Haleigh “We could put eye drops in their water. Makes them throw up & p**p!”


7:55pm HOH room. Sam joins Haleigh and Scottie. Haleigh – If Rockstar goes home on my HOH I am self-evicting! Scottie – then if both of you go then I am going to have to self-evict. Haleigh – I hope one of us wins the veto and then I would just keep the put the noms back the way they were. Sam – Like Kaycee and Angela? Haleigh – yeah. Sam – who has the third power? Haleigh – its either Kaycee or JC but its expired at this point. Sam – don’t be so sure. Its not Scottie? Scottie – I wish I had a power. Haleigh – JC said he is not telling us if he has a power but that if he did have a power he wouldn’t use it on anyone but himself.

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Hacker Changed a Nomination! “There are some pu$$y a$$ motherf***ers in here!”

HOH room. Tyler and Haleigh. Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – its like why target her. She hasn’t won a comp. What because I’m HOH?! Tyler – I swear its not me. Haleigh – I believe you. I really don’t think it was you. There are a few people I think it could be. At this point we just need to win veto and put it back to the original noms. So that’s just what has to be done. The good thing is I name the replacement. The only thing is if Kaycee wins the veto then she can’t go back up. If you get picked I need you to play really really hard. Tyler – I will.

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“It is really just occurring to you that he [JC] might be the bad guy”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler or JC one of those will be Haleigh’s treat but of course the hacker and Veto can change all of this. Also keep in mind that Tyler has the Cloud app. If the Hacker compe and Veto don’t go Level 6’s way he pops the cloud app before the Veto ceremony and he’s save from the backdoor.

11:31am The HIVE
fes – I like JC I don’t think he would wrong me
H – can we just establish that this four is a good four
Scottie – YES
H – and we trust everyone in this four
Rocks – yes
Fes – ok
H – so going forward I don’t need anymore of this who said this who said that

Fes – what do we do about JC
ROCKS – keep him at an arms distance..
Ha – listening when he has something to come to me with..
Haleigh says they reevaluate what he says and figure out what is bullsh1t.

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Nomination results “If you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you”

Big Brother Spoilers Haleigh nominated Angela and Kaycee

9:08pm HOH Haleigh and Rocks
Haleigh mentions how Tyler was telling her if he didn’t see his face on the nom board he will know that they are working on improving their relationship.
Haleigh – no Tyler.. if you don’t see your face there you know I’m working to backdoor you
Rocks – JC has loyalty to fes..
Haleigh says JC has been actively working with the other side.
Rocks says if JC goes up Fes would be livid..
Haleigh – it’s not like he’s a number for us..
Haleigh says JC is a scary person
ROcks – if you put Angela and Kaycee up if someone else win they’ll put us up together ..
H – I think people will do that anyways
Rocks – no t if we keep winning.. that’s the goal

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“Turn off the lights.. I’ll wait for you to go to bed then I’ll go downstairs.”


Big Brother Spoilers Angela and KAycee or Angela and JC are going up. Haleigh is going to try to backdoor Tyler. Hacker competition played today.

2:25am HOH Haleigh, Fes and Rocks.

Haleigh – I nominate you Angela and you Kaycee.. guys we are getting down to the last few weeks of this game and the further we go in this game the harder it’s going to get. I know we all have amazing relationships we’ve built theses friendships but this is the p[art of the game that sucks.. I had to nominate 2 people and I’ve made my decision based on how close I was on everyone in the house.

H- Angela, you and I are friends and I think we will be friends outside of this house.. it’s that what she said to Bayleigh.. inside of this game we haven’t had much game talk.. and with everything that happened last week it just makes me think that you will definitely come after me.
H – Kaycee, I think your a$$ is floating through the entire game

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“I feel like I am the only f**King real person in this f**king house & I am trapped in here with all you f**king psychos!”

11:34pm Havenot room. Sam and Haleigh. Sam – who is making fun of me? Haleigh – I don’t think anyone is making fun of you. I think people take advantage of the fact that you’re a genuine true person. And I think that some of the people that you have put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart. Sam – who is it? Haleigh – no one has said anything. Sam – but people are making fun of me. Haleigh – why do you think that? Sam – I don’t know. I just think that things are happening and I need you to tell me. Tell me who is making fun of me?!

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