Big Brother Canada 2 – @MurtzJaffer Discusses the Season of “Villains” with Robyn @Kassting

Murtz Jaffer interviews Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass about the new cast of Big Brother Canada season 2. For those who aren’t familiar with who Murtz is, he is a reality tv expert, media icon, Reality Obsessed host, The Murtz Show host, and of course the “King of social Murtzia”.

The link to the video below is a really great in-depth interview where Murtz and Robyn talk freely and openly about their thoughts about the new BBCAN2 house guests.

Murtz questions Robyn about how he believes Big Brother Canada season 2 is a season of villains. He likes how a lot of the new house guests are there for the money which makes them do more things to get the money.

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Big Brother Casting News and Links from the Internets (2012-02-10)

Big Brother 14 Casting

It’s getting close to that time of year again, Robyn Kass is starting to tweet about BB14 Auditions and Casting procedures. If you are one the fence about applying just do it, fill out the application form. If you find that too hard there making it even easier this year with online casting submission. From last years cast it’s become apparent they are in desperate need of fresh blood you could be that person to make Big Brother 2012 the best. Online submission has yet to opened up to the public. Don’t forget to sign up to our Google+ page we’re rolling out all the best most complete Big Brother Spoilers and google+ is a key component this year.

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