Rockstar “I would like this entire cast a lot more without Angela.”

8pm HOH room. Fes, Scottie, Haleigh and Rockstar. Talk of piercings in the HOH room. Rockstar – can you imagine that this was all that was left of the show? (She points at the spy tv where Tyler and Angela are in the kitchen.) Scottie – as apposed to me going I can see you ear piercing. Fes looks at the spy tv and says her n!pples are hard. Scottie – they’re always hard. Fes – she was running outside in the blazing sun and her n!pples were hard. Haleigh – that’s what happens when you get a b00b job.

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“The other Angela has been able to play a real passive floater game.. I’m the real Angela in this house”

** updated **

Big Brother Spoilers Rocks thinks she’s staying.
2:25pm Rock and BRett (Buckle up for the stupid)

Rock – as you know you weren’t my target this week
Rock – if I win HOH I would put Tyler next to Angela on the block
Rock – then I would say well Tyler will win the veto .. exactly and he can’t use it on Angela
Brett – true .. that’s a valid point
Rock – that is my plan.. I would put Scottie up in his place but the target would be Angela moving forward..

Rock – My name is Angela.. I’m the real Angela in this house
Rock says she’s due to win the next HOH she’s been really close.
Rock – I want to stay here..
Rock – Kaycee drew a line in the sand and refuses to work outside that line, she works with Angela and that’s the person she works with. I am adaptable.. I don’t have any lines.. I have me staying here as long as I can

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“You were not supposed to go home.. I mean, maybe you still won’t” – Rock

Big Brother Spoilers – The amount of stupid on the HIVE is so much fun. So glad they will never change.

11:50am Rocks, Tyler and Kaycee
(Tyler tells Rocks that he couldn’t do what Haleigh wanted him to because last week she used the Hacker on him to put him up then she cancelled his vote because he knew he was voteing against Baylegih. He was going to vote to Keep Rock. )
Rock – expect the expected..
Tyler – I wish it wasn’t you that got the heat for this but you have Haleiogh to thank
Rock – I don’t have Haleigh to thank for it
Tyler – She put me up last week
Rock – yeah but I didn’t put you up[ last week
Tyler – you want me to put Haleigh on teh block she’s HOH
Rock – I wanted Angela up there and for Kaycee to stay
T – well that’s not for me to decide
Rock – I mean I also wanted to stay
T – I also wanted to stay last week when teh hacker put me up
Rock – and you did

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the power of Veto on Angela. Haleigh Nominated Kaycee in her place.

10:00am Rocks and Sam backyard
Rocks grabs a smoke “Stupid b1tches.. Stupid b1tches”
Sam – Stupid b1tches, why .. everyone?
Rocks – what if.. Angela was the hacker.. freed Kaycee and Picked Tyler because she knew Tyler would take her down (LOL)
Rocks – they have a final 2
Sam – I guess it’s possible I don’t know.. I wouldn’t think that
Rocks – I want Tyler to take me down
Sam – calm

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