Big Brother 15 First Live Eviction Results and Live Feed Update

The First Big Brother 15 Live Eviction results. Like most first weeks on Big Brother this week was a very busy on the feeds. We have many alliances working in the house. The moving COmpany (MC), BB Bunnies, Boats ‘n’ Hoes, South Mississippi psychos (Aka friendship), and a bunch of side alliances and pairs/showmances. Really it’s just the first week and I’m starting to think that the all powerful MC will start to feel the heat tonight. Really depends on Candace. If she votes out David then Boats ‘n’ Hoes knows that one of their members voted out David if she votes out Elissa the MC will blame Nick’s David vote on Candace. Either way tonight is going to be wild on the feeds. Helen is telling Candace to vote out David, Spencer telling her to vote out Elissa. Who will she pick? As for Jessie.. whos that?
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HOH will be physical as the houseguests are dressed in gym attire

My predictions

Spencer = David
Helen = David
Judd = David
Howard = David
Andy = David
Amanda = David
Nick = David
Candace = David *** this is the question mark tonight ***
Kaitlin = Elissa
Jeremy = Elissa
Gina = Elissa
Aaryn = Elissa
My prediction is David Evicted

CBS Interactive Inc.

Confirmed Results

Spencer = David
Helen = David
Judd = David
Howard = David
Andy = David
Amanda = DAvid
Nick = David
Candace = Elissa
Kaitlin = Elissa
Jeremy = Elissa
Gina = Elissa
Aaryn = Elissa


HOH Winner is ?

HOH is endurance..

5:56pm Cam 1-4 Feeds on Trivia ..

6:14pm Cam 1-4 Feeds on Trivia .. they should be coming back soon

I believe Helen and Candace are going to start suspecting something is up with Spencer after this vote went down.

(Jessie + Howard ) , (Aaryn + Jeremy), (Spencer + Helen), (Andy + Elissa), (Nick + Judd), (Amanda + Kaitlin), (Candice + GinaMarie)

Feeds back

6:51pm Jeremy/Aaryn are in the lead just barely

Andy and Elissa are now in the lead


New HOH is Jeremy or Aaryn … yo 😉

4:30pm Cam 3-4 Candace and Helen
Candace says that Spencer told her that the plan is Elissa voted out because they are scared she’ll win the MVP, “He was kinda acting weird after he told me.. he acted like he was c*** blocking me from talking to anybody else”
Helen: ‘Act dumb and go back ask him again if you are to VOTE ELISSA OUT”
Candace: “OK please don’t tell him”
Helen: ‘I Won’t”


4:32pm Cam 3-4 Candace and SPencer
Candace: “people are saying that we’re keeping Elissa”
Spencer: “Vote Elissa out.. Don’t tell change it.. just be cool ok”
Candace: “OK.. I didn’t know.. people are coming to me saying other stuff”
Spencer: “Don’t listen to anybody but me”
Candace: “OK”
They fist bump

(Prior to this

4pm – 4:45pm The Live Feeds come back showing the house guests dressed in athletic gear. Big Brother has given them running shoes to wear in the competition. The HOH competition tonight will likely be a physical competition as the last one was an endurance. All of the house guests are waiting around for the live show to begin..

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Lol Julie Chen lookin’ serious tonight! I bet she can’t stand this cast. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when she has to talk to Aaryn and Gina when they get evicted.


lol and Aaryn and Jeremy are looking really bad! Helen or Elissa please win HOH! I’d root for Candace but idk where the hell her head is at. And as for Jessie, as Simon said. Who’s that? lol I don’t dislike her as much as I thought I would though.

VA Vet

Julie looking “HOT” tonight!


Aaryn won HOH and put Helen as a havenot again. This girl is mean right to the core. Did ya’ll see the devil look she had when her “boyfriend” got evicted. If I was a houseguest I wouldn’t be able to stand even looking at her. She always as a stuck up/bitchy attitude. Girl has issues for sure. Also, I was kinda sad David was evicted. I know he was dumber than a box of rocks but I really believe he is probably a nice person. Just guilty by association I guess.


It is really too bad that all everyone is talking about is the racism going on in the house. I understand why people are upset but this season could be a great BB season but all anyone is talking about is the racism and homophobia.

It sucks, not only cause it is ruining this season, but if this continues to snowball Big Brother all together might be lost. That would suck.


BB isn’t going anywhere, I am not worried… you can’t be evicted from saying offensive things, that’s in the rules. Them getting fired from their jobs is good enough for me.

Though, it should be interesting to see what the Aryan Reign will do this HOH…

Oh, I meant Aaryn…. oh, silly me and my typos.


They are talking about the racist, homophobic, misogynistic stuff because that shit is unacceptable…and two people already got fired for it so it is automatic HOTHOTHOT news.


I think the reason is because of the latest controversy with Paula Dean and what she said 26 years ago. People blow stuff way out of proportion and this is just proof of that.


I agree. You hear worse in rap songs. And Andy’s wasn’t even upset about ‘Kermit the fag’ remark from Spencer, so I doubt he would even care what Aaryn said. Ragen Fox is just bitter. People need to get over it and enjoy the game cos their just ruining it for everyone who is trying to enjoy it, which might be their intention and that’s just lame. If you’re that upset, don’t watch.


Oh so because you don’t show an immediate reaction because someone has said something bigoted to you, then that means you’re not really affected by it. Have you never heard of a term call “microaggressions?”


I agree it’s so sad that we have to focus on all this racism, sexism, and homophobia. I mean would it really be a problem if CBS would just refuse to case racial, ethnic and sexual minorities. I mean if these people were not on the cast then we would not have to focus on how horrible some of these straight white people are. It’s baffling that CBS continues to do this!


So you’re problem is not that the racism, sexism, and homophobia exist in the house… but that people are calling it out and discussing it??
WOW please go and put your head back on straight kthnx


Lol at amanda slutting it up in the hoh room


Howard for MVP!!


Not shockingly, I guess, they have avoided discussion of the controversy. Really? It’s like the elephant in the room. They could at least mention it and read the statement given about “We don’t condone…”


you guys put Candace up its Jessie who actually is


Shouldn’t it be Jessie in the pic collage not Candice?


I say let them be stupid racist and let the whole world see what these people are really like, they look like idiots 🙂


Missed it by 2 votes? damn Elissa’s on a very.very,very thin ice in the house, if she doesn’t get MVP, or at least lie if she doesn’t to fool them into keeping her, or win HOH/POV, it’s over for her. We have to understand she isn’t like Rachel in any way, she has to be a whole different game than her sister.

Elissa will have positive emotions, while Rachel’s was mostly negative. Elissa, if she does well, will bring a new positive image to the Reilly family.

Elissa, Mcrea or Howard FTW


someone said they saw aaryn wearing the hoh key. power shift this week.


How disappointed! Can’t stand that girl and Jeremy :/


darnit. I cant be the only person upset that one of the cool kids got the HoH. I had hopes for anyone else. beats aaryn at least, but really Im not happy with this. hopefully elissa makes it out the week, but Jeremy aka Anthony doesn’t like her. doesn’t look good. although, Jeremy and his band of bimbo’s does not have the numbers


Aaryn will do the right thing and get rid of Elissa, I like her and all, but she has a unfair advantage her having MVP back to back, NOBODY in that house should have the say of who the 3rd person nom. Production fucked her game up…


MC needs to be careful of Jeremy. I wouldn’t trust him.

Chilltown Fan

According to the Live Feeds Aaryn is HOH. The Have-Not’s are Candice, Helen, Andy, and Elissa that Aaryn picked. Leave it to Aaryn to pick 2 ethnic minorities and a openly gay man as the Have-not’s(shakes head). An Aaryn HOH will bring the drama on the feeds, but I can CBS still having a publicity nightmare over this for another week.

Chilltown Fan

Judd is also a Have-not, that poor guy is going to look like he has been in a death camp by the end of next week. He had lost a good 5-7 pounds last week as a Have-not.


Oh great, were never going to hear the end of it from Jeremy now.


Who called Kaitlin a whore?




Thanks. Wonder how her dad is feeling watching Jeremy not be able to hold his hands off her ass.


Ugh so Jeremy or Aaryn won HOH?? Those are the two WORST people. Jeremy is an ass. Aaryn is an ass. I wish anybody else could have won. With all the attention surrounding slurs/etc, their win is making for a very unlikeable season of Big Brother. I think it’s time for an America’s Player twist. Maybe they could play a game where they guess what America thinks of them and find out who the country thinks are jackasses.


Looks like BB’s rigged comps continue, this time rewarding the racist and misogynist HoH in exchange for more drama. How far will these immature bigots go this week with their vitriol? CBS is gambling with this show’s future.


Ugh, I can’t believe the new HOH is either Jeremy or Aaryn… the absolute worst players had to win… this sort of rules out any foul play by production, no? I can’t imagine they are happy about this after all the controversy


Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Aaryn won the HOH comp but at the same time im sad to see david go:(( Im excited to see Aaryn as the new HOH:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Im screaming the top of my lungs lol JK im not but I found out she won HOH and im like mom Aaryn won HOH and she’s like calm down and im like noo I am excited I told y’all she is going to win at some point and I was right wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Go Aaryn:)) This week is going to be AMAZING with Aaron HOH who gives a crap if people are mad I don’t care I love Aaryn:)) Team Aaryn. Aaryn put up Mcrae and Amanda and if she wins POV I hope the third nominee will be eather Spencer or Elissa by the way I was shocked that Candice voted for Elissa I thought she was voting for David and keeping Elissa but guess not happy for she didn’t vote for David and now since she didn’t vote for David I am now starting a fan of hers:)) Team Aaryn woooohooo nice win Aaryn:)) Good luck with the nom’s


Everybody on twitter is say Jeremy / Aryan cheated. Instead of pouring into from cup to cup they were just switching cups! If this is true that a DQ.
BB better do the right thing like BB Canada.


Jeremy lying and cheating, noooooooo! Is that right?


If they know this to be true at CBS some rectifying the situation needs to happen,fast! So disappointed in this crew thus far,Superbad casting!


did paula deen sister win her and jeremy .. elissa is going up i cant deal with jeremy or Aaryn winning


Gina and Aryan…erm, Aaryn think that the ones who voted out Elissa are: Nick/GinaMarie/Jeremy/Spencer/Kaitlin and Aaryn…

How do they think this when Elissa only had 5 votes…? Are they really that dumb?


YES! They ARE that dumb.


I think that with all the different rule changes this season, they should have made it so that you can’t be a Have Not twice in a row. It could be unhealthy.


So, did Jeremy and Aryan cheat by switching cups instead of pouring? All hell has broken loose on Twitter about it.

The kid

How’d did they determine which one of the pair that wins, which one gets hoh. The sound was cutting out when I watched. Basically… Why’s aaryn hoh and not Jeremy?


This hoh sucks. Didn’t they cheat, too?


The only good thing about the new current HoH is Kaitlin and Aaryn will get catty with each other over Jeremy. That will be fun to watch because Kaitlin has already claimed Jeremy as her man!!!


They just switched cups instead of pouring from one into another, definitely makes a difference in the competition..


Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2013. The first inductee of class of 2013 is The Donatos, Eval Dick and Danielle Donatos. Congrats on this years inductee, next week is the second inductee. Will find out next week.