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At this point because of the stupidity of the house guests… The Sith Apprentice should win the game. She has Tim (Sith Lord) to thank for guiding her throughout if the pulls off the win.

Cackling Witch has my vote… lol


cannot believe how stupid kelsey is

she has already been evicted after giving up for raul

thinks she could have beaten jared

thinks she is the only one responsible for cass staying this week

agrees cass would take her final 2 but is going to vote cass out if she wins veto

people like this in final 3 is what annoys me about big brother

please tim or cass win the veto and vote her undeserving ass out for the 2nd time


Cass said that production in DR were laughing about how Kelsey thinks Cass being safe was all Kelseys idea and all Kelseys doing. Hilarious.


FFS! I can’t believe those moronic brothers are still maintaining that they never came after Tim and are still carrying on that they have been 100% honest. I have to skip everything they are in because they are so irritating, annoying and phony!


Totally agree the Paquette Bros are unable to really see their own behaviors and try to hold themselves up as a model of integrity. They have been working as bullies and are in no way deserving of a win or even 2nd place – they have shown themselves to be immature morons!


Good grief calm down. If you get that worked over that how are you with Tim and Cassandra? It’s partially true what they are saying. They only put him up because he wanted to and then threw some bait out to see if people would vote him out. No one bite so they moved on. It wasn’t a big deal. Shouting morons though, really? Don’t see the moron in that.


Can Kelsey ever exist without the attention of a male.


General thought on Kelsey – I have been following this blog for years and it seems as though the viewers these days are so quick to label someone as non deserving because they are too rude, or too nice, too flirty or a floater. News flash! – These are all aspects that make up the game. Everyone is so against Kelsey like she is some dumb bimbo. Whether she is a super fan or not, does not decide whether she is worthy to win. When she came back she got rid of a big threat – MITCH. And now she is in final 4. Give her at lest some credit. She is using the brother’s (Phil’s) weakness. She may not win, but if that’s what it takes to get to the final 2 then so be it. It’s part of the game. Everyone needs to stop taking such a Canadian (i’m sorry) attitude towards the game.

Kelsey Fab

Thank you sir

Old Man Tucker

“Such a Canadian attitude” and then says sorry bahaha I love it. Anyway, I am Canadian and I have been saying that about Kelsey since day one. People don’t like her because she’s nice? Jeez , this is the “attitude” 🙂 of the young people these days it seems.
I thought she has been nice the whole game. Even when she wasn’t being nice and was pissy she was being nice. I love that about her. She was absolutely amazing on slop for 2 weeks. (yes I know they got to eat, hello its still hell for even one day lol).
So Kelsey’s flirting is wrong and disrespectful (to whom may I ask?) Yet all the lying and yelling and sneaking around and hateful comments (not even funny ones but hateful) is okay but her flirting is bad?. Lets not forget that Maddy “everyone’s favourite” called Kelsey a c*nt for saying “its not a nice feeling is it”…Good lord man.

If someone thinks something about you and projects it on to you, it must be true. If I think your pretty, then you must think your pretty and for that I think your a bitch.?? strange.


I think it’s because she played Jared’s game rather than her own for the most part, it wasn’t until he left that she actually started playing her own.


People always say that about women players though especially those in a showmance. I disagree. Kelsey was a lot of a stronger player than Jared socially that is. She also did much better in competitions. Kelsey handed that one HOH to Jared and she deserved the second HOH she won. She was the only one who studied and took it seriously.
I say she was a stronger player than Jared because she could manage relationships. Jared never put Cassandra at ease; when Maddy was HOH and when the brothers were HOH she was the one doing the bidding on his behalf, even if some might say she was not the greatest at it, she still tried unlike Jared.
For the first time the girl was attacked in the showmance and Jared was sitting pretty. Usually other seasons they have gone after the guy who usually tends to be stronger. Kelsey got all the heat and she managed her social relationships really well.
Lastly, I know people here talk about recruits and how they are not as good as super-fans and students of the game. I strongly disagree with that view. I hate watching super-fans, for the sole reason that they rarely have an original strategy. They imitate tried and proven techniques: staying low under the radar, not winning competitions, not becoming strong until the second half and after Godfrey declaring targets although a lot of them were a disaster at declaring targets.
With the recruits, they try to figure out the game as they go along and Kelsey has done a good job at taking in Loveita’s advice. Not everyone is going to be a master manipulator but I like it when someone plays a different game that does not rely on what they have previously seen. It brings flair to the game and agreed, she took out Mitch, one of the biggest threats this season, and she had Jared and the brothers wrapped around her finger, and she had Cassandra do her dirty work for her because she had fostered that relationship better than Raul.
Anyway just my two cents on the game.


Please explain ‘such a Canadian attitude ‘.

Canadian Attitude

ok so Kelsey isn’t “some” dumb bimbo. She is 100% pure dumb bimbo. There… is that giving her enough credit?


She’s actually impressed me, in her reading of their games, even Tim’s. She uses her sexuality to proceed, especially with first, Jared, and now, Nick. Not saying it’s a good thing to do, but that’s what she’s doing. Lovieta helped her understand what was going on in the game. I am surprised by the strategy of play she has now. Cass seems really down and out now. Tim seems to be with the brothers and Kelsey. Wtf? Are Cass andTim pulling off the biggest blindside?!


Also happened to Joel. They think he’s a “geek” and put all these labels on him. Then they find out that hes just like them and playing to win and they don’t like it? Why because you don’t expect some one like Joel to be sneaky and what not. SO when they find out he was, they get mad at him and say he’s playing both sides?
Tim and Cass do the same things but 10 times worse and this is acceptable because you expect it from people like them?
Kelsey got a nasty label to yet most of the girls in the house were jerks. It’s like people don’t expect others to be nice (yes even Canadians) its not that we are “nice”, its that we have manners and it seems like other people , countries what ever you want to say have forgotten that. Simple manners not “they’re so nice” (thanks though hahaha 😛 )
Labels. Ruins the world.


Did Kelsey really impress you when she gave up, quit, and said you play on instead Raul?

Anyone that ever quits and anyone ever coming back with a 2nd chance should never win big brother.


lol Joel

Joel is gone and it’s like nothing changed. He was like furniture, i kept forgetting he was even in that house!


Ugh. The Brothers. How are they still even in the game?? My dislike of looking at them is only surpassed by my dislike of listening to them. And Kelsey? She’s already been evicted, she should’ve been booted right back out the very next week.


I suppose they’re still in the game because they win comps whenever they have to. At this point, they’re putting together a solid resume to pitch to the jury, whether people here like it or not.


Regardless of comp wins they are not respected by the jury.


I do believe the hoh/pov are fixed by BB…they knew only the brothers would cut their hair to win pov to take themselves off the block!


No it wasn’t rigged
In all big brother us and Canada they always do that comp. how bad do you want it.


BBD why would they admit it now? What benefit would there be to sit there among the biggest liars in the house and do that? who gives a damn. No one cares if they did or not. At this point in the game I am so tired of hearing how these guys are idiots, morons, stupid, parents are horrible, family should smack them and on and on…. I get the drift, you don,t like them. I look at it this way. They made it this far and have more comp wins than anyone, have had targets on their backs since they got there, people they thought were with them tried to get them out, and failed miserably. Let them brag, because I for one applaud them. As people I think they brag a lot but don,t think they deserve the flack they are getting. For the most part they treat people respectfully, and much better than some in the house.

Guy From Canada

Jillian was the comp beast, she lied and played horrible social game with her deals. Really the brothers haven’t played much worse game in regards to lying compared to Villian, they are just behaving like dicks.

Totally agree ^

Couldn’t have said that better myself!


They have more comp wins but even that can be used against them b/c neither had to compete in every challenge like everyone else. This game is not going to come down to comp’s going to come down to them leaving Cass & Tim in the game. If the brothers miraculously get to f2 they lose against all 3..that’s the whole reason Tim wanted to ensure they stayed this week. He risked his game by not winning but that’s just the way he plays. He plays to win & you gotta take some risks to get a win.
Having said that..I have always thought production had some level of feeding info to players..”maybe saying maybe you should think about keeping Cass” ..things like that but after watching that episode they are totally making Cass seem like the mastermind and the best player when the reason she stayed this week was clearly b/c Tim helped her. I don’t know if they are doing it so people who don’t watch the feeds get to see an epic veto ceremony or if it is rigged for Cass to win but the edit was clearly for Cass. Just funny that Cass has this epic gameplay and that same night they announce Canada will be voting..
Don’t get me wrong, I am a Cass fan but the way they aren’t giving both of them credit kind of makes me like her less. I would want her to win in a f2 with anyone but Tim but I think Tim deserves it more. If he hadn’t helped her, she would have been gone. Jmo


If the brothers win the final HOH, and then take Kelsey, then they deserve to win. 3 HOH wins, at least 3 vetoes, and they’ve been a target throughout the game. That’s a LOT more than Kelsey has done in this game.

Sure, Kelsey’s social game has come around, but it doesn’t really amount to much. She hasn’t engineered anything or been responsible for any big manipulations. She’s already been evicted before, and she kept Cass over Joel which was a huge mistake. The brother’s were 100% right, she cannot beat Cass, but she could have beat Joel.

Like it or not, but the brothers have a very good chance at winning that final HOH, and winning this game.


lets not forget the tried to self evict! that goes against any good they have done in this game!


Cassandra deserves to win she has played one great game
She played it just like Dr. Will or Dan !!!!
To all the other people in the house they are all suckers.

Back Bacon

Cassandra didn’t play like Dr Will or Dan. Dr Will or Dan had 2 totally different games. Will had no idea WTF he was doing, either time.He worked on his personality (or lack of lol) and charm to get by. He treated the hg’s like the sheep they were and they followed. Dan knew what he was doing and actually had a game play knowing he wasn’t that great at comps so he played social but laid low. Second time he couldn’t hide his strategy cuz everyone knew what he was about. Still making it as far as he did.

The funny thing is that everyone thought Cass was a huge waste and called her Victoria (I knew she was know Victoria..Yikes) But they didn’t like her and even attacked her weight , so lame. The crowd only started getting on board with her the more conniving and snake like she got. I love how people act like they have had respect for her since day one. Umm no, you haven’t because I have been here since day one and majority of the crowd hated her.
Its nice to see some girls in the house still and they have some power, not just being lead around by the nose hairs. I hope its Kelsey and Cass at the end. They deserve it for having to be in the house with these weird dudes.


Back Bacon, I know alot of people jumped on the Cass bandwagon late…for me, she was my pick from the start, and ive appreciated everything she brings to the table. She played up the ditzy flirty party girl, but she is a savvy gamer. The week she had Loveita gunning for her, 2 weeks in a row on slop, and how she handled herself in various scenarios impressed me. I think her emotional stability over the course of the season has been really good, particularly with girls being so heavily targeted the first half of the season. Her side campaigning has added alot to feeds. She is pretty funny too, very quirky and goofy humor. I like her determination and desire for this game, and she said she has been watching since season 2.

Kelsey Fan

Thanks for that DD

Kelsey Fan

DD thank you for that

What's Up Doc

Can someone tell me what the deal was with Joel hiding Kelsey’s smokes? What happened there? Why did he do this. To get back at her or something. The little shit. They shouldn’t be able to touch others personal items like that. Even if he put them back…why did he take them?

I remember when Jen took all of Dick’s smokes and destroyed them. She smashed them and hid them in the garbage if I remember. I wonder if they had to replace them?
I think if I was a smoker and some one did that in this type of setting I might be choking someone to death LOLS.

If anyone knows about cigarettegate I would love to know what happened. Thanks for any help.

Probability Stats

This week:
40% Tim wins pov: 80% kelsey goes; 20% Cass goes
18% Kelsey wins Pov: 40% Tim goes; 60% Cass goes
17% Cass wins Pov: 80% Kelsey goes; 20% Tim goes
25% Brothers(Nick) win Pov: 35% Tim goes; 55% Cass goes; 10% Kelsey goes

Final three:
A) Brothers Tim Kelsey: 32.55% Likelihood (Cass leaves)
30% Brothers(Phil) win hoh: Kelsey goes (65%)
50% Tim wins hoh: Kelsey goes (78%)
20% Kelsey wins hoh: Tim goes (60%)

B) Brothers Tim Cass: 48.1% Likelihood (Kelsey leaves)
38% Brothers(Phil) win hoh: Cass goes (75%)
52% Tim wins hoh: Cass goes (65%, because Tim wants to win)
10% Cass wins hoh: Brothers go (75%)

C) Brothers Kelsey Cass: 19.35% Likelihood (Tim leaves)
40% Brothers(Phil) win hoh: (50%) Cass goes; (50%) Kelsey goes
40% Kelsey wins hoh: Cass goes (65%)
20% Cass wins hoh: Kelsey goes (80%)

Final two: Jury{Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, ?, ?}

A) Brothers Tim (19.042% + 29.97% = 49.012%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Kelsey, Cass}
Brothers: 10% 70% 70% 88% 85% 25% 65% 70% 2% = 54% Win ; Count-wise: 6/9 = 67% win
Tim: 90% 30% 30% 12% 15% 75% 35% 30% 98% = 46% Win ; Count-wise: 3/9

B) Brothers Kelsey (7.324% + 7.49% = 14.814%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Tim, Cass}
Brothers: 35% 10% 80% 65% 0% 75% 75% 55% 30% = 47% Win; Count-wise: 4or5/9
Kelsey: 65% 90% 20% 35% 100% 25% 25% 45% 70% = 53% Win; Count-wise: 5or4/9 = 55.5% win

C) Brothers Cass (5.77% + 6.97% = 12.74%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Tim, Kelsey}
Brothers: 15% 35% 70% 35% 75% 20% 20% 5% 60% = 37% Win; Count-wise: 3/9
Cass: 85% 65% 30% 65% 25% 80% 80% 95% 40% = 63% Win; Count-wise: 6/9 => 80% since multiple standard deviations bias to win

D) Tim Kelsey (6.185%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Cass, Brothers}
Tim: 40% 20% 60% 20% 0% 80% 20% 55% 20% = 35% Win; Count-wise: 2 or 3/9
Kelsey: 60% 80% 40% 80% 100% 20% 80% 45% 80% = 65% Win; Count-wise: 6 or 7/9 => 80% since multiple standard deviations bias to win

E) Tim Cass (12.36%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Kelsey, Brothers}
Tim: 35% 35% 40% 30% 35% 70% 20% 20% 30% = 35% Win; Count-wise: 1/9
Cass: 65% 65% 60% 70% 65% 30% 80% 80% 70% = 65% Win; Count-wise: 8/9 => 85% since multiple standard deviations bias to win

F) Kelsey Cass (3.48%)
////Jury {Mitch, Raul, Maddy, CANADA, Jared, Nicky, Joel, Tim, Brothers}
Kelsey: 45% 95% 30% 35% 100% 20% 25% 10% 55% = 46% Win; Count-wise: 3/9
Cass: 55% 5% 70% 65% 0% 80% 75% 90% 45% = 54% Win; Count-wise: 6/9 => 67% Win

Final 4 Likelihood to Win Summary:

Brothers Win: 41.98% (this is high because they are guaranteed final 3)
Cass Win: 23.03%
Tim: Win: 19.26%
Kelsey Win: 14.32%


You’re out of your mind if you think we are going to read that lengthy long of a post.


Your predictions are absolute crap.
If you watched the jury clip on last nights eviction, Jared thinks Cassandra has played an amazing game, so he will vote for her over Tim and the Brother.
ALSO, if you seriously think the brothers will take Tim to the final 2 then you are absolutely bonkers! All they’ve done is say they don’t want to see an international in the final 2. They know that people in the Jury will vote for Tim, so they would definitely take Cass over time in a final 3 situation


Yes the stats do agree with you: Jared does vote for Cass over everyone else (except if it is Cass & Kelsey final two). I think maybe the names aren’t aligned in the figures due to formatting (look at the who the percentages refer to)

Well, Kelsey will win over the brothers if they do take her. Still, they only not take her by a small margin (due to their judgement record). If you listen to the live feeds, even now people aren’t planning to take her to final three.

Relax they are only probabilities.


As for choosing which to go against in final two: Cass or Tim. The probabilities are Cass is favoured to win in final two situation against over single person. Whether or not it is deserved, Tim is not nearly as heavily favoured in terms of jury.


the key stat and all im interested in is that tim and cass combined have a better chance of winning veto than the brothers and kelsey combined

the brothers already in final 3 and kelsey thinking tim will vote out cass if he wins veto will be more comfortable and less desperate than tim and cass going into the veto

will be fascinating to see what the veto is – the fairest one would be mental as physical would favor the guys

go tim and cass win that veto and reach finale

Something in my eye

Is Kelsey that tipsy that she didn’t see that Wink. Is Cass that tipsy that she didn’t see the first 2 he tried haha.

Ariana Grande stinks!

That last video with the Rube Bros is INFURIATING! That level of cockiness, cluelessness, arrogance and boorishness is impossible to match.

Delusional Cassandra

Here we go again Cassandra talking a big game,running her mouth, like she’s a serious player and she NEVER backs it up week after week. It’s always “this week this, this week that.” Then she always has to follow it up with “you have to do this,” to Tim cause she can’t do anything. He’s carried her the ENTIRE game. Funny she thinks she can beat Nick/Phil in the final 2 or beat anybody for that matter. You HAVE to win competitions too, it’s part of the checklist of winning.

An ornery mouse

Will Kirby (Dr. Will) is considered by many the best player to ever play the US/Canadian version of BB, and he has yet to win his first competition in the game….. it was part of his strategy. He won US Season 2 and finished 4th in US Season 7 (All-Stars), and his right-hand man (Boogie) went on to win that season.

Some may feel comps are a big deal, but I believe most viewers and players put much more stock in the social aspects of the game. Comps can be very random and arbitrary, whereas a good player can always rely on their social strengths to get them out of a jam.

If you’re a BB fan and have not watched US Seasons 2 and 7, I highly encourage you to do so….. they’re awesome. And they might just change the way you view the importance of comp victories.

Bubble Butt

I’d say 2, 3, 6, 7 are a total must and I do agree with most. About Will though, his strategy became not bothering to win anything. I think that was more ego then anything if he tried and didn’t win you know.
I knew what kind of game this was going to be when Hardy won everything lols and kept putting Will on the block and those idiots kept saving him. Right there I was like “okay its this type of game”. I didn’t mind him winning either but I was a little disappointed about Hardy winning things and it didn’t matter. He was social but not “fun” enough and a little tightly wound lols.
I still liked Will for All stars but not as a winner. His whole character got old real quick and at this point , I personally wanted to see people actually play the game. Not just act like a lazy flirty frat boy. It was boring and I got to really like Boogie because he was playing the game while still having fun but wanted to win.

I think those seasons were important to the game and the best ones to watch. I did like others but just to get an idea of where all this type of playing came from. All stars was my favourite. K im done before I keep talking lols.


you are clueless dude

Snoop dogg

Brothers for prime minister


Not sure why people are so hung up on the negative stuff towards the brothers. They actually played one of the cleanest games and made it that far. Mostly because they wouldn’t even talk game for most of the game which I guess isn’t a bad idea because it doesn’t back you into corner causing you to lie. Now that was boring watching on the outside, but look how far it got them without being nominated.

Also it was Phil who constantly push to keep the bigger target in each week. Again, boring to watch, but look what it’s done for him. So yeah they have played one of the better games this season weather you like it or not. I don’t mind some the things he says. It’s not bragging if you do it and back it up.


Please Tim or Cass has to WIN Veto and get Kelsey out please !!


Jayne I hope it happens

The thought of the brothers and or Kelsey in final 2 is brutal

Cass or Tim for the veto win would be sweet


I hope Cass wins the damn veto. No matter what anyone says, she is the best player this season and deserves to win. I do think however that she should cut Tim, that would be the ultimate move that ensures her victory at the end.


I agree


yes but Kelsey will take the brothers to f2 and vice versa

thats why Tim and Cass would probably vote out Kelsey if they win the veto on saturday

if brothers won the f3 hoh and kelsey was in f3, then its certain kelsey would be taken, but if kelsey is not f3 then the brothers would have a choice to make – probably more likely they take cass f2, but at least for tim and cass their odds increase of either being taken f2 by the brothers if kelsey is out


i like Cass but I completely hate the editing out of Tim in saving her this week. Tim is the huge factor in why they should not save her and he is the one that started the ball running with his speech of being done with
Freakshow and throwing joel under the bus, it was also him that fought for her during the time that Kelsey and the brothers were deliberating on whether they should save her or not. I would not be surprise if ever tim wins veto and the show will portray as Cass manipulating him into saving her because this show is so desperate to crown cass as this year’s winner and although she is a worthy winner I don’t think she is better than Tim than the show is making her to be.


She put in much better work than Tim did this week. Tim himself was thoroughly impressed. Cass went from not being allowed to be in the same room as the brothers and out the door to working her way back into their good books. Her work on Kelsey one on one was amazing.


Just give Tim the money and be done with this bore fest. Hopefully the money goes to some wildlife conservation and a few tree huts… none left are my favourites at all.


**Insert crying baby meme**

Queen Cass

It’s all about comps & that’s the problem Cass sucks at them so we gotta realllly give her madd props for litigating her way through the game to final 4!!!! Cassandra better pull her all into the POV & win!!!!!!!!! If she can pull it off Tim goes Home & joins his international mate in jury!!! Cassandra & Kelsey Final 2 & Queen Cass For The Win!!! #GirlPower


I am not sure why everyone things the brothers are stupid!!!… They are actually playing a good game and they may even win the game. Cass is just being used by Tim , she is not really playing the game.Go Paq bros


all these issues with the boys Cass, but no issues eating their chips!

Oh Canada

Cassandra for the win she played an amazing game she went hard & deserves the win!!!! I’m not a big fan of Kelsey, but I don’t want Tim to win, he already won & he’s rich already & he isn’t Canadian he was an international twist that should of been gone a long time ago I hope they can snap out of it & finally see that. The brothers are abnoxious don’t want them to win at all so Kelsey is the lesser of the evil & she did win that hog fair & square & started fighting for herself seems she made a slight come around….At first girls were becoming extinct & so I Say CaSS & KeLsEY FinaL 2 !!!!

Oh Canada

Cassandra for the win she played an amazing game she went hard & deserves the win!!!! I’m not a big fan of Kelsey, but I don’t want Tim to win, he already won & he’s rich already & he isn’t Canadian he was an international twist that should of been gone a long time ago I hope they can snap out of it & finally see that. The brothers are abnoxious don’t want them to win at all so Kelsey is the lesser of the evil & she did win that HOH fair & square & fighting for herself seems she made a slight come around….At first girls were becoming extinct & so I Say CaSS & KeLsEY FinaL 2 !!!!


Omg I can’t even listen to the brothers..they just infuriate me! Just a couple of egotistical asshats.


I really hope Cassandra wins I think she played the best game out of anybody and it’s just amazing the way Kelsey is sitting so pretty I don’t get it it’s like she’s the big brothers pet nothing can get her out of this game she may very well win her flirting when’s the hearts of all the boys and she is just sitting so pretty and untouchable

Cass the Crazy Betch

One flew over the cuckoo’s next. Cassandra needs to be evaluated once she gets out of the house. Hide the knives people.


Each to their own, but for me, as Joel would say, she is pretty fukin alrights bud.


One last shameless plug for the Brothers. Though some viewers have called the brothers “idiots” I don’t think it is a case that they are simple, it is that they are naive and innocent which is actually a good thing but the majority of people nowadays cannot seem to fathom that. How can they routinely believe the best of people, give others a second chance eventhough they have been hurt, talk them up to build confidence and encourage them to be themselves and not give up. What a novel idea. Maybe not the best way to win BB but an admirable trait as life will eventually wear them down. They have put faith in people and did their best by them not knowing all the crap being said behind thier backs and through hard work and faith in each other they win when it is needed. That is why they are where they are. It is not just comps either as they laid the groundwork socially so that they have a chance to be in the final with Kesley. Whatever happens, they deserve to be in the final 3 and I think they represent well the true Canadian spirit.


brothers will screw this up

Only in Canada...

We host the Olympics twice and win 0 gold medals..(I know and then came Vancouver) . we host 2 international players and all the rest are Canadian and Tim the Aussie is going to win (totally deserves it if he does) and thus the Canadian legend of futility in international competition continues. we can’t even win our own game hahaha fools Tim is a former winner how do you not get that guy out.
Go Tim go!