Rockstar’s Speech “I got the bones of it.. 1st step stay, 2nd step take over the world”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers The fun continues this week 🙂

11:37am Rock and Brett
Rock – your idea you had yesterday is pretty flawless..
Rock says she was with SCottie and he brought up their secret alliance as a joke, “It’s such a joke”
Brett – I know
Rock says Scottie was saying they can call it Mr and Mrs Smith
Rock – I was like Scottie whatever.. it’s such a blatant joke actually.. it’s so crazy it might work..
Brett – it’s so crazy it might work.. I agree
Rock – Its such a joke.. me and Scottie weren’t even talking game at all..
Brett – right
Rock – he was talking about movies talking about brad pit and Angelina jolie and he was like.. have you seen mr and mrs smith.. I was like no ..
Rock – It’s hiding in plain site which is my favorite f*ing way to hide
brett – right
Rock – that was a real light bulb in my head..
Brett – I’m glad that you see that
Rock – I do.. and everyone else see it and now it’s a huge joke.. which is so funny
Rock – first step stay second step take over the world

11:40am Brett hustles to the backyard Angela, KAycee and Tyler are suntanning.
Brett – Guess who just pulled me into the storage room to confirm out alliance..
they all smirk
Brett – hell yeah
Tyler – she cornered me in teh bathroom 20 minutes ago
Angela – this keeps getting better..
Brett – it’s mr and mrs smith
they laugh
Angela – you’re joking.. did you make it up
Brett – she did.. the best part of it is I don’t think she’s seen the movie.. they f* alot
They laugh
Tyler- ohh she has.. she has..

11:40am HOH Scottie and Haleigh
Scottie brings up how they got woke up at 8:30 today then production came on and apologized for it.

SCottie say we get the 6 we want, Me, you, Rock, sam, fes and JC,.. at that point what will happen is it will break off into three pairs of 2
H – mmmmhhhmmm
Scottie – FEs and JC will probably try and get me Rock and Sam will probably try to get you
H – we have to half a$$ allow and make sure the other two are not the target
S – correct.. I think JC would rather have me
H – I like the 6 person plan.. in the event we lose a member of the 6 we still have Brett and we still have Tyler.. you have Tyler (ZOMG)
H – you know what I mean… we have options going forward but it’s a good plan
S – say next week we win we put Tyler/Angela on teh block neither of them win Veto and Tyler is up there on eviction night that’s a shot we’ll have to take
H – with Tyler
S – yes
H – OK… OK
S – obviously I don’t like to do that but for the game he’s teh stronger of that pair
H – that’s true.. I agree
S – just know I am going to cry and it’s up to you to make sure..
H – this is what we are going to do Scottie..
S – you have to make me submit..

Scottie – you know who crazy it would be if we send Tyler and Angela out in one night..
H – is brett more beneficial or Sam..
Scottie says Brett is better thinks that Sam is America’s player.
H – she takes medicine.. she always brings drinks in with her
H – Kaitlyn was on medication every morning..
S – Sam is on a stress reliever
H – maybe a sedative
Scottie – yeah

H – we have a good group I think..

Haliegh says JC is on the same page ans them and she had a good conversation with Sam she’s good.
Haleigh says they have to make sure Rock and Sam don’t get too close.

Scottie says if he had to pick their group it wold be Brett, Haleigh and him.
H – i’m not Victoria
S – you’ve won and HOH.. he’s Victoria.. makes me Cody
H – I’m Derrick

12:10pm Haleigh, Scottie and Rock (Buckle up)

Rock goes over her speech (I’ve have more of it transcribed below)
Rock – here we are again.. this game is about a lot of things one of those things it is about is adaption.. I’m sitting next to a very lovely lady whose refused to talk game with any of us except for this other lady right over here (Angela) ”
Rs – you know who else has her infallible undying loyalty that gentleman right there.. do you want to make this 2 that cannot be swayed into a three or would you like to keep me who is willing to work with any one of you. we’re all lone wolfs out here none of us have an alliance”
RS – as much as I wanted to win that veto I’mn kinda glad I didn’t for the simple fact that a very clear final 2 alliance has been exposed right here with Angela and Tyler.. is that fair for any of us that are all out here working by ourselves.,. no.
Scottie – I like it
H – I like it if we can secure the votes if you give that speech and go home
Scottie – I’m feeling good about it
H – I feel good
Rock – I feel good
H – how are you going to end it
ROCK – I hope you all make the right decision as we’re all just out here trying to stay in and there’s a very clear final 2 alliance that is unshakable sitting right here.. Don’t make it final 3 don’t let them be a final 3 you guys.. it’s bad for each one of your games.”
H – you have to be careful because kaycee can come right back and point out you and I
Scottie- hopefully she goes second.
Rocks – I never go second I always go first..
H – She could bring Fes in and Scottie in ..

Rock – maybe something like the rest of us all have great friendships together nothing like a final 2
Rock – Angela is sitting there with two final 2 alliances one of them is on the block you going to keep her protect just slide through this game.
Rock – do the smart thing for your game take this b1tch outta here
Rocks now brings up their 6 person alliance they think they’ve formed.

H – What is going on today people are just appreciation me saying nice things
RS – WE’re doing good things people are excited about our team
RS – brett and I went into the storage room I said.. YOu know Brett I’ve been given a lot of though to your secret alliance idea.. and he’s like YEAH..
RS goes over her conversation with Brett in the storage room and the forming of their secret alliance.
RS – It’s hiding in plain site with his my favorite way to hide
RS brings up “First step keeping me here second step is world domination and he’s like I LIKE THAT”
H – I like that to
RS – I’m only telling you
H – ours trumps over everything
RS – BRett and I are big targets and hopefully we keep surviving
H – Theoretically Fes and JC have a final 2 you and I have a final 2 and you and Brett have a final 2
RS – well we have a secret alliance..
H – I could make a secret alliance with Scottie.. you have a secret alliance with Sam
RS – we have a secret final 3 with Sam (LOL these two just make up final 2 and 3’s)
H – Scottie also thinks we have a final 3
RS – none of them have names
H – if we don’t name it it’s like it doesn’t exist

Brett comes in
H – you look really really cut .. I was going to come tell you to snuggle but you were really really moist
ROCK – Glistening
Haleigh brings up how stressed JC is lately that he’s getting sore stomachs and canker sores.
Rocks – he’s just a little man .. we’re all stressed out but he’s doubly stressed because he’s little
H – he gets way more worked up than we do anything that inconveniences him is 10 times worst for him than it actually is

Rock gives us her speech… “I got the bones of it I got the outline” (Buckle up and get your crash helmet on for stupid)

“Of course I wanted to win this veto and take myself off the block but I’m actually glad I didn’t because it exposes a infallible final 2 of Tyler and Angela. ”
Brett – that’s good
RS – “which is dangerous for all of our games as none of us are actually working together and we’re all just kinda lone wolfing it”
Brett – mmmhhmmmmm
RS – “Kaycee has refused to work with anybody throughout this game except for Angela so Angela is sitting real pretty right now with a infallible,e bond with Tyler and KAyucee. Are you going to let her have two shield protectors in this house”
RS – Kaycee also has a great relationship with Rachel and Rachel went out the door.. Kaycee spent hour long conversations with Bayleigh she didn’t even toss her pity vote whats her loyalty going to be to you in this house”
Haleigh – YEAH
Rock – soemthing along those lines

RS – exposing the final 2
Brett – you need a closer about why it matters .. there’s a lot of content theirs a lot of body you need a conclusion
BRett – wraps it together.. that matter because of this.. you need to make is as elementary as possible.. you almost want to trim it. Some sh1t goes over peoples’ heads and they’ll forget it.

Rock – Tyler is following Angela around like a puppy, Tyler is a competition beast
Brett – start with Space pecs..
Rocks – on a pinky promise he risked his entire game and looked her in the eyes and said this is total trust complete trust
Haleigh – and she brought that up in her veto speech

Brett – the centerfold Is Angela that she has two covalent bonds
H – it’s shitty that they were willing to risk Kaycee I told that on Tyler..
Rock – he could have just as easily said I choose not to use the veto at this time
H – we get rid of Kaycee that duo is just stronger
H – we have several people that are putting them next to each other (T and Angela)

Rock says her target on her speech is pretty much just Angela “I want to stay to be able to help everyone”
Rocks says once Anegla leaves Tyler will walk around like a lost puppy like he did when Kaitlyn left.

H – Tyler is very malleable he wants people to tell him what to do.. that’s his problem

12:35pm Haleigh and Rockstar

Rock – I hope I don’t have to give my f*ing speech first again ..
Haleigh now saying what if Kaycee is the hacker and still on the block.
Rock – it would have been a dumb f*ing move..
H – I’m so confident Rockstar I heard her
Rock – you heard her ankles clicking .. Scottie’s ankles click when he runs..
H – I heard her ask a question before we started
ROck – cool
Haleigh – maybe she thought she wasn’t going back up she was the pawn..
ROck – who did she thinks was the target if it wasn’t Angela or Tyler
H – maybe she thought I had some hidden vendetta like Angela did (zomg)

12:43pm Sam crafts


There’s been a whole ton of suntanning throughout the day here’s some pictures.

2:40pm Chit chat.. Rock tells them a story about wearing a shirt “party with sl*Ts when she was pregnant.
They talk about the 18 or younger clubs..
Sam – Kiddy club
Rock says she use to go all the time
Scottie says she never went

Sam says she’s missing the best parts of her year being on the show.
Rockstar says her husband and her work their a$$es off for the summer

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I’m getting a headache trying to figure out WHY the Hive can’t see what’s right in front of them!?

You Only Live Once

The Hive just proves that there is in fact alternate Universes. They currently reside in what is known as the “backwards Universe”.

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren

Hayleigh has all her eggs in Fessi’s basket since she can’t play in the next HOH. I see Hayleigh and Fessi on the block next week and one of them will be joining their Hive members in the jury house next week.


I couldn’t agree more!!! How on earth do they think they have 6 when every single week the eviction vote hasn’t gone the way they think it was going to go. I just can’t believe how blind they are to what’s going on. And Rockstar actually thinking she’s staying?!?!? Hahaha unbelievable. She’s acting like she’s running the house now making alliances and promising safety. Can’t wait to see her face when she’s evicted.


LOL @ “making alliances and promising safety” .. its amazingly unreal


In 1564 John Heywood wrote, “there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

Omarosa and Hillary Sucked My D@ck

They are dumb????


I know…breaking news


What do you mean?! Haleigh has laid out her 14 person alliance which includes George, the camera guy who zooms in on her butt, Orwell, Tyler and Brett. Those guys are solidly with her right, it’s not like they’ve ever voted agains…well voting together doesn’t make an alliance. They have her best interest at heart, it’s not like they orchestrated a blindside against her more than six times. I mean blindsiding someone seven times may hurt the trust you’ve built in the alliance.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

I love Rocks and Hayleigh talking about how there is no television show without them. Can you imagine how bitter that jury house is going got be?

Hi My Name Is Scott

Rocks plans like I do when I spend a couple of bucks on a big lottery. The big difference is when I day dream about what I would do if I won the big money, I am assuming that is is never really gonna happen. Rocks on the other hand really believes that she has that winning Lottery ticket and it is really gonna happen. Scary

Wendy Barrantes

Your analogy is stupid I’m not a Rockstar fan but unless you have walked in her shoes or have played BigBrother STFU!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Her feet are filthy – Rockless doesn’t WEAR shoes (SNAP).




They’re almost as gross as she is


Nope, you’re wrong lady. When you attack and spew the hazardous waste she unleashes…it opens you up to being vilified and talked bad about. I’d agree with you if it was a decent person who wasn’t filled with hate


Her shoes had her walk away from a 3 1/2 month old baby to come play BB badly. I wouldn’t go near her filthy shoes.


I like how Hayleigh referred to herself as Derrick haha. That was comedy right there.


I almost shot coffee out my nose at that comment. Good one, Hayleigh!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Derrick could sue her for slander.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Derrick is probably enjoying the hilarity of it far too much.

I can’t even...

As I recall, Derrick kept his alliance safe…right up to when he didn’t need them. Hayleigh…not so much…

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Yes, that was “cute!” Like they’re playing “make believe B.B.!”


Possibly her funniest delusional line of the season…… so far.


I dang near peed my pants on that one! ??

Just sayin'

I’m almost sad rockstar is leaving, this is the last week we will see her confused face after the votes are revealed


Lol just print it and tape it beside your tv every Thursday


Holy cow, this made me laugh so hard!!


me toooo

Crazy T

LMAO. Totally


We still have sweet clueless Fessie !! Lol

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sadly, you might add Scottie to that. I don’t know if he was just playing her or not, but it sure does seem like he may have thrown his game away for Haleigh’s attention.

Liberal Looneys

And Queen Hayleigh the mastermind.


I wonder what they will do if she starts going off, swearing and screaming.



Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Yes, but can you just imagine her interview with Julie??!!!


the fake accent will kick in real heavy then. ugh “real cute. ion even no whah happon jewlee, i mean game recognize game so ion evun no, i guess im goin to the gur-ree house jewlee”


Oh, we’ll still have Fes’s dumbfounded :what just happened” routine for another week at least

Botox Pelosi

It is really going to be nice not having to hear Rocks rumblings any more.


Bretts playing a great game.


I sort of hated him at first but he’s growing on me. He and Tyler have both played a solid game. I’d be happy with either of them winning.


same here. i couldn’t stand him at first, but he has totally grown on me. he’s pretty hilarious, and so much cooler without creepy winston.

Woh said That!

Winston leaving is the best thing that happened to his game.


The fact that he has gotten them to tell them their game is funny. He knows their moves and I can’t believe they trust him like that.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Not to take anything away from Brett (I like him) but all Tyler had to do was sit on the tub and listen while a tipsy Haleigh and RS told him their complete game.

Fraggle Rockbottom

Yep, as I said before the bathtub scene was comedy gold. Watched it twice.


I love to see him convince rock to let him write her a speech that blows up the hive alliance with out her realizing it.

Who said that!

He’s working the jury while the other 3 lay out in the sun.


But then he forgets in his GB messages lol


But he’s about to upset some people when he votes out RS. Haleigh and RS are expecting him to do their bidding and think he is ok their side. Once he votes against them it will be tough to still have Haleigh in his side and RS won’t be very happy with him in jury.


They will think it was Scottie. lol

Dems For Socialism

And he doesn’t care if he upsets them or not. He has the Dr. Will attitude. Brett and JC are the humor in the house.


Oh don’t worry…they’ll think it was rat and/or fuzzball

Katie Jameson


Swaggy's Missing Brow

Katie, I think you could very well see that happen IF Brett somehow works “Mr and Mrs Smith” into his goodbye message.

Dems For Socialism

That would be awesome


I thumbed this up…but no….brett for the win lol


Brett for the win!!!


There’s not a lot of talk with JC. Is he solidly with Level 6 in regards to voting out Rockstar? fan

I think so, i am not certain, but i assume that he realizes that the Hive look at him as expendable or pawn worthy, as they have talked to Scottie about it at least. Hell, they may have blatantly brainstormed about it while he was in the room. But he certainly has the awareness that there is no real protection for him from the Hive.


I’m thinking he will vote with L6. Throwing a hinky vote can fool the Hive. But L6 is smarter than them. So. Don’t think he would risk it. But ya never know with him.

Dems For Socialism

Whatever he does it will be funny. I love how he is always telling Fes how stupid he is.

The 2010 United States Census

JC’s game hinges on Hayleigh being evicted so that he can pair up with Fes. The smartest thing he can do is stay with L6 one more week to try to make that move. If not, he will need to rethink his strategy. However, with that being said who really knows what he is thinking, he is probably the most mysterious contestant left at this point.

Go Tyler

He needs Hayleigh on the block next to Scottie.


It’s mind blowing to me that RS actually thinks she’s a “big target”. It must be because she wins so many competitions and she’s been HOH so many times and she knows that 30×60 is 1200… OMG


It almost feels like a punishment trying to keep up with what is going on having to listen to Hay and Rockstar plot, and brag about all they believe they have set up in this game. Poor everyone who like me cannot break away from keeping up with this train wreck of an alliance!


They give new meaning to the word STUPID


Brett should win just for keeping a straight face. I’ve never heard such stupidity in all the seasons of BB that I’ve watched. Can’t wait for Thursday, I hope they have lots of cameras on RS, Fez and Hay’s faces at the time of the unanimous vote against RS, who will cry.


I’m hoping Brett goes & downloads the entire speech to Kaycee & that she (KC) gets to go second then rips apart RockBottom’s speech:

“Rock-a-BYE” that’s rich coming from you given you are most closely aligned with the ONLY showmance in the house between Fessy/Hal or is it Hal & Scottie or Hal & Brett – I guess you’d have to ask your F2 partner. As for none of you having alliances does that mean you aren’t moving ahead with the Hive? or your new F6 you’ve been telling everyone you have to run the house? Houseguests, if you prefer to work with someone who likes to throw shade & toss out untruths than I’m not your girl. If you’ve spoken game to me know I’m not into drama or besmirching a person’s character just b/c they signed up to play BB.

(And then to nail it shut say) RS just b/c I don’t game talk to you doesn’t mean I’m not playing – it just means I CHOOSE not to talk game with YOU! Thank you – please vote to keep me.


Same lol


The part about Hal is just priceless lol


That would be great!

Mom of 3 Boys

BRILLIANT! This would be an incredible speech!!!

Level 6 for entertainment

Need to refer to Rocks as Blockstar.

Fraggle Rockbottom

I thought the tub scene was close to the pinnacle of stupidity. However, I was again reminded that stupidity is limitless.


I really hope they aren’t informed before. I want a complete and utter blindside and carnage to ensue.

You Only Live Once

And what will happen come Rockstar’s speech Thursday.

My money is on she will stand up, her voice will crack, she will stutter and say nothing that she has practiced. Rockstar is “all talk and no game” literally, when the spot light is on her all her insecurities comes out.

I really hope CBS learns their lesson from casting Rockstar…..I really don’t care to hear another contestant whine/complain about privilege when she beat out 60,000+ applicants.


If casting cast her as a “Donny” it’s a gigantic fail.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think they coined Sam as their Donny, another miss.

double D

The Hive’s problem this whole game…They know there is another side. They just don’t know WHO the other side is.

Hayleigh is working with Brett
Rock has been working with Kaycee
Tyler is a poor wounded bird
Fes thinks he controls JC
And all of them think they have Sam and Scottie

And when the votes come in, they can’t figure out which one flipped.


Which makes it a great season! lol

Cali Girl

Tyler and Scottie win a close game o’ Cornhole. They high 5 while saying “Woohoo! Get to steppin’!”

BB resonds “That’s what she said.”

I crack up right along with all our lab rats.


Not long ago, BB responded the same way to JC saying, “I can’t get any love for all that I do” or something like that. I love it when BB interacts with them, even if it’s just nods from a camera.

Cali Girl

Whoever the fucktard/s is/are that downvotes actual live feed additional info. is lamer than the worst alliance in BB history… The Hive. May Karma or Darwin strike your kind of special harshly, quickly, and swiftly loser.

Why are you even here if you don’t like actual live feed info.? Duh.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

There’s 3-4 trolls that dislike immediately after a comment posts.I ignore that and don’t give even negative attention to the same twits throwing personal insults in their 3 day old underwear from Mommy’s basement.

Tyler Paper covers Rock a.k.a Trackin the Kraken


So now RockChip has an alliance soooooooo secret that even the other alliance member didn’t know they ere in it !! Bwahahahahaha

And that speech !! She has now shattered the BB ceiling of clueless !!

If RockStar was a Dinosaur, She’d be a Rockalotticus Cluelessica

Who said that!

By epic you mean stupid?


Literally lol’ing over Rocknado practicing her eviction speech on Brett! I am living right now for Brett’s DR goodbye ….if it’s anything close to Bayleigh’s , should be good. Scottie’s is annoying af… I can’t understand him half the time with that nasally voice of his….watched him on AD last nite, under covers in the HOH bed with Fes pacing back and forth….. hoping Hay-Lay goes in DE…then Scottie…. the jury house will be lit, lol.


The whole Jury House will be asking each other who flipped? lol


You do know that Rocknado is running the game, right?


Oh, please let them show Angela’s too …. as many times as Rockclod has called Angela a b!tch this week, I would love to hear a snarky goodbye from her lol


I’m officially issuing a rocknado watch…from the obb weather service. It goes into effect now and should expire around 9 pm eastern on thursday. Take cover in a room with no windows, a bathtub or closet, and try not to gauge your eyes out as you read simon and dawg’s updates where rockface, hay, fuzzball, and scottie are discussing hive bidness. This will pass and conditions become more favorable later on thursday night as the rocknado touches down in the jury house


I know right

Great season!

I’d love to see a great Brett speech but he should probably continue the excellent jury management he has been doing so far..

Houka Inumuta

Scottie is going to be the one who will cause Tyler’s eviction party just your guys wait.

Scottie is the best player this season.

Team Scottie

Dirty Harry Reid

I sure hope that doesn’t happen because I was thinking that your posts can’t get any worse.

Scottie is an Andy The Red Rat Clone

Houka do you just copy and paste this same post every day?


Beginning to think Rockpit has a few pages stuck together.


Nah…they’re missing, completely gone. She started losing them years ago and the loss has gotten progressively worse. That started happening right after she lost her marbles.


It amazes me how absolutely confident the hive are that they’ll have the votes for rockstar to stay as if they hadn’t voted on the wrong side of the house for every eviction (with the exception of last week) where they thought they “had the votes” for the evictee to stay…you think they would be a little more paranoid but nope.


For an even bigger blindside, hoping ( won’t happen) an unanimous vote against the Rock….. that would be epic! Rock, Hay, & Messy Fessy would need a shovel to pick their jaws up from the floor heheheheh


The hive vote miscounting disease happens every week.

Botox Pelosi

is there any hard evidence that The Hive can count?


I honestly don’t know how Brett keeps a straight face ? They are so clueless


Because he’s brett, He’s awesome

Miss Conception

I feel that I must give Brett a new nickname,”the Fisherman”! Even without bait,he has reeled in the Large Mouth Rock Bass………………………..and she doesn’t even realize that she has been hooked!


LMFAO! That’s why I love this site so much. Best & funniest comments


That’s good Miss. :p


Can we all just take a minute to thank Swaggy for assembling the worst alliance in history? If it werent for Swaggy I’m not sure they would have teamed up at all. After rock get evicted production should dub in homer simpson saying DOH

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Well if you want to enhance your enjoyment, drop by Swaggy’s Twitter account and check out his posts…The Hive has nothing over him when it comes to stupid.


Is that oil or is he rubbing his sweat into his skin?!


I think it was sweat lol

Hive House Not Jury House

It was Rockheads tears.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ll wait for RS to give it the sniff test to know.

Omarosa and Hillary Sucked My D@ck

No. It was Bretts lube that he was borrowing.

Omarosa and Hillary Sucked My D@ck

Fezzy—“Brett, Brett I will be there in a minute. I just gotta oil up for you bro”.


Brett has a much nicer body


Two more days of laughing my @ss off at every update… The level of cluelessness is off the charts!


If Tyler just wants to be told what to do, why isn’t he doing what Haleigh is telling him to do?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Shhhhhhh, don’t wake the new Derrick up.

She believes herself a femme fatale with Fessie, Scottie, Brett and Tyler under her spell.

Omarosa Sucked My D@ck

Hay is a dirty, greasy, messy tomboy.


LMAO sooo true


I really don’t think a dumber group people has ever been on BB. Loving how Brett just sits and takes it in. Did not like Brett very much at first, but he’s proving himself to be pretty damn sharp and a pretty damn good player! Good for him!

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Instead of The Hive it should be Dead Brain Cells.


Rockstar (about JC) – he’s just a little man .. we’re all stressed out but he’s doubly stressed because he’s little


He obviously has less body to spread the stress around on. Its just physics


Rockstar has a huband????


no, she has a ex husband who is the father of her 2 daughters and a boyfriend who is the father of her son that is only 7 months old.


Who says lightning doesnt strike twice


She has a BF named Chris….. he’s on twitter a lot telling ppl to fk off. The Rock was married ( is married?) I remember her telling Sam abt her “ big expensive wedding “….. but Chris is her significant other and father to her baby….. she has 2 other daughters to which Chris referred to as “ Angie’s daughters” so don’t know what all that entails…..I’ll tell myself to stfu now 😉


I unfortunately googled her and found her website. Oops on my part. Just curious where she came from and read more than I really wanted to know. Her son was a oops and she was pissed that her iud failed.

Rocks For Brains

Well isn’t that special. I’m sure her son will love reading that. Hopefully he didn’t get her nose.


She also said she put “Rockstar” on all 3 Of her kids birth certificates (I guess as a middle name?) so they’d be born rockstars..

Cali Girl

Brett: I think I’m allergic to the sun. (He got more sunburned today even though he’s finally used sunscreen.)

BB: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Skippy is on a roll today with cappin’ on the Brettster.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think Brett should suggest to them that they name their alliance Sub-Level 6.


Could you imagine? LMAO that would be the best!


OMG how can we get this msg to them?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

L6 is just screwing with them now and I LOVE it!


Am I the only one thinking that this might be too easy? I mean, we’re all so sure Rocktard is leaving. I’m going to be devastated if by some miracle she stays….


JC and Sam are going to flip

Chuck U Schumer

The Hive will be the ones asking who flipped.

Cali Girl

Angela in the shower. Brett pacing around the stall, saying “You know where my loyalties lie.”

She rewards him by peeling off her top, giving him silent “come hither eyes” and letting him cop a good bared peek. (lol)

Cali Girl

To those who thumbs downed this… may you never orgasm again.

Brett and Angela’s restraint has been commendable.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Seems like given his choice, Brett prefers to look at Angela over Haleigh.


Think Brett prefers a woman that can think


Listening to Dumb and Dumber is excruciating. It’s baffling that they really truly think they are so intelligent and sooooo right.
Oh My Gaaawd It will be glorious when Rockstar leaves and Haleigh and Fes are on the block together.Thurdsay can’t come soon enough!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Putting Haleigh and Fessie straight up on the block could very well provide yet another milestone of stupid to this season. I’m fairly sure that Fessie would go all out to win veto…and give it to her.


I really don’t know if he would give it to her.

Liberal Looneys

i would rather see them campaign against each other.


and when he gets to the jury house and they ask what happened “I don’t know, I won Veto and saved Hayleigh…dont know why I’m here” lol

Camille’s Toe

“RS – WE’re doing good things people are excited about our team”

The thing I’m most excited about is seeing Rockhound’s face on Thursday when she is evicted! I do kinda feel bad for her because you know b!tchy Bayleigh is going to verbally annihilate her for the next month….


She must have heard production laughing


Oh no…Level 6 better watch out. The Hive is really starting to play the game. After many weeks in, they have realized that Tyler is a threat and that this is a numbers game. Smart of them to finally catch on. Of course, they think a lot of other stuff that is so not true.
1. They have the numbers -6
2. Rocktard is safe and will be staying.
3. Brett is on their side.
4. Brett has a secret alliance with Rocktard.
5. Brett has an even more secret alliance with Haileigh.
6. JC is on their side….
The list goes on and on and on….
Hope you and Bayleigh have a great time at the Jury House, Rocktard. See Ya!


Jury house will be like Madeas house


Absolutely awesome


Except in no way have they actually started to figure out Tyler. They think he follows Angela like a puppy, is easily manipulated, and has no actual alliance. They STILL view him as the one being led, not the one actually up to his eyes in it. It’s baffling.

Omarosa and Hillary Sucked My D@ck

Which Hive member is the most clueless???? My list
3- Hay
2- Fezzy
1- Rocky



Swaggy's Missing Brow

I don’t believe Hay belongs on that list. She’s personally responsible for two people getting backdoored.


These hive members are officially dumber than fess.. No one should ever say fess is dum again, he is the brains of the hive.


is there a brain within the hive?

BB Fanatic

Has Scottie said anything to Tyler about what the Hive is planning? Is he definitely with the Hive now?

Omarosa Sucked My D@ck

Please have a split screen so we can see the reaction of all Hive members when the eviction vote comes in and freeze that picture.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

HO LY COW!! You can’t wrote this sh*t! It’s like they’re all following a script the the “dumbest B.B. moves ever!”

Re: Tyler …the MIST is strong with this one! He has the Hive going from “he has a final 2 with Angela/Sam/Scottie/etc” to “he doesn’t even know what he’s doing!”

Re: Hay/Scottie. So cute that they’re “playing BB17.” “I get to be Cody, you get to be Derrick.” “No, she’s Victoria, I’M Derrick!” Reminds me of when my sisters and I used to play “Brady Bunch.” “I’m Marsha, you’re Cindy, she’s Jan!” “Why do I always have to be Jan?” “Marsha, Marsha Marsha!”

Re: Rocks/Hay. Again, a day late and a dollar short. Rocks has finally awakened in the B.B. house. “Hey, lets have a 6-person alliance! (None of these stupid people would have ever thought about that!).” Yep! In Week 7…lets start a new mega-alliance! But it’s not really an alliance “unless it has a name!”

Re: Brett. He justs getting funnier by the week! A cat toying with its mouse (Rocks). Telling her whatever she wants to hear. I can’t wait to see his DR sessions about it this week!

I’m addicted to this site!!! for the WIN!!


…and here I thought last week’s eviction of Blayleigh was going to be my favorite one of the year……
I was soooo wrong. LMFAO!


Rocks – “He’s just a little man .. we’re all stressed out but he’s doubly stressed because he’s little.”

Seriously? WTF??? I think her nickname suits her because she has rocks for brains. I’m ready to see her chat with Julie.

The stupidity of the Hive alliance is so beyond ridiculous but admittedly, entertaining.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett – Guess who just pulled me into the storage room to confirm our alliance….it’s mr and mrs smith….the best part of it is I don’t think she’s seen the movie.. they f* alot

Brett should be doing everything he can to insure the votes doesn’t go all hinky…otherwise his alliance might expect him to take one for the team.

Tyler's sunglasses

I’m in a triple double top secret alliance. I also have a final two with Sam’s spider.

another name

what to expect:
Five hours after full lockdown, Sam will have another nicotine spiral. I think four weeks in a row is enough to call it a pattern.
Fes will eventually think Scottie is going to flip. Haleigh will think it’s JC. Rocky the human platypus will decide it’s all that entitled b!tches fault. The three will spin around in circles until they decide nobody is going to flip because they are the only people playing, and everyone hates that entitled b!tch anyway. Then one will leave and someone else will enter, and the same debate will happen with a new contender for flip vote included, but by the end the same conclusion will be reached. with three or four extra entitled b!tches thrown in for measure.
At some point, Fes will give JC a warning. aROCKalypse now will make a thinly veiled threat to JC. Haleigh will avoid all possible contact with JC.
Kaycee might as well sit next to Sam by the closets, she won’t even be required for any of these events to happen. It’s like Tyrannosaurus Rocks is alone on the block anyway, and planning her own blindside.

who me?

The sarcasm in the convo between Rock and Brett escapes you all, I’m disappointed, and not sure why (then looking at your names you use)


I died laughin when Brett said rockface hasn’t seen mr. and mrs. smith. They f*c* a lot. How can u not love the guy


The best!!!


OMG rocky can’t stop with the insults, what does JCs size have to do with being more stressed than anyone else. Then she just calls Kaycee a b1tch? It is comical to hear those 2 talk. I love that they don’t think anyone sees them (3) as an alliance, they must think they hide it well or that the others are just as dense as they are.LOL. It’s great that they actually do believe that they have all these people in the house on their side now. Every time they have been blindsided with the votes rockys and haileighs mouths were literally wide open, can’t wait to see what happens when rocky is voted out this week, I see rocky crying and swearing at everyone on her way out the door. Gonna be funny to see rocky go out on her buddies HOH.

Cali Girl

HELP! (please???)

Did any feed watcher happen to pay attention to Granny Dot’s Cracker yumminess to post a general recipe??? That looks so grubbin!

And… the more scary “help!” goes to colleges granting dummies like Fess teaching credentials. That dipshit is a teacher. *facepalm*. Knock it off America. Uneducated and unhealthy citizens make the weakest of countries.


Fes is a Substitute Teacher and Florida doesn’t have very high standards to be a teacher, unfortunately.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I bet his school mascot is Pajama Boy.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Those did look great!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Here you go Cali Girl…

1 sleeve Saltine crackers
1 cup butter
1 cup light brown sugar packed
1 cup milk chocolate chips
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup finely chopped toasted pecans (they didn’t have the nuts)


Line a jelly roll pan with aluminum foil and spray foil with cooking spray.

Lay crackers evenly over foil, salted side up.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a small saucepan, bring butter and brown sugar to a simmer over medium heat. While the butter is melting, stir frequently to mix evenly. Once mixture simmers, let simmer without stirring for 3 minutes.

Remove from heat and pour evenly over crackers.

Place in oven for 5 minutes.

Sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Return pan to oven for 30 seconds to help melt the chips.

Use a spatula or knife to spread melted chocolate evenly.

Sprinkle pecans on top. Cover with aluminum foil so that foil doesn’t touch and place in refrigerator for 2 hours.

Break into pieces.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You guys run a great forum…and now your first BB recipe.


I make something similar around the holidays that I call Christmas Crack (it is very addicting) but I put it in the freezer to harden before I crack it all apart. There are so many variations to the recipe, but I typically just use what I already have in my pantry. Sometimes I use saltines or Ritz Crackers. Sometimes I use graham crackers. I’ve also made it with pretzel squares. For the toppings I’ve used semi-sweet or dark chocolate (otherwise it’s too sweet for me, especially if you have a toffee or caramel layer.) I like to top it with the chopped nuts or crushed candy canes which I sprinkle on top as chocolate is hardening. I’ve topped it with Mini M&Ms before, too.

In Texas, it stays warm during the holidays sometimes, so I store it in the freezer. It lasts longer this way (out of sight, out of mind) and won’t melt.

Cali Girl

You’re the bees knees Swaggy’s Missing Brow! Thanky! I saw her using a makeshift double boiler to melt the chocolate but anyone who knows their way around the kitchen can improvise. I, like a few others, am gonna make these for tomorrow night too.

With Simon’s special ingredient too. Mmmmm! *biggie verbal upvote backatcha*


In most states to be a substitute teacher you just need a high school diploma, pass a rather simple general knowledge test, some type of don’t have sex with the students class and a background check. The pay ranges from $25-110 a day. Long term and special assignment teachers can make even more.


I think the problem with the hive is they are never all close enough together to form and draw from the power of their single collective brain.


I didn’t like Brett before but getting rid of Winston has been good for his game. He even has Rocks on his side. I think he can ride the middle. Tyler tried but played hard. If he’s in the F2 with someone from L6, I’m pretty sure he has all of the Hive’s votes. He should throw a rogue vote like JC to get rid of people on his side, not necessarily this eviction but any coming up. #TeamBrett