“We’ve only got 1 HOH on our side and we’re getting them all out”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers LOL..

Sink fixed

3:00pm Fes and Haleigh HOH

picking at his face

3:06pm Rocks and Scottie
Rocks- I just don’t want to be completely blindsided until later and it’s by a trusted friend in the final 5
SCottie – Final 5’s is where stabs happen

3:10pm THE HIVE
H – have you talked to JC ..
F – yeah a little bit..
H – And
F – I brought up lightly .. The numbers are getting small are you with us? this is the week
Fes says JC doesn’t tell him much all she says to FES is he has no loyalties in the game but he’ll never put Fes up
Rocks – does that mean we shouldn’t have loyalty to JC

Angela – my main target is the other Angela (no shit.. )
H – I don’t like hoe vague JC is to you..
GHaleigh thought the whole point of Fes
Fes – my talk will be get on the train or get run over
H – no.. you don’t want to push him like that

FEs – we feel socnfident in Brett sam and Scottie
H – Brett, I dunno he’s been in teh DR a lot
Fes – maybe he’s the swing vote this week.. well JC is …
fes says it’s becaseu brett has compoetley jumped shuip and joined them.. “Who does Brett feels more comffortable with”
H – He sat in here on this bed that he’s voritoning KAycee out and everyone else is in the house
Fes – it makes sense
ROcks My speech is really good (Ohh shit.. buckle up )
“My beautiful I guess opponent here clearly has seen a line in the seen drawn from the very beginning. She has refused to work with anyone outside in this game outside of Angela.. She kicked her best friend out she didn’t even vote a pity vote to somebody she spent hours with (Hours! get out of town). Her loyalty lies with one person Angela. Let’s go even a little bit further Angela also has the Infallible loyalty of Tyler WE’ve seen this at the MR Pectacular Veto”

Fes – your times up
Rock – I have to go faster
H – yeah but keep going
Rocks – “we’ve seen it back to back vetos used on each other. Team Hilton Head. They are clearing working together. here and Kaycee vote parallel to it she not only has loyalty to my block partner here Kaycee but also Tyler.. Houseguests are your trying to further empower Angela by leaving Kaycee here or are you Trying to empower yourselfs and give yourselves a fighting Chance in this game”

Fes – that’s good I like that, I don’t know is it too much about Angela though
H – That’s what I was saying because she’s not next to Angela
R – yeah well F**** Angela
H – I know but we’re not voting for Angela
F – you have to bring up if KLAycee stays Tyler, Angela and KAycee are an obvious trio.. I don’t think people know how much of a trio that is
Rocks – we’re friendship
Haleigh says she spends as much time with SCottie as she does with them, Rocks spends just as much time with Sam and fes spends time with JC. (unlkike the other side.. lol)

In the kitchen…

3:24pm Rocks laughs about bringing her super alliance to hang out in the HOH so those other three are left downstairs by themselves.
Fes – Sam doesn’t come up here
Rocks – she thinks it’s somebodys bed room.. we don’t hang out in somebodies bedroom ..

3:30pm Scottie and Haleigh
Scottie brings up his conversation with Kaycee..
SCottie – people don’t know how close we are..
SCottie – I talked to Brett a long f*uing time.. he would put money on Sam voting to keep KAycee.. so there has to be some way to convince him that Sam is voting to keep rockstar.
Scottie says Brett thinks JC is a total wildcard.

Brett comes in .
Scottie continues says Kaycee’s pitch was pretty standard.
Brett – do I look like Cody..
Angela comes in..
Chit chat..

3:52pm Rocks and haleigh

halegih says she chatted with Scottie and his take on Brett is he’s nervous that Sam isn’t voting to keep Rocks and that is what’s keeping him on the fence.
Rocks – WHY … I wonder why he thinks that
H – maybe because she didn’t vote to keep you last week..
Haleigh – he told Scottie he doesn’t want JC to flip then Fes’s vote gets cancelled and Scottie and BRett are the only ones voting kaycee out.

H – Angela is stressing out.. she walked into the room … flip opens teh door and sits quiet for 30 minutes.. she’s nervous..
H – the night is young
H – I know what her 1 on 1’s are like they are very blanket..
H – she’s not doing any wild sh1t she’s not throwing anyone under the bus
Rock – I wonder if you thought it was a good idea for Sam to talk to BRett
H – it’s tricky

3:58pm JC and KAycee
JC – you have my vote..
Adds the only person that’s pushing him to vote Kaycee out is fes.
JC says Rocks is targeting Tyelr and Angela
JC – you have to be very careful they have a bad concept of you..
JC bring sup Rockstar saying that KAycee is fake for not throwing the vote to Bayleigh
Kaycee laughs says that Haleigh brought the same thing up to her.. And KLaycee called her out on it because haleigh didn’t vote for bayleigh either.
Kaycee – I bet it made the show.. it was up in the HOH b1tch you voted her out too

Kaycee was blown away that rocks got so upset that Tyler didn’t use the veto on her. JC is shocked too.

JC – we’ve only got 1 HOH on our side and we’re getting them all out
KAycee – America is loving this rockstar is going home on Haleigh’s HOH.. Rockstar is goign to go talk to Bayeligh and BAyhelgih will see everything..

Kaycee says next week their entire side gets to play in teh HOH against SCottie and Fes.
Kaycee – Haleigh’s HOH turned right upside down.. Rocks is really comfortable
JC brings up Rocks coming up to her and said “I have the votes to stay”

JC says he’s been telling Sam all this stuff that Kaycee is the only other gay person he would get a backlash if he voted her out “Blagh blah blah blah”
KAycee – I appreciate you though
JC – I haven’t voted with them once and they don’t even suspect.. Kaycee – it goes right over their f*ing head..
Jc – they don’t even suspect.. not even once..

JC says every vote that is why BAylegih was like (see image)

KAycee they are all comfortable..
JC says FEs has no idea what is going on in the house
Kaycee – it’s like he forgets the previous week
JC – he hasn’t been backdoored because of me..
Kaycee – every single week they are shocked.. they have no idea..
JC – they think people decide to vote right before the thing…
they laugh..
JC – it’s so horrible for me to laugh..
JC – fes comes up to me.. I locked the votes..
JC – after I asked him how did you lock the votes b1tch
Kaycee – they are going to be so shocked after they watch this
JC – to be honest they have no loyalty to each other..
JC says Bayleigh was one of the worst payers this year brings up a final 3 she’s was offering him with Fes.
KAycee brings up how the other side came to her about the girls alliance.. “ohh all of a sudden I’m going to trust you ”

JC – the stuff I tell them is bullshit
Kaycee brings up Scottie going to Angela’s HOH crying that he’s being bullied by the other side they were making him swear on bibles.
JC says he had a conversation with Scottie and everything he talked about went back to the HOH. He found out from Fes.
Kaycee – Scottie is blinded because he actually likes haleigh.. he’s in denial that they are in a showmance.. I want to say something to Scottie so bad but I can’t
JC – Rockstar tonight is going to be a shitshow..
Kaycee – I have a good feeling that Sam will keep me..

JC tells her about when the votes shake out tomorrow night and it’s 5-1 they’re going to have Brett say he voted to keep ROCKS and that Fes’ vote was cancelled. JC is going to say Scottie is flipping votee.

They hug it out..

4:30pm Comparing notes..
KAycee mentions what if it’s 4-2 and Sam voted kaycee out. KAycee says that would be awkward.
Angela – I would shun her
Kaycee – yaah
Angela – I hate how rockstar has been up her a$$
A – Brett told me that Rockstar and Haleigh told Sam that I was the one trying to get her up
Kaycee – really
Angela – I told Sam no..

They talk about winning the HOH and putting up HAleihg/Fes and backdooring Scottie
Kacyee – Brett will put up SCottie and Sam backdoor fes..
Kaycee – he wouldn’t put Haleigh up he doesn’t want to ruin that ..

Kaycee – Haleigh won the HOH and Rockstar goes home.. that’s f*ing funny
Angela says when Rocks wants into the Jury and tells Bayelgih “it’s going to be bad”

Angela – after I did my GBM they were like, you know sh’es going to the jury house are you sure you want to say that.. (AHHAAHHAHA)
Kaycee – you said some mean sh1t
Angela nods
They agree Rockstar will still hate Angela regardless of what she says.
Angela – I just wanted to say sorry if I came off like an entitled b1tch that gets everything they want .. I went into that a little bit more..
Angela – she’s been saying I’m pretentious I’m entitled.. I’m a princess..
Angela says she’s going to say something back to Rocks on national television for Rocks dragging her name all this time.
Kaycee agrees
Angela – I just don’t care.. two sh1t about what Rockstar thinks of me
They agree it’s rude how Rockstar thinks she’s safe
Angela – I wish I had a tiara

4:40pm Rocks and JC
Rocks goes over her speech.. KAycee doesn’t talk to game other than with Angela.. she’s only working with only Angela.. Tyler is only working on Angela
JC – I think you should work harder on BRett.. .(LOL poor Brett)
Rocks says they have 5 votes against Angela and Tyler “I’m going to talk to brett again”

4:48pm Tyler and JC
JC says Rocks thinks she has 5 votes..
JC says he talked to SAm and she asked him to tell her his vote before they go into the DR tomorrow.
JC tells him about the plan to make Fes thinks Scottie is flipping votes..

4:53pm Rocks tell Brett she’s got the votes..

4:56pm Brett telling them about Rocks giving him another alliance pitch calling it the survivors he told her they already had one it was called Mr and Mrs Smith
Haleigh says she’s looking forward to seeing Tyler follow nobody around for a week.

4:55pm Rocks and Haleigh Comparing notes..
Rocks says JC told her to talk to Bret and she talked to BRett.. JC warned her that the otherside is talking to Brett alot.
Rock – I think JC, SAm and BRett is voting to keep me and we know Fes is
Rock – fes will be cancelled..
Rock says Brett thinks their votes are all locked in.

5:07pm haleigh and Rocksstar
They are saying that Angela was cut throat when she took BAy out says Bay and Angela were best friends..
Rockstar – I think JC is little and nervous
H – like a cat

5:10pm kaycee and SAm
The ONe on one
Sam tells her she would rather her leave and Kaycee and Rocks get to stay (UGH)

5:56pm Level 6 meeting

Tyler mentions that Sam is getting annoyed by Rockstar and the rest of them push her with game.
Kaycee – that’s is why she’s doing stuff..

Kacyee – I can’t wait for Rockstar to leave.. everywhere she’s staring, looking.
A – they told Sam I was trying to get her on the block
K – they are in her head big time and it’s so sad
T – I’ll probably say some sh1t about you to get you off her radar.. You think I’ll fall for that again like that whole kaitlyn thing.. Kaitlyn tricked me last time now I’m tricking her (Angela)
K – When we voted her last time we weren’t bashing there people we were throwing them under the bus
K – now with them that’s their tactic they are getting in her head and they are talking sh12t about us ..
T – they are saying we’re saying sh1t about her probably (Sam)
T – literally half of rocks pitch to get me to use it was personal shots against you personal shots against you.. I wanted to go off … and Haleigh to
K – they are feeding her information to turn use against each other.. that’s not cool we voted to keep her here.. you guys did not
Tyler says Sam doesn’t understand the game.
Kaycee – Haleigh is so fake
T – she’s so bad.. she’s awful at this
Tyler says Haleigh’s and rocks pitch to get him to use the veto was so laughable. He’s sure it’s being portrayed like the joke it was.
KAycee – I’m sure this whole show is making them look weak
T – She said at one point if rockstar goes home on my HOH I will self evict.. f* yeah 2 for 1
Tyler mentions how JC is already trying to work what happens after the votes are out.. “Pin sh1t on other people”
T – love you guys
Kaycee – Love you.. tomorrow we’ll get through it

Tyler tells them the plan to pin the vote flip on Scottie. Brett will say he voted to keep Rock because of their alliance.
Kaycee – comes down to who do they believe more Scottie or Brett
Tyler – we’re going to win
They’re curious to see how Sam votes.

Tyler – it’ll be 5 to 1
Kaycee – yeah 5 to 1 competing in the HOH 5 of us, Sam in the middle, 2 of them

6:31pm Playing dress up with Rocks clothes


7:30pm Rocks says she thinks she has the votes.
Rocks – I hope things work in my favour..
Rocks – I don’t think you understand how happy Bayleigh would be if Kaycee went to her, JC went to her and Tyler went to her..
Rocks – she told me to burn this mother f*er down when she left
Sam – ohh my
Rocks – she will be thoroughly disappointed if I go to the little house
Sam asks rocks why did Bayleihg want Kaycee out kaycee was her friend.
Rocks says Kaycee didn’t even vote for her (PSST rocks in brains neither did Haleigh)

Sam – has there ever been winner here who’s lives didn’t change for the better
ROcks – NO ..
sam – no?
Rocks – well that I don’t know
(BB9 winner things didn’t work out for him)
Haleigh comes in. Rockstar says she was getting nervous with Scottie wearing Angela’s hoodie.

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Deep Dive

I would love to see a video of Haleigh, Rockstar and Fes watching this season
after the show ends. They are all going to feel like total morons. They just
think everyone else in the house is stupid and floaters yet their group gets
blindsided with every vote.

They are constantly questioning eachothers loyalty and being totaly unable to
connect even the simplest dots together. Probably the dumbest alliance this late
in the game i’ve seen.


Lol even an internet show of some kind….we need to be flies on the wall!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sadly, I believe they will just blame each other and/or everyone else. I don’t see any of them actually owning their stupid.

Marianne Martin

after watching tonights show.. i would give the award to RS … that was just too good .. and i am sure RS will blame Angela for all her woe`s …i am still lol over tonights show and the goof ups .. LOVE IT …

You Only Live Once

It is kind of fitting that the toxic person takes herself out with her own stupidity/toxicity ….she manifested this herself due to her own self loathing


Nope…they can’t even own it

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

The Hive sucks! F@ck them all!

No, I do not believe that f@ck any of them let alone all of them. I pass. 🙂


RE: Next HOH competition is slip and slide & it’s 2 against 6

I will go out on a limb and make a bold prediction. Look for the HIVE to win HOH yet again. I like Scottie or Fessy to beat the rest of the rest of the house in slip and slide. Once again, Tyler should be the biggest threat on Level 6. If the hive does win this one, maybe they will get somebody from the other side out this time.
For those of you who don’t know, the Slip and Slide comp is where the houseguests have to walk down a slippery lane while carrying a scooper full of liquid. There is a jug at the other end of the track, and they need to pour the liquid into it, so that a ping pong ball inside the jug will rise to the top so they can grab it. The first player to grab the ping pong ball wins. Anyway, the twist to this comp has always been that there is a second jug to choose. Sometimes it’s a prize, but it is usually a bigger scoop to help you win the HOH.


I just don’t see a big guy like fes winning an endurance comp. Nor brett. Their bodies require to much energy. Tyler, Angela would be my picks since they are smaller but athletic. Hailey would probably be good at it if she could compete. Scottie could pull it out though for the hive


Scottie already stated he doesn’t want to win & big guys historically don’t do well in this comp. Meanwhile Brett has an ice skating background. So if I had to guess L4 has the best shot at winning HOH. I think if Tyler sees any of L4 ahead he’ll acquiesce to letting them win so he can play in what will likely be a DE. My guess is he would prefer to not use his app unless absolutely necessary.

another name

just my opinion: given past injuries to shoulder and back, Fes’ first fall will take the wind out of his sails. As much as balance force and weight have benefitted many of the winners, there’s the becky effect as well.
In terms of balance i tip the scales to angela. in terms of stamina i am split between scottie/sam/tyler. in terms of force generation for some reason i do think fes will do well, but by the same token… in this area alone i think Kaycee and Brett would do well.
Here is the becky effect to me: jc. low centre of gravity with a higher density of muscle mass. one good push and he should take off like a bullet.


Fess will never win that one. Too heavy.


The track is usually sloped and that’ll kill Fez. Scotty should do well as will the remaining L6/5/4 except Brett. He has a lot of mass to move as well. Sam and JC should do well. Slip and slide would be a close call.

Who said that!

I don’t think they’ll believe it even when are it.

But Seriously

I think the show brought out the worst versions of Rockstar and Bailey. I hope their families will try to keep them away from all social media, be there to support them and get them counseling to cope with the backlash. Yes, there are supporters out there but nothing can stop the reality of how mean they’ve been. (Scratch medical school and public jobs light flight attendance of your career path.) I’m not fans of Fes or Hailey either, but I think who they’re aligned with sheds them in a poor light. In fact I think the views might actually find their loyalty to their alliance, nomance and repeating the same mistakes endearing. Since that’s not the case, bring on a double eviction and get’em out.


Where’s that guy Wil who used to do terrific parodies, anyone seen that lately?


Rockstar reminds me of Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company!!! (But I loved Mrs. Roper.)


So true…big time similarities…but Mrs. Roper wasn’t vile


Oh, I don’t know. ‘member that time Mrs. Roper called Janet an “entitled bitch” because she had nice feathered hair?



No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

YES! Before I read your comment, I was going to say Sam looks like a bag lady playing dress up in Rockslob’s clothes. Mrs. Roper, yes – but her evil ugly nasty b!tchy twin.


I see more resemblance to Mr Roper

LA in LA

Rockslob reminds me of “Joe Camel” the mascot for camel cigarettes

BBJuicy Blast

Rocksnot reminds me of legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Carey.


Honestly I really like Angela and normally it wouldn’t be a good strategy to leave a bad goodbye message but I mean she’s right their was no way she was getting rockstars vote (if she made it to the final 2 that is) regardless if she was nice to her or not. So for an entertainment stand point I’m very excited to hear her goodbye message…rockstar has been talking about her this whole game for no reason and Angela has kept her cool so I hope she does kind of rub some dirt in rockstars move with that goodbye message.


Gettin my popcorn ready :p

BB Addict

I wonder, will RS be smart enough to realize that when she hears Angela’s GBM, everything she has said to the others got back to Angela? I’m thinking it goes right over her head! Lol CBS better play it!

Stevie J

Yea she’s not getting rockstar vote regardless but why make her dislike her more… Rockstar will drag her name through the mud even more in the jury house… It’s not a good idea. Angela’s cold ways will ruin her chances of winning she needs to put emotions to the side and do better jury management.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Because Rockspew is a disgusting human being who is obsessed with Angela. One mean goodbye message doesn’t account for the HOURS of hateful vitriol she has spewed out of her mouth. And they lied to Sam to get her loyalty about people who were friends to her from the beginning, just to get her on their side. Perhaps the one successful game tactic they pulled off but it’s a tad cruel considering how hard Sam has taken it and her vantage point of how the game is supposedly played. What else would a spoiled rich entitled white hair twirling devil woman be expected to do?


I didn’t see them lie to Sam?? They did tell Haleigh to put Sam up??


Drag her name through the mud even more? Aside from ceasing to exist, I don’t know that there is anything Angela could do to stop Rocks from spewing MORE hate (if that is even possible) toward her. So why not call her out on her her incessant shot talking?


angela can potentially get rs’s vote sitting next to tyler, brett, or kaycee. rs will be bitter af and will probably respond better to sugar than vinegar.


“Sam tells her she would rather her leave and Kaycee and Rocks get to stay (UGH)”

That must be why she flipped out when the girl she called a wh*re won HOH, suddenly got real close to Rocks, the person she alone voted out…then chilled out once it was clear she was safe. The biggest phony on the show…

Entitled, Rich and Pretty Bitch

I just wish Sam would leave already. Either she’s extremely cagey and devious and is playing everyone or she’s getting closer to a total breakdown every day.


Love ur name ?


Tyler needs to kiss Sam!!!


kc talkin about fuzzball “it’s like he forgets the previous week.”

Funniest, truest quote of the day


Like a goldFESh


GoldFESh is the perfect name for him! Lol


I’n runnin wit it


Ok, anyone who still thinks Tyler isn’t playing an unbelievable game needs to listen to the discussion on live feeds between Haleigh & Rockstar around 8 eastern time. Haleigh is saying how she came in thinking Tyler was so hot & accomplished but he can’t even think anything for himself. Has to have someone to lead him around & make his decisions. Wonders how he managed to travel around & find boarding in hostels in Australia when he can’t even have a thought for himself. If that’s not great strategy play on Tyler’s part I don’t know what is!

Who said that!

It’s bizarre how one minute they call him the biggest threat and the next he’s a little wounded bird that can’t think for himself.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

She’s actually describing Fez.

BB Fan

Haleigh is just upset Tyler hasn’t fawned all over her like Fess or Scotty. I think she doth protest too much.


They are pretty much spot on. Tyler hasn’t made a decision since Kaitlyn left, and even calling letting Kaitlyn cling to him a decision is really iffy. Angela has made every decision for Tyler so far, with the exception of the first two weeks. He wins, Angela tells him who to put up, tells him how much she loves him, and then thinks to herself how easy playing Big Brother with these idiots is.


As a tyler fan im kinda worried i hope as a jury she will realize its not true

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

RockDoosh deserves to go home after tonite. Dumb shit!


rocknado: “Brett thinks their votes are all locked in”
brett: “We already had an alliance, it was called Mr. and Mrs. Smith

OMG I lovvvveeeeee this!


Rockstar HAS to get voted out tomorrow night. I can’t stand to look at that much ugly anymore.

BB Fan

But Blockstar loves herself enough to make up for that. She hasn’t found a mirror she doesn’t love.


Rockstar keeps saying the other side of house are so entitled. Seems to me she’s the only one who thinks she’s entitled to win because she needs it. Frankly, In tired of hearing that.

But Seriously

Someone posted a while back that she knew Rockstar growing up and she was spoiled and entitled. Her parents gave her everything she wanted. Things that make you go hmmm. If there’s truth to that I bet it will come out

Paul Treffinger

That is the truth, I knew her growing up too, she grew up middle class and then went into bartending at strip clubs and then had 2 kids with a non citizen who had little money and he almost got deported and then she had another kid with a carpenter that just does little side jobs. She made her life the way it is. She doesn’t like her dads side of the family, that’s why she uses the name rockstar because her legal name is Angela Landry. She probably would have made something of herself but she got pregnant three times and it takes a lot of time out of your life to raise kids and not have a career yet. And her baby daddy’s are broke as fuck.. all her doing


Final nail in Rock’s coffin. Since Rock shared with Haleigh on the live feeds that Sam has a crush on Brett. That will get out. Hopefully before eviction. Then Sam’s vote should be locked. I would hate it for Sam but Rock would get what she deserves.


I must have missed something. I thought Kaycee was on the block, not Angela!! Haha.

Could BlockStar’s jealousy of Angela get any worse? Seriously!?!


Can they please get someone who is not dyslexic type this shit up? Driving me nuts trying to read this when every other word is jumbled!

who me?

Hey Simon. You and Dawg wanna trade trump for Trudeau? You and most of your posters seem a lot like trump, and we’d kinda like to get rid of him 🙂

The real rockstar

I’ll send you $5 if you want to move to Canada. Jus take fat azz Rosie and Whoopiss with you. MAGA


I’ll add another $10.


Wwg1wga! Hehehe


Nah whoopie’s funny at least sometimes..rosie can take joy behar wit her please


piss off- both marty and who me

BB Fan

Take your nasty politics someplace else snowflake. This isn’t the place. Go tell someone who cares.


Speak for yourself!


LOL!! A thousand thumbs up and a million likes!!!!!!! 😉

You & Dawg do a phenomenal job!


Yea…eat simon…you f*c*tard.


Can I make a donation to this site in someone else’s name? I was thinking that “Marty” would be a good choice.

But Seriously



OK Simon, that one deserves another donation. Everyone that likes this site should make a donation, even $10 bills add up.

BB Addict

Hey Marty, when you go start your own site and bring this much love to the rest of us, then you can dis whoever you want. Until then, shut your pie hole. Go to one of the other sites if you don’t like this one. The rest of us love Simon and Dawg for all the hard work they do to bring us these spoilers.



Uncalled For

That’s so uncalled for. They are doing for free. If you don’t like it leave and watch ALL the live feeds on your own… What an a**hole kind of comment.


Oh Marty Marty Marty Don’t ever criticize Simon and Dawg. Shame on you. Bye bye Marty

You Only Live Once

Marty…..Rockstar said to stop being so damn entitled!! Dawg & Simon you’re doing an awesome job!!

Buh Bye

Hey Marty, maybe your reading skills are just below par. Can’t even own it!


Can I like this comment twice?
Thank you Simon and dawg for always keeping us updated.


PS I was responding to buh bye

This is fun

Then you should watch the feeds all day and be perfect! You must be related to rs! Go away!


Hey Marto ! Hopefully you can read this : “ DOUCHE “

Hi my name is Scott

Yo Marty, considering how many hours Simon and Dawg have had to listen and watch stoopid (yes Marty, I know it is spelled stupid but stoopid fits the Hive so much better), both of their brains are literally dying. Most of us would have been hospitalized by now if we attempted to do what Simon & Dawg have done. Cut the Guys some slack!

Move along

Marty with a vote of 1040 to 0 you have been evicted from OBB

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Eat all of us.


Own it! Loser


I suppose Simon and Dawg could take the time to polish all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Of course then it wouldn’t be spoilers because we’d get them after the televised shows aired. All of the whispers or fast talking makes transcribing difficult plus they are one a bit of a time crunch. They need to get enough spoilers out there to satiate us and we can be ravenous.

Plus it doesn’t cost us anything. Speed or accurate spelling, we’re not getting both and I’d rather get the spoilers in a timely manner this season! Last season they could have just said crap happened this week, blah blah.


How do you know you’re not the one dyslexic?


Oh, shut up.


Marty, think of it as a flexibility excercise for your thinking processes. Studies have proven that those who are above average intelligence really only need the first and last letters correct. Speed reading, reading upside down and with numbers mixed in increases thinking flexibility. Read for content, not individual letters and expand your brain.
Love you Simon and Dawg!


I really think that we need to add a new button next to the thumbs up and down buttons….lets call it the laughing my @$$ off button.


A f…k off button would be nice.


OMG!!! I can’t stand RS…… I started feeling a little bad for her this week reading these updates because she is so oblivious to what is actually going down but after seeing her on tonights episodes….that has changed. Now I’m like “Take that BIT%C down.” She had such a bad attitude….. The dislike and jealousy she has towards Angela (the REAL Angela) is getting on my last nerve. And the way she was talking to Kaycee was beyond annoying. Telling her to watch her mouth but wasn’t she swearing just as much ah Kaycee? What a hypocrite…. I really really hope she leaves this week.

Here is my ranking after tonights show
Tyler – IMO he is playing the best game and at this point I am rooting for him to win
Brett – I also think that Brett is playing a great game the way he has totally made the other side think he is with them.
Kaycee – After tonights episode she has finally won me over
Angela – Just because RS is soon against her- I still don’t like the way she treated Rachel……
Fes – Because he is such a big goof
Sam – I think she is a good person caught up in a game that she doesn’t want to play.
JC – Sometimes he just makes me laugh
Haleigh – there is something off to me about Haleigh. The way she acts seems like she is trying to be someone that she is not.
Scotty – I think Scotty is the biggest floater in this game. He goes to wherever the power is and that, to me is the definition of a floater.
RS – see reasons listed above

On a side note, I haven’t been this excited to watch an episode of Big Brother in…… I don’t know how long. This season is great!!!!!!


Your ranking is spot on, I totally agree!

nacho mama

Haleigh thinks she is slick, by changing her behavior to ‘fit’ the person she is talking to. She is one way with the girls and totally different with the guys. Her attempts at femme fatale with Brett are so funny. And her pissed of wifey act with Fes are likely the closest to her real personality.But ny favorite was yesterday when ‘bonding’ with Scottie, she said she was a dork just like him- awkward, wearing eyeglasses, lacking confidence, etc.

Honey, Haleigh thinks she is all that. She would do well to watch and learn from Angela. Angela is the same with girls and guys. She has game without flirting. She does not resort to lying as Haleigh does. I don’t think Haleigh will be pleased with her performance:(


I’m looking forward to seeing how successfully brett can pin his flipped vote on scottie. I almost hate that fes will have his vote cancelled–it would be fun to see him grilled as the flipper as well.


Why not? Scotty has been the flipper before and admitted to it. This is another great plan by Brett, his stock goes up daily in my estimation.


I love this season too, the best in years! I will look forward to Rock’s eviction tonight. So many good ones so far this year, the Swag eviction; the Kaitlyn eviction and chance to return fail; the Bay meltdown and eviction. I can’t choose a fave just yet. Loving it.

Darrell G Irick

can i just call it it already…. final 3 will be tyler, jc & sam….


F3 Tyler KC and hmmm jc

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

I don’t think Sam can last til Sept, it’s already half way and she wants to self evict.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Live show fills my heart with joy! It’s better than what I thought, first watching Rockloser give Tyler the answer and hold onto the idea that he somehow promised her safety. But I had no idea she beat him to the platform on the last question … WITH THE WRONG ANSWER! It was beautiful, people. The cocky display in the DR laced with hood accent to showcase her hate for her own DNA – followed by tears, protruding lower lip, the violins playing the background. It reminds me of the glory days when Big Brother was full of blindsides, bloody HOH & Veto comps. Tyler’s Veto speech, Hayleigh’s pouty face, ore tears. Angela’s white privilege smirk. IT’S JUST TOO GOOD! (And because of DVR, I shall rewind and watch it again.)


I rewound that veto comp 3 times so far. Lol. One. Because I could have sworn Sam almost smiled when Rocks answer was wrong. Two. Tyler’s hair flip. Three. Fes and Haleigh’s reaction. Four. Just the overall greatness of it all. And had to rewind Fes talking about them being the bad news bears and how did he get stuck with those 2. Lol

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Callie, we know when Fez started being the voice of reason and clarity, the Hive had jumped the shark!


At least he has a clue about his alliance even tho he doesn’t have a clue about anything else. Lol


I do not recall anyone else returning to Otef with the wrong answer before. I am surprised that Tyler came back with a wrong answer too, but had time to correct it. Has that ever went down like that before?


The reason why Tyler got it right is bcause Rockstar gave him the right answer and he had tim to slide bac down to get the right answer. if she hadn’t gav him the answer sh would of won but that was stupid of her.


I think as she was coming up she noticed Tyler had a different bottle and asked to see if she was right and once Tyler realized he had the wrong pair he corrected himself. It wasn’t Rockstar telling him his answer was wrong but making sure she was right that straightened Tyler out.




sawaddi khrap

Bayleigh's Missed Period

Tyler’s hair flip during the veto comp was pretty glorious.


I heard the choirs sing “AHHHHHHHHH” It was beautiful


JC’s face was hilarious after RS had the wrong answer. It’s like you can’t make this stuff up, the HIVE is dumb through and through.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

JC just cracks me up! He was yelling “GO Rockthtar, Go!” Still pretending he’s Team Hive. The looks on Hayleigh & Fed’s faces. The realization by Fez that his alliance SUCKS. Rockthtar (I love JC) losing even when she’s winning. Hayleigh thinks she’s so cute and her fears of “looking stupid” materialize right before our hungry eyes. I’m in a BB20 high.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Rock said she showed him the answer…actually she told him the answer as she was climbing up. Who does that lol


That was great fun watch. Tyler says “thank you” and Rocks-For-Brains hears “I’ll save you!”


So glad you brought up Rockshart’s “hood” talk. I find myself rolling my eyes every time she moves into that speech. Just talk freaking normal. I guess she thinks it comes across as her being the badass she thinks (wished) she is?


I’m rooting for L6 but one thing I can appreciate about this season is that everyone wants to be there to win the game of big brother and dont seem to be their for alterior motives. (Obviously Sam is an exception and maybe fessy) but in past seasons a lot of contestants would say “I want to at least make it to jury” and then they would be content or some people would just be on the show to get “famous”. It sounds silly but in recent seasons it’s almost like people were ok with getting sent out. Maybe I’m just scarred from last season and how most of the contestants were ok to lose as long as Paul won but this season I can appreciate that most of the players are here to play the game and win. (Even though the hive is terrible at it lol) basically I’m just glad this season people are fighting to stay (again even though rockstar has a terrible pitch to stay but at least it’s something).


Please let the vote be 5-1 against Rocky Road and have Brett blame Scottie ….. love seeing Fesleigh scratching their heads on Thursdays, lol


They may be able to pin it on Fez even though his vote is getting canceled.

Stormy Daniels on Celebrity Big Brother UK

Will Rocks view all the houseguests’ goodbye messages or just the ones we the viewers see?

I wonder if Sam will try to screw with production again on the live show… I can see her freaking out if RS gets unanimously jettisoned and mebbe even walking thru the front door with her. With the HOH being endurance, the producers could plan for any contingency and cut the live feed if necessary… but hopefully Sam will be fully medicated beforehand.


Ugh, they are all so boring! At this point the only people I even care a little bit about are JC and Scottie, and that is because they aren’t obvious about their game plans. They actually have game plans that aren’t just about taking out the other side.

Can’t wait for this whole sides thing is over. They should just make it a triple eviction this week and see who is left.

I do think it is funny how well the lay low and play the middle has worked this summer. L6 and foute are just a bunch of thirst idiots who are looking to make it as reality TV stars.


J.c didnt played the middle he played the snake in the grass voting with level 6 evrytime . (The only time he didnt listened to tyler was with kaytlin)
And scottie dont play with anyone he is just trying realy hard to be with the power and he doesent know shit about whats going on

The real rockstar

Rockscab is the one entitled. Entititled to food stamps welfare checks ang government cheese.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

And the people who are actually working is paying for her to have those entitlements and play on reality tv.

Stevie J



i don’t get to watch much who is going home and is it a double evction?


rocks. no.


Fessy and Hayleigh…when will you two dopes are gonna wake up to yourselves and realize you’ve been played over and over and over again?! Tyler and his crew are making ass$#@%s out of you?! Do you realize that America think you’re the most dumbest, clueless, and stupidest people on Big Brother?! Wake up, pull the heads out of your asses, think hard, and use your brains!! Fessy, win HOH and put up Angela and Brett and target Angela! Hayleigh win HOH again, put up JC and Kaycee, and so on! Try for Final 3 with Fessy, Hayleigh, and Tyler, and win final HOH and finally get rid of Tyler! I know it’s a Fool’s Dream, but I’m sick of the stupidity of FOUTTE/HIVE and just want them to be smart before it’s too late!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

It’s already too late…they don’t have a brain between them


Angela – “after I did my GBM they were like, you know she’s going to the jury house are you sure you want to say that.. ”
OMG!!! Pleeeeaaassseeee show that CBS. She was already in my top 5 of my ‘happy with any of these people winning’ list, but the REAL Angela has now rocketed to my #1.

But Seriously

I think Simon and Dawg should be cast on the show


No, because we’d all have to find a different, more inferior site ?


Foutte was the most shittiest group ever. They eliminated and fought eachother.

The Hive are the most naive, clueless and dumbest Alliance that they deserve to be slaughtered.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

And Fes wonders how he got stuck with them….he needs to thank Swaggy for that. Lol


BB5 Drew Daniel arrested for domestic violence on a male.


Watching AD with Hayleigh & Scottie biting their nails down to nubs! Truly gross…. in other news, Cockstar continues to annoy ppl with her never ending game talk, loved that Sam acted annoyed when she brought up being Final 5 , lol. Good riddance, Cockstar, bet your fellow HGs will enjoy you lvg !


she’s so nervous lol its funny


Haleigh looks and acts like such a child. It’s hard to believe she’s 21. Without makeup she looks 13 years old. Her gnawing on her fingers and nails constantly makes it hard to even watch her for any length of time. I’m surprised she has any nails left.


Stupid, stupid peeps on both sides…..keeping all the strong players!


Y’all… as the official peasant from OBB, the one who only watches the show on CBS, I must say that it had been quite a looooooong time since I last had my heart racing watching a competition. The way CBS edited the comp with the DR segments totally made me believe Rockstar would save herself… until that major flop! LOL! Ain’t gonna lie: Rockstar is soooo irritating but I wished she had gotten that victory. Now, I can’t, I just can’t with how their alliance is stupid!!! They can’t see the obvious… it’s so bad to the point I cringe. I find level 6 a bit too smug, but I can’t not see they they are doing a great job. This the Bayleigh curse: she derailed everyone’s game. HAHAHAHAH!

I must point out that production gave a few chances for the other side to get it right for once… that hacker comp was designed for Scottie! As a BB superfan, he should know that memorizing and counting stuff around the house is major. Yet, he managed to lose the comp. Haleigh also did it all wrong: seeing that Tyler was fishing for a backdoor, she shoulda know better and put him up right away. Silly, silly girl…


I really hate the “america is on our side”, “america must be loving this” BS!!!!!! Just play a good game and keep the personal attacks to minimum

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

JC – I haven’t voted with them once and they don’t even suspect.. Kaycee – it goes right over their f*ing head..
Jc – they don’t even suspect.. not even once..

So true lil fella…so true

another name

in terms of being functional and picking up social cues, the Hives remind me of old road runner cartoons. They’ve just opened the ACME crate for the industrial sized sling shot, and they’ve already put of the rocket powered roller skates, put out the plate of bird seed, and hung the boulder off of the cliff. What could possibly go wrong?


I’m thinking the next hoh is the slip and slide one. Any guesses on a winner?

Rio Seven

It’s weird, although I like this seasons cast overall, I don’t love or hate anyone. I don’t care who wins yet. I hope that changes.


What is JC’s agenda? Why is he informing the Hive that Brett spends a lot of time with the other side? He is trouble and needs sent out as soon as possible. Or Tyler or someone else from the L6 needs to make a deal with him to shut his big mouth up. Loose lips sink ships, remember?


If Bland-gela (AKA Rocks) tried to have a conversation with me, I’d probably say the same thing just to make her go away


JC is straddling the middle and he wants someone other than himself to be a target. He plants the seeds so it’ll be easier to pit them against each other. He might get caught and tossed soon though.


Tyler and Angela were original members of L6 when they were HOH so it shows JC really doesn’t get it totally either. Kaitlyn wasn’t a member but may as well have been and Scotty just wanted the Alpha males out with no real knowledge of the two teams. Sam teamed up with Tyler right away although not an official L6 so actually JC pretty much has his analogy all wrong: The hive has been decimated by L6 and its friends from the start.


Rockstar looks terrible, good grief