The Bribe? “Give it to Michelle and tell her not to crap on us when she walks out the door”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-23-23-643

8:00pm Tokyo room James, Natalie and Michelle
Michelle is packing her stuff. Natalie and James eating.
Michelle asks James if she should talk to Corey. James thinks she should. Michelle doesn’t want to.
Michelle leaves.
Natalie says Michelle is scared to talk to Corey.
James – why the worst thing he can say is you’re going home..
Michelle comes back
James I just know you’re staying
Michelle – then why do I have to talk to him
Michelle says the fact they haven’t told her anything makes her more pissed off at them (Nicorey)
Natalie is telling her everyone campaigns for themselves even Paulie did.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-04-46-165
Michelle whimpers that they haven’t been talking to her all week long, “When I walk into a room they don’t acknowledge me”
Michele thinks Paul and Victor told COrey things about her she thought her and Corey were buds.
Natalie – that’s why you have to talk to him
Meech – Nicoe’s the most stubborn person ever
Natalie – if they keep Victor and Paul in this game they’re winning this game..
Michelle calls Nicole and Corey twiddle dee and tweedle dumb
MIchelle – I like Corey but Nicole is BERGH
Natalie says she’s a “gamer” she has to think “Strategy”
Michele says there’s nothing she can do.

Natalie says if Corey is thinking about keeping Paul she needs to talk him into keeping her.
Michelle says there is no point they are stubborn and set on a target.
Natalie – what do you think
James – I think she’s right
James – if they think she’s a threat she’s a threat no way you are going to change that.. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen..
Natalie – I think you’re staying.. If she’s staying she’s going after Victor..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-22-40-583

8:15pm HOH Nicole and Corey
Talking about what to do with the 5 grand. Corey doesn’t want to use the money on Vic because Victor might use it against them later on.
Nicole – I don’t think Vic is going to backstab us right now.. Vic wouldn’t Paul would
Corey – should I just give it to you.. What do you think short term or long term deal…
Nicole – Paul and Vic are not going to backstab us tomorrow..
Corey – no they wouldn’t
They don’t think Corey has enough time to explains himself during the double they have to figure it out tonight and have everything ready to say.
Nicole is worried if he gives her 5grand it’ll look bad to the fans, “Does that look selfish”
Corey says the 5 grand could crush their game.
Nicole says if he gives her the bribe it’s a move to have no blood on their hands.
Corey brings up how production keeps calling him into the DR to find out what he’s doing with the 5 grand.
Corey does not want to waste the 5 grand
Nicole – give it to Michelle and tell her not to crap on us when she walks out the door..

Corey – I’m giving it to Vic he’ll like it.. No I’m giving it to you..
Nicole – I don’t want it anyway… you know how I feel money is money who needs money
Corey – I’ll take it.. .

Nicole wants to make sure who they give it to doesn’t screw them over.
They discuss asking Victor to not screw them over if they give him the 5grand.
Nicole says Victor really needs the money “I feel good about giving him the 5 thousand dollars.. The windows in his car don’t roll down”
Corey – alright i’m going to tell him.. I have to talk to DR first..

Corey says if they give the bribe to VIc they guarantee Michelle is going home which is happening anyways but they’re guaranteeing it.
If he goes to Jury Corey’s got his vote.
Corey’s negatives are that Natalie wins HOH and Victor tries to team up with her and say Corey used the 5grand to have him go after her.

Corey – I’m leaning towards Vic but I want to giv it to you
Nicole – let’s give it to Vic.. right now we’re sitting do frickin good..
Nicole says James is playing dead.
Nicole says giving Victor the bribe is a good decision she doesn’t feel right getting it. “this is going to help your game giving it to me doesn’t help your game giving it to Vic can help your game”
Nicole – he’s goign to have your back like you’ve never beleived.
Nicole – COOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY i’m just scaredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Nicole is wondering if Victor and Paul are sectrely targeting them. Corey say that would look really bad.

Nicole wonders if “they” want them to give it to James.. “but James hasn’t talked any game to us.. we can’t give it to James”
Corey leaves to tell the DR the plan.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-25-58-302

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-25-46-933

8:26pm Paul and MEECH finish off her wine..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-37-49-409

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 20-38-18-665

8:37pm HOH Nicole Paul and Vic
Talking about the next HOH.. Paul is going to rattle James before.
Nicole – Victor is smart and Physical
Paul says once JAmes goes Natalie is going to shit her pants. Victor says they have to focus on getting the next HOH.
Paul – already they see Michelle leave and I stay they’ll freak the f** out… I’ll add a bit of spice..

Paul brings up Meech thinking that Nicole and James have a final 2
Nicole – she told me she’s playing with jealousy .. she said that to me to my face.. she’s been playing pure jealousy and she’s a very jealous person
Paul brings up Michelle making up a fake boyfriend on social media then after she got a real boyfriend use that faker boyfriend to make the real one jealous.
Paul and Nicole agree Meech will never vote for them and Corey.

They talk about how hilarious the beads and nomination speech was.
Nicole about Zakiyah – Did she try to sleep in the same bed as you (She did to piss Paulie off one night)

8:52pm Nicole tells them Corey is in the DR talking about the Bribe..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 21-02-53-065

9:01pm HOH FINAL 4
Corey – I got some big news.. we want to solidfy fianl 4..
Corey – If I win i’m not putting you up.. I want to show our loyalty I want to offer Vic..

Corey offers Victor the bribe if he votes out Michelle
Victor – ohh bro..
Paul – that’s friendship.. wow..
Corey – you earned it.. you liked that..
Victor is really happy.. hugging them all.. “CANCUN… F*****”
Victor – I accept it I’m voting meech..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 21-03-37-754
Victor starts to cry..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 21-04-36-867
Final 4 – “1 2 3 FINAL 4”
They are all set for Final 4. Paul thanks them for giving Victor the bribe. it’s showing they are all solid.

Paul – the Vet, the comp beast, the loud one and Corey
Nicole – the nice guy
Paul – you almost got evicted first day, 5 times on block, evicted twice and never been on the block
Nicole says her first season shew as on the block 5 times.

Victor tells them to throw the HOH to him and he’ll toss James and Natalie on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 21-32-11-213

9:38pm Tokyo room Natalie, James and Michelle

Michelle says Paul seems way happier.. She’s thinking something happened upstairs..

Natalie – Meech why don’t you go up there and talk to them
James – Meech this is your Big BRother game
Michele says she doesn’t want to be fake

Jame s- you haven’t butt kissed all week
Michele -t hey can come tell me..
James- it’s not their job to tell you..
Michele calls Nicroy a$$holes
Nat – you should talk to them
Meech – I don’t want to it’s painful for me my eyes will bleed i’m going to start vomitting my skin is going to deteriorate and start flaking off
James- OK well if we get blindsided..
JAmes and Natalie says they haven’t been told anything. Meech thinks that’s a sign she’s going home.
James says Paul wouldn’t cocky like he is now if he’s going home.
Michelle says PAul knows she’s staying and is playing nice because he knows she’ll blow sh1t up.
Meech – James, don’t you think it’s strange you said Nicole and Corey are close and they haven’t told you anything
James – that’s because they didn’t need to.. They didn’t come hang out with us and we didn’t hang out with them..
James- they would tell me they said paul was the target before they put noms up. (lol)
Meech – they didn’t say I was going to be up there
James – honestly I thought they were going to put Victor up.
Natalie – they didn’t want so much blood on their hands
Meech points out Corey won’t have a conversation with her but is talking to Paul all the time. Natalie says it’s because Paul kisses his a$$.
Meech doesn’t want to talk to Nicole and Corey because she’ll look like a fool.
James – you as a super fan
Natalie – it’s expected.. So go do it.. Stop being scared.
Meech – I can’t stand them right now

Meech – if I go i’m calling that girl out.. Blowing her GAme up..
James – whose Nicole’s
Meech – hell ya
James – on the way out the door
Meech – hell ya
Jame s- ok..
Meech – blowing it out of the water.. I swear to god if she is final 2 i hate this game forever.. Never watching Big brother again
James- that’s a lie
Meech – dude from day 1 I wanted her gone.
Meech – and then she became HOH and I had to keep my enemies close
Jame s- if you wanted her gone why didn’t you put her out
Meech – you wouldn’t have voted her out
James- you don’t know that..
Meech – trust me that’s who I wanted out last week. (we all did meech but you listened to James and Natalie and here you are)
James tells her to go talk to Corey and Nicole now.
Michelle – nothing I can say will make it change.. They have sticks up their butts and tape on their mouth..
James – stick up their butts.. Sounds like it hurts..
Michelle – has to hurt because they have Paul and Victor’s head up they’re too. Lots of stuff up the butt
Meech – i’m just saying for your sake if Paul stays he’s going after the 2 people that voted him out..
Meech – everyone is going to be against you to.. so maybe find out than that way you vote me out and no one cares..

10:10pm Final 4 hanging out in the kitchen… Natalie in teh Diary room. James and Meech sleeping…

10:40pm Kitchen, Natalie and Paul… talking about Paul’s clothing company. Paul says he was offered 250000 for his company. If he wins any money from Big Brother he’s goign to start a High end clothing company.
Natalie tells Victor he has Doctor hands..
Vic – what does that mean..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-31 23-29-22-223

11:30pm HOH COrey and Nicoel
Corey says he would rather see Natalie go even though James is the bigger target.
Corey – not fun to play this game with.. not a gamer… she thinks it’s like a game.. it’s not a game she’s not playing a game.. tans all day everyday.
Corey says JAmes, Natalie and Michelle have tapped out they haven’t even talked to him and Nicole.

Midnight HOH Paul, Victor, Nicole and Corey
Victor saying Michelle got sketch when James was explaining final 3 to them.

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cory should used on nicole put up victor


two really well liked Vets the two hottest guys in the house(although I don’t think Corey is hot)and the cheerleader. Michelle is just a super fan and I think they want people they think they can market better than say Steve not that I don’t think Michelle is a cute girl. Production absolutely loves Paul it reminds me of how they were with Vanessa last year except Paul is edited better and funnier.(Paul also goes overboard people forget it was not all just Paulie) Did anyone notice how they had him pictured behind people looking all sinister in the feed promo pic. I was disappointed last season but this season has become predictable and the edits KILL me. I wish they would let life feeders send in Pandora’s box or something special because I am tired of production. I also wish it would go back to the days were it was average people of all ages(Glenn the token old guy doesn’t count) I am tired of actors, models, and people in the business getting on the show AHHH more Jmacs old James even Meech is more real (I do love me some Vic though but don’t like him with Nicory and Paul he is nicer with other people. Production you are ruining the game that’s why BB rating are down. I hated Doctor Will the first time he was on but at least I knew the game wasn’t fixed for him(not sure about the other times though) I loved binge watching that and I was hooked. Sorry venting it just feels like BB is coming to an end for me SAD FACE I am sure I will be hit with tons of thumbs down Happens


The first part of that was suppose to be… CBS has made itself a perfect cast at least in their minds. Sorry Super tired up watching nothing on the feeds yawn!!


Can’t wait until tomorrow.


“Paul brings up Michelle making up a fake boyfriend on social media then after she got a real boyfriend use that faker boyfriend to make the real one jealous.”

Meech is cute and all but if she really did that? ????


I have not watched all the feeds but I never heard her say that I would not put it past Paul to lie because he was so mad when Michelle said is clothing line was not great(first time I have ever seen him crack). Also Michelle mess around a lot to be funny so … I am getting tired of these house guest all of them are being so petty it reminds me of the Austwins its agonizing to watch.


Several houseguest have talked about it, not just Paul. Meech did tell them the story in the first part of the season. She was laughing about it, but the other hg were looking around at each other like ….uhhhhh.

The one thing about Michelle is she will tell you her faults. She’s just like yep I’m immature. Yep, I’m jealous. Lol. And she did tell them she made up a fake boyfriend with a fake social media account.


Well she is pretty young was she like 15 at the time. That was pretty common and the reason why Facebook and other social media were starting to crack down on stuff like that. I still think Paul is being Petty and self righteous people are forgetting the things he has done because he aligned with Victor(who he helped evict first time and was going gunning for him with Paulie). I am just tired of all the pettiness. I do like that Michelle is admitting her faults and when she said she was jealous of Bridgette she said she needed to work on it and told Bridgette she was sorry. That usually means someone will grow. She and Victor are the only ones that are like that for the most part.

Ian's Lament

Not surprised. Never cared

Veto Comp Reindeers

We are just glad Corey didn’t try to set us on fire.

A whole lot of stupid

For the love of Pete Michelle suck it up and talk to them. I can’t believe this late in the game a person would just roll over and die!
And of course Paul and Victor are targeting you! How many people are left in the house? It’s bound to happen…duh!


I hate to defend Michelle, but if she’s reading the game at all, she knows it’s pointless and doesn’t want her final show to include the typical begging done by the one with no shot. Her mistakes were made long ago and those mistakes tell us she’s not savvy enough to flip the game…even when she sees exactly what’s happening.

Michelle knows James and Nat aren’t going to fight to keep her. They won’t even talk to the couple they just spared last week, won’t remind them of that, won’t remind them Michelle also spared them. If you remember, Michelle tried to talk to Nicole and Corey last week and they toyed with her, knowing they had James and Nat and didn’t need her. She likely knows if James and Nat won’t go to bat, then getting her is the easy out. Think about it. Her allies can’t even be bothered to have a conversation with an HOH they spared last week, while Paul’s ally is spending 24/7 with the HOH that voted him out. Why wouldn’t they toss her?

The Beef

They are all too afraid to ask any questions for fear that somebody might get pissed off at them! Really strong game play that, what? All Meech has to do is flip one vote (Nicole’s) and she stays, and she won’t even venture a conversation to try it. How about pointing out that with only 7 players (soon to be 6 after tonight) the time is PAST to align yourself with the strongest players, and the time is right to E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E THEM! If you don’t do it when you have the chance, surely they will come back and eliminate your soft ass, the first chance they get, alliances be damned. And seriously, if Nicole and Corey actually get to the Final Four with Paul and Vic, who do you think is going to get knocked off first? (hint – Corey) They will then blow Nicole out in the two physical HOH comps, and fight it out between the two of them in the mental, for the privilege of selecting the other to go to the end, thus booting Nicole at number 3 (=$0). Great strategy by Nicole and Corey. /S Great strategy by James, Nat and Meech to sit back and watch it happen while doing nothing. /S The only people in the house playing the game are Paul and Vic. The rest are just being USED.

sunny dee

corey is a seat holder, he isn’t studying, and he’s useless at those comps, and he’s just too big for the physical ones. First F3 HOH is endurance, if Corey is not there, there is no reason to believe that nicole can’t ace that one, she just did it in the wall comp, so i wouldn’t rule that out over those two guys. She probably wants to ensure corey is in F3 because he’s easy to beat, and as F2 he’s basically Victoria sitting in 2nd place meaning anyone of all the remaining HGs is #1 beside him.

i got lucky with After Dark, it opened with corey making his speech to vic/paul about the bribe and offering it to vic, so saw it as it happened. I also got lucky that i didn’t have to endure the back and forth and cooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee that happened prior to corey finally leaving the room so he could do it.

sunny dee

I don’t think her decision to not wash, not brush her hair, dress like a homeless person in drab shapeless clothes, stuff her face – straight from the box usually – nonstop, bury herself under blankets for 22 hours of the day, sleep 22 hours a day, when she’s awake whining and sobbing and basically being an a$$hat is a better choice than campaigning.

Not campaigning not talking to them, well, believe it or not, only solidified Nicorey’s choice to have her go.

Michelle is the worst super fan ever

no games at all in every aspect . Her social is lacking , she doesn’t show any intelligence whatsoever ,. her enmotional game is getting on everyones nerves crying all the time . She can’t do anything physical .
Useless pure useless . No idea how she managed to stay that long .


Simon, I love you dude, buy stop with the blasted whining!!!! My goodness. I can hear Nicole’s voice every time you type her comments. Ssssssccccccrrrrrrrrreeeeeeecccccchhhhhh. . . . . fingernails straight down that chalkboard. Same with Natalie and Jamesyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Might puke on my keyboard reading that one day.

On another note: Tropical Storm Hermine is supposed to pass just to the north of our town tomorrow night, so I’m gonna come on right up until the power goes out. They’re predicting we’ll have 60+ mph winds. If we lose power for very long, keep the feeds up and running so I can catch up when we get power back. I hope I don’t miss tomorrow night’s episode because something just doesn’t seem right about this entire week and I’m just not totally convinced that Meech is going. I guess we’ll find out. Thank you for these awesome updates. Today is my birthday and reading the comments from your previous post made me laugh so hard I cried. You are all awesome and I love coming here a lot more than actually watching the show. Hope to be back soon.


I agree. I’m not convinced she is going either. Happy Birthday!


Noooooooooo, it wouldn’t be the saaaaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeee if Simon stopped imitaaaating Nic because it’s sooooooooooo fuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn. How could you even suggest that?
On a serious note, stay safe. Those storms are a bitch, losing power sucks, but flooding is the worst. Hope you dodge a hit.

sunny dee

nnnnoooooooo II’mmmmmmmmmmmmm sssssscccccaaaarrrrreeedddd I’llllllllllll misssssssssssssss somethingggggggggg if simon stsssssssssssssssstopppppppppsssssssssssss

it must have been so painful to watch nicorey discussing the bribe and victor. I saw a recap on JU and just reading the flippery floppery was insane. I’m like nicole, you have literally no people who need to be bribed to do anything at all, you have the chance to make one simple person really happy to get a gift in the bribe he’ll probably take a bullet for corey for doing this for him, but you can’t DDDDEEEECCCCIIIIIDDDDEEE cuz you’re sssssscccccaaaarrrrreeedddd

unlike the only other options which are ridiculous because who and what is corey supposed to bribe for either voting or HOH that won’t blow up this current plan to evict michelle tomorrow? nothing, no one, never cared


Happy birthday.
Stay safe ????????


Is BB not pre-empted in your area for firkin’ football? My cable provider obtains feed for CBS from Florida and we will not see the eviction (chit chit chit). Good luck with Hermine. Models and ensembles show it passing very northern part of Florida. Stay safe.


FYI for those in FL: lf you are in the Miami Dolphins TV market (i.e. Miami, Tampa) BB will be preempted on CBS. It will be either be shown early AM or on one of CBS affiliate stations. If you are in Jackson ville market (Orlando north) it should be on at the normal time UNLESS storm coverage over rides it.

Newbie loving it

Have a feeling the Jacksonville feeders will be covering the storm so please everyone keep those of us getting affected by the storm updated on here. Thank you in advance! I’m ready or as ready as I can.


Ok, when I read Victor started crying, it made me cry a little. I’m a dork.


I totally love Victor! Honestly, didn’t think I would but he has fought hard to stay in this game and has an appreciation for the game and the experience I don’t think I have ever seen before in a houseguest.
Yeah, there’s some frat boy up in there but there’s also humility, respectfulness and friendship.
To all those who hate on him, keep on hating…good players get evicted, strong players come back. #comebackkid #uneVICtable

Blame James

James appears to be more concerned with his Fakemance, then playing this week..Its bad enough that Meech is immature and won’t at least have a conversation with Nicole about her eviction.

I never thought I would say this but team Finalfour


IKR? I want him to win now! He seems so genuine and needs the money as well.


Vic has to win America’s Favorite. I totally got teary-eyed as well!!! That was super nice of Corey/Nic for thinking of him and his car windows not working. That was a sweet moment in a game of backstabbing and deceit. Loved that.

We know America loves underdogs. If being evicted twice doesn’t make him numero 1 for AFP, then what will?


I also had tears in my eyes. That had to have been one of my favorite BB moments. Corey and Nicole redeemed themselves when they did that and I’m happy if they make it to F4 with Paul and Vic. Although I still want Paul and Vic to be F2, now I’ll be satisfied if any of them win. I’ve been liking Nic and Corey more since they’ve been hanging out with Vic and Paul and not isolating themselves, “cuddling”.


I think Corey’s 5k was Nicole’s ticket out the door first when they do get to final 4. I still believe it will boil down to Paul, Victor, and Corey – again I reference the names as “starring” on BB on our TV guide listing. Just saying.


It’s just that they’re in alphabetical order, pure coinkydink

Natalie's tw@t

Nicole and Corey have gone full retard.


and you never go full retard…


You sound like a lovely person (eye roll).

Morgan LaFay

Aw, Victor cried. That was one of the sweetest things. Warmed my hard little heart.


Please let Nicole stick with the plan to evict Michelle, I am so over listening to michelle like Victor one minute, then her and Natalie are dogging him out. And someone please tell James to stop making himself look so stupid by keep begging Natalie to make out, I’m sorry, James is super annoying when he’s trying to com on to Nat.

She keeps shutting him down, he was saying earlier today how he gets no affection, and Natalie does not flirt with him, he is the one who is always chasing her, well we all we it, and notice how he seems so proud to say Victor and Paul will target the showmances, he is like a kid. So happy to be able to say he has been in a one sided showmance.

Wait until Thursday, if Victor or Paul win HOH, If James thought Natalie was distant with him before, wait until they are on the block together, she will say how uncomfortable James has made her feel, always trying to hug or kiss me, asking me to make out with him.

She is going to play the victim role the entire time she is in the block, but she won’t have Michelle to run too, and we know Victor is not going to fall for it, Nicole, Corey, Victor and Paul said Natalie always plays the victim. James is so annoying, please don’t vote AFP for James.

Defining Moment

The best moment of BB 18 is when Corey offered the bribe to Victor. The smiles and excitement by ALL.. Paul will be able to sleep, Vic receiving the money cause he deserved it, Corey offering and Nicole able to watch it unfold.
Awesome Sauce.
I loved that moment. Glad I have that moment implanted in my mind.
Best Care Package Ever!!!!!

TX rar

Glad that Vic got the cash. He earned it !!

it was a good game move for Corey to NOT give it to Nicole too. Good job all around.

fender strat

Dear Michelle,

you’re not fat and you’re not ugly. i think you are really cute and can be very funny. stop beating yourself up. come on, think more of yourself.


I am praying Michelle goes heavy on the mascara and drops some buckets of tears before she goes through the doors and talk to Julie. Michelle’s pride and arrogance caught up to her this week because she can’t handle the fact that it was the person she hates the most (Nicole) that killed her BB dreams. her BB journey ends the way it started…doing nothing.


She is actually a pretty girl. Maybe she’s just very immature, idk. But she really needs to read some self help books, go to a therapist or something. I’ve never seen someone always so down on themselves. Can’t be good.

I think that’s why she always talks so bad about other people because she feels bad about herself. She needs to go back and watch the finale on season 10. Several of this years hg do. On BB10 a few of them got called out so bad for making personal attacks in the game. I hope that happens at this years finale but probably not.


That wa very nice of Corey to give Victor the $5,000 for the bribe. I really do think he needs it, seeing Victor tear up was very touching. He seemed very appreciative for the gift, I hope they stick with the final 4 plan, I’m pulling for them.


the bribe was a waste, hope they don’t bring it back. Bribe someone to do what they were going to do anyway… BS


They don’t need to use though because they happen to have all the power this week. So why not use it to build goodwill with a potential jury member?


It was a waste as a twist but at least someone that truly needs it got the money. That’s one positive.

Nicole likes Vic

I beginning to think Nicole likes Victor more than Corey. She is really nice to him and she shits on Corey all the time. She’s very flirty with Vic and doesn’t push him away like she does with Corey. Every Time Corey tries to give her affection she detaches from him and runs away. Corey was hesitant to give the bribe to Victor and wanted to give the bribe to Nicole instead. Nicole convinced him to give to Vic. She’s trying to make it to the end and using Corey to get to final three and her best interest is with Vic and Paul. If you really like a guy you wouldn’t disrespect them and play with another guys hair. I think she likes guys that are very masculine and Corey is not. She sat next to Victor instead of Corey while they were at the table.

Canuck Chick

Just wondering…
Would Corey have been allowed to bribe Vic/Paul to take him to final 2, or did the bribe HAVE to pertain to this week’s events?
If allowed, would have been smart on his part to make the offer.


Unbelievable. What a waste of the bribe. Serves America right for giving it to 2 morons that couldn’t come up with an original thought between them if their lives depended on it. Even if they wanted to give it to Victor, they could have tied it to him winning HOH and influenced something then. Idiots, both of them. Sealed their fate this week anyway. They just handed the 500k to Vic or Paul.


I want Nat to win HOH, and tell Vic/Paul that she is not putting them up, that she only put them up last time because Nic and Corey said they would have her back…and she no longer trust them…l want to see Nicole beg for her BB life…


stay going be boring show preseason football is on~


I felt teary too.


Me too. Maybe Corey can be rehabilitated. Maybe he will learn how wrong it is to cause pain to innocent animals for his amusement. Maybe Nicole, some day, will become less provincial and more sophisticated. Naaahh! Not likely, but it is nice to see a little heart from those two and a lot of heart from Victor.


I think James and Natalie are actually gonna be blindsided tomorrow by Michelle getting evicted. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the feeds last night. I had no respect for Michelle but I’ve lost all respect for Natalie after her and Michelle put their dirty feet on the fridge door and handles in kitchen and in the ice tray just to spite Vic last night.

Flip Floppers

I’m glad they gave it to Vic! No one else would have appreciated the same. His react was so sweet. He battled his @$$ off, he deserves some extra money!

Misty Beethoven

Michelle, get your ass out of that bed, take a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, put some clothes on that don’t make you look like a homeless person, and GO talk to them. What do you have to lose? You will hate the fact months from now that you didn’t even fight to stay in this game that you profess to love so much.
Personally I want to see her leave because I think she’s unstable in a stressful environment. She needs to clear her head. Plus Da, Bridgette, and Z will set her straight if she leaves a mess in the jury house.


Meech looked surprisingly much cuter in her bag lady sweats then Nichole did in her weird dressy top/old baggy jean shorts combination or Nat with her weird pageant girl makeup. When she relaxes she doesn’t seem like such an awful person.

Misty Beethoven

Damn, I’m either psychic or someone in DR room really reads this site. She’s up, she showered, hair is washed…c’mon Meech, you’re halfway there!!
And Michelle -give Paul back his pants that you packed. I’m sure he’d like them back.

Reality Check

Simon or Dawg, of all the big brothers you both have watch, has any houseguest not campaign before the eviction ceremony? Big Meech might be doing a first, of literally not campaigning for the entire week.


I can’t understand someone being this dense in a very social game. I’m surprised Natalie at least didn’t approach Nicole or Corey to see what the deal is for this week. Especially as Paul and Victor have basically lived in the HoH room. Corey and Vic have spent an enormous amount of time together and Paul has been there for most of it. Anyone in that house with even two functioning neurons would sense something and at least as the couple in power about it. Even if they lie to you, you’d be able to gauge the temperature of the room. I understand James’ turtle defense of doing nothing and hoping he’s still around when the dust settles, but Meech has to know her being a target of Nicole is a real possibility. At this point she doesn’t even have anything on Paul to cause a slight waver from Corey because she’s been in bed since last Thursday. This deep in the game, unless it’s the season that mustn’t be spoken, you have to interact with everyone to maintain position and try to improve your lot.


Remember Audrey, from last season? She pretty much self evicted after she was put on the block.


Michelle’s greatest nightmare is about to become a reality. When she was CO-HOH with Natalie, her only target was was Michelle. Natalie absolutely talked her out of it because she wanted P and V on the block. Remember when Michelle said “I just don’t want to go home on Michelle’s HOH”? This is what happens when you don’t play your own game. This unstable girl will not only hate Natalie forever, she will also hate herself. When she looks back, she will realize she never should have listened to Natalie or James. On the other hand, she made it a long way in this game eating and sleeping all the time.

Please excuse above errors

I used Michelle’s name when I meant to say Nicole, sorry guys.

Victor fan

Victor is the sweetest guy. I love the bromance with Cory and Victor. When the 3 guys are together laughing it makes this season much better. I’m laughing right alone with them. I sound like a wacko but I’m going to miss them when the show is over. Hope good things happen for Victor after he wins! Sign him up CBS


that is so lame, that is not a bribe…. he already was going to vote michelle out…….

I really hope James can throw HOH to Natalie, have Nicole & Corey put up for not telling them about Michelle being evicted…..

I would like to see final 3 be Victor, Paul, James ……


Not James. He truly doesn’t deserve it (at least in my opinion). I can’t even watch him. I tape all of the shows and fast forward when he is on.


I still think it’s really odd that Nicole would toss James aside without even talking with him first to find out where his heart/head is at. He did give her the HOH. Oh well. Vic and Paul needed for something to go their way for once.


She doesn’t want to work with him because his loyalty is with Nat and big Meech. He told Corey Nat wanted to vote Corey out and he was considering doing it too. They aren’t reliable and will backstab them next week.


Well Nicole has reasons for distrusting James.
He gave his word not to put up Bridget and Frank and then did.
James has turned on 2 of his previous alliances and Nicole could tell he was thinking of voting out Cory last week.
He and Natalie are tight with Michelle who has made no secret that she hates Nicole and will put her up.
Nicole knows she has to vote out Michelle or risk going home next. She’s torn over this cause she really wants to work with James. But she doesn’t trust him anymore.

Hilary Trickery Crock

I do not think that giving Vic the 5K could in any way be construed as a bribe.It has been a foregone conclusion that Meech was being evicted.In the true spirit of bribery being,”to change ones opinion”, all Corey did was hand Vic 5K. He should have given it to Meech for her promise of a positive vote for him when and if she gets to jury. If he had given it to Nicole,she would probably use it for more “whine”!


That would never have happened. Meech is the epitomy of a bitter juror


And how is this a bribe? To vote the same as he planned to? Corey, this is the dumbest move in BB history. Keep the 2 strongest players in the game, you and Nicole deserve to go out next! Victor will and should win this season. Please don’t let it be Paul.

Reality Check

Sad state of affairs when Nicole actually play Big Brother this week by planning and strategizing. Whereas James, Nat and Big Meech…need we say more about this week?

BB18 needs to end!

James has zero game (like last season) in the BB house and with F.T. Kinda sad he basically put his weirdo infatuation with her over his daughter’s future (I’m sure $500k could’ve gone a looong way for his kid).

F.T., the fakest person in the house. She’s so concerned how she’s being portrayed but she’s completely playing Lames! We know she’s not dating him outside the house!

Nicole needs to just stop talking period. Her voice and listening to her talk about COOOOOOORRRRRREYYYYYYY are both annoying!

Corey is just decoration in the BB house.

Big Meech is the worst “superfan” player ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your boy Paul and Vic are the least annoying and the only two who are actually playing the game. I’m good if either wins and the other gets AFP.


I gotta say I’m completely blown away it is unbelievable that 3 people laid in bed the entire week and did nothing to help their game not one thing. How is that even possible? It’s as if the diary room told James hey we will give you an extra 10 K on your stipend if you just lay down and do nothing this week and let it happen. Well this season is locked up and done Paul and Victor are taking the money the only question is who is getting first and who is getting second. it’s over. Wrap City.


Even more surprised that they managed to edit the entire show tonight to showcase 3 people who did nothing and of Nic talking to them (which she hasn’t all week) while making it look like it is the plan to evict Paul. They as usual showed very little of Paul or Vic, and when they did it was only to make them look bad (like needy, neive, kind of rude frat boys rather then funny, competitive men).

I sadly think that Nic is going to follow orders at the end of the day and vote Paul out tomorrow. The producers seem to really want a battle of the shoelaces, no matter how lame and boring it will be.

Natalie's chin whiskers

I still can’t get past the whiskers. I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

Oh, and Michelle…TAKE A BATH! You look all kinds of funky.

Nicole's Mom

I thought it was funny on tonight’s broadcast when James was talking about who would be left when Paul left (lol) and he realized that…oh shit in that scenario we’d be stuck with Meech and Nicorey would have Victor the Immortal.

Michelle the Thief

Aug 31 7:46 pm Michelle was packing her suitcase and put sweats in there. Natalie asks “whose sweats are those?” Michelle says “Pauls, I’m taking them”. Natalie asks “does he know?” Michelle says “they are a battle wound. I don’t know if he knows I am taking them, he just let me wear them”. Dang, she IS a total thief!!!!


Best BB moment ever… Michelle is evicted and as she enters the studio with Julie, uniformed officers cuff her, take her bag and dump it out on national TV revealing everything she stolen from the houseguests this summer!


I think she has been stealing all season. Just the other day James exclaimed that he finally found his hoodie that he has been missing for weeks. He said he found it in the bottom of Michelle’s bag. I wonder what prompted him to search her bag…are the other HGs aware of her stealing or did DR clue him in.


Hmmm. That must be why she flipped out on Paul when he was “looking for his stuff” in her stuff. Lol!

Wow if I were in that house I would go through her stuff myself to make sure she didn’t have anything of mine. I know Tiffany said on Twitter that Michelle was wearing one of her shirts. I thought maybe Tiffany accidentally left it behind but now that we know Michelle’s a clepto, she probably took it out of Tiffany’s stuff.


Michelle actually admitted to taking Tiffany’s shirt and then wore it during AD time. She made a rude (shocking, I know) comment about wondering what Tiff was thinking about it. It looks like DR is cluing her in on how she is being received by the public. I think she’s having these “fits” to try to hide her true personality. She knows her behavior is unacceptable but it’s not possible for her to change as she is truly the mean-spirited individual we’ve seen all summer.


Ever since Corey told Vic that he didn’t want a relationship with Nicole after BB Vic has been all over Nicole even in front of Corey. It gets awkward lol. Anyone else notice this?


A question for everyone.
When in the season did Corey said he did not like Victor and for what reasons?

When did he start liking Victor???


Anon, I noticed Vic giving nic more attention as well, AND vice versa! (her rubbing his head) I think she’s starting to see him as more of a manly man than Cooooorrrrreeeeyyyyyyyyyyy. He’s a comp beast


Can you help me out? I need a live stream for tomorrow’s
episode. Football here in Texas:(
Go Texans!!
Thank you guys for all you do.
Best spot to read spoilers;)


Live Stream of tonight’s epidode ==>>>


OK I’m going to probably quit watching if tomorrow turns out like its openly being portrayed. PAUL on the block- absolutely NO GAME talk!
What I could really odd, last night, Nicole had just showered and was brushing her hair. James was in the BR brushing his teeth and grooming a little. They didn’t speak, didn’t even look at each other, and they were in there 3-5 minutes with NO ONE else. That hit me as odder than anything I’ve seen.
It’s either James really wants Michelle out so Natalie has NO ONE but him, and that would make him completely checked out and doesn’t give a damn about the game and their side is done. Nicole really trusts Paul and Victor, she really IS AN IDIOT, and YES NICOLE MOM IS SSSCCRREEEEAAAAMMINNGGG!!
This is a live feed blindside
James keeping the two girls away
Nicole keeping the two boys away
They both know it.
She wanted to give the bribe to Victor so he wouldn’t be so pissed after Paul leaves and she knows she can convince him that he is her ride or die but she just couldn’t risk Paul in the game so it was purely a game move FOR him…….
That would be the only scenario worth staying tuned in, otherwise it’s just a pecking order, James, Nat, Nicole, then the three boys. OR Paul and Victor take James out, then Nicole and Corey taking Nat to final three.
Oh, one more thing, Nicole says in tonight’s show about mom and dad screaming at her.
In the POV she wrote ?? U mom
Mom knows


In the POV she wrote at the bottom of her chalkboard …..
(She drew a heart) u mom


I hope Big F’n Meech gets booed tomorrow. Never cared!!

An Apple A Day

Has nothing to do with her looks, but Big MF’ing Meech is straight up crazy! How is she a gamer and she refuses to talk to anyone about the eviction? She is basically self-evicting. Her social game SUCKS. The sheets on her bed are going to get up, walk to the kitchen, grab a knife and commit suicide. She’s getting a “bad edit” because she gives them nothing to work with.

But even crazier, is that veteran James has teamed up with her and Natalie. He is still assuming he’s aligned with Nicory… why? His thought bubble after the season ends is going to be, “Oh, S#!t, I did it again!”

An Apple A Day

Oh, and I cried a little, too, when Cory gave Vic the $5K. Seriously, who else is he suppose to use it on? It’s another ill-timed Care Package. But it couldn’t have gone to a nicer guy 🙂

The most boring week

I thought after paulie leaving that we were done with boring weeks but this is the worst…From Sunday I knew Meech is going and guess what? Meech is going and not even the smallest shake up happened, and in DE natalie will be evicted(or James is she wins the veto) and the winner of this season is Paul…coudnt bring myself to watch the last episode…
What a surprsie that Nicole will be the last woman standing this season, yet probably wont have the votes even agaisnt Corey…


I did not watch bbad corey gave the 5k to victor for what


What was the bribe for.


They bribed Victor to vote out Michelle. Also, to solidify their Final 4 and to make sure they would be safe after this week.


To all those that voted for Victor to get ACP and were disappointed when Corey got it, consider this “packaged received”.


Nana6….that would be nutz if it was a live feed blindside.


Nichole and Corey going on about how Victor needs the money. Windows won’t go down, etc. Did I read correctly that when he was given the bribe, he said “Cancun”? Didn’t need the $5k that much, huh?

Misty Beethoven

I think that $5000 could cover both the car windows and a trip to Cancun. It’s not like he’s taking a private jet.

No Name

I just like the fact that Michelle is getting evicted because she refused to go with her gut last week and nominate Nicole with her part of the HOH Nom.

She let James and Natalie dictate who she should nominate and now it’s biting her in the ass.

If she had stuck with her gut, one of either Nicole or Corey would have went home last week.


James will not go to bat for Michelle like he would Natalie … #nevercared. James will hold out hope that Nicole and Corey are still with them as Nicole did not target them and he understands voting out Michelle for openly wanting Nicole out of the game. So much will depend on who wins the HoH … I believe if Paul, Victor or Corey win it, they will put up James and Natalie … if one comes off, the other goes home. Think if Natalie wins, out of anger she will nominate Corey and Nicole. James will probably target Victor and Paul again.

Glad that Victor was offered the bribe as it makes up a little for Victor giving James the previous $5K and taking the veto instead.