Big Brother 15 Spoilers Live Eviction and HOH Results Jeremy Vs Aaryn Vs Spencer


CBS Interactive Inc.

Who is going home?

Jeremy pissed the majority of the house off and was back doored. You can’t steam roll through the house being an A$$ to the one player that gets special powers every week. Jeremy was a douche to many people and a big threat no surprise he’s nominated. Once the Power of Veto was played last Saturday it become more or less a given Jeremy was going up on the block and going home. A last ditch effort in the wee hours gave Helen and Elissa a convincing argument for keeping Jeremy but in the end it was turned down. Helen and Elissa know they don’t need Jeremy in the game to win HOH for them. They have Elissa winning MVP, which is much better.

The MVP Twist the seasons biggest groan
I was excited about the MVP twist at first, the anticipation of who will get it and the crazy powershifts that will happen every week coupled with this dynamic cast made me declare THIS IS THE BEST SEASON (since 12 lol) … Sadly the exact opposite happened for some reason CBS thinks it’s best to give the Most valuable player power to one of the most un-valuable players in the game. I’m not hating on Elissa so before you toss some cats at me give it a thought. If she never had the MVP power Elissa would be as influential as Jessie is; she’s a vote nothing more nothing less.

Still this is only week 3 so no need to get too caught up with this stupid twist, as Big Brother fans we’ve been in tougher spots before. There are plenty of powerhouse players left in the game that are fully capable of changing it up and giving us some excitement. Howard and Amanda that was your cue, go get’em!

My Predictions
Jeremy goes home with all the votes against him, except for Kaitlin’s. She will vote for Spencer.

Who wins HOH.. Hmmm.. does it really matter? Other than safety HOH isn’t as powerful any more. The Head of Household Competition will be an America Votes Majority Questions Competition, so it could be anybody’s game.

Confirmed Eviction and HOH results
Jessie votes to evict Jeremy
Howard votes to evict Jeremy
Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer
JUDD votes to evict Jeremy
Amanda votes to evict Jeremy
McCrae votes to evict Jeremy
Candace votes to evict Jeremy
GianMaria votes to evict Jeremy
Andy votes to evict Jeremy
Elissa votes to evict Jeremy
Evicted house guest is Jeremy
Your the MVP now America who do you think should be nominated? (I wouldn’t stress about this one Aaryn will be nominated)
HOH winner is JUDD?

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I was excited for the MVP twist too & while I don’t have anything against Elissa I would like to see someone else win MVP.

I’d be surprised if Jeremy didn’t go tonight but if he doesn’t then I really hope Aaryn does!


Howard was supposed to go home this week, but the DR wouldn’t let Helen or Elissa nominate him.
Jeremy was forced out by production unfairly giving another player immunity.

Frank and beans

They portray aaryn to look like a sociopath lol

STFU Donnie

And with the audience as the new MVP, she is assured the 3rd nomination.

So CBS is rigging the game for the Superfriends, while pretending to change the twist. I don’t really know why I would keep watching.


Because you’re addicted just like the rest of us.


Judd has been saying all the time that he won’t nominate Aaryn ( GM and Kaitlin most likely getting nominated) but he did say he would vote her out so lucky for him America will make that nomination for him and hopefully that despicable little girl gets sent home! Aaryn is lucky Jeremy was such a douche ’cause she would’ve been on her way back to Texas tonight!


I would like to see America put Amanda on the hot seat .. then watch the she devil come to light …lol .. I hope they don’t tell the guest that America voted for MVP ..would be fun to watch them try and figure it out .. voting Aaren would be to obvious …

Meat Lovers Pizza

I hope hope Judd doesn’t nominate Aaryn that way she can be America’s nominee (come on she’s a sure thing). I think CBS/Julie Chen did it on purpose to get the satisfaction of revealing to her that she is the most hated player voted by America. The payback begins…

Big brother brah

The cast for the most part .. Bottom of the barrel scum .. Expect the unexpected … Nobody wins? CBS gives the money to groups who fight against racism and bigotry ? Lol .. Anywho .. I still love this show and these trash bags aren’t gonna ruin it for me !!! Thanks simon and dawg for keeping up with everything !!! I hope you get some kind of compensation !! Heck you two should get the $$$ 🙂


Please vote for Jeremy to go not Aaryn which he will go because he is a bigger target than Aaryn Woooooooooooohoooooooooooooo gooooo Aaryn STAYYYY im begging and WIN THIS HOH TO BE SAFE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Aaryn:))


Welcome to Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2013, let meet the third inductee, The friendship alliance. Congrats on being inductee into big brother hall of fame class of 2013

This Season Blows

The Friendship was bar none the worst alliance in Big Brother history. Your “Hall of Fame” schtick sucks.

7 Seven 7

Whatever happens please do not let Mccrae,Amanda,Kaitlan or Andy win Hoh


Is this Big Brother or the Aaryn and GinaMarie Show!! There trying to show DRAMA of which anyone that watches the live feeds knows its a done deal and Jeremy is GONE!! Unless PRODUCTION throws another twist in to keep viewership..It will be interesting where the new story id going with Amanda and McCrae family talk about lol BS talking about Ellisa she is in CBS pocket.


Aaryn being portrayed as Adolf Hitler and Gina as the unbstable crazy biatch.


If anyone is to be portrayed as Hitler it should be Spencer since he is such a big far, Aaaryn is just a ignorant young stupid girl, but GM is a racist and a crazy nut!


Wow – again, I know this is big brother, but I find it amusing that Candace is being all happy & we’ve worked it out when if you watch the feeds she admits to not meaning it. Not that any of them mean anything in the house……

This Season Blows

Gotta love the editing. All of Helen’s bullying was conveniently left out. Rachelissa and Helen are completely in production’s pockets.

Will.I.Am, I Think

That’s production for you, good thing we get the real s**t on the live feeds….


that would’ve been much better tv than showing us Amanda & Mc’s family.


I’m voting Helen for MVP nominee!


Yep – some grade A editing on this show for sure. The super friends look so super. I just hope whoever wins HOH will cause some drama or this is whole BFF season will be awful. Of course, if no drama then we’ll see a new twist! LOL!!

STFU Donnie

Holy S**t! Simon and Dawg, I know you guys said GM has lost it, but seeing with my own eyes was like a slap in the face…with a terrifying hand

True dat

This season should be call season of sluts.


Big Brother Bachelorette. These woman are desperate and pathetic. GM needs a head doctor

Frank and beans

Did spencer just thank Dave Grohl in his speech? Foo fighters?


Yeah, I wondered if anyone else caught that. He thanks Dave Grohl before his parents and the girlfriend. wtf?


It disappoints me that Dave Grohl is more remembered as a member of the Foo Fighters than Nirvana….Jesus….Get some culture….


I think most people remember his Nirvana days.
I also think because he pretty much IS the Foo Fighters that is why he is associated more with them.
You have to admit, Nirvana was more about Kurt, he was the “face” of the band. (And yes, Grohl and Novoselic are great musicians too)
Dave however shines so much more with FF. I would never have known what an amazing guitarist he was before FF.

Sorry for going so off topic Dawg and Simon…..just had to comment…..

OK, on another note….Is anyone clear on whether Spencer really thanked THE Dave Grohl?
(OK wait he is talking about it right now on the feeds lol, I think he DOES mean FF Dave Grohl!)

Alright I am off to listen to “For all the cows” lol.


Amanda’s mom is NOT happy with who her daughter is hooking up with lol and McCrae dad is proud for his son to have a rich and older woman! lol What America MORE power! another vote what a scam!! If they counted the votes that is one thing but they DON’T! They tried to let America vote in season 1 and it was a disaster!! with low ratings that is why they changed the whole game!!! BYE Jeremy!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

It’s going to be a mountain to climb to make them respect a damn pizza boy, but he still got a chance to win their hearts, if he gets a real job.

Mississippi Girl

They’ll like him better with a half million if he can take that in the end.


Look at Julie rocking the bump-it & hair extensions! LOL!!


Jeremy might have been rough around the edges and most of the times un-likeable, but he left very classy.


Left classy? The whole time he was talking about great he is. Tried to say he was humbled but then next breath how great he is, how strong he is, how intimating he is, he is a tool and good riddance!


PRODUCTION got what it wanted but Jeremy maybe BACK with Pandora’s Box!


BWAHHAAAHH!! We’re the MVP – somebody must be listening – LOL!! not that it matters – unlike here, we never see what the breakdown is. LOL! Time to go vote for….





This Season Blows

You don’t really think production will allow that, do you?

Will.I.Am, I Think

Elissa goodbye messages, fake as hell, just like her sister… SHOCKER!!!

She better gohard in that HOH to prove she actually wants to play the game, and not continue to be protected by the twist..

ZOMG, America is the MVP, the only way Elissa wouldn’t be voted , another SHOCKER!!!

Thanks Production…..

This Season Blows

“America” as the MVP really means production will be putting up whoever’s the biggest threat to their pet Rachelissa. This season is so blatantly rigged.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Well, at least we get to be MVP.

I’m going to do what Elissa did for the past 3 weeks, I’m just gonna sit back and make a choice. Easy Street


how many times are you gonna go watch it then come on here and says it blows and then again watch it .. if you think this show is a total fix then STOP watching and complaining like an Aaren .. geesh .. enough already with its fixed ..

single malt

they should give America the MVP vote to shake it up !!


Holy Crap! The MVP twist is gone! WE get to pick who the 3rd nominee is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will.I.Am, I Think

For a week at least..

V.B.W.W. R - Vomit Bag While Watching Required

ILLWILL, this is your thrid ” pseudonym ” om this board. We can tell it is you. Same BS.




So WHO will PRODUCTION pick as MVP this week? Howard / Candice or Aaryn? Whats your thought? Because they have no problem collecting the money for the voting TOO BAD they won’t count those VOTES!! lol

Will.I.Am, I Think

So, who are you voting for eviction America?

I’m voting for the dictator Helen


Who’s going to vote for the Canadians? I want Amanda up!

Will.I.Am, I Think

We on the same page, American and Canada, working together to split up the superfirends


I voted for Helen, Andy, and Amanda(she got the most of my votes bc she is very pushy and I get tired of hearing Howard’s name every 5 minutes). Aaryn, Spencer, and GinaMarie will be gone in due time so I didn’t vote for them.

I luv J-u-double-D

Let’s give Gina the boot or at least the nomination, cry babies need not stay…..

Dude McDuderson

Very disappointing decision by production to bring such a powerful twist to BB with baggage (Elissa) attached to it! I don’t blame nor mean any disrespect to Elissa; it’s just that I think this twist would have brought ratings for BB and therefore CBS regardless of Elissa’s inclusion in the game. In fact I happen to believe it would have brought more ratings and would’ve motivated people to vote instead of them feeling discouraged to vote thinking that it is a locked vote. Bringing a house guest who already has fan support before the game even begins defeats the whole purpose of mvp being a mystery and a surprise game changer. She has done nothing to earn such power and this is just a slap in the face of fans who have watched big brother every season for so many other reasons than rooting for Brenchel!


hmm – look how excited Helen is about Judd being HOH. I hope he puts Helen & Elissa up…. Can’t wait till they hear that America gets to vote the 3rd nom & not MVP. Guess that means Elissa’s usefulness is over….

Will.I.Am, I Think

Because she knows “politely” bully him into doing what she says.


Nope, Amanda is already in Judd’s ear to backdoor Howard.


I hope it is a backdoor, that way Howard won’t go up because America has the vote

I luv J-u-double-D

Woooo hoop my man won!!! Yeah!,,, Couldn’t happen to cooler dude!,, love him, hence my name (yes I’m a girl)


Judd the stud as HOH….. Didn’t see him winning this type of competition………. so i guess the super friends live on for one more week. But if he nominates AAyrn, who will production/american nominate?

Will.I.Am, I Think


Judd(by way of Helen) will nominate Howard and Spencer(Aaryn), and Production will nominate one of these 3 Kaitlin,Aaryn(Spencer),GM


I voted for Aaryn as a third nominee.


VOTE Helen as the 3rd nominee. She needs to go after her attitude and bullying last week. Don’t like her anymore at all!!!


Helen is not a bully…….Aaryn is a bully


It’s funny how when “America votes” it is considered “rigging” even though the polls states otherwise. Seriously, if you think the show is rigged why bother watching it?

Will.I.Am, I Think

Looks like Kim Jong Helen gets another reign of terror.

Still vote for her though… Let’s use our new transparent power to nominate a HG to make an impact.


I wonder if they will be revealing to the houseguests that America will be the MVP this week. I have a strong feeling it will be Aaryn. Would love to see her face if she finds out that it was America who voted for her to be a nominee.


Don’t vote YOU are wasting your money unless you vote online for free then you are wasting your time! ;lol


production know we are tired of one player keep getting mvp howard time baby …. judd will nominate gina how she blames him… gina katlin or aaryn … the house guest are going to start kissing judd ass harder this week


I voted Amanda as the third nominee. She needs to sweat a little instead of making other people sweat. I’m sure Aaryn will already be nominated. Don’t waste your votes on her!


so america who are we voting for? I know aaryn is going to win the vote but I’m guessing she will be one of the people nominated


Will Judd and Jessie share the HoH bed? Would seem a bit awkward as their relationship seems more friendship at the moment. Can’t imagine Judd sharing his bed with anyone else.


Except that Judd gave her some kisses on the cheek just now… eewww…


The first 2 live eviction shows were fantastic. This one couldn’t have been a bigger snore fest…


Deciding between Helen or Howard. Hmmm…


Vote Howard! I know CBS won’t allow it, but I want them to see that America isn’t as head over heals for their pets (Howard and Elissa and Helen) as they are.


Speak for yourself! I am head over heels over Howie! 🙂


This new twist could bring some drama, if BB doesn’t tell them America is the MVP. They will go crazy trying to figure out who it is.

Charlie Hustle

They can’t tell them. Imagine: “HG Name America wants you out.”


Online uproar of how much Elissa sucks & shouldn’t get MVP, so production decides to do what? GIVE MVP TO THEMSELVES! LMAO!! What a joke with all this america vote bullshit! Isn’t there a show called The Glass House that does that?

Janelle pov queen

Yasss at Elissa being safe

Chilltown Fan

Yes!!! All hail to King Judd!!!


Wouldn’t it be funny if people voted to evict Elissa because they thought they were voting for her to be MVP … And they waste all their money on that … Haahha

Will.I.Am, I Think

ROLMFAO If Rachel get’s drunk off her ass and copy and pastes #VOTEELISSAMVP, they just might evict her. It would e EPIC fail, but in a god way.

No hate on Elissa, but c’mon that s**t would be hilarious.


We can only hope that is what America does and we finally get rid of Elissa!!!


uh wait a sec Simon – can you give a live feed day/time for the howard dong shot? asking for a friend.


Are you kidding me???? Judd is the new HOH?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but hey at least Aaryn stayed and at least Elissa,, Amanda, Jessie, McRae, Spencer, Andy didn’t win now im hoping BB MVP will switch it up and give it to Aaryn or Kaitlyn or Gina and to be honest I kinda want to see what they do with the MVP SWICH THE MVP UP make some DRAMA who doesn’t love drama?? Meee:)) Im am just hoping crossing my fingers that Judd the stud doesn’t nominate Aaryn and nominate’s like Amanda and McRae or Helen/Elissa I HATE LOOKING AT AMANDA and yes actually Amanda, McRae, Helen, and Elissa HAS TO GOOOO NOW give MVP or some power to Aaryn or Kaitlyn would love to see some DRAMA:))) Wooohoooo go Aaryn win this game:))

Butters Mom

The whole time they were playing for HOH I kept thinking to myself that Julie is watching who turned around A or B and could have given whichever answer she wanted based on who turned A or B around…. so she could pick HOH. lol I also have no doubt that none of the votes for MVP nomination will be counted… Production will put up who they want based on who the writers script the show… not wasting my time voting. It wouldnt matter anyway. The only way we would have known by a chance that HOH comp wasnt rigged by Production would have been for them to post the correct answers prior to airing the show… which they didnt. dooped again.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing, my son even said, “Julie sure is taking her time saying the correct answers, like she’s waiting to see who has what answers on their boards” & that was like after the 3 or 4th question, then she got kinda obvious about it.


If they really were trying to rig the competition you really thing Judd would have won it? It would have been much more interesting if Aaryn or Amanda or Howard won it Judd will keep the status quo. Julie delayed giving the answer because some people were indecisive and she didn’t want to reveal the answer until everyone was locked in. If you people are that skeptical why do you even watch?