would do whatever and say whatever in order to win! So you goody too shoes stop withthe Omg i dont like cass or Tim cause there dishonest…..wake up its part of the game


do you have to be dishonest to win? people consider dan, dr.will, and evil dick to be among the best b/c of blindsides. I however think rachel and the cop from last year to be the best players as they had real Game based on intelligence and physical strength not blatant lies


BB is a game so the only wrong way to play it is to give up when the chips are down! Everything else is acceptable and expected.


In monopoly do you tell people to put the jail card back down? Does everyone get a,”get out of jail pass” ? It’s a game and only a game! By the way, Rachel has lied and been a bully in the past BB games. Is she a bad person? It took intelligence to get out of the jam that Cass was in. It’s only a game.

Peep Dis

Derek the cop and Cody I liked for the last 2 that year. People didn’t like the “Cop” because there was a lot of Americans commenting here. You can tell because of their distain for him and he was actually a good player.
Every body in this comment section is innocent of any wrong doing in their lives. The comments of the self righteousness screams it.

sunny dee

i think kelsey is aware that it would be dumb for her to keep joel vs cass, considering joel is the only one of the two that put her on the block and actually got her out. also, he sat there and told them, when reality is he could have said he’d work to get tim out. that just confirmed to them that he would continue to work with tim if cass went, and cass has said the opposite. even if you don’t believe cass, when joel is sitting there telling you his plans include working with tim and getting kelsey out, and if you are kelsey who knows cass is not going to put her on the block unless there are no other options (literally, if cass was hoh, unlikely she can win not sure why they think she could, and she put up tim and brothers and tim wins veto, obviously she has to put kelsey up, she has no other option). plus the brothers have said we’ll do whatever YOU want, then obviously she is going to say cass stays.

It’s a no brainer, and even the combined brains of the brothers making one whole brain have figured that out. they wanted joel in as good for their game, but they’ve tried so hard (well phil has, i doubt if nick has) to be part of the cool kid crew of jared and kelsey, that they are going to end up sacrificing themselves for kelsey. and really, neither kelsey or brothers care much if they win, not really. cass and tim and joel are motivated, even with joel going out, they have done well

i don’t like the lying scheming no loyalty types either, but the fact is cass is not disloyal at all. she has been 100% with kelsey, and with her gang of 3 with tim and joel. when she sat there and said no she isn’t putting up tim or joel, period, you’d think they would have figured that out, but that is completely loyal and sincere to that group. the others, kelsey and brothers, did not work with her with sincerity. much as she would have wanted to be #4 with the 3some of kelsey and jared, jared refused to include her. he refused to include the brothers until it was too late and he’d already burned his bridges with Cass anyway. she has a good case if she made it to the end to look them all in the eye and say, look, i was 100% to the end with my people, and this could have been any one of you had you been sincerely in an alliance with me. brothers held out until what, week 8, waiting for Jared to approve an alliance with them, in the meantime they didn’t make any with anyone else.

hoping cass or tim wins the veto, with tim as HOH really. would be funnier if tim does, considering that 3some he made with the idiots.


I’ve never been watching Big Brother for integrity or transparency. I’m watching for blindsides, double-crosses, surprises, and someone who can get their way through the game despite odds against them. I totally respect that people watch for other reasons, but for me – a Tim / Cassandra final two would be epic. If she makes it past tonight, the brothers and Kelsey will have made the dumbest game moves ever.


Well said, base ops! It would be boring otherwise.


Oh my goodness! I stepped away from Big Brother Canada since I found out Tim won and used the veto on himself. I truly believed that it was evident who was going home this week (Cassandra). Now she is going to stay? Wow, If Tim and Cass can pull this HUGE move off, they both deserve to be in the final two. I was never a big fan of either Tim or Cass but now I can actually applaud their game play. It’s either brilliant strategy on Tim and Cassandra’s part or being complete idiots on the brother’s and Kelsey’s part. It also helps that Joel has been so awkward and quiet. It’s as if his will to win completely died off since the last time I checked in. It feels like i’m being mind phucked, lol. This is better than any twist.


Cassandra lost my respect a long time ago. She is not my cup of tea. I want a jury cam instead of this mess.


Still dumbfounded how they all think think they can beat Tim in the final 2.


he’s not Canadian, and has already won BB, i would love to sit next to him in the final 2 if i was in that house!


Um… remember Sandra from Survivor aka 2 timed winner.


still hoping kelsey and brothers have enough intelligence to vote cass out tonight. i know they aren’t blind, i just hope they aren’t stupid enough to think that cass and tim aren’t together till the end and that joel’s obviously on the outs. nobody can be that stupid to keep cass or tim


well they don’t have a choice on keeping Tim or not, because he won veto and isn’t even on the block!


He took Kelsey’s cigs into the toilet stall last night, then put them back. No telling what he did to them. Apparently Big Brother removed the footage from flashback. There are screen caps out there of him taking the cigs, going to the bathroom and putting them on the counter, then he goes in the toilet stall, comes back out and wraps them in a t-shirt, then goes back in the toilet stall. He put the them back where he got them later in the night. He is not the nice, mild mannered person everyone in the house thinks he is. The sooner he leaves the house, the better.

Willy from Halifax

If CASSandra stays tonight, then Kelsey and the brothers deserve to get booted from the house, which is what will surely happen. They are blind and stupid if they don’t understand that. I have not liked Cass all season as she reminds me too much of Sabrina. But I am reminded that even though she was on the block 7 times, Sabrina came in second place and that is the future I see unfolding for Cassandra.

Silly people


Question, and this is not about upvotes or downvotes as I know someone will comment about it I’m sure. I wanna know. What do people think of an evicted houseguest coming back and winning the game i.e Kelsey. I feel once you lose at your first shot in the game I can’t take your game seriously when you come back coz you couldn’t make it work on your first attempt.

So does Kelsey deserve to win? Upvote for yes downvote for no. I say no.

Texas Toast

Seriously? I’m pretty sure she has earned her spot no? Its not like when they brought Gary back when it was what, five people left and he almost won but didn’t because of Topez’s stupidity. I think she has done good for some one who had no idea the sharks that would surface. Her down fall, not knowing that lying and tying people to train tracks is something you have to do in this house. (it actually makes her sweet not stupid) but naïve to the MO and this is what hinders her. She doesn’t know that Cass will lie to her face even after she says “its you and me”. This is the game.
Most of the time you have no choice but to lie to some one to further yourself in the game, but theres a way to do it where your not a callus ass hat and don’t really have to crush peoples feelings. Feelings will get hurt but you don’t have to take a sledge hammer to them lol.

SO , no I think she has earned her spot. When she left the game she was still in it. Not at home eatin sammiches :).

Its funny that people were all about Loveta coming back yet when it wasn’t her everyone said “its not fair to bring some one back” .
(I didn’t thumb down your comment 🙂 )


Texas Toast good thing you didn’t thumbs it down otherwise you would have pulled a Topaz, lol. I hear your side but I will never feel any returning houseguest should win. I wanted Loveita back but once she was voted out that was it, game over, just wanted her back because it was a matter of choosing between her and Kelsey. The better option would have been to NOT bring anyone back, but it had to be either or.

As for Gary I’m sure I’m one of only a handful of people that were thrilled when Topaz made a mistake because Jillian had been there since the beginning and had not been evicted, unlike the glitterman. So it was so good to see her win over him.

For every houseguest there’s always someone who feels they don’t deserve to win the game. Me it’s game over once you’re evicted.


“Her down fall, not knowing that lying and tying people to train tracks is something you have to do in this house. (it actually makes her sweet not stupid) but naïve to the MO and this is what hinders her. ”

It doesn’t make her sweet. It means she is rigid in her beliefs that there is only one way to do things…and in this case it is HER way. The way she decided to play, or the way Jared decided since her thinking about this game is just an extension of his. And it doesn’t make her stupid except in a way that she can’t figure her way around it. It’s just this way or nothing for Kelsey as she can’t seem to find the way to winning to make her convictions of how the game should be played and won, hold up.


What is wrong with those people the way they are treating Joel,they act like he’s not even there.Do they think Joel is the only one who has lied? He’s a human being,he shouldn’t be treated like a piece of s–t with this bunch I don’t care who wins making someone feel so alone is cruel,who do they really think they are,time for one of them to get a big shakedown.I will be laughing for sure.

G.I Jane

I also don’t know why they are treating him like the plague. Its not right. Joel didn’t do any thing different then any of them there, he just did it in a different way. Tim and Cassandra are the biggest liars and the brothers I feel are just running around like chickens with out heads. Well I like Nick and he seems to be more concerned about this move. Kelsey is still nice to Joel telling him he can use her room any time ect ect.
The fact that the kid is been on slop (yes by his doing but still) cant be easy. It affects your thinking energy level and all around wellness. You cant help but feel isolated but they shouldn’t make you feel worse. Tim called out Joel’s game in the hot tub on purpose. He knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the back lash of this. Even though hes a gamer, Joel still has a problem with confrontation and swinging words. Cass could out talk him but that’s because he would get flustered, not because he wouldn’t be making sense.


GO CASS!!! She is playing for the money and understands what she needs to do. Been playing since day one, so has Tim. If any player is asked to come back next season to be involved in the after show or host or whatever it will be Cass. Joel caught up too much in the middle game ……… the veto comp was a disaster!!! Come on people it’s a game and if I knew I was 4 people away from 100,000.00 I’ll take it / do it. Didn’t follow or watch this week … just cannot watch the brothers. I could even put up with Kelsey but those brothers!!!!


After watching last night’s episode, I can confidently say that Phil is a bully. The way he completely took advantage of Joel in the Veto comp was hard to watch (pushing Joel out of the way, making Joel give him his card (essentially prying it from his hands), etc). He knew that Joel wouldn’t stand up for himself. Seriously, such a dick.


Told you so Phil is the biggest disgusting bully.


I thought the same thing when I was watching it. I felt so bad for him too. I was thinking why did Joel just let Phil take that card right out of his hand like that. Then after he gets a shove lols. Joel stands there with his hand on his head like…WTF just happened.

I cannot wait for the 'We gotcha'!

I have watched BB since S1 (US) and watch the UK BB and Canada’s BB and I love them all. I have to admit I am looking forward to Tim and Cass saying “WE GOT YOU” once they win the veto. It couldn’t happen to more pious people – the bros who think they’re so honest and Kelsey who is a recruit and is on the bros ‘honesty’ bandwagon. I loved Dan Ghesling’s funeral (for the drama that unfolded, not so much for what was said) and I hope this goes down in history as another awesome Big Brother trick. 🙂


Imo people like Dan Sabrina and Cass are showing what type of people they are in real life , one would have to be a hell of an actor to pull off being so evil an conniving if it didn’t come naturally ! I realize it’s a game however those type people are not my idea of good tv .

Thumb This

I love how everyone keeps saying the Brothers and Kelsey are “entitled” STFU with that will ya. The only “entitled” douche bags there are Tim and Cass. Its not okay for Joel to sneak around but its okay for these two? Its okay for them to lie to every one but Joel does it and hes a snake.

You people hate Joel for the same thing that these two shit heads are doing. The way they are acting is acceptable but Joel is evil? Why? Because everyone has pegged him a geek so he has no right to lie and play the game like the others have.

Hope the brothers and Kelsey make it to the end. Kelsey has been one of the nicest HOH’ s I have seen in a long time. Everyone says the brothers are idiots…they have made it this far, I think its equal playing field at this point.

To say that Kelsey doesn’t know how to play this game. Which game? Lying sneaking back stabbing, heartless meanness, constant cattiness , That game? Seems to me that shes keeping up pretty good with these vultures for someone who had no clue.

I agree with who ever said about Jared would be banging his head right now…lol totally. Even though he didn’t know the game as much either. He knew who should have been gone. And as Mitch said, “Cut the cancer out”….Oh Mitch lol.

Beatrix Kiddo

I hope it’s the 2 ladies at the end. That would be pretty cool. I don’t think that has happened since those 2 trolls June and Alyson were at the end. Ick.


No one is ignoring Joel he could go into the HOH room anytime he wants and hang and talk with them. He chooses not too so that’s his problem. He;s a 33 yr old man not a boy!! Love to see Tim win the Veto and say what the headline says on TOP of page about the Cannibals to Kelsey and Bros LMAO. Wanna see the Bros crap their pants when they go. Go Cass & Tim !!


Tim should be the winner he’s smart n played the best strategic game, telling the house about the threak show saved his game absolute genius.

Twistos r croutons

If the brothers are suddenly split into 2 individual players, I will never watch bbcan ever again.


Ak was hoping Tim would win hon! Wonder if Cass tried?


I would like a Canadian to win to. Why not, we’re in Canada and it would be nice to see these people at the store or a bar or a signing thing and around town.
There’s nothing wrong with saying I want a Canadian to win. I want Cass and Kelsey at the end. If Tim was from here I still wouldn’t like him. What friggin big moves has he made. He won this POV…uhuh. But what else. Game wise did he get any one out of the game? Compared to Cass what is his big moves. Besides lying and making fun of everyone.
Its interesting the people who think he is so great. Is this the kind of people you like around you,wow. He would have been first on my list of people to get out.
I hope Cass scum bags this guy and then laughs in his face. Cannibals? Pffttt Cannibals have nothing on what a woman wants lols.


What a stupid comment… do you even watch the show?


People who complain about lieing in the game are ridiculous. The people who win, lie, that’s the game!


Why is everyone so confident that Tim or Cass will win the pov?