Aftermath Spencer about Elissa “that was the c***test speech I have ever heard what a f**** piece of trash”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Wed July 10
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


Helen and Howard right after the HOH
Helen: “Why is Spencer telling Candace to vote out Elissa… do you think Spencer is playing us”
Howard: “The plan was to vote out David.. Maybe he was just telling her to act like that”
Howard: “I don’t think so.. no matter what they do we have the numbers..”
Howard: ‘I think he was telling Candace to just play it off.. “

Elissa: ‘Umm at least we have the votes.. Uhmm”
Elissa: “You are a mother of two and you have a family for her to put you as a have nots that it messed up”

Helen starts to cry..


7:24 cam 3-4 Bathroom Aaryn and Candice taking a shower SPencer on the couch

Spencer: “CANDICE.. WHO THE FU** DID I tell you to vote out… Who the F*** did I tell you to vote out.. Who the f-**** ”
Spencer: “Elissa”

Spencer: “And you told me some people have been talking about David.. who the F*** was talking about that”
Candace: “YUup”
Spencer: “I thought that was bullshit.. who the F**** told you that”
Candace : “Some people were”
Candace: “It was a group decision by the jacuzzi.. “
Spencer: “It wasn’t a f**** group decision”
Candace: “I voted for Elissa.. please”
Aaryn wants to know who “Everyone” is because she was talking about voting out David.

Spencer about Elissa Speech: “that was the cuntiest speech I have ever heard what a f**** piece of trash.. I know that David would have had my back to the end”



7:43pm, CAm 1-2 counting votes Gina and Aaryn
Aaryn is suspicious of Nick and Jeremy she tells Gina she can only trust her and Kaitlin. Aaryn points out that Nick gave her a funny look she thinks he may have voted David out. Gina say no way.

Gina: “I’m not kissing anyone in the a$$.. I’m not kissing that dirtbag’s a$$”
Aaryn thinks that Elissa made a deal with people that she would use her MVP on whoever they want as long as they keep her safe. Gina thinks this is absolutely stupid, “If they have had voted her out then MVPO is up for grabs.. makes no F**** sense”
Aaryn suggests that Maybe Jeremy could Helen offer to join her side.

Aaryn starts to cry because she misses David.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:53pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Andy and Candace

C: “Helen came to me and said there was a master plan .. and that somebody was supposed to come talk to me privately.. I was to wait for that person to come talk to me.. so spencer came to me and talked to me today and said.. ”
C: “We’re voting Elissa out “
Andy: ‘I was told today as well.. I fell totally out of the loop”
Candice: “Me to.. i’m totally confused.. so that means Spencer really did vote for David”
Andy: “I have no idea who voted for David.. I did because I was told to at the very last minute”
Candace reiterates that she was told to vote out Elissa.
Andy says he was told to vote out David.
Andy: “I dunno”


Andy: ‘elissa is a f****ing idiot there is no way she is going to win MVP.. Have you heard her talk.. there is no way I was going to let ELissa win the HOH.. F*** that i was going to let that bitch have power in this house”
Andy says he voted David out because he didn’t feel close to David. he also heard that David was targeting Helen

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oh my gosh paula deen sister win ….Shit all week i have to listen to her jeremy and gigi … elissa is going up again


Y’all r ridiculous w this racist shit, get over it really and Elissa sux period. All the political correctness is what’s wrong w this damn country, but Helen and her Chicago politics needs to go and eilssa needs to go


gee david, didn’t take you long to get home and defending them. Thought you’d be catching a wave dude.


You think Dave could read that?


“All the political correctness is what’s wrong w this damn country.”

Oh, really? In addition to several other problems (political correctness not being one of them), I could have sworn bigotry, racism, ignorance, and hatred were HUGE parts of what is wrong with this country.




You do realize the fact that people fixate on the bigotry, racism and ignorance is the main reason it’s still alive more than 40 years later right? Focusing on it, and nailing people to the wall for it like our society currently is doing will only serve to perpetuate it. He is in fact right. The political correctness is killing our nation. I can site a handful of cases where not even 15 years after Germany wreaked havoc on portions of England, there were satirical sketches and skits poking fun at the fact in the United Kingdom.

For some reason our country likes to brood, and distort things, and tell people that they are bad for it, instead of merely saying. “That’s not for me.” and simply walking away from it like 90% of the people in other countries do.


Your speech is very good. But the grammar, not so much. You meant ” cite ” , not site, right?


Lara, c’mon. No need to be so petty. Doc raises valid points; the least you could do is address them. See where your response lies on the argument pyramid:


The only thing you can do is pick apart my grammar? It’s 2am, it was 1am when I posted this, sue me.


So when it came to slavery, just say “that’s not for me” and walk away? When Hitler is rounding up Jews, “that’s not for me” walk away.

Lol, you have won the dumbest post on the internet ever. Lol. I award you no points and may science have mercy on your soul.


No, you’ve just made the dumbest response on the internet. You completely ignored anything I had to say. I didn’t condone slavery or genocide. I merely pointed out that they are words, and for some unhealthy reason people cling to the past. The context of my original statement being about the words spoken about said events. Which you do have an ability to turn away from.

It’s cool if you want to ignore 90% of my argument and bring the actual act of Slavery and Genocide in when the physical acts weren’t something I touched upon at all.

As I said in the post your replied to that you apparently didn’t read at all. You have the choice to ignore what I wrote and say “That’s not for me.” which is apparently what you did. Except you decided to argue a point that had nothing to do with my own initial thought.

But I wouldn’t expect more from someone who quotes Adam Sandler films.


Its not political correctness! Its racism and pure hate! That’s why its disgusting. Political correctness is saying small words or actions that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult certain groups of people. What these girls did is PURE hate. They are whats wrong with the world. They embarrass me as a young white women.


He started his comment with, “Y’all”. That should have been a tip off about his comment. Freakin’ Redneck Racists!


Urggh i know. I really hope Candice smartens up and stops listening to spencer


yeah, what is up with Spencer? It really didn’t take long for them to go crazy with the he/she said!


The only good thing about Aaryn being HOH this week is that she’s not HOH next week.
I’m betting Elissa’s going up.


Everybody on twitter are tweeting Jeremy / Aryan cheated. Instead of pouring from cup to cup they were just switching cups! If this is true that a DQ.BB better do the right thing like BB Vanda did.


OMG please let this be true! Cue Aaryn and crew enevitably increasing their “this game is rigged for Elissa to win” talk


Not Vanda *Canada*


If people have screen caps than post them… BBCanada fixed it if when there was enough evidence. And if people find out that the Grand Wizard is now HoH because she cheated? Uproar.


Now, they know Elissa had 5 votes… Aaryn is trusting GM/Jer/NIce/Kait/Spencer.. including herself that is 6 poeple, so she has to be smart enough to know someone in her group lied.


Nice = Nick


Aaryn is figuring it out with Candice’s help that Nick voted him out and Spencer.


Realitybbq dot com has a video and a still shot of the blatant cheating. Guys and Gals hit up or tweet .


Please, please, PLEASE let this be true! I hope they did cheat and that HoH will be taken from Aaryn…and whoever got picked as havenots for the week are haves and they pick the new havenots!


yup you clearly see they switch off the cups every second time


Post Screen Caps? If anybody can get one it will be a miracle.
I can not be the only one watching the feeds who noticed they BARELY showed Jeremy and Aaryn.
I kept wondering who they were not flipping to them. Plus they kept cutting the feeds and sticking trivia up…

Now that this cup thing is floating around it makes me wonder even more.


“Elissa: “You are a mother of two and you have a family for her to put you as a have nots that it messed up””

WTF does that have to do with anything? Is Rachel in the house, for real the delusional whining is so like her..

“Aaryn thinks that Elissa made a deal with people that she would use her MVP on whoever they want as long as they keep her safe. Gina thinks this is absolutely stupid, “If they have had voted her out then MVP is up for grabs.. makes no F**** sense””

Yup, by keeping Elissa in the house they’ve guaranteed she will win MVP for the entire time shes in the house, without her ever having to do anything to earn it.

MVP Twist was without a shadow of doubt tailor made for Elissa, it will get her so far.


Ya America is supposted to vote for MVP who is PLAYING THE BEST GAME. That is NOT Elissa. It’s actually Hitlers grand daughter so far since she won hoh lol.


Time to get out of the net and go to school, ” supposted ” or supposed to. Ignorance.

Chilltown Fan

If Spencer is not careful he’s going to out himself. Remember Aaryn knows Spencer lied to her already when he told her that it was Candice that sat on her hat. Not going to look goo for CBS with Aaryn as HOH after this last week’s controversy. Imagine it will really hit the fan if Candice and Helen are her nominees(if that happens). At least the consolation prize is seeing Aaryn hurt over David haha.

Chilltown Fan



Sad to say but Aaryn’s racism is stuff most ppl say. Blacks do stick together & asians do eat rice…I dont really see the big deal you people are making.

Chilltown Fan

No they don’t, sorry you’re cynical about people in general. Even if they did, does that make it acceptable? Of course not.


Chilltown Fan needs to chill…

Chilltown Fan

Well his/her statement was cynical. If this had been BBUK or one of the more culturally advanced westernized countries Aaryn/GM would’ve been booted by production. Of course Aaryn represents the worse stereotype of southern lifestyle, and unfortunately a lot of people in that part of the US will just shrug it off. Judd is southern, but is educated.


Folks always treat people of color and LGBT folks as if they’re crazy when they complain about racism and homophobia. You’re comment only proves that racism and homophobia is alive and well because you causally brush aside serious concerns for behavior that people by and large consider condemnable and unacceptable.

Sir Peanut

The comment about blacks sticking together is coming from the 2 caucasians in the hammock sticking together. But somehow other races colluding and communicating is unusual and seen as suspect. The rice comment. Yes many asian cultures eat a lot of rice, but so do Indians, Southerners especially in Louisiana but thats not strange behavior. According to those caucasions sticking together eating rice is a strange bad thing.


Personal Relations Phd…not babbling. Blacks and Asians, Jews, Indi, and WHITE stick together. It is wrong if that is all you point out. Also, music represents +35 % of under 35 retorts. They harden their own opinion after that so most of the crap that flows in “sped” discussion, is words escaping a filter no yet hardened.

Show me a cheat by Mr. Tonto and Blond Wonder Bread Gal [see what I did there??? GGG} or shut up. Love to see anything interesting. {Am I Asian, black or other and male or female?}


As a Black man, I can say, we do not all stick together, and we do not all know each other.

To be honest, I’m not even sure we all eat chicken and watermelon. I do, because it’s delicious..


Instead of targetting Elissa it would be lovely for Aaryn to go after the people that voted out David. Kind of like a revenge thing, giving Elissa another week at least in the house.

Thinking Man

My prediction: One of the members of the MC wins MVP. Puts up either GM or Kaitlin and one of them goes home.


I mean, it’s pretty much a guarantee, right? It’s probably going to be Nick, maybe Howard, maybe Elissa again. I don’t think Aaryn has any control over this week at all. She’s not in the majority. She’s not good at making friends and she’ll probably nominate who she “hates” the most, which is most likely going to be Elissa, Helen, or Amanda.


America hates Aaryn’s side of the house so obviously someone on the other side will win MVP and put up Jeremy or GM or Nick or Kaitlin and they have the votes to take one of them out.


Aaryn is a moron! I loved the look on her and GM’s face when Julie called David’s name! She’s would be an idiot to not take out one of the MC members! Maybe, she’ll be like Danielle from last year and target girls ’cause they’re pretty and she’s jealous of them! I’m hoping she gets evicted before Jury so she could get her surprises waiting for her outside the BB house.


Of course aaryn is hoh. Looks like Elissa will have to fight every eviction because of who she is related to


Hey Aaryn, welcome to Big Brother………….. LOL Prediction, Jeremy will be asked to leave the house…………


I am not sorry she lost her job … I have a feeling the diary room told her about racsit remarks but yet again she nominated HELLEN ,,, ELISSA ANDY ,, and CANDICE HAVENOT suprise howard wasnt a havenot …


Aww Paula Dean Jr is crying because she wanted to taste David’s magic stick up in the HOH bed…… She needs to suck it up, and focus on taking out the biggest threat in the house Elissa, and getting more people on her side for POV and next week.


I wonder if Aaryn is going to hang a “Whites only” sign outside the HOH door?


ROLMFAO, she would if she could have something to write on in the house.


She will play personal. She is not going to think.

Kenneth Chow

I wonder if Aaryn is going to strategically or is she going to play personal…if she is playing strategically…she would put up McCrae, but i think she will play personally and put up Elissa up instead or even Candice if she is really that stupid…


The last person I wanted to see win HOH was Aaryn or Jeremy! Can we fast forward a week! I’m already over her!


If you’re going to vote for MVP, vote for who’s playing the damn game, not because of people that aren’t even in the house… Make it fair people, don’t make this season boring as fuck.


I hear yah, but truth is Elissa’s already being targetted because of her sister meaning she’s already having it rougher than she would have if she wasn’t related to Rachel. So being her sister is screwing her, is that fair, I don’t know. Therefore giving her MVP kinda balances things out.

She’s a target because of Rachel ( BAD), but she gets MVP because of Rachel (GOOD).

But of course we all know she won’t get it every week, people will give it to someone else too.


So you mean we should all vote for Nick to be the next MVP


Yeah, Vote for Nick


i figure the only reason production put the mvp into play was because elissa would be an instant target (due to rachel).

i’ve already used my votes this week on nick – not because i particularly like nick, but because i think his game was the best week one. we’ll see how it shakes out this week, but i expect elissa will be crowned mvp again, and that’s ok with me, at least for one more week.


I agree 100%.


from all your comments we know where you stand … so I am guessing you are the same type a person as Aaren is .. and believe me that is not a very nice person. She is one I would love to Biatch slap .. she is discusting.. as are you .. for all that was done and said to and about Elissa and she has still hold her cool.. thumbs up for her .. and I would give her my vote . let me guess you are a Rachel hater and cant break the two .. Elissa is Elissa .. NOT Rachel .. geeeesh .


Actually, you have no clue where I stand.

Yep, I’m *discusting*, when you’re saying you wished you could slap someone. Hypocrite much?

FYI I do very much like Elissa as a person, and I’ve said before this MVP shit, as well as who she is will break her chances of winning BB.

As for Rachel, I absolutely loved her domination in comps, but I never liked how she carried herself in the house.


Also, I don’t like Aaryn, but her winning HOH is a good thing for DRAMA, I could care less what people say about other HGs, Drama is what I watch BB for..


Will somebody give Candice a clue. You got played.


“Andy: ‘elissa is a f****ing idiot there is no way she is going to win MVP.. Have you heard her talk.. there is no way I was going to let ELissa win the HOH.. F*** that i was going to let that bitch have power in this house””\

Whatever Elissa does in the house isn’t the reason she’ll win MVP all summer, she could sleep the entire summer losing every comp, and STILL get MVP, so we can call it what it is, Rachel’s winning MVP every week.


Things change from week to week, and favorites change from week to week also. Since it’s still the beginning Elissa’s still associated with Rachel and because she’s a target she’s an underdog and you know how people are with underdogs……they love them.

As we see more gameplay from all the houseguests we’ll definitely change opinions. I doubt she’ll get MVP every week, especially if she does abolutely nothing.
I mean I used to like Janelle, and Jeff, now my opinions have changed. We’ll see what happens as the game continues.


Aaryn’s choices for have-nots clearly show her prejudices and hatred towards people in the house. I can’t wait for her rude awakening when she gets out!


Didn’t you love it when David told Julie he was smart? He was one of the dumbest people to ever play BB.


David is what alot of people call “special”, you know a dim wit or a simpleton.

VA Vet

If the MC can hold the votes they got this week the worst case is that they would have to choose which one of their own gets evicted. Best case would be to win MVP and veto thereby still controlling the house with votes to spare. If two get nominated, that is offset by Elissa and McCrae being able to vote if they aren’t the ones nominated.

Would be great to see one of Aaryn’s team get evicted under her HOH.


I’m sure this rigged MVP will make that happen.

VA Vet

I’m doing my part. Just cast 10 votes for Elissa and will cast another 10 tomorrow. Let the fun continue.


So now I suppose we’ll get to see Jeremy bang the shit out of Kaitlin in the HOH room.


So im thinking Aaryn will nominate Elissa, and Amanda, and Elissa will be MVP and nominate Kaitlin, or GinaMarie and hopefully one of them goes.


Want AManda GONE!


I actually really like her! haha!


No you have it all wrong my friend. Aaryn will nominate Howard and Candace. Her speech will be “I’ve nominated the two coloured people”. And the plan is to backdoor “the queer”. Also she would be excited if the MVP put up Helen.


Yepp!!! haha!


I hate Aaryn too. I am black and her racist and homophobic comments were offensive. But nobody can deny her winning HOH after receiving a huge blindside means that the power has totally shifted in Week 2 only! I don’t like her but I cannot deny this will make for exciting televison. Having one alliance just steamroll the competition is boring. The power shifting each week makes for good TV. This will be a very interesting week.


I hope that David imbecile is reading this thread. David you looked like a fool, you are dumb, and your hair looks like a troll’s rat’s nest. You think you are all that hot. You have no muscle and a shitty job. Your girl Aryan will be doing nails on an Asian Salon soon. I hope you feel ashamed of associating with that scum. See ya! Naver!


I agree with you I’m all anti Aaryn and her alliance but there’s no way he’s actually ever going to be reading this thread lol.


Yeah, he’d have to be able to read to see what people are saying. But someone can draw him a picture!



how can canadians watch the live feeds?

any help would be amazing!


Did anyone else notice how aaryn was booed when she cast hee vote? But it seemed after that they (cbs) muted the booing or applause.


Of course Aaryn won HoH! And of course it was a team competition (which I have never seen before). And of course she was paired up with Jeremy!!! I am not a BB conspiracy theorist but this smells fishy.

Also, the great twist of MVP is that HoH’s nominees could both stay in the house. Which means for all the effort you still can’t turn the game in your favor. A blessing and a curse. Though I much prefer the Diamond POV. Jeff playing that a few years ago was AMAZING!


so….if they cheated in the comp, why hasn’t this been fixed

and I want Jeremy aka Anthony rubbing his butt on elissa’s hat, ON CBS. PERIOD. Im freaking SICK of this edit.


Frank cheated in a comp last season and he wasn’t punished for it…


the headline, what spencer said….I mean that alone shouldn’t be allowed. are you kidding me?

the disgusting, overweight guy who looks like he needs a shower, spends most of his time throwing beyond ridiculous insults at people

I just don’t get it.

Chilltown Fan

On the feeds Nick is planting the seed in Aaryn’s head to try and takeout Amanda, “Who has Mcrae’s ear?” is what he tells Aaryn. As far as I’m concerned he gets the credit for David’s eviction, since it was originally his plan. Lets see if he can pull it off back-to-back weeks.

Nim Sohl

really you are crying over someone you knew for a week……no one to snuggle with……. how did she become HOH – when it was her and Jeremy that won….did he just give it to her? there will be drama for sure this week…….if she was smart she should take out some of the guys….but she take it personal……


Spencer is coming of as a real douche, one of the biggest turds on BB history for sure.


This is just me but I think if MVP were to be picked fairly, Nick should get it.


Does anyone know how they decided Aaryn would be the HOH over Jeremy? I mean you figure they would have argued about some if they just had to decide between the both of them. Also, did the moving company know that Jeremy was going to vote against them?


I thought I heard Julie say that the team who won would decide which partner would take HoH. Assuming Jeremy has a brain cell to use for actual thought, they gave HoH to Aaryn ensuring that he would be able to compete for it next week. That gives them a better shot at 2 weeks of HoH for their alliance.


Oh and I think the MC told Jeremy to keep his vote for Elissa. I recall someone (nick?) saying that and that Jeremy would be unable to handle all the drama in the aftermath if he were trying to lie.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Hey Simon and Dawg I watched the video release of the blatant cheating between Aaryn and Jeremy in the HOH. Is there anyway they could give the HOH to somebody else even though the competition was never finished. Just venting because Aaryn and Jeremy may come off to be the most wasted players ever if they keep on this path. Just wondering if it benefits BB to take away their HOH or if they could even determine how to finish/award the HOH to anther pair. BTW the pairing thing was extremely stupid as Aaryn gets an HOH because she was with Jeremy. Agghh this next week will be hell !!


Guys! be civil. I don’t like aaryn either, but damn. Its her fault she lost her job, but don’t praise it. Its horrible to be unemployed. TRUST ME! And come on. Its not like we haven’t said racist things before. Just because its its televised doesn’t make it the most horrible thing in the world.

On that note, GO ELISSA, HELEN, McCREA

Nim Sohl

how did she become HOH – when it was her and Jeremy that won – did he give it to her……………fun times for these peeps….maybe BB gave it to her because they felt sorry for her because she lost her job in real life….

.when you are in the havenots – do you need to sleep in those chairs or can you sleep on the floor….

not that I would Aaryn to win mvp – can an HOH be mvp too – that would be sweet


Helen is on to MC more specifically Spencer. I hope Spencer gets caught up in his lies and the queen bitch (Aaryn) sends his ass packing! (yes I know pipe dream)


It’s all T & A and cursing, swearing and posing…I’m pretty sure the few with class will band together and make big moves…class over crass, all day every day. David is gone..well, who will really notice, you could place a blow up doll in a blonde wig and have as stimulating conversations with that as with him…poor guy, classic HImbo. Aryan would have led him around by the..well, you know by what, until she tired of the game, like a cat playing with a mouse. Well, a white suprematist cat with a dumb mouse. She will box herself into a corner and her own allies will send her packing. I think Howard should get MVP..he so far as classy and calm. I know the house guests are playing some for the camera, but, it would behoove them to tone it down, it’s a turn off. Sewer mouth in the live feeds is just disgusting. I’m no prude, I know my way round some blue language, but every other word need not be cussing. It shows a marked all of maturity. Beauty is skin deep…inner ugly…right to the bone.


So…I’m lost…how was HOH figured out if there was two people? And how were the Have Nots decided?


Simon is true that Jeremy was bragging about cheating???. 8:52 cam 2. Just read that on twitter.


Spencer is one arrogant prick, the language he uses it’s disgusting
I feel like sneaking into the house and chase with him with my GingerRazor and shave that yucky beard of his!

crazy canadian big brother fan

yess Helen and Candice caught on to the boys being in a alliance, I knew eople would find out which is good now,im hoping either elissa or Helen win mvp. Now all Helen needs to do is tell her alliance about this. I predict one of the moving truck people leaving this week



Missed the whole thing

Wait…how did they cheat exactly? And where does it show this?


If the Moving Company stick together and their plan then Amanda will leave this week.

John Q

The fakest people since HOH was claimed have been Spencer and Andy…I was just getting to like Spencer and now he’s backtracking quicker than the Patriots from Aaron Hernandez


Can someone clarify why is Andy talking so much shit about Elissa behind her back?


Why isn’t BB doing something about the filthy language? At least tell them to try and control their trashy mouths for the viewers sake!


I’m not normally one to get all offended most the time but I can’t stand the way Spencer uses the c word all the time. That is so disrespectful to woman and he doesn’t even know Elissa on a personal level. I can’t believe Howard would align with that kind of person.