Big Brother 15 VIDEOS: Jeff Schroeder Interviews the NEW CAST!


The Big Brother 15 cast was finally released today and we now have 6 days to get to know the house guests before we can spy on them in the Big Brother House. In addition to the Big Brother 15 Cast Bios we also have short 2 minute Jeff Schreoder interviews of the entire cast. Take a good look at each of the videos and size up the competition because as part of the BB15 Twist you are being asked to vote on who is the Most Valuable Player each week. We also want to know what you think of this seasons cast, what are your first impressions?

These 16 new Big Brother House Guests will be living in the newly redesigned Big Brother House for what will be the LONGEST season of Big Brother!

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Nick Uhas Spencer Clawson
Jessie Kowalski Kaitlin Barnaby
Jeremy McGuire Helen Kim
Elissa Slater Amanda Zuckerman
Candice Stewart McCrae Olson
Judd Daughtery GinaMarie Zimmerman
David Girton Andy Herren


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OMG, I am so tired of Jeff.


a comment


i’m already tired of elissa. i really didn’t understand what she’s trying to say. and it’d be nice if big brother had people on here who had no modeling/acting experience or aspirations.


i guess 2 people didnt get interviews smh


No Aaryn or Howard interviews yet, but Simon/Dawg got us some nice local commercials with Aaryn. Still want to hear her talk with Jeff, though.

First impressions: I think Kassting did a good job this season. Love all newbies. The only interview I wanted to stop before it was over was Nick’s; even Jeff ended his segment before the 2:00 mark….

Can’t wait! Thanks for all the info/interviews, Simon/Dawg!

King Silva

So happy BB is coming back. I love this site!

Here are my initial reactions to certain people in the cast:

Amanda is my favorite by far. She just seems the best and could really go far if she gets a good alliance going.

Helen is my # 2 favorite atm. About time they get another Asian woman.. She seems to have a good strategy of letting the big dogs take each other out and then stepping up to be a threat later on in the season.

I was a BIG fan of Rachel so with any luck her sister will be a memorable player like her. If they find out she is related though I think that would instantly put a target on her back so I hope she doesn’t get that aspect found out about her! :-X

I wanted to like some of the guys but from the videos I just don’t like most of them.

My favorite guy atm would have to be Howard. He should be a challenge beast however we’ll see.

Jeremy and Nick seem like they could be good players but Jeremy is so damn cocky and I find it annoying and Nick is just annoying..

I really hope I end up liking more people or this will be a rough season for me.


Why do they keep bringing back Jeff for promo, hes annoying and bland.


The one i liked the best on first impressions is the pizza delivery guy lol. I think people will like him and he’ll stick around for awhile. I really liked Amanda too, she seems like she’ll be a smart player. I’ll probably like completely different people wants the show starts though. lol

Chilltown Fan

Does anyone else think Jeff will eventually takeover from Julie?


he is insanely popular


god I love Jeff!! He and Jordan are so beautiful!! haters gonna hate!! lovers gonna love. lol