The FINAL 3 say Goodbye – Andy says Don’t vote for Elissa she was the WORST PLAYER EVER!!


3 PART FINAL HOH Competition:

  • Part 1 – Spencer Vs Andy Vs Ginamaie = GM WON
  • Part 2 – Spencer Vs Andy = Andy WON
  • Part 3 – On Finale night – Ginamarie Vs Andy = ?
  • FINAL HOH winner = ?


9am – 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feed return the final 3 house guests are in the living room on the couch. Andy comments that he still needs to pack and pick out his outfit for tonight. He says our families are in LA now. Andy says they’re still building in the backyard. Andy wonders how long they will be locked down for? Spencer says probably the usual amount of time. Andy says imagine if we are out in the backyard with people and they want to come through the house. It’s a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning today. Spencer says oh hell no. They talk about how Judd applied for a bunch of different reality shows The Hero, The real world, Survivor, Big Brother.. Andy comments that Elissa came in here oblivious that she was an a$$hole. Amanda at least knew she was an a$$hole. What’s worse? Gina says Amanda because she could turn it off and on, whereas Elissa had no idea she was an a$$hole. Andy says how great was it that we got rid of them both within an hour? They discuss how crazy it drove them that McCrae always said “I don’t know” to everything he was asked. Ginamarie wishes they could just go up to the HOH room for the lock down now. Andy says it must be close to 10am now. Andy wonders how McCrae made it through the interview process talking like that. Why did they not pick up on that? Spencer says they probably did, it was the look he had they were after.


Spencer looks at the camera and says thank you to the live feeders. I hope you had fun and enjoyed watching us. You are all awesome. He says that he hopes everyone enjoyed watching him suck at competitions. He says that Andy and Ginamarie suck.

Andy says he is so appreciative of the live feeds as they are the ones that put them in the house. Your dedication to this is what got us in here and we love you for it. Andy says do not what every you do – do not vote for Elissa to be America’s player because she is awful! Spencer says the votes are down. Andy asks are they well please don’t vote for Elissa because she is awful! Andy asks Spencer and Ginamarie why they didn’t back him up on the Elissa thing. Spencer says because voting is over. Andy says no it’s not. Andy says Elissa was the worst player ever!!

Ginamarie thanks all the live feeds for their love and support. She says she hopes we kept you entertained. She says its not goodbye because we will see you on the outside. They all wave and say goodbye to the camera. Andy says well that was a pain. They all laugh. Spencer says I will leave you with one thing.. Andy sucks!

9:59am Big Brother turns off the big brother 15 live feeds.


Simon and I would like to thank all of the AMAZING OBB Big Brother fans that made this season so much better than it was. We appreciate and love all of our great fans! We will be back doing it all over again for Big Brother Canada Season 2 in February and Big Brother 16 in July next year!

If you enjoyed the live feed updates this season, please consider donating. Simon and I work 24/7 all season long to keep you updated on everything that happened inside the BB house. ANY amount is greatly appreciated! Your donations go directly to paying the server and bandwidth fees required to run this site.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Thanks Simon and dawg

Thanks Simon and Dawg for such a great site.

Big Bother!

S & D, the amount I donated pales in comparison to what I feel we, as fans of this site, actually owe you for subjecting yourselves to all the manure you had to endure to find a hidden “gem” to report on. Thank you a million times over for saving the rest of us from having to be as fully exposed! xo


Thanks Dawg and Simon! The end of the season got boring but the comment section did not disappoint! Thanks for everything you do!


So …If Andy win HoH who is gonna take to Final 2 ? If Gina win HoH who she take ? thanks for the answers


This was the WORST season ever and the WORST cast ever. The casting director (Robyn Kass) really needs to get fired lol. The cast was full of racists, bigots, homophobic, insensitive, self-absorbed, delusional, narcissists, that lacked common sense. They are ALL a disgrace besides Elissa, Helen, and Jesse – the only people that did not say derogatory things.

I hope Spencer wins cause then the whole cast will feel so stupid – they had a chance to kick him out so many times and didn’t and then he won…. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA that would be EPIC.

People who are rooting for GinaMarie – did you forget that she is a racist too? What the hell is wrong with you? Andy the RAT i can’t wait till you find out that your floating ass is hated.


Thanks SIMON & DAWG!!! You guys are AMAZING (as Helen would say!) No but really you both REALLY are! This is the ONLY site I come to for Big Bro. Here’s hoping next year is a much better cast!!!


Thanks to Buffalo Bill, Captainwedgiearchnemesis, Name (whoever the fuck you are), all the Eliisa’s…… and the Amanda’s…… for making this entertaining because the 3 numbnuts in the house sure didn’t. Look at these 3, they actually think people love them. Can’t wait to see the backyard after the show when their families actually tell them what people think of them. I hope Jeff interviews them and rip[s them a new asshole. In closing, thanks Simon and Dawg , what a great site you have!!!


On behalf of everyone who chose not make up a dumbass name, you’re welcome.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

well you’re welcome! my name merely reflects what Amanda said in the house


Yeah blame BuffaloBill for bragging the Vegas in which he/she lied!!!!


Captain, My Captain, Josh tells me you still have the anger issues. I defended you and just told him that you are nervous about Andy winning. Josh told me he can’t wait until he can sholve it in your face. I told Josh to stop acting like Bob. I told Josh you are the Good Luck Charm and you are my friend. When Andy wins I’m coming to this site and thanking you My Captain. I really hope you come to Aruba. You are my friend for life. Go my Rainbow Warrior win it for Josh, me and The Captain. Love You All.

Thank you Dawg and Simon for having the best BB site. Both of you should be HG’s for BB16!


Screw you!!!!!!

Elissa's Ass

Like You’re WELCOME!!!!!


Simon and Dawg,
Is it possible to have posters upload a Avatar? I think it would be great to have personal or funny images with our comments. Thank you for your hard work, please get some sleep before starting your next blog……

Backpedal Barack Erasing the Red Line

Andy could you possible get any more obsessed with Elissa?


his g…….y azzzz wants to be girl… that is why. andy if u win make sure u gett puuuuu$$$$$$y with u money.

BB16 Can't Come Soon Enough

This season has been filled with unlikeable, vile, hateful, racist, bigoted, disgusting, oblivious, nasty, mentally unstable jack wagons….ugh. The WORST season and some of the worst house guests ever. I don’t think any of the 3 left deserve a penny…I wish we could instead give the money to a memorable-for- the-right-reason house guests, Britney Haynes. Her baby was recently diagnosed with cancer. I cannot wait until these ignorant people get back into reality and comprehend how utterly disliked they are, how offensive and disgusting they are. Good riddance BB15….


I agree or to the families of the recent DC shooting victims, not these morons!

Pinocchio Obama

i wish i could of given a larger donation this year Simon and Dawg. Your guys hard work is appreciated by us all. Thank you both very much.


You can give a larger donation. Just put down that crack pipe of yours for one week and donate the proceeds to Simon / Dawg. Everyone knows your mind is fried already, its not going to hurt for you to skip a week.

Putin's Puppet Barack

Please get this thing over with I can’t look at Andy any more.

Just Curious

Am I the only one who is going to be naked and covered in peanut butter rooting for Spencer tonight? Come on Spencer lovers thumbs up!


enjoyed the comments this year and also the updates! Have not done this before and have not been able to see bbad before as did not have show time. Have watched them this year on tvguide channel. thanks for all the updates and spoilers although hate it was year like this one.


I am so proud that one of my gay brothers is the winner of Big Brother 15. The only reason that any of you don’t like Andy even though he outplayed everyone this season is because he is gay. Live with it Andy Rules.
I also want to thank president Obama for giving my union a carve out waiver for Obamacare today so that we can keep our current health plan.


Too bad!!! He going to the jury crying!!!!!!


No jury for Andy, Wedgie. He won the whole thing. Looks like you’ll be the one crying yourself to sleep tonight.


Bite me!!!!


Great post Flaming Red. I also want to thank Flaming Red’s mama for choosing not to use birth control. If she hadn’t the world might of been spared another retard. I also want to thank your grade school teachers for failing to identify you as a borderline lunatic. There are others that should share in the credit of shaping the life of a piece of s&&t that you are. However, lets leave that for next season or BB Canada.


Now I am confused. I thought you were being sarcastic at first about everyone hating Andy because he is gay. On the reread you just might be serious. I don’t hate Andy for being gay. I hate Andy because he knocked out or helped to knock out some of my favorite players. In fact Andy has played the best game of all the players. However, I can’t get behind Andy because of his antics. That poop comment yesterday, what was that all about? Allowing Spencer to slap him on the butt, what was that all about? Allowing Spencer to mock gays in various ways. His over the top hate of Elissa. His back stabbing of Candice, pretending to be her friend then just unloads on her once she’s out the house.

Nope Andy maybe the better player, but he’s just as disgusting as all the rest for his comments or him remaining silent as the comments are made.

Stop placing only feminine gays in the BB house. Why is the feminine gay only casted in the house? It just reinforces a stereotype of gays. Mix it up an allow the masculine gay to go into the house. You do realize some of our greatest leaders were gay and leading actors. They did not necessarily have a light over their heads and say look at me I am gay. However, BB seems to say only the flamboyant ones can play or the ones willing to run from Amanda as she attempts to beat you up.


Because of the is rigged twist MPV created to help Elissa (and her friends/alliance) to go far in the game ..we got the worst boring season in recent memory…we didn’t get a fight between alliances like we usually do…..hope Production will learn……but some kind of justice….at least its not all the players they tried to help that are at the end (except Andy who will probably win anyway) And for the so called **racism** controversy ..that was blown way out of proportion…that killed also the season


We turned off the live feeds because of you guys.
I hope Andy and Spencer got booed 🙂
Thanks for the suckiest summer to all the audience of BB15 🙂


I HOPE GINA MARIE GETS BOOED AND EXCREMENT THROWN AT HER UGLY RACIST Bigoted Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HER and Spencer are psychos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Truth

Big thanks to Simon and Dawg for EVERYTHING you guys do….you definitely made a shitty season ALOT better!


Thanks for a great season Simon and Dawg. Even though this season sucked. You guys did the best you could.


I can’t believe they’re still on Elissa. That seems to be their main goal in life – to make sure Elissa doesn’t get America’s vote. I know Elissa doesn’t need the money, but I voted my 10 votes to her, mostly to piss off these people, but also because she was, at least for me, one of the least offensive HGs. Only about 7 1/2 hours more until the finale. So looking forward to the reactions and comments! And then, peace and tranquility!

VA Vet

In Andy’s blog (when he was HOH) he posted that he is OBSESSED with Elissa.

VA Vet

Speaking of Andy’s blog, wait till he reads the comments posted by the viewers. He is in for the shock of his life.


You think to highly of yourself. Andy is not coming to these blogs and reading your comments. Andy will be fine. Hate on, but its a game and now its over. Andy goes back to his life and everyone else writing on these blogs with so much hate for Andy, go get a life until BB Canada returns.

Andy's Drool

Awww…let us hate Andy, and by the way I came up with a nickname for him in case he wins 1st or 2nd place: Andy=Andyserving (as in undeserving).

VA Vet

Oh, with his narcissistic arrogance, I suspect he will check to see the responses to HIS BLOG!

to be fair

I think Elissa was just as offensive as the other players, but she offended people on a personal level. It wasn’t as general as a race, gender, or religion, but the things that she said to people would really cut deep. You could also tell she wasn’t really TRYING to be mean, so she talks to people like that outside of the house, as well.

If there were one “group” that should be offended by Elissa, it should be the obese, or anyone with stretch marks/cellulite. She really seemed to judge people by how they took care of themselves or how they ate. That concerns her none, just like Candice and Howard being black or Andy being gay shouldn’t have concerned anyone in the house. ANY difference should not only be tolerated, but accepted. So, we can say that the racial comments were worse because of its deep roots in our history, or homophobic comments are worse because it is such a polarizing issue that has just started to become accepted in the past few decades, but for anyone who has ever been called fat/gross/flabby/disgusting because of their physical appearance, it is no different.


BS. I’ve been over weight, etc.. . That can be controlled. Sorry ass. It’s like being a drunk, etc… You’re body is your temple. Piss off. You don’t get a free pass. You’re taking PC a little too far just to feel good about yourself.


To “Be Fair”: I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have been called “chubby” etc., but I was never offended by anything Elissa said. To compare Elissa with these three truly disgusting people is frankly ridiculous! Elissa never came from a place of hatred. I believe she possesses true compassion. Spencer, G.M. & Andy do not know the meaning of the word.


I agree Cindy, I voted for Elissa too. Can’t believe they are still bashing her. I think Andy hates Elissa so much because she was the only one who saw through his crap! I so wish the jury could hear some of the vile things these three have said about them. I still can’t believe what an awful group this was. It almost seems like it had to be made up – that it could not be real – that nobody could really be this disgusting for real. It is truly difficult to comprehend that anyone could act the way these three have acted. I kept hoping that they would eventually change – but they’ve only gotten worse. I don’t dislike G.M. because she is dumb & delusional – I dislike her because of her racist remarks & trash talking other women. I don’t dislike Spencer because he is lazy & full of sh-t, I dislike him because he truly is a pervert & his remarks about women are really scary. And Andy, well, I don’t dislike him because he lied, backstabbed & snitched. I do truly dislike him because all he can do is talk trash about Elissa – & everyone else. Uggh!! So hate it that any one of these will win anything!

Amanda's Cottage Cheese

I actually wanted Elissa gone so bad the first week, when I found out she was Rachel’s sister. Then I was pleasantly surprised at how much I grew to like her. Now she’s my fave and hope she wins that AFP prize! The 3 that are left, especially the rat are disgusting. As I was going to my haircut yesterday and driving along Radford, my skin started to crawl just knowing that they were so close over the wall. The lice and crabs were probably trying to escape and hitch a ride with me! The stank in that house is probably what is smelling up Studio City…..

Debra S

Ridiculous … negative … people. Glad the season is over. Hope we never have to see these individuals capitalizing on this questionable experience and personal display on the “outside”. Can’t wait for Elissa to be voted AFP, and I hope tbey indicate that she was votes AFP overwhelmingly. Rather than conquering heroes, they are likely to have a vary rude (and deserved) awakening.


The only true thing Andy has said all season, Elissa was horrible. I hope to see someone much more deserving win AF such as Jessie or Candice. Aaryn would be a more deserving choice than Elissa. If someone else should win AF there will be a deluge of tears from all those, like yourself, who wasted votes on her. Now that would be entertainment to see Elissa’s face when Aaryn is voted America’s Favorite. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


I’m under the impression Julie must remain neutral towards the house guest, and preventing a chance of alienating future contestants by questioning this cast’s vile behavior in a harsh manner. Is this the first season someone other than Julie interview the reunion? Smart move Julie, whoop their ass and keep your hands clean. Congrats Dr. Will because I’m sure thousands of fans would want to have the luxury of revealing what the public thinks of the cast actions, demeanor racism and characters…….I wish their was an Immunity shot to cure the disease known as racism and BITCH-ASSNESS. BTW the term bitch describes a few of the males in the house also, not just the females, and I would never call some of them ladies, women, or men, they have not and did not represent the title well.


Geez, can’t these people go out with just a little bit of class and respect for their other houseguests? What a sickening trio, glad it’s finally over! Looking forward to BB Canada, hopefully there’ll be a few likable contestants we can root for. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping up with this site, have a great few months everybody 🙂


this site is better than the show itself. seriously. much more entertaining than the sloppy editing that CBS does. Thank you Simon and Dawg!!!!

Elissa for the Win

Thanks Simon & Dawg for doing an outstanding job!!! Just sent another $20. Looking forward to BB Canada and next year’s BB!


Thanks Simon and Dawg! You rock 🙂 ive had a great summer watching along with everyone on onlinebigbrother 🙂


Simon and Dawg, thank you for pulling through this terrible season and showing how professional you both are!


To the ONE person who gave a thumbs down to all of Simon’s & Dawg’s efforts this season – why in the hell are you on this site then? GO – LEAVE – DO NOT COME BACK YOU INGRATE!!!


Thanks Kyle Appreciate it


Thanks for all the updates Simon and Dawg, too bad the season was crappy.


Thank you for all your hard work. Your site is the best by far. I will look for you next year!

Elissa for the Win

These jerks don’t realize that their families (and all the HGs families) are in town and CAN watch BBAD and the live feeds! I really hope Elissa’s husband and Rachel and Brendan show up with their attorneys and slap these idiots with defamation lawsuits! ELISSA FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!


a thousand thumbs down for your last comment

Not A Brenchel-Bot

Andy is correct. Elissa was a terrible player and was the most boring cast member of the season. But, I’m sure all of the Brenchel-Bots voted in force to make sure she gets the $25k to use on more plastic surgery.

Cash That Check Elissa

@ Not a Brenchel,


kerry is a Kook

Anybody else sick of Whandy? What a whiner.


What more could she plastic on her face? Maybe she could have someone reverse what she has already had done. She was much better looking before she was butchered by her surgeon.

$25,000 Elissa

Guess who has the last laugh? Take your Spongebob lunchbox and head for home.


hey ellissa for the win im sure cbs had all guests to sign a waiver for entrance into the house but if your like elissa you never thought of that lol

Thanks Guys!!

Thanks Simon and Dawg! This site was great! I’m sure a lot of fans out there enjoyed your site far more than the actual show!!

Andys ears

And even til theVERY end Andy seems to have a sick obsession with Elissa. Guess what you rat bastard? Elissa is getting America’s favourite and you are going to go down as not only the worst gay in big brother history, but as the most disgusting house guest ever. Thumbs up if you want to see that sack of shit lose and cry & can’t wait to see his face when Elissa gets Americas fave.


I can’t wait to see that cut-throat Andy get his come uppens. But Elissa for AF no way. Jessie there is your girl, she is a much better kisser.

GM's stained sheets

My last comment on this site: Spencer is right. ANDY SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GM's stained sheets

This year anyway….see you all back here next time!


Andy sucks! Goddawful person.


You guys thanks for posting the blow by blow of what was going on for BB 16, I applied for the live feed but wasn’t able to see everything but thanks to this blog you were a big help. I enjoyed it until next time… peace out!!!


Thank God this is over! These three are delusional to even begin to think we enjoyed listening to their vulgar and sexual conversations. To see their disgusting behavior from Andy dropping his food on that nasty floor, then picking it up and eating it. To watching them use the bathroom with no proper hand washing techniques or as in Gina Marie, no hand washing at all. Then going to cook food and placing the food on dishes, no more than rinsed off with water. To Andy telling us about his disgusting sexual encounters. I wanted to throw up! To the constant bashing, bullying, racial slurs, etc. etc.. In every aspect these people have to be the vilest, grossest, nastiness, most crudest, filthiest most disgusting people, I have ever seen. I’m happy today it will finally end and I pray many of this seasons HG get some serious help. For they surely could use it!!!!!! Advertised as a season with “No Floaters”. And 3 floaters are up for the win. What a friggin joke!!!!


Wow I meant BB 15… Look at me getting ahead of myself 🙂


Thanks Simon and Dog. Your updates rock!!


Great Season but can’t wait to see Andy getting evicted!!!!!! Bye Andy!!!!!!! Cry at the jury!!!!


See you guys next year & Simon, I will email the big brother 15 stats!!!!


Thanks cap.. can you send me Andy, GM and Spencer’s for tonight?




Simon, thought you would be watching. 😉


Cap. Enjoyed the conversations with you. Though were not on the same side (this year), it was still good conversation. I hope you enjoy the show tonight. If Andy does get sent to the jury I will smile and think…..Cap was right. Take care and I’ll talk to you next year.



@Richard, no problem!!!! I would love to see @BuffaloBill face that Rainbow warrior is going to the jury crying.


Please let this happen! I hope you are right!!!!!!!!


Thank God this is over! These three are delusional to even begin to think we enjoyed listening to their vulgar and sexual conversations. To see their disgusting behavior from Andy dropping his food on that nasty floor, then picking it up and eating it. To watching them use the bathroom with no proper hand washing techniques or as in Gina Marie, no hand washing at all. Then going to cook food and placing the food on dishes, no more than rinsed off with water. To Andy telling us about his disgusting sexual encounters. I wanted to throw up! To the constant bashing, bullying, racial slurs, etc. etc.. In every aspect these people have to be the vilest, grossest, nastiness, most crudest, filthiest most disgusting people, I have ever seen. I’m happy today it will finally end and I pray many of this seasons HG get some serious help. For they surely could use it!!!!!! Advertised as a season with “No Floaters”. And 3 floaters are up for the win. What a friggin joke!!!!

Thanks Dawg and Simon for your dedication and hard work keeping us all informed. Good job!

Obama Welfare State

You are right on about the floater comment Name.

geanieb from outside Philly

” . . . all the love and support” GM??? What love and support?? There is no love and no support for any of you F3. The only ones we have love and support for are Simon and Dawg. Thanks for everything guys. Get some wll-deserved rest and we’ll see you in February!


Thanks for all the hard work I enjoyed reading. I’m stationed overseas in Spain we get AFN so what u watch tonight we see tomorrow night so I ask for one more post to read in the am before headin to work saying who won gm or Andy and they took ? Then who won thanks a million if not I will see tomorrow night after work see you next year 🙂


Thank you Simon and Dawg, it must of been pure Hell looking at the feeds the last weeks!!!


Not a single one of these idiots deserve 500k, but it looks like production has it set for Andy to win. No matter what, he is going to final two. I guess they don’t want the bad press of another winner going tp prison(Adam) so Spencer is out. They can’t have a racist win. I’m sure their PR department is telling them we can spin a disgusting person that played horrible,is hated by most of America, said alot of shitty things about people behind their backs because he didn’t have the balls to say it to their face that just happens to be gay. Even though being gay has nothing to do with why he is hated, that is how they (CBS) will spin it !!


I just heard Julie say that Dr. Will will be on tonight to talk to the jury about voting. Production probably has him ready to have him “suggest” who the winner should be. He should be talking to them about how they have embarrassed the Big Brother franchise.

Broken Record

I agree TP – Dr. Will has no business being there tonight. I may be wrong, but unless he speaks to them after they vote, he’s there as a CBS plant. I think CBS is desperate for an Andy win. Time will tell….

Hilary Has Benghazi Blood On Her Hands

Maverick you spin explanation is exactly why they will make sure part three of tonights competition will favor Andy.


Got so wrapped up in being pissed off on the final three I never said my point…. As much as I hate it , and it makes me want to punch a wall..That piece of shit, weasel Andy is going to win so CBS can try to save face !!


Andy, are you kidding me? Elissa was the worst? You 3 idiots ought to look at a mirror for a change.


Yes, the one true rose that sprung from Andy’s sewer hole, Elissa was the worst. VOTE JESSIE AMERICA’S FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!


I think if the three of them were to glance in a mirror separately they would see completely different people than what you think they should see. But they are spot on with their assessment of Elissa. They had to live with her for 77 days so they know all about her. Those on this site who have only witnessed her favorable edits would think that she is saint Elissa. So I believe that Andy is a filth bag himself but then so is Elissa.

It's all there on tape

I take it you didn’t buy the feeds.

7Deadly Sins

Thank you Dawg and Simon for all the work you put into this site and keeping us informed. You’re both awesome. 🙂


you’re welcome !


Thanks Simon! Thanks Dawg! We appreciate everything you’ve done to keep us updated!


you’re welcome thanks for visiting.


Good heavens. What a load of crap from these last three floater/losers! Thanks, Simon and Dawg, for having the intestinal fortitude to sit through hours of negative, inappropriate, disgusting behavior from these creeps. I sure hope that casting takes our feedback and doesn’t repeat their mistakes again next season. Hope my small donation helps. Peace out.


Thank you Simon & Dawg…This is the best BB site that’s out there!!! you two do a tremendous job.


THanks Howie 😉


A big shout out to Simon and Dawg. An amazing job.
Thanks guys.



No Andy, you’re the a**hole!!! I don’t know about other people, but I stopped watching the live feeds when it got down to the final three!! You did nothing entertaining at all. You are in for a rude awakening when you get out of the house.

BB Fan

I hope all 3 are boo’d. They are the worst winners of this game I’ve ever heard of or seen. And if it’s actually true- if they used the bathroom and didn’t wash their hands, they are DISGUSTING!

Alfred E. Obama Nimrod

BB FAN I’m with you. I hope they boo all of them.


Silence is golden.


I agree, silence is golden. I don’t believe CBS, Dr. Will or Julie Chen will do anything to add to the misery that these house guests are about to encounter upon their return to the real world. Too much network liability in doing so.

The behavior of the majority of the house guests was deplorable but they are mostly young, ignorant and raised in the social media generation (put it all out there) and perhaps the foolish thinking that any publicity is good publicity. None are either old enough nor apparently experienced enough to know that it just isn’t true. Their behavior today is likely to haunt them for years to come. If not publicly, at least personally. CBS should have been warning them, repeatedly. Perhaps they did but I think they’ve already been irresponsible in not putting a stop to the taped and broadcast filth emanating from the mouths and actions of this cast.

CBS is probably going to be paying through the nose for the mental health care these miscreants are going to need once they realize that they are not BB Season 15 heroes and very much disliked by BB fans. That alone gives me solace.

Thanks for the coverage Dawg and Simon. Your site allowed me to continue to have faith that I’m not alone in thinking that common decency toward fellow human beings is still a valued trait.

18 Trillion & Counting

That is too bad because I really wish they would get a chorus of boo like Amanda and Aaryn did.

Still crazy after all these years

Thanks to everyone for letting me vent and get out all my frustration with just little to no repercussions. My last thought is when Spencer said Zingbot was an asshole and GM agreed and said he was mean. The truth hurts doesn’t it. But even after the Zingbot left, they all started zinging the other houseguests and were so proud of it. I am a 63 year old woman living on social security but next season I will put money in the budget to donate to Simon and Dawg. Crossing my fingers that either Dr Will or Julie give them the tongue lashing that they all deserve. Peace out!


Thanks Simon and Dawg!!! Boom! Grenades, yo!!!!


I can’t wait for those idiots to hear Julie announce that Elissa is Americas choice!


I hope all 3 get a ton of boos tonight. They are a bunch of class-less pigs. Vulgar and disgusting. I’ve hated Elissa all season and they’ve made me actually want her to win America’s Favourite Houseguest. lol Go Elissa!!!!!
The two things tonight i’m looking forward to: Dr. Will talking to the jury and the boos those repulsive, filter-less scums get.


I have hated Elissa from the moment that ugly Duck waddled in the door of BB and have not wavered in my resolve to hate that duck face until the end of days. Now, Chris, no body likes a quitter so you should return to your original attitude toward Elissa. And that is all I have to say about that.

They All Are Jealous of Elissa

Enjoy your bitter life and especially enjoy Elissa winning Favorite House Guest.


your name shows your ignorance. just because someone dislikes Elissa doesn’t mean that they are jealous or bitter or anything else. it means they just do not agree with you so therefore they are wrong. your name and your posts that offer no real defense of Elissa but insults to the writer of opposing posts shows me that you are a stupid ass. so take your condescending attitude and your stupidity and shove them up your ass. FUCKHEAD.


Enjoy watching Elissa win the $25,000 asshole.


@ Name – your another ass wipe. No defense as to why you think that she deserves $25,000. Just because you say so. You know what you lowlife piece of ameba shit if Elissa wins who the fuck cares. It will not affect my life one little bit and it won’t change yours either. It will not affect her life either because she has so much (rather her husband has so much). Because you voted her America’s Favorite and completely ignored others just shows that people gravitate to the wealthy because they think that those people are better. It doesn’t mean that I will ever like Elissa for numerous reason previously mentioned. cocksucker.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for taking the time and all the hard work that goes into having a site like this. This season of BB has given us an awful cast of characters but this site at least made it bearable if not fun. I’ve never spent the time to watch BB in other countries but will tune in to BB Canada because of your interest in that show. Thanks again


Yay, it’s almost over! FYI: LA Times has an article today about the finals called “It’s all Relative” by Greg Braxton and he only mentions Gina Marie as one of the finalists who lost her job and made controversial and racist comments. He does not mention anything about Andy or Spenser. Kind of unbelievable for a “journalist” not to even have a clue. Unless you follow it closely like most of us, the general public has no idea WHO the final three really are and the despicable antics that have gone on and what has been permitted in that house. Shame on CBS…Finally, a big shout out to Dawg and Simon. This is my first year visiting and really enjoyed your site!

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Typical biased journalist. LA Times I’m not surprised. The guy is probably related to Andy or Spencer.


Never judge a book by it’s cover. But in Andy’s case we definitely should. Never in the history of humankind have we seen such ugliness both inside and out. He looks like a human rat and behaved like a vile backstabbing cowardly bastard. Maybe he should be sent for vivisection.

Jim 64

This is a great site
Go. Ginamarie. Go


thanks for updating the site, and being really cool about comments and such. Honestly you guys deserve the stipend this year and then some. screw the hg’s!


15 seasons watching BB and the first with Simon and Dawg. Thank goodness I found you in time for this horrible season, I hope others were as fortunate. Thank you very much for an outstanding job. Be well, stay well, and the same for your families.

The Best Thing about this season =

Simon & Dawg!!

Thank you for all your hard work ?

Left Wing Loon

The best thing about this season is that it is finally over.

Delilah Jones

Simon and Dawg, I have thanked you before, and can not thank you enough for the time you put into this site.. The end of the Big Brother season always makes me kind of sad, and this season is no different.
I look forward to joining you guys again for BBCAN!

Maui Sunset

I’m hoping CBS has taken the time to read some of the posts here on your site Simon and Dawg!! It might give those chowderheads an idea of what we DON’T want to see and hear next season! Thank you both again…..

Leading From Behind

I don’t know about CBS reading these posts but I bet some of the house guests will end up reading these posts.


Thank you very much for this website. It was a great part of my summer. 🙂


A huge, heartfelt thank you to Dawg and Simon for your site and work this season. Where most would have given up, you kept going and made this season bearable!

To the remaining houses: you suck!!!


Why do I have a feeling that CBS will take all of our constructive criticisms of Andy, Spencer and Gina Marie as applause for doing a great job of casting. Everyone seems to love to hate these days more than they love to cheer. In their minds anyway. God help us all.