Jeremy has it figured out “My strategy is to win every other HOH”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: McCrae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations: Jessie, David and Candace
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


10:16pm Cam 3-4 Lounge Jeremy, Kaitlin, GiGI, Nick and Judd

Joking around, the guys want GiGI to go request drinks. She reminds them that it say in the book “If you keep asking you won’t get it”

GiGi threatens Judd that she will ram a towel up his A*** (See picture)

Kaitlin jokes that she’s covered in “J****” (Not sure what it is but they’ve been joking about the stuff being on them all evening)
GIGI: “I’m covered in j*** When J** gets in my eyes it stings”

GIGI mounts NIck starts calling him a “Little B!tch” while slapping his body (Joking around)

10:25 Chess cam 3-4 Howard and Spencer AKA dream team
Howard goes through their alliances plan to split in two and attache to the two separate groups in the house.

Howard: “Nick is working GIGI.. We got the numbers we made a pact early.. “ Howard is really stressing that they have to relax and not make any enemies right now. He thinks they are in a good spot in the game.

Howard is suggesting if they keep candace she’s going to fight with the girls because she doesn’t like them, “That shit is going to blow up between her and the girls because she don’t like Amanda”


10:43pm Cam 1-2 tub Aaryn and Jessie Jessie is talking about Jeremy and Kaitlin. Mentions the night they were in the same bed. (hard to hear.. water running) They briefly chat about the competitions and how tough they are . Jessie: “There no Joke”

Aaryn says her favorite player last season was Frank she thinks “he was a genuine guy.. Chill.. the type of guy I would want to date” Jessie agrees..


10:56pm Lounge Candace, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Helen Jeremy is warning them about Elissa, He explains that he’s not telling them to not be Elissa’s friend “that would be rude” he just telling them to be careful. He brings up Elissa saying her sister was Giselle bundchen. Helen thought Rachel was very annoying on the show but she doesn’t find Elissa annoying. Jeremy thinks that they gave Rachel a bad edit and he predict they will do the same thing with Elissa. Helen is surprised that she didn’t see Elissa’s resemblance with Rachel she feels a bit betrayed because of it. Jeremy: “we don’t know what she’s like outside this house.. she could be a really cool women”

Jeremy explains his game strategy, he’s cocky and in your face, “That’s the way I am”. People are going to think he’s playing a stupid game. He’s going to be considered a threat regardless because of his size so he has to win competitions to stay in the game. Jeremy: “My strategy is to win every other HOH”

GiGi joins them.. Chit chat starts..



11:19pm HOH TUb Jeremy, Aaryn, Jessie and Amanda Amanda is making dolphin sounds..

The group in the HOH bathroom are all convinced that Elissa is going home. Amanda wonders that maybe Rachel is controlling Elissa’s game. McCrae joins them asks where Elissa is. Jeremy: “Marinating on the fact she’s going home”. Jeremy wants to play with competitors: “I don’t want to be with people that s**k d*ck and float by”

Amanda acting goofy


11:44pm Lounge Andy and Kaitlin Andy tells her that he not very close to Elissa he’s planning on voting her out on Wednesday. Andy feel that the MVP twist was stacked against them because nobody knew who they were but everyone knew Rachel. Andy thinks Elissa should have come clean and told everyone day one.

Kaitlin: “She never really laughs here.. you don’t hear her doing that.. I think I’ve laughed a lot.. I’m like do you not want to be here with us?”
Andy says he instantly liked Kaitlin and Aaryn he thought he had a lot in common with them. Andy likes Jeremy a lot and he wants Jeremy to stick around but he think Jeremy should dial back his “I’m going to win everything” attitude because it’s going to scare people

Kaitlin adds that Jessie wants a showmance so badly she grabbed onto Jermey because he was strong and determined.
Kaitlin: “They are going to portray me the b1tch”
Andy: “I’ll be the cry baby”


12:00AM Bubble bath girls drain the tub.. Aaryn tries to drown Jessie..
Animated Gif posted on G+
Animated gif’s of Amanda here and Here


12:26AM HOH Cam 1-2 McCrae and Judd

Counting votes. McCrae thinks that they can get Nick’s vote but he wants them to keep it cool until he uses the POV then they can start working for votes. Judd: “You talk to Nick and Howard and I’ll keep talking to Spencer and Andy”
McCrae: “Lets not jump on it yet because I haven’t used it”

Judd wonders about Amanda, McCrae thinks Amanda will vote their way if they have the number, “at least this week.. this vote”

Judd: ‘Jeremey is going to go freaking nuts”

McCrae says that Jeremy is asking for a backdoor, “How many people can be in this house and not understand the game” Judd agrees says that Jeremy’s cocky attitude isn’t helping him.

McCrae: ”Someone needs to talk to Elissa and get her to lay low”

They both agree they never want to be taught fighting in the house. McCrae: ‘It’s paints a huge target on your back”:

McCrae says he has to “Go POOP” before he leaves Judd says he’s going to talk to Spencer and Andy about their plan of keeping Elissa. McRae thinks it’s too soon, “Keep close with them but wait”.

Judd brings up their conversation last night about forming an alliance because they worked so hard to get here.


1:29AM Aaryn and David

Aaryn is complaining that the game is feeling drawn out, “I want it done boom boom boom.”
David: “The Drama started stiring”
Aaryn: “I think it was Elissa.. or maybe someone that was really sneaky..”
Aaryn thinks if Elissa didn’t win the MVP she would be rampaging around calling house meetings swearing she’s not the MVP.

Aaryn mentions Elissa telling McCrae that they need to get the showmances out. The showmances are Jeremy, Kaitlin, Daivd, Aaryn and Jessie.
David: “Why Jessie she isn;t in a showmance”
Aaryn: ‘Yeah.. it’s a show triangle”
David: “All i know is if I leave this entire house is going to change.. all you guys are going to be so pissed”

They say their goodnights.. Aaryn complains one last time before she falls asleep. Aaryn: “This hair how do you sleep with all this hair in your face..”


1:55AM Kaitlin, Candance and Jeremy Chit chatting..


2:00AM Bed time

CBS Interactive Inc.

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This week man, everyone is just playing too hard its week one people. Everyone in here is thinking so far ahead when one person hasn’t even left yet. Gotta play for the week your in and the next week


This seems like a house filled with checkers players playing a game of chess…

It seems like some people don’t really grasp the game at all and are just emotional, some aren’t paying attention to what is happening and are falling behind, while others are superfans who just think they can mimic a great players game to the same result, not understanding that winning BB is art, not science. There is no formula, only intuitiveness, intelligence, and some good fortune. Every season has different dynamics based on the make up of the house. You could take all the great winners, drop there winning game in a different season, and they don’t see the 2nd month.

It seems like BB producers went heavy on the eye candy and light on the IQ this season.


Lol so he using janelle strategy every comp you can and then eventually get evicted .. The Bread and butter of Big Brother is your social game..


The one person who I thought would be the most annoying person, turns out to be the person I like the most. It sucks that EVERYONE wants Elissa out. She’s hasn’t done anything to these people, but they talk about her as if they’ve hated her since middle school. Amanda/Jeremy both need a reality check because they both have terrible attitudes and are very immature. I really hope she can pull it around and stay this week and win hoh. Team Elissa!

Biff Tannen

Whenever Jeremy walks into a room, Production should close the door and put up a sign that says “Quiet please. Genius at work.”

Then they switch cameras to show him coloring all outside the lines in his Thundercats coloring books, crayons strewn across the floor, and he has this really intense look on his face.

Janelle pov queen

@Ares janelle plan was never to win HOHs and povs her first season people did not like her and put her up so she had to win week afther week her 2nd season allstars people was comeing afther her in season 6 from day one so she had to win once agin dont ever compare this dumb ass chipmunk to the queen of povs have a nice day

Janelle pov queen

Jeremy is dumb for telling the house he is going to win every HOH oops never mind these people don’t care about that they care about geting out a girl cause she said her sister is a supermodel


Jeremy is a genius……no but really imagine if he won Big Brother 15? *throws up*

King Silva

I might become an Aaryn fan if she really did drowne Jessie.. -_-

On second thought probably not. :-X

King Silva

*drown [ugh hate typos]..


Hey Simon please keep doing the updates all night like even right now don’t stop and I know you guys are tired but don’t stop right now do at least 2 or 3 more updates im addicted to Big Brother After Dark lol good job keep up the great work


I hate watching the live feeds, everyone is so annoying trying to get Elissa out who has not done anything to them at all. Even if she said she was rachels sister day 1 they probably would have targeted her and now they are saying it was a stupid move to hide it. What else was she supposed to do. It is just sad because if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister, she wouldn’t have such a big target on her back.


These stupid girls.. It’s hard to even listen to them. They are constantly pushing for Elissa to go home this week and at the same time talk about her having no game and everyone being against her…..umm, ALL THE MORE REASON TO KEEP HER AROUND you morons. Obviously don’t have a cast of deep thinkers here. Need to stop whining about Elissa and focus on these guys who are clearly going to dominate comps. Or Jeremey who is openly pitting the girls against each other by playing two girls at once. Wake up ladies your in the big brother house!


I understand a lot of you have an irrational love for Rachel, therefore you also have an irrational love for Elissa, but please, stop this “Elissa has never done anything to anyone, why do they want her out!?”

Use your head people. If you were in that house, wouldn’t you ALSO want her out!? Who cares if she hasn’t done anything. For whatever reason, people actually like Rachel, and irrationally are going to keep voting for her sister to be MVP. The house guests realize this. Would you want someone in the house playing against you who basically gets to have one free nomination a week? I thinking not!


All due respect, but I think your analysis is slightly irrational. If you’re Jeremy or somebody who’s had a confrontation with her, then yeah you want her out because she could target you…but if you just don’t like the fact that she’s going to take a ton of heat for perpetually being MVP, thereby ensuring you won’t likely go home before she does, then you desperately should want her to stay. So the majority, which just talks trash behind her back, while being somewhat pleasant to her face, has every incentive to keep her around.

I don’t have a dog in the Elissa hunt either way…but that people don’t get she’s a heat magnet and once she’s gone all the trash talkers will need a new person to make the outcast/target, which puts each player at risk annoys me.

I think HG and viewer alike are misreading the MVP. I don’t think it’s a good thing to have at all (at least until the house breaks down into two distinct sides. At that point it will be HUGE). 1) it will be very hard for the holder to keep it secret as everybody thinks they’re a great liar, but very few are and 2) the other HG’s will be jealous of the fan popularity, angry that they have unearned power, and fearful of that power. So if Elissa can dominate it for at least the 1st month and you’re a player who feels safe from her scorn, then I’d be glad she owns it.


That’s the plan for McRae, Nick, and Judd, but I just don’t think they’ll have the votes. I sure hope they don’t. Team David!


i think they’ll be able to lock in howard and spencers vote too. andy is a maybe right now as well

King Silva

Please let this happen come next Wednesday!

Elissa for HOH # 2 too!

Then she can get Aaryn out the week after her man got the boot. LMAO! XD


Ok people here you all are saying Elissa is nothing like Rachel and you all like her blah blah blah whatever now if you were in that BB house you would be saying the same thing I want Elissa out she is annoying now since y’all aren’t in the BB house you don’t know what its like you think its easy from your computer/television?? Oh man it an’t easy let me tell you straight up it isn’t just think about it then when you guys do the first HOH, Veto, y’all would be like these comp’s are hard I think im going to leave and just go home well bye y’all have a great time back at home just wait until you meet the Red Head’s and wait until there drunk I never seen them act up but if you were there you’d be saying she is WAY to drunk im going to evict her well good luck with that y’all wait until Rachel and her sister laugh everyday, every min, every sec you would be like you know the red head sisters are ANNOYNING wait until y’all are by her that’s all


You know – I am all for romance, touching and people developing “relationships”, but I for one, don’t watch Big Brother for sex. I love the gameplay but can’t stand watching people touching each other and sleeping in the same bed, etc., so quickly. I can’t stand sharing my bed. They should give each houseguest a puppy so they can fondle them instead of each other. I know I’m not in the ‘minority’ but it just makes me sick. Elisaa’s pouting (a la Rachel) is starting to get on my last nerve too.


*meant to say – I’m not in the majority


I’m really surpised that many houseguests play so emotionally and random and forget the big picture. Someone being allegedly annoying or Rachels sister are no reasons for smart gameplay. It could rather benefit them keeping a target in the house, that distracts from themselves. Also if they speculate production wants to keep Elissa around, why try to work against that right now? Get her on your side and let production favor you aswell. Some HGs like McCrae, Judd or Helen are gamesmart enough to see that. Elissa has hardly any people on her side, so if they secretly save her this week, she’s indebted to them AND stays a target for other HGs.


Why would they want to keep Elissa. She just won MVP for doing nothing but being Rachel’s sister.
Best thing is to get her out this week when they have the chance.


why would you kick her out just for being Rachel’s sister though? btw she is obviously not that great at comps, not that smart (she didn’t know pot roast was two words in the POV comp), and is a target…why would anyone get rid of her? it’s not like she is drunk or getting on table tops saying “I am vegas,”….if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister, I doubt her name would even come up

Chilltown Fan

Lol at Jeremy. So he wants to put a huge target on his back by winning HOH every other week? Depending on how the veto comp. went, McCrae is putting a nice target on his back by winning the first HOH and POV of the season, hopefully he keeps a low profile next week. In my opinion, you aren’t playing a good game if you are forced to win comps week after week to stay in the game. I don’t see Jeremy lasting long unless he skates by on other’s coattails.

ashli rae

I don’t get the Elissa love fest. She’s not playing a smart game at all. I mean McCrae told her multiple times he’s putting her up yet she had to go run her mouth to him and announce she’s the MVP. There’s no doubt in my mind she’s getting help from production. The other hg’s have a right to be concerned about her. I won’t be heartbroken to see her out the door first but I would rather see David or Jeremy gone. Enough with the showmances. I would like to see Aaryn play the game instead of chasing after David all summer and the same with Kaitlin. I don’t want a repeat of the brigade. They sucked the first time around.


Team moving company alliance yo!


So frustrating that this is the first season I didn’t get the feeds because the link just wouldn’t let me complete. And now the early bird is over. I will have to depend on Simon and Dawg and actually watch the episodes this year I guess. I take back all the bad things I said about Superpass in the past.

There are some really strange characters this season. I didn’t think people like David existed outside comic books. All I can say is WTF!! That hair, that air head, that ego, and did I mention the HAIR? Roflmao. Definitely not the brightest bulb on the tree.

So far the only reason to not like Elissa is because she reminds me of Rachel. Even before I knew they are sisters I commented to my room mate that she reminded me of Rachel. Of course CBS had to bring someone like that into the house, and with the MVP, she needs to go or she will be MVP all summer long. Bleh!

Most of the guys are not unlikeable, except David but the girls are going to start melting down really soon. Too many alpha females vying for supremacy. Should be fun. I wish CBS would at least let clips of the feeds be posted. I miss my feeds!!


Thought I was the only one who thinks David’s hair ridiculous. It annoys me to look at him (like Frank’s hair last year). Think McCrea would look lots better if his was cut short and Jeremy’ hair looks like shiny black plastic.


McRae would most definitely look much more attractive with short hair. In fact, from the right TV angles and some decent ‘manscaping’ he could look like Jude Law – McRae has great blue eyes.


Jeremy finally figure it out how to win every comp. Hello Jeremy, Janelle already use that strategy. Come up your own strategy.