Big Brother 20 Slip n Slide HOH

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers I think Fes is going to win and man is this an easy version of this comp. (not to discredit Fes I knew he was going to win it.)

(Does this mean Haleigh goes home this week?)

7:10pm Feeds are up

LOL fes is about to win what a shitty endurance..

Fes wins HOH wow sorry folks I hyped this. Most times this is a Battle.

7:36pm Feeds back..

Sam – I thought it was GREASE..
everyone else “it was crisco”
Sam – I thought it was shaving cream

Scottie tells her he wasn’t to take two beds and push them toegether

Haleigh says Sam went up to Kaycee and said I told you I Kept my word..
H – I’m pissed BAy will see Rockstar come in (Ugh )

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Is fessy slowing down at all? Who is in the lead?


Any word on HOH? Looked like Fessy was doing pretty well.


Faysal is surprising me with how good he is at this comp! He almost has the ball at the top!


Fessie won HOH

Who said that!

We’ve seen a lot of stupid moves this season but attacking the jury is among the stupidest.Apparently Tyler has outsourced jury management to Angela and Brett.


Oh my gosh, I know. They better get a clue, unless of course the final two are Brett and Angela. They are equal opportunity offenders which means the jury will go to comp wins, then Brett will be screwed because he hasn’t won jack, lol.


In a discussion about his GBM he said he knew RS would never vote for him anyway.


I hate to say it but it looks like Fes has this one in the bag. His long legs are really helping him out.

Crap….I really wanted to see a Brett HOH.

Marianne Martin

so did i … but at the beginning of the comp fes`s feet did not slip in the least .. mmm… yet everyone elses did .. and how someone can run on crisco shaving cream or what ever like that makes me want to wonder … of all the ones i have seen never have i seen anyone do what fes did .. not slip .. just saying


They idiot-proofed this HOH. Not too slippery (at least not in Fessy’s lane) and no tricky dilemmas like do I go for the bigger container. Option 2 was simply $5,000.

Yo Dude

The container didn’t seem as big as usual, either.

Stevie J

Don’t be a hater jeez! He was hungry for the win and he won…Go fess! Now he just had to make his hoh count for his game


I agree with Stevie J. I’m not a Fes-fan, I find him unbelievably annoying, but he is athletic and won fair and square.


It does seem odd that a bigger player won this. But remember, Fes played college football. He is trained to be agile on his feet and muscle soreness/endurance. Once you think about that, it is not surprising that Fes won this comp.

Betty Moore

Glad Brett did not win.


An HOH simply tailor made for a 6’4″ tall All-American college football player to win effortlessly. Now the fun begins. Will Fessy be rational or go after Scottie (LOL).


Sadly, he’d most likely go after Scottie, lol.

Rio Seven

Is that true? I would think a tall person has a higher centre of gravity and more likely to fall. Wouldn’t a shorter person be better because of a lower centre of gravity? Like a gymnast or figure skater. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe there is a scientist that can explain it? Sheldon, do you watch BB 🙂


Past winners of this comp are:
Jeremy & Aaryn-15 (team challenge that year),
Kevin-11 and

Conclusion: This HOH competition overwhelmingly favors male contestants and usually somebody with size who can take huge strides instead of small steps.

Here I Am

It seems the heavier weight and longer legs make the most difference. Fes was covering twice the distance of the others with each step (more like 5 or 6 times the distance of poor JC)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Season 19, didn’t Whistle Nut win it? Seems like he did really good and he is tall ad lanky. But, that was the old, more difficult and long endurance type comp where they use to come out exhausted and banged up.


Aaaand here come the fucking fish. Who won? I am totally cancelling cbs all access


Fessy killed it. Scotty wasn’t too far behind which is surprising. Can’t wait to see who he puts up.


Damn, that was fast! Way to go my sweet dumb Fes!


YES! Go Fes! Let’s see Angela, Kaycee, or Brett on the block. Either way, that side is losing a member next week!


Man I hope so. But I don’t trust him not to be an idiot & go after Scottie.


If that happens I can’t watch anymore lol. There’s just no way they could be that stupid. I get that we know and see things they can’t but come on!



Listening to his early ramblings, Fessy is HOPELESS. He is more concerned with eliminating rivals for Hayleigh’s attention. He clearly wants one of the other boys to go (he said so to Hayleigh) and ideally Brett or Scottie. Level 6 will accommodate him and get rid of Scottie if Hayleigh cannot talk sense to Fessy. Hayleigh is unbelievably patient with an extremely irrational and antagonistic Fessy right now. LOL
Fessy is POSITIVE that JC is not against him. He also shows more respect for Tyler than for Scottie or Brett. ~shakes head~


Scottie and/or Brett. He’ll get out his competition … his competition for Haleigh that is …

JC Meltdown

unless he puts up two of the three you listed the other wins Veto and he attempts to Blackfoot Tyler who then uses his cloud app who forces Fed to nominate someone outside of L6. A long shot but would totally be fun to watch the implosion.


Not necessarily. Let’s say Fes tries to backdoor Tyler and puts up Angela and Kaycee. If Brett ends up winning veto, removes Angela, and Tyler uses his cloud app, then most likely they will have to votes to stay.

BB Fan 646

I wouldn’t backdoor Tyler, I would tell him straight up he’s going on the block and boom tyler will think he’s slick and sit in his cloud. Making him a nominee replacement for veto if any of level six win it and use it.

BB Fan 646

Put Tyler and Angela on the block. Tyler will be forced to use his cloud app and when he does you put Brett up in his place. If Tyler wins veto and takes Angela down fes can put Tyler right back up and then one of Level six goes to jury. Its a smart game move.

Blockstar keepin' the seat warm for her homies

Your theory is flawed. You cannot be a replacement nominee if you win the veto.


You can’t put veto holder on the block…..

BB Fan 646

You can give me all the thumbs down you want because it just shows that those giving the thumbs down are Level six fans with sour grapes.


Umm ya, so i would guess that the thumbs down you are getting is based on your flawed theory… the veto holder cannot go on the block. haha BB 101. Entry level stuff here…


Tyler can’t take them all with him to the end so this will help him trim the fat. He needed this. After all he is safe this week unless he does not play his cards right.


Shortest Slip and Slide comp ever. fan

No!!!!!!! fan


Swaggy's Missing Brow

He had to pull it out for his lady; it should be interesting seeing how they interact this week. I wonder where this leaves poor Scottie. Will Haleigh sneak out and spend some quality time with him?


She will be nice to him this week…then back to flirting with Brett next week….and treating Fessy like crap. i wish that he would wake up!


It is merely by the mercy of God that Fes *hasn’t* pulled it out for Hayleigh yet…

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

This was a BS slip and slide. Those cups were HUGE! The comp usually last longer. Production wanted Fes to win.


Just suck it up. L6 Lost. Don’t be a sore loser.


Oh my gosh, your name hahaha


Stoked Fes won! Hopefully him Haliegh and Scottie are still strong.


We may NOT be hearing Hayleigh telling Fessy to SHUT UP every time she’s feeling a bit cranky this week. For some strange reason, Fessy is PROBABLY NOT getting treated like crap by Hayleigh this week.


Let me add this priceless quote from this very site and released minutes ago:

“Faysal- You tell me to shut up one more time, you are going on the block.

Haleigh- Fuck you, Fessy. You were blatantly looking at me as I’m asking you to stop singing, and you continued to sing. I was under a high amount of stress.”



BB Fan

Just happy that dumb as a Rock is gone


I can’t believe how fast this comp went. It usually takes hours. I want Tyler to win the game, but I’m tired of watching the other side lose members. It’s time for L6 to lose a member. Even up the teams and make it a fair game full of conflicts!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Yeah, this may be his week to whip out that power app. Seeing Rock go tonight was pretty good. I get that Angela was never going to get Rock’s vote, but Brett could have kept up the ruse for Jury Management. Funny, but not good for his end game (if he has one). Hey – at least they don’t have to change the HOH sheets this week.

Darrell G Irick

Yeah …. more drama this week:)


Wow Fes killed it! So glad he won, want to see how L6 handles this week. They all gotta know 1 of them are done. This season has been great, especially after the past few years, but want to see that side get knocked down a few. I like rooting for the underdogs lol.


Get that weasel Tyler out. Please God just this one!!

Cray Cray

I would say Scottie is the weasel


I also agree with you 100%.


I agree with you 100%. the other side needs to be knockeddown some pegs and not have so much power. go underdogs.


I am all for an underdog story, but these people are not the underdogs. They started evenly match at 6 and 6 and have had as many if not more adamages and opportunities and they just continue to eff it up.

On a side note, go Fessy. This should be fun to watch.


Nooooo not fessy, omg
Best season ever

Angela Kaycee are in danger… Hopefully someone can plant it in fessy’s head that scottie is in love with Haleigh… And fessy backdoors him…


Hahahaha Where are the L6 lovers? Your bitches are going home. Arrow this post down mothafuckers!


Isn’t it past your bedtime? Go brush your teeth and go to bed before I call your mother.


Someone has lotza haterade. Go make my bed so I can bang your mother.

Just Sayin...

It would be nice if there were a way to mute trolls and/or smut-mouthed commenters.

BB Fan

Have you so easily forgotten the past? LOL

Entitled Princess

Wouldn’t touch your arrow with a ten foot pole.


The hacker comp is over now right?


Yes…hacker comp. over


Thank goodness, that hacker sh*t was for the birds


I do have to say, RS saying she felt most betrayed by whoever came up with that hacker twist was freaking hilarious


has there ever been a slip and slide cup anywhere close to that huge? I don’t think fes wins that if it was an endurance comp. Did JC even have enough time to get the 5k he was going for?

Survey Says

Nope JC didn’t get it. Such a lame comp..


He would have smoked the others regardless. He was flying.

This comp — even when it takes an hour-plus — is almost always won by “top-heavy” guys you think wouldn’t be able to last very long. Jason from last year. Caleb. Zach from BB8, Shane from 14, Big Jeff in 13, Corey in Season 18.

All were huge. Exclusing Caleb, they were tall. And they all won endurance.

Many of us kmew once we heard it was slip n slide that Faysal likely would win, and if he didn’t, it would come down to Tyler and Scottoe. And those three were indeed 1-3.


Well that sucks that it went so quick.

Bay's Bloody Mouth

It’s about time Fes won something. Now let the REAL backstabbing begin. This week will be good.

Fiji Kwon

I’m guessing you think it’s a shitty endurance comp because your favorite didn’t win? Shocker.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

It actually wasn’t and endurance comp this year, truth be told.


Well, it was a shitty endurance comp because the key word there (endurance) was not even part of it. However, I’m not upset that Fes won. I’m a Level 6 fan, but I’m also a fan of ENTERTAINMENT, and I think that a Fessie HOH will bring exactly that.


Yes, I’m Team Entertainment too! This season has been so great, I love it!


Beastmode this comp he was getting


That was way too easy and way too fast


Did you see Fes on that very first glide though?! I was like daaaaaamn. Knew he had it.


That was crazy, he gave zero Fs and was going for it. He only saw winning, falling and hurting himself be damned.

Here I Am

What a sad end to such a glorious week. It was a giveaway to Fes with his long legs…he would have had to have broken a hip to lose that one. Bummer.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

If it was a true slip and slide endurance comp, he’d of gassed out and Tyler or Scottie would of won. Production rigged it.


Yep. Usually lasts 90 minutes and is much more slick. This was changed dramatically.

Here I Am

Wonder if they made it easier for JC


Let’s fuckin go!! Team Fes all the way!
Block out the haters, let’s goo




I won’t celebrate until eviction, still too many chances for stupidity to happen. But two claps for Fes, for winning. *clap clap*

Here I Am

A half-clap is all I’m capable of tonight.

Who said that!

Level 6 was so quick to turn on Winston and Rachel,which one of them is next?


Just like Fez and Hay gave up on Bay!

Who said that!

They have up on a loosing battle,they didn’t turn on her.


She wouldn’t have gotten evicted if they would have voted with Sam!


Brett, guaranteed


L6 had to choose between 2 members of their own team. They chose wisely


Did anyone tell him he cannot put himself up? Just wanna make sure…




Fes gonna get some good lovin tonight! Might break another sink.


It usually is a battle. The holder they transport the liquid in is usually smaller and sometimes it has holes in it. The container they fill is at least twice the size of this one if not more and if I didn’t know better i’d say the run was shorter. the competition’s haven’t been that great this year, this is just another example. Less than an hour. Hardly any big falls.


YAY Fes !!! I love this guy. I just hope he doesn’t waste his HOH


Hahaha. Does this mean Haleigh is going home ? Greatness. But Ughhh. Guess it’s hjs chance to get the other boys off his girl. Brett and Scottie. Or since Haleigh won’t have Scottie going. Brett and Angela ? Backdoor Tyler plan ? Either way. I’m guessing L6 loses someone next week ?.


Fessie will have haleigh in his ear. She will not allow him to put up Scottie or Brett because they are her shield and let’s face it she likes Brett.
Fessie said it himself. Chooses the girl over the game. He’s pu**y whipped.

She will run his HOH. Angela or Kaycee will likely be put back on the block and if either wins veto then L6 has a fighting chance otherwise one of them going home.

Team JC. He’s hilarious.


So…is it possible that enough shade can be thrown at Scottie to make Hay and Fez believe he flipped on them? If Fez and Hay were smart (but also dumb, cause it likely will fail) they would try to end the feud with the Tyler, Angela and Kaycee, and propose an alliance to get rid of the middle of the house. They could think it could be their best chance to keep one of those middle of the house players from sneaking into the final 4. It would be epic if they manage to get Scottie evicted this week!

Stevie J

Hay heard sam tell kc “told u i would keep my word” and they know that jc and brett were scetchy about there vote and wanted to vote with the house. So don’t think it’ll work. Atleast i hope nope it seems too obvious at this point


This was a ridiculous “endurance” comp. I’m so mad at BB. Usually the bowl is huge and it lasts around 90 minutes. I think the endurance athletes with great balance usually do better in this like a Scottie or Tyler type but no ol chicken legs just ran right through this one. It also usually is much more slippery with more falls from an ice like material. This one seemed more like a slip and jump rather than a slip and slide. Very disappointed. I’m hoping Brett can convince Haleigh Scottie voted against RS and that he voted to keep her so then maybe Haleigh will convince fes to put up Scottie.


Yeah how could an all American football player who also appeared on American Ninja warrior do so good in a comp that requires balance????? What an outrage!!! On a side note how awkward will the jury house be if Angela joins Bayleigh and rockstar next?


Lol you’re dumb. Strength and coordination are primarily needed for football and ninja warrior. Balance and endurance is something you see in gymnastics, surfing, and dancing. It’s skmething I would think a Scottie, Tyler or Angela would be good at. All the Hive fans will come out of their rocks now it seems.

BB Fan

I do believe Bill was being sarcastic.


I’d pay to have live feeds of that! That would be pure gold.

Who me?!

Ohhhh love that ….. let’s manifest that ASAP! Let’s GO!

Fessy's Left Nut

LOVE your last sentence! Awkward indeed!


Angela will likely be the next jury member if she or Tyler don’t win veto.


noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I’m bummed for L6. The odds were in their favor!!! But dayum, Fes was KILLING it from the beginning. arg. Will Fes put Tyler up or try to backdoor him? H will probably say put up the others and backdoor T, which would be his best case scenario.


Tyler’s app is still in play. He isn’t going anywhere next week. I’d like to see Angela, Kaycee, or Brett go home.


He could still go home. If he uses it before the nominations, then he can’t use it before the veto ceremony. If someone else wins the veto they could take someone off and then Fes can put him up. I don’t see Tyler going out this week though, I do see him using his app. We’ll find out soon enough


I hope that he isn’t going anyplace but he will have to figure out when to use only works one time and he can’t lie about what it is….let’s go Tyler!.


Fes was going really fast like 2x


Should be another good week. Fes HOH? Haha haha haha

Rocky's Mom

This comp was rigged!!! How was it that Fessy could just run up and down without falling? Nobody was slipping except JC! Last year people were falling and it took a lot longer for the zvomp to end!


I don’t think it was rigged although it does seem to favor those long limbed folks. I thought Fez would have had a tougher time but he looked pretty good on his feet. I’m thinking production wanted a short “endurance” comp. We’ll see if L6/5/4 can work around Fez.


I saw a couple hard falls. But how is it rigged unless one of their barrels were smaller than the others??



Guy From Canada

If they didn’t grease one of the lanes as much…. I bet they didn’t do as much of a tilt on the lanes or something like that to make it faster


This version sucks. Usually there’s a tiny cup and lasts a lot longer. I thought Fessy would tire out after a bit cuz he was going so fast and saw him fall right at the end. If itd lasted longer I think Tyler would’ve made a comeback.

I wonder if this was done intentionally to force a power shift in the house.


Every one else who got a power ap had an extremely short period to use it. Why is Tyler’s still good after jury? Yes production does get involved for ratings.


Tyler’s power is very weak. He has to use it before being nominated and it’s only good for one ceremony. Which means he has to anticipate a nomination and activate it. If he wasn’t the target, his app is useless. If he uses it to avoid the initial nomination he can still be the replacement nominee. This means Tyler wants a repeat of last week where he was the backdoor target, played in and won the veto to avoid using the app. If he isn’t on the block before the veto and he doesn’t win the veto he’ll use the app this week to avoid the backdoor.


Bay’s app lasted same amount of time as Tyler’s did (to F8)

Cray Cray

Bay was good until 8people left. Don’t consider that short.


He chose from a whole bunch….his is really trickier to use so maybe that is why it lasts longer….He has to guess when to use it and I don’t see how he will be able to keep it from the rest that he had it and lied to them all along.


Right after the eviction Sam hugged KC and said see I told you to trust me, Hay was standing right there. I see her pushing Fes to put Sam OTB this week.


When Julie and RS were listening in on the house right after RS got out, you could hear Sam saying she’s a woman of her word and that she does what she says she’s gonna do. I don’t know if she was talking to Tyler or Kaycee but it was so dumb for her to be talking that loud.

Bayleigh's Missed Period

Ugh.. really not looking forward to the extra Fessy footage/DR’s this week.. he already never says anything worth listening to in the DR as it is..


The ramp was short AF compared to past seasons. Go Fes don’t be a dummy go for the jugular. No hacker this week, Tyler got his cloud app, which I think he will use.. Gonna be a good week..


That’s what I’m saying. I can’t wait, chaos all the way!

Bayleighs Mood Swings

Nobody got the 5k? Lame


There wasn’t enough time, for folks to drop out of the HoH run and try for the 5k.

BB Imbeciles

Thanks for the quick update guys.
I’m not elated that Fes won but I still have hope that level 6 will put the blame on Scottie and have him evicted.
Fes is so obsessed with Hay I feel he will nominate Brett and Scottie to rid himself of anyone who stands in his way.
Or if JC works his magic maybe even Hayleigh will be a nom haha


Lol! Fessie and Hayleigh are already fighting about who to put up. He wants to take out the guys and she wants Angela and Kaycee. Who thinks Fess will cave?


I wish Fes would grow a pair, I hope he does it his way. Let Brett and Tyler sweat a little.


Of course Haleigh wants to put up the girls. Sh would love to be the only female so that she can flirt with whoever is in power. Her flirt strategy won’t work if she’s left with a house full of females.

Cray Cray

Earlier this week he was telling her Tyler was coming after him and she got pissed. I really hope he plays his game and not Hayleighs. He needs to think about his end game (because only 1 person can win) and use his brain and stop letting other people get t him. So far listening to others has done nothing for him

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I would like to see Fez stand his ground and stop Hayleigh from bossing everyone around. She’s not nearly perceptive enough to get away with that crap. Will be interesting to see how L6 plays this week. At least they play, strategize and deceive – it’s been a super entertaining season! RS was the only person I truly couldn’t stand. Still an L6 fan, but Fez is funny and we’ll see alot of JC in the mix working his angles. If Fez REALLY wanted to shake things up, he should start flirting with Sam or Angela!