Big Brother 18 Spoilage – Nomination Ceremony results!

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 17-49-46-463

Nicole Nominated: Paul & Big Meech

5:45pm The live feeds return from the nomination ceremony. Nicole nominated Paul & Big Meech. Corey, Nicole, Paul, Nat, Vic and James are in the kitchen chatting. Meech is in the havenot room counting things.

Storage room – Nicole, Vic and Corey. Corey says alright successful so far. Vic agrees and says I just have to win the veto. Corey says hopefully you win and take Paul down. Then we’re rolling. Nicole joins them. Nicole says Vic was nervous. Vic says he always is with noms. Corey jokes that he is always nervous even with her as HOH. I’ve only known you for 70 something days. Corey comments on how they should get James in the trash can to scare someone and then saran wrap him in there.

Havenot room – James tells Meech .. you obviously know that Paul is the target. And if Victor wins the veto, Corey is going to try and bribe him not to use it to lock the noms up. Nicole

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 17-54-25-290

5:55pm HOH room – Nicole tells Corey that she went to the havenot room to see if Meech was okay and James was in there scheming. He’s definitely caught on… but one of them (James or Nat) are going up and going to go home. It might be the days (veto) so she (Meech) might win it. I’m going to study. Nicole asks one of them has to go right? Corey says absolutely. Nicole gets in bed to listen to her music.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 17-53-28-746

6:10pm – 6:20pm Natalie tries to make jello and spills some of the power on the stove. It starts a small fire but goes out immediately. Nat says I almost killed all of us! I’m never cooking again. I feel sick. How are you guys not scared? Vic says becaue nothing happened. Nat says I literally need to look at the fire extinguisher and study it. If I set someone on fire I would go home. I could never forgive myself. Paul and me almost got hurt. I put everyone in danger. I’m shaking a little bit. I’m sorry!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 18-13-21-588

6:30pm HOH room – Nicole & Corey. Nicole says Meech is mad. Corey asks she’s mad at you? Nicole says yeah. Corey asks if Meech wins the veto should I make her an offer? Nicole says Nat didn’t say one word to me. DO you think she;s mad? Corye says I kind of want Nat to go home. Nicole says that’s emotional. Corey says I think it would help us. We could pull him in closer. Nicole says James, Nat and Michelle are tight. They’re always together. I think if Michelle on the veto she wouldn’t bite on the 5K. One of them is for sure going home. Worst case Nat wins and pulls Meech down .. James goes up. Nicole says I’ll tell Nat if she uses it James would go up. If I wanted Paul to go, I would have put up his best friend Vic. Corey says so Meech is going home. Nicole says she might win. Nicole and Corey plan to drink her wine tonight. Corey says we’re doing a good job. Nicole says one of us needed to win this HOH or one of use would have gone home.

7pm – 7:25pm Paul joins Nicole and Corey. Paul says I think I did good. Nicole says I think they’re on to us. I already caught James and Meech scheeming. Paul asks if I win am I supposed to pull myself off? Nicole and Corey say yes. Paul asks would you pull me off if you won? Nicole asks what would I do? Paul says a line is going to eb drawn either way. Corey says I think this week we have to get Natalie out no matter what. Nicole asks if you win HOH next week who are you putting up? Corey says I don’t know. Nicole says the thing is this week we might have to show our cards. I have no idea who I would put up as the replacement nom. Corey says I would put up Vic and Natalie .. Vic you lied to my face and Nat you wanted to vote me out. Nicole says why not stick to one side. Instead of pissing off both sides. We just have to pick a side. My instinct are telling me we can trust Paul and Vic more. My head is telling me to go with James and Nat because we can beat them. Corey say my gut tells me to go with Vic and Paul. Nicole says I just can’t trust James. Corey says I would be okay if Vic or Paul won ..I would shoot myself if Natalie won this game. Nicole says she doesn’t want Meech and Paul to be have nots. I don’t want Meech and Paul to bond. Would you take one for the team. Corey says no. Nicole says I won’t pick you. Who should I pick then? Corey says Meech, James.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 19-48-51-894

7pm – 8pm London room – Natells Meeh she’s not going home. Paul is the target. Meech says I only trust you and James. Nat says just know if you’re still on the block you’re safe. Meech says if next week is a double I can totally win. Nat tells Meech she would need to decide to use the veto or not. Meech asks why would I not take myself off? Nat says you could try and get that 5K. James and I won’t vote you out. Nat says Nicole isn’t going to try and take you out. James would not allow you to get voted out. Meech says if Nicole wanted me out she could get Corey and Vic to vote me out and then she would be the deciding vote. Nat says I didn’t think of that. Meech leaves. James joins Nat. Nat explains to James how Nicole could be the tie breaker. James says Michelle has nothing to worry about. Nat says I told Meech she might want to risk it to get the 5K. James says she has 2 votes. She can’t go around cussing people out and pissing people off though. Nat says Vic and Paul need to go they’re the biggest threats in this house. Paul is the biggest threat in the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-26 19-52-12-255

8pm Paul, Vic, Nicole and Corey are in the kitchen. Paul is making fries.

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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michele need win pov now!

No Name

I hope Victor wins POV just so we can watch Natalie and James squirm all week.

But if MIchelle wins POV that’s fine too.

As long as James, Natalie, or Michelle go home this week I will be a happy camper.


just remember acp 5k!


WTF?????? I am stunned. can’t believe Nicole is actually going through with this. Vic not on the block? HOLY SH*T!!!!!


natalie pawn~!

paulies jury house nightmare

why would you be stunned? nicole isnt very bright, wants to keep 2 strong pairs safe at the final 6 stage, leaving 4 comp threats in the house, and target one of the only players she may actually have a small chance of beating

Paulie the Misogynistic A-hole

Any plan that doesn’t involve nominating Paul & Victor is a stupid plan. Michelle and Nicole are so set on nominating each other for personal reasons that they are forgetting to try to win the half mil. Another reason women never win BB.

I like Victor, but I think him coming back over and over is destroying the credibility of the game. If you keep getting voted out, you’re not a good player, no matter how athletic you are. BB should be about more than winning comps. But now it’s mostly about being a comp beast. Another reason women never win BB.


I agree. this season has been heavily tainted by production’s involvement. I don’t blame Vic for taking the opportunity to getting back in the game, he’s seized the moment and won back in. IMO he adds more entertainment than the bunch of the duds who tried to win the battle backs.


I think you so too much time creating your screen name that you’re missing the game:

Nicole’s game isn’t predicated on winning comps, it’s predicated on being seeing as an ideal final opponent. She knows 1) Michelle wants her out and 2) Michelle is also seen as an ideal final opponent. For these reasons, getting Michelle out make a TON of sense for Nicole…because unlike the other girls, she’s not playing the game for somebody else.

The only error I see is Nicole not selling Michelle as a target. James and Nat might not be happy with it, but it’s not like Nicole can’t rationally and logically explain why she’d want her out without arising suspicion…Michelle called her a snake on live TV. She doesn’t need to go full Paulie/Paul hard sell, but using their natural fear/paranoia to get them open to cutting her loose as an option, what she’d ideally want, is easy.

Then play out the rest: James/Nat will want to get either Paul/Vic and vice versa. Ideally for Nicole they trade HOH wins. That leaves her, Corey, and 1 from each side. For arguments sake say James and Vic, but it doesn’t matter which one. Nicole is looking at a final 4 where the other 3 all want her at the end. Can she win? Maybe. She can make the case that she was loyal to Paulie, loyal to Z. That’s 2-2 with the jury today…and maybe 3-1 with Bridgette appreciating loyalty given how her “allies”, James, Vic, and Paul all cut her loose out of fear of Paulie. Then she makes the case that she stayed under the radar and stage managed the game from final 7 to get a final 4 where she could sit and watch because everybody was picking her. Just keep in mind that the jury would likely have a girl majority, 5-4, girls who aren’t enamored with comp wins, girls who relied on social game, girls who are sequestered with Paulie as a punching bag right now, no game stress, and Da, Bridgette, and Z could already be forming opinions, how the guys used them, turned on them and were “dirty”. That narrative takes hold and Nat and Michelle become easy sells. Nicole could be unbeatable. Even if she’s next to James, she trades Nat’s vote for Corey’s and that’s 5.


You’re really pushing sh!t uphill thinking Nicole is going to get that lucky.


So if Nicole’s end game is that she thinks she will win over 2 guys, that likely is not going to work real well for her. She would be better off trying to pit all of the guys against each other and figure out a way to get a Final 3 of the 3 girls. She would win against Meech or Natalie. The reality is she has already blown her game by isolating herself with Corey. She wanted to fly under the radar. Fine. She can’t expect that she is going to soar with that strategy. She’s not like Derrick because she hasn’t been involved in almost every decision. In fact, she seems almost aloofly unaware of most of the decisions. The best was when she “surprisingly” voted to evict Bridgette. Talk about clueless! Nobody except Corey relies on her to advise them on what they should do. btw…Paulie IS a misogynistic a-hole and I doubt if the commenter had to think about it very much to come up with that name. It’s pretty obvious!


Brilliantly said. Sums it up perfectly.


I really don’t think production will allow James and Nicole to get to final 2 simply because they had a final 2 deal BEFORE coming into the house. I think at this point, production is just doing the best they can to get as much entertainment out of those left in house and will cut them both in as imaginative way possible. That’s my guess anyway. They’ve screwed this season up so badly, they’re just trying to salvage what they can of what is left. I really don’t think neither James nor Nicole will make it to final 2.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Once again Nicole is terrible!!! She still hasn’t won a comp. Two HOH’s and they were both given to her. James is a pu$$y whipped chump! He’s whipped by someone he’s not even in a showmance with! I hope it bites him on the a$$ and Vic wins AFP. I just can’t with those two. Nicole looks like she stinks with that ratty hair. Corey is running out of that house when this is over.


She’s going to look back at this and realize she is the biggest tool in bb history! Absolute moron!!

The coreys

So is James the target

Ian Terry & Big Meech

Nicole is going to be pissed when she finds out Ian Terry wants to ask Big Meech on a date(he confirmed this on rhap on Thursday)

It will shut Paulie up too who told Meech that Ian would never like her

Ian's Lament



I’m actually starting to like Nicole and Corey…

A Girl Has No Name

Thumbs down times infinity. Nicole is a snake and Corey is a floating leech with neither the social game nor the intelligence to be where he’s at. He is the male Victoria. I will hate to see either in the final two. Damn James and his stupidity. His ignorance will cost both him and Natalie a shot at the win. I can see losing honestly but to give someone a win when more than your own ass is on the line…selfish.

Misty Beethoven

Let’s not get carried away…

Sad excuse for a comment

Let’s not get Corey’d away…

( it’s stupid, I know sorry, had to)

sunny dee

Too soon

too soon



Corey is beyond dumb! The ONLY reason he is still in the house is because James kept him there. Victor and Paul wanted them out so bad! Now he believes the crap that Paul and victor are selling. Unreal!


I dislike Nicole almost as much as I disliked Amanda and Sabrina.


My 2 favourites on the block what a surprise

Thanks Ratcole

fender strat

who will have the bigger hissy fit/meltdown?



Nicole better hide the HOH basket.


If noms stay the same, who will the houseguests vote out? Like for Michelle, dislike for Paul

paulies jury house nightmare

voting out michelle to keep paul/vic/james safe is absolute insanity


It really is, but this obviously isn’t the brightest cast

paulies jury house nightmare

she is living up to her name of fruitloop dingus


Your current up/down votes is proof why superfans should be banned from BB.

Getting Michelle absolutely makes the most sense for Nicole. Right now, Nat/James want to get out Paul/Vic and Paul/Vic want to get out Nat/James. Only an idiot would disrupt that dynamic. Nicole should wait till Michelle doesn’t win veto, then immediately make the easy case that if it’s her HOH, her call, then the chick that called her a snake has to go. She can still claim loyalty to James/Nat and even if they’re annoyed she was selfish, their target doesn’t change. They’re not going to avenge Nat and forget about the guys they nominated.
In Nicole’s perfect scenario, Michelle goes…then the 2 sides trade HOH’s, each eliminating one, and Nicole has every reason to think she’s in a final 4 where every single person takes her to the end.

But superfans make this personal and decide she needs to do other players bidding…like Michelle, this season’s superfan. Whichever side is their favorite means Nicole should go after the other, and do all she can to add a second enemy to join Michelle in wanting her out, thereby decrease her chance of getting to the end. Superfans love BB players, but they don’t love the actual game.


She has not done much up until this point. Continuing to go the safe no blood route will not win her the game, one of the main reasons being she is not well liked. She has little chance of getting 5 votes and for me she should be looking to take a female or Corey final 2 as well as getting out some bigger players herself. There is no way they will let both her and Corey go to final 2. If Michelle is gone it leaves only Natalie that she would have any chance against. I cannot see her beating Natalie with who is in jury and who is to come to jury. What you’re thinking is she has a good chance of final 4, but by eliminating one of the only players she could win against is not the prudent play in my opinion on a strategic level of wanting to win the game. For your scenario to work for her it would have to be very flukey with so many things having to go in her favor.


Actually, I, personally, was thinking about all the houseguests, not just Nicole.


Snatch that POV Vic! Make them scramble!!


Corey seems to have a real evil side. When I read that he wants to Saran Wrap James into a garbage can I think of horror movies or serial killers.


James is lucky he is not a goat.


Corey needs some cooking lessons, too. He doesn’t know how to make cabrito (i.e. don’t try to roast a live animal) and trying to vacuum seal James in the trashcan isn’t the best method to “cook his goose”.


Not a goat, just a skeavy rat! Please backdoor E.T.

Not me...

I think of Corey not seeing the dangers of plastic wrap and suffocation while in a thick plastic garbage can with possible air holes completely sealed off…I guess Corey would stand around and lol like he did when the innocent goat was doused with lighter fluid to be lit on fire…YOUR REALLY ONE SICK DUDE COREY! Production better step in on that sicko prank!!

Corey's missing brain

Ok I get it I’m dumber than a rock


It’s a joke not a murder plot. A joke made by someone who is probably sick of getting pranked. It made me laugh.


How can Nicole be so blind? why is she trying to keep Paul after he attacked her all of last week? I guess that’s good for Paul ,who I am slowly starting to like, he is actually playing the game as opposed to the other players who seemed more concerned about their love life.


I can’t believe it but for once that dodo Corey used his brain and prevented Nicole from targeting Victor and Paul. Time for Nutless James aka The Pussy aka LAMES and Bratalie to feel the heat and be evicted πŸ™‚


But wouldn’t it be smarter to target Vic and Paul? They’re much stronger. Besides, I’m sure based on her comment to victor, Da’ is turning the jury against James.


Jury being against one person does not mean they will not vote for them. Most of them time it means they are acknowledging they are playing the game so if they are not bitter, they should vote for that person. Not that i think James has played anything but a rat game.


Yeah, but I don’t think it’s because of him being a good player, I think it’s because Da’ is bitter that he had a hand in Zakiyah’s eviction.


When I was watching the episode I died laughing thinking about how Frank kept warning paulie not to wait a week to get day out because she will taint the jury. Haha I bet paulie was wishing he would’ve taken franks advice considering the crap she was giving him. Too funny

Maple Leaf

So’ who is the real target this week?




Paulie (in jury)

Nichole wants

Michelle out but Corey would prefer Nat or James go up and out as a backdoor. Nic says she won’t put up James and then says I don’t know. So who knows who will be the final target. Right now Paul is not the target for Nic/Corey.


So are we liking Nicole now…I hope not. I really dislike her and James and I’ll endure her if it takes a shot at James.


Would love to see James go out on Nicole’s hoh- the way he shouted-out to her mom on a first name basis when she got her hoh room made me cringe.


Why did that make you cringe? He is friends with her family, nothing wrong with that. He has said before that he texts with Nicole’s Dad all of the time. You’re just looking for another reason to dislike him. There is nothing wrong with him knowing or being friends with her family.

Captain Crunch

If somehow James or Natalie went home this week it would be well deserved since James threw the HOH comp b/c he didn’t want to get blood on his hands?? Who throws a comp this late in the game? Oh yea, James does. I really hope no-one is voting him for AFP this year.


Victor winning POV is crucial, because if Paul win Nicole might chicken out and put Victor up. James and Natalie never stayed solid with any alliance they were in they been “bouncing checks” all summer. They too comfortable..


Given how predictable the comp order usually is, does anyone think they know what this veto comp will be? Does Victor stand a chance winning the veto? He’s not bad at mental and he’s a beast on physical. Paul’s not bad either. Nicole can do mental. BIG MUTHAF***N MEECH is hopeless at everything except being pathetic.

I didn’t like Paul and Vic at first but they have stolen the show. I’m so happy they teamed up with Nicorey and hope it lasts through DE.

I think it would be awesome for Vic to win after getting voted out TWICE. That would be AWESOME.


No, that would not be awesome. It would make him the worst winner in big brother history because he would be the only one whose game was so bad that he got evicted not once, but TWICE in one season.

Herren McKeester

I agree with half of that. The first time he was evicted it was probably due to poor game play right off the bat. He
came across a bit arrogant and flirty etc.
The second eviction however was due to decent gameplay and being a comp beast and being a real threat to
win the whole thing.
I hope he wins. Not many can overcome one eviction let alone two.


Yes, but part of having good gameplay is the ability to save yourself from eviction, and he failed to do so twice. It’s true he was evicted the second time because he was a threat to win, but if he were truly a great player, he would’ve found a way to win James over.

Butters Mom

The slippery slide comp where they have to transfer liquid from a pool to a jug usually has about 6 people in it… the egg transfer comp hasnt been done yet and usually has between 6 and 8 people in it… the face morph hasnt been done yet… the dice rolling comp… the counting things in the house hasnt been done yet… maybe they will come up with something new this year… that would be awesome!


Slip and side is usually an HoH one. I’m thinking the face morph one.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

If it’s the counting comp, I hope someone tells Paul that starfish aren’t fish, so he shouldn’t be counting them as fish. Maybe I can send that bit of info to him in a dream.

“Heeey, fuuuun faaact, Paaauuulll. Star fiiiish aren’t fiiiish, huuuun. Fish have booooones. And fiiiins. And scaaaales. And giiiills. Starfish don’t have aaaaany of those thiiiings. And besiiiides, they’re really called seeaaa staaarrsss. Woooo-oooo!!!!”

I’m apparently a ghost in this dream. Or Nicole.


just remember acp buy anything!


Nobody cares about the stupid care package anymore.


hope corey win pov now let keep things the because he acp to!


That would be hilarious if Paul got voted out this week somehow, feel free to thumbs down lovers πŸ™‚


Actually, it would be hilarious if a goat walked out of the Paris room and took a crap in the pool and ate a chunk of Nicole’s hair only to disappear into one of the hidden doors crew folks use.

Butters Mom

This just in from Texas… “said goat” was reported to have been donated alive and well to the local meat market where they were able to prepare several meals for the homeless with him.. whew! I feel better now.


Nicole stupid , Corey stupid , hand paul and Victor the money now.


Never thought I’d say this but I’m happy my faves Vic and Paul are working with Nicorey. Vic and Paul final 2!

Tiny Trump Hands

I can just see James winning the Veto, using it to save Meech, and Nat getting evicted.


I would LOVE that!

Tiny Trump Hands

Corey doesn’t want to cuddle in the daytime with Nicole in the HOH. Why am I not surprised?

Cindy Withanesse

Because she doesn’t have a penis….

Plastic surgeon

And he can’t see her nose at night. Its herrific.

Stay Strong Meech

(even though you did this to yourself, I love you and I can’t wait to see you devour your next HOH basket)


Yeah, “cooking” jello was probably her first mistake! Loved watching Vic in the mirror. He basically didn’t react, but I would bet money that his first thought was “Damn, I sure hope she cleans that up!”

Froot Loop Dingus

Thank god she wasn’t trying to make french fries!


LOL!! Now that is funny!!! Your probably right……Vic likes a clean house!!! Good little salsa dancer as well!!

Skips mom

And I thought Vic and Paul were also thinking like “shut up already Natalie”. She went on and on for twenty minutes. She clearly made it bigger than it was. I was getting so annoyed having to listen to her. She is a good actress at playing victim, but Vic and Paul were having none of it and even James seemed like he wanted to tell her to be quiet after like 10 minutes.

Kid sister

Expect the expected


I was just watching the flashback of Michelle talking to the feed watchers saying that she feels like a shit player and a shit person, that she never should have been picked for the game, that she doesn’t know what this house has done to her because she never acts like this, that she never even swears.
She blamed Paul for the fact that she swears. Can she take ownership of anything? I realize that when you hang around people long enough they can rub off on you but seriously, Paul is not the only one who swears and, Nicole has been living in the same house and she hasn’t started swearing. Paul can’t be responsible for everything.
My frustration in these moments is that I try to be a little sympathetic. I do believe that none of us know how we would act in the pressure cooker of BB. Also, none of us really know how others perceive us. But at the same time that Michelle is saying that the house has brought out the worst in her and that she isn’t acting like herself, she still has to make crappy comments about Paul. If she would have the light bulb moment that all of her fellow HGs are under the same pressure as her and that they are probably all different outside the house I could probably be sympathetic and soften my opinion on her. But as long as it’s all about Michelle and her feelings and her world and she can’t take into consideration that other people have feelings too, I just can’t bring myself to feel bad for her.


i appreciate that she shares her true thoughts with the audience even in down moments, i would probably feel alone with 3 pairs too

just needs a few beers after a tough and quite unlucky 24 hours of her hoh being basically reversed, an hoh be gifted to the only person that would nom her currently, then be nominated all after being called a c-nt by your boy paul


Being female, my opinion on being called a cunt is that if a female is going to keep digging, and throwing out low blows and pushing buttons she can’t cry about how unfair it is when someone strikes back. Is it an ugly word? I guess so. I know a lot of people, especially women, find it incredibly offensive. If someone randomly walked up to me and called me that for no reason I would be partly offended but mostly just shocked and confused. However, when you are arguing with someone and they are deliberately trying to get under your skin insults start flying. Usually if you are angry, hurt or incredibly frustrated you try to say the most offensive or hurtful thing back. I know Paul has called people out and made himself look like an ass on more than one occasion but, on this occasion Michelle was deliberately being a bitchy for no reason and butting into a conversation (at that time it WAS a conversation, NOT an argument) that had absolutely nothing to do with her. She was trying to start a fight. And right after it happened she was discussing the fact that Paul had called her a cunt with Nat and James and she admitted that she did it on purpose to push him because she knows how to get a reaction from people. I’m sorry but if a woman is going to argue with a man she can’t claim hurt feelings when he argues back.


Paul has said he wished she would die. Calling her a c-nt now. Buzz Lightyear before that. Not the best look for your boy, no matter if it was in an argument or not.


I don’t like Nicole. I will never like Nicole. All she’s worked hard on all summer is her under cover work with Cory. I really wish Michele would have taken her out. I just can not stand her whine and begging ” I don’t want to be on the block” ” please let me have HOH “. James makes me mad with his stupid moves but I can tolerate him.

nicoles h@ndj0b booth

seems like they want vic to take paul off the block with veto? surely thats a smarter move than getting out meech and leaving a pair like james/nat safe?

if michelle leaves on nicoles hoh and joins da, z, bridgette in jury i have a feeling all 4 of those girls as a voting block will vote for anyone other than nicole, so even if nicole somehow beats out 4 strong guys to get to the end, her odds of winning are very low

trying to sell getting out meech as a strategic move, but its not, it would be a very emotional move from nicole, leaving 2 strong pairs safe so late in the game to go after a single player she hates, and a player she may have a better chance of beating than the others

nicole should be looking to get out guys, instead she is trying to surround herself with guys, but this method will not get her the win…she can really only be giving corey h@ndjobs, not all 4 of james, corey, paul, victor


It’s actually not a bad move for Nicole. Michelle actively dislikes her. Taking Meech out doesn’t further anyone else’s game though. Everyone except Nicole/Corey can use her as a vote if nothing else. Real question is: is it the best move for her?

Just a game

If Nic were smart she would have realized after the jury came in for a bit that she isn’t winning. She is probably doing some real life damage control by distancing herself from the mean, bitter three-some that James, Nat, and Meech turned into as soon as they had a little bit of power.

Nic isn’t dumb, she knows that they crossed a line with their personal attacks on Paul. Sure, it’s not okay to use swear words like Paul does, but it’s a whole other kind of f-ed up to lie and hate on someone else’s religion. In the real world Meech’s friends would drop her for that, in BB all anyone can do is not work with them.


I think she is a few bowls of fruitloops short of a full box, type thing.


Paul is good at manipulation! He was the one who told them that Nicorey lied last week! Now he has spun it so that they want Names out…..Despite the fact that James has been low key keeping Nicorey of the block!!! He has been working with them since Paulie asked (not that I liked that) Although personally I dont fancy them…Paul and Vic are hec of a great players!!! AND how stupid are these people!!!! They listen to the people who always run from one side to the other!!!! Duh!!! They dont think to verify anything and just believe crap!


Ooook I’ve made Jello many times, I never knew the powder was flammable. Thanks Nat Nat… #TheMoreYouKnow


Is that you, Victoria?


Likes, dislikes favorites aside. How is this a good strategic game move for Nicole/Corey…Teaming up to Final 4 with the 2 most powerful people in the house? –Vic a comp beast & Paul who’s social game by far dwarf’s everyone else in that house–. As opposed to Nat/James. There is no way in he** Nicole/Corey have a chance to do any better than 3rd/4th place vs. Paul.Vic. And on the off chance 1 of them makes Final 2, no hope to win the game. If Nic’s true target is Meech, than it’s personal. Targeting the person with the least comp wins in the house.
If not backdoor James or Nat, who kept you off the block last week and voted for Corey to stay. Than literally handed you the HOH, after you were whining & Begging for an hour. Then she says today…This new ‘The Final 4’ is not going to be about anything personal. We are going to go down in history being strategic, smart and most powerful 4 in the history of the show.

I am fine with Paul winning vs. Vic in Final 2.. but Unless I am missing something, (or production has planted this Final 4 in her ear) this is truly the ‘wtf is wrong with u moment’ in a summer filled with them….She is basically handing Paul the 500k.


its almost like the houseguests are being paid extra every time they form a new group with paul

he is like a dog without a home – oh here boy we will take you in

but its as if the houseguests are forced by production to keep giving him chance after chance

and vic gets chance after chance with the twists bailing him out

its like the twilight zone – nicole, corey, vic and paul have all been pretty flukey

Butters Mom

I wish everyone who comes here to say someone is stupid would at least talk about game and their reasons other than burning goats and saying the word c*nt for their dislike of a player. Strategy… lets talk about it!


I’m sorry, I just have to point this out: you didn’t talk about strategy at all

Butters Mom

Actually, I have talked about strategy a lot . Previous post for example. Catch up.


I know, I was just joking about this post


I am liking this so far.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

Nichole and Cory are so stupid! They don’t see that that are giving the game to victor and Paul. Really funny! It is time for James to go so I hope this works.

Reality Check

Nicole is following Corey the goat (greatest of all time).

The Great Leroy

James reminds me of the James Bond character in the 1963 movie Oddjob in Goldfinger.

Oddjob does not talk in the movie, James never talks when Nat is confrontional with the houseguest. Oddjob has this evil smile. James has this dumb smile. Oddjob kills people with his hat. James will kill people with his zingbot cap.

Yet both James and Oddjob are both loved and hated at the same time. So there.

Reality Check

Just google Oddjob on the net, you are spot on The Great Leroy.

Now everytime I watch “Goldfinger”, I think of James as Oddjob.

Reality Check

Don’t you find it odd that before the show started, everybody is sequestered, yet James and Nicole are already making deals? How fair is that for the other houseguests? They already have an unfair advantage.

Big Brother should be call Big Cheaters.

Roll Tide

James spent last week trying to protect Nicole. He thinks they are friends, they even said they would not put each other on the block. Nicole is so honest with everyone that she is trying to think of a cover story to tell James. I use to think that she was a sweet person, but not anymore. Nicole the snake!
Corey gets in line behind a strong male player. He was Paulie’s yes man and now he is Paul’s yes man. He is not a good player. I think he swings both ways. Just using Nicole. He can talk Nicole into anything. She is not a very strong person.
Victor is the only person that straightens up the house. Paul and Nicole still live at home so their Mom’s probably do everything for them. I can’t even imagine how bad their apartments are. The house is filthy, disgusting. Instead of slop, the have nots should have to clean the house and keep it that way for a week. Mop everyday, keep all clothing off the floor etc. For these folks that would be punishment.

Oh Jesus Christ

I’m all for that…instead of being called The Have Not’s they can be called The Have To’s.

Big B

Nicole’s going to be the tiebreaker!! Ha!


Nope , James will take 5K to vote with Nic .

Roll Tide

Boy, is James going to kick himself when he gets out and watches the show! Dumbest move ever to let Whitney Nicole have the HOH. Dumb!

No Name

I’ll be pissed if Nicole and Corey are playing us all and Paul really is the target.

Now I’m nervous again.

Come on Vic, win that Veto and pull Paulie down.

Would absolutely love to see Natalie up as the replacement nominee and watch her & Michelle freaking out all week.


Is that you in jury house Paulie? You want another female to join you to continue your verbal beatdown?


Vic needs to win the veto. Paul needs protection. They got lucky that Paul is on the block because Vic has the best chance of winning veto comps. That way they can both be safe. It is way too early in the week to think that targets won’t change once diary room discussions occur, although maybe BB is ready for the weak/dumb players to go.

Misty Beethoven

Natalie, if the smoke detectors in the house didn’t go off, it couldn’t have been that big of a deal. It’d not like you caused the Great Fire of Chicago, so stop acting like smacked ass.

Don't Get It

Why didn’t James/Nat go up to the HOH and talk to Nicole at any point after the HOH comp? It makes no sense. Did they really just lay downstairs and let Paul/Vic have what seemed to be a 24 straight hours to brainwash Nicorey?


They’re too proud. Nice and Cory didn’t hang out with them in the HOH room last week so they’re not going to them this week. It’s stupid little girl shut that James at least shouldn’t feed into, but he does.


I have to admit that I’m finding Natalie to be really annoying. Like she’s scared now because in her mind she almost killed everyone cause the jello powder caught on fire for like 2 seconds. Am I the only one who has had enough of the “poor me I would never do anything wrong cause I’m just this innocent and nice person” schtick? I find it grating. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take, especially since she’s just as guilty as everyone else for playing the Big Brother game.


I would rather watch someone who is “guilty of playing the game” than someone like Corey who hasn’t come up with an independent idea all summer. On the other hand, her game is to play the victim card and I can’t respect that.


This is the season of the most flip floppy alliances ever.


It sucks, I wish production would stop changing the targets each week.

Froot Loop Dingus

Don’t look now Nat & Meech.. that bastard, lying manipulator Paul is MAKING FRENCH FRIES!!!!


HAHAHAHA I was thinking the exact same thing. FRENCH FRIES! That liar has so much nerve!


Paul Victor Corey need to win POV take Paul down and Boot James out the fkn door. NOW IS THE TIME.

(Lol @ BB18 Spoilage)

ButtersMom is the only Nicole and Corey fan on earth.

Nicole will never put up James this week as replacement. She will put up Nat though. Get that Veto Vic or Paul!

Michelle is a waste to get out this week. Get Nat out and next eviction when Nicole can’t protect him take out Lames.

Corey: “I wish the care package would allow me not to do anything” You never do anything you idiot. Yeah might as well do nothing and float for your WHOLE time in the house. Dumb useless doufus.

Butters Mom

Putting Meech on slop is one way to keep her out of Nicoles HOH basket. Good thinking.

fender strat

not to mention keeping people from throwing something at the walls every time she eats some loud ass crunchy food like she seems to do every night on BBAD. jeez she drives me insane with that and always rubbing up against her mic.

nicoles h@ndj0b booth

yeah nic shouldnt share any food with anyone she will need her strength for all those upcoming HJs that corey the goat burner is about to get

It's a F*cking Pelican!

I can’t believe Natalie lied about knowing how to make Jell-O, my third favorite dessert option at the diner (after chocolate pudding and chocolate cake, respectively).

Think about it

Everyone saying it was a dumb move by Nicole not putting up the strongest players. Think about it. Keep the people in the house that are after each other and you can float by in the middle. James and Nat want Paul and Victor out and Paul and Victor want James and Nat out. Let them fight it out and Nic/Corey are safe in the middle for a couple weeks. If she would of put up any combo of the four ( James, Nat, Paul, Vic ) then they would come after her or Corey next week. This way, they can battle it out and when the smoke clears they can try and get out who is left standing.

Im feelin some type of way, type thing, badda bing, badda boom

Ive thought about it alot. Leaving 4 strong male comp threats in at final 6 is just dumb and shows she is scared to go after them. It decreases her chance of winning comps and reaching the final 2. She should be wanting to keep the likes of Meech and Nat. She should realize how often guys beat girls in the finale. Its not smart, and is trying to sell it as strategic when its actually not – she hates Michelle and that is why she wants her gone. She is playing emotionally. Should be trying to get females to the end as she just hasnt played well enough to warrant beating a guy except possibly Corey, but even then the current jury would likely give the win to Corey over her. Trying to play safe with not much blood will not give her the win.


Why AIn’t James stuck to her side like glue
I don’t get it


Because James isn’t a very good player.