Big Brother 15 Spoilers Elissa picks the MVP nominee “You just f***ed us really bad“

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


11:27pm cam 3-4 Candace, McCrea, Amanda and Helen
Candace asks them to keep Howard safe this week because Howie is her person in the game.
Amanda asks Candace how she feels about Howard being in the secret alliance. Candace says her feelings are hurt she asks Amanda You are close with McCrea.. were your feelings hurt?”
Candace: “I’m some kinda hurt I care about Howie.. I do just like you have your person I have my person and I care about him”
Candace keeps pointing out that Amanda and McCrea are together and McCrea was part of the boys alliance.
Candace says that Howie protected her yesterday and she cares about him. Candace says her and Howie have only gotten close these last couple days. “if it puts a target on my back.. i don’t care.. i’m going to stick with my person” Explains to them that Howie never lied to her about the votes because she never asked him.
McCrea tells her he has the MVP (Lieing)

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11:50pm HOH Helen, Amanda, McCrea
Howard had just been in the HOH telling them about why he lied etc etc.. Amanda got a bit heated in the conversation. Mc
Amanda: “That comment was fu**ed up”
Helen: “It was about sleeping with McCrea the first night because of HOH”
Amanda: “And you had a boyfriend and you slept with a guy”
Amanda thinks he said this because he knows that was going to be on TV (Afterdark) he’s trying to make me look bad.
Helen: ‘I’m very disappointed with Spencer and Howard .. I wish I had put those two up”
They all agree that Howard is twisting his game all up and not making much sense. He’s a sinking ship.


12:05AM HOH Elissa, Judd, Helen and McCrae
(Elissa had been called into the Diary room they assumed she went in to place her MVP vote and they assumed she put howard up)
Elissa walks in.
Amanda: ‘Did you do it”
A: ‘What… what was that face”
E: “I don’t think I got MVP”
A: “really.. you are lying”
Elissa explains it was just a regular Diary room session.
A: “That’s bullsh!t.. theres no way you’re lying right.. Tell me you’re lying”
E: “NO”
Elissa says it doesn’t matter who is playing in the Veto Cadance, KAitlin Aaryn they win the veto and they can put up Jeremy.
Amanda: “No… There was a whole f**** thing behind it… I have to be honest with you.. It looks as though you just went downstairs and voted for someone else”
Elissa says it doesn’t matter who is the third nominee in this case.
Elissa: “You guys didn’t even call me up here and talk to me before the nominations.. If you guys felt so strongly about howard being nominated you should have done it”
Helen: ‘you are right Elissa.. I was going to nominate Aaryn and Howard I just never got a chance to talk to spencer “

Elissa: “I told you guys I am not comfortable“
Amanda says If you did in fact go downstairs and put someone other than Howard up you just f***ed the two people that have been working the hardest to keep you in the game. “You really F****ed us”
Amanda: “You just f***ed us really bad “
Elissa: ‘Why”
McCrea says he just b!tched out Howard
Elissa still doesn’t understand what the big deal is, “if everyone who plays in the veto throws it… “
Amanda: “OK if Howard, Jeremy and Spencer get picked for Veto it’s a better chance that they will win the veto and keep it the same.. then our first and second target will not be on the block.. Look I thought this was all clear.. and now we would have Jeremy, Candace, Howard all off the block and they have a very good chance to win the next HOH.. it fuc*s our alliance”
Amanda: ‘Just come clean about it did you just go down there and nominate someone”
Elissa: ‘Tonight.. I feel like I don’t’ really want to talk about the game… I told you I wasn’t comfortable with it”
Amanda: ‘Elissa I’m so upset.. you just F***ed us.. really bad”
Amanda: “who did you put up .. be honest”
Elissa: “I don’t know who I put up”
Amanda: “Jeremy”
Elissa: “Who do you think”
Judd: “Spencer”
They all laugh..
Amanda: “actually.. if Jeremy plays”
Elissa: “theres a 1 in 11 chance JEremy is going to play he’s not playing“


Helen tries to cool the situation tells them Jeremy is the target maybe Spencer will win the POV “Pull it out of his a$$”
Amanda says is someone was to get the POV and not use it they are F**** . Elissa: ‘We’ll Aaryn can go.. I know she’s not the biggest target”
Elissa starts to yell: “YOU GUYS DID THIS TO ME.. NOBODY ASKED ME ABOUT WHO TO PUT UP” (Regular nominations)
Amanda: “Fine.. the only people that got F****ed.. really really really F****ed was McCrea and I”
Amanda: “Fine just fine I’m glad you saved Howard”
Elissa: “I’m not saving him he wasn’t going anywhere”

Feeds go to fish. when we come back

Elissa: ‘i’m just going to be the target again.,.. I should just go home.. now they (Amanda and McCrea)hate me” she starts to cry


12:20AM Cockpit Amanda and McCrea She tell MC to go talk to Spencer and make a deal. MC and Amanda will not put Howard up as the MVP Nominee if Howard does’t put them up next week. They are going to tell everyone that McCrea has the MVP. McCrea is pi$$ed says that Elissa and Howard have a deal, “F***ing .. has a deal with him 100%.
McCrea: “She’s the worst f****inb liar I have every seen.. ”
MC: “Oh my god i’m so fu***ing pissed right now:
Amanda: “How can she be so f****ign stupid”
MC: “She has a deal with him”


12:30AM Cockpit Howard and McCrea (Howard thinks McCrea is the MVP) McCrea making a deal with Howard to be safe next week.
Howard wants to make a 5 person alliance with McCrea, Amanda and Spencer and run to the end. McCrea asks for the five person. Howard doesn’t care, “I won’t be in an alliance unless you and Spence are in it” McCrea wants him to swear on religion that he won’t put McCrea up if McCrea doesn’t put him up this week with MVP.
howard says he’ll do it and that “His word as a man”
McCrea says the last time the man gave me his word he lied, needs something better.
Howard: “I’ll put that on the bible”
He goes off to grab the bible
McCrea says that Spencer is going up but they want Jeremy gone so the POV has to be played or Aaryn goes home.
Howard: ‘You got to tell Spencer”
Howard swears on the bible that he won’t put McCrae and Amanda up next week.

12:35:50am Cam 3-4 HOH Amanda and Helen Amanda: “why do you guys keep saying that production swayed you to not get rid of Howard” feeds cut*** (Elissa and Helen both said tonight that they got the feel “The Show” was trying to keep Howard safe)

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wow this cast is full of mental midgets…..

Roisin Dubh

Amanda’s pushing way too hard, better reign your chick in McCrae, people are gonna have no problem splitting you two up.


Amanda wants to be in control of everything and everyone. She needs to cool down and focus on the other side.
What’s her deal with Howard. Didn’t he already apologized. She freaks out like her and McG are the ones going home on Thursday.
Chill out, play and If you don’t like whats going on then WIN something instead of bossing everyone around.


Didn’t someone say in a previous post when things were going so well with this group that Amanda would screw up this alliance within a week? I think this is so hilarious!!

Amandas Va*****

Somebody better put this zipper head on lockdown…. Who does she think she’s talking to?

I’m running this muthafuka!


manda is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode – just wait till she gets in a real crazy argument/fight…

serenity now, insanity later


ELISSA!!!!! smh….


This is dogshit. I thought they came to play Big Brother, not Grodnerball.


Oh so now three + people can have MVP? When it comes down to it, Elissa has the choice of who to put up. I like Amanda personally but game wise she has pis*ed me off since the beginning. Glad to see Aaryn up at least and maybe by the end of POV Aaryn and Jeremy both will be up


Ditto @armywife. I feel the same way about Amanda. She needs to chill out.


amandas bb game, brought to you by adderol


That’s messed up. Seriously production, quit helping them. This looks really, really bad. Why are any of us watching if they’re working this hard to rig the game in week 3?


This game is rigged for blahchells sister to win come on now. I may only be one but not watching anymore.


You aren’t the only one…i’m only watching until

1. Amanda gets evicted (or wins)
2. Elissa gets (rightfully) evicted.

No one else in this house impresses me…that could change, but i doubt it.

For real though, if many more reports of production interfering to help Elissa surface, I’m done regardless, and not just this season. They just have no shame or conscience to keep doing this to contestants who ACTUALLY WANT TO BE THERE.


I think Howard got a big cut of MPV votes. That would be the reason they would not want to see Howard on the block.
Howard’s struggle the other night was intense, it had to have gotten him votes….I voted for him.


It was the first time I ever voted for anything in all the years of watching BB.


I think Howard is going to have a lot of air time (good edit) and want him around for at least a few more weeks. I can’t stand the guy but hey. Candace, what happened to getting the strong guys out? So, no more girl alliance?


i hope they give jess a good edit on sunday on cbs showing how she stood up really well against the 4 bullies post hoh comp


That Amanda is a Slippery Snake They really need to get rid of her she is poison and she has that young boy wrapped around her Fem Fatale fingers lol

Roisin Dubh

Yep, she wrecked his game bigtime. One of them is leaving within the next 3 weeks, guaranteed. Let Elissa win MVP one more time, one of them goes up and it’s a wrap.


she is what Rachel should have been in terms of a social player, if you were to take the dominant female player who scares other HG’s. sadly that wasn’t the case, although it did work for Rachel eventually.

Amanda scares all the girls completely. scares all the guys for the most part. she is going to have to be put up on a double eviction or something.


no she has bullied jess pretty much daily but jess has handled it well and with class, manda does not scare jess…but for sure mcvag is scared of manda


Could not disagree more! Amanda is the Juice driving the ratings. Drama(head of the snake) is exactly what Grodner wants and lots of it! Howard is doing the hypacritical christain thing to perfection as Dan did last season. Drama and Christianity it’s the Grodner show folks . Strap into your seat and enjoy the ride. Frankly 24 hours ago we were speculating that it was going too be a snooze fest with the MVP and voting control. I’m loving the early part of this season thanks to the spoilers from Dawg and Simon plus the fans.

So it hasn’t quite worked exactly as I thought a day ago with Candace being a complete snake but she isn’t honouring the all girl thing either. It takes them less than 48 hours to put the whole plan into turmoil! Alliances need to be 3 or 4 strong people. Nine appears to be way to big a number to be managable.

Lastly what’s with Ellisa? She had her behind saved less than 48 hours ago now she isn’t comfortable? Hopefully America lets this pile of uselessness get to stepping. She is no Rachelle that’s for sure!!

Big Sister

I’ll bet Elissa hasn’t forgotten that Spencer told Candice to vote for her to leave Week 1, plus I don’t blame her for feeling left out when the nominations convo was held. I am glad she played her own game and not everyone else’s. She is slowly becoming more than Rachel’s sister!


MC and Amanda is soooo annoying they act like they are HOH and there not. MC is stupid for falling for a b**** that has a bf. She’s a slore bag for sleeping with a guy she didn’t even know the first week I bet you any kinda money if Jeremy , David or nick got HOH the first week and they showed interest with she would have slept with them too. But since they were interested in other ppl and wasn’t available she just went with MC. I don’t like MC anymore he is a B**** and don’t have any balls what so ever

Roisin Dubh

It just shows that Howard was right about her. The minute he mentioned getting rid of her, McCrae turned on his alliance and has been throwing them under the bus ever since. As dumb as these people are, they’ll see it within the next couple of weeks and deal with both of them. McCrae turned out to be a real disappointment. His game went in the crapper ever since she showed him her funbags that first night.


Same thing with Candace: she’s fighting for Howard to stay after they started sharing the same bed. She was the strongest advocate of having a girl alliance and getting rid of Howard but not any more. Howard is going to be Candance’s downfall, which is sad.


Amanda… Sweetheart… if you want to control your game better how about winning something whether its POV or HOH stop blaming others


how bad are these players , really mcrae make the guy pledge on the bible while u lie to him about the mvp , haha why do they think the can keep secrets and the rest of house will find out elissa got it again. it took what 1 day for mcrae to try and make a fake alliance , him and amanda are pretty grimey game players , they were sittin pretty good till this , theyre makin themselves look sketchy when who cares who goes home this week, worst bbseason ever , twist is rigged , the players are dumb just SMH


At this point I would rather see Amanda go, I’ve just now noticed that she never shuts up, let Aaryn stay one more week. I just realllllllyyyy want her to have to sleep on airplane seats and eat slop for a week. That’s all I want. #TeamPutAarynOnHaveNots

Biff Tannen

This cast is so much fun. They are absolutely clueless, about as useful as I would be in a no-calculator long division contest. Eventually someone will figure out that Jay You Double D isn’t dumb just because he has a southern accent and is in the best position in the house. It’ll probably be right after they cut him a check for 500k. He feels a lot like Ian last year or Jillian from BBCAN, or maybe even Shelley from BB13. No one really dislikes him, he knows what’s going in in the house and as the bigger physical threats get picked off he could find himself in a good position to snag an important HOH or POV.


Production saved Elissa two weeks in a row and tailored a twist for her that gives her a nomination each week (and therefore votes floating to her power). And now they’ve decided to save Howard this week. Seems to be just a bit more manipulation than usual on this show.

Meanwhile, Amanda and McCrae continue to alienate themselves in the house and make themselves look worse in the eyes of viewers (did they really suggest Howard was trying to play the race card earlier…disgusting).


Oh and McCrae lying about being MVP to Howard? Yeah, like that isn’t going to be exposed at some point this week (either through the houseguests or the DR). Some stupid, stupid game play from the guy. He gets panicked way too easily. There’s no reason for him to even want Howard/Spencer out so badly…they’re not after him. Nobody is (at least they weren’t before tonight’s bullshit).


Power is an ugly thing. Everyone has lost their focus. The targets were suppose to be Jeremy and Arryn. Either would have been ok to send home. But Helen was so obsessed with with who wasn’t loyal to her that she lost siight of the people who were causing the most problems. She talked about democracy but didn’t tell Elissa and Candice (who were her main people) that she, Andy, McCrea and Amanda were making decision. Howard was staying true to his original alliance and Helen is mad that that wasn’t her group. They should be more worried about Spencer who is only out for himself and who did flip. But mainly Jeremy, Aaryn and Gina Marie. Wait till she finds out McCrea and Amanda have been lying big time for their own purpose. What will she think then? Peopl lie in Big Brother. Deal with it and go after the real targets. McCrea was in the guy alliance too and Candice makes a good point.


What happens to my comment if I pressed enter (by mistake) instead of submit? Etherworld? Where’d it go man?


Simon I know you’ve probably already answers this, but I can’t find it! Why is the word backdoor censored?


Feels like Elissa has no idea what shes doing… pretty clear to me. Put up Howard to shake him up, he’ll most likely win it if Jeremy isn’t drawn for the veto comp and then he’ll take himself off and this allows Helen to backdoor Jeremy. SMH


That convo between Amanda and Elissa I need to go watch before I decide to say I think Elissa has some kind of mental issue or is really that dumb

Amanda is gonna dig her grave if she continues to speak over people and drop f bombs everywhere

I think if Helen can keep her emotions in check she’ll go far in the game
Wonder if Spencer would trade in his paranoia to take back his vote against Nick

The MC makes the Brigade look so smart!


Amanda leaves scars on your front, Howard leaves ’em on your back. He must have done something right to Candace because he’s being kept around by a lot of different elements right now. Amanda just didn’t get ‘her way’ and is concocting some pretty extravagant deals. She’s a dude.

Out Sider

So… she puts up the one person from the other side that voted for her, but keeps safe Jeremy who wanted her out so badly that he dismantled The Moving Company. Elissa, darling, do you do the same thing for all the people that help you? Get a head checked sooner than later…

i'm tall

amanda has got to go! she is crazier than aaryn and gm put together. y the vendetta against howard? oh, that’s right cuz he called her out for being a control freak and manipulator which she did from day one with the pizza boy! what a sucka! now she is frightened by howard cuz he and candice have a lil couple thing going. she really only wants to be the only couple in the house. she doesn’t like howard just off of personal. all of these people are playing this game to personal. they are not thinking strategic at all. they whole push is to get a man out cuz he lied about an alliance? the last time i checked everyone lies on BB. it’s a game. so in case i missed some thing you just move on and play the game. the last two days have been mess. people volunteering and coming clean about their game play. what a joke. just play the game. but i do know amanda (black widow) has got to go and so does her puppy dog.


Are you kidding? Yes, everyone’s lying in the game but Howard’s lies are pathological. Helen gave him so many chances to come clean but he didn’t. Helen wanted to trust him but how can she? Seriously that whole exchange of tell me the truth and not telling was so childish. I felt like I was witnessing an exchange between a mom and her son. Candance doesn’t want Howard gone because that’s her someone. Well, Elissa and Helen, I guess pretty much all the guys are taken. Where are your other half (brawn),

Captain Spam

I don’t think she wants Howard up so that he’l go home. I think it’s more so that he will play in the veto and try to win. Their real end game is that they want to BD Jeremy and to do that you need someone to win that will use it to take themselves off the black. Howard is their best chance to do that.

Big Jim

Off the Black? LOL what is on your mind


sure, mvp is elissa’s decision, nobody else. but amanda and helen worked their butts off to save elissa last week, and if elissa had any class, she would have at least told the truth about the nomination while she was blowing them off, instead of lying to her own alliance. what a self-serving idiot.


Amanda needs to chill, and they need to stop treating elisa like a darn toy. its ridiculous. she is just not a good player, but my gosh, Amanda is making this into some huge betrayal, she made the choice to yell at howard, whatever, just when you think there are some people in the house to root for, Helen goes on a power trip, elisa proves to be a mental case, and the rest of the house is confused about lying and playing the game and throwing racist remarks

what a mess. they all need to take a deep breath and stop thinking about it for a day. they have control, and can control eliminations pretty much, howard could always be put up in replacement of someone who wins pov if they take themselves off etc.

just a lot of freaking out over nothing.


Root for Candice. She is smart. She was the one who figured out the guy’s alliance and no one is giving her credit. She wants the people out who should be out and she has stayed true to the people who have been on her side. That’s plenty of reason to root for her. The rest are a mess except for Judd at this point in the game. But they could mess things up too.


Okay. I guess Howard so loyal to her. Howard and Spencer threw Candace under the bust with the first eviction. They made her seem shady because Candace say she voted out Elissa, not David, and no one believed her. When Aryn brought up race jokes to Howard, instead of saying something innocuous as: I appreciate your clarification, I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not; instead, he said I knew you were joking.


Root for Candice? She is so dumb, Howard slept with her and now he has her wrapped around his finger. He said he did not like her, she was not his type, but he will be glad to use her to get through the game. Candice wanted to get the guys out (although for some reason she calls them boys) but now she has changed her mind because she is fooled by Howard. I can’t stand Howard using the Lord and swearing on the Bible and lying while he is doing it. That is just going to far.

Kayla J

Ha! Elissa did it again!
Amanda and Mccrae wanted to emotionally blackmail Elissa because they “saved: her this week.
b!tch please! They only reason they saved her is because they want to further their game ( not becaus ethey like her)
I’m glad Elissa has the gall to play her own game! 🙂


yes suck on that mcvagmanduh


Brenchel fans getting what they wanted, that moron Elissa as MVP again, and she’s ****ing things up AGAIN with her boneheaded nominations.

They tell her who to put up….



Just as much of a crybaby as her sister was, except she doesn’t have an ounce of her brains or talent. (which isn’t saying much since Rachel was an idiot and needed production to save her ass every week)


You get thumbed down 17 times, and yet no one has an argument against you.

They hate the truth…true BRENCHEL fans through and through.


Am I the only one that finds it annoying that Helen has been constantly reassuring and consoling Elissa throughout the whole BB experience so far?


Yet she still didn’t tell her what was going on. She told other people. Helen is smart. She knows viewers are votiing for Elissa and so she wants to make sure she is geting some of that love by showing she is her friend. But if the Brenchal fans are smarter, they will see that even she is using Elissa to further her game. She won’t do anything to upset them because she want the MVP once Elissa is gone. But it wasn’t a smart move not to include Elissa in the conversation. This shows that Elissa is only a pawn in all their games, even Helen’s. Power let us see who everone really is. I don’t like Helen as much now that I she that she wanted Howard up to shake him down. The things Helen doesn’t understand (until now maybe) is that if Howard is up, Amanda and McCrea will get the votes to get him out. Helen will be like Aaryn where her wishes will mean nothing. Amanda and McCrea have talked to Aaryn and Jeremy so they know that Amanda and Jeremy are on their side. Does no one in that group see that Amanda wants to be in control in everyone’s HOH. Good for Elissa for not being their puppet. (Although she may be production’s puppet) I know everyone hates the MVP but Production was very smart in bringing it in and then picking someone who could be influenced by them. That is a true Big Brother thing. It’s not about just letting the people play the game. Big Brother is about knowing everyone is watching you and getting so paranoid that you can be swayed by who is in power. That is actually “production.” We may not like it but that is the essence of the idea of Big Brother.


I don’t forget all the anti gay comments amanda made. She is the worst player and is just as bad if not worst than Aaryan. Aaryn is just plain dumb and sheltered. Amanda is cold, calculating and pure evil


she is a pure bully, and i cant believe the edits she gets on cbs

amanda lecturing aaryn on bullying and racism is a joke

i think amanda is production favourite after elissa/helen


Amanda needs to go SOON. Obviously not this week but next week The “Nerd Herd 2.0” need to cut ties with her…she is a cancer to their team. She is a delusional control freak and Mcrae is her puppet. Wow she is unbearable. Good for Elissa for sticking to her guns and putting Spencer up. Best case scenario: Jeremy gets back-doored and gets evicted Worst case scenario: Kaitlin or Aaryn go home a.k.a. this SHOULD be an easy week.


maybe they even back door amanda?

probably not but next week i would put up amanda and mccrae to split them up

what does helen think about amanda/mccrae bullying elissa?

has anyone found out mccrae is lying about having mvp?


can anybody explain? why does it have to be howard on the block as mvp nomination for mccrae and amanda, when jeremy is the real target anyways? why does it matter wether its howard or spencer as mvp nominee too them so much? i dont get it. have they made a deal with spencer or sth.? seems like they are really starting to overplay now, when they could be sitting pretty. thinking howard would have the best chance to win veto and take himself down to backdoor jeremy can’t be the only reason? if anything helen fucked it up with her weak nominations?


It appears (to me) that this HUGE MVPSHIFT in the game it comes with a tag that someone (behind the diary room) tells Elissa who to put up if they feel like it. Maybe not the past two (or maybe yes), but DEFINITELY I think she was instructed NOT to put up Howard and then tell everyone what she feels is best to cover her pretty bum.
Just maybe……


3 points –

elissa didnt like being bullied into her nom by amanda

elissa didnt like how spencer tried to pin the howard vote for nick to stay on jess

elissa likes candace, who likes howard

so she put up spencer


Here is the deal….it is self preservation as to why production is keeping Howard off the block.

In the middle of a firestorm of issues with racial and homophobic comments within the house… cannot have any of your minority or gay houseguests get evicted. It only backs up the problems within the house. I would be willing to bet that had Elyssa gone into the DR and tried to nominate Candice or Andy….production would have swayed her away from it also.

I think it sucks production has a heavy hand in the game, but we know they do every year in some form. The MVP was a great idea in theory…..but the lack of transparency in the voting is a joke to me. I know I put in 10 votes for McCrae…my gut tells me that next week Elyssa is gone. This nomination (no matter how sparked by production) is going to put McCrae and Amanda against her for good this time. Next time she gets nominated…..I think she will be gone (MC, Amanda, GM, Aayrn, Jeremy, Kaitlin will all vote against her for sure….and 5 of them will still be in the house)

I have often wondered….this week especially since she wouldn’t have been voted out at all……. if it was possible to nominate yourself with the MVP to throw off people’s scent. The assumption would be that Jeremy or etc won it immediately and a good liar would be able to sell it (to me this is something Nick might have done with the MVP had MC not broken down and voted him out)


I love how everyone now is like, “Amanda has to go!”

Why exactly? Because she had words with Princess Elissa?

Because she doesn’t need production to tell her how to play the game?

Because she won’t have production save her from the block?

Amanda is one of the few watchable personalities in the house. If she goes, this season’s ratings are likely going with her. Sorry guys, you can love on Elissa all you want, but she makes for lousy television.


I couldn’t agree more. I really like to see Amanda and Elissa to make it to the end, but Elissa has to get rid of Helen first. I like that Elissa didn’t appreciate that Helen didn’t want to be the bad guy by not putting up Howard as the nom in the first place and making her do it. I lost my respect for Helen then. Howard still is playing both sides.

And what is up with Helen’s constant reference to “America’s not going to like this or the good side”?


it makes sense to split amanda and mccrae up to break up a dangerous pair


Let me guess, Production made Elissa pick Spencer instead of Howard????

Production not only wants to protect Elissa until she wins like they did Rachel, but they also want to shamelessly keep the racial tension in the house for the ratings.

Fleur de Lis

I think Elissa did a fine job with MVP this week. Howard, Jeremy or Spencer would be fine. They are all liars and deserve to go. Elissa is also correct that she should have been part of the nominations talk and if they wanted Howard up so bad, then Helen should have done it. I also think she learned her lesson from last week to not put Jeremy up and allowing him to automatically play for the veto. Really tired of everyone feeling that Elissa should just roll over and do what they say…


The only reason Amanda’s feelings weren’t hurt about McVagina being in the moving Company is, he didn’t tell her the truth about him planning to take her out eventually, he claimed(lie) that if MC had done that, he would’ve outed them.

Great job Howie, pointing out that skank Amanda’s ho activity in the HOH room to keep her safe throughout the season using McVagina.

I hope Elissa figures out, Amanskank and McVigina are using her MVP power this entire time.


Amanda is pure evil? Charles Manson, Hilter, serial killers are pure evil. Amanda is calculating, manipulative and smart, but not pure evil. Personally, I don’t care for her gameplay. It is cold, and vindictive. But I don’t care for most of their game plays. Most aren’t very good at this game. Helen is playing too personally and is on a bit of a power trip. Aaryn, Ginamarie, Jeremy, Kaitlyn….just not likable people and extremely disrespectful, crude and cruel to boot! They all need to go. I don’t like Spencer because of both his comments about Hiller and his overall, close minded, misogynist attitude. Elissa is sweet but isn’t playing the game really. Howard and Candace I like so far, and Judd too. Jessie is a nonentity. Did I miss anyone?


shes not smart – made herself a target so early with quite a few players wanting her out

overplaying, blame it on the adderol


“Amanda: “why do you guys keep saying that production swayed you to not get rid of Howard” feeds cut*** ”

Because it;s the truth? I love this season, production is controlling everything, even more-so then Season 13.


This has to be one of the least likable casts in years.

Butters Mom

Production stepped in because they are covering their own behinds for not stopping the racial comments. If Howard were to be voted out the same week this was brought to light by Julie Chen on CBS it would cause even more controversy. Why does everyone assume that the votes that are being placed for MVP are actually being counted? Production doesnt even have to count those votes… they can choose the MVP and control what they do and no one will ever know. Because everyone assumes Elissa will win MVP every week, it makes it easy for them to say she actually did and she is a controllable player obviously. I think Production wants Aaran out this week…. Julie Chen has her video of racial slurs edited and her speech written already… everything will fall into place the way the producers want it to. I have been a loyal fan of BB over the years and this is the first year I have been utterly disappointed in not only the way Production is interfering but by the way they are NOT interfering when they should (racial slurs).

Big Jim

I am nor Elissa’s biggest fan but good for her putting up who she felt comfortable with not who Amanda said win HOH or MVP (never happen) then put up who you want. Of course this is all moot if production told her to put Spencer up..


i think amanda may be elissas mvp nom next week


Have not watched feeds so going solely based on write up. What is wrong with these people!!!!???
Helen puts up Aaryn who really isn’t a threat anymore since she’s being shunned by jeremy and kaitlyn.
She KNOWS Howard is a snake and does NOT put him up.
Candace was the one whining about getting the boys alliance out, but now she wants to stick with Howard who’s done nothing but lie and doesn’t even want her in the “mature alliance”
Elissa – why does she come across as dense? Not sure what happened in diary room but why the evasiveness/confusion over voting and MVP status?
McRae is getting on my last nerve for some reason.
This group is shooting themselves in the foot and will make Jeremy and Co. look better if they keep this up. Ughh so frustrated.

this season is lame

So seriously, the mvp twist was just to get rachels sister some power every week? It was put in the game so she can win every single week? This is the worst season of BB ever…


I cant believe i’m still watching this crap! This is the worst bunch of idiots that have been in the BB house! I could care less who wins, really no-one deserves to! I don’t understand how BB can let all this racial nonsense keep going on, its disgusting! If CBS thinks ratings are more important than integrity then they should be ashamed of themselves. I’m so annoyed that they have stooped so low as to allow these nasty comments to air on TV, no wonder there is so much racism in this country, i’m from the UK but I live in North Carolina and the south is full of bigots all calling themselves Christians!!! You CBS are contributing to this and if this is how BB is going to carry on then I will stop watching, its a shame because I have enjoyed all the other seasons. I feel better now, at least getting it off my chest…………….


Woah woah woah, the south isn’t all bigots! Most of the people here are so nice and friendly and at the drop of the hat they are there for anyone in need. I’m sorry you feel that way but what you said is simply not true.

Butters Mom

Gina Marie is from New York… not from the South and her racial slurs were just as bad if not worse than Aaryns. Putting down the South and Christians all in one sentence… I’d say you are judging others and showing some bigotry of your own. The entire world is full of bigots… Big Brother seems to have done a bang up job of finding the worst offenders they possibly could and shoved them in a house with people of different ethnicity and a gay guy knowing what would happen. They did it for ratings without regard for those who will leave the house with no job to go home to and possibly needing to go into Witness protection. Sure those guilty of making those slurs should know better and are responsible for their own actions and deserve what they get but… does anyone on here really think the Producers didnt know what they were going to get when they picked the cast?! This isnt season 1… they knew exactly what would happen.


Oh just another comment, these stupid girls with the filthy mouths, i’m sure they’re mums are really proud of them right?


So Howard swears on the Bible….and when he lies and breaks whatever he swore on what are the consequences??? Oh that’s right there are none–the Bible is turning out to be a great prop on this show to help liars lie even more to stupid people.


Jeez, everyone is really pissing me off. This season SUCKS. Aaryn’s a total bitch and a bully, so is Kaitlyn. Helen is tyrant of an HOH. Amanda is a little
BI-OTCH. McCrae is a total idiot, and it pisses me off how Elissa wins MVP every week for doing complete shit. IMO, Jeremy should be winning MVP every week, his is playing phenomenally. I kind of want him to win. He’s the only one that entertains me. Reminds me of Brittany from Season 14.