First Look at the Big Brother 15 House and New Twist information “ONE familiar face”


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The Big Brother 15 House was released and we find out a bit more about this season twist. Special thanks to “dreamer” for capturing this video early. Earlier today dawg posted some shots of the house from the outside showed a modern decor which didn’t really carry on into the house.

The house tour shows off this years theme and reveals some twists which may or may not make you happy, Julie Chen calls the house “Mid century Modern” It appears that CBS is gearing up BB15 to have the most fan involvement yet. It’s kinda like what last years smash hit ABC The Glass House. Julie Chen points out that “America” Will have a more important roll in the game and it will effect nominations every week!!

Three major points mentioned by Julie in the video

  1. “Out of the 16 new house guests there will be one familiar face” (Jessie or Rachel are my guess 😉 )
  2. “America” Will have a more important roll in the game and it will effect nominations every week!!
  3. Before the game starts “America” will be asked to effect nominations
  4. ** Update – The Memory wall shows 16 spots for house guests but the table is only set for 15 House Guests. Is America the 16th House Guest?

What do you all think of the house and twist? Personally the house theme really doesn’t matter to me everything looks more or less the same. I don’t recognized that any of the camera’s are new or HD. As for the twist I’ve never been a huge fan of the public voting for things that effect the game.


BB15 Tour with Julie by DreamersVids


More images from the Hollywood reporter

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I don’t think the “familiar face” will be a past houseguest, because after Julie said that there will be a familiar face, she said, “but it’s not what you think”, implying that we think it will be a former houseguest. Instead, I think it will be a D-list or has-been “celebrity” houseguest. Or it could be a relative of a past houseguest.

And as for the twist, I will have to see how it plays out. I’m a fan of the UK version, which has public voting, so I guess it’s incorporating an element of that. I kind of miss the good old days of BB when the twists were more about the actual houseguests (i.e. S5 DNA, S6 partners, S7 All Stars, S8 rivals) rather than changing the format of the game (i.e. S9 couples, S11 cliques, S12 saboteur, S13 doubles, S14 coaches). But I still love BB and will not say any negative word about this season until I have actually seen a good portion of it.

And what’s up with the 16 houseguests again!? Last year and this year they promised MORE HGs THAN EVER! But at least it will be 16 all new faces, and no stupid coaches involved.


The best twist would be Julie Chen POWERSHIFTING out of the show. She’s the worst. I think my stance on twists and shifts is pretty well documented here on OBB. Just let the players play the game. Let the drama unfold organically. Otherwise, you get what happened with BBCAN: a boring season. I agree that I couldn’t care less about the “redesign” of the house. It looks exactly the same to me save for a few small changes, but a snappy house does not a fun game make.

8 more days!!


you got to be crazy, Julie is the best thing that happened to this show. She makes everything so exciting and believeable.


Maybe the viewers will have the chance to determine if the HOH has to nominate 2 or 3 people instead of determining who is nominated, and the familiar face won’t be a previous Big Brother house guest., it will be someone like Kellie Pickler or Johnny Knoxville or any other random ‘celebrity’ that could either win over America’s heart or already has a reputation that couldn’t be further damaged by the live feeds. I know, Vanilla Ice is coming into the Big Brother house!


16 guests? 1 returner? hah! they’ve already lied about it so far. should be at least 17 guests to be the ‘biggest’. as for the returner.. i hope it’s not rachel, it’s sad to say i can stand jesse. the returnee might be the host julie or zingbot 3000/4000. i seriously hope there’s no eviction the first week or episode like last year. that said, i like the house.. but i wish they’d remodel it a little.. add another room/do away with have-nots(i think it’s stupid).


I like Jessi too..hehe


Maybe Boston Rob will be the familiar face..that would be too awesome.


That would suck. Enough of that guy. He sucks at life.

Chilltown Fan

Hopefully the familiar face is Frank ;). I bet it could be Mr. Borefest Shane, urgh!


I agree, bring back Frank!


That would suck, but its 16 NEW HOUSEGUESTS!!! A familiar face doesn’t mean past houseguest. Get off the returnee boat.


thanks for posting the video…house looks great, with sauna style bathroom

in terms of a familiar name, perhaps one of the houseguests could be a well known person, maybe a former Survivor player?

perhaps the twist is America vote to nominate a third person so there are 3 noms rather than 2, or have America vote on one of the 2 noms with the HOH only nominating one of the 2 noms rather than both…or America may get to veto one of the original noms…why are the 2 nomination chairs gone?

i would just keep all noms, veto and vote as is and not change anything

looking forward to the season


So wait, the rumor of 18 houseguests was a fake? As was no familiar faces?



okay, so it’s 16 new house guests.. i bet it’s either a relative of a former house guest, like a twin or something.. or it’s someone who was an alternate/first week eviction from a previous season.


nice house, i just hope they bring a diverse group of HG’s.

Jake K.

If Frank walks through that door….


It’s not Jessie or Rachel. Did you not watch the video? There are NO returnees this season. The familiar face will likely be a former Survivor / Amazing Race player or someone in the public eye already.


No twists. Just a good old fashioned straightforward season of BB please.


Hey Simon and Dawg can’t wait for another season with you’s! Not that big a fan of the twist so far I really hope america doesn’t get to nominate I think that would ruin this season for me. Julie said there would be 16 new house guests with one familiar face so I was thinking maybe it’s a relative of someone that’s been on the show and we’ve seen during those interviews of “Let’s take a look at what so and so are like out of the house” (just popped into my head how awesome it would be if they did a rival thing again like season 8 and Rachel and Brendan’s ex fiance I believe that’s what she said were on there together) or maybe Dick wasn’t lying and we really will have a survivor contestant on BB! OR what if it was Jodi because technically she never was a house guest she never received a key


1st. Yeah!


Can’t really say whether i’ll like the twist or not until i find out exactly what it is. I think the familiar face will either be someone famous or someone from survivor. (When i say famous i mean like a retired sports star or washed up actor lol) Kinda like what survivor does sometimes. Either way i’m excited for the season to start!


If Rachel comes back into this house, I will go to Burbank and throw rocks at the CBS lot.


Russell Hantz…Hope it is not pretty boy Malcolm.


I think that Jeff will be coming in to be the new host or at least sharing the spotlight with Julie in prep to take over hosting the show. That’s my guess anyway.


I hope it’s Cochran or hot Andrea.


I hate that Amerixa gets a significant role…because America is stupid, they brought back Brendan in 13 and voted Frank America’s player last year


She also says to start we have 16 houseguests maybe someone enters a week or 2 later?


I noticed that too. She says, “we have 16 house guests” and then she goes almost in a whisper “to start”.
So I’m thinking maybe there could be more? Guess we’ll find out when the cast gets leaked.


yesssssss just bought my VPN and live feed access to big brother 15. Cant wait for it to begin next week….Simon thanks for the link to strongVPN. It was so easy to set up.


Maybe the house guest is a former pet they had like the gerbil or hamster on a past season. I noticed there’s no fish tank in the hoh room. I also noticed they took out the window that used to b in the kitchen. Am I wrong or was there a window where the microwave is now? Maybe I’m wrong.

Chilltown Fan

I’m a big Russell Hantz fan, but he would be one of the first people evicted on Big Brother…His social game on Survivor was terrible, still one of the best strategist to ever play though…


Familiar face to you, perhaps, Simon! But I’ll bet most of us have never even *seen* a mugshot of your popular OBB partner in crime! (Hint, hint!)

So, If Dawg’s playin’ BB15 (and when did he get his dual citizenship, by the way?), then does that mean that we’ll get the chance to vote for you, Simon, in all of the BB15 polls this season, instead? And do you think you’ll do better, worse, or the same as Dawg has historically done in the voting? (There could be quite a rivalry developing her – which OBBer is truly “Amercia’s Choice!”)

Hey, it’s you guys’ last weekend to either rest up, or party like rock stars. Have a jar or two on me, Simon and Dawg! 🙂


Simon would beat me in the polls hands down … The fans love Simon! And by the way I wish it was me entering the house, I could use that $500,000! Simon and I will definitely be having a few jars before the madness starts…


If America has a lot of influence and there are some bible-thumpers in the house this could be a truly awful season.

Chilltown Fan

Well America certainly did love Evil Dick in BB8, and he’s an atheist.


If it’s a survivor player, I hope it’s Parvati! I think she could be a really good and manipulative BB player!


The familiarly face could not be a familiarly face to us (the audience) but one of someone in the house like Season 8’s enemy twist


From the video it sounds like there will be 16 houseguests (or at least 16 ppl who get keys), at first. I thought they said there was going to be more HGs than ever, so presumably there are more to come or some could get switched out. I also count 15 seats at the table, not 16. Interestingly, there are 5 other seats (with plates) set up in the kitchen… I hate when not all HGs arrive at the same time, or stuff that happens before they even go in (it sounds like we will be affecting noms before they even go in this year). I like all the HGs to have the same fair shot, all starting with a blank slate.
I think the familiar face will be a survivor player (I don’t watch survivor…) or another celebrity. The new house theme seems really “worldly” with the planes, world map and “it’s a small world” themed room, I hope the HGs are really culturally diverse and decent looking and charismatic, BB has cast LOTS of “regular” white ppl in the past… I overall really like the retro modern theme of the new house.
I am really curious about the america’s vote and how we will affect the nominations. In the video, Julie points to the fact there is not 2 nomination seats, maybe 3 or more people are up and america votes? Or 2 ppl are nominated by HOH and america gets to pick the 3rd nominee? They showed the HOH room, so presumably there is nominations every week by the HOH. Maybe america contributing to noms is what Julie meant by “floaters will be eliminated”? or maybe there is a weekly task that if you fail or come last, you are penalized or even switched out for another new HG? Julie emphasized the “architect” room a lot, and “creating” your own strategy so maybe this plays into that. I wouldn’t like the idea of pre-decided groups to eliminate floaters, I think the bonds should form naturally. I also dislike the rumours that there will be a family pair or couple, I think they should all be unknown individuals, blank slate, but that’s just my opinion.

Jake K.

Evel Dick did say someone from survivor would be on. And hell. I think it could be Russell. His latest tweet….

“Its time for me to take a long vacation and turn my phone off for a while”

Posted about an hour ago.

Beyonce for BB

Mabe America vote the familiar face in? They might have 5 allstars in America vote one person out of that 5? But unless its Janelle Breandon or Danelle who all could win povs and HOHs weeks afther weeks I can see that person going home week one, I love the house that bathroom is fire and love the kitchen.

Rich Brown

Here’s exactly what Julie said: “Out of the SIXTEEN NEW houseguests, there will be one FAMILIAR face….but it’s not what you think.” So even the “familiar face” is a “new houseguest.”

Jake K.

It is definitely Russell Hantz this is the familiar face. Check out his twitter. Going on a long vacation with no phone.


I hope to god it’s not! But you never know.


Oh my gosh! I think I figured out the twist! Since she said “a familiar face” maybe it’s a former houseguest’s twin. That would make it a familiar face without them being a former player. I seem to remember a past player saying they have a twin. Does anybody remember who it was?


I think it would be cool to see Rachel’s sister on the show! The only people I remember having twins were way back in season 5. Diane and Drew each had a twin, and of course Adria and Natalie but they already played.


Did anyone else notice the block isn’t two separate chairs this year??


It seems the “Familiar Face” will be Rachel’s sister Elissa….there has been too many Tweets going on the past few days with Rachel, Julie, Janelle to confirm this….but we wont see her on Premiere nite cause there are only 15 plates on the table and the Rumor that was going around was that we will Not see all the HG’s the first nite…. 🙂 ….


Maybe there will be 4 asian, 4 latin, 4 black, and 4 white house guests and the familiar face will be Honey Boo Boo’s mama. Maybe she can make a bunch of multi-meals for everyone to eat.

Enzo's Scalp

I think the familiar face will be Honey Boo Boo’s mama, so she can make multi-meals for everyone, or Gary Busey so he can teach everyone how get jiggy with an inner tube.


WTF with the should Obama be impeached ads all over this site? It’s turning me off dude. Advertise with something else already


Simon you’ve probably read the buzz here about Jillian from BBCan going to LA, I also read that BB has said she will be doing something that no other BB winner has never done. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean she will be an actual part of BB15, I’d like to see all new faces and I’m very tired of seeing hers!
As you said, this is Big Brother, one can never tell what they will be up to.

Jake K.

Simon and Dawg…the twist is Big Brother’s “Most Valuable Player” which is now released on via a video. The video says that the house guests will be released tomorrow and that we will get to start voting for the first BBMVP tomorrow. Whatever the hell the MVP entails who knows, but I am sure it will be something along the lines of safety and perks.


My question to all, why you all don’t like twist? Without the twist, it would be very boring. So, Big Brother needs the twist. Simple is that, period. Coming soon big brother hall of fame class of 2013.


I think it’s because a lot of people believe that these twists ae just Production’s way of getting involved in the game. I question the validity of all these so-called “America Votes” I kind of just want to see an old-fashioned game of Big Brother without a thousand and one twists.


According to the CBS site, the first thing we are voting on is the 1st MVP. Wonder if that is like HOH?


I am thinking Parvati Shallow from Survivor (Dono what season though) I think it’s Parvati Shallow because she worked for CBS last season on Survivor when the contestants were gone she would interview them and was also gone for Around The world For Free from CBS so I am thinking of her what about y’all? What about you Simon and Dawg do you think its her? Or could be Hope Driskill the Miss USA Pageant from last season with Fan’s vs Fav’s and from Jefferson City Misouri. Or could be Casey Anthony that killed her own child and went on trial lol probley not but if she really was on Big Brother she would be getting ALOT of attention and mabe bring up the ratings because she was famous for killing her own daughter. I think it would be sooooooo cool having people from trials on Big Brother it would be sooooo awesome. The show would be called Big Brother Trial lol I love that Idea:)) I think its Parvati Shallow for the celebrity


Pretty sure Rachel’s sister is the houseguest Julie talks about.