Big Brother Spoilers Care Package “BB Bribe”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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“BB BRIBE” = Corey

WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 11-07-16-283

10:55pm Natalie putting on makeup everyone else sleeping

11:00pm Natalie, Nicole and Michelle Makeup time..
Talking about their dreams..
Natalie dreamt about Paulie and Amber being in the house and they were in a showmance.
Michelle – I dreamt that snoop dog tweeted out for James to get the care package..
They are nervous about the Care Package.

Michelle says she made sure to change her mic after him to avoid Paul, “No interaction is good interaction”
Michelle says the Jury house feels like a fun place.
Meech – doesn’t it make you feel better than Nicole said james can put up the nominations..
(LOL what)
Michelle says paul was up in the HOH for awhile last night
Natalie – act chill

Michelle – best case scenario Corey gets it..
Natalie saying that Paul talked all this sh1t about Corey and Nicole and now he’s buddy buddy with them now.
Nat – he (paul) talked so much sh1t
Meech – yup, that’s his game.. He’s playing Vanessa’s game.. He goes into groups gets information and then when someone is in power tells them everything
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 11-23-38-990
Natalie – it was a perfect comp for james
Meech – why did he drop.. Final 2 with Nicole.. I mean this is big Brother..
Natalie – I’m having anxiety
Meech – he really trusts here for some reason
Natalie agrees.
Meech – you didn’t ask him about it though
Natalie says he did what was best for his game..
Meech laughs “he goes up this week”

Nat – Vic and Paul are feeling really chill
Meech – yup
They go on about Paul talking sh1t about everyone since day one.
Natalie – how was calling someone buzz lightyear a joke in good fun

Natalie is worried that Bridgette Hates her. Natalie mentions during the HOH competition Bridgette yelled out that she’s done a lot of thinking about Natalie while in the Jury house. Natalie is worried Paulie is telling her things.

Natalie – honestly if I go home this week thought it just wasn’t meant to me..

Natalie going on and on about Paul being a liar and sh1t talker
Natalie – they might want to split me and James up that would be a strategic move..
Natalie – Victor will want to keep you
Meech – REALLY!
Nat – he will

Meech – I wonder what would have happened if Nicle was on the block and Nicole went home..

Meech brings up that James told her he would vote anyway she wanted he said those exact words.
Natalie mumbles something about they did the right thing.
Meech – we begged him though.. We said that is what you wanted.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 11-25-17-305
Meech – I have nightmares about Paul
Natalie – why are they building that’s my question.. Maybe they aren’t doing the care package this week..
Feeds cut..

Natalie says paul and Victor are best friends now.
Meech saying she wanted NIcole up and Natale wanted Corey up. James voted to keep Corey you would think they weren’t mad at him.
Natalie – it’s part of the game you have to act stragtecially I geuss.. We have a house full of COMP beasts
Michelle says next week is a double 99%

They start going on and on about how “everyone” else in the house has perfect lives and good upbringings.. “They have all these name brand things..”
Natalie – I don’t get Jealous
Meech – I get Jealous (love you and hate you meech)
Natalie – I’m always happy for people

They chat about Natalie and James having sad stories from their childhood. James being adopted. And natalie growing up in venezuela, Natalie says they bonded over it.
She’s a bit worried that she opened up too much with James on the feeds.
Michelle says Natalie’s mother did a fine job raising Natalie she turned out to be a beautiful person.

Natalie tells her to stop fighting with Paul because it makes Paul more evil and helps him.
Natalie – we gotta win HOH again..

Michelle – maybe we should go talk to COrey and Nicole
Natalie – you should..
Natalie adds that she plans on talking to them after the care package.

Natalie – I’m shitting myself

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 11-47-02-478

11:45am Kitchen Michelle and Natalie

Natalie continues to pour scorn on Paul. Says when Paul was tight with Paulie he was throwing competitions and last night his ass was on the line that is why he fought.
Natalie claiming she can read bullsh1t a mile away.
Natalie bring sup how Paul would mention his arm having surgery. he would use that as a excuse when he dropped out yet he never talks about it inside the house and when his ass is on the line he’s not bothered by it.
Natalie – I was never a big gossiper the game took me out of my element
Meech – how big was your high school
Natalie – HUGE

Corey comes in.. “Y’all got DR’s coming up soon”
Meech and Natalie – YUP

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 11-51-25-615

11:51pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole saying she wants the care package to be a HOH takeover. When she was on the wall she wanted to put up Victor and Michelle.
Nicole – I have to see what this is and I can decide..
Corey – man I’m nervous..
Nic – why because you don’t know if you want it
Nicole wants it to be something that make it so she can’t put up Paul and Victor

Corey wants it to be “Just safety” so he doesn’t have to do anything.
Corey says they need to use Victor to do the dirty work..
Nicole – it makes me sad how excited Victor was to work with us..
Corey – he had tears..
Nicole – I can’t put him up (Victor) .. James .. I promised .. dang it .. If I have to put people up we’re going to burn bridges that don’t need to be burned.

Nicole and Corey wonder if it’s best case her winning. Corey says it was 100% Nicole isn’t sure.
Nicole says the house could have ganged up on them again.
Nicole – I’m starting to trust Paul more than James.. how sketchy he was about the vote.. what the heck.. He held socks over his eyes.. that’s weird
Nicole – Natalie whose supposed to be in a alliance with us wants Victor to stay.. it doesn’t make any sense..
Nicole says for a hot minute Corey was going top get evicted last night.

Nicole and Corey agree whoever sits next to Victor gets second places. Corey points out Victor has already been evicted twice he doesn’t deserve to win it.
They talk about Paulie really struggling during that competition. Corey – He was pissed

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 12-31-26-225

12:30pm Nicole and Corey HOH
Going through their options. Nicole is leaning towards Paul and Michelle to be nominated.
Nicole – I’m playing way more strategic and harder..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 12-42-49-225

12:38pm Feeds go to Fish
Over the Speakers you hear “Special delivery get to the back yard.. ”
12:49pm Nicole and Corey joke that she’ll nominate him to flush out the 5K..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-00-41-413

12:51pm Nicole and Corey HOH
Corey wants to give it to James to not be mad at him for being nominated.
They really don’t know if they can use it.
Nicole says it would have been great if Paul or Vic had won it cause they could have bribed us to not put us up..
Corey – we want Michelle out right..
Nicole – I don’t know what to think
Nicole says he needs to hold onto it.
Corey is going to talk tot he Diary room.
Nicole says she’s thinking about putting a person on both side with the goal being Michelle.

Nicole saying maybe she needs to send Victor home
Corey against it says they can trust Victor and Paul they can’t trust James an Natalie
Nicole agrees says she doesn’t want to break the trust with Paul and Victor by putting them up as a pawn. He needs to really talk to them.
Nicole is wondering if the care package going to Corey means that America wants her to put up Victor and Paul.

Corey says he wishes he could just keep the money and not use it.
Corey – this is a good package cause I don’t have to do anything
Nicole – I thought they would give it to someone that needed it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-04-08-980
1:03pm Michelle comes up tells them if she goes up no hard feelings.
Michelle – I’m so happy you go tit.. it just show people aren’t fond of him
Corey – ya … for sure..
They all start scratching their heads why did Corey get it he’s not in trouble they would have thought the fans would give it to someone in trouble to make things exciting to watch.
Michelle says Paul was really disappointed he was banking on it.

Michelle leaves..
Nicole – I’m putting her up.. that’s easy for me..
Corey says he’ll tell James he’ll use the 5K to secure the votes.
Corey – Last night you said Michelle and James
Nicole says she wants Paul to stay calm cool and collective
Corey and Nicole agree they will throw the POV to Victor have him use it on Paul and they will put Natalie up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-09-53-739
Victor and Paul comes up ..

Paul suggesting Corey bribes Nicole to put up James and Michelle

They also suggest Corey save it until after the Veto. Nicole and Corey agree.
Nicole tells them she wants them in this game..

Nicole – I think Michelle is the bigger threat
Paul – that’s fine.. that’s valid..
Nicole says she really wants Michelle gone this week
Victor – we support whatever you do..

Nicole – we would bribe someone to not use the veto on her..
Nicole says she wants to use Paul as the pawn.
Paul says he’ll do it as long as Corey will vote for him
Corey says he will he can count on Corey’s vote.

Nicole and Corey say they were “secretly wishing” the care package would go to Victor and Paul
Nicole says their loyalty lies with Victor and Paul.
Victor says the same is with them, “You don’t understand the excitement I have working with you guys.. ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-17-29-552

Paul – I’m trusting you f*** it lets do it.. F*** it”
Nicole – you sure
Paul – F*** it lets do it

Corey tells him he will not change his vote his vote is locked. brings up that James stabbed him in the back 2 weeks ago.
Paul reminds them that side was selling them on Paulie, Corey Nicole up until they tried to get Victor out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-17-05-994

1:21pm Corey says he wants one of them 4 to get the 5K
Nicole wants to make sure Paul is cool with being the Pawn.
Paul – I play the game I don’t pussy around sh1t if this is the plan I don’t play around I trust you
Paul – put me up next to Michelle
Corey and Nicole assure him he’s safe.
Paul warns that Michelle is smart. says Natalie was crying last nigh tin the London room scared if they got the the care package.
Nicole says if Michelle wins the veto than James or Natalie go home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 13-24-48-633

1:25pm Sad 🙁

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WTH!!! Obviously there are more t.v. onlies that vote than feed watchers.


Feed watchers differ in opinion too. I promise you.


I think the majority of votes were split between Paul and Victor. Most people wanted them to have it, but there wasn’t a consensus of who to vote for individually. I assumed most people would vote Victor, but apparently there were campaigns to vote Paul, so…it got split and went to Corey instead.


I hope this care package backfires on Nicole and it’s James who gets evicted. I am also skeptical that Victor does not go on the block with Paul this week. Nicole is adamant about Michelle going this week. but if the sitting ducks are still standing after this week, after not winning HOH, not getting the care package, Paul risking to go up as a pawn, and Victor playing for himself and Paul in POV? my head will explode….lol. it will be poetic BB justice if James gets evicted after handing his wall comp hoh over to Nicole this week.

Jatalie Fan

Yeah I think James gave it to her because he couldn’t stand hearing her whine. LOL


That is because feed watchers have a better idea what is going on in the house. CBS has given some of the people very good edits. They have cast Vic and Paul as the bad guys, Paulie crying for Corey, got him the care package, along with Nicole and Paulie twitter followers. If CBS showed how some of these people really are, things would be different.


Also, some of us onliners didn’t get to vote because of the hours they had clashed with out work schedules.


I’m confused about the bribe. Corey gets 5000 to bribe someone? Or he gets to use 5000 to bribe someone with it? I was thinking before he was given 5000 to give to someone for a bribe.

This isn't hard

You are saying the exact same thing in 3 different wordings.


He was given 5,000 to offer someone as a bribe to do whatever he (Corey) wants them to do.


Nicole’s pretty boy toy Corey will find an excuse to give the bribe to Nicole. Seems clear Blondie is suppose to win. Corvette gets second place money for doing nothing all season, except babysit whinny voice for production…. YAWN……

TX rar

The other person gets the $5k if they do what corey asks in the bribe

Ie. Corey could ask Nic to NOT put him OTB and if she didnt then Mic would get the cash. It was kinda unclear to me too at first


If Nicole was smart she would put up James and Paul for her game anyway. Probs not gonna happen. Would be legendary if she put up #NotGayCorey! To see the look on his face LOL


Can’t put up James and Paul without loosing all their allies. Then they become the main targets
Now Michelle next to Paul or Vick they might pull off by saying they promised not to put James and Natalie if they kept them safe last week.
If Paul and/or Vick pull themselves or each other down then James or Nat would have to go up. And sol for them then and not so bad for Nicole

BB Curious

It would be the same look that he always has on his face.


Good waste it on Corey, dumb care package anyways….give James the money to sit on the block, then vote his a$$ out.


True. I didn’t even waste my time voting because the package was so stupid. The other ones were ok but this one is pointless. I can’t imagine anyone even remotely screwing up their game at this point for $5000. Dumb.


I knew it.


Nicole sucks….James sucks..


Why is a guy naned Dawg in the polls?

I dot get it.

D.J. Trump

It may be Canadian born Ted Cruz.


You dot get it cause you can’t spell


Its great when people point out others typos. and the irony when they do the same.


Running holes in my jack boots…


DAWG and Simon run this site.


Dawgs the reason you’re reading these awesome posts! Simon too!


Crap on a cracker, I meant Corey is a cracker of crap…

Corey the cracker

fak you

Morgan LaFay

Wish Natalie and Michelle would just shut up. It’s tiresome and boring, and all the smack they talk is just to make themselves feel better, like their bs is justified. Natalie, get a dictionary to find out what slander really means; it doesn’t mean trash talking. Michelle, if being called Buzz Lightyear is the worst thing ever, then you’ve never going to survive the real world. As long as those two have makeup, self tanner and chips, everything is right in their world.

What about C**T?

Michelle got called that last night. That’s slightly worse than Buzz Lightyear I believe.

Also Paul went on about a 2 hour rant last night. Even when he was alone. Stop pretending it’s one-sided.

Nat the Rat

So Michelle can hurl verbal insults at Paul but he can’t hurl one back at her? I take Pauls side on this every day of the week!

You want to know the difference?

I never pretended it was one-sided. I didn’t champion Meech.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Michelle definitely pushed Paul’s buttons. He’ll never admit to it, but she definitely did. And he called her a vile name after she called him bougie and threatened to burn his clothes, during a conversation strictly about game that she had no business butting into. Of course, he shouldn’t have called her a c*nt. I don’t think that’s the worst thing you can call a woman, but it’s still bad. But his choice in words is the only thing I object too. If he called her a deeha or an @$$hole, we would not be sh*tting on him now. In fact, I think most people would be siding with him, because Michelle turned a conversation between James and Paul into a fight filled with personal attacks. Michelle deserved to get sh*t on for sticking her nose in other people’s business and making personal attacks, but she didn’t deserve getting called the c-word.


And apples.

An Apple a Day

I’m a woman, I HATE The “C” word… But I can’t stand Michelle. She can dish out out, but she can’t take it. And I hate how her insults go so personal. She’s got problems! Paul is smart, and he’s an equal opportunity offender, and FUNNY. So he doesn’t bother me as I feel we’ve gotten to know him better. Team Victor and Paul all the way.

What the heck with Care Package voting only in the whee hours of one night? THAT’S sketch!

Skips mom

With Michelle, we see her ugliness inside and out. Natalie bugs me because she tries to act good half the time and then she says the meanest stuff too. I hate it when she says how good she is every day. Or all this sexual harassment stuff she keeps bringing up is pathetic and makes her look so bad. After Corey won the care package, it took her all of five minutes to beg him for it and tell him she would do anything for it. She is the one who uses her body for advantages.


Really? She was begging him for it? How low-class! How long before she starts using sob stories about her life or upbringing to manipulate it out of him? You know, something like Paulie would do. They are very alike in a lot of ways.


The sexual harassment thing was legit. Paulie, and the entire boys club was laughing at her behind her back, and in front of her face at times..

How she took it, ran with it, will never let it go, and flaunts her feminine ways might annoy you, but it still happened, and its still wrong.


I can’t stand Pauline but calling it sexual harassment is pushing it. It’s not a crime to talk behind someone’s back or make crude comments about their breasts

An Apple a Day

True, but you can lose your job or be sued in a professional or work setting. Someone like Paulie will suffer at some point for being so aggressive and verbally stupid towards women. It can cost you some day.


Who the hell ever claimed it was a crime?


Excuse me, but making crude comm


Excuse me, making crude comments about a women’s breast is sexual harassment. If someone made those comments at their job, they could be terminated on the grounds of sexual harassment.

Nat the Rat

I am talking about her claims against Paul. Now she claims his touching her thigh makes her uncomfortable when last week she said it didn’t and that Paul was like a brother to her and they joke all the time. Then yesterday she told him his touching her thighs did make her uncomfortable and she doubled down and fabricated that he touches her butt too and she is uncomfortable. Sound familiar??? He never did that to her and she is willing to make falsified sexual harassment claims and use it as strategy against Paul. Not cool Natalie.


You’re absolutely right!!


I guess America likes showmances/ cuddling and not people that actually try to compete and strategize (you know, play big brother)…. this is unfortunate…. and just when Nicole/Corey were going to make it interesting and target Meech/Nat/James… Nicole has even said if Paul got this they could have bribed her not to put them up and gave her the excuse she needed… now we will just get a repeat of last week… exciting

I'm confused

How does targeting Vic and Paul not count as playing Big Brother?

Think harder

Well at the time the care package was rewarded Nicole and Corey had not done anything all season… She can target whoever she wants, you can’t help but be playing when you’re HOH…. but only Paul/Victor and kind of Natalie have been playing beyond just being HOH and naming some nominees.. coming up with plans… trying to make it interesting and entertaining…. Corey has said very little all season and just kind of existed under the covers with Nicole… That’s why rewarding that behaviour with a care package seems pathetic.

Bolt Uprite

Nobody did anything until they got the care packages. Nat was just arm candy until she got hers, James had to make a big decision to use those vote nullifications, Nicole snapped out of her coma once she got safety, Michelle got power she would never be able to get on her own, now Corey may actually be moved to make some kind of game move that has managed to elude him all season. I think half of the rationale for the ACP was to motivate HG to get off their dead asses and stir some shlt.

TX rar

It’s more that they lay in bed all day and do no cleaning. People dont consider that playing the game. They basically did whatever Paulie told them to do. Nicole complained this wasnt like summer camp.


Nope, it’s not the ignorant tv watchers. It’s more like this election. Who do you hate the least?

Only reason Corey got cp is he’s hated the least. Most people remember Victor and what an a$$ he was in the beginning and that’s his true self. Paul just continues to show what a jerk he is. Talking to live feeds like his friendship show, explaining all night why he and Victor needed the cp. calling people names and running and telling what he did to the people he talked about and blaming it on someone else. He’s a worthless human being. No matter how much you hate Michelle, no matter if you think she’s a C or not, you don’t say it for everyone to hear. Victor admits what an ass he is in real life, wears a gang sign tattoo, people don’t know who he is. But, to use his famous phrase, “I can forgive, but I’ll never forget” I remember how he wouldn’t stop speaking in Spanish in front of all the HG, BB called him on it, he STILL talked, and acted like he was talking smack in Spanish, laughing at those he was talking about. He didn’t stop until he got in BIG trouble.
P & V talk about Michelle making up fake boyfriends, I don’t think she’s a nice person either, IRL.
Natalie, James, Nicole, and Corey are intolerable, but I don’t think their real life antics are anything like those other three.
America just hated Victor and Paul more…….


I will never forgive Corey for making fun of homeless people of laughing about lighting a goat on fire. Psycho. Nothing Paul or victor have done in the house is worse than that.

TX rar

I’d completely forgotten the comments on homeless people. Corey’s problem is the stories he tells show people what he is like outside the house. Inside the house his laying in bed with Nicole and following Paulie like a puppy does him no favors.


This just proves how clueless America really is about a persons character . This dude is a complete waste of human flesh . Maybe he can bribe Nicole to not pull out ! Now that would make great T V !


It just proves they aren’t on a message board where conformity rules the day.


No they are watching a TV show that selectively chooses what they see…like brainwashing. As opposed to feed watchers who tend to comments on sites like this and making up their own mind. Some agree and some don’t…it is all good.

LOL... make us their own minds

Take some time and educate yourself.


Right. They’re not on any update sites at all. They have no idea what’s going on in the game other than the edited watered down show. I’m pretty sure most Americans wouldn’t vote for an animal torturer. They simply don’t know. Of course cbs would never air that conversation.


Corey has antisocial personality traits. He is cruel to animals and homeless people (2 red flags) and has no remorse over these facts as well as no awareness that other people see something wrong with his cruelty. Yet America loves him. Sickening.


Corey is getting a good edit, he is awful and production has the 3 times a week/one hour edited, watchers believing he is wonderful.


Sounds like a sociopath to me


So much irony going on in this post. i can’t even.


The viewers were probably voting against Paul and Vic (by association) then voting for Cory.
And that’s the message they wanted sent to the house by doing that.


Sorry Paul and Vic are not my faves.That is my opinion, does not make me ignorant. I remember the first 2 weeks when Jozea was in the house how arrogant Paul was. I voted for Corey and I am sure allot of people voted for Corey based upon the fact that there were no other options besides P & V – I don’t really care for Corey either but wanted to send Paul and Vic a message just to take down their arrogance just a peg. Wake up guys not everyone is in love with the Sitting Ducks!


Yeah, they are full of it.


Every night Paul and Victor get in front of the cameras in the kitchen and make out their staring in some awesome show that everyone is loving. Makes me sick.


I hope Cory bribes Nat with the $5K to vote out James. It will be better for her game if she drops him and works with Paul, Vic, Nicole and Cory. James is becoming a bigger target every day.


Paul and victor go up or victor and Michelle.


OMFG! SERIOUSLY???!! NOW I KNOW THIS GAME IS 100% RIGGED! I checked every online big brother site, and Snorey wasn’t even CLOSE to Paul!! They really are trying to let those 2 pieces of crap win this game by doing NOTHING! Ratcole is GIVEN not WON 2 HOH’S, and now this??!! HATE THIS SEASON!! I guess to all you kids trying out for the game…lay around and do nothing and get 500k…I guess that’s the name of the game now…

Really? Every site?

Because Corey was leading right here. As well as on BBAD last night.

LOL this is you

comment image


OMGoodness, I literally laughed til I cried!!!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Priceless!!!


YEAH SERIOUSLY. It is not rigged and YOU SHOULD just CALM DowN OK? You can’t lose your mind JUST BECAUSE your favourites ARE NOT EVERYONE’S FAVOURITES. 😀


What is a favourite exactly?


Riiiiiight. Big brother is as real as WWE. Lmao. Even past houseguest admit that.

Reality Check

I do not like Nicole or Corey but both of them are getting good edits on tv. 1/2 of North America do not have Twitter and 90% has no access to sites like this. Not surprising at all that Corey won the care package.

325 million people lives in the US and we are lucky to have 200 voices on this awesome site. Just sad the few people who sees the feed know what Nicole and Corey are like.


I have the feeds, and all the chat rooms last night/this morning were calling for Corey to get it. The majority anyway. People who really do watch what is going on in that house know who DOESNT deserve it, they may not want Corey either but he’s the lesser of the three evils left. Paul cooked his goose with the lecture he gave America on the feeds last night.
If you go back and read ONE POST from each week, Paul is loyal to whoever holds the HOH key or the veto. Whatever suits him best.
That’s how he can claim he got boned when he’s put up. He’s always loyal to the HOH.


That’s odd because I’m always in the main chat room on the feeds (which has the most people) and I have literally seen like 2 or 3 people say Corey (all Nicole fans) Everyone else was saying Vic or paul.

sunny dee

he was leading on this site, and another one i checked before they did the jury back, when vic was still in the game then as well. votes kept splitting, when there are 3 people, someone can win for 40%. how is corey going to do anything other than bribe nicole, would be my guess. maybe if natalie wins veto, he can bribe her to not use it.

It was always going to be giving it to a lump of ‘Clay’ pun intended even tho i knew no one saw it the way i saw it: that Paul was going to be the only one who’d be able to make the bribe ACP entertaining. On the other hand maybe people think forcing corey to have it means that they are so bored with him that at least the care package means he’ll have to do SOMETHING.


Best comment.


Most people that vote are not live feeders. The just watch the lollipop goody 2 shoes CBS edition. Nicole has a lot of fans that probably voted for Corey


I voted for Corey. I can’t stand Paul because he is a huge liar. “Victor, go tell Corey that we are voting for him.” Victor go start shit with Nat and James. Victor let’s go screw with Paulie so he will be nervous before the VETO competition”. Paul is a nasty human being. And then to use the “C” word after getting all over the top with Paulie for saying “Fake Tits” is ridiculous. I hope Paul is voted out this week. And another eviction can result in FINALLY getting rid of Victor. Then let the games begin.


nicole gotta play this smart now put up natalie aka pawn and victor and paul


Wow! She gets to put up 3 houseguests? That is awesome, thanks for the update!!


the main goal is get paul out now!



Big Jim

I thought she wasn’t putting Paul up now she’s leaning towards him? Grow a pair and do Paul/Victor or Natalie/James


If Paul doesn’t win the veto he will go home. He may be Nic’s “pawn” but she’s not voting (duh). She is just trying to passify him while she gets him out of the house. It’s smarter then crying about how he doesn’t know how to make fries I guess.

Even if Vic votes for Paul to stay, that leaves Nat, James, and Cory to vote, and Cory isn’t going to go against the house. He really believes that the showmances are running the house, so will vote with them. Plus, he wants jury votes from Meech, James, and Nat while he probably knows he isn’t going to get them from Vic and Paul anyway. They have never liked him. They tolerated him to hang out with Paulie and now are tolerating him again to hang out with Nicole.

Sitting Ducks

I guess America doesn’t want to see good gameplay and entertaining television. Paul or Victor getting the care package would have been really interesting to watch. This care package will go to waste with Corey…


Let me guess…

Good game play = what you want

Sitting Ducks

Nope. Good gameplay is making well though-out moves and trying to advance further in the game. Corey doesn’t even need the package, let alone will he use it in a way to help advance himself further in the game.


I knew that Corey wouldn’t have any idea of what to do with it other than give it to Nicole or not use it. A good BB player would be licking their chops thinking of all the delicious outcomes they could influence and they would have to narrow it down to the one that is best for their game.

I dunno

Watching some people here throw temper tantrums is pretty entertaining. 😀


Boooooo! A Nicorey week!


Omg, Nicole reminded me of a whining Sam I Am!! She too asked James 13 times!! Paaleeeeeeaaase, I juuuusssst waaaant a lettttterrrrr fruuuum myyyyy moooom! And what about the part where she told Hames that he can name the Noms?? Yes, I’m a Victor fan, but I just don’t want Nicory to be there too!

Skips mom

Paul I voted for you! I hope you know America does love you.

Ah not

No America don’t!!
Speak for yourself
I can’t stand to seeing him ! He’s the definition of gross!!


I agree, tried to give you a like but for some reason the dislikes got a huge hit at the same time. I think Simon and Dawg are Paul fans, right guys?


“No America don’t”? Yikes. Lol. Sorry but America isn’t a population of one. Plenty of people like Paul.

I voted for you too Paul. And Victor last week. Sorry but I tend to favor people that actually play the game. Not people that spend their entire summer laying in bed and screwing. They can do that on their own time, or better yet in the jury house.


Wow so you like people like Corey then who hate homeless people and think it’s funny to light an animal on fire ? Corey has psychopathic tendencies and not to mention is just bland and plain dumb. Nothing Paul or victor have done is worse than that. You’re a real great guy!

Delusions of grandeur

You don’t speak for the entire country


Gross. I hate the guy. I guess if skip called you a cunt, you give him a big fat hug. You are either very insecure or totally oblivious to bad people. Corey for the win. I wouldn’t have a problem with Nicole, Nat or James winning it all either. No to Paul and Victor.


i hope nicole puts up paul and michelle. i really think those are the best two to put up for her game. vic still might not play veto and it guarantees a worst case scenario of paul going home. nat and james aren’t really the threats to nicole that vic and paul are while meech should be her primary target as meech could otherwise position herself as a swing vote which isn’t going to swing nicole’s way.


wow… I mean yawn. Corey will do anything to Bro out. Nic, seriously wants to go to F4 w/ corey, paul & vic. So she doesnt want to win? Can a Nic fan please explain this strategic move?


Why people don’t understand simple logic? She does not want to go to the top 4 with them BUT when Michelle will be evicted Paul and Victor will probably win the HoH. If that is the case, well she obviously does not want to be their target. I’m sure that if Corey, James or Nat wins the next HoH Vic and corey will probably be nominated.


Lmfao that is such a short term decision. That’s awful logic. I mean really, lets think about it.

Step 1: Michelle eliminated
Step 2: Paul/Vic get HoH (as per what you said)
Step 3: Natalie and/or James get eliminated (or both in two straight weeks)
Step 4: Then what? LOL
If she gets Michelle out and Paul/Vic get HoH, Nicorey WILL be final 4 with PV.


You could put up Paul and Victor..

Step 1: Paul or Victor eliminated (everyone else in the house likes you.)
Step 2: Even if one gets eliminated, the other might not necessarily target you since they don’t like James/Natalie either. And with only one of them available, the odds of them not winning are much higher.

Regardless, I would WAYYYYYY rather duke it out with Natalie/James than with Paul/Victor in the final 4. or final 5. Get those two out asap because they’re easily hands down the most deserving to win. Paul has played a phenomenal social game. And Victor a phenomenal competition game. Having either of the two anywhere near the final 4 is bad news.. lol. Especially when they’re better competitors than everyone left in the house.


unless nicole or corey win the final 5 hoh, a final 5 with michelle means one of them goes home. yes, they don’t want vic or paul around final 4, but michelle they want out before final 5. furthermore should vic/paul win the final 6 hoh, not only will one of james/nat go home (significant if only because those aren’t corey/nic), but one won’t play in the final 5 hoh, increasing the chances vic/paul goes home in 5th. i wouldn’t call myself a nic fan, but michelle is the correct target for her game at this point.

Seems Off

Everything I read online (here, numerous twitter sides, etc) all said Vote Paul and barely anyone said Corey… weird.


This way Corey actually participates in the game


No surprises! Corey’s just going to find. Way to justify giving the 5G’s to Nicole. He’s in a position of safety and power so it’s not like he’ll use it strategically.


I vote for Dawg as favorite houseguest…. he obviously has some fantasy about it


“HE”? Does that mean that Dawg is a “SHE”? I’ve suspected all along that Simon and Dawg were a couple. How else could they work so well together. You two do a great job!! Already did the PayPal thing.

Reality Check

Top 3 favorite houseguests:

1) Dawg
2) Kraken Rum
3) French Fries


So, does “HE” mean that Dawg is really a “SHE”? Not surprised, I’ve thought that Dawg and Simon were a couple. Doing a great job, glad I could do the PayPal for you.


If Dawg is a she, that is the best twist ever! In a great way though!


The goat burner getting a reward. That’s some B.S. right there.


Not a Corey fan at all but he didn’t burn the goat, his friend did. Bad part is he was laughing about it.


Watching / laughing at an animal getting abused is the same thing as actually commiting the act. What type of character would think attempting to set a goat on fire funny? Since, it appears production is still showing Corey as an all american, and all is well with them knowing his cruelty to not only animals, but homeless people as well, I for one will be submitting the tape to animal rights.


His buddy did not light it up. Everyone posting everywhere blew the story WAY up. Corey NEVER said his friend lit the goat. It was a prank and was stopped. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! Now as for the
Corey/Nicole sex that DEFINATELY happened 🙂


Actually, the drunk friend tried to light the goat with lighter fluid and matches and was just unsuccessful. They all had a good laugh at how terrified the goat was.

TX rar

Video of the goat story is on line.
Yes they tried to light a live goat on fire.
Yes Corey was there and did NOTHING to try to stop it.
Yes Corey thought it was hilarious!!
Yes Corey is a scumbag.

BB18 Trash

Season is TRASH


This will be an interesting week especially if Paul is on the block with Meech. Not sure how this is going to play out though


Go big fella, claim what is yours.

Unbattled Block

If she does put up Paul and Michelle, at least it will be entertaining

D.J. Trump

Thank You America!!! I have been saying for weeks Corey is a great guy. The silent majority has spoken and we will no longer be sitting on the side lines watching the remaining house guests ruin this game. Team Corey and Nicole all the way. God bless them and God bless these United States.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

To D.J. Trump,
You haven’t seen me work my magic yet! I can make anyone win!! Ask Bernie!! LOL! $ucka$!!
Love Debbie W.S.

5 people in that pic got care packages

2 didn’t



“Natalie – how was calling someone buzz lightyear a joke in good fun”

What is this, the next level of “he lied about fries) …. Natalie is becoming justbas annoying as Nicole Meech. And not she thinks she’s a “comp beast” she won 1 comp, her ego has gotten more delusional a close 2nd place to Paulie for sure.

french fries fanatic

Bratalie will probably launch a lawsuit against Paul for slander.


You make me laugh!



AKP for Simon!!

(America’s Kraaken Package)
I hate that I can’t thumbs up/down or vote on my browser (Firefox), cause your comment made me laugh out loud!

Judd's granny

I figure if a man lies about fries, no doubt he’ll lie about Cole slaw. Sooner or later, you find out he don’t tip the girls at Waffle House. Got him outta there.


He probably calls them chips at home like some Englishman!


I cannot believe these 2 showmances got 4 of the ACPs. That’s ridiculous. I hate the idea of Vic and Paul thinking that America doesn’t love them!!!!
I am just sitting here in disbelief that American not only WANTS to see 2 grossmances on the show, but gave FOUR care packages to these tools.


Yeah probably because Paul and Vic are two dumb ass. Think about that. I rather vote 1 milion times Nicole, Corey Nat and James than vote for those two idiots.


They don’t, CBS does. They have something against Vic (probably because he’s not white, but only they know the reason, so whatever). While I love Paul, I get why he has never won a CP. He’s too alternative for CBS to get behind and uses the f-word all the time (which just shows that he’s not really that smart, as intelligent people know how to express themselves without dropping the f-bomb all of the time).

They never feature Vic’s family or friends on the live shows. They never show him talking about his life, which has been on the up and up, only about the game or when he is making self depricating remarks about himself. They even try really hard to not show him cleaning, while in every other season they have highlighted the cooks and cleaners in the house. It’s not fair, but is what it is, and the show on CBS is all that the majority of viewers see.


Someone said that they were on the Apprentice and would’t let Production manipulate them. Production warned them if they didn’t that they would give them a bad edit. Victor went against Production when he was HOH, they did not want him to put Paulie up, but he did anyways. Maybe that’s why Victor does not get a good edit or maybe Victor won the Care Package and Production fixed it for Corey to get it, because Victor would not be manipulated by them.

sunny dee

One of them will be getting AFP, no doubt about it, unless they are both f2. how can you not give AFP to the entertaining Frienship show guy, or the guy who came back twice. being evicted twice doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to win, as something i read suggested. being evicted usually means a threat,, being a threat and still in the house is an accomplishment meaning he does deserve to win.


The people in this house give me a headache!! I like Natalie but I think James is ruining her game. He obviously has a strong “friendship” with Nicole and they will do what they can to get to the end together. Paul plays this game hard and deserves to win. Vic is a great guy from what I can see and is a close second to Paul. Corey getting the care package is a joke…he won’t know what to do with it…luckily Paul will tell him what to do with it. I liked Nicole her first season…not so much yet this season. Hoping she makes a good move with this HOH and Paul and Vic can make it thru this week. I’m thinking Meech will go home this week.

Another Anonymous

I guess the “Not Corey” vote ended up being split between Paul and Vic, so Corey won, probably with 34% of the vote. Sad.

Nicole and Corey know that Natalie would have voted out Corey if she had the chance. Why aren’t they considering putting Natalie up on the block (with Meech)?


Nicole should nominate michelle and Rat Geisha James. Michelle was targeting since day 1 and James the rat well didn’t he turn his back on her when he nominated frank and paulie? if she doesn’t evict Meech or james, if any of those get HOH during double eviction she would send pack home. I used to like meech but she is getting annoying trying to play the victim, she does an awful job. I still believe natalie is using geisha rat james as a shield and she has a thing for paulie.


Game logic in this comment=thumbs up
Unnecessary racist name-calling=thumbs down

Drop it already. Can’t you make a comment that reflects some personal integrity for once?


L, you ran out of thumbs options there! You needed a couple more options for poor grammar and non-use of capitalization.


He may have went after some people she was aligned with but I think he always kept her name out of people’s mouths. Except for Michelle but she has a weird obsession with her.
Now, when they were aligned with Vic and Paul he still tried to not get her nominated. I agree with everyone else, they have an pregame agreement.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Hilly, do you need me to “fix” something in this game?? I can do it, and I have some free time now. Although I do a have to use some that free time, you know I have to do new perm everyday, my poodle haircut doesn’t just happen overnight. Can we make up some more stories to give to Anderson Cooper? Or maybe, spend some more of these $27.63 checks from Bernie? These dummies on here act like they ain’t never seen an election being rigged..heheeheh Productions got nothing on me!! Love, Dirty Debbie


I’m not surprised Corey won the ACP. The casual viewer has no idea what is really going on in the house. Unfortunately the casual viewers out number the live feed viewers. This deep into the game they should have only allowed the feed viewers to vote!

do not speak -- unless it improves on silence

Uh…. “The casual viewer has no idea what is really going on in the house” …Uh, yea–they have jobs !


I have a job too and yet here I am. Guess what, I have live feeds too. What does having a job have anything to do with being a casual viewer?


Yes , because we are the chosen people .


An interesting thought…if Paul or Vic were to win FInal HOH do you think one would take the other or would they cut the other one to have a better shot at winning?


Take each other. If they take someone else, the other person already has 2-3 jury votes (Meech, Nat, James will vote for each other) and (Corey, Paulie, Nic, Zakiyah will vote for each other).

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

I think Vic takes Paul no question. Paul may not do the same. But I also think Paul is smart enough to figure out how to not be standing with Vic final 2 – because he knows he will lose.


I think Paul would cut Vic but Vic would not cut Paul.


Vic is a good guy. He’s seems to be loyal and I do believe that he would take Paul to the end. On the other hand, Paul is smart and very strategic and he will certainly drop Vic in the end. Anybody sitting next to Vic will get 2nd place. Paul made a remark to Vic the other day and he said to Vic that I will take you as far as I can. I instantly knew then that he will clip Vic if necessary


Yeah agreed. I think if Paul wins final HOH Vic is going to be in for a sad suprise.


Nicole would be some dumb to keep vic and or paul in the game. Its down to if she gets rid of meech or nat james or who ever stays wins her or corey gone or vic might even put them. Go with nat and james literally saved her from going home and now she is saying frank was on her side lol after wanting him gone so bad she is so dumb all the corey dick got her stupid


Simon — when you get time ( ha ha ) check out my rum — River Antoine. Your Kracken is made about 90 miles from where I live but because it is a different country, it will not be imported. My rum, although white is 75% ABV and as it is so volatile, cannot be sold to tourists. Can be used for fire-starter, removing rust and seeing one through to the end of this season. Cheers ( or CHIMO )

Interesting Thought

So Nicole “WILL NOT PUT JAMES UP”. Interesting that she got Paul to go up as a pawn. Yes, she wants Michele out because she doesn’t like her…but…could it be that Nicole is a better game player than she’s given credit for?

Puts up Paul & Michele. If James, Nat, or Michele win Veto…Victor goes up & Paul gets evicted. If Corey, Vic or Paul win veto…Nat would go up. But I don’t think Nicole will let Corey vote out Nat. I think she’s planning on blindsiding Paul. She knows (from last week when Paul threw her & Corey under the bus with James & Nat) that Paul is dangerous & playing all sides.

This week is all about who wins the veto!


James winning is worse than steeeeeeeeva winning. Ugh


Why does everyone hate James? He’s playing the game just like everyone else trying to win. Every alliance he’s been in someone was take of getting him out first (men’s) When that was gone then he was in alliance with Victor, Paul they wanted him out first too. Why do they cry that he turned his back on them when they wanted him out.??? Then this last one dumber and dumber (Nicole & Corey) , they are turning their back on him too. So I hope he keep fighting to win know matter what!!! Its a game stop calling names and making racial remarks that’s just hateful and against the law.


look where the lsasy winner came from on memory wall 2nd row left top side~


Shoot, I really think Corey might win this game. He is the person for weeks now that people see least as a threat and complain about the least. Also, all the guys seem to like him. He is kind of playing the laid back goofy jock just hanging out with a chick – like Jon Pardy of BBCan2.


He is nothing like John.
I just want to flash back to the best challenge ever. When John and the other Newfy had to get shmammerred and go out in the house and act sober…. I was in tears!! I loved that.
I do not love Corey.

I NEED Kraken NOW!

To the people that voted for Corey. Wwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???


Because we didn’t want Vic or Paul to have it & Corey was the only other choice.


Why do you have the opinions you have? No wait, don’t answer. You’re not required to explain your opinions.

But likewise, neither are they.


Corey should keep the $5k and tell production he’s bribing himself to keep up this charade with Nichole.

I don’t really have a favorite in this house but from anyone’s strategy, why would you keep Victor and Paul? If I was running the house, those two would be on the block any chance we got.

Yep Paul just said he'll punch Meech in the face

That makes four girls. This is the guy you cheer for?


Lmao I’m not even a Paul “fan” necessarily but can’t understand why anyone would take that literal? You honestly think he would even attempt to do that? He’s just being stupid, he’s not going to hit anyone in the house much less a female.

I joke all the time and say I’m going to drop kick someone. Am I really going to drop kick them? Hell no. I don’t even know how to drop kick.


That’s just tough guy talk. Paul knows that would be an automatic removal from the game. Do you think these houseguests feel genuinely threatened by a guy wearing a pelican floatie around his waist?


It’s a pattern with Paul. He has no problem saying he’s going to drop kick a female in their face and also has no problem calling a female the “C” word. So what he’s not being literal, our words still matter and as we have seen from past season’s they can follow the houseguest’s after they leave. Paulie was bashed for his actions and words. So why is it OK for Paul?


I’m not quite sure why Paul was suddenly enemy #1 when Nat and Michelle became HOH. Yes, he is a loud mouth and foul at times but at least he is playing the game and has a strategy… get under their skin by calling them out in front of everyone. That is part of the game! I don’t know what the hell Michelle is doing in this game. She called Paul a liar and manipulator so why can’t he defend himself? All he did was call her out on it by asking for specific examples of what he lied about and all she could come up with was that he didn’t tell her Da was getting voted out! Really?? WTH?? Even she admitted to Nat that that was the only thing she could come up with! EVERYONE but her and Z knew Da was going, INCLUDING her new BFF Nat, but I don’t see her going around calling all of them liars and manipulators for not clueing her in.. She can’t even come at him on a game level so she attacks him on a personal level. Her and Nat operate on a mob mentality! When one makes a stupid comment, the other agrees and then they drive it into the ground! What does his clothing line, college debt, and ability to make fries before BB have anything to do with this game? Hell, just a week ago she couldn’t wait to get some of his clothing after BB! I don’t agree with him calling her the “c” word but she brought that confrontation on herself since he wasn’t even talking to her. Some previous commenters were right when they said she can dish it out but can’t take it! The only thing I agree with her on, is that she does suck at this game. She should have just stuck to being an armchair-online-super fan. I bet if she had, she would have loved how Paul is playing this game!

James and the Giant Meech

Nicole wont put up James, James wont put up Nicole, for two people who barely talk they sure wont break that understanding that they NEVER nom one another…. There has to be a clause from production that they wont get an certain amount of money if they do it… it’s obvious


I seriously doubt the people that voted for Corey read here (at least the majority don’t). They see the one time each week Corey and Nic out of bed and think they are actually doing something.

Now, I think it is a good move for Nic to use Paul and Vic to get Meech out. That evens the playing field for them. Right now, it is 3 to 2 to 2. Teaming up with people who are focused on getting revenge and hate Meech is a good move to get her out. Once that is accomplished, Nicory and go back to sleep and let the chips fall where they may and side with the lone survivor.


need win pov to nicole does on the bloxk


James just said that America votes on the ACP because they want the underdogs to win and right now they (James, Nat, Mich) are the underdogs. Yet James still believes they are in an alliance with Nicole and Corey which would make it 5 people against 2 so how does he figure they are the underdogs?

It is crucial for Paul to remain calm this week if the alliance between Paul/Vic/Nic/Corey is going to work. Nicole gets sick of the arguing and the he said / she said. What better way to cause dissension and infighting among JNM than to tell Michelle that she is going OTB as a target because James told her (Nicole) last week that Michelle really wanted her up as the target? Michelle will be pissed at James and feel betrayed by Nat since she will think Natalie knew about it. Natalie will be mad at James for running his mouth. And Michelle will feel like an idiot because she blamed Paul for telling Nicole she was the target.