Big Brother 18 Week 10 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Last week Victor was evicted for the second time this season after James, Natalie and Meech made a “Strategic” move and changed the target from Nicole/Corey to Paul/Victor. Victor won the return jury member competition and was back in the game. Nicole won the HOH later that night.

Nicole and Corey never really cared for Michelle and Natalie from the very beginning and they both stopped trusting James. It was decided to team up with Victor and Paul who they really liked and felt they could trust. They form a group called the Final 4.

Michelle, James and Natalie spend a good chunk of the pre nomination time holed up in the Tokyo room.
Corey wins care package The BB Bribe which gave him 5grand to bribe someone. This was bizarre because there wasn’t really a lot of exciting things he could have done with it. (he did make Victor cry). The nominations were Paul and Meech the target was Meech. James, Natalie and Michelle are oblivious to this because they decided to not talk any game this week. Nicole wins the Power of Veto the plan is still to take out Meech.

Michelle, James and Natalie spend all the time pre POV ceremony holed up in the London room. Again sticking to the no game talk approach. Corey, Victor, Paul and Nicole become closer and closer. Corey has three options to use the care package, James to throw the next HOH, Victor to vote out Meech and solidify final4 and Nicole so they can go to cabo.

Corey “Bribes” Victor to lock the vote against Meech and solidify their final 4 deal. (Yes he Bribed Victor to not vote out Paul.. LOL)

Michelle, James and Natalie lay in the London/Tokyo room never talking to Nicole/Corey about game the entire 7 days.. This was the most bizarre thing I have seen after them running around last week being all strategic they just rolled over and died…

I thought for sure the house was going to flip. Once Nicole won the Veto the first thing I thought was Paul is going home. on Monday I thought for SURE James had something up his sleeve. James told Michelle and Natalie that his GUT is saying Michelle is save and his GUT told him Nicole and Corey are still on board with their final 5. All while Victor and Paul spend all week laughing, playing, cuddling with Nicole and Corey.

Meech says she’s going to blow Nicole up on the live show and in the jury.. Lets have a Jury cam PLEASE!


Meech goes

Julie tells the house guests that there will not be another double eviction. The house guests get to see videos of their families on the living room tv.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 18-24-29-985

Results from the live show

James votes to evict: Paul
Vic votes to evict: Michelle
Natalie votes to evict: Paul
Corey votes to evict: Michelle

Nicole as HOH breaks the tie to evict: Michelle

HOH competition “Poached Eggs” – maneuver eggs through the chicken wire to the other side and knock over the H – O – H. The first 3 house guest to get an egg in the “have” will not be havenots for the week.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-01 18-54-12-485

The episode ends without revealing who wins HOH.. we’ll have to wait till the live feeds get turned back on to find out the results.

7:40pm The live feeds are showing the HOH competition. Everyone has knocked their “O” down but James.
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HOH Winner: ?

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Live Stream of tonight’s episode ==>>>


congrats to you big meech on having the worst vote speech, eviction rant and interview with Julie of all time. smh @ stealing pablo and throwing it out to the audience. this idiot went through all this, sat there and watched Vic give her a pleasant and truthful goodbye message. that was brutal to watch at all levels.

Not a NiCorey Fan...

But….Michelle is truly a sad soul…i actually am embarassed for her family…very childish taking Pablo…she enjoyed being mean, and petty, and then will probably spend the rest of her time in jury crying about everything she’s done….

Let The Beech Go

Finally that crazy, crying, non-nutritionist is gone. I can watch the feeds again.

Someone tell me....

As Meech was walking out the door what did she mention about Dan gheesling?


I wondered the same thing. I’ll have to go back and watch it tomorrow


She said he was her cousin-in-law.

Another Hillary Lie

Meech said she was related to Dan. Game play must skip a generation.

Rachel's Fan

She said he was her cousin in law.

James' Baby Mama

I hope that chubby, brunette cheerleader keeps her fake titties off my maann!!!!

James you better win, and bring that money back to us!


I only just realized tonight that James has a family. I think he is going a bit far with the cuddling.


Thankfully, the live show is coming on tonight. It’s the first thing that has come on all day outside of Hurricane Hermine coverage!!!! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I hope I can come back in a bit (if we don’t lose power) to celebrate Meech’s departure!!!!

Pinocchio Obama

Meech went out with a bang.


Meech thought that her parents wishing her good luck, telling her they love her and miss her was awkward? Wow. She’s a troubled one, for sure.


I think it was because it seemed a bit choppy with all the edits in their talk. They seemed to need to be coached quite a bit.


Not like a game player but as the mean vindictive b!tch she is.

Ian's Lament

She basically made Nicole and James pregame alliance work because Nicole has no blood on her hands.

It's her own fault

If Michelle goes, she can’t blame anyone but herself. She probably could have blown up Paul’s game like she helped do with Paulies. But…alas…she just sat there like a bump on a log…

Another Hillary Lie

I hate when they go off the air before we get to know the HOH winner.

Uncle Teddy

This is an insult to bumps on logs

Meech was far more useless


jury house drama should be interesting with meech adding to the mix!

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Just one more woman to pile on Paulie. Karma is a bitch.


Without doubt, the most inept final 7 ever! No game at all.


Agree they are the worst ever! None of them want to win! Worse cast ever! BORING! No gameplay!

BB18 c:

I honestly can’t stand meech and her personal issues with Nicole like get over it. It’s a game shut up you’re making yourself look like a total b@$*h


Yippy she’s evicted. Slept, ate, faked cried her way through 70+ days. What a waste of the BB experience. Nasty mean mouth. No one is even going to remember her. Never cared.


So totally agree. Every episode was her eating…in the kitchen, Safari room, bathroom, BED….GEEZE!


For someone not wanting to be labeled as a Bully well after your exit Michelle you are one!


Thank God Nicole’s HOH comes to an end. Wasted HOH.

The only strategic players in the house is Paul and Vic. Either one deserves the win


I don’t see how it was a waste of an HoH she’s taking out someone who has been wanting to target her for weeks. That’s kinda what you wanna do during an HoH reign xd


Are you serious? You can’t actually grasp why Nicole’s HoH was a waste? Yes lets get Michelle out, the loser who wins nothing, has no game, and just lays around eating all day….Lets totally ignore the guy who was evicted TWICE and fought back in TWICE…Makes total sense for 2 losers on the same level as Michelle to start a final 4 alliance with 2 people who will totally crush them….Even stupider after the moron sitting there going on about how she knows its her destiny to make it to final 2, Yeah LMFAO your totally going to make it to final 2 getting rid of people you don’t like as opposed to getting rid of people who win everything……With your logic never actually sign up for Big Brother, its a game not an elementary school

Lying Benghazi Hillary

Meech was targeting Nicole and was one of a three person team with James and Natalie. Paul and Vic are not coming after Nicole now so she made the best move available.


Well said! I want Vic to win but come on!!!Nicole played that move 100% personal but she claims to be strategic hahahaaaaaaaa


Speaking of elementary school….you may want to go back there and retake English class.


i agree but i HATE them both! SO annoying… Friendship what an idiot…


Victor and Paul aren’t out of the woods yet. Nat or James will probably win tonight because it’s not really expected. Besides BB wants the back and forth for the drama.


i rather watch jury house drama day z bri meech


jury house full of women!

Another Hillary Lie

Women who all hate Paulie. LOL


yet who hate michekle right now aka all other women!


Ha Ha! So Paulie is a woman now? What was it–the tears, the overemotional outbursts, or his new found “skill” at baking apple pies?


I mean she did leave them all on good terms, so probably not that interesting.


So James is proven wrong again, Corey’s 5k decision was edited to make it more normal than it was, and production knows how many are rooting for Victor so his family gets the long introduction out of all of them.

Another Hillary Lie

James gut is on quite a losing streak.


James’ gut has a perfect record at least…


Cbs was giving him the AFP push. That’s ok though. After his reaction to the bribe I’m all for him winning AFP. At least he would truly appreciate it.


How many other cast members have had children and we’re sent packing?
James is able to use the kid angle for all it’s worth. He’ll probably win the game or AFP again. They make him out to be a perfect angel. Just give the dude the bucks already if that’s what they wanted. Geez…

Another Hillary Lie

CBS is doing all they can for James. He should give them a kickback.


You mental midgets are just pathetic…Seriously get over it there is no production tampering….You morons say that garbage every single year and are stupid and wrong every single year…First it was rigged for Amanda the supposed CBS employee and then she lost and wasn’t a CBS employee….Then it was rigged for Frankie, who lost….Then it was rigged for the twins and they lost…This year it was rigged for Frank he had been given the round trip ticket, then he lost and wow look didn’t have it….Then it was rigged for Bridgette no she was the one production really gave it to LMFAO and then she was out….Then it was rigged for Paulie, oh look he is out….Now its rigged for James, Jesus you mental midgets really must have pathetic lives if all you have to do is sit around and come up with Big Brother conspiracies….


Haha! You honestly think there’s no production interference on the TV SHOW big brother? You think they don’t give good edits to certain players? Or “hint” things to players in the DR?

Hate to burst your bubble but even past houseguest will tell you production DOES interfere. Evel dick said he learned to keep any plans he had to himself till last second because they would interfere if they didn’t like what he was going to do.

Lying Benghazi Hillary

Those of us who follow the show know how much production molds the game. Get a clue.


The game isn’t rigged for a specific winner. When most refer to production interference, I believe they mean the constant prodding to take a certain direction. I understand production does it to hopefully create drama, excitement, or tension. It’s just that they have the subtlety of a crack head in a candy shop. Production doesn’t trust the cast to be fun enough to entertain so they stir the pot and it frustrates more than entertains. That’s what I mean when I talk about production rigging it. I’m referring to certain comps, conversations, and contests. Road kill was obviously a tool to allow production some control.

Botox Pelosi

Production knows this is an entertainment show and they do all they can to make it that way.


And yet none of these ‘predictions’ come true (e.g. frank getting the ticket).

Also don’t forget a broken clock is right twice a day. If you continually whine about production interference then a few of those events will happen.


Oh my gosh… Paul and Victor have won my heart!


awww. Paul and Victor in tears over seeing family. So sweet. Love them.

Only can wish

The problem I have with Michelle is that she couldn’t put her pride aside and talk to Nicole. I expected her to team up with Victor and Paul after Victor came back, not to turn on Natalie and James, but have her own backup plan. Unless Nicole is going to backdoor Paul, this was a boring week. Thanks to the BORING A$$ CREW(James, Natalie, Michelle) for disappointing the viewers.

Hillary Wipes the Server

At one time Meech and Victor were tight. She should of worked on Vic to join up with her, James and Natalie. So much for being a super fan.

Hillary for Prison

Michelle didn’t do any work to save herself. She has nobody to blame but herself for getting voted out.


meech will rat nicole vicxtor and gang!


meech is right nicole paul victor truth is there floatn!

BB fan for life

Ughhhh….another panthers game!!! Whyyyyy can’t it be on FOX?!?!? Geezzzz…. But meech=jury N&J=going next final 4= showmance/bromance showdown!!!!!!


I think Victor/Paul will target James next. Then they’ll take a shot at Nicole. They are not afraid of Natalie nor Corey. So Final 4 will be Corey, Natalie, Paul and Victor. Then it gets hairy. Paul/Victor will each want to take Natalie because she will not win the final 3 HoH. Paul may not take Vic to the end and the same is true of Victor.


Chenbot needs to layoff on the botox.


I agree. She looked really bad. I think she is so pretty. I hate when people mess with their faces.


Its true! Julie’s face looked so bloated..


should count past votes against each person to breakup the tie


Sorry Julie, Meech needs to beat herself up for her level of play this week. She only has herself to blame


just wait until she get to jury house!

Robins brother

atta girl Meech


Great gameplay this week Meech! Ugh she thinks the audience loves her


Meech spiteful til the end. Grabbing Paul’s pelican. So glad she is gone. Also so stupid to start spouting reasons why it was a bad move to vote her out as her dumb a$$ is walking out the door attacking Vic and Nicole. Should have had those convos all week long instead of sleeping, sh*t talking others, wiping her nasty feet in the kitchen and swiping things that did not belong to her. Definitely not a class act.

Vic the Dick

It was funny seeing Meech grab the pelican on the way out. Paul looked like he needed a diaper.

Another Hillary Lie

How can you be surprised with Meech stealing Pablo? She stole everything else in the house too.


I am so mad she kidnapped Pablo! He did not deserve that!
Meech was so cringe too, she was a mess


Big Munch took Pablo!!! :[


OMG!!!! Not Pablo! How could she be so cruel!?!


I am not sure that Paul will be able to win this HOH comp.

Kathie from Canada

Did I hear Michelle correctly? She is Dan G’s ‘cousin-in-law’? Is there any member of this cast who does not have a prior connection to BB?? It’s almost incestuous!!! Good lord!


If she is, Dan is embarrassed having her as his “cousin-in-law”!!!

Another Hillary Lie

I know Dan G. and Meech is not a Dan G.

Kathie from Canada

She blurted something just as she was running out the door is a smart a$$y way! Wish there was a way to replay her words.

Kathie from Canada

She wasn’t comparing herself to Dan. She was implying a link to him through marriage via her cousin.


I must of missed it on the show but did Meech really say that Nichole f’d her way to the finale? OMG Nichole’s parents must be so humiliated at the actions of their daughter! Nichole is going to have a very difficult time when she is back in the real world!


Have u guys noticed we never see Nathalie’s goodbye speech anymore? Why is that? She didn’t have one for Meech and Paulie neither I believe.


Because her sacchrine sweet squeeky voice causes the digital recorder to short circuit. They only pretend to record her goodbye so she doesn’t feel left out.


Safe to say that her goodbye message to Paulie wasn’t pretty (with reason).


nothn like recycling a hoh on last season egg from season 16!

TrumpThe Xenophobe loser

What are you new? Have you somehow not noticed in 18 seasons of a show THEY ALWAYS recycle the competitions…All they have EVER done is re-theme them, they have never even bothered to change what competitions they are for….


season 16 was teams

Trump WILL Build That Wall

What are you? Jaded? You and Big Mech need to deal with that anger issue.

Go back to your safe zone

They would have had more comps, but Hillary deleted them

Go Erase Some More Emails

He is a hobbit. Cut him a break.


Crap… The Egg Coop challenge. The guys are screwed… it is easier for women or a guy like James that has little hands… they must really want James or Natalie to be HoH… sucks. my hope is that Corey or Paul win it… I really do not want James or NatNat to win.


We need a power shit. I want Natalie to win this comp. The last 2 episodes have been soooooooooooooo boring. All fillers. I can’t take another week of Nicorey in power.




I can’t imagine that would feel too swift. 🙂 but yes, I agree there needs to be a shiFt. They should start showing more of the jury house, that has to be more exciting.


Had the same thoughts when I saw what comp it was. Totally agree with you.

Only can wish

I’m convince that Michelle has some deep issues that needs to be checked. She really should be mad at James and Natalie for not helping her to get Nicole out. She is saying Victor is a flip-flopper. What was Victor suppose to do, side with them again after he got back in the house so he could get voted out again. SMH


Wow! What an edit to explain the $5K going to Vic! Fakie, Fakie, Fakie!

This Thursday’s program was as boring as the week in the house………………

Hope James or Natalie win HOH!


I have a feeling that either Natalie or Corey will win HOH


Michelle’s luggage needs to be confiscated and searched to return all stolen property to the rightful owners. That girl has some real problems.


Hahahahahahahhahahahaha! so TRUE!

An Apple a Day

Well she’ll spew the same sorry hatred in Jury House as she did in BB House. Hopefully Bridget, Paulie (gag), and… No, that’s it, will not buy into her sorry, hateful, jealous, lazy Game Theories. Jury House, lock down your luggage & food supplies, Klepto Garbage Disposal MF’ing Big Meech is coming your way!


Dawg, Simon, will you be transcribing the new all access BB?

At this point I’m rooting for Victor to win this season. …just for dramatic purposes I hope James or Nat wins HOH and gets Nicole or Corey out. Nicole HAS been floating thru the game as Michelle said but shame on Michelle for not trying to flip the house! Superfan? Psh! She deserved what she got. ..jury.


Simon and I are still trying to figure it out .. We’re pretty sure we will be covering the season but maybe a little different as its a huge investment of time and energy on our part on top of having already completed 100 days straight for BB18.


after they switch memory wall lok where the last winner came from no on wants talk bout that eh


Wow! You guys are amazing! We don’t see / realize how much work goes into what y’all do!! Thank you so much!! 🙂


Paul is going to win Big Brother now. I can’t believe Nicole evicted Michelle. Paul is a bigger threat to win the game than Michelle. How could you be so blind Nicole? There goes your half a million dollars!


I agree with you. I kept thinking all day long that Vic taking the 5 G’s was a death sentence for him. I thought Corey would flip and vote out Paul. Then it would be obvious that Vic didn’t vote him out, but he wouldn’t be able to talk about it. Then the others would have had all the reasons they needed to get Vic out next. So glad that didn’t happen!


Big MEECH, true to form. Glad Julie called her out on her lack of campaigning but still a little sad to see her go. She’s an observant person with good instincts; hell, even doing absolutely nothing all week, she knew more about the pulse of the house than James!
I am going to miss this season’s cast when the season ends but admit I am pretty curious about the upcoming one. Sad that they’ll be no place to commiserate.

Butters Mom

Oh… so much to talk about tonights show.. first… I really hope they frisk Meech before she leaves the stage and take Pauls float back from her as well… second… Julie’s cheeks?! … third… the hoh comp is designed for Natalie to win. I really hope she doesnt. fourth… victor and pauls reaction to their families was really sweet… fifth… I wish Nicole would have told Meech to not let the door hit her in the ars on the way out. sixth..meech’s mom looked a little cray cray too.


About Meeche’s mom, thought the same thing!


While I didn’t like the way Michelle left, she did say one thing I agree with. Nicole has floated her way through this game. For being a super fan, Nicole’s move in aligning with Vic and Paul with Corey is one of the most bonehead moves. She is hoping that she can be the weak girl that goes to final three. Unfortunately, getting her out at this point would be a waste of an HOH when there are real threats in the house. Thought it was a mistake to bring her back…still think so.

Dirty Harry Reid

Nicole just won HOH and the veto.


Oh no not this comp so original…. NOT
Hoping anybody but James and Natalie can win this HOH #thefinalfour and #sittingducks


I love how they show Michelle calling Nicole a coward for hanging out of in the HOH. Um if I remember correctly you slept in the HOH all last week with the door logged. Natalie couldn’t even get in and you slept all week while Nicole was up and out of the HOH. Big Meech showed what a real Beech she is going out that way. What a sore loser. Hope they get Pablo back to Paul and I hope they find everything else she stole. I do remember former house guests saying they check your backs to make sure they are not taking anything they shouldn’t.


I missed the episode bc of football. Blah. What did big meech have to say about Nicole and vick??


James doesn’t know Corey used the bribe. Maybe he can fake James into throwing the HOH.

nthony Shares His Weiner

That would be funny.

James didn't help clean up the kitchen

Anybody else yell at the TV and call James a b*tch and a pu*sy as he votes? I do every week:-)

Maybe I am alone but I would love to take a swing at that little rat turd fu**kn loser. Get that fool out next!

Mister pickles

Why was Meech trying to eat that plastic coat hanger?


Michelle is such a sore loser!!!


1. Disappointed that Mich the alleged super fan Committed BB suicide and didn’t bother to campaign or even talk to Nicory all week.
2. Can’t believe Natalia let herself gain so much weight! Woah.
3. Always feel like the chicken coop comp is geared toward someone with small hands (Jatalie) winning. Meh.
4. Woah at James’ baby mama and her son (not related to James) being his “family” message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mister pickles

It was so nice for James to get a video message from the woman who he moved to Texas to avoid paying child support to. How nice he is!


I’m not a James fan but I doubt that’s why he moved to Texas. Just because you’re living in another state doesn’t mean you escape child support. It’s no different. You owe no matter where you live.


4 feisty women vs. loser Paulie in the jury house. We seriously need cameras in there.


3 feisty women vs meech!