Big Brother 20 Week 7 Summary and Live Eviction Results


THE HIVE! One of the most comical alliances in Big Brother history. I love the HIVE! Every week they make the same mistakes it’s too good to be true. How Does this happen? Haleigh wins the HOH but her side cannot secure the Power of Veto or Hacker power, couple this with tragic game play does not bode well for our once ‘great’ FOUTTE alliance. Haleigh’s Hive was too feeble to sway anyone in the house other than Sam (in the end she won’t flip either)   The Level six alliance (+JC) ended up just toying with the HIVE all week. Rocks continued her same Schick attacking Angela with the same material she attacked Brett with. She also comes up with a killer speech that was way too much fun to type out.

It’s a great season anyone tells you otherwise is a goof.

The Head of Household Competition tonight will be the Slip n Slide which is usually the better of the two endurance type competitions. At this point a lot of people fight like hell for it.

Spoiler alert! Watch the HoH competition play out LIVE on 8/16 on CBS All Access with a FREE trial.

Weeks posts

Part 1 Catch Up From the previous Week + any new powers

Haleigh cancels Tyler’s vote using her Hacker power. Bayleigh gets evicted with only one vote to stay from Sam. The Head of Household competition is played and Haleigh wins! No new powers were introduced this week. Evicted houseguests will not be returning. It’s a dream come true.

Part 2 Nominations / Hacker Competition

Haleigh nominates Kaycee and Angela. Her plan is to Backdoor Tyler. Kaycee wins the hacker competition. Takes herself down and slaps the ROCK on the block. The name Blockstar gets circulated around but OBB sticks with just ROCKS.

Part 3 Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Competition is OTEV. Rockstar almost wins but helps Tyler ensuring his victory. Haleigh and Rocks offer Tyler an amazing Deal. Even though he hasn’t worked with them and were on the opposing side of the house they offer him safety from 4 people until final 5. The 4 were Fes, Rocks, Haleigh, and Scottie. The only thing Tyler has to do is keep the nominations the same. As Tyler explains it “their entire pitch was personal jabs against Kaycee and Angela. 
I will say though it’s very very tame compared to last year. Most of what Rockstar said about Angela, Tyler and Brett were digs at them being attractive,  financially stable and generally having their lives in order at a young age.

Part 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Tyler does not take Haleigh and Rockstars deal. Tyler  uses the power of veto on Angela. Haleigh nominates Kaycee as the replacement. Kaycee and Rockstar are the final nominations for this week. In what was one of the funniest things, Right after the POV ceremony Rockstar tells Kaycee “you were not supposed to go home ” and Kaycee replay “Sucks..  THe HIVE is completely outplayed at this point and it shows in their strategy talks and Rock’s speech.

Part 5 Pre eviction

Rocks and Sam have become close over these past 2-3 weeks while Sam has drifted from the other side over the past week. Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, JC, and Brett are all working towards the same goal this week. to Get Rockstar out. They hold the Hacker power and can delete one of the other sides’ votes. It’s going to happen. Brett has  gotten close to Haleigh and Rocks to the point that rocks was coming to him with secret alliance names “mr and mrs smith, Evil genuineness, the survivors” Rocks also asked Brett for help with her speech. it’s all bullsh1t on Brett’s part. JC has always had the HIVE fooled where his vote is, his closeness with Fes has helped him keep this up. It’s because of Brett, Sam and JC that Rocks thinks she has the votes to stay.

Where does this leave us?

Kaycee will cancel Fes vote and Scottie will vote to keep the Rock. In the end the vote will go down 5-1/6-0. The Hive will be shocked. FES will run around not knowing what is going on. Haleigh will cry, Sam will cry. Rocks will go see Julie, She’ll cry. She’ll watch the Goodbye messages from Angela and call her a b1tch. Right before the feeds went down for the live show JC and Sam had a conversation where Sam said she pinky promised Kaycee her vote weeks ago and doesn’t want to break this. 5-1/6-0 rocks evicted.


Head of Household and Eviction results

HOH Competition.. Is slip n SLide..

Kaycee – what up world.. huge thanks to the all girls alliance..

Kaycee also says Haleigh and Rockstar tried to set up an all girls alliance and excluded Sam.

Rocks – clear alliance with Kaycee, Angela and Tyler.. infallible loyalty.. Keep Kaycee you empower them empower yourself.. we’re all doing are best to stay in this house.

Fes vote cancelled

Angela votes to evict Rockstar
JC votes to evict Rockstar
Sam votes to evict Rockstar
Scottie votes to evict Kaycee
Brett votes to evict Rockstar
Tyler votes to evict Rockstar

Rocks evicted She tells Julie she thinks Sam was the only person that voted for her.

Rockstar talks weird and is weird during the entire interview with Julie.. glad she’s gone. (sorry if that’s too biased but Rockstar is the Christmas of this season)

HOH has started

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The Wall

Too bad we didn’t get to see the Rock Slide.


I feel like whenever Rockstar was on camera, that’s mostly what we were watching. Only, the sign declaring “WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS” was/is missing.

ETA: Rockstar evicted 5-1

Watch out for those ROCKS, people!


Love your summary, Simon!

The ultimate Rockadoodle-doo moment this season for me was that conversation with Brett regarding her speech. Unbelievable. Brett has amazing acting skills.


Brett has been the best surprise this season – enjoy watching his humor on live feeds.

Darrell G Irick

when will jc and sam understand that level 6 is playing them….

Kaycee FTW

Does anyone have the link to the live show? My area has a football game on.


I’m missing it to……This sucks!


Any link to watch BB ?


Angela’s is such a nasty ahole, can’t wait for her eviction


I agree Simon! Pretty soon the house will be filled with Hive members…Bay, Rocks, Scottie, Fessie, Hay, & then 4 level 6 members. Who would you want to be standing next to at the end??? I say Angela. The hive cannot stand her & her goodbye messages have all been mean. If you’re dealing with a bitter jury (& I think this jury will be very bitter) then you want someone next to you that they hate more than you. Find a way to make them vote for you.


She’s very ugly on the inside!


Thumbs down must be her ahole friends and family, cause if you actually are watching her n go in to the live chats most fans dislike her entitled brat ass, look at her actions!!!

BB Fan

Entitled? LOL. Most overused word by losers. Just means someone who works hard and also takes care of themselves. Count me in??

BB Fanatic

She is the worst. But her fans are just like Trumps, she can never do wrong.


You seem to be suffering from a bit of the TDS. I think Rockbottom shares that illness. Shame really. Happy trails……

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Hilarious the level of jealousy of Angela.


You must be talking about Angela the Rockstar!


You must be talking about Angela the Rockstar.


We just watched the witchy Angela leave. Angela (Rockstar-gag) called them names because she is a jealous, spiteful person. The other Angela (the one who is staying -YEAH!!!!) just echoed the names in her eviction. Good riddance.

BB Fan


Hi my name is Scott

Who is it gonna be????? The suspense is killing me! By the way is that the Rocks special eviction leaving the house dress?….

Hi my name is Scott

My bad!! As soon as I posted about Rocks outfit I realized it is the comp costume. Oops. I could see her wearing that as her special outfit though.


too attractive & coordinated to have been her choice

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Apparently Brett and angela do not care about jury votes


Question is if Brett and Angela are the final 2, who does Rockstar votes?

Buh Bye

… and neither was Brett. Did RS get to see her goodbye messages?


I disagree simon. Rockstar was dying to have a female win she said,


Pfft. A non elitled , non white chick maybe who also lives off govermment assistance or mama and papa. Other than that are you kidding?



Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, a shame they don’t have the level of jury management that Rock does. It was touching how she told Kaycee that she was sorry she was going to get voted out.

What Simon said, the only way anyone from L6 will get a vote from some of these idiots is if there are two L6 at the end. Watching some of the bitter jurors will be as much fun as watching them get backdoored.


Purple people eater Rockness Monster… buh bye!


Angela and Brett have definitely moved up a couple notches on my likability belt, their farewell speeches to Rockstar were epic. This is how the game should be played, win the money first and make friends last.


Ok. These Hive powwows were really funny when I read it from Simon/Dawg’s recaps. But watching them on TV iis downright hilarious!


Just me? Rocks reminds me of Dory.


RE: Production

It looks like they have come up with an HOH competition designed for a 6’4″ all-American college football wide receiver to win. LOL

Rocks bottom

Sometimes production tries too hard and doesnt care if its obvious or not.


On another note, thank gad we don’t have to listen to Haleigh’s ridiculous Julie greetings.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

Julie didnt say anything about the Hacker twist for this next week. Do we think it’s over?

Summer is over half hour

She did say something. That it’s over.


Rockstar innocent baby talk it’s beyond annoying. So glad she is gone. I like how they show her bad gaming skills! Too bad they didn’t show her nasty attitude. Now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping goofy Fes doesn’t win HOH.

Gentle Gentle Lamb with a man bun

Wish I could say I’m gonna miss you Rockless, but I can’t. Buh bye!!


So glad to not have to see/hear very much more of Rockstar…that fake accent and weirdly flopping around when she was talking to Julie was too bizarre….Sadly, with the witchy duo in the jury house, I have a feeling that we Will have some extra airtime for them.


I felt awkward watching the interview with Julie.

BB Fan

Then we have to hear bitter bailey and dumb as a rock say the same nasty jealous things about Angela again. BORING


And she kept flipping her hair which she made fun of Angela doing.


Was there a smaller one they can fill for safety or a prize like usual? I didn’t hear it


Unless Fessy gets tired, this is his comp to lose. He is FLYING up and down and quickly back on his feet when he falls. I think he has got this. Jc could not be acting anymore like a clown. I think he will come in last place. Still cheering on anyone but Fessy and Scottie.

BB Fan

Rockslob’s hair flipping was vomit inducing


Someone please tell me that Fes is wearing himself out and fell asleep… My goodness that boy takes three strides and is back up top…. It is taking him longer to go down than to go up…
If he keeps it up, level 6(4) is in trouble unless they could convince him Scotty is after Haleigh.


Faysal is killing this comp!


Looks like Fes will win.

I got my Rocks off

Did you see her thick legs and booty in that outfit. She is a 2 bagger. One for me and one for her. Turn off the lights and pretend she is a Kardashian. Vampire hours only 12am to dawn. Please like my comment.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay



Peace Rock Lobster! That vile excuse for a human being abandoned her young children to be on the show. (She doesn’t work so her only purpose in life is to take care of them) Her children should be ashamed of the way their mother acts. Go Level 6!

BB Fan

According to her she runs a group of strippers

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie pulls it off for his lady. Poor Scottie will be left out in the cold.

Rocks bottom

Actually Sam should tell lil Fessie that she voted for Rock to stay and it was Scottie who flipped. Blam, Scottie on the block.

Honey I Shrunk JC

JC is the worst float competitor in BB history. Anyone who wants to win BB should take him to the end with them and they will win for sure.

LA in LA

Rockslob is “Joe Camel” the mascot for camel cigarettes… with a purple wig

Daniela Bucciacchio





Adopts a new accent for her entire exit interview in last ditch hail mary to be remembered


Oh great Fes won. I guess that means we have to put up with this lame hive alliance for another week. Lol he is so dumb he will probably put scottie up. Now Haleigh will be acting all high and mighty and want to control everything including when Fes uses the toilet.


Brett’s goodbye message was savage. It was funny how the audience groaned.

L6 Chilltown

comment image
When the other side wins HOH but you still control the game and get out someone on their side.

Rocks bottom

They all need to chill and they are only a veto away from having HayLee or Scottie on the block and out the door.