Power Of Veto Competition Results! “People are going to think we planned that!”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 16-30-28-129
POV players – Nicole, Paul, Corey, Michelle, James, Victor

POV Winner: Nicole

It was the counting Veto – Stay or Fold

4:15pm In the storage room – Nicole says I had to just keep staying. We control the whole week. Corey says I threw that life line out there for you. Nicole says I didn’t know you were going to do that. I was like was he trying to be funny ..or.. Corey says I was like I’m going to get out .. you take swing at it. Nicole says thank you.. you’re smart. I didn’t even think of that. Its never been done before. Paul’s an idiot. Nicole says he thought you were going to fold. They leave the storage room.

4:20pm In the kitchen they congratulate Nicole on winning. Nicole says I really did nothing but stay the hole time

4:30pm – 4:45pm HOH room – Nicole and Corey talk about the veto. Nicole says I can win comps if I want to. People are going to think we planned that but we didn’t. Corey says he said 1 billion and then stayed. Nicole asked are you serious. Corey says he was hoping Nicole would stay too. And then she did. Vic joins them. They hug and say final 4. Nicole says its funny that we did that and Paul’s not even here. Nicole says I know Paul is paranoid because he’s on the block but I don’t want you guys to go anywhere. Vic says now noms stay the same and Meech goes home. Nicole says I want her to go home so bad. She’s good see. She was close. Vic tells Nicole she’s catching up in comp wins. Fools pulling the whole team this week. Nicole says I’m going to need your help next week. Vic says nnaaa. And laughs. Vic tells Corey now he can give the 5K to Nicole. Or save it for the HOH. Corey says with 6 people left I don’t think anyone would take it to drop out of the HOH. There’s not many people left. They talk about him saving the 5K to be funny on the live show to bribe votes to vote out Meech.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 16-39-52-023

Nicole asks Corey what do you think dude? We could kick one of them (Paul or Vic) out this week. I’m just saying .. think about it. I don’t want to but we could literally do whatever we want. Corey says I know we can. Nicole says I don’t think its a good move moving forward. If Meech is here she is putting us up. Hopefully Natalie will go after them (Paul & Vic). Ok so we’re not going to but my mom and dad would bescreaming at the screen saying get them out. Corey says you just beat them on Thursday and today. To be the best you have to beat the best. Nicole says that was my line to Frank. Nicole says tells Corey he should save that 5K and tell James if he drops you won’t put him up. And then we get Nat out. Corey says I can pay someone to throw it but it can’t help past the HOH.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 17-19-08-805

5:10pm – 5:50pm Vic joins Corey and Nicole in the HOH. Vic says Paul is taking a nap. He didn’t want to run up here right after. Vic and Corey talk about random stories. Paul joins them. Paul says did you hear how when James went out he was like f**k. Vic says but he didn’t want to change it, he would keep the noms the same. Paul says I’m stoked but I can’t act like it. Meech is walking around happy. Nicole asks so she thinks she’s staying. Paul says oh 100%. Nicole says well the thing is Paul is good for my game and Michelle isn’t. Paul says she’s doesn’t need to know that. To keep your game under wraps keep the noms the same. Nicole says she will. Corey says I don’t want to give Natalie 5K, I would rather give the crew 5K to play with. Paul says in any scenario its done, we win. Paul says I don’t care if I’m on the block I trust you guys.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 17-29-39-083

5:50pm Bathroom – James asks Nicole do you know what you’re doing with the veto? Nicole says not using it. James says does Paul know? Nicole says yeah. Kind of. James says oh damn. Nicole says I put my noms up why would I change them. James says I wanted to come up and hang out. Nicole tells James to come up. James says every time I see them (Paul & Vic) they’re going up to your room. I’m like damn give her some time to herself.

6pm – 6:10pm HOH room – Paul says if you swap me out with Nat .. then me and Vic are two votes. Vic and I won’t tell them how we’re voting. Nicole says they (Meech & Nat) will have to campaign against each other. Paul says Nat will be stressed and talking James ear off. It will change his temperament. If Nat is on the block she is f**king going .. But if you think that will put your two games in jeopardy. Nicole says I don’t want to put up someone else. Paul says I would want to f**k someone emotionally and mentally. Keep it the same if you want. I’ll act down and stress all week. Nicole says I do feel bad because I am loyal to you guys but I can’t show my cards right now. Paul understands. Nicole says I want to work with they best.

6:10pm London bedroom – James asks Nat how close are you with her? Nat says she’s my best friend. James asks do you have any other friends that you might be able to get to know? Nat says I mean you’re my number 1 best friend. James says because you’re ……going to hold on to this best friend. Nat says that’s not funny. You’re mean. James says they’re going to lock in the noms. She is not going to use the veto. Paul and Vic are going to try and get her to use it. She said that Paul and Vic are always up there and she can’t get a break. I told her I want to come up there but feel like I’m kissing your butt. She said she made her targets very clear. I think Corey is going to use the bribe to get Vic to drop out of the HOH. Nat says okay I trust Nicole now. James says if I win HOH and put up Nicole and Corey .. they would kill me if I put them up. James says or I put up Meech and Vic. Nat says that’s a sticky situation.

6:30pm HOH room – Vic and Corey.

6:35pm In the kitchen – Meech, Nicole, James, Paul, and Natalie. Nicole says she thinks Frankie Grande is a B list celebrity. James agrees because his sister is Ariana Grande. Meech says she thinks Rachel Reilly is a D list celebrity.

6:45pm Vic asks Corey what he would do if he won the 500K. Corey says I would buy my parents something cool. I would talk at least 10 – 15K and just blow it. Have as much fun as possible. Vic asks like a trip or something? Corey says yeah a couple trips. I would spend like 30 or 40K on a boat. Maybe get like a like house.. like put a down payment on a lake house and then invest like 250K. ANd then use the rest as a down payment on a house. Vic says I would take some trips. Put 100k in a portfolio and invest in property somewhere. Help my parents and my sister out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-27 18-49-26-693

7:35pm HOH room – Corey, Nicole, Paul and Vic are hanging out in the HOH room talking about trips they’ll take after getting out.

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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I wonder what this season would be like if the following were true: It’s final 7, the fatal five minus Nicole are still in, Zakiyah never felt any attraction to Paulie and had the decency to change her pad in the bathroom, Da’ Tiff and Frank teamed up and made a final 3 deal, Vic and Paul are still in the game and fighting the threesome (Da’ Tiff Frank), Zakiyah and Michelle are caught in the middle objectively observing the game (leaving personal bias out of it) deciding who to side with.

Just sayin

WTG final 4. Stay strong and go get that clown jamesy out NOW


I wonder if they let 2 really cool, affectionate dogs be HG, then as a twist make the dog’s eviction be a death sentence, then see if people actually kill dogs for $250K…or what if they cast a unicorn and mermaid.

I can come up with as many goofy scenarios as imagining a BS early non-alliance alliance still in the game.

Keep Dreaming

That would mean that Zakiyah and Da’vonne could win a competition.

Zakiyah is literally the worst houseguest they’ve cast in 5 years. Da’vonne had a read on the house, but had a poor social game and an even worst comp game.

The people left in the house have all at least won comps. Those two girls were deadwood.


What is this about Zakiyah’s pad changing, and just how did that influence her game?


Oh sh!t


Now backdoor James the weasel!


Why is James a weasel? Corey is still in the game because James voted to keep him just last week. Every single player has lied or made deals they had no intention of keeping. It’s all just a part of this game.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

I can tell you why I don’t like James. He’s cowardly. He doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands. Dude’s in the Army, but it’s the figurative blood that scares him. Natalie and Michelle got blood on their hands to evict Victor, making them targets when he returned. Natalie got blood on her hands to call out Paulie, and Paulie’s two BFFs (Nicole and Corey) are working to get rid of her. And James is just cruising. He claims that Natalie is his girl, but he never tries to win a competition to ensure her safety. She wanted nothing more than to win an HoH, and he just constantly throws competitions? She works her ass off and he just sits there. This seems to bother me more than it bothers her at this moment. I’m sure it will bother her more when she’s watching him throw the veto competition while sitting in the jury house, and Mama Day gives her the same side eye she gave Z. I mean, James SAYS he throws them. Maybe he just sucks, in which case that’s another reason to dislike him.

And I don’t care that he put Frank on the block. He told Bridgette he wouldn’t put her or Frank up, but you can’t make a proxy deal. If Frank wanted to be part of the deal, he should have endured longer in that competition. But James should not have put Bridgette up because that’s the deal he made and out of respect for her endurance.


Nobody avoids blood more than Paul. Backdooring Day, Z going home. Vic putting Paul and Corey up. He denied knowledge of all of it and let the people he works with take all the heat. I’m kinda stumped why they don’t seem to see it.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

:/ I disagree. Paul definitely hasn’t avoided getting blood on his hands. Paulie knows Paul turned on him. And he had plenty of fights with people that put a target on his back. But he has been on the block five times. It’s hard to get blood on your hands when you’re trying to save your own @$$.


He’s a weasel because all game he’s been an indiscriminate rat, cowardly, claiming to not want blood on his hands but really because he wants to be popular. He has no strategy, will do whatever he thinks gets him a consolation prize, and is dumb.

I’m all for lying, making deals you break, providing you do it to strengthen yourself and win….except James did it to serve others he felt were more popular.


Agreed. What he cares about most is AFP and $25G. What if that’s all the HG wanted. He’s got a chance for life changing money but would settle for a kiss from Nat. The only comp I BELIEVE he threw was to Nicole. I hope to never see these two again.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

James winning America’s Favorite is the best thing for him. He gets to feel good about himself, and his child support responsibilities won’t increase too much.


Wait…what? Weren’t the targets (at one point at least) James and Nat? Wasn’t the point breaking those two up? Now Nicole is playing emotionally and getting out Michelle? May not be as bad a plan as it sounds as she (Michelle) wil work with James & Nat and Victor


Currently James and Natalie aren’t targeting Nicole. They are more focused on Vic and Paul (as they should be) so Nicole taking out Michelle who’s the only person actively wanting Nicole out is not bad for her game. Taking a shot at Natalie or James might be a stronger move but might backfire. Nicole wants James and Natalie to break up Paul and Vic first. Or Nicole could just flail blindly at a target and hope production helps her out again.

sunny dee

plus michelle is coming close in these mental comps, as nicole pointing out with this veto comp, and we saw in the last veto comp coming up with 20 compared to paul’s 21. jatalie do not seem to even be in the running, nor are they actively saying they want nicole out. Michelle is saying that, plus is a 3rd to two weaker players who are a couple, and so on.


Production wants Nicole and James final 2.
They left a bad taste when they deliberately went in and told Nat to work with Nicorey. I get it was to keep Paulie out but blecch. How can I believe everything isn’t planned and staged? Makes me lose interest in the game. But here I am still reading a few updates now and again….


I don’t get why this is so hard to understand. BB is prison and Michelle is the convict with no friend that you beat up so that others respect you and have no reason for retribution….and Michelle has publicly threatened Nicole. Her parents would think she’s an idiot sparing the only person targeting her.

I don’t know that she smart enough to play this right (she should have given some hints to James that for her, Michelle/Paul is a toss up), sell evicting Michelle without arising suspicion, but it’s very easy…and even if James and Nat have suspicions, there’s no way they don’t target Vic, Paul, and Corey before ever looking at Nicole. And showing loyalty to Vic and Paul guarantees they target James, Nat, and Corey before her. In other words, getting Michelle makes her everybody’s final 3. That’s a great spot.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Nicole, be smart and back door James! You can take Michelle out at any time! Anyone who sends James home will have the jury’s vote.


Wish she would but that kind of big move is not her style. I can understand why she wants Meech out. I don’t know if it was intentional because James wasn’t lying but by telling Nic that she was Meech’s #1 target he effectively used Meech as a shield to keep him and Nat safe. Nic knows that James will come after Paul and Vic before her and Corey. She has out shielded him,


The smartest move she could make is to take out Victor or Paul. whom no one can beat in the end.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

That’s not the smartest move right now. That kind of thinking is what is going to get Michelle evicted on Thursday, after she had a final five deal on lock (and she probably could have convinced Paul and Victor to get rid of James first to make it to final four). At this point, you have to think about who you are sending to jury as well. If Nicole sends James to jury, she has 4/5 jury votes. If she sends Michelle out, she has 1 jury vote. If she sends Paul or Victor home, I’m not sure how many jury votes she would have. Maybe 2 or 3? I’d take the guaranteed 4 votes by sending James packing. You only need five votes to win.

Final four is when you have to start fighting for yourself anyway, even if the other three are people in your alliance. You have no other choice. So there’s no point in going back on your final four deal. Bring your people to final four, and then it’s every house guest for themselves.

Reality Check

Wasn’t there a conversation between Nicole and James where if either of them won the $500,000, they would split it? If that is the case, Nicole will keep James as long as she wants and vice versa. The only people who are after James are Paul and Vic. Corey has too many fingers with Nicole, so he will be voting her way.


I am liking this Final Four! I just hope Corey leaves, and Nicole makes to the end with either Victor or Paul.


I don’t want Nicole in the finals. I don’t want James in the finals. I don’t want Corey in the finals. I don’t want Natalie in the finals. The whole production wants us to work together irks me.


Isn’t production encouraging Nicole to work with Paul and Vic this week kind of the same thing? Nicole did mention that production is excited about the Final Four and are looking forward to filming it. Nicole just isn’t dumb enough to blame her decisions on production like Nat was.

Not that I mind. I like Vic and I like Paul and am glad that they are getting the chance to stay in the game a bit longer. If one of them wins the HOH next week it could really tip the game in their favor. I have a feeling that if they don’t though it will be back to Nat, James, Nic, and Corey for the finals.




It makes no sense to me why Nicole would want Vic and Paul to stay.


Because she is stupid.


I had the same thoughts but she did put herself in a good spot. She is working with both sides. James and nat think they are still safe and good with her because they didn’t go up. Really Michelle is the only one after her so it makes sense to her. Next week j/n can still go after v/p. I think v/p will after James. The week after I can see v/p than taking a shot at Nicole as she will be the strongest after Michelle goes this week and James next. I predict V/p would rather be left with Cory and nat so will take their shot at nic after James


No. I dont believe Paul or vic for a second. If this all goes down as planned. Meech gets voted out, then Nicorey will still be target #1. Paul is a floats to power & has always wanted Nic out; from the first time he laid eyes on her. Now she has a couple wins under her belt, it makes her even more dangerous. Now if Nat and James win, they are malleable. Vic & Paul (mostly paul) are like vultures, and Nic & Corey will lay in bed again. Nat & James will feel some heat this week, and so they will probably flip, and James will have a tough time saying no to nat again… I think this week cinched Nic & Corey on the block for next week, unless corey wins hoh.


Bye big meech!


I am getting a gut feeling that Nicole is going to vote out Paul……..she is sketch. For excitement, I’d like to see her pull Paul off and stick Gnat up there…..

D from Canada

She can’t vote.

Cabana Fana

She breaks the tie. Vic/Corey evict Meech and James/National eviction Paul. However I suspect she won’t want to do that and together with James they’ll convince Nat it’s better to vote out Meech (we need to mend fences with Paul and Vic–they’ll owe us…)


If James/Nat vote out Paul…and Vic/Borey vote out Big Beech…Narcole would have to vote the tie-breaker.


Doesn’t she vote to break a tie?

It's a F*cking Pelican!

All the more reason to use the veto on Paul. She won’t have to break the tie, and whoever goes home is good for her game.


Glad Nic won but I hope she realizes it will come down to a tie breaker and Jatalie will know that Nicory has turned. Or maybe not because Jatalie might believe that Nic was only targeting Meech because James made a point of telling her last week that she was Meech’s #1 target. (Still can’t get WHY?? he would do that). I will be curious if Noms stay the same if Meech and Jatalie make an effort to campaign because they have been conspicuously absent in the HOH since Nic won HOH.


Dumbest name for a F4 alliance. In the history of recorded sound and history.


Think back to ‘Quack Pack’


It would be dumb of Nicole to not take a shot a Paul….he could actually beat her in the final and get more jury votes than her! With that being said, i am rooting for Paul and Vic to make it to the end. Hopefully Paul can slide by this week w/o getting evicted….if he does make it past this eviction he

FINAL 4...

Final~ly we have something to get excited about…LUV, LUV, LUV THE FINAL 4!!! Keep up the excitement Final 4….whooohoooooo xoxox

Nicole will fold..

James will show off his world class mist and Nicole will get sucked right in. Bye Paul…


James has world class mist? Lmfao

TEXAS says

final 4 final 4 final 4

Not that it matters

But if Cory uses the bribe – does he have to reveal who he bribed ???

It Doesn't Matter

I think it’d be more interesting if Corey bribes say James to evict Paul but James votes Meech instead. Does he still get the money?

Min O'Pause

Perhaps he’ll bribe Nicole to let him not pull out…..


***Flagging this comment. Like so many folks on here, I really appreciate reading this website- i feel like this comment is disrespectful to all the great work the guys at online bb do ….show some respect.


I love Minnie.

An Apple A Day

Seriously, not that bad, relax lol. I’ve cringed all season with comments about “pads”, the “C” word, the girls’ private parts, personal appearance attacks. This is practically Rated G in comparison.


I don’t think so, because that would destroy his game. I beleive he pulls that person aside and ask them(reiterating that “they cant tell anyone about it til after Thursday”)…


I hope Meech goes, followed by James. I started off liking James and now, he is such a turn off his pranks were funny but after a while he is nothing more than over grown old teen. These are the pranks 16 to 20 year olds play. His game play suxs. And Natalie, while at first I admired her girl power attitude. I think she is fake. She turns it on and off. Can’t figure out her voice, when she wants something she has that whiney, tiny little girl voice but when she is putting you in your place wow, her big girl voice comes out. So please get rid of michelle, james, natalie, niccole, cory and leave paul and victor to the final two.

Not that it matters

But does Cory need to reveal who he bribes.


No he doesn’t have too

Ariana Grande stinks!

People who vote are so unbelievably stupid that it hurts. What did they think to achieve by handing APC to Corney? If it was given to Paul he would be strategizing now and made a show exciting and live feeds enjoyable to watch. Like this, instead,… Zzzzzzzzzzz


I’d rather watch a turd floating in front of my face than watch Paul strategize for us


where di my comment go.


Just an observation……has anyone noticed the amount of great food in the storage room? Tons of it and a big variety.

Big Munch

It’s for all Michelle.


I think it was just last season when the HGs were saying that BB was so much harder than Survivor because of the mental toll BB takes on them. Are you kidding me! Players on Survivor LOSE a lot of weight, sleep out side, are covered in bug bites and have to compete in challenges that are far more strenuous than anything on BB. All that plus the mental aspect of the game. BB is a summer vacation compared to Survivor or even the AR.


Remember when all they had to eat was peanut butter? And everyone lost weight.

Natalie sucks

Bio hazard team came in and reviewed the footage of Z changing her maxi pad in there (infront if others) but then putting her hands in Chips and touching food and doorknobs. Finally they have thrown away the contaminated food and bleached it down.

Butters Mom

It makes sense for Nicole to send home Michelle. Michelle is the odd one out and she has said Nicole is her target. Sending home Either Victor or Paul will cause the other one left in the house to team up with James, Nat and Michelle and that will leave Nic and corey against the other 4. She needs to keep the odds in her favor. Sending home Michelle only really irritates Natalie. She is not going to send home James because they are working together (as far as James knows anyway). She cant compete for HOH and a double is coming up. Taking out Michelle, leaves 2 other pairs gunning for each other and she and corey safe in the middle…unless Natalie wins… then Natalie will take a shot at Nicole and Corey. This could all backfire on her depending on who gets power next but as it stands now… this is what is best for her.


Damn I thought the plan was BD James? But the comp was cards so that would be difficult to throw without letting the wrong person win. Nicole getting Meech out isn’t a baf thing, but she can still screw Vic and Paul by voting Paul out… Nicole and Corey holds all the power. What they do with it will make or break their game..




Since he really doesn’t have a critical need to use the bribe money, maybe Corey should give it to James.
That way he could pay his child support and not get arrested anymore.
Also, I’m sure he would love to be close to his kid, but when a part-time entry level Wal-mart sales position opens up in a state halfway across the country, you can’t turn your back on that kind of offer.

Corey's Tenticles

OMG!! Brilliant!
What’s intriguing is all the thumbs down votes your comment is getting.
Either these people don’t know you are 100% accurate about James abandonment of his child or they don’t like dead beat dads to be called out for their actions.


Time and again it becomes apparent that the biggest assholes are on the forums, not in the house.


Ugh hit ‘post’ by accident…

Anyway…everyone in that house is flip flopping worse than a fish outa water so who really knows what will happen. That’s kinda the only “excitement” (yeah I use the term VERY loosely!) there’s been this season. Not knowing on which day which HG will feel scorned or scared into doing what.

Pass the Kraken!


Did I hear Nicole say she was playing harder this season, really!! Lol all she does is lay in bed she just started doing something now and had HOH handed to her. Seriously she is dumb for keeping Vic and Paul either will beat her in the end. She has a better chance beating Natalie


I tottally agree! But even with Natalie it would be hard for her to win


If Nicole keeps Paul then she really is a complete moron. Paul and Vic are the ONLY ones her and goofy Corey couldn’t win against. Time for him to go. He is zero entertaining. He’s the worst part of what has been a pretty decent season.


Why would Nicole keep Meech when Meech has made it known to everyone that’s she coming after Nicole? Meech is a big threat to her game. I would send her home too


I agree she should get Paul out but on a game level Paul has played the best game. He was next in line after Vic was first evicted and he has managed to save himself ever since and continues to stay under the radar to those with power.


Nicole—you are only winning because no one is left!!

Maple Leaf

I thought the target was Paul. Paul or Meech? Who knows come Wednesday!


Nicole’s playing it safe, because she believes there is a double eviction this coming week.

She’s was afraid (no surprise, but rightfully so) of Paul/Vic winning HOH (when she can’t play) in what she thinks is a double evict week. Thus their Final 4 deal. Her & Corey also have a Final 4 with James/Nat.. Winning Veto, Now she can keep the noms the same, …and float back to the middle of the Paul/Vic, James/Nat battle.

Rest assured James/Nat win power next week, Nic will be right back in James’ hip pocket.

Only excitement the rest of this week, will be when/if, (before Nic’s tie breaker vote), James finds out Michelle is the real target, how he reacts regarding Nic’s betrayal/sudden allegiance to Paul and whether he can change her mind.


I’m ready for them all to go home. I’d like to see vic or Paul win but looks like it will be another rat winner like Andy. Disappointing.
Hope this next streaming season is an improvement.

Nina Young

Just curious,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would hand Paul , who not only owns his own store. He also design’s and sells his own clothing line . If he needs money, then I am only 16…….
Vic owns a gym and I don’t think he is hurting for money either.


Two points: 1) Nowhere in the BB rules does it say that houseguests who are successful outside of the house should automatically be disqualified because they are playing with others who lack the initiative or know-how to become financially successful themselves. It is a game; not a charity event. Be suspicious of houseguests who try to use the “not fair” argument. It is an admission that they don’t have the confidence or conviction that they can win without trying to bring up things that don’t matter at all.

2) Many people overstate their financial success to try to gain respect from others. Big Brother is a game of lying and deceit. Without looking at the tax returns of Paul, Vic, Paulie, etc., how is anyone able to discern their true financial situation? Back to my first point, who cares?

ummm no

Vic WORKS at a gym. He does not own it.


At this point if Nicory turns on Paul and Vic they are screwed. Next week they will have Vic or Paul happy to put up Nic with James and I don’t think they will be able to bribe them, Or the bribe will be I won’t put you and Corey up together but one of you is going up now give me the $5000. Of course backdoor optional. Meech will def put Nic up. And Jatalie will put up Vic/Paul whoever is left with Nic since they will also take $5000 from Corey to keep him off the block. And as an added bonus keep their voting block with Meech. For once I hope people stick with the plan. Of course if Corey wins HOH he can bribe himself to not nominate himself.


Corey can bribe Chenbot to give him a goat & lighter fluid.


Is Cory really not all together upstairs? He doesn’t have the brains required to strategically use the bribe. Who voted for that yahoo. ” I’m going to give it to Nicole!” In exchange for what, you moron? This week is slit your wrists juvenile. He wants an alliance because playing his own game is just to damn hard for him. I dislike him. I hope someone takes him out. I’d root for that person.

Backseat Driver

It’s becoming very clear (duh…where have I been….?) Production wants a vet to win this season. It’s got everything to do with the future of Big Brother. Enough said…..

An Apple A Day

True, but that’s why alot of people are excited about the F4 deal between Nicory, Paul & Vic… she only has a 25% chance at best to make it to the end and her HOH/Veto win will likely be her last hurrah. Production or no Production, I am VERY hopeful a vet will NOT win. Especially the 2 who are left.

Backseat Driver


An Apple A Day

Don’t understand how James & Nicole are leading in AFP poll. Love where this is going, though. Playing the game and not just laying in bed and watching the days go by. Go Vic & Paul! I’ve flip flopped as much as the house has … take it all the way, Boys!


Because it’s 12 year old girls that are voting, and people that don’t watch the feeds

An Apple A Day

Well that explains it 🙂


Nah. It’s people that are making their own decisions instead of being a part of an online hive mind.


Nicole and James and Paulie had an outside deal coming in. Derrick coached them.
Nicole is never going to go against James. Nicole is going to go back on her deal with P,V, and send one of them out.
I feel bad for victor because he wants to believe that the final 4 is real.
Nicole,James ,Corey will win. How you win-
Stay in bed all day, throw comps, whine, stare off into space, complain about being harassed, on and on…
So, basically come in the game , do nothing and get handed $$.
I wish that James or Nat were on the block. I really need to see someone else squirm for a while on the block.
Bye Paul or victor, sorry you couldn’t play in their reindeer games.

Only can wish

I’m not happy. I see a backdoor in the making. I think she is playing Victor and Paul, just like they tried to play her and Corey. Nicole has POV, if she don’t use it, she has the final vote and she could blindside Paul. Once she get rid of Paul, Victor has to win HOH/ POV next week. If he doesn’t, he’s gone too. I can’t see Nicole turning on James now. James is too calm and cool for us not to think a deal wasn’t set in place before walking in the BB house. I could be wrong, but i doubt it. It’s hard to tell what she is really going to do because a snake will hide in the bushes until it’s time to strike. It’s going to be an interesting week.

Reality Check

I notice that about James too. Shouldn’t he be in fear right now of being backdoor by Nicole. There he is with that zingbot cap on, acting cool like a cucumber.

Makes me wonder if there is another twist in the game? Expect the unexpected.


Well depending on who wins Nicole or James. The other will give 10k to the rest of the group. Corey/Natalie. I think that was the deal.

Not Gonna Happen

Too much time ’till Thursday. As we’ve seen with this motley crew minds will change between and then. If Paul is on the block on Thursday, no matter what is said tonight ’till then, he is going home. #notrealtillIseeit


Corey can keep the money in the family and bribe Nicole to take Paul off the block and put James up


Ugh.. I so wished vic would’ve won
The good thing this week is if it results in a tie and Michelle leaves this week james&Natalie will go after her. if Paul leaves ( worse case) vic will go after her. The only person who wouldn’t go after her is corey , so she didn’t or needed to win veto either way she fucked up and will probably leave next week .


I’m sorry but voting michelle out is a waste of a HOH when you have victor/paul and james/natlie as pairs ….. if corey doesn’t win HOH and one of the pairs wins, she is risking her and corey getting put up…. Remember only 5 will be playing for hoh and all 6 playing for POV and only 3 will vote for eviction…..

sorry, terrible move…..

wake up nicole…… do you really think you can win the game against paul, victor or james….. i think not…..


Nice said it herself”I didn’t do anything but ‘stay” even she knows she’s onlyrics stayed and deserves nothing


No doubt Meech has got to go this week. She’s overstayed her welcome and her purpose. But Paul’s overbearing strategizing is going to be too much very quickly! This is the PP in him, trying to manipulate the decision makers. Once Meech is gone, Nicorey will go back to Jatalie to get rid of Paul, and they’ll have no blood on their hands where J/N are concerned. While Vic is my horse to win it, he’s going to have to unhitched from Paul the manipulator.


Nic said it herself “I didn’t do anything but ‘stay'”; even she knows she’s only stayed and deserves nothing. Wait, she has tried to hide her bed fellowship under the covers but that hasn’t been successful yet she thinks it has.


Nicole doesn’t want to show her hand right now so she keeps noms the same. She is going to show her hand on eviction night by being the tie breaker to send Meech home. I say she show her hand now and take Paul down and use Nat as the pawn. Leaving Paul up there is dangerous. James might get into her and Corey’s ears and turn them against P/V

Ticked off

Victor and Paul all the way! They are playing Big Brother the way it should be played! And they have worked hard to deserve it!


Nicole Is dumb
Here the reasons.
1. Doesn’t want to take a big target out and thinks the jurors with give
Her the money.
2. I know it have been posted, but now Paul is trying her to get use the veto on him and put Nat up and telling her that she won’t get blood on her hand. She can blame it on Vic/Paul.
3. Jurors: knows that she haven’t done anything except sleep. Jurors vote on who played the game not sleep.
4. Believes that she is the American favorite.
5. Believes that Paul/Vic will not put her up.


I cracked up when I heard James say that he is kind of banking on being America’s Favorite Player again. I knew that was what he was thinking, and he thinks by playing all of those stupid pranks, acting like a child, is going to make him AFP. James does not need to ever come back to Big Brother, he adds no value, I am so over the way he’s just so excited about being able to actually have a ShowMance on National TV.

If they do have BB AllStars, I hope and pray that CBS does not consider Jame, Nicole, Paulie, DaVonne, Derrick or Cody AllStars. I really do not want to see any of these people on Big Brother again, I almost fell on my chair when James had the nerve to say that Paul and Victor flip flop to wherever the Power is, “REALLY James” you voted Victor out ! Did you think that he would come back in and be excited to work with you and your whining annoying Showman ? This just shows how James really does not understand Big Brother, he is so in the dark about what is going on, Please CBS, do not bring James back again. Send him back to his job at Walmart.