Big Brother 16 Episode 2 preview “Twist After Twisted Twist”


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Big Brother 16 has a two episode premiere. The first part was aired on Wednesday when Nicole, Joey, Amber, Paola, Cody, Donny, Devin and Frankie entered the house. This first 8 form an alliance as a whole called “The crazy 8’s”, The 4 girls form an alliance called “El Cuatro”  and Donny/Devin form an alliance. They all compete in the HOH and Frankie ends up winning it (Amber came in second and Paola was the first one out).

Episode two will show the remaining 8 houseguests: Hayden, Caleb, Christine, Zach, Jocasta, Brittany, Derrick and Victoria enter the house and get to compete in the second HOH competition. CBS released a preview video showing snippets of the competition and some of the wacky reaction as teh new Players enter the game and meet each other for the first time. During the competition you see the players holding onto a rotating log over top “Burning Coals”. Another shot shows Caleb and Hayden congratulating each other and hugging. Hinting that one of them won the HOH.

After tomorrow’s episode the Live feeds start up and the real fun begins. If you haven’t seen it already I suggest checking out episode one it’s great. If you need your feeds theres a  2 day free trial Even MORE from the BB House! Check out the Live Feeds with a 48hr free trial! Access to EVERYTHING they can’t show on TV…we don’t want you to miss a moment this season!









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BB*CAN SeasonTwo i think was a quiet testing
arena for the new direction of BB*USA, i am a
purist, HoH should be a “safe” zone each week. i feel
the online voting we saw in BB*CAN now has a parallel
in a loose way inside BB-16, CBS truly wants alert fans.


Does it seem unfair to the other 8 HG’s, that the first 8 have had a day together by themselves? Even if its edited to look that way and they only had an hour or a few hours, they’ve had time to form alliances. I know early alliances mostly never work out but they’ve had extra time in. Its obvious that the girl alliance wont work because of Paola and her desire to hook up already.


… like you said, early alliances (especially big ones) usually break apart quickly and easily. People who play too hard too soon also usually get sent packin’ so I don’t think it’s an advantage that the first 8 HG’s got a day to themselves. It was too early for any of them to speak against the crowd and not join the alliance. You just have to go with the flow and deal with the bad feelings and blame game when the alliance eventually falls apart.

The only advantage that I see with getting in early is (1) bed picking and (2) camera time. We got to see their personalities and form our favorites. That’ll help them when it’s time for America to vote for things.


It was only a few hours in real time, not a whole day.


Looks like these geniuses spoiled who won the 2nd HoH, Caleb or Hayden won.

Jake K.

Agreed. I would bet money that the three Team America players will be from day 1. Frankie is a definite. And based on how much camera time they have already gotten and their personalities looks like Nicole and Donny will be too. I mean they already foreshadowed by showing those two saying they would like an alliance with each other.

The real tell tale sign is tonight. Based on how much camera time the first 8 got, tonight really should focus only on the other 8. If they show Frankie, Nicole, and Donny a lot we can assume that is who they are hoping is TeamAmerica.

Old Buck

Frankie really needs to be handicapped when it comes to votes. Like 10 Frankie votes should equal one vote for someone else. Anyone with half a million followers on twitter will steamroller over everyone else when it comes to America votes stuff.


@BBGamerFan ugh you do know that people come here for…SPOILERS right? LOL


I do not come here for spoilers-I come for discussion of what has been aired on the regular show. Don’t be that guy in the theater that already saw the movie and keeps telling what happened next. I haven’t seen the movie.


The reason I come to this site is for spoilers….. If you want discussions about the show after it airs, you’ll be disappointed. Once the feeds start, the show will be days behind Simon and Dawg.


I’m sure Hayden V. won the second hoh.


I’m sure Frankie is Team America!!!

Old Buck

Anyone else agree that this group of 8 is 100x better than the previous 8? I have a good feeling about Zach, the ‘con artist.’ Don’t put too much stock into that though, because I got the same feelings from Nick too. lol


Got a really bad vibe from Zach’s bio – douche sleezebag kinda guy. I have already nicknamed him RANCID ZACH.


Only because it’s bothering me. It’s “El Cuatro” as in the number 4 in Spanish, not the number 4 in Italian.


El cuatro alliance!! Really, second worst alliance to The regulators!!! Sure, the brigade is much better alliance than El Cuatro!!

Amanda's dog Woofy

interesting. I assumed it was because Joey looks like Suzie Quattro.


Can people at least put SPOILER if they’re gonna post a spoiler-I did not want to know Hayden won HOH-thanks for that.


This isn’t for certain that Hayden won, its just a guess. CBS released that commercial to the public. It’s just speculation from the video, it might be anyone of the other eight that compete in this second HOH. No one will know for sure until the episode airs tonight. Everything we post is a spoiler … All of our live feed updates are spoilers 1-3 days before the episodes air.


Ok thx Dawg


i Like this cast so far…