Nicole – “I don’t want to get burned like you guys got burned”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nomi1nations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-16-07-320

1:16am London Room Natalie and James
James saying that he was going to win that competition but he was able to cut a deal with Nicole. JAmes wonders if Nicole will go back on the deal.
James – I went back on my deal..

Natalie says she kept Nicole safe last week. James says he could have voted Corey out but didn’t.
James mentions what would have happened if Corey left yesterday
Natalie mentions Zakiyah and Da’Vonne “held hands” when they jumped off the HOH comp.
JAmes says Victor was doing good in the competitions but he was hiding his face he didn’t want to show his face in pain.

James- if I had won that comp I would have 4 wall comps under my belt.. I was going to take it from here..

James says throwing it to Nicole means he’s free to play in the next HOH and it forces Nicole and Corey to put the blood on their hands.
James- we need to fade away go back in the minds of people.

Natalie – the couples are running the house right now
James- we just have to make sure we’re the last couple standing.
Jame s- if Victor wins Double eviction guess who he’s putting up.. COrey and Nicole
James- Hopefully Corey goes home..and guess what it’s you Michelle me and Vic..
Natalie – Nicoles a bigger threat than Corey I can beat Corey in comps
James – yeah I can beat Corey in Comps

James says he’s the wall comp master
James – honestly if they put you and me on the block they’ll want to take me out anyways
Natalie – you’ll win Veto
James says the whole house will be gunning for Veto.
James says he hates not winning that competition it gets to him.
James – it’s OK James you made the right decision (LOL)

Natalie – are you proud of me learning the game
James- I’ve watched you grow you were a little nuggets now you are a happy meal

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-23-22-371

1:26am Michelle Tokyo room
Meech – another week I just can’t do it with Paul.. I just can’t
Meech – he’s being so fake with everyone
Meech – Natalie and Games are in their whole different world
Meech – Victor is kissing up to Corey and Paul
Meech – I caught Paul and Victor Studying
Meech – I don’t know what Paul was saying in they’re with James..’I heard Never forget always remember’ or something
Meech – I don’t know what’s going on I feel really alone.. I’m really done with this game I felt like People have ruined it for me or I have ruined it for myself I don’t know
Meech says the game started off toxic with Jozea and Paul. She says that started all the “he said she said”
Meech – I played the he said she said card a lot.. And I know Nicole and Corey will never trust me again .. I don’t think Natalie and James trusts me, I know Victor and Paul don’t
Michelle says Paul is taking it to a personal level she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. She calls him childish.
Meech – I hope Nicole makes the smart decision and gets him out..
Meech – I feel like a failure in this game I feel like an embarrassment I don’t want to come out of here I don’t want to look at social media I don’t want to do anything that has to do with the show, which is really sad cause i’m a super fan. I wanted nothing more than this but now it’s like…
Meech – I feel like everything is ruined .. I’m a failure and embarrassment.. I should have never been picked to play this season.. It’s so hard.. I wish I was last season.. This season is the worst.. Being in it sucks.. I don’t ever ever remember it being this bad any other season..

Meech – where your brain hurts and you just can’t take it anymore people get to you
Meech – it’s so overhauling its all yo think about you don’t know who to trust you don’t know what’s happening, you don’t know what is being said you don’t know who’s lying, who’s manipulating.

Meech – I’m gaining weight too and just feeling like crap.. I feel like a shit person.. I feel like I have a shit body… I feel like i’m a shit player.. I don’t know what this house has but it sucks.. I never swear in real life..
Michelle continues to whine and complain ..
Michelle – the only thing I don’t regret is blowing up Paulie’s game that had to happen..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-56-10-219
1:55am Nicole gets her HOH room..

“Who wants to see my HOH room”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-56-45-775
Nicole shows off the dream catcher she makes and sells in etsy

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-57-58-085

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 01-59-30-152

Nicole reads her letter.. “Hi coco bear.. We’re so proud of you.. You’re extremely brave.. Everyone here loves you and supports you” Yadda yadda yadda

Nicole – sometimes I make them super crazy and long
Nicole – I made like 5 of them and put them on instagram and they sold in 5 seconds.. I thought crap that took my 5 months..
Nicole – I’ve done personal ones for sure
Paul – that’s cool.. what’s your etsy shop called
Nicole – hold on.. Candid collection I think
James called into Diary

Nicole got the album Alanis morissette “1 hand in my pocket”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-08-51-508

2:08am Victor and Paul
Victor saying James turned sides and voted him out
Paul – they try to make me turn on the 1 person in here that’s not a deeha
They are wondering if they can cut a deal with Nicole and Corey see if they can work together
Victor – why can’t people stick to a f***g plan.. That’s what irks me ..
Victor – every week we geft sh1t on
Paul – literally every week we get f***d over..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-13-09-982

2:13pm HOH Corey and Nicole
Nicole – are you sleeping here tonight
Corey – it’s up to you
Nic – it’s up to you

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-23-15-416

Paul comes up
Nicole says Michele told her she’s giving up she’s jealous of the people in Jury
Paul – I got under her skin so bad.. she hates me
Nicole – she hates me too she’s been wanting me out for awhile.. how do you feel about her going out
Paul says he would love it but says it might not strategically make sense..
paul – personally if you want to talk strategic this is what I would do..
paul – me or Vic get the care package we’ll put up James and Natalie.. 1 of them go preferably James he’s the stronger player, than if it’s the double eviction they are competing against Michele and Natalie those are good odds.
Nic – I don’t know James isn’t as smart
Paul says if Michelle wins HOH it’ll be Nicole and him nominated but he’s willing to risk it and get James out because James is such a threat in the game.
Nicole wants to wait for the care package because she might not be nominating anyways.
paul – Victor and I are loyal but we literally get f***d.. we go to 1 side we get f*** go to the other side we get f***
Nicole says if she doesn’t put him up does he promise not t take her and Corey out during the double
Paul – have I done anything legitimately shady in this game
Nicole – not to me
Corey no
Paul says the night before the veto Natalie was crying saying she put her two friends up and blamed Nicole and Corey on manipulating her to nominated him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-27-00-472
Victor comes up..
Paul- all we can honestly say there’s no hiding the fact I have Victor’s back just like you have Corey’s
Paul – we’ve been loyal to wherever we landed until we got f***d..
Paul says Natalie told them Nicole and Corey manipulated them to put Paul and Victor up.
Paul says James, Meeech and Natalie were selling to them for weeks Corey, Nicole and Corey but then it flipped last week and they tried to pin it on Corey and Nicole so that if Victor/Paul stays in the game he’ll target Nicole

Paul – all i’m saying is the power lies here.. either you are getting the package (Corey) he is (Vic) or I am
Paul – we’re here.. if you want to make a deal we will take that shot over there..
Nic – what if you guys go back over there..

Vic – our plan was to win HOH this week and put them up..
Victor says he was loyal to the guys until the put him up he was loyal with James and Natalie but then they put him up.
Everyone laughs..
Vic – they talk about all this shadiness. I have done nothing shady he’s done nothing shady I don’t see any of this shadiness..
Vic – she (Natalie) said I promise you I’ll get James to vote for you to stay

Paul says James,Nat,Meech tried to get Vic to go against Paul.
Victor says Natalie is being super nice to him saying she did everything she could to get James to vote to keep him. Victor says he was loyal to “them” he’s not goign to lie.
Vic – they sh1t on my and now I want to sh1t on them

Nic – it’s easy for you guys want to work with us this week and pack up and work with them next week
Corey says when they set something up they ruin with it. Nicole needs some sort of promise they won’t flip on them.
Paul – I cannot stand Michelle
Vic – James voted me out
Paul – they told me they wanted me to go home.. I wont the veto and they shunned me
Nic – they told me you’re (Paul) the target

Paul – the only way you can trust us is based on what we do with the care package..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-37-44-510
Nicole – I don’t want to get burned like you guys got burned..
Victor explains how he’s been used all season to take people out.
Paul says James, Natalie and Michelle legitimately “F***d” them
Victor says James voted him out and they were supposed to be working together.. “F*** him”
Paul – realistically it’s you 2 them 2 us 2 and Michelle
Paul says there’s a 33% chance the care package is goign to Corey, 66% it’s going to them
Victor – James has already bounced checks in this house..
Paul – I despise the type of person Michelle is Emotionally I would love to put her up She’s gunning for me more than gunning for you..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-26 02-26-56-408

2:46am HOH Nicole, Corey, Vic, Paul
Victor – they took a swing hit but I came back..

Victor says they (Natalie and Michelle) kept saying Glitter..
Victor – It was a code word for James to not fall..
Corey and Nicole heard it “Ohh sht.. I’m pissed.. that’s sketch”

They are all excited to start working together.
Victor and paul say if Corey was going to get evicted last night they were goign to work with Nicole.
Victor adds regardless of what Nicole and Corey do this week he’s still going after James, Natalie and Michelle
they say if James and Natalie were loyal to them they would still be with them right them.
Paul – you don’t understand how much they shit on you to me..

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I’m over hearing how James wanting to win his 4th wall comp. ._. It’s so annoying that he is more focused hanging to a shitty looking wall than actually playing big brother game. Someone needs to slap some sense into this hoe, cuz I’m over him.


isn’t winning a comp “playing big brother game”?

Hide the chips

Nicole the bb mastermind … nominate and try to vote out a player that hasn’t sniffed a comp win but leave someone that has fought back into the house twice and hope to ally with his partner that stabbed your closest ally in the back.
Just change your name to Victoria and start talking about how you can’t make it this far in big brother without being a great competitor.


Nicole is no mastermind lol! What was once a great show turned into a rigged piece of shit.


Once Paul and Victor are gone, so are the viewers. It seems the original Production idea was to have a woman win (Nicole) and to have vets make it to the Final 2 or 3 (Paulie, Nicole, James). Now Nicole and Corey are all over Twitter with their sex tapes, Paulie exposed himself as a dick (ha ha), and James is a shoo-in for the Nobody’s Favorite award this summer. The tables have turned because Paul and Victor are entertaining, whereas Nicole, Corey and James are boring. Production has to see that the unlikely pair of Paul and Vic overcoming everyone they tried to work with (who ultimately stabbed them in the back) makes for good t.v.

Tiny Trump Hands

Nicole, working hard to make sure the All-Guys alliance is back stronger than ever… oh wait, she’d not a guy.


Winning comps IS part of playing Big Brother but he didn’t WIN the comp. He gave it away, like he’s done all season (supposedly). He really is the worst player I remember who has been in the house more than once and AFP??? Maybe, but only because CBS is giving him such good edits. I’m so very over James, myself. I don’t think he’d know what to do with Natalie if she did let him have his way with her. I’m not even sure he’s had sex more than the one night stand with his baby mama. I’m amazed that he is 30 years old. He acts less mature than my 16 year old son. If all James wants is the 25k for AFP, go ahead and send him to jury; his “pranks” and other childishness is NOT ENTERTAINING – even in edit.


Frank the tank didn’t get a chance to play in any of the battle back games. First 5 evicted played and the 5 jurors played. Not fair. What do you think?

james for the win

he will take the money and marry natalie!

together they have BB babies and they can play in BB when they age.

How exciting

p.s. where is the nicole and cory sex tape?


Lmfao, you’re kidding right? Nat wants nothing to do with James after the show, she’s already making comments so the live feeders know that she not interested in him at all, she’s using him like she probably does to everyone else outside the game. She’s one of those girls that flirts with you till she knows that she has you under her spell, then she throws you to the wolves. I don’t blame her, good game move. And James is a total weasel anyway. If he gets voted out soon, I’ll at least feel a little better about this season. Vic or Bridgette for AFP!!!

nicole's diary room voice

James is an idiot for GIVING Nicole the HOH. All this flip flopping is F’d up if you ask me. Nicole is dumb as a sh*t house rat if she don’t put up Vic and Paul (the two biggest threats). At least that D bag Paulie didn’t come back. MOTHERFRICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


James didn’t give Nichole the HOH he was going to fall anyway. He said he was giving her the HOH to try and secure him and Nat in the house. I am so over James I had his back last season and up until recently. Game play I hope James goes out this week. Victor and Paul are beast and deserve the final 2 spots. Victor also deserves Americas Player.


James likes the wall comp because it is the only challenge he has an advantage. He has better upper body strength and core strength than the women, and because of his size he has less weight to keep up there than the women. Endurance comps are generally ruled by women in shows like this unless you get a guy like James or Matt. Bigger guys like Vic, Corey and Frank are at the biggest disadvantage, they are heavier and they have larger feet so they have more weight to carry with less coverage for support. I am really surprised that Vic lasted longer than Paulie or Bridgette. It really isn’t a skill that James can do that.


James doesn’t care about winning, he just cares about being liked and winning certain comps. ..that’s why he sucks, and I am so sick of him. ..he is so useless, no game play at all, just hangs out, he’s the ultimate floater amongst floaters


I know I will get a lot of hate for this but honestly, I don’t think it’s fair that victor had 2 chances to come back in one season, if he wins it will be kind of strange given that he was already evicted twice. And Paul’s mouth is just getting out of control, I can’t stand listening to him anymore. I hope Nicole puts the both of them on the block, they need to be broken up for good.

Enough already

I agree. I’m so over Victor. It’s ridiculous they just keep putting him back in the house.

Enough already

Sorry Simon! 🙁 But I was never a Victor fan. And I am not one to change with the wind. I never liked him or Paul. Sadly only lame players are left.
Thanks for the updates! Love your work! 🙂


Enough, if you are a woman, go back and watch the footage of Vic cleaning the shower in those yellow gloves and let yourself relax and fantasize for just a moment. If you are a man, jealous much?


Simon I’m hurt that u would even be rooting for Paul
He is as disgusting as spencer was
Rooting for Paul is agreeing with him and his vile words that comes out of his mouth .. I know you don’t agree with him calling girls C@@T…


Simon has a right to his opinion as much as you. Rooting for any houseguest will come with a “they said this, they did that!”. Honestly, every single person in that house you can point a finger at and say, “Did you hear that? Did you see that??” It’s BB. It is the nature of the game to lie at times and be deceitful. Everyone has their favorites here.


LMFAO! (I predict tons of thumbs down on this, btw.)

Here we go again! Who the f* cares if Paul called Michelle a c*nt? lol She is a cunt (not literally OBVIOUSLY).

It’s so irritating to see people be so sensitive to things like name-calling in the BB house. “Oh, how can you like Paulie when he did what he did to Z?” “Oh, how can you like Victor after being evicted twice? He doesn’t deserve to win.” “How can you like Paul’s game play when he flip flops to where the power is?”

Geez… give that sh*t a rest. This is a game. Every player has their eye on the prize. EVERY player (including your favorites Nicole and James — and yes, I can read. No, you didn’t say THEY were your favorites. But I’d be willing to bet that they are. I’d also be willing to bet that you still think Nicole is “wholesome” and that James is just so amazing. ANYWAY.) EVERY player left has lied countless times. EVERY player left has flipped sides or teams or ridden the coattails of whoever was in power… and if they didn’t, they wanted to or tried to. And as annoying or scummy (or whatever term you want to use) that we (AS VIEWERS WHO SEE EVERYTHING) think that some of these players are, try to remember that it’s half a million dollars they are playing for. AND THAT IT IS A GAME FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT.

Michelle (who labels herself a superfan) probably thought and believed she knew every aspect of this game. She probably thought she’d be very successful at it, too. And actually, she DOES have a lot of insight regarding many things. But she is breaking down. I think this game has the capacity to bring things (bad or good) out of people.

Anyway… I love players like Paul. I loved that he called Michelle a cunt, too- even if she didn’t hear it. And yes… I want Victor or Paul to win. 🙂


Actually I think that your comment is great! If I could give you 100 thumbs up I would!


I agree with everything you’re saying. Michelle has said some disgusting things about Paul. Called him a atheist, douche bag, bitch, a piece of f@$king shit and etc etc. But people want to bash Paul. Every single female has a gutter mouth in there except Dayvonne. But, as soon as Paul starts firing back at Michelle, people are mad. Michelle wants to be a know it all because she’s supposedly a Super Fan and Paul knows the game better then her and it pisses her off. James is a weasel and jealous little snake. He literally holds on to some part of Natalie when Victor comes around. Natalie is a self-centered, foul mouth, trash talking, stuffing her face, horrible eating manners, immature grown ass woman user. Nicole and Cory spent the whole season playing hand hockey and find the hole, when they wasn’t lying or trash talking. Victor fought to stay in the game. He trashed talked but no where to the extreme as the others. He was loyal to the people that he worked with. Unfortunately, he will always be a target as well. I feel like production is trying to make these people play. They think they can just play like past seasons but I think BB is trying to make them play the damn game. And Natalie saying she’s tired of being poor but she spent over 2 grand to get her boobs done. She’s fake as her boobs. Paulie was probably right about her. Paulie just lost credibility in the house because of his attitude and nobody listened. But, seeing her true side come out more and more, on the live feeds, I now believe him about her. If anyone truly watched the first 9 or 10 seasons, floaters, showmances and poor competitors, didn’t last in that house. Paul and Victor are playing like original players. Like it or not, they’re playing the game.


Disagree Victor had the same chances as everyone else to come back and that wall challenge was better suited for Paulie because of his height. I am done with Paul he is pulling a Paulie and calling Michelle a CU*t and a few other words were overboard. I do see productions hand in their feud because both of them started coming out of DR mad at each other.Everyone was saying how mean Michelle was being but she was reacting to Paul who was being horrible he likes to beat those pots but I do think Paul’s family is adorbs.Paul is not stupid and before he just ignored Michelle the game was never to personal for him but he started coming out of DR furious with Michelle and he suddenly thinks the care package could be 5000 bribe WTF because production told him. Michelle needs to stop the evil Dick strategy it is not working for her and if you really don’t have that in you I think it would make someone depressed. James is making a fool of himself. Natalie is playing an ugly game with James. She wrapped her legs around Victor and I did not like how she manipulated people with the sexism thing. I want James to go home before he ruins his reputation anymore.
Nicole is being played once again and she is far more a mean girl than Michelle she is just better at it and she is ot trying to be Evil Dick its just who she is. I am getting so annoyed with Nicole voice on the feeds. Corey he makes me want to shoot myself.Vic for the win Michelle second place Paul lost me but I know Michelle will go home in double eviction. Thanks production !! Vic for the win!!!

TX rar

I disagree. No one PUT Vic back in the game. He had to win 4 comps the first time and then win against 4 people the second time. Vic EARNED those returns. Plus there was zero way production could ensure he came back in bc anything can happen during those 5 comps.


Victor wasn’t “put back” in the house, he earned it by wining the comps…and he had to win like 4 of them, he deserves it just as much as anyone can argue he deserves winning just for that reason


Well victor did win to get back he wasnt just voted back in like brendon and Kaysar but yea i wonder what glenn thinks about vic getting 3 shots at 500K

Frank Got BONED

Or I wonder what FRANK thinks about Vic getting 3 shots at $500k

Paul the Weasel

I think Vic is an awesome player at comps. He deserves to win, but not with Paul attached to his hip. When Paul called someone a F’ing C$&@ yesterday, that was it for me. He is as disgusting as they come.


I’m so glad someone else sees what I see why on earth does anybody like him is beyond me he is an awful human being
And calling girls the C word is the worst .. Disgusting vile little man


Yes Vic got evicted twice, and that’s WHY I’m rooting for him. It’s the total underdog story! He’s like the annoying fly at a picnic that you shoo away but always comes back LMAO!

Cow Mascot

So Nic is in a position to save the season. Good for her.The worst possibility for this game is a win by James.Worst ever.

D-Con Mascot

James deserves the Cheese!


That is a really funny comment.


I agree, Paul and victor need to go but Paul more than anyone! I can’t understand how anyone still likes him. And I’m really surprised that I haven’t seen any comments on how utterly vile it was when he called Michelle a f*cking c*nt to her face, in front of other people!! I can’t stand her but that is the worst thing you can call a female and no guy should ever say something like that. He has gone off on pretty much only girls this whole season and it’s disgusting. But with that yesterday, he took it to a level that is not ok. If I were her father (or mom) I’d want to kill that little, poor excuse of a boy. He really is just a repulsive human being.


I’m no big Vic fan and I do hate cliches, but don’t hate the player hate the game. I mean fairness has nothing to do with anything. It’s not fair that Vets return, not fair they have prior relationships, not fair that siblings come in with coaching, not fair that people get care packages, etc, etc.

Now when people say he should get AF, I’d argue strongly that he’s a bad player, 2 evictions, no real strategy besides bragging about his comp wins and attaching himself to the biggest available a**hole….and if I faced him at the end or was in jury, those evictions cancel out any credit he gets in comps, and all that’s really left is a player largely controlled by others.


I agree. Vic didn’t make the rules or the “twist”, blame production for that. He just did what he had to do and won his way back in. I also agree that it’s equally not fair that these vets have gotten all these chances. Especially Nicole. This is her 3rd chance as well. I don’t blame that on Nicole, that’s on big brother.


What exactly have the other players done? Paul is playing the game – unfortunately his mouth is a bit dirty – but who wouldn’t react the way he does sometimes when he’s upset? Victor really hasn’t screwed anyone over, he has been genuine..and so what if he’s winning comps? That’s the point…to try to win comps, to stay safe and eventually try to win! VICTOR FOR THE WIN!


That’s absolutely his argument if he gets to the end. All I was saying is if I’m the person sitting next to him in my speech, a jury member weighing merits, or a fan voting for AF, I would say he’s was 3rd guy out after being oblivious and attaching himself to the most obnoxious guy in the house, then evicted again after attaching himself to the most obnoxious guy in the house. In the traditional game, Vic is a footnote and is only around because he got 3 strikes….this isn’t baseball and the other person made it to the end the old fashioned way.

Now I’m unique in thinking comps are dumb, not any test of skill, just dumb games….but even if I give them credence, the fact remains he faced two must win vetoes and lost them both and only production’s hunt for twists and ratings gave him what amounted to a second chance at veto. And either way, the person that he’s facing was good enough in the game to either win the must win comps or never faced them in the 1st place.


That’s the thing though…Paul doesn’t just act like that when he’s upset! He does it for sport. How many times have you heard him say he’s gonna mess with someone, get in their head, try to throw them off. And the most pathetic part is it’s always ONLY girls!! He’s a scumbag, insecure boy with a serious little man complex!!


As a man, I have a bigger issue with Paul than any mean girl and I see him and Paulie as the exact same type, except Paul has trashed everybody…INCLUDING Vic. From the time Vic returned right up until they made the move against Paulie, Paul mocked Vic to everybody behind his back.

He loves to pretend to be aggressive like ED….except Dick would go right at Frank, not back down almost immediately. If Dick wanted to go at Nicole, he would not wait until Corey was in the DR. The fact is he’s a little guy that wants everybody to believe he’s a wealthy, successful, tough, skilled fighter, who girls can’t resist….the only problem is he’s spent 2 months on a TV microscope and everything we see is the opposite of what he wants people to believe.

His wealth/success is his parents, not his. He’s only comfortable going after girls, not guys. His skill as a fighter is that of anybody who watches it on TV. And he was in a prison-like setting with 8 captive girls and not one so much looked at him twice. He’s a fraud with the emotional maturity of a 13 year old….so for those who like him, relate to him, the mirror must be the toughest thing they face in a day.


Only girls? What about Paulie? It’s a little risky to all Paulie a girl – at least to his face. But Paul did indeed go after Paulie. Twice. And it worked. It has nothing to do with girls. He’s only gone after the people that have already been doing that themselves. Michelle has been AWFUL to people. Paulie was AWFUL to people. Paul sees their weakness, he calls them on it, and he uses it back in their face as a strategy to get them to fall apart.
I don’t like some of the words he used, but it’s incredibly effective and it knocked two really awful people – who had been awful to even the nice people in the house – right off their pedestals.


Amen to that! I cant stand Paul’s mouth anymore and don’t like it when they bring someone back into the house makes this game seemed rigged! Hope everyone votes to give Cory the last Care package!


So I’m curious, are you a Nicole fan? I bet you are because that’s the only reason anyone would vote animal torturer for anything.

I bet you think it’s perfectly fine that this is Nicole’s THIRD chance at big brother….


I’ll probably get a lot of hate on this too but it is my opinion and I’m entitled to it. I was annoyed at seeing victor come back into the game too because it seems like deja vu all over again and the game is not progressing to an end. I don’t fault victor for it. He is a phenomenal competitor and earned his way back in. But now it just seems like the game reset itself to something different day. I spent sometime watching some of the past seasons when there were fewer twist and the season seemed to flow a lot better making the season more enjoyable. I like the first few seasons the most because there was a more diverse cast that included different age groups. (BTW didn’t you figure that Glenn would be the first to leave? Saw that coming a mile away).
Anyway, I’m not much of a Victor fan but I think if he makes it to the end he will win and rightly so. After all he was evicted twice and battled his way back in the game. He’s like an old smelly sneaker. No matter how you try to get rid of the odor , it just comes back..unless you just get rid of the it for once and for all. Hopin’ this is the last twist of the season. Time to move on.


Too bad last care package is lame. I think James knew Nic would legit beat him and came up with his lame excuse. I sincerely hope Nic works with Paul and Vic. She needs them to help her get out James cause Corey ain’t winning any comps.


Corey has won some comps. If I am not mistaken he has won 2 Vetoes and an HOH. There are others in the house that have won less.


As I suspected. Nicole, despite talking about wanting to work with strong players, is going to take the easy way out and try to get Michelle. I.E The remainder will be 3 groups of 2. Which is stupid. If she didn’t have straw for brains she should take a shot at James and Nat. BUT, she feels insulated by getting Michelle out. A safe eviction. I suspect a wrench gets thrown into this plan if it does happen, somehow. But, if she DOES end up working with Paul and Vic…Damn, I can’t believe I’m saying this….this would tear up Nat and James which I’m kind of fed up with.

Double D

NOBODY is winning taking Vic. Need to take him out now when you have help.


It should be obvious by now that there was a deal made with James and Nicole before entering the House. Prediction for who goes up: Victor and Michelle. Victor or Paul win POV and Natalie goes up, Michelle gets voted out. Waste of a HOH.


Nicole is my least favorite houseguest remaining. Having said that, if I were given HOH by whining my way to it, and another guy came to me and presented teaming up, I would have to feel at least some token of gratitude to the fool that threw the HOH to me. She has made James promise to her that he has her back, and he has shown that he does, more than once, to the detriment of his own game. If she is truly considering teaming up with Vic/Paul, her “test” for them would be to say she is going after Meech and see how long it takes to get back to her. She isn’t sharing her real plans with Paul at this point.


I think you’re letting your fandom override your brain.

I’m no Nicole fan, but her thinking is very logical: Michelle wants her out. That’s a clear and present danger. That’s her only threat. It’s clear James/Nat want Paul, but will take Vic if that’s the shot. Why does Nicole want to interrupt that?

And just know that only the DR reveals the truth: And I bet Nicole knows that she gets coverage by telling those 4 that Michelle is her target, pre-care package….then once she realizes she’s still in control post-package, she can still claim Michelle is the target and Nat’s just a pawn, then whatever happens, happens.

If Michelle goes, the dynamic is unchanged (which keeps Nicole under the radar) and if Nat goes, she tells James that wasn’t the plan….and he’s after Paul/Vic, who are after him. Nicole’s game is predicated not on winning sh*t, but being a desirable end partner and Michelle is a mirror, somebody others would love to have at the end. It’s in Nicole’s interest to eliminate mirrors. So Michelle goes, then Paul/Vic trade eliminations with James/Nat, then those 3 left all see Nicole as their best final 2.

You don’t have to like or root for Nicole, but you can’t pretend that her game lacks logic.


Unless it’s a tie…Nicole is tie breaker no hiding from that


How’s there a tie?

Michelle’s an easy out and nobody saves her….and even if James and Nat tried, they’re not going on a warpath to avenge her when Nicole evicts her. Unlike dumb*ss Michelle who has never played her own game, Nicole gets it’s not only an easy sell to evict a personal foe even if others see bigger targets, but it secures her spot in the hierarchy and keeps others battling each other. And if she makes a move against any of the 4, she’s got 2 certain votes plus Corey.

I know she digs Corey, but game-wise he’s just more cover for her. She knows he always goes before she does….but it’s not hard to play the scared, weak card. Say she gets Nat out, she tells James “Vic and Paul intimidated Corey, said if he forced a tie and Nicole didn’t go their way then Nicole is their target, he panicked. He’s not bright and they told him Nat was after him over FT’s and saying she was on James’ d*ck, blah, blah, blah.” Either way, she’s spent more than a season cultivating James (who knows their level of interaction outside BB) and he’s not flipping on her until he’s gotten Paul and likely Vic out….and his greed will ensure he eliminates Corey before her.


If Big Brother is analogous to playing chess, then is Corey Nicole’s queen?


If Nat goes, James would certainly blame Nicole. His reasoning, if Nicole agreed to a F4, then why was Natalie the pawn?

Also, consider the options (if James stays off the block).

Michelle v. Nat — Victor and Paul vote to evict Nat, James votes to evict Michelle. Corey is the wildcard. If he votes to evict Natalie, James knows what’s up. If it’s a tie, it comes down to Nicole.

Victor v. Nat — Paul votes to evict Natalie. James votes to evict Victor. Michelle and Corey are wildcards, but most likely a 2-2 tie, with Nicole breaking it.

Paul v. Nat — Victor votes to evict Natalie. James and Michelle vote to evict Paul. Corey is the wildcard. A 2-2 tie would not be good for Nicole.


yeah… nicole’s best move is to get michelle out this week. michelle’s pretty much the only person targeting her and corey while james/nat target paul/vic and vice versa. this allows her to coast to final 5 with corey and be in a better position to pick up the fifth wheel tiebreaker than she would be with michelle.

michelle next to nat is probably an easier sell than next to victor/paul as she can tell james/nat that paul/victor is plan b and this a) creates a chance one won’t play in veto b) guarantees that one can be a replacement nom even if they try to pull something like winning the veto and taking michelle off the block. meanwhile if james wins veto, he and nat are safe. honestly sitting next to michelle is probably the better position for nat than not having a guaranteed shot to participate in the veto and a chance to have both her and james safe, so nicole may be able to sell this.


You’re seeing a James that does not exist.

All Nicole has to do is say “Nat is closest to Michelle and I don’t want her to have to vote. It doesn’t matter what Paul an Vic want (and Vic can keep playing nice, saying he gets he was collateral damage from Paul), because we have 3 votes….and I know if I used them as pawns, you guys might be tempted to take out your threats. I wouldn’t blame you at all, but it’s my HOH and I want to make sure Michelle goes….and if she wins veto, we backdoor Paul.”

James is a jellyfish and “keeping blood off Nat’s hands” will appeal to his wimpy sense of chivalry….and if it goes wrong, Nicole remains his best ally (she sees how he rats everything to her), doesn’t fear Corey and will still be after Paul and Vic. All Nicole needs to do is frame it that America will love James avenging his fake girlfriend.


even if james or nat win veto, they should probably take michelle off the block (yes, even if they’re sitting next to her). it’s risky as it would piss off nicole and still leaves them vulnerable, but nicole should be reasonable enough to know that paul and vic are way bigger comp threats and she should take one of those two out instead of spitefully voting out james/nat.


The reason i liked james last year wasnt because of dumb pranks or embarassing attempt at a showmance its that he made big moves. I cant stand him this year because of:

obvious pre show alliance with nicole
not playing the game (do what the house wants instead of whats good for his game)
OBVIOUS productions favorite they put in the comp hes been begging for all season just at this crucial time
another embarassing showmance attempt she clearly isnt interested in outside the house
Even in final 7 STILL trying to get no blood on his hands
Will not shutup about americas favorite

I am embarassed at his gameplay. At least with nicole I expected her to do the same shit. But they might as well have him return every year because he couldnt care less about 500K he just wants the 25K. When people start playing for americas favorite from the beginning its time to get rid of that award im sick of hearing that garbage


I really only recall one “big move” he made last year. He spent the rest of the time on his pranks and pot ball.
He was never a favorite of mine for sure but yea this year he has totally tanked. When I first saw he was returning I thought maybe he learned from his mistake and was actually going to play hard to win but nope. Same old same old. Trying to punch above his weight as they say and totally lame with his middle school pranks.


His “big move” last year was putting Clay and Shelli up but by then all he had left was Meg and I think Jackie. He was the next to go so it was a no brainer. It didn’t take any balls to do it as no one else was going to work with him.

James has ruined most of the fun

James is annoying. I’ve lost all respect for his game. He thinks he has America’s favorite player on lock. He told us us, so he must be right. Right?


James was a pathetic, scared little man, actually had to think for a second when he was casting his vote. I have had it with this mamby pamby, Hello Kitty hot chocolate party! Make a move, stop trying to hide. I hope Nat shuts him down after Meech goes up, probably with victor. Paul wins the veto, and then James will rush in to be a pawn instead of Nat. He will probably volunteer at that point. Then Nat can reveal how she really feels about him. Sorfy, babe…..cya Jamesy!

Butters Mom

Nicole and Corey are stupid if they think they have a snow balls chance at winning against Victor and Paul. Nicoles only shot at winning is either to break up that duo or get rid of the other 2 girls so that Paul and Victor take her to the final 3…. unless Corey has been throwing comps which is a possibility because he pulled out an HOH and a Veto when he really needed to during the last double. Getting rid of James is not in Nicoles best interest. Getting rid of Michelle or Natalie is . Michelle will be gunning for Nicole in the double for sure. It does make sense to get rid of her also because then she wont be around for Victor or Paul to drag to the end or an extra vote for Natalie and James. I think its smart to get rid of Michelle.. let the couples battle it out after that and use James as a shield.


I think Nic might have considered an all girls ending, but then saw how Nat and Meech acted last week and so is cutting ties with them. It’s smart of her, both in the game and outside of the game (which Nic is smart enough to think about). She is young and doesn’t want people to see her as being a petty, immature mean girl. Unfortunately those were the traits that Nat and Meech decided to highlight about themselves during their co-HOH (pretty much sucks for young women everywhere).

From the beginning Nic has been clear that she does not like petty mean girl behavior. That hasn’t stopped her from engaging in it at times, but she does make concious decisions to curb herself. She has a brain and chooses to use it. I’m not a fan of hers. In fact I think her game has been really low in a lot of ways, but I can’t fault her for not wanting to be tied to those two.


Best case scenario: Nicole puts up Victor and Michelle. Paul wins veto takes Victor down. Natalie is the replacement. Victor and Paul vote out Natalie. Paul bribes Cory with $5000 to vote Natalie. Natalie goes home.


The fact that you hate Nicole makes me wanting to root for her even more. Go Nicole!!!!!!


And who is that going to make a difference to exactly? No one. Cheer on RATCOLE all you want. 😀


Hope James regrets giving that one to Nicole. He should have known she was done for when she said she wanted letter from mom. He needs to regret putting his game in someone else’s hands. Guess he doesn’t need half a million for his child.


It’s fair if victor won his way back and that’s how the game was set up.
If it had been somebody else’s favorite doing the same thing then it would be alright. Victor could have lost any of the Five times he battled back. He earned his way. I think it’s fair.


I actually want Victor to win now. He deserves it more than anyone left at this point. I was back and forth on Paul all season – I like the way he always fights to stay in the game but I don’t like his potty mouth and the use of the “c” word. I think even if it was Victor and Paul at the end, Victor would win.

Charlotte 89

Nicorey is stupid not to take a shot and Paul and Victor. One of them will win HOH next week and take a shot at Nicorey.
All Paul and Vic talk about is how loyal they are, but really only to eachother.
Time for production to step in, like they did with Natalie, and tell Nicole what to do 😉

fade away

throwing this comp to nicole was so smart…..he and natalie are most likely safe, and next week is a much more important hoh!


I completely agree with you. Winning HOH this week, then you can’t play for next weeks HOH. Double eviction is coming (don’t know when but it could be next week) & it’s very important to be eligible for HOH. This week it all boils down to the Veto Comp anyway. On the block or not, each houseguest needs to win the Veto this week to have input into who stays. James had this all figured out while he was on the wall. On the block or not, he’s going to try his hardest for the Veto this week. These are the reasons he jumped off the wall.

The $5K ACP really is not powerful. At this point in the game, no one who really wants to win will sell a vote, veto or option to put someone on the block. Even if someone bribes someone else & the bribed HG goes back on their what..they lose the $5K bribe that they didn’t have to begin with, but they stopped someone else from getting the options to sell their votes, veto, etc. This ACP should have been earlier in the game & CO-HOH should have been an option for now. Oh well….

I think James is playing the perfect game so far.


I don’t hate Nicole. She just isn’t one of my favorites.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole is only worried about the care package. Once she sees the care package isn’t much..she will for sure make her target Michelle. She will NOT go after James this week.

James and Nat need Vic or Paul out this week so Michelle going is next best thing to one of them going.

James and Nat keep saying they can win any comp they “really try” at. James couldn’t have won the wall comp. He tried to win. He was about to fall anyhow when he did. He was done. This little fool isn’t shit. He talks like big tough guy to Nat. Those two are toast when Michelle goes.

James next to go right after Michellle. Nat is done after that.

Final 4.. Paul Vic and Nicole and Corey. Not much doubt Vic or Paul win the needed comps to be final 3.

If Vic wins final comp and has the choice for final 2 he would for sure take Paul over Nicole or Corey. Paul however knows he can’t beat Vic final 2 and would want Corey final 2 ideally. I think Paul also beats Nicole in votes if they final 2 but that would be tighter.

This week will be rough having to watch Michelle fake cry all week. Mean girl till she in trouble then back to trying to make everyone feel sorry for her.

Bye Michelle. Good riddance you disgusting mean girl, Frank stalker and wanna be but never was “Super Fan”.


Well it look like ole Crunch & Munch has had an epiphany.
I feel like a failure in this game I feel like an embarrassment (yup)
I should have never been picked to play this season (yup)
I’m gaining weight too and just feeling like crap.. I feel like a shit person.. I feel like I have a shit body… I feel like I’m a shit player. (yupity, yup, yup, yup) I want to feel bad for her but she makes it so hard with all her mean girl crap. She may have gained weight (happens when you shovel food into your mouth constantly like a backhoe) but by no stretch of the imagination is she fat. She is so down on herself but sometimes I think she is just looking for sympathy from the viewers. Same with Natalie who constantly needs the attention and someone to compliment her. But as far as her game goes she is righty she is a crappy player. she would already be home if not for the team crap and the fact she was on a team with butterfly boy and Frank who were winning. Bridgette even kept her safe one week by winning. Hopefully Paul and Vic can convince Nicole to put her on the block (along with her own hate of Crunchy should not be hard) and send her to jury this week. She is depressing!


I think she just tries to gain sympathy when she talks like that. I noticed on the feeds last week or the week before, she was in the kitchen laughing about the whole crying thing and she started “fake crying” making fun of herself. The thing is her imitation of herself sounded no different from any other time. It was then I realized every time she cries it’s fake. For the most part at least.


Someone please tell production that a house full of Becky’s would be awesome! She was a female game player that never whined, complained and used her being a female as a disadvantage. I’m tired of Big Bro casting these “weaker” females, that only want a showmance, a guys approval or approval from the twitter world.
Come one….is this cast really a representation of what we are as a whole? Some of these cast members as amazing as self pity, no self esteem and just wandering through this life completely oblivious. Does the younger generation really value what twitter has to say about them? Maybe that is why they are so depressive, they can’t think or care about themselves, they want twitter to care about them. As technology expands, it just seems more and more people can’t love themselves for who they are, they need “followers” to love them because they can’t even love themselves….


Becky was amazing! By far the best female cast in quite a while or at least that I can remember as much as Becky. I want to say she got injured as well? (No not the hit by the train) I wan to say she twisted an ankle or something and never complained or whined and just powered through it. Maybe I remember wrong but she sure was tough and stood her ground. She was not going to be pushed around by anyone (which got her evicted) and she sure would not be whining and crying about the petty crap we have this season. It would take more then a train to hurt Becky’s heart. Yes please give us some strong women like Becky again.

lOL@thumb down

the one person who thumbed down your comment must be a nicole/nat/meech fan. how can you thumb down a post about respecting yourself over what other people think of you. lol


The best move for Nicole is to vote out Michelle. Because then James and Natalie will be gunning for Paul and Victor because they are stronger and Victor and Paul will try to take out James. So it’s perfect. You have to admit that Nicole is playing an amazing game. Not a target but still one of the strongest people in the house, never been nominated, 2 HoH. I mean…. her game is flawless. Love her! <3

Lady on the street

Nat and Mich probably thinking what a waste of hoh and co hoh! Go Vic! Acp for Paul and AFP for Victor!


Wrongo! Meech didn’t really want Vic out, plus she got to be up in the HOH room. ACP is the only way she was going to get that experience. Natalie is starting to make goo-goo eyes at Vic again, and she got time away from James up in the HOH room. Now she is a comp beast in her eyes. Plus, both of them loved the attention and the idea of being HOH. They got snacks, got to wear robes, and got letters from home. It was never about strategizing to win the game for either of them.


How does the bribe work? Is it to be a secret or will everyone know that there is a bribe? I kinda don’t understand.


The PRODUCERS screwed up the CARE PACKAGE. 5K bribe?! SMH. WEAK. Paul and Victor are hoping for a Diamond Veto.. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAST CARE PACKAGE. Bad ideas all around.


My guess is everyone will know who has the bribe to give out but who gets bribed and what that deal is would be up to the recipient and could be kept a secret.


These people are stupid. Nicole and Corey think they have a better chance against victor and Paul. Stupid. Nicole forgot that she was attack by Paul after the noms. I can’t believe that they want to take out non threat ( mich) and keep two people that kiss people ass that in power and can win comps. Nicole and doesn’t deserve to win. They ride Paulie ass and then James and Nat. If Nicole that she won, she doesn’t remember that James jump down.


so happy we get the Puerto Rican CLEAN machine for at least one more week.
You need him in this house slobs.

I am still not over seeing Paulie again last night. CAN’T STAND HIM!

He's clean and classy

I like Vic. He keeps everything on a game level. When he talks shit about people it’s about what they did in the game. Not about how they can’t make French fries or whatever. So glad he’s still around.


Nicole & James …. Neither will ever nominate the other. (almost feels like they are playing the Jason & Danielle strategy from season 3 … deflecting nominations away from each other while not being in an obvious alliance) … Not sure how the whole bribe thing works but perhaps Corey, Paul and Victor can agree that whoever wins it, they will bribe Nicole to target James. Just not sure if a player accepts the bribe they have to follow through with the arrangement or if they can take the bribe and back out on the deal.


If you vote for killary your a fool……#TRUMP2016


Why did you need to bring that up here? Has nothing to do with BB.


Donald undoing Obama’s damage and protecting this country is much more important…

TX rar

I’m not a grammar natzi but since you made a FOOLish comment, i need to point out it’s you’re or you are NOT “your.” (Sarcasm Intended)


::dons jack boots::
Your should be you’re. Leave politic out of this, we have enough with production politics.


You know how dumb Nicole and Corey looks if they don’t use this HOH to get out one of the 2 best players in the game


And who are those 2 best players?

TX rar

It might be they are hedging their bets. Nic/Cory could get to F4 with Nat/James or Paul/Vic. They have deals with each side. Meech is on her own and there is mutual dislike with Nic. Only Corey can play for next HOH and there is a DE coming. What that house thinks changes by the hour. Lol

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

I dont get why people are shitting on James so hard. Is he annoying? Yes but hes playing the same game as last time around, maybe a little softer due to Nat, and i think people are a little tired of it but he was one of the final two up there.
Nicole needs to take out Vic once and for all. It keeps everyone in the house happy and it will keep her final 4 in tact, then it would be 3 (J,N,C) vs 2 (P/V, M) in the double.
I think P/V will go in the first half of the double and then Meech in the second half. Shes playing the worst “Superfan” game ive ever seen. Last year Steve layed low almost the entire game but he acknowledged he was doing that and it wasnt by accident. Meech is just awful and im not sure why people are keeping her around.

Release the Kraken

They’re waiting for Jerry Springer to wheel her out of the house.


In my perfect BB world, Nic will put up Paul and Meech this week, Vic wins Veto, takes Paul down and Nic nominates Nat. Meech goes to jury. Paul and Vic win HoH in the double evict next week and send James and Nicole to jury. After that, Nat goes to jury, Corey, Vic and Paul are F3, Vic wins last HoH and Paul and Vic are F2. But. . .it won’t happen.

Best line of the night. . .Nat (talking about Paul), “I’m smarter than him.” LOL


just send Meech home and I will not be upset that Ratcole won HOH

Sure don’t like that her and James had a deal before even entering the BB house.


Meech wants to live in luxury for awhile at the jury house.


MICHELLE … take your bi-polar meds or hit the self-evict exit button.


Re-watched the HOH comp last night via Flashback (because i am still trying to figure out that Friendship Suicide) and I think the fall was pre-arranged before the jurors even got there.
First, Paulie says the most random thing ever: I really want to breastfeed. Then Da’, Z and Bridge start talking to and looking at each other. Then Da’ mouths to someone (Paulie?), I’m going to fall. And then like dominoes, all the existing jurors got up off that wall.
I think it would have been excellent TV if they all jumped together.
As for the present game, I do not care who gets nommed as long as Vic doesn’t walk out the door. That man is the hardest working HG in Big Brother history!


I was curious about that as well and don’t have the feeds. On the show when Lazy Da read the card she said something like she was going to be going hard to win her way back in. then I read here her an Max-Z just held hands and jumped off together and did not even try? Sad but predictable. Neither one had any game in them to begin with. Both talked big but brought nothing but that talk to the table. 2 seasons zero comp wins. Still don’t know why they asked her back. Knowing she was the target she could have at least blown some crap up but just sat there and didn’t even try to make any deals. Say what you want about Paul and Vic many of which are true but damn if they don’t try their hardest and “fight to the death”


I put all my votes for Paul.


I am torn, I kind of want Michelle to stay so there is more drama (crying and all, instead of having 3 “couples”). At the same time, I kind of want Corey and Nicole to form final four with Paul and Victor because that probably means Corey and Nicole goes out 3rd and 4th which is great! I am scared that if the two romances stick together Nicole and Corey can actually end up as final 2, as they are more evenly matched.

I can’t really say who I want to win. I don’t want Nicole, Corey, James or Meech to win. I think out of the rest probably Natalie, Victor and Paul made the biggest moves so far. I have to begrudgingly give Paul the win because Victor has been evicted twice already (so he couldn’t have been a great player) and Natalie is in a showmance which I hate.


Last night’s Live Show was EPIC!! The Jury House was LIT!. They roasted Paulie like he was a Thanksgiving Turkey. Day was the best talking about Bawlie’s short man complex, looking like himself again and not looking like Paul anymore. I like when Day gave Bawlie the fake microphone and asked him what was his name and where was he. Lol. He said “My name is Paulie and I am in the Jury House”. The females starting clapping and laughing at him. Then Day said “Praise God”. Lololol!!! Surprised Z stood up to him and called him the bit** that he is. I wish CBS would have shown more of the jury house

TX rar

And they didnt even see his crying temper tamtrum yet! Or that he told everyone in the house that he and Z had unprotected sex 5 times. I would live to see them all watch his exit week recap


Hopefully the next person that is evicted will tell Z about Paulie telling everyone about their sexcapedes and CBS airs it. Z will surely flip out on Paulie big time

TX rara

Unless they are already hooking up again. I hope not!

Vote Now

Voting for the final package ends at 1:00 EST TODAY!!! Go to and vote for Victor!!!

Only can wish

I don’t get James game play. I can understand maybe throwing 1 or 2 comps. in the beginning to lay low and it’s more people in the house. But to throw a comp. at a crucial time in the game to depend on Nicole’s word that she will not put James/Natalie up because he saved her/Corey several times and they OWE him. Do he realize Victor and Paul are gunning for him. James even said Paul is very convincing when talking game. I really can’t see James in the Final 2. We shouldn’t penalize Victor for being allow to come back in the game twice/having a 3rd chance to win. He followed the rules to get back in the game by winning comps. when he was suppose to. Victor has taken every blow that came his way. How can anyone not respect that? Unlike James, who have been throwing comps, taking the easy way out when it came to the game and making undercover money deals that are against the rules. How can anyone respect that?


Even RatCole believes her own Rat Sh*t now when she says she hadn’t won a competition up until last night ?! – When in fact this is her 2nd HoH win of the Season !!
I just can’t stand listening to her. – Popping Valium like skittles and washing them back with Kraken doesn’t even seem to help, LoL !!! ( Simon should appreciate that )
I can appreciate that she wants to keep James in the game as a shield against Paul so they can go after one another. So Possibly, she puts Meech and Nat up together and if one comes down, she replaces with Vic.
We could be looking at a tie vote this week – with RatCole the deciding Vote – Oh Joy !!!


She doesn’t count her first HOH as a rightful win. Her team won and it was basically “gifted” to her. Anyway… that is why she says it’s her first win.


Actually, her team came in last place and the punishment was they got to choose the first HoH from the very best first losers of the game.


SIMON/DAWG or Anyone. What a Deeha?

TX rar

D*ck Head


Thanks so much. How did I miss that one!! Lol


Part of Big Brother strategy is knowing your strengths and weaknesses and those of your allies and enemies, and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Nicole’s biggest asset in this game is her ability to win memory and mental comps. Her biggest threats in those competitions are Paul and Michelle. (I used to think Victor too, but after he didn’t know what “cumulus” was, I’m not so sure he’s the sharpest tool in the shed.) Natalie and James are no threats in such comps.

She already has Corey to shield her in physical comps (like the ball pit, etc.) where James and Victor generally do well. (Natalie is only a threat because she’s part of a pair.) Nicole’s best move is to get rid of the threats to her BB strengths. And those HGs would be Michelle or Paul.

Hindsight is 20/20

Nicole wants to play the middle because of the double eviction thats coming up. Hoping that the 2 sides will take a shot at each other leaving Nicole and Cory safe.
No one is going to blame her for putting Michelle on the block since shes been after/attacking Nicole.
Even if she pairs her with Natalie as the pawn to insure Michelle is voted out with Nicole as tie braker.
Everyother scenario pisses one of the other groups off.

Humbleville USA

James must go this week. Period.

Please vote for Paul to win ACP. He’s played his butt off and deserves this. Besides, it’ll be very entertaining to watch him try to bribe someone.


I bet Corey enjoyed that hug from Vic on the gif


Natalie says Paul “slanders” her name like Paulie did
Really getting old Natalie. You can dislike someone, want them out of the game without playing the victim ALL the time. Paul calling Crunch and Munch a c**t was clearly over the top and out of bounds being one of the most hated words by most every woman I know. I do not recall Paul ever slandering Bratalie’s name does anyone else? As usual this gal has to make everything about her and use James at every turn. I guess she is trying to get James to “defend her honor” and make sure Nicole puts Paul up? I can’t stand that she craves attention, does everything she can to get attention and if it suits her uses that attention to claim harassment. It is disrespectful to every victim of bullying and harassment out there both male and female.

Natalie Sucks

Natalie and Michelle mean girl petty nonsense is getting old. Natalie using Paul touching her butt now, as sexual harassment as a strategy yesterday just about made me mad mad mad! And their delusional “I am such a good person” fest is laughable.

Plus I can’t even get mad at Paul at all for calling Michelle a c@nt when she called him names and totally provoked him. Is it okay for her to verbally attack him but he can’t verbally attach her back? Michelle then laughed afterwards that she knows how to get a reaction out of people. Michelle is a bully and delights in it. Natalie is just fake and conniving.


Nat didn’t get slandered by anyone. She tried her hardest to slander Paul’s name. It was kind of funny, as all it did was point out to everyone that she has no dirt to slander his name with. The worst thing she could come up with was that he has a leather jacket and doesn’t know how to make french fries, and then she and Meech would pout because they know that he must have lied or done someone wrong, they just can’t think of anything on the spot.

Paul has played a good game. He vents at times about getting pissed off at people, but generally stays out of the backstabbing and lying that the rest of the houseguests do. He keeps everything about the game and doesn’t make personal attacks. He doesn’t use sexuality to get ahead like all the others try to and has kept his looks underwraps behind his beard and Pablo the duck. He is also fun to be around. Nat should have used THAT against him and said that they wouldn’t be able to beat him. Her pride kept her from it though.

She is desperate to keep people around who have played just as miserable of a game as she has, so will look like a shining star among the other bottom feeders.


Why aren’t James/Natalie talking to Nicole? They seem like they’ll go with whoever talks to them last but the smart move (that y’all will hate) is to put up Paul/Vic.


How is that smart for Nicole? Nat, James and Michelle are a threesome and Michelle has clearly been gunning for her. After Michelle’s gone Vic/Paula and Nat/James will be gunning for each other first.


I think it would be best for Nicole to put up Michelle and Vic or Paul. Nicole doesn’t trust Michelle and knows Meech wanted to put her up last week. She can keep her word to James & Nat (keeping Jury votes) and by putting 1 of Vic/ Paul the one not on the block has a chance to take the other one down forcing Nicole to put up Nat. Corey would control the votes UNLESS James/Nat make deal with Paul/Vic to take out Michelle and work against Nicole/Corey next week…but that’s unlikely….unless Paul or Vic get ACP and bribe James to take out Meech and go against Corey/Nicole next week.


What was it “You can Bounch Checks In the BB House” James’s own words. So if Nicole does take a shot at James and Natalie, James should accept it, because let’s look at the facts every time he took a “big shot” he made a deal and he broke it. Natalie will be more mad at him because this is his game “bouncing checks aka breaking deals”… Nicole will no doubt take the easy way out and target Meech and or Vic or Paul if veto is used.


Hi feedsters and BBOnline readers! Just stopping by to say that life is beautiful and all is well when Paulie ends falling on the river before comp beast Victor! i.e. All is well when it ends well.

Food for thought (for CBS producers) an online spin-off called Jury Pad (a nod to the terrible spin off Bachelor Pad – of the even more terrible Bachelor/Bachelorette series) would be a huge success on demand/streaming. I’m still cherishing that sh!t on repeat on DVR… of course I only play the key moments like Bridgette destroying Paulie and Z leaving in the air if Paulie is a loser, a bitch or both. LOL! Love it, love it, love it. Is there any chance that Paulie can become a permanent punching line? Pleaaaaase?

Natalie is a Fake

Did you all see that Hug Natalie gave Vic when he came back in the house? She jumped up and wrapped her legs right around him. She caught herself and got down but for a minute was lost in the moment of her true emotions. How can James be so blind?


If Vic wanted, he could ramp up his charm and secure staying. Simply give Nat compliments, Meech a shoulder to cry on and sympathy, and Corey more physical contact.


Saw that. I also noticed how Paul gave Day the biggest and longest hug ever and he picked Day up and took her away from the crowd a little. Paul probably reiterated the fact that she was never his target (true statement ) and Paulie wanted her out. Paul is smart; clearing the air for jury votes (now I don’t know for a fact if he said anything to Day but he did pick her up and took her away from the crowd)

Unbattled Block

Just a few days ago, Paul was verbally wearing her out. Now Nicole is stupid enough to leave the best two Players off the block.

Nicole may be the DUMBEST playerEVER


Is Nicole being stupid or does she know that James would do the same thing to her. Listen you can break your word a certain amount of times…. but James already betrayed Nicole and Corey and lied to her. James stabbed Meech in the back to Nicole. Nicole knows James went back on his his word with Frank, Bridgette, Paulie, Da and Z… Now with Paul and Vic. Even if some of those was to Nicole’s benefit she has to be aware that James word has NO value in the game and he will betray people that think he is working with him and Nat. It really isn’t that bad of a move because James just boned those two guys and she has a better chance with them as ally’s than James. Look at it this way, if you get out Paul this week… Nicole and Corey are the only strong pair other than Nat and James…. Nat and James will take out Corey and Nicole.

Unbattled Block

Seriously ?

Going after James/ Natalie vs Paul/Vic That is such a huge disparity in comp wins

The plan should have been put up Meech Vic and leave backdoor open. Do you really think next week if anyone but Corey wins HOH that She or Corey won’t be sent home ?


I think Meech will be the target next week and Natalie after that or flip those two for the next two weeks. It is James time to go.


As much as I love Paul and Vic I thought that at first too. But when I think about it, it isn’t that bad. Nicole knows Meech is gunning for her, and wanted her out last week. Not only that, but she is one of those people you say, “We can get her out next week” and she ends up making it to the end. Also, Meech is an ideal 3rd person to take to the end. She sucks at comps ensuring Nic/Corey or whoever she is with will win them. It’s best to just get her out now. Plus like Nicole said her and Corey have been playing both sides… because the house is pretty much letting them. As terrible as they are at comps they are doing a good job of staying under the radar. Nat/James will most likely go after Paul/Vic and vice versa. Vic and Paul are pissed at James and want him out more than anything. Giving Nat or Meech the boot I doubt will make James all that upset, and like they said they can either use him as a shield during the double, or get him out. For once in both of Nicole’s shows she is actually making some kind of sense right now as to how she should play this.


Why do I like alliances that stick together? It’s more like watching a game. One week your team is down, one week it’s up but, you always know who your team is and who you’re rooting for. Some people think you have to lie to EVERYone ALL the time to play this game. Not true. Examples of alliances that never turned on each other: Season 6 & 7-Kaysar, Janelle and Howie. Season 9-Matt, James, Chelsea and Sharon. Season 10-Dan, Memphis, Rennie and Keesha. Season 14-The Quack Pack (Dan, Britney, Ian, Shane and Danielle). There were strong duos (Chill Town) but it’s easier for 2 people to trust each other and try to get to the end than for a group of people. There were also some successful alliances that I didn’t mention because, frankly I couldn’t stand them. (Season 6-The Nerd Herd.) That being said, there have been no real, loyal alliances this season. Therefore I have had to change up my way of looking at the game. Instead of a team to root for it’s more like a horse race. Each week you make your choice based partly on the odds and partly on which horse personally appeals to you. So, do I think anyone owes anyone loyalty, honesty, upholding a deal or not breaking a promise at this point. Hell No!
Almost every eviction has been shady. Week 1-Almost everyone told Jozea he had their vote and that Paulie was the target. Week 2-Paulie told Victor he was not his target. Week 3-They did end up keeping Tiff and lying to Frank as a result, but for the entire week they lied to Tiff and told her she was safe when they knew she was the target. Week 4-Paulie was honest at that point. Tiff was his target. Week 5-James made a deal and broke it and lied to Bridgette and Frank. Week 6-They all lied to Da and told her she wasn’t the target. Week 7-Paulie lied big time. He is the one who told Victor to put Zak and Michelle up. He did say that Zak was the target and then he changed his mind. Week 8-Victor was honest. Paulie was his target. Week 9-Natalie, James and Michelle lied to Victor and Paul before noms and after noms giving them hope for POV but it was still just a lie.
If James and Natalie think it would be wrong for Nicole to break her promise they are playing the wrong game. Let’s remember how James began his BB career. Week one of his first season-James, as HOH, made a deal and was supposedly part of an alliance with Jace. He BD’ed Jace. (True BD, gave Jace no chance to play POV). Everyone continued to lie to Jace leading him to believe he had the votes to stay even though they all knew he was the target. Deals made during endurance and should they be kept- I didn’t like it when Dan broke his promise to Ollie. I was definitely rooting for team Dan but I felt like that made Dan look shady. However, do Nat and James have any reason to be upset if Nicole breaks her deal. Double Hell No! James, endurance comp, made a deal with Shelli not to put her or Clay OTB, puts Shelli and Clay OTB, Clay goes home. James, endurance comp, made a deal with Bridgette not to put her or Frank OTB, puts Bridgette and Frank OTB, Frank goes home. Nicole, endurance comp, makes a deal with James not to put him or Nat OTB, well…I wouldn’t complain if she put James and Nat OTB. No one says more than James that, “You can bounce checks in the BB house.”
BTW-I think it’s cute how Natalie keeps boasting that she could have won that comp. (Not really. I don’t really think it’s cute. Annoying as hell but not cute.)


James not good at keeping his word 2 seasons, same game… Nicole needs to realize that…


I wish the poll for ACP was still up here… I wanna know who is in first place and second. If V or P was in second, I’d focus solely on one of them…


Vic did not get any opportunities that everyone else who was evicted before and after jury received. What happened is none of the first four evictions had the round trip ticket… so they did the BB buy back. In reality Da, Z and Bridgette had the advantage in the wall comp after they dropped off Paulie had the advantage. That whole wall was created to bring back Bridgette or Paulie… Vic won fairly. Let us also not forget that wall was also made to help James. James threw it away.

I also like Paul… if you want to criticize Paul for calling Michelle a “See You Next Tuesday”…. please take the time to review things that James said last Season or did (This is the guy that humped an inflatable shark.) he can be just as disgusting as those other guys or things that Michelle has said.Jmes also has that same crude history of talking about sexual things… reread last Seasons feeds. I actually want Paul to be in the top two. I do not think any of them has worked as hard as he has to stay in the house, the same go’s for Vic. Most of the others haven’t really played. So yes, I am team PaVic. I really have absolutely no respect for James game.


Simon or Dawg somebody was regurgitating something that Nicole said about James and Natalie on another site. You know the whole thing Nicole was saying earlier in the Season that Natalie was playing with James affections like Meg did last Season by leading him on. I do not remember Meg seeing James as anything other than an ally or a friend. I don’t remember them as showmance at all. Did Meg lead James on? I don’t remember it that way. I remember James being into Meg and Meg saying she liked tall guys.


I had the same feeling…. but the way James and Nicole have talked about, you would think Meg was a temptress. Somebody had also said that James seemed to be really salty about Meg like he sacrificed his game to protect her and she just used him. They were trying to say that is why James doesn’t keep his word anymore, but, I remember him doing the same stuff last Season… James BB word really has no value.


You’re right. She never led him on. Throughout the show he would say stuff like she is his gf, and she would turn around and say no I’m not. She made it clear to everyone they were just friends. James is just salty because he wanted her and tried like hell to get her, but she didn’t feel the same.


And Meg never played the victim or as you said led ole Lamesy Jamesy on in any way. Unlike miss Bratalie. Another plus in Meg’s column is I believe hers were real and they were spectacular! Bratalie’s whine is only slightly less annoying to me the Nicole’s. And Bratalie adds the UH at the end of her words like Liz and Julie and if not that the y. “James-uh” “you should have won that comp Jamesy it was made for you” when she said that I thought yea more then you know Natalie, more then you know. Man is her heart going to hurt when she finds out her Jamesy and Nicole had a pre-game deal and he was just pretending to entertain the idea of voting out Corey or ever putting up Nicole. His using her as a pillow on AD the night before last is as close as he will ever come to her lady bits! But boy did she do the full leg wrap on Vic! James is the only one I guess that can’t see it. If she was into him at all she would show a lot more affection (not like the finger puppets) then she does. She is a taker and a user plain and simple.


That’s my thought as well, every time James said anything about a relationship, dating, or anything, she was always: whoa, cowboy! Back it off, buddy. She kept her foot firmly on the brakes. She seems like a woman who just can’t help but be friendly. And that’s why Meg should have gotten AFP over James.