Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 2 Spoilers Second HOH winner results

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Catching up on what’s going on in the Big Brother House (Scroll down for the episode spoilers) 

What’s up with the two HOH’s and the twists? 

  • MORE interaction / Voting from the viewers this season. There will be a new interactive twist called “Team America” that will allow America to influence the game like never before.
  • HOH TWIST = TWO House Guests win HOH each Thursday. They both nominate 2 House Guests (Total 4 Nominees). The 4 Nominees then compete in the “Battle of the Block” competition and the PAIR that wins is safe for the week and the HOH that nominated them will be dethroned and in threat of being nominated as a replacement should the Power Of Veto be used.

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 Premiere Part 2 Results 

  • Zach, Christine, jocasta, Caleb, Brittany, Derrick, Hayden and Victoria enter the house
  • Nicole already worried their 8 person (Crazy 8’s) and 4 person (El Cuatro) alliances will fold now that the new players are here.
  • Donny is stressed because now he has 8 more names to remember
  • Cody is smitten with Brittany
  • Victoria and Frankie start off close
  • POW POW is horny over Caleb
  • Zach tells Frankie that he is the most broadway person he has ever met!
  •  Hayden comments in the diary room that Zach better calm it down he’s talking to the HOH and might get nominted acing like that.
  • Frankie also says in the diary room that Zach is rubbing him the wrong way and better watch it.
  • Julie Chen then asks the new 8 house guests to head out into the backyard for tonights HOH competition. The competition is called “Over the Coals!”. The last house guest left on the spit will be tonights HOH. She tells them that being HOH doesn’t mean you’re mean your safe because there will only be one HOH at the end of the week
  • Victoria is the first one out of the HOH competition
  • Brittany is the second out
  • Jocasta Third out
  • Christine Fourth out
  • Zach fifth out
  • Derrick sixth out
  • Hayden seventh out
  • Caleb Wins the Second HOH
  • Frankie changes his mind about Caleb now wants to be friends “He’s a lion and i’m going to be his tamer”
  • Julie chen explains the twist this season. (See above) Calebs two nominees and Frankies two nominees will compete the HOH who puts up the winning two nominees goes back into being a regular player. The winning two nominees are safe.
  • First Member of Team America is Joey
  • Team america is an alliance all summer long. The team will be given a task if they complete the task they are given $5000




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Good episode. I liked Caleb more than I thought I would. Everyone else minus Zach seemed to be pretty ok. Zach came out of this episode trying way to hard to be cool. He wants to be Will but with Will it never felt forced. Zach is just to full of himself and he’s gonna screw himself over.


such a pose. a sheep in wolf’s clothing.


True, but Zach will provide true drama and entertainment on the feeds soon, can’t wait for that. 😉


Zach won’t last long. I’m voting Cody for America’s alliance. Caleb seems like that guy that likes to start bar fights with smaller opponents….


kind of liking the two hoh/battle of the block theme. it means hoh’s will be more likely to put up weak-ass players. i assume it was implemented to counter last season’s “gang up on the strong guys” play.


Team America “all season long “? The three players chosen could be the first three evicted! Whose idea was this??


I think both Zach and Caleb are blind to the fact that this is a social game. I think that’s going to bite them in the butt very soon.

Jake K.

Like the first group better by far. Understand why they had the premiere. Though Caleb impressed me and think a Caleb/Frankie alliance would be unlikely and fun to watch.

And can we all get a WHATTTTTTT when Joey got Team America????

I also like the idea of the nominees battling SIGNIFICANTLY better than the HoHs battling. Adds a twist to who they should be nominating as they are technically trying to pick who they think will also lose that competition!

My favorites: Nicole, Donny, Frankie, Caleb

Honorable mentions: Cody, Hayden, Brittany, Derrick

Hate: Paola, Christine (thought I would like her so much better)

Love to hear what others think!!!


My favorites: Donny, Amber,Derrick
Honorable mentions: Brittany, Cody, Hayden
Hate: Paola, Caleb, Zach, Victoria


I thought for sure it would be Frankie, but when i saw Joey i was, yeah, that’s really cool. I especially like that they can win 5000 each to complete the tasks. I like Donny for it, but he’d be seriously bad at it, so that won’t work 🙂

Others i’d like to see as America’s team are Hayden, Brittany and Christine. I feel like Amber and Nicole are going to be forgettable, which usually means they’ll make it to the end by continuing to be forgettable. I am not sure about the 2 HOHs. I liked the idea of the 2 compete against each other, but not all that psyched by the way they are doing it with the block battle. It’s like it is guaranteed only weak players will be put up, which is how things always go at the beginning of BBs, because no one takes out the stronger ones anyway. This kind of solidifies that. You want your two evictees to lose, you will put up Nicole and Amber (my two forgettables) assuming they are unlikely to win anything. If there was no twist, you’d still put up Nicole and Amber because no one will miss them and you won’t alienate anyone by doing it, plus whoever is left won’t come gunning after you. New twist, same endings.


Just purchased the live feeds. Thanks Simon and Dawg for this site. Hopefully we have a great season ahead of us


I don’t see why Derrick (The undercover cop) throws the competition. We see time and time again that if you look strong, you’re going to be a threat. Last year, we saw Howard throw competitions and while he never won anything, he looked beefed and it was no surprise he never went to the jury. But he was too busy thinking people don’t see him as a threat. That’s like trying to camouflage a peacock. It’s impossible.


thats a really great point ….


Haven’t watched the whole show from tonight – taped it to watch with my husband tomorrow. I did see the last 30 min but not sure about the new 8 or even the first 8. Time will tell – it always does!
First night on the new website too. Welcome back Simon & Dawg!! Just for the record – I tried to vote Dawg for that Team America thing. Go Dawg!


got my live feeds thru your link & will get Steve to do a donation tomorrow. charging the kindle to watch tonight when I should be sleeping – sucks to be on the east coast AND newly employed again – LOL!! Looking forward to seeing some of the usual suspects!


Last night I was not a Pow Pow fan. But at least tonight she showed she has some brains trying to get a handle on Caleb. She may not be what she first seemed. Any thoughts?


no. you were right the first time.


I saw a little brain function there, still think she is not the brightest bulb in the box.


I thought the same thing. I think she will be a little fire cracker to watch. (so far).

Jimmy 64

That Zach is a first class putz he better get a better social game
Or he will be gone fast .


Howard threw comps? Am I mistaken here I thought he just sucked at comps….


I like the idea of the HOH twist, but I’m worried that will just force anyone who wins HOH to nominate all the weaker players to stay safe, unless they do the weakest and the strongest. But they likely won’t be able to do what they actually want without potentially getting screwed.


it means if you want to take down a power player you better have the juice to withstand the contingency yourself. this is good. unlike the “no floaters” lip-service last year, these rules actually will occasion more strategy. surely some botb’s will be mental; some physical. and i’d wager hoh’s won’t know which kind is in store before their selections are made.


Like the first 8 so much better. Don’t understand Joey on America’s team, that surprised me. Should be a good season … Of twists!!!


This means if you get HOH you have a 25% chance of leaving that same week….Get HOH 3 times and you’re almost certain to exit stage left…I wouldn’t wanna win HOH-just play a rat Andy game instead I guess….this may backfire on BB….like if there’s really as much bad as good to winning HOH….why fight like hell for it? LOL if after a few weeks EVERYONE was throwing the comps….


one strategy i thought of first would be to work with the other hoh before noms to agree you won’t be a replacement nom after veto.


No I think Julie said one of the 4 noms will win the battle and get to choose who to put up-which will certainly be the HOH that put them up…..after the nom battle both HOH’s are out of power.


Sorry Bill. Julie said that the Pairs will be competing and the PAIR that wins is safe for the week and the HOH that nominated them will be put back in the house as a regular guest. That means that if one nominee is removed by POV that HOH can be put up as a replacement nominee.

I know it is confusing, I have to research it a couple of times before I got it right.


Yes it was confusing but you explained it very well! If I got it right then the original formula remains, (1)Winner HOH and (2) Loser nominees. Then comes the POV and that is when the former HOH can go up.
I guess we have to watch it happen couple of times to get used to it.


Are the feeds up and running?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Hate Zach, Derrick, Caleb, Jocasta. Love Joey, Donny, Christine. The rest are BB avatars.


Zach and Jocosta need to go ASAP.


since jacosta has jesus and the bible on her side, we might as well not even watch this season – we all know the bible advocates public prayer and jesus is all about placing yourself above others and the acquisition of personal wealth…oh, wait…


Every time we get one of these bible thumpers-and they never win-they always basically pray ‘Jesus please let me win so I can get a bunch of money ok?’
I don’t think Jesus if he exists responds to prayers like that. Matter of fact immediately after Jacasta said jesus jesus she fell off the log…..


Completely agree about bible thumpers in this game AND that god couldnt care less about what goes on in the BB house like evel dick always said but Jesus certainly existed. Not arguable. Whether or not he was the son of god, walked on water, miracles, etc etc are definitely arguable. Shocked that blue hair got voted in team america. I dont dislike her but cbs has fixed voting in polls for years. Go Donnie!


Watching the two first episodes I was trying to gauge who I thought were potentially top players and who were weak links.

Smart/liked: Amber, Devin, Derrick, Hayden, Brittany

Disliked/target: Caleb, Victoria, Zach, Frankie, Cody, Paolo


I love this season’s juicy twists! It makes not only the players but us viewers reanalyze the competition in a fun way. I’m a little confused though with Battle of the Block. So hypothetically, if Caleb’s nominees beats Frankie’s nominees, Frankie is no longer HOH and can be up for elimination. What happens to the losing/winning nominees? Does Caleb re-nominate two houseguest that can include Frankie?? Someone explain please.


The way I understand it the winning nom replaces the losing HOH and put up a replacement for himself-which can be the HOH that was just replaced.


Which means I just realized he cannot retaliate and put up the HOH that nominated him-ok this is starting to sound better now….


I don’t think that after the Block Competition there are going to be two HOH’s. My take is that once two (of the four) nominees win they are saved and take down one HOH, bringing the nominations back to the original formula of (1)HOH and (2) nominees. Then comes the POV and things continue as usual. I don’t know if ALL three are up for elimination…


judging from all the confusion about this twist, my guess is it isn’t going to be the most popular twist they came up with lol.

my understanding of all this is that it has nothing to do with the power of veto competition, it’s an extra competition, kind of like where there was always a 3rd nomination last year i guess it was? and it only ran for a while, but i really liked that one. America voting for a 3rd nominee, it’s like Canada BB voting for different things, and one time Canada is HOH, nominating two players that everyone (canada) hated and finally changed the game around.

off topic, I think i might like Caleb. I don’t dislike strength and confidence. he lacks humility and humour, like Devin has, but so far i haven’t seen anything hateful about him, which is good.

I’d like to think BB has learned it’s lesson from the past and that no one here has any mental health issues and/or taking meds for behaviour control. Cuz they don’t work.


No. If Calebs nominees beat Frankie’s then CALEB loses HOH.


Oh thats not good-that means the noms can retaliate so wtf wants to be HOH?


Also it means HOH will be afraid to put up strong players… Frank season 14 ( could have seriously benefited from this twist.



The new twist with the Battle of the Block will be sort of interesting. I see that the “girl Power” Alliance not going far. I have to agree with others that the weaker (physical) players will go first. No incentive to pick any real “player”. I don’t see it going further than mid season though, they will run out of options quickly. Can you picture an alliance where their own HOH is forced to nominate them because they have “no other choice”?

As for how they all rank with me (Basically first impressions):

Amber – OK. Not much more.
Brittany – Like her. Single (for the fist time) mom.
Caleb – Seems to be the “new” Jesse. Didn’t like Jesse 1.0. Doubt I will like Jesse 2.1
Christine – She will be up real quick. Seems nice, but I think she will get annoying fast.
Cody – Like him. Seems nice and genuine.
Derrick – I like cops. My dad was one. hope he goes far. With the new twist, he will
Devin – One of my faves.
Donny – He’s my underdog. He’s going up soon and often. Hope he does well.
Frankie – Starting to grow on me. He’s one to watch.
Hayden – Another one to watch. Like him so far.
Jocasta – Underdog 2. She will butt heads with Pow-Pow soon. When that happens: Go JO!
Joey – Totally under my radar. Now that she is part of “Team America”, I’ll have to keep an eye on her.
Nicole – The new Jordan. Will she find a “Jeff” to team up with? I like her.
Paola – On my list of top two that must go and go soon. She’s a bully and a wannabe.
Victoria – She is too rapped up in herself. She has done nothing to make me like or dislike her. Up soon and often.
Zach – On my list of top two that must go and go soon. What an idiot and a jerk.

Jody H

I sort of like Donny. He makes me smile!!


First of all, Simon and Dog i have to say how much i love your site! i have been a follower for a long time since season but this is my first season being interactive so I’m excited 🙂


Thanks for coming back and I’m glad you’re commenting 😉 This is going to be an awesome summer! It’s killing me that we’ve already seen 2 episodes and no live feeds yet!


Thats why I’m having such a hard time picking faves so far! i need the feeds to get a better feel!


I liked the first group better than the 2nd

Zach, Victoria, Jocasta hopefully will be the first ones out


First impression:

Frankie – He’s “ok”. He will grind on my nerves sooner than later! Plus he thinks he is something super special because his sister is famous (I have actually never heard of her). But at least he’s entertaining!
Joey – From the minute she said LIBERAL, I was done. It’s her way or the highway eh? Hoping she hits that highway on out the door quickly.
Amber – Boring!
Caleb – I like him, he has an edge, and they are right, he’s a beast! I think he will be around for a bit.
Christine – I don’t understand why people say they don’t like her, she seems very sweet and real.
Derrick – Not sure about him yet. He is showing some signs of cockiness but seems to be an ok guy.
Devin – I like him, he seems genuine and caring.
Donny – Love Donny, I think we can all agree. Well some wont, but he’s awesome!
Hayden – So far so good. Seems like a sweet guy, he is young though so I am worried how he will stand up to these macho guys.
Jocasta – Well, I pray for her with all these heathens in the house but I feel she may have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Nicole: I LOVE her, plus she’s a Michigan girl and so am I but I am hoping she will go far…thinks she needs to speak up a bit.
Paola – Puke. This girl is not very smart and so full of herself and she has no reason to be whatsoever!
Victoria – Double puke. What is with these vain people. Next puke is….
Caleb – Puke! He thinks he is something special that is for sure. Not a fan. Super fake.
Zach – Come on dude, you hate everyone? This guy needs to grow up and stop being such an a**hole. (Hey can I swear on here? :)) But I will admit, I hope he sticks around because he will be entertaining for sure! I think it’s good for people to hear the truth!
Brittany – I can’t tell yet but as this is a first impression she seems somewhat sweet but lacks confidence. I hope that doesn’t hurt her, I’d like to see more.


Yep on Joey-man those libs are intolerant as hell….


since season 10*

anyways… overall I’m in love with this twist. I’m excited to see the different strategy thats going to be used plus it’ll be interesting seeing an HOH dethroned and having to return to the group to face the music plus i love how much more weight power of veto is going to carry

i felt like i was way more involved with the first 8 and their stories. i found more people out of the second 8 that i did not like…for one Zach. buh-bye. he’s really disappointing i thought he’d be a jock that i semi rooted for the first half of the season.. uhhh yeah def not. I’m predicting hell be in the first round of nominations (hopefully from Frankie)

Jocasta also surprised me. i thought i would truly dislike her for the sec she walked in the house but i don’t feel like she’s trying to shove religion down my throat so I’m willing to give her a chance (def more than i was willing to before the season)

Victoria is also not what i expected.. her “I’m too pretty” comment did me in, also feeling like you should align with someone in the first 2 mins you walk into the house bc you’re both wearing pink..i can’t take her seriously

IDEAL ALL GIRLS ALLIANCE: Christine, Joey, Amber, Brittany and/or Nicole
** undecided about Brittany…didnt impress me in competition, Nicole may have a weak social game but being a super fan usually helps long term
I feel like this would be a good mixture of girls who could resemble the Brigade. Each brings a different asset to the table and could potentially go undetected as an alliance since i don’t feel like most would expect this group

I can’t pick my faves for at least a few days of feeds..but I’m starting to weed out who I’m just over already:
Zach & Victoria


Victoria’s and Zach’s comments made me gag. Bye.

hey hey

Zach reminds me of Spencer from survivors he had a lot of potential once he changes up his social game more of a Dan gameplay he might have.

Hottest body goes to the mom of 3 Brittney.


Hi all.. I was on the boards for most of last season. This year I took the plunge and bought the live feeds from this site. I like the new twist with the Battle of the Block.

If I understand it correctly, each HOH nominates two people, presumably from the opposing team (lets call them team A and B). These four duke it out in a completion presumably in pairs. The winners of the competition have immunity but the HOH who nominated then looses HOH and his immunity. Presumably, there will be a POV competition and the winner if they decide to exercise their POV would allow the surviving HOH, to nominate a new person for the block which could be the loosing HOH. This leads to a number of interesting scenarios.

1) Both HOHs will nominate the weakest players from the opposing team as possible although, as others have pointed out, figuring out who is weakest could be tough depending on nature of competition.

2) What if one of the loosing teams nominees wins POV. If they take themselves off they leave their HOH and other team members vulnerable. This could break up groups quick.

3) What if an HOH nominates someone from their own team to be on the block. That could get real nasty

That is why I love this twist as it allows for many different scenarios as to how it may turn out and will drive them bonkers for as long as it lasts.

Douchebag Andy

Why do girls that are not “all that” claim to be the “hottest on the house” …imo, Brittany is the prettiest. POW-POW is another one that thinks too highly of herself. She so reminds me of Ginamarie, blech


i think she is meant to remind of GinaMarie, who was meant to remind us of JoJo. NYC hard cases are getting boring as typecasting.

I think this all girl alliance will go the way all all girl alliances go, which is nowhere. With the HOH twist, they will be first targets anyway, and I’ve yet to see an honest AG that didn’t end up with side alliances that were more important to them. As usual you get the big guy saying we need this group (day one) to be an alliance, and someone inevitably says the obvious ‘it’s too early to have a serious alliance with anyone’.


I got the strange feeling that whoever America votes will not last long in the house


I like the first group 100% better than the 2nd ground.