Amanda instructs JUDD what his options are “nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin BD Howard”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots


7:00pm Cockpit McCrae and Amanda

They are freaking out about Julie Chen hinting to them that the MVP is different this week. Andy joins them tells them not to worry because there is nothing they can do about the twist.

Amanda wonders who JUDD will put up. McCrea: ‘He’s going to do what is best for his game.. maybe Kaitlin and GM backdoor Howard”

Andy says it doesn’t matter what goes on they are safe this week. McCrea doesn’t share Andy’s optimism he is worried if Elissa doesn’t get MVP they have a chance to go up on the block.
Amanda wants Howard nominated.

JUDD and Jessie join them. Amanda says if he doesn’t put up Aaryn Elissa will just do it so if he nominates her it will force Elissa to put someone else up. Jessie says she’s so happy she wants to cry.

Amanda: “The options are Candace and Howard or Aaryn and Kaitlin” She explains that they will tell the girls they are pawns and the plan is to backdoor Howard. Amanda adds that they want Elissa to put up Spencer so they have to have Aaryn as a nominee.

Judd doesn’t know what he’s going to do yet says they have plenty of time to figure it out once he gets the HOH room.
Amanda says if he put ups GM she’s not strong enough to win the Veto they need to veto played to backdoor Howard.

JUDD: “You know what is funny Me and McCrae would have the same number because I almost put down 600″

JUDD is starting to get worried that the twist might be a Coup D’etat. Amanda keeps giving him instructions of how he should run his HOH. JUDD is worried if he puts the two girls up they will be pissed at him. Amanda reiterates if he tells the girls they are pawns they will be fine.

JUDD: ‘You think the nominees will get a special power.. Maybe I should put you up with Aaryn in case you get a special power… Maybe I should pu up you and Jessie” (They laugh)

JUDD wants Kaitlin nominated because she’s strong and will win the Veto.

Elissa comes in and they ask her who she is going to put up. Elissa says she would put up Aaryn, Spencer or Howard.
Amanda tells them Howard has sworn on the bible 3 times and he uses his race to manipulate people. Amanda instructs them all to make it sounds like Aaryn or Kaitlin are the targets but they really need to Backdoor Howard. She goes on and on about how they need to get Howard out he’s dangerous.

Jessie is worried by keeping the girls in the house they will vote her out if they get power. Amanda says it’s not a worry they have the numbers and Elissa’s MVP.
Elissa wants to get the Aaryn out but Amanda says no way Howard has to go this week or they are all ion trouble.

Amanda tells them she has Aaryn wrapped around her finger plus Aaryn has no one left in the house it’s time to target people with numbers. Amanda says Howard has Spencer and Candace.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:14pm Bedroom howard and Candace

Speculating what the twist will be. Candace thinks it will be a person coming back into the house. She thinks it will be Jeremy, “We’ll just vote him back out again” Howard isn’t sure that will happen. He plans on sticking close to JUDD this week He’s confident they will be safe as long as they keep their cool. Candace asks him when she’s going to get her back rub. (You’re in too deep bro)


7:33pm Havenots Gina, Aaryn saying they don’t want to be on Howard’s team for have nots because he’ll throw it. They join Kaitlin in the bedroom and she agrees they will stick as a team for the have nots competition.


7:37pm Bedroom JUDD, Aaryn and Kaitlin JUDD is saying he didn’t want to win the HOH so early, once he noticed it was Kaitlin, McCrea and himself he didn’t really care who won. JUDD points out that Kaitlin is handling Jeremy leaving better than GM handled Nick.


7:40pm Have nots McCrae and Amanda Amanda is stressing out because Jessie and Elissa want Aaryn out when Howard is the real threat.

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please, please ,please, people vote to nominate aaryn


NO, vote for QUEEN HELEN!!! Time to take that bully down a notch or two!!!


After what we’ve seen over the past four weeks, you can honestly say that Helen is a bigger bully than Amanda, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn? Seriously? The woman got HOH one week and she’s a “big bully”? There were people who when they were in power and out of power consistently acted like a bully (e.g. Aaryn). I didn’t see you calling for their heads…


Don’t you think this is kind of a waste of a vote though? Aaryn is one of the easiest targets to nominate right now, and will more than likely be one of Judds, and if this is the case the next highest voted person will be nominated. You should spend your vote on your next hated houseguest, one that’s unlikely to be nominated, because otherwise you might as well not even be voting at all.

Big Sister

No, vote to put up Amanda. She is pretty much bullying Judd and everyone else about Howard. What is the basis for this obsession? Give her a taste of her own medicine!


Amanda obsession with Howard, stems from the fact she can actually bully everyone except Howard. She didn’t even win HOH and is telling Judd who to put up. She’s not suggesting, she telling Howard who to nominate. I don’t think Amanda can win a comp; however her domineering personality can make people do what she wants. Its really getting upsetting when they keep saying Howard is using race. Give me one example where he used race to his advantage? If you want to get him out over swearing on the bible, or you can’t trust him, I am fine with that. He’s using race? What exactly is the race charge against him…..ah,,ah….ah, maybe because of the very fact that he’s black? Maybe the charge is that Howard should of realized you can’t be black and play Big Brother and never entered the game. Again, I don’t understand the race charge.


I want Amanda gone!!! She thinks she’s the one controlling the house and she needs to get knocked down a few rungs! Bye Bye Amanda!


Voted Helen 10x….most interesting choice….plus she needs an ego check after her reign.


Judd should just say “I’m getting tired of your ERYO#&*($&#UDJE, I nominate you Amanda and you McCrae.” That won’t happen though. I want to see Amanda get put up by America to send the house a message, if production tells them the vote was by America then they will wonder what Amanda is doing that America sees and they do not. However, America for purely hating Aaryn will put Aaryn up as the nomination and another boring week will be to follow on the feeds, I don’t even watch it much anymore. I can only pray what Judd or America pull through with Amanda, she may not go home but send a message.

And btw Simon/Dawg, your boy JUDD did good.


Oh God no, not Amanda. She’s one of the people I wanna see go far in this game.


Amanda needs to S.. well she needs to follow the my name’s instructions… literally minutes, MINUTES after Judd is crowned HOH she’s tries imposing her will AGAIN!!!! Does she really think that no one will catch on? At this rate she’s looking at an early exit for talking to much and she’ll eventually have to burn bridges and I doubt, with the exception of McCrae, she’ll have anyone in the her corner, soon. Shame really I thought she’s was playing a pretty decent game…

I even ate my words on Judd who I thought would just go on floating by… good win for him….


I’m hoping for the same thing. She is ridiculous and I’m tired of her telling people who to put up. Amanda, win something then you can put whoever you want up.

production rigged it

I agree 1000% if i was him i would be like shut the F*ck up b*tch, it’s my HOH you’ve already tried to run everbody else’s but you’re not going to mine. If you want Howard on the block then win HOH yourself and put him up otherwise just shut the f*ck up!!


YES Amanda!! I don’t necessarily want to see her go home, but up on the block would be fun to see!!


OH hope that Judd, Howard, Candice, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Jessie decide to make an alliance and put up Helen and Elissa or either McCrae and Amanda. So sick of all four of them.


Same here Billie. Tired of her bashing Howard. He did NOTHING to her (Amanda)!


He is the biggest threat to Amanda’s game. His loyalties to MC and throwing Area 51 under the bus shows that he is not really on their side. Reality is, Howard has Candice and Spencer and if he became HOH and nominated MC and Amanda, he has the potential to get them out. Amanda is only playing the game, why hate on her for trying to get her biggest competition?
Before Helen’s (terrifying) HOH, she was loved because she was able to kick off the person that has the potential to ruin her game, what is the difference now with Amanda and Howard?


Howard said he wants Amanda out, and she found out – so of course she wants him out, he’s a threat. I like them both, wish they would talk it out.


Judd needs to put up GM and Kaitlin and have America do the honors of putting Aaryn on the block so she can know how much America “loves” her! CBS didn’t expel her from the game but they are doing something better by humiliating her for her dirty minded words which is way worse than just knocking her out of the game and she’s too dumb to realize that she needs to change! Please let her be the next one evicted!


Wow! I like your idea. America uses the MVP to decide who to put on the Block. That would be a very interesting twist. The game is kind of unfair if the same person gets MVP no matter what; however, if you let America decide, it might get very interesting. If Judd puts Gina and Kaitlin up, I think America puts up Aaryn, but that would be a very bad play. Aaryn is really a very bad player and easy target. Although it might feel good getting rid of Aaryn, there are dangerous players that could be nominated first by America.


It would be so much fun to watch the four of them scramble around like little rats.


I don’t know who the bigger dictator is, Helen or Amanda. And Duckface (elissa) is always hovering in the shadows while they dictate to each HG what they want. I really want them both to be put on the block together at some point to see them go against/at each other.


I don’t like the Elissa remark… she is observing the BS . anyway I would love to see two dictators go on the block .. yes Helen and Amanda (she devil) … now that is a dangerous one … does anyone know why she has such a hatred for Howard… was she shunned by him or something… Can you imagine the feathers flying if Amanda ended up on the block .. that would be awesome to watch … lol


Howard and Spencer targeted Amanda during the existence of the Moving Company and showed that he can’t be trusted as he continuously lie (he is only trustworthy if you are a MC member). Honestly I can understand why Amanda wants Howard gone, he is the biggest threat to her game, he has Candice and Spencer and the potential to have Elissa. She may come off as a bully but she is playing the game very well, apart from Andy, no one has actually mentioned that they want her out.


Your comment makes no sense. Of course Howard and Spencer targeted Amanda. It’s smart to target people that you think potentially are on to you.


Yeah, and now it makes sense for Amanda to want Howard out, since he had production giving him immunity last week.
He is very dangerous. Production doesn’t even let people nominate him.


Vote for Howard.. Put him up to prove he can win the veto. Then backdoor Amanda. If MVP wins veto and comes down does America vote for the replacement? Maybe a way for America to backdoor someone!


Amanda, shut up! Get aaryn out then Howard! I’m sick of her dumb face and attitude


she is our female version of a bully .. and the looks she gives if she doesn’t get her way .. I feel like I have to duck for fear of getting a good smack or something … she is evil and sneaky .. but mainly bossy … poor pizza boy I say the look on her face when he didn’t get HOH … he is in for a few lectures …lol


Does anyone not remember Dan swearing on the Bible and winning 1.5 times? He’s, like, BB GOD, but Howard does it and he’s the anti-christ?

I just don’t get it. I understand that Howard is strong and will eventually be a threat, but…I see a lot of quality for him. I wish Amanda would go home.



Me too Karen. I’m tired of her campaigning for someone to put him up! She wants everyone to do her work


I do not know why everyone is so afraid of Howard he has done nothing . absolutely nothing


He has done something. He joined a secret alliance, lied to the HOH, been claiming to throw challenges, and production has given him immunity as they didn’t let the HOH or MVP nominate him last week. That’s something. And that something is dangerous.


Why is everyone so hung up on Howard? He’s as good a player as Elissa is! He’s overrated, he hasn’t won anything, his social game is not that good and he lies a lot for no reason (and gets caught) He’s just a glorified floater with muscles! Remember Metal Adam from BB 13! Big and bad looking but completely useless in the game! That’s who he reminds me of.


It’s well known (if you watch the show) that Howard hasn’t won competitions because he purposefully tanks them. In fact, you don’t have to win competitions to win BB. And as far as his social game is concerned, Howard has yet to make it on the block despite the fact that there are several houseguests that constantly have his name in their mouths.


He would have been EVICTED LAST WEEK if production didn’t tell the HOH and the MVP not to nominate him.
He hasn’t made it to the block? How can he? HG’s are not allowed to put him there!

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Good ridance JERKEMY, we could not take your delusional self absorbed ass any longer. You are disgusting. And a liar . ” Kaitlin made me a different person ” : yes, you will not reffer to women’s vaginas as meat wallets anymore or say on national TV that you are not on BB to find a wife. You are a pearl Jeremy. I am drinking my Champagne now. Go back to hour cashier job as Bass Pro Shops. Imbecile.


And in his interview with Julie, although contrite, he is still stuck on himself.


That would have been so much better if you had edited before you hit the submit button. 🙁

None the less, I completely agree with you 🙂


The funny thing about this America MVP is that there is huge difference between the live feeders and the TV viewers. Live feeders loathe Helen now and will probably vote for her nomination, but viewers see a different side and will vote for Aaryn or GinaMarie.

Me, I don’t care for Elissa anymore. As long as the MVP is still there I want her gone so someone else can get it. If production scraps it I would love to see how she plays the game knowing that now she has no special power. Let’s see what she’s made of. I will say though that the houseguests are to blame for this since they are the ones that saved her.


Well I thought I wanted aaryn out this week but I have changed my mind to Amanda. SHe keeps following Judd around trying to tell him who to put up. He just got the HOH for jeez sake…let him enjoy it for awhile. She is a very pushy person…no wonder she cant hold onto a bf….she probably keeps telling them what to do. I was on the live feeds but had to shut it off cause she was making my stomach turn. I dont know which is worse….watching her try to get control of Judds HOH or the sex show last nite. So far all the showmances have been split apart. All that is left is Amanda/Macrea and Judd/Jessie….IMHO I think no showmances should happen. They are there to play the game and when they are involved in a showmance their mind isnt on the game. Play for yourselves and not for you showmance.

Please people vote to put Amanda on the block….wipe that smug look off of her face and send a message to her that she is playing way to hard and no one likes her…

production rigged it

He should tell everybody well i have to go to the bathroom and sh*t out the big turd that is Amanda who has crawled up my ass. I don’t understand why they are so annoyed by what GinaMarie is doing and not Amanda, who tries to run everybody’s HOH and tell them who to put up which will benefit her and McCrae.


I voted 10 times for amanda and all my friends are doing the same. she is way to controlling and skanky


Me too BLKG!!! I hope her sorry a$$ gets the boot!!!

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

I totally ahrre that Amanda is a control freak wack job. But Aaryn and her no remorse racist comments and false apologies took all of my votes. She can’t help herself. Next!


Amanda giving howie to much credit it sounds as if its a personal vendetta to get him out…. id say that howie get into judds ear and tell him amanda is the real threat


Amanda is the RACIST just like she said she was, and a shame that CBS is portraying Aaryn as the racist even though she made very hurtful comments, AMANDA IS A RACIST and that is why she wants Howard out simply put. Shame CBS is not portraying the real racist on the show and not the stupid ignorant 22 year old instead. Agree that the people that do not get the live feeds will put Aaryn up, but wouldn’t they be shocked if they had ever watched the live feeds and heard AMANDA admit to being the RACIST. A shame what CBS is doing!!!


When? Date? Time? Strange the you seem to be the only person that heard this.


f off


she has said many racist remarks and even sang a racist song

mccrae tells her multiple times these comments are racist

she admitted to be racist

is that enough evidence for you?

get her racist bitchy bully ass the fuck outta the house


Back door Amanda or Helen.


Simon: the next headline should read: “Fifjfbdud. Dydryhcdthcdg dddfdssiiokbihfass seccgrsaXsw” Judd says he’s excited to be HOH

She Said What

Thank goodness they have pictures of the house guests – because we might not understand who Judd puts up – but I am glad he’s HOH!!!

Jeremy's Boat

Put Amanda up.


amanda makes me sick sometimes so dominating always has to be her way talkin bout candice have howard and he needs to break that up how about u have macrea ….. I am just sick of her she always wants someone pulling the trigger for her .. IF they dont get ridd of amanda she will win this game


I am hoping that everyone votes Amanda to be the 3rd Nom. Hopefully she will then realize that most people do not care for her, at ALL!!!! She’s mad Howard didn’t accept her advances….lol It’s clearly personal. She needs to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!


Amanda shut up Howard isnt using his race to get far in the game because if he was he would be losing the whole house is white dumbass whats he gonna say I’m black your white we should stick together?She is annoying Amanda for MVP Show her we are the boss not her


Okay we all know it will be Aaryn nominated by MVP, but here’s a hypothetical question ….poll …whatever.
If it was between Helen and Amanda, thumbs up if you’d vote to nominate Helen, thumbs down to nominate Amanda.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Amanda thinks she stressing NOW, wait til she finds out she won;t be able to order Elissa on who to nominate.

America/Canada, Vote Helen or Amanda, hell vote ANY member of the “superfriends” except that floater Andy, don’t waste it on him.

America you’re the “transparent” MVP this week, do Big brother proud and drop that kryptonite grenade.



Judd should nominate Kaitlin & Howard while MVP nominate Aaryn as a third nominee. Super friends


Am I the only one who actually likes Amanda? (And McCrae)


Love McCranda! Amanda is playing the game….Elissa, however, is as interesting as watching paint dry.


No, I like Amanda too…she is my favorite! I would like her to go far. I do wish she would stop being so bossy though…she needs to lay a bit lower or she might be knocked down a peg or two pretty soon. But I would like to see her in the final two.


No I’m team Mcranda all the way. Of course, I also liked Shanielle and JeJo. However I own 0 cats.


Love them. Amanda’s smart and funny, and she does stick up for the under dog.


Amanda is starting already. I will use all my ten votes on her.


Me too Hanna!!!! LOL

Will.I.Am, I Think

“Amanda says if he doesn’t put up Aaryn Elissa will just do it so if he nominates her it will force Elissa to put someone else up.”
“Amanda adds that they want Elissa to put up Spencer so they have to have Aaryn as a nominee. ”
” Elissa says she would put up Aaryn, Spencer or Howard.”
“Amanda says it’s not a worry they have the numbers and Elissa’s MVP.”

I’m ROLMFAO hardcore

Oh, this week is going to be so good, i hope they do this again next week.


Angela…. so….. just HOW many cats do you have??


did I miss something did Amanda win hoh


It would be so funny if the Brenchel fans keep on voting for Elissa this week and she ends up as the third nominee. That would be hilarious.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I hope Judd does not nominate Aaryn. She is a shoe in for America’s vote. I actually think CBS/Julie did it on purpose so she could tell Aaryn that she was America’s pick because she is the most hated house guest. Let the payback begin….

She Said What


Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

I would trade a dinner at Nobu to watch this moment !

Bob Saben

Everyone please put your 10 votes in for Amanda. DO IT!! CBS has gave her an undeserved good edit so far and we all know it’s bullshit!



the self confessed racist is getting a golden edit from cbs

manda could shoot someone with a gun in the house and cbs would edit her talking about how much she dislikes guns

she has gotta go

the female house guest i dislike more than any other in the history of the show

Will.I.Am, I Think

I can’t wait to hear Elissa say “Why hasn’t production called me in the DR to get my MVP?”



I’m voting for Helen to go up…


Just cast my votes for the dictator Helen


I love how everyone is hating on Amanda for playing the best game? So it’s a good idea to vote for her and potentially have her evicted over Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Gina, Spencer, Howard? LMFAO no. Even if shes up on the block it will not make her leave. It’s a waste of a vote if you’re voting for her. She has too good of an edit, and it will be such a bull**** game if she leaves over any of these people that do absolutely nothing. Shame on you.


Screw that Nick was playing the best game and what happened to him? He got cut week two to fulfill production’s agenda and to be perfectly honest I think Andy is playing the best game.. he did what Amanda fails to understand to do Shut D F*ck UP. Not even two minutes of airtime and she’s up Judd’s ahole. Man I really wanted to see Howard win to see what she would do but alas it’s too bad..


manda is not playing the best game at all

she is playing the most annoying game

its brutal to watch her

she is disgusting to watch and her voice is so whinhey and annoying

fuck her off outta there


@Amanda dont ask Angela hoe may cats she has because like many other people Amanda is getting on there nerves.Amanda needs to go home thats that she is a bossy bitch who cant keep Howards name out her mouth she hasnt won any competitions or has been close to winning ay but yet she think she has Power over every HOH and MvP HER days are over BYEEE AMANDA


Amanda is a stupid skank. If she got nominated that would really make the house wonder about her.


I want Helen in a BB house with people from The Challenge after her little dictator hoh. I’d die laughing watching her tell some of those that its not their hoh, it’s the houses


Anyone else super stoked about HOH Judd?!


its not judds hoh its amandas




Was going to vote for Helen, but am going to switch to Amanda. She needs to be knocked down a peg or two.


So howard has spencer and Candice and aaryn doesn’t have gm and kaitlyn not too bright amanda

Monica Z

I love the site, I’ve been visiting for years and signed up for the live feeds through here for the first time.

Do you think there is anyway they will bring anyone back this season with the large cast? And if so, could it be Jeremy? I don’t know why but I can’t help and like the guy!


It is going to be interesting to see the reaction of Elissa when she doesn’t get the MVP. Helens reaction to this will be priceless.


People need to stop voting Helen i dislike her as well but she has the whole house eating out her ass right now Amanda needs to goo she keeps bringing up everyones name esp Howard and i dont get what she has against him she thinks she is HOH no honey you are not stop being a bossy bitch time for you go go noone has brought her name up yet wait until we vote her MVP im pretty sure the Amanda gossip would start then then we will never know who is going home its getting so predictable we need to shake it up get Amanda out


IF YOU WATCH the live feeds you know what AMANDA has against Howard she already admitted that she is racist!!! Amazing that CBS says they are against racism but they give Amanda a good edit. Makes me go hmmmmm. AMANDA IS A RACIST and that is why she wants Howard up. Come on people if you watch the feeds you saw it.


At last we get to find out who is the top player in the house this season(sort of). Amanda, Judd, or Andy? Will Judd make his own decision this week, or do whatever Amanda tells him to? And will Andy find a way to get something done for his own game during Judd’s HoH, or does he even need to?
PoV will tell us if Amanda is running the game or not. Nominations don’t matter really Judd will put up Aaryn and Kaitlin to make every1 happy(except Helen).
The real question is does he have the cajones to backdoor GM like he wants to(he fears her bitterness towards him in jury) or will he backdoor whoever Amanda tells him to?


Man, after tonight’s episode I was wondering if Aaryn knew what BB was or how it was played since she said they were hating on Jeremy for being strong… But now I also wonder how many of YOU know what BB is and how it’s played because you want Amanda gone for wanting to get rid of the most physical threat in the game because you think she’s being bossy or bullying or hating on Howard?

You DO realize this’ a game and not a popularity contest, right? Barring last season when Dan went beyond the acceptable manipulating into d!ckish territory, the ones that win or make it to the final 2-3 are the best manipulators.

Now, if you said Judd should nominate Amanda because she’s playing the best social game, then that’d be fine because it’s true.


no i want amanda gone because im tired of hearing her relentlessly crap on about wanting howard out

its so monotonous and boring

the definition of monotonous is…

Dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest

thats why she needs to go


Ya I want to see Helen or Amanda up the ate bullies and Amanda is very manipulating and she completely uses her breasts to do it she jumped in bed with McRae the first night it just seems to weird and did these woke come on big brother for love or for the money ugh I just hope kaitlyn doesn’t act like Ginamarie with all the bs crying


big breasts or not – amanda is ugly inside and out – and her fake breasts match her fake personality


Yes Howard lied but as Amanda said to Aaryn “this is BIG BROTHER”. She should really practice what she preaches. He was a man of his word and voted to keep his ally (Nick) safe. How could you fault him for that? He was also the last person to sell out his alliance when the others threw MC under the bus when the going got tough because they had no backbone. The fact that Amanda has the audacity to even say that Howard is using the “race card” to further his place in the game is despicable and diabolical to say because if that were the case he would be making a huge scene out of the situation instead of walking away. Amanda clearly has a heart of a tin-man. I think Howard is screwed but if he goes home this week I hope he can go home with his head held high.


I really don’t get the love for howard and hate for amanda for trying to get him out. Howard stayed loyal to the MC but he threw Area 51 under the bus. Why is it wrong that members of Area 51 are gunning for him? Hopefully his loyalty to Moving Company shows this week as he become the third member of the MC to walk out the door.


lets see the hate for manda and love for howard…

amanda is a self confessed racist and every word coming out of her mouth day and night is get howard out

her other targets are candace and helen

add to that her constantly being overly annoying trying to tell everyone what to do

you get the picture now yeah


Aaryn would be best person for someone to want to take to the final two.


pretty clear cbs wants america to vote out someone.. maybe to clean their hands of aaryn? but i hope the bb fans vote with their brains, not with brenchel obsessed hearts. i knew and simon knew that cbs would do something this week. tada!

Dr. Will Kirby

America as the MVP will vote to put up Aaryn but she will probably already be nominated so the second person voted by america will go up, could be kaitlyn, spencer maybe GM. not sure what americas thinking. this should be an easy week unless someone really f*cks up


Why all the hate on Helen and Amanda? I understand they think they can tell people what to do, but isn’t that what the best winners of this game have done? You win Big Brother by playing the best game, whether socially, physically, or strategically. Reasonably, you don’t win by sitting back and letting other people carry out their own agendas. If they can manage to get other people to listen to them and do what they want them to do, then good for them! The fact is, no one has to do what either of them say. People are entitled to play their own game, that’s what they’re doing. Like its been pointed out, it’s only a few hours into Judd’s HoH. Who knows whether or not he will do what Amanda wants. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and chill. If you enjoy the show for the show, rather than for your specific favorites to win and be treated nicely, then there shouldn’t be any problem with watching people play.


And I’m not saying dont root for your favorite, just dont hate on everyone else.


amanda is extremely overrated

a self confessed racist

extremely annoying to listen to

totally overplaying constantly