Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s Player I am going to pull my pants down and sh*t on the stage!

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Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
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7pm When the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds return from showing TRIVIA during the Live Double Eviction episode – 7pm Judd asks how was there so many girls in here at one point and now almost all guys. Gina laughs. Spencer says there were 7 girls and 5 guys at one point. McCrae says I hope I get beer, photos and a letter in my HOH basket. Judd says I don’t want to sound cocky or arrogant but I am so glad Elissa is gone. Everyone agrees and says now they can finally say whatever they want. Cock, piss, balls! Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s Player I am going to pull my pants down and sh*t on the stage during the live show! Judd says sorry about Amanda, but there are only a couple weeks left. McCrae says it’s okay I already prepared for it. They talk about the HOH competition and Power of Veto competition. They’re all happy Elissa is gone. Judd says that Elissa didn’t deserve this experience. Judd says to McCrae in the kitchen final five brother, good job! McCrae says yeah! Andy tells Gina he knows Gina and Amanda had that fight the other day but he is sad to see her go. Gina says she is too regardless of the fight. They comment on how the second HOH Competition will probably be around 9pm tonight.

7:20pm Judd says I don’t want to pack Elissa’s bag – I don’t know where all her sh*t is and I don’t want to be liable for sh*t she says we break. Andy and Spencer whisper in the bedroom about Spencer wanting to win the HOH. Andy says if it comes down to us I might just throw it to you. Spencer goes into the storage room and finds Elissa’s bag. He grabs it and throws it out in the living room while he says ya’ll know what time it is? It’s time to pack her sh*t!!! They all start packing her bag. They want to put other crap in her bag like head cheese. Spencer finds some pill and comments that she hasn’t been taking them. Spencer says wouldn’t it be funny if she had a big dildo in her drawer. Judd says oh my god I do not want to be the first guy in that jury! They congratulate McCrae on getting HOH on episode 500.


7:25pm – 7:35pm McCrae says this sucks I almost wish I didn’t win this HOH because now I can’t compete in the next one. Spencer says you got out the most unstable bit*h! Judd says she has the personality of a fish. Spencer say I would rather anyone of you mother**kers wins America’s Favorite than Elissa. They all say they would rather David win it. McCrae says that this is the way he planned it to happen with Amanda ..that he would go as far as he could with her and then take off like a rocket into space. They continue to talk about how much they hate Elissa. Spencer says F**K YOU B***H! I HATE YOU! Spencer says Elissa did not get my d**k hard at all! I would not f**k her! I did not find her sexually attractive at all. McCrae agrees. Andy says I strangely agree too.



7:40pm Andy, Spencer, Judd and McCrae sit at the kitchen table to play a game of “A$$hole”. Ginamarie is eating and then plans to finish packing Elissa’s bag. Spencer tells her that all the rotten meat in the fridge is Elissa’s. Judd says anything that is a girls and not yours is Elissa’s.


7:50pm – 8:10pm Ginamarie talks to McCrae as she packs Elissa’s clothes. Gina says that she never had anything against him. She says that Amanda was just too much. She was so loud. I know you didn’t come in here with her. McCrae says yeah. Gina says that no one ever had the balls to put her up. McCrae says I never meant anything against you by putting you up. It just secured Elissa going. Gina says oh yeah no problem. McCrae says I would never be happy if Elissa was still in the house. Spencer says I was just tired of looking at her stupid face. Judd says she felt entitled. McCrae says Elissa thought she would stay regardless of who she sat next to. Gina says and look what happened. Spencer talks about how he wonders if Elissa is even going to the jury house. Gina wonders if they will tell us if she walks. McCrae says yeah we won’t find out until the finale. Gina says no offense but I got rid of the two biggest bi*ches! Candice and Amanda.. God chose me because he knew I could handle it. My HOH’s! Spencer says you got some good ones!


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8:10pm – 8:20pm They continue to find more clothes and things of Elissa’s. They don’t know how they are going to pack all of her stuff. Spencer says lets prance around in Elissa’s underwear. Spencer says Elissa said her over weight – weight for the flight here cost her over $200. In the kitchen Judd comments that he is so happy he stayed during the double eviction. Judd thanks McCrae for not putting him up. McCrae says yeah no problem. Andy comments that the water is coming out of the fridge super slow. Spencer says it comes out fast for me, it’s a bigot. Andy says you make out with me every time you drink. Spencer says shut the f**k up I don’t want to live feeds to know. Spencer says lets put on her underwear and walk around saying look at me I’m a b***h! Andy says oh god Spencer you are so mature.


8:30pm McCrae goes into the diary room. The Exterminators Alliance (Judd, Spencer, Andy and Gina) all dance around and pretend they are spraying Snakes, Rats and Ants. Gina says this couldn’t have worked out any better and he can’t play in this HOH competition. They talk about how we need to win the veto to make sure he (McCrae) goes home. Andy says this worked out perfectly! We all played our roles perfectly. Andy says Candice’d Elissa.. or I guess I Spencer’d Elissa because you were the one that fooled Candice. They talk about keeping up the secret of their alliance until at least after the veto. Gina says I wasn’t even nervous when McCrae won HOH. Gina says look how the tables have turned! That’s called KARMA B***H! Andy laughs about how poorly Elissa defended herself and said she didn’t lie. Andy says she is devoid of emotion. Spencer says that he is going to fight really hard for the HOH to at least get one. Judd laughs at how it was McCrae’s HOH that got Elissa out. Spencer says that he is going to come out every night and slap his d**k on her (Elissa) face (memory wall photo).

8:35pm – 8:40pm Andy says 2 of the 4 of us will not go to the final two but we can all be proud of the impact we made on this game. Gina says this couldn’t be more scripted. Andy says I am pretty sure I am not getting my shirt back. They all laugh. Spencer says I will buy you another one dude. Andy says she (Amanada) did tell me today if I double crossed her she would sh*t all over my shirt and send it back to me. Gina finishes packing up Elissa’s bag. They all take it into the storage room. Gina says yeah put it right here by the trash. They all pretend to exterminate her bag. They head back to the kitchen. Andy laughs about how he went up to Amanda right before and said I love you, you’re good! Andy says f**k you Zingbot for calling me a floater. Andy counts the people in the jury that he has lied to and f**ked over.. he says there are 4 girls in the jury house that are really mad at me. They stand at the memory wall and wonder whos jury votes they each have. Gina says f**k you, you crab motherf**king b***h (Candice).


8:50pm Andy says this could not have worked out any better. I was so nervous. Judd says if Elissa had won I would have cried for the first time in my life. Andy comments that in his diary room session they asked him if he threw the “Go Fetch” HOH competition.

8:50pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the second HOH Competition…


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621 thoughts on “Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s Player I am going to pull my pants down and sh*t on the stage!

  1. I called it in advance that McCrae would win HoH and send Elissa home.. but gosh, could that be any worse of a move on his part?
    What dumb ass takes out the only person that would be willing to work with you, and the only person who is by themselves in the house?
    The house is SO frigging boring now. A pedo, a rat, a racist, a boring person who mumbles, and a pussy…
    Team GinaMarie but honestly I’m not going to bust my ass to get to the television in time to watch BB anymore. I have no motivation.

      1. Simon, Dawg, thanks very much for the post.

        I’m not watching anymore. This show is a piece of shit. But i appreciate the work you two did.

        I’ll be looking to see if you do it for BBCA, since a) it’s a better show, and b) i’ll be watching.


        1. 100% agree. As a fellow Canadian, BBCA not only surprised me on an entertainment level, but also the mutual respect shown for fellow HGs and the viewers. I am sure future BB HGs will learn from this forgettable season, and get back to the strategy behind the game. BTW Talla was my favourite. She was incredibly adorable.

          1. GM: “We got rid of the two biggest bitches in the house.” Uh, no, GM. Not even close. YOU are the biggest loud-mouthed bitch in the house. And a skank. Good luck at staying single the rest of your miserable life you ugly rat-faced loser.

            Judd: “[Elissa] felt so entitled.” If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. Why do you think YOU deserve to win, Dud?

            Judd: “I don’t want to be the first guy in the jury house.” You already were, you pathetic stupid asshole. You should still be there and if there’s any justice you will return there before finale night.

            I find it ironic that four pieces of shit call themselves the exterminators. They were the most disgusting vermin in the house this season. I guess it takes a rat and snake and turd and cockaroach to know one.

          2. I have no doubt Elissa will win America’s Favorite. I give her credit for actually going after aMANduh and McPussy, but her game play sucked because she never allied herself with others after Helen left.

            I think I will vote for Howard to win America’s Favorite. He was a class guy and was loyal. By voting for him it would show the other houseguests that all that cussing, bigotry and harassment made this season SUCK! He could definitely use 25k, much more so than Elissa.

            1. Elissa may not need it .. but of all the house guest she came in with a target on her back … I look up to how she handled those low life excuses for humans . anyway personally I would love to see Elissa win America`s Choice just to see the filthy jerk Spencer drop his pants on stage and take a dumb… now doesn’t that just go and show how classy the people Elissa had to deal with … I loved Howard but he just sat there the better part of the game and showed no life till Candice got into the fight with POOPY and the NY SKANK …lol one more thing that I would like to bring up ; I was raised around truck drivers and I have never heard more discusting crap come out of these house guest mouth , every other word was a swear word.. dang these bozo`s put truckers to shame .. they are but one word DISCUSTING

              1. I grew up with truck drivers too AND was in the Navy and like you have never heard as much filth as I have this season coming out of their mouths. Can you imagine what their families think? I was always taught to keep your dignity, morals, and values no matter what. I guess they feel 500,000 is worth selling yourself out and making your family have to make excuses for your behavior and cause them shame. But what do I know?

              2. Ellissa very well may not need it but outo f all of them she would probably give it to charity or to start her mission as she has said. The rest of these backward morons will piss it away. BB should just donate the winnings to a charity because the idiots left surely don’t deserve it.


              3. Amen! Worst final 5 n BB history, Quite frankly appalled & EMBARRASSED as an American that each one is representing “everyday normal America” – CANADA – they are scum and they don’t even realize how appropriately named their little alliance is – they do have it “twisted” – the BB house, although redone each yr, may need to be gutted and rebuilt from ground up from the infestation that IS THE “EXTERMINATORS”! For the sake of humanity & decentcy EVERYONE please please vote Elissa as America’s player…just because of how she was treated and OMG the disrespect & vile disgust coming from all their mouths when she left – SERIOUSLY?!? Who talks about someone’s daughter, wife, sister & MOTHER that way?!? Until last night, GM was my pk for America’s player just as a Sandy victim and a sad immature sheltered female she clearly is – but first she let Aaryns racism run off and start coming outta her mouth – now she is so infested by the Exterminators – she is one of the sad pathetic excuses of human beings….and the poor little things so dumb that she’s PROUD to stand aligned w such FILTH!!!

                Its been made TOTALLY clear any $$$ Elissa gets from show is for CHARITY – I pray Enough of America see’s and follows the live feeds to know how vile the final 5 are – Mccrae is the ONLY one of them that knows right from wrong but as we saw him support Amanda as she spewed such filth nonstop – his rolling of the eyes and hand on forehead as his response to such ignorance isn’t how a MAN makes a stand…which is clearly why we rarely ever saw him STANDING at all – he layed around all summer like a earthworm (a chain smoking filthy stinky worm!) –

                None of them deserve to be there – much less win 2nd or 1st place! Surely CBS will recognize the filth they brought into BB viewers homes all summer and NEVER allow them to return for any “All star” BB, Survivor or Amazing Race!!! SPENCER, Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, nor GM should ever be back on tv – Judd is rapidly joining that low class vile cluster of American HORROR too!!!

                Please PLEASE – Elissa for America’s favorite – just to SLAP this vile group across their faces as we watch on the LIVE finale!!!!

              4. RAT please before u totally turn away from all BB because of the FFF – FILTHY FINAL FIVE! VOTE Elissa for America’s player – that’s $25k to St Jude’s (the charity she said she was playing for and by far an amazing and deserving organization!!!) Wouldn’t you love to FRIKN SLAP all five of the remaining HG’s right across their faces??? We can do it as we watch on the LIVE FINALE – by voting Elissa as America’s Favorite!!!

                I hope Dateline child predator dept is working w Arkansas Authorities to cuff Spencer as he returns “home” – I live in Oklahoma! Knowing that sick perverted Bastard is that close to my daughters is beyond disturbing!!! Hide your kids, Hide your Wife cause they lettin Spencer outta that locked up house soon!!!! SCARY!

            2. I think her gameplay sucked because of the opposite. She didn’t try to align herself with others while Helen was there. Doing it afterwards was impossible with this group of people. The social dynamics were set early in the game.

            3. I don’t get how we could know if Elissa needs the money. She seems like an ambitious hard working person – she probably would put the money to good use just the same as any one else.

            4. Omg, Howard had the worst game in the house. If we r going to vote America’s favorite we can’t split up the votes. I say we vote now, then wait to call in. I pick Kaitlin. First, she was smart to hide behind Jeremy n Aryan. She was a comp threat as well as beautiful. So Kaitlin 1 vote the rest 0. She also liked Candice, she was the first to befriend her before Aryan started the racist crap. My second pick is Elissa I would love to see Andy die n spencer take a $hit on the stage. She kept the immature ba$tards in line with the vile comments.

              1. No! Kaitlin was a vile bitch just as racist and immature as Aaryn and Jeremy. She was just as much a bully she was just smart enough not express her opinions especially when the others were already voicing it. She would always be around to provide a encouraging snicker or instigating smirk Fuck that bitch. I say give the $25k to Candice for all the immaturity she had to deal with in the house or to Elissa.

        2. totally agree. all it will be the next week will be 4 dickheads talking hate behind elissa’s back all week.

          this may piss off the elissa haters, but i dont care.

          i’m totally on board picking elissa for america’s favorite. not because i’m a fan of hers. the reason is because it’ll piss off all those fuckers left in the house so much. that there is enough reason for me to vote for her and i hope the rest of you will think about that too. think about how mad they will be for her to win. i can’t vote against the assholes, but at least i can do something to spite them.

          1. Lurker007 totally agree with you and absolutely voting for Elissa just because I hate the rest. No other reason except maybe because you have awesome posts

              1. I could never like Andy in real life as well as the game. What kind of person goes out to truck stops and solicits himself for random sex. This guy is a teacher of kids, hopefully not sex ed. Disgusting person and I do not care if he is hetero or homo.

          2. Sorry, but you’re doing it to punish the evil assholes instead of rewarding the one most deserving. I’m feel sadness for Elissa too, but she never worked on relationships in the house. It’s a house filled with assholes, but she didn’t even try. She spent her time telling people they’re disgusting, which they are, but sometimes you gotta make nice with awful people. Really, Elissa’s lack of social skills did her in and nothing else.

          1. If you have a smart phone, download the CBS app. Every episode of this season (and other CBS shows) is available with the push of a button. There are full-length commercials unfortunately.

            1. If you go to any of those sites just make sure you have adblock plus downloaded on your browser, it blocks adware that a lot of those links have.

      2. I agree with you totally BB Fan…..

        I simply have no modivation to watch anymore this season. There isn’t one person in that house that is worthy of winning. Seriously NO ONE!!! I can’t believe Elissa didn’t say something outloud at the eviction while Amanda was still in the house to Andy about not voting who he was suppose to vote for. That would of been a perfect opportunity for her and maybe would of helped with McCrae’s decision on who to put up on the block. I found myself yelling at the tv for her to say something, anything, but nothing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Well, see ya next year BB.

        1. Elisa didn’t know to say anything. Even Amanda thought Andy voted for her. Elisa said after she was evicted she felt McCrae had turned on Amanda. She felt Andy voted for Amanda she said because Andy looked so shocked when the votes were a tie,

        2. I was thinking the same thing, but in her exit interview she mentions to Julie that she thought it was McCrae that changed his mind and voted out Amanda. What??? I just don”t get it. For the past 2 weeks, Elissa was consistently complaining how she can’t trust Andy anymore, and then last night McCrae was expressing the same thing to Amanda about him. How in less than 24 hours can they both have forgotten their reservations about Andy. If they had wised up and gotten Andy out tonight, I would watch til the end, but the show is just stupid now. The rat is going to win it for sure!

          1. Well Elissa will know the truth when she gets to jury because Amanda knows it was Andy now..so there is at least that. I’m voting for Elissa as America’s fav…I wasn’t a big fan but it’ll piss off the floaters and that’s reason enough for me. :)

      3. it was total BS for Julie Chen to give Amanda a soft interview. Amanda has made way beyond her share of racial slurs and derogatory statements, and Julie basically danced around the issue by giving Amanda an excuse calling it game play. you figure once Amanda and Elissa where gone the girl drama was done with, but I see the house still has bitchy females like Spencer, Andy and Judd. you got this fat turd of lard Spencer talking like he can pull dimes like Elissa in real life. this is the dude who spends everyday in the BB house wearing that same unwashed blue t-shirt flicking boogers left and right. the audacity of this idiot Judd complaining about Elissa that she didn’t deserve to be in the game with all the advantages she had. guess what dummy? you neither, you were evicted and production let your mumbling mouth back in the game after you already spent time sharing game info with Candice and Jessie in the jury house, you should been sequestered. I hope GM wins just for the embarrassment on finale night when CBS hands over a 500K check to a racist. GM winning this season will be fitting for how this season started and finished.

      4. As much as I like Judd, he should be the last one talking about Elissa not deserving to be in this game ’cause he got EVICTED and production rigged it (Knocking Helen off) for him to come back into the game and what did he do?!?! Join ANDY the rat!!!!! I really hope he can start winning things so they don’t use him and toss him again!!!!

    1. I have already taken all my big brother sites and deleted them. Not watching anymore. There is no one left in the house that I care about. Spencer, Judd and Andy are so disgusting. Really Spencer you will pull your pants down……..uggggh I cannot even imagine what his big behind looks like and I don’t want to see it. That’s it, Im done and so are most of the friends that I used to get together and talk BB with. The worst thing that could have happened did happen. I don’t care how many downward thumbs I get cuz this is the last you will hear from me.

      1. guess you know now all you elissa fans what kind of idiot she was thought mccrae voted Amanda out not andy really good lord like I said 3 weeks ago winner will be nobody that most people thought im amused by gm why not and now you see why only 5 of 14 winners were women because they never shut up emotion controls their game 7 out of the last 8 evicted women that tells the story

        1. Um maybe ELISSA thought Mccrae turned on Amanda because they got into a big fight last night. Ever think of that!?!??

      2. Earlier in the season Spencer said no one in Marilyn’s family likes him. Now we know why. I hope this is a wake up call to Marilyn to listen to her family. Aaryn and GM lost their jobs, Amanda’s job is questionable, and Spencer has been investigated by the police, hopefully he will lose his woman after this. This has been the worst group of people on any single season of any show. The men left in the house all have teeth like women. Women are usually the catty ones, but these men are very catty.

        1. Marilyn doesn’t exist, have you ever heard him shout out at her during any of his eviction’s speeches? He’s a big fat insecure loser who gets his kick by bashing women because none of them would ever date a pig like him,

          1. I know. Seriously, what woman with any measure of self-respect would debase herself enough to be with a pig like that asshole?

          1. Just when you think one of these five remaining houseguests will actually take the high road, NOoooo. They more or less dig a tunnel since the low road is too noble and dignified.

        2. It is VERY sad to learn how this piece of trash SPENCER refers about Elissa, even throwing her luggage, later all of them put it near the trash containers, that for sure make them the best HG’s of the house geeezzz… Since BB didn’t protect Elissa’s property at least they should give them some kind of penalty for the way they handle her stuff, they look like ANIMALS devouring a pray. Definitely voting for Elissa, that is going to pissed them all, no need to watch BBAD anymore…

        3. I wonder if the invitation to apply to be on BB15 said “Only the Vile need apply”. Production did a pretty good job of picking a few of those.

      3. I was going to vote for Howard as favorite player, but afraid this stupid comment by Spencer I will vote for Elissa. Let’s see if he has the balls to crap on stage. What a blowhard!

      1. I will still watch even though it will be boring. I guess this will put to rest all those that said Amanda was sure to win because she’s friends with the producer, or that Elisa was going to win because production was helping her out. I will watch because I can’t wait for all those that bashed Elisa to see their faces when at least four of them in the house will leave with only their stipend and Elisa will probably win AFP, and I can’t wait to see their faces when they do they’re exit interviews and learn how much no one liked them, and listen to Spencer when he finds out about being investigated, and GM and Aaryn find out about losing their jobs. I guess Andy will float back to wanting to be friends with Elisa outside the house when he finds out the people he thought highly of either lost their jobs or were investigated. The show will be boring but finale hopefully will be filled with information. And Elisa will have the last laugh.

      1. I canceled my live feeds right after they evicted Elissa. I really appreciate all of Simon and Dawg’s hard work, and I will check back in here, but I don’t want to watch the remaining house guests at all. Hope next season has a few likeable house guests.

    2. Alright, this is my last post this season as I no longer have any interest in this show until finale night. (Just wanna see the jury house questions) this is gonna be the most forgettable final 5 in the history of any show ever! Can’t stand any of them anymore. No floater summer turned into an all floater final. Hopefully it’s Big Brother Allstars next summer! CBS…..get someone who knows how to cast players that are actually entertaining. As much as I disliked Amanda, wouldn’t be surprised if there is an allstar season to see her and Elissa being the only ones entertaining enough from this cast to make the cut. That’s all…..wake me when the next season starts cause I have a feeling it’s going to be a boring 2 weeks!

    3. Haha this reminds me of Big Brother Canada. When peter didn’t use the veto to save Topaz (the only person who could’ve worked with him) which eventually sent him home the week after lol.

    4. I said weeks ago that Andy was even money to win this game. I’d say he’s 3-1 to win now. Everyday he’s in the house he gets stronger. This is like the Evel Dick season, people are so clueless. He has controlled the two people who controlled the house, Helen and Amanda. Now he will control the brainless bunch that are left. Everyone thinks Andy and they are going final two and even if they did, they won’t win against him. Helen, Amanda, and Ellissa still trust Andy and so does dummy McPussy. Andy has enough votes now in the jury house that the game is over. Judd the Dudd coming back was a waste, I wanted Helen to come back because at least she new what was going on. Dudd only cares about how he can get more smokes. Spencer is a low life turd, McCrea is a pussy, Andy is a lying sleez, and GM is an unemployed bimbo. Some choices to root for. But by now we are all hooked, but not excited. I guess I’ll root for GM because she has the most balls of anyone left in the house, and she doesn’t have any.

      1. Andy being 3:1 now means if you bet Andy to win for 10 bucks and he won you would get 30 bucks. Even money means Andy is more of a favorite to win. I think you mean Andy is now 1:3 meaning you would bet 30 on Andy to only win 10.

        1. if someone is dumb enough to gamble on BB, then i hope they waste their money to bet on rat bastard andy.

          5 people already who won’t vote for him
          – he just f’d over demanda and elissa, who both of which will now be campaigning in the jury house against him
          – he f’d over helen before
          – he f’d over jessie before
          – mcpussy doesnt know it yet, but the rat f’d him over too. not to mention his gf will tell him not to vote for rat bastard andy

          place your bets on him, i dare you. the only good thing bout tonight was guaranteed that jackass will not win.

        2. He has a 75% chance to win in my opinion. He will have to have some really bad luck to lose. Spencer will vote to keep him, Dudd is clueless to everything, McCrea is GONE and clueless this week. GM is my only hope to wise up and get him out, but that is slim. He will try to get her out after McCrea.

      2. LOL its just a trend the same as in Survivor last season when an ugly little weasel wan, guess they got good rating for that one. Andy is not a goodplayer hes just an ugly rat which mean he will be the winner, good game play ??? almost pee my pants laughing at that one. Boring season and trying to repeat the poor little duckling has shown u hes a winner really LOL thx god Im good looking and smart hehe

        1. I always watch Survivor and Cochran may be a nerd but he’s no rat like Andy. He actually won competitions and played a smart game. Andy just slimy.

        2. Cochran was not an “ugly little weasel”. I agree with the other poster that he played a smart game. He was NOTHING like Andy!

    5. Well I’m done watching….McPuss and Dudd are pu$$y…when Jeremy was in the house screaming at the girls, I never seen Dudd step up….McPuss and Dudd can curse Elissa out to her face but wisper like little b*tches on how rude Jeremy is…….There both pu$$y who only have the courage to scream at women…… …..Spencer is a disgusting Pervert, GM is a bigot racist gutter trash, and Andy is a dark person who pretends to be good guy….GM wisper the N-word into his ear and he was not shock and love GM more…….Ellisa put him on the block and he want’s to punch her in the face…………………………………………………………… Elissa will get my vote for America’s Favorite Player……..she was at disadvantage having to build a social game with these people………imagine if 10 out of the 16 houseguest we’re surfers…David would still be in the house…..the only thing rigged about this show is the personality they choose….production knows who’s going to have a tough time………….ratings will significantly drop now….there are no good guys to root for or love to hate villains to root for…….there just a bunch of scumbags, racists, pervert , pu$$y womanizer left in this game………and one of them are going to get $500,000…… how sad…….

    6. i woulda thought amanda woulda got grilled a little by jc for her comments and slurs as well… guess she cbs gold or something.

      1. Julie Chen talked to Amanda like they were sorority sistas!
        She was too kind, and it sucked, really bad!! Tapes will tell
        it all, the real truth!!

    7. McCrae did that because he still trusts that rat bastard Andy and thinks that Elissa voted Amanda out! Duh. Hopefully he will get off his ass and play to win now, damn. I think he will have the jury votes, he really is the only one that didn’t directly shit on anyone, he let Amanda do it all…….

      1. Spencer the Molester won HOH. What a turd. I worked for the railroad a while ago and I think he will get his just rewards. He may even get coupled up between a couple cars from an angry female engineer.

        1. So you dont like Spencer so you hope he is injured or killed by some psycho woman. You are a angry, sad, pathetic, and certainly lonely female. I pity you and those forced to be around you. Youre just disgusting.

    8. Bye bye Elissa fans!! While you pout, we’ll watch the best part of the season. This is going to be a great ending to the season.

      I can’t wait to see the footage from the jury house!!!!

      1. If my brother came home after playing Spencer or Andy’s game on BB I would have to disown him for being a slime ball. Can you imagine how much torment their families must feel watching these people on t.v.? How could you ever be proud of their primal behavior?

    9. Mc Crae screwed himself by believing that albino rat Andy. When Elissa was the thruthfull one . Whatever. And do not expexct Spencer to show his baby Vienna sausage on live tv. If his facehas that much hair, we do not want to see what is down there burried in hair. A worm sized penis.

  2. Tonight was pretty anti-climatic, even if i didn’t know how it was going to go. But what REALLY shocked me was Elissa saying that McCrae must have voted out Amanda! HUH?

    And when the feeds came back on the boys were happy they don’t have to watch what they say any more. They started swearing and cusing and using their fav word for women. I guess GM is chopped liver. She must be proud that that is the impression she leaves with men. Because they are her buddies, her bros. Eh?

    OMG. I want McCrae to have listened to Amanda and continue to trust Andy fully. So that idiot stink bag can be taken down by Andy too.

    The GeekSquad is in for the sausagefest of their life. That must be why they are so happy. Now, because they are all unaware that they are being watched 24/7 we will be able to see if they are more like Andy then any of them know.

    They are soooo pumped to compete for HOH. And McCrae says Amanda was like the rocket that got him to like the stratosphere and now he can take off. Proof that he has done nothing all season.

    And Spencer wants to put something open in Elissa’s suitcase so it will ruin everything. And he threw her suitcase down the hall.

    1. Spencer’s attitude is the worst. I hope production does step in to pack all of Elissa’s things because I would not put it past the remaining
      HG’s to put something in her suitcase to ruin her belongings. In fact, I hope Spencer DOES do something really bad to her belongings so that he gets ejected and Elissa is brought back. Wishful thinking, I know.

      1. …I wonder if its in the rule book about trying to destroy others property..Spencer should be ejected…what about all those threats of violence which are illegal in the real world????

    2. When Elissa told Julie (who gave the soft ball interview to AHANDJOB) that she believed McPussy turned on Amanda I couldn’t believe it. But Julie (a 3rd rate journalist) said “you really believe that” I still do not think Elissa picked up that is was actually Andy the Rat and Lot Lizard who voted AHANDJOB out.

      That’s when Howard gained my vote for America’s Favorite.

    1. 1 gay male,1 seriously stupid woman, & 3 closeted gay males (woman-hating variety). Have fun, scumbags. Youwill have this board to yourselves. Simon & Dawg’s job just got a lot easier.

    2. Spencer for America’s worst player in bb history!
      I’ll vote for that, everyday and twice on Sunday
      Spenser is a slimy grossly perverted hog
      He thinks he’s at summer camp for perverts

      1. i could live with a mc, judd, gm final 3, even after all of gm’s bigoted bs. with gm, it’s more ignorance than hate.

        andy and spence have started to really get on my nerves, and if andy doesn’t go, like right away, he might win the season.

        so, all the amanda and elissa conspiracy theorists can put your minds at ease, they are gone…finally.

        if judd doesn’t make final 2, i hope he gets america’s vote. he’s the only hg who behaved even remotely like a decent human beging all season, and actually deserves some cash, if only for that reason.

        j-u-double-d, party daugherty, for some cash!

    1. Yeah let’s have the girl win who is racist, calls Elissa’s 8 year old son ‘a fugng Puerto Rican looking little dirt fger’ and makes insensitive comments about special needs kids. GM should be the next to go and I hope Julie Chen gives her the same interview as Aaryn. I’d rather any of those asshole guys win over her, even creepy Spencer.

      1. Compared to who? The foul mouth, disrespectful to women, pedophile Spencer, the rat bitch crybaby Andy, the woman hating, foul mouth Juddhead or McPussy who is pretty f*cking stupid. Nice move McPussy, dumbass.

      2. Lets see, spencer can’t keep his hands out of his base or pants. He is a vile human being who won nothing all season and is still around because everyone knows they can beat him. GinaMarie is so clueless! Who thinks those things, let alone says them….on TV! She makes me ill. While I think Andy is a two face rat that gives Ll gays a bad rap has probably played the best game and will go soon because people in the jury might actually like him and his social game. Judd, I don’t know what his deal is because I can never understand him. And seriously, MC played a good game. Laid low (literally) and hid behind Amanda and pissed no one off. Too bad he is gone if he doesn’t win every comp from now on. I miss Elissa already and her seemingly snobby behavior is waaaaay better than these half wits left whom have no filter.

        Glad to get that off my chest!

      3. The ease with which these remaining houseguests can say such horrible, hateful things is appalling. Andy is the only one left that has actually played a clever game. Everyone jumped on the “he’s a rat” bandwagon, but he’s made the right choices from day one and it’s ALL been strategic. Yes, he can be annoying sometimes but he came to play and is not a floater. If you look up floater in the BB dictionary you see a picture of Spencer making a sandwich. If these remaining houseguests have any sense (ha ha) they will take Yukon Cornelius to the end because the bottle of ketchup in their fridge played a better game than he did. Spencer is disgusting, plain and simple and does not deserve the 500k. McCrae’s good intentions to be a super fan and great player quickly dissolved when he teamed up with Amanda and he has mainly coasted (and slept and chewed his warts). He is not the player he might have been, he does not deserve to win. Gina Marie is a loudmouth racist that may have finally put up Team Nasty but does not deserve to win. Judd who everyone just “loves” has some serious anger issues (Spencer seems to bring out the worst in him) and has been pretty vile at times. He was someone I sort of supported but the longer I’ve been exposed to him through the live feeds the less and less I can support him.

        This season has been a mess. BB went very, very wrong with their casting. It’s seriously disturbing that on other BB shows blatant racism is not tolerated but on the US version that and death/rape threats and a variety of seriously deplorable behavior is tolerated. Gina marie still can’t let go of her irrational “hatred” of Candice. Candice comforted GM when she was crying about Nick being evicted despite the horrible things she did to her….yet GM still has it in her mind that Candice is her enemy and some tremendous b—- that deserves to be disparaged constantly. The way many of these house guests can so casually bully and degrade others is sickening. This will go down as the worst season in BB history to date, full of players who are rightfully disliked and despised by fans. Wake up BB…it’s not about ratings it’s about integrity and you’ve lost quite a bit of it with this shitty season.

    2. GM is a despicable racist foul mouth psychotic. How can you even… How do you… I don’t even….

      I give up trying to understand Gina lovers.

    3. Andy deserves it. Gina just followed the hoodrat code, set out by all staten islanders who came before her. She is not worthy of winning.

  3. of course Ginger Rat wants to be in Final 4 with judd, gm, & spencer. Those 3 have the combined intelligence of my left thumb !!!! what’s up with judd acting & talking like a complete Dbag since he got back in the game ?? Glad this pathetic season is almost over……!!!!!!

  4. Im an Elissa fan, so I was heartbroken when elissa got evicted. i just don’t understand is why this game has such a big impact on my emotions. :(

    1. It must have been so painful for her, to be nominated because it was the moment she realized that she had worked so hard to save Amanda and it all backfired. The very person campaigning to flip the vote being put up by the very person she had chosen to align with. The girl was almost in tears. And to go out at the hands of her ‘ally’ made it even worse.

      If only McCrae really knew that she was on his side……..

      1. Oh please – Painful? She’s already shown she has no emotions. That’s what you get when DR interference gives sucky advice

        1. McPuss won HoH….Elissa was going home regardless…….the only thing Elissa plan did was expose Andy… at that will hurt him with Jury votes……I’m glad they show the trash can Amanda that Andy betray her……..i feel is she was not shown that….she would of claim she lost Elissa ring…….and pawn it……

    2. Might I suggest Depressed Person, that you channel Elissa and “think with your heart and not your emotions.” Maybe you won’t be so depressed.

      1. Your servers may be overloaded to tonight but they won’t be in the future. I can’t remember ever hating this many people in the end. I can’t member actually not liking someone in the final three let alone final 5. When you people complain about DR and production remember it is a TV show and reality or not all TV shows need directors and producers. There are some HGs that are destined for jury and that is ok, they are people like SPencer and Andy and GM. People production never asked to DR and never wanted to hear about. Because they are fucking boring and don’t have any tv following!!! They are littel minded people and followers that have now banded together but couldn’t survive outside the house without people like Amanda and Elissa and Helen to think for them! I am out for the year. Thanks Dawg and Simon. Too bad half your hits are going to disappear.

    1. Ummm – obviously you haven’t been around here often on a Thu night or you’d know that everyone’s commenting & in turn makes it tough on the servers. It’s not Simon or Dawg doing anything purposely. Also, remember they’re watching the feeds to give us updates then it’s going to take a little longer for them to moderate all the posts that come in.

      Perhaps if you’d donate to this site then they could deal with the server issues that come up on every show night, but especially on eviction night. Sorry – I’ve been coming to this sight for over 5 years. I appreciate all they do to keep us informed & allow us an outlet to discuss the game. You should have a little more respect for them.

      1. I agree. I have been coming to this site for several years and love it every year. Simon an Dawg do an awesome job.

        I also want to echo Simon and a few others:


        So your favorite is gone and you have no one to root for. Welcome to my world. I was rooting for Nick. NICK. Did I give up on the show or this site? NO. I chose a new favorite: Howard. HOWARD. Now you would think that I would have left after that. But no. I have not had a favorite since. I could not believe that Amanda and McCrae had gone so long without anyone putting them up. Amanda was running the game and acting entitled. I was glad to see her go.

        And Elissa? She got lucky at the beginning of the game. I did not want her to leave just because she is Rachel’s sister. I wanted her to have a chance on her own. Then the Brenchel fans guaranteed her 3 MVPs, I wanted her gone for the unfair advantage. Then she got bitchy and entitled. Glad she’s gone too.

        McCrae can still redeem himself, but I am rooting for (imagine that) the exterminators. They came together in a very genuine way.

        I do not have an individual favorite and I don’t care who wins. But I will continue to watch.

        Contrary to many people who have posted tonight’s opinion, this is NOT the worst season of Big Brother. Can you say BB9?

    2. Don’t be rude!!!! You just don’t know a good thing.
      Now crawl back in your mothers basement intreaged.

      Awesome site and we really appreciate your hard work Simon & Dawg

    3. “INTREAGED”…. first off, you might want to spell check that name! Second: Paranoia will destroy ya!…. Third, there is medication you can take when it feels like the world is against you for no good reason! Peace….. go to your happy place!

  5. Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s Player I am going to pull my pants down and sh*t on the stage!

    Get ready to drop your trousers Spencer,

        1. It’s not going to happen since he can’t play for H.O.H & he made it so he nominated & they got out the only person he had (E) who would have backed him. Sorry but McCrae is history!. We are left with GM, Judd, Spencer & Andy for final 4 and I predict Andy and Spencer will be in F2 out of the lot. It’s how he(Andy) planned it. He said it in DR that he wasn’t going to hand over a check to Mcranda’s. He knows he has $500K in the bag if up w/Spencer in F2.

              1. LOL. You do realize that 75% of those who said they will not be watching or commenting will be doing both.

                Anyway. Less than 2 weeks to go…

        2. if he doesn’t win veto hes gone couldn’t have been better for the exterminators all those people trying to run that house well the people that didn’t try to control things let everyone evict each other and guess what now in charge kinda the way to do it

    1. Dear Spencer we are laughing because you say that you would not f**k Elissa and that she didn’t even get your dick hard. YOU couldn’t get a woman like Elissa. You are disgusting and a loser!!! what woman would want you. Everyone in the house is nasty. no one should win. GIVE ALL THE MONEY TO CHARITY

  6. nothing worse than these a-holes talking s*** like they deserve “America’s favorite player” like that fat ass spencer has done anything but eat…be on the block, and play with his stones. I’ll vote for elissa just to piss these fools off.

      1. Serousily E was evicted we all know your perverted but do you have to show how low you can go by kicking her bag around as well??? Sick Sick Man!

    1. McCea, Spencer, Judd, and Andy. f-ck you! Go GM. don’t like you but figure you need it more then The Qu–r, Qu–rs secret fling Judd, Mc pussy, thumbs down, and the freakin pervert! You all are discusting! give it to the Nick phyco! You all make me BARFF! CBS you suck. it is your fault for conving Elissa to save Amanda. you suck too! I think we should boycott you! GO ABC! GO NBC! F-CKCBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Don’t be a hater. Andy played that off brilliantly. McCrae still believes him. He is walking through this game to the end.

        Your obviously in Aaryn’s crowd. Are you going to be mad if a homosexual wins? Dude it’s the 21st century. Get used to us!

        Sad that people are still filled with such hate.

        Team Andy to the End!!!

      2. I take it these were the posts that you felt Simon & Dawg didn’t post. I can understand why they wouldn’t want them on here, but it takes a lot for them to not allow a post or to remove one.

        I think you need to take you posts elsewhere….

          1. Not that I think you and Dawg should have to work any harder maintaining this site than you already do, but I wish your filter was stronger. So many hateful spoiled sore losers on this site tonight…

  7. I dont think elissa is too worried about getting any of those dicks hard. I am 10000000% sure she she thought you were all DISGUSTING PIECES OF SHIT!! She’s going home with 25000 dollars, a handsome husband, beautiful child and you al
    l are so gross. I hope Judd or GM WIN…The rest of you are LOSERS!!!

      1. Well, I won’t watch anymore! I cannot stand the big fat pedopjile, the little sissy rat gay guy, the stupid country idiot who cannot talk right, the racist bitch from hell and the floater who just sank his own ship by getting out the ONLY person who had his back!! NONE of these idiots deserve 500,000.00!!!!! I have never been so disappointed in a show EVER like I am with this show! They really need to rethink their rules…….I feel it’s too late! After tonight I am done!! Nobody left worth watching!! Elissa never hurt anyone and just because she was Rachel’s sister, they were all jealous and were so nasty to her! I can’t wait for when its all over and the lawsuits start!!

        1. I can’t believe I am about to say this, because I have never been so repulsed by any one person before, but I almost wish Amanda was back.

        2. So, what? You want to change the rules so that whomever YOU consider worthy wins? >Snort<

          I have been watching since BB1 (Go Chicken George!). I have hated a few winners (Jun? Really? JUN?!? But you are kind of guaranteed to win against Allison).

          Your comment has to be the most sniveling, whining, juvenile comment I have ever read.

    1. You like Elissa but you’re rooting for the girl who said Elissa is like a kid with autism, she looks normal but isn’t. AND who called her 8 year old son a fuging Puerto Rican looking little dirt fuger. Not to mention all the other disgusting racist comments she has made.

      I’m sure Elissa would LOVE for GM to win as well…. smh

    2. A handsome husband? Have you actually seen that old prune? Come on now lets be realistic. Oh & no way she getting America’s vote after she thought McPussy voted against Amanda. That showed us all what a dumb trash player she was & that production did everything for her!

        1. Yea simon, Not only did Andy convince McCrae that Elissa was the flipped vote, he was also able to convince Elissa that MCCRAE was the one the flipped.

            1. That’s what I’m saying Simon. Some people may not like it, but it’s his only way to make it to the end. He entered the house to win!!!

              Go Team Andy!!!

            2. Not sure Simon if being such a great liar will get Andy the votes he needs from the jury to win the game. McCrea should go this week. So Helen, Elissa, Amanda, McCrea and Aaryn will see Andy’s lying more of a betrayal rather than game play.

            3. Simon, I think after 70+ days of a floating liar like Andy, you figure some the house guests can put one and one together, and easily expose Andy for what a rat he truly is. I think it’s more of the game full of idiots that made Andy last this long. any one with a sense of game play would of eliminated this rat floater weeks ago. the funniest lie Andy tries to convince himself everyday is, he believes he’s more of a power player than a floater.

      1. Andy told Elissa on her way out the door that McLazy did not vote for Amanda. More of the rat’s lies to cover his butt. A better word for Rat Andy is maggot.

    3. Just saying Spencer, looking at another man’s wife sexually is adultery. And just saying, Spencer you’ve got the wrong game show. This show isn’t about who can make your dick hard. And McCrae, it is not the dating game.

  8. These guys are so classless!! It almost makes me feel bad for my fellow genderers. Spencer…STFU already you useless POS!!

    1. STFU bbad just came on, and we get to watch Andy, put away
      the fu*~in dishes!! ZZZZZZzzzzz Now he is sitting at the
      table, looking at the wall of photos and playing cards, by himself!
      It has only been ten minutes Oops! commercial already!!
      WTF So glad I don’t pay for fu*#in…..feeds!!
      This is bullsh!t – people!!
      WTF Do something………zzzzzzzzz!! snoring!

    2. Ding, Ding,Ding, you are correct… watching Andy stare at a wall for the last 35 mins. This is going to be a lonnnnnnnng last few weeks.

  9. You know. I sometimes get disappointed in those who make it to the finals. But this group is unbelievable. They won, they got her out and they still talk about her. They are vile. Spencer makes my skin crawl. And Andy, should be ashamed he puts up with that disgusting trash.

  10. Basically this is what he exterminators is: All the biggest floaters coming together and making a big floater alliance! Because they all know NONE of them could ever beat an ACTUAL gameplayer!

    1. I have to disagree that GM is a floater this season. She’s competed well and won things. I don’t like her as a person but she stands behind her noms at least and doesn’t back pedal.

    2. Dude, all of the Exterminators were playing the game, you just don’t like how they did it.

      Spencer is a pig, but he’s smart (dude’s an engineer, he has to be), and probably can read people the best in the house. When Howard was evicted, Spencer knew he had to play dead and he did. The dude was nominated 7 times, and Amanda could have gotten rid of him at any point, but instead chose to evict worthless players like Candice and Jessie. At the same time, he ingratiated himself with Andy, and waited to make a move.

      J u double D is a charmer, even I thought he might have flipped when he told Amanda he might keep her. He is good at playing all sides, and Elissa was sure that Judd had her back before she herself was Judd’d out the door. Dude’s planning on getting his real estate license, and im sure he’ll be selling houses right and left. he’s THAT likable.

      GM is a beast, she’s pretty repulsive herself, but she’s probably the top competitor remaining. Even if all of the boys gang up on her, she might be able to win her way to the F2.

      Andy Andy Andy, he’s a snake, but IMO, after tonight, he deserves the 500K. I thought his plan to frame Elissa for Amanda’s eviction was ridiculous, but he managed to pull it off, I don’t know if it is because his public speaking knowledge helps him persuade, or just because he’s gay, which make people think he is harmless. At this point, I think his path to the F2 is considerably clearer, but I don’t think he’ll win, because there will be A LOT of bitter jurors (especially in this group of mentally unstable HGs).

        1. the only good thing that happened tonight was assurance rat bastard will not win the game. how do i know this? 2 people are now going to jury who will be campaigning against him. and there will already be one there who thought that already in helen. willing to bet jessie wont vote for him either the way he fucked her over when he got lucky enough to win HOH.

          not to mention, everyone left is dumb enough to think jury loves rat bastard andy and after mcpussy, he’ll be the top target of the remaining 4.

          finally, if/when i make a comment here i’m going to end it the same way. vote elissa for america’s favorite if only to piss off those 4 pussy ass’d guys left in the house (in everyday life and else where on the internet i never cuss, but thats how much i hate all the remaining HGs)

  11. I think that everyone should make sure to vote for Elissa as Americas player just to see these undesirable people who don’t deserve to be there squirm!

      1. I like Elissa but she was not a very good game player. She thought McCrae voted against Amanda instead of Andy? smh

        But even though I like Elissa I’m giving my vote to someone whose life would be helped greatly by 25k. I’m undecided, but I’m leaning towards Jesse or Howard at this point. They really need the money more than Elissa. But I know Rachel fans will make sure Elissa wins it anyway.

        1. I think she was just tired when she was talking to Julie. Back-to-back HOH and veto competitions probably wore her out. I think she was just confused. Once she gets to jury, Amanda will tell Elissa that it was Andy not McCrae who voted her out.

          1. Too bad Amanda won’t get a chance to tell Elissa it was Rat face Andy that voted for her. The jury is not allowed to talk game. It makes sense cause they will start fighting. My guess is, if Andy makes final 2, they will vote for him to win. At first, they will be like, I thought he was harmless, then he got me good. They will get over his betrayal and vote for him because of his good social game.

            Rat face Andy made Mcranda strong by feeding them information. McCrae is lost now that Andy turned against Him. Rat face also mastered the art of popping into everyone’s conversations and he must continue it to make final 2. He had the best timing of any player the lucky bastard! I hate everything about him accept his controlling game moves.

    1. Elissa a player?? When did this happen?? Im waiting to hear that she went straight home like she said she wud do REPEATEDLY! Player?? LMAO!

    2. Omg! Spencer said many nasty things about Elissa.
      Judd is just as bad as the pervert shithead.
      Andy is the gay, that is a whiner not a winner.
      We should not vote for any of them. McCrae and GinaMarie final 2. G M will win $500k! Amanda messed it up for him.

      1. At the beginning of the season, I didn’t think for a second that GM would make it to the final 6. Now, it’s looking more and more like she could win the whole game.

  12. The remaining hamsters are so gross. See you all next year. I physically can’t take these people anymore. So sad Elissa is gone. McCrae is just as dumb as I thought. Raspberries at all of these gross people left. Pffftt

    1. Elissa is the only one who got up and did exercise and cleaning and gave people something to watch before 4 p.m every day….now what, bed bugs, cockroaches, perverts, all sleeping all day. Wow, boggles the mind that the most exciting part of the game just got so dull.

  13. Elissa isn’t even there anymore and they are STILL bashing her. I hope she wins Americas favorite as a big F*** YOU to these idiots left in the house.

    1. I think none of them were ever sure where Elissa stood with anyone else, so they were afraid to bash her too much. Now she’s gone and so they are unleashing all their negative feelings about her. It’s a cleansing session…..

    2. The only people who deserve that $25,000 are: Elissa, Jessie, Candice, Howard….and maybe Helen….(because she played so hard).

    3. I think this is just release of pent up frustration with Elissa’s batshit crazy unpredictable moves & having to keep their blindside secret all week. (A lot like some of the people venting on this site)

    4. Spenser is playing Andy! If they get to final 2, he will sh!t
      in Andy’s bed. It’s a hillbilly thang! Hogs as house pets! duh

  14. I wonder if CBS felt that – the sound of the remaining 5 mililon viewers changing the channel.

    Boy, are they ever going to take a beating now. Ratings were going down anyways but who in their right minds is going to tune in with a final 5 made up of these extras.

    Could this result in this being the final season of BB. What a shame.

      1. It’s so obvious who is new to Big Brother after awhile.

        There are people like you guys every year shouting the end of Big Brother and CBS. You have no idea what you are talking about.

        Those of us that have been loyal to BB for years know what this game is really about…and we may not be as loud and incessant as the rest of you, but we are pleased with what happened tonight, and we will continue watching-this season and every other.

        1. Man I agree. AMANDA IS GONE!!!! And so what Elissa is too. She should have won the veto. Don’t know why everyone is crying, but i’m pretty f*cking stoked!!!

    1. Viewership will definitely take a dive now that Amanda and Elissa have been evicted. CBS and production are smart. If either Amanda or Elissa had won the season, all that talk of the show being fixed would be proven true and ratings and viewership would take a huge hit. I don’t think we have much to look forward to. The Exterminators will turn on each other until 2 are left standing…and that will be that.

    2. I seriously doubt it – most people only see the live shows & will continue watching & my guess is all the publicity this year will result in MORE viewers next year. Y’all will get over it & be back next year if not tomorrow

  15. Spencer says F**K YOU BITCH! I HATE YOU! Spencer says Elissa did not get my d**k hard at all! I would not f**k her! I did not find her sexually attractive at all. McCrae agrees. Andy says I strangely agree too.

    What a classy group of guys.

    1. Please we all know that she would never make Andy,s d-ck hard, Du gay. We all know she would never make Spencers d-ck, another du. she not 5 years old! Judd well lets see, you are one weird f-cker, but at least you had the courtesy to hug her, but I think that wAS JUST BECUASE YOU FELT GUILTY FOR NOT HUGGING HER WHEN YOU LEFT. Gm I am ashamed of you! you talk shit about her and she was kind enough to do your hair 2 times. She was right, you have no class! And Mcpussy, well what can I say, youo blew it with your hated. Jury for you next week. I wish they would just en d the game. Or better yet let America vote the winner. You all would not have a chance. It would be a toss up between Amanda and Elissa. How does it feel that America hates you all!

    2. Exterminators are DONE! Bug man is happy!
      Off to the jury house, got a complaint call.
      Amanda’s stinky suitcase found, full of
      cockroaches and ants.

    3. Richard, are you really taking pride in what Andy’s doing because he’s a fellow gay man? Don’t you have any better gay person to root for on TV? It’s like me rooting for Kanye West or Chima just because they’re black. Seriously, I think you can do better! Andy isn’t helping the gay cause AT ALL.

  16. Where’s Capt. Wedgie? I want to hear how the Andy blindside he’s been talking about incessantly for the last few days went.

    1. Not to be rude, but he and several others has been wound up way too tight this week-and his comments about Andy have been venomous. He’s likely having a meltdown with the rest of the Brenchel Army.


      Seriously, many of us weren’t happy when Rachel won you know. We sucked it up, and accepted the fact that some things in life don’t go our way…

      1. Funny I was scrolling down through the comments to say pretty much the same thing. What a bunch of crybabies the Brenchel army are being, AGAIN! Sure Andy may be a rat but he’s STILL IN THE HOUSE…………..he’s outplayed and manipulated everyone in or on the way to that jury house and played a brilliant game so just get over it! I’m sure there’ll be another sack of silocone and botox for everyone to rally around next year.

        1. Are you not able to grasp simple concepts? You think everyone that’s a fan of Elissa is part of this Brenchel Army? LOL No. I didn’t even know what that was until a few weeks ago. It’s very simple, Elissa was the only HG left that wasn’t a piece of trash. I’m sure that most “Elissa fans” feel the same. There may be some that like her because of her sister, but not all.

  17. So can’t stand hearing GM talk. It’s killing me! I really hope the guys want to get her out next. I figure that none of them want to enter the den of women in the jury. Besides GM is good at those endurance comps & would probably beat all of the boys if she made it to final 2. I think none of the guys have done much to make either stand out more than another.
    Just hope GM or Andy don’t win HOH so they can be put on the block. If the exterminators stay together then McCrae better watch out. I hope the HOH or POV is a punishment one & that GM takes a vow of silence for 24-36-48 hours just so I don’t have to hear her mouth. LOL!!

  18. I think that everyone should make sure to vote for Elissa as Americas player just to see these undesirable people who don’t deserve to be there squirm!

    1. Well at least we can stop talking about Elissa’s RING!!! So upset with McCrae for wasting his H.O.H. He is totally CLUELESS!! G.M. is so sadly ignorant, Spencer is a pervert – so that just leaves Duh Judd & Rat Andy. What an awful choice!! I’m already missing Amanda & Elissa! Though I tend to like Judd over Andy, – Andy has played the “Better Game” than Judd. So sadly I’m saying, (And I mean EXTREMELY SADLY) – Andy for the win???!!!

  19. CONGRATS McCRAE!!! You Successfully got Elissa evicted the ONE GIRL who would have helped you get to the end AND the girls who actually voted to keep your Satanic Girlfriend!!! Can’t wait til Amanda rips you a new asshole for this one!! Ugh….This episode bothers me mainly because YET AGAIN the GINGER RAT has squeaked everyone’s plan to everybody and still finds safety in the Big Brother hole!! If he is not evicted Next Week…I’m done watching this show…JUSTICE has NOT been served. #IHateRaggedyRats!!

  20. The Exterminators have become one of my favorite alliances in BB history. Just look at all the salty bitterness they’ve caused from the cat ladies. Keep up the good work, guys! :)

    1. All of Rachel’s many minions are pissed. Production tried as best they could to meddle with the game this week, but Andy and the Exterminators prevented it from happening. Tonight couldn’t have been better.

  21. What to Julie calling Amanda out on all the ugly racist things she said this season, I d/n think that it was fair, Aaryn was not the only HG that said ugly things

    1. And neither was Amanda. There were plenty others that went out before Aaryn that didn’t get the third degree about things they said during the game. Heck – I could hardly tell you what I said this morning.

  22. So why does Judd think he deserves to have the BB experience but not Elissa? Why doesn’t she deserve to experience BB? How stupid is that comment! Because she had money? Idiot. Spencer is a pig. I can’t believe Judd and Spencer talks like that about people. They act like Elissa killed their best friend or something. It will be so boring now to watch. I don’t want ANYONE to win. Andy is the main one in there that is the LAST person I want to win.

    1. What am I missing???? They all are bashing Elissa, saying she’s psycho, thinks she’s better than everyone else, etc. I watch the live feeds and never saw any of that!! Elissa was the LEAST psycho of them all and just had certain morals that she didn’t care for all the cussing and disgusting things that they call women. They have the weirdest perception of themselves!!

    2. No, they ALL felt they deserved it more because she is the sister of a former player & the production pet. I don’t blame for feeling that way. It’s not really about her money despite the fact that she liked to advertise how much she has all the time (now that real classy). Truth is like her or not, having her there this season with that dumb MVP is what messed a lot of the season up.

  23. …was it me or did it seem like CBS squeezed in a few more commercials than usual.

    …that last interview with Elissa and Julie kinda shows Elissa is as dumb as a box of rocks…classy how she didn’t say goodbye to anyone on her way out.

    …Amanda is totally unlikeable. no doubt about that. Julie Chen was pretty soft on her.

  24. Unbelievable how this season is made up of people who spew soo much hatred and disgusting things behind people’s backs. That’s not how other seasons were played. I can’t wait till they all see that Elissa was pretty popular. Andy thinks “America” hates Elissa when in fact he is one of the most hated. And Spencer?? He’s just plain disgusting!

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but most people can’t stand Elissa the only idiots who would vote for her are the brenchal army space cadets

  25. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for the Joker, and believe me, she does look like the Joker in Batman movies, to win America’s favorite player ? She is plastic……..she is a phoney………….what has she done good ? Please tell me ! Also, this was the most exciting fun show to watch tonight ….out of all the 500 BB’s and I have watched them since day 1 ! ! !

    1. pattypoo, I understand why you feel that way,…. you have no class either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.when you have no class one can not figure it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. How disgusting are these people? First of all, Spencer… please do not talk about people not being sexually attractive. Secondly, I have never, in my life, heard so many grown men use the word “bi**h” and “c**t” and say “f**k you” about and to a woman before… and GM is just as bad. So was Amanda. There is game talk and strategy and then there is unnecessary personal attacks on people. It is disgusting to me. These people really act like they are in high school or that they are like the best thing that has happened to the world. This is why I am so torn about who I should cheer for going forward. McCrae and Judd are probably the most decent of the people left… but I just do not feel excited about any of them. None of these vile people deserve to win a half million dollars in my opinion.

  27. I can’t believe Elissa is gone. There is really no point in watching the show anymore. Andy is a rat bastard and I knew he would vote with The Exterminators. I’m glad that Amanda knows that Andy was the one that flipped. (I have a feeling that he will make it to final 2). McCrae was a fool for putting Elissa on the block. It is so obvious that there is a four person alliance in the house. McCrae will be the next to go. I actually hope he goes next. There is no one to root for anymore. I don’t really care who wins now.

  28. Don’t forget Gina is ( was ? ) a racist too! I don’t want a racist to win bb. Rooting for Judd now ( hate the floater spencer & rat Andy) .

    1. I was all for Judd too but after hearing him call Elissa the “c” word, telling her to stfu and calling the female bb producer a name I realized he’s just as big of trash as the rest of them. He needs to go back to the jury house where his sorry ass belongs.

  29. I am SOOO absolutely disgusted by tonight’s live eviction! There is absolutely NO ONE left to even WANT to root for! I don’t even
    Want to give kudos to these damn exterminator’s, but obviously the plan to tell Elissa and McPussy the other voted Amanda out
    Worked. I just can’t believe McRae even beloved it, especially after what Amanda said when she walked
    To the door. And of course, there is that waste of space RatAndy. I LOVE how he took his damn sweet
    Time during the veto, AND during HOH! He is trying so hard to get out of the game with NO blood on
    Hs hands. I SO wish I had been on that love audience to BOO him when Julie called on him for his vote the second time!
    Judd…..obviously held a grudge towards Elissa about his eviction, so he is an asshole as well! Honestly,
    I don’t even want to watch this show anymore. I don’t give a shit who wins at this point, but of course, come Sunday,
    I will be right there. UGH!!! I do look forward to a returning BB winner though! I HOPE it is Rachel and that
    Gives every one of them exactly what they deserve!!!

  30. well I am def done w/ this after seeing how all of them are talking about Elissa it is just disgusting. No way can I root for anyone who talks about a woman like that. I will be voting for E for Amerca’s player though. Oh well, I am self-employed & this season big brother is really cutting into my income-I have become addicted-so it is for the better! lol :)

  31. Andy deserves the 500K, there I said it.

    The absolute worst case scenario won the HOH, and all of the Exterminators slipped through and evicted McCrae’s biggest ally.

    Plus this, did anybody see Elissa’s interview? she was just as snowed as McCrae. Andy never was in danger tonight. Bravo dude.

  32. Truly disgusted.

    Remember when Judd came back and we thought he was actually going to play a good game and be someone to root for? J-U-Double Dumb is a complete asshole. He falls right back into his place of being a DB just like the rest of these guys. Elissa leaves and these grown men go on and on about how awful she was, but not by using actual reasons..just by derogatory names and effing b…effing b blah blah blah. I would be completely ashamed of these people if I knew them in real life.

    Final Five FAIL.

  33. I was super excited about tonight’s show!! I am ticked off that Julie didn’t mention anything about Amanda’s racist comments. Julie drilled Aaryn as she should have but she should have drilled Amanda, too. (Mad red face).

  34. Why the hell do people still like Judd, I dont get it? Anyways this season has gone down the drain officially. Hopefully we’ll see a “family twist” soon in the future so Elissa and Rachel can kick ass.

  35. Really Spencer? We all know you are not attracted to the big girls. Is the no way you could be anything but a pig? Andy, really? we all know you are not attracted to any girls. Must you always feel the need to brown nose to any statement to stay in the majority?

    Does not anyone in that house have even one iota of social play w/o degrading each other or their kin, or next of kin. Which reminds me, Marilyn, how are you holding up? You must be deflating w/o your Spencer around.

    1. really no surprise, Andy always wears a brown streak on his nose, after all he always has his nose pushed up some guys ass! go figure!

      1. Congrats. You have proven yourself every bit as classless as the house guests you are bashing, as well as a hypocritical homophobe.

  36. I have been a Big Brother super fan since season1, and have watched every episode. But for this season I am done. The remaining houseguest
    are talking so vile and disgusting about Elissa that I can’t watch any more. Seems like Big Brother would tell them to stop. I don’t remember there being a cast before where the F word is every other word out of their mouths, all except Elissa. Judd was one of my favorites, but not any more. They all hugged Amanda, but not one person hugged Elissa. They are disgusting!!!

    1. Stop twisting everything around to make Elissa look good. Elissa did not hug THEM!! Rewatch it! She avoided every one of them. God forbid she wud have to touch these lower class people considering she married money, what a year ago!

  37. So what is left is all the vulgar sick disgusting pigs. Wow. NOW they can say what they want since Elissa is gone? What were they saying before – – all nice kinds words? What a group of losers. Ginamarie looked like a complete fool the way she put on Nick’s hat acting all hoodrat, classy. She reminds me of the type who “fake it till they make it” and then are exposed for being an incompetent idiot.

  38. The numerous morons who’ve been talking about a “rigged” game all year can start typing their apologies to CBS below. Thanks, idiots.

    1. well they could not very well let Amanda or Elissa win. After all Everyone has been calling foul for weeks. my self included. I am sure production let them know it wasn’t going to happen. what is unfair is production set them both up for a fall. Even Judd knew that. why do you think he call the woman in the diary room a bitch. why do you think he flip off the ghosts in production off. Or did you all miss that!

  39. Well I unistalled my App from this sight and I am so happy I waited till tonight to decide whether or not to get live feeds, the people left are just too boring and there mouths are just spewing out garbage…But thanks guys for making the last few weeks interesting on here, enjoyed reading the live feed and comments. My son should go on that show and keep it real..:)

  40. Great job CBS, you could not have gotten a more disgusting and vile group of people. Your days are numbered. You turned this show into a rigged season of racists, sexists, vulgarness, stupididty, homophobes, perverts and psycho just downright ignorant people. Your best bet is to just give the money to charity. None of those hateful ass morons deserve a half a million dollars. Kiss your ratings and this fake ass show goodbye, we are not fooled any longer. BB15…..RIP

    1. I get why you don’t like the final 5, Im disappointed too. But how can you now possibly say it is rigged?? Theres no way in the world cbs would rig it to get to this group of boring floater fuckstix. Mccrae for th win, yo!

      1. Well Helen blatantly getting pushed off was enough for me to see. Has CBS come up with a bullshit eccuse for that yet?? It’s rigged by picking friends of producers, tv star and actor wanabees, models and the token gay man, one or two black people and an Asian, and a so called super fan or two. Where’s the cast the show promises, the normal everyday melting pot of people?? It’s this same ole every year, except they must have forgotten to perform the psych evals. Nobody can deny that this was by FAR the worst group of people ever picked for this show. Fire the screeners and producers and pick ordinary, and Sane, peop. Nice people can win this game, Jordan was the best ever, so find them CBS, or else we will stop watching this garbage. Bye bye ratings.

  41. These men are our future! Going to hell in a hand basket! You make your mom’s proud boys! I would slap my daughters if they brought home any of these idiots!

  42. I had to stop listening to these horrible men trash talk someone who wasn’t even there. McRae was kinda quiet. I think he suspects his badly he messed up. It looked Judd was in his ear just before the nominations. If he doesn’t know he sure will they put him up tomorrow!!

  43. Well at least we can stop talking about Elissa’s ring!! So upset with McCrae for wasting his H.O.H. He is totally clueless!! G.M. is sadly so ignorant, Spencer is a pervert – so that just leaves Duh Judd & Rat Andy. What an awful choice! I’m already missing Amanda & Elissa! Though I tend to like Judd over Andy, Andy has played the “Better Game” than Judd. So sadly I’m saying (VERY SADLY) Andy for the win???!!!

  44. Wow what a bunch of classless clowns. The way the talk about Ellissa is aweful. Spencer is the worst. I’ve lost all respect for judd. What these clowns don’t know is Ellissa is the most liked and most likely will win americas player. So will spencer be all talk or will he take a crap on stage. I say he will chicken out just like his game.

  45. 3 WAY TIE as to what I loved seeing best tonight!!! #1 Amanda walking her big mouth, flat nasty ass out the door by THE VERY VOTE She claimed GinaF***ingMarie Would not have! HAHAHA! #2 Elissa walking her stuck up, no game playing, yoga flipping, mmmm hmmmm, can’t string a sentence together without every other word being “like” “disgusting” or “amaaaazing” I’m too rich to be here, OUT THE DOOR! OR #3, seeing all the Cat People crying about their fake ass Elissa leaving & nothing being left in the house but crud?!?? They have all played this game & f*** anyone that don’t like the remaining HG! The MVP screwed a lot up at the beginning, & I can’t wait til Elissa & Amanda both find out America was MVP for those 3 weeks cause both of em thought they were just so loved & America would not dare put them up…..Julie didn’t call Amanda out on her hateful racist remarks she made all season so she need not say anything to GM either! If CBS is ok with all the crap Amanda spewed all summer then they can’t say shit about the rest of em & if I was Aaryns parents I would be all over this wanting to know why Aaryn was made poster girl for racist remarks when Amanda has said a lot worse than Aaryn did…there’s a 3 or 4 minute video of Amanda talking about how much she hates just Asians! oh well, good riddance Amanda & Elissa….JU DOUBLE D PARTY Daughtery FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. if there is any consolation to this all, Elissa, Judd, and Howard are at the tippity top of the informal onsite America’s Player poll here!!!
    Helen is then next at 4.5% behind Howard’s 8.5% as we surmise CBS won’t do what 14% of us want, namely donating the $25,ooo
    directly to a charity. Should we create a new online poll here on whether Spencer is 100% hot air or actually able to keep his word?

  47. Best episode this season! I don’t know why people think Elissa was such an amazing player when the DR spoon-fed her most of the time

      1. Well considering it’s my first comment I made about her all season, don’t think so..you must be thinking of someone else, sorry I didn’t put my real name lol people get crazy over this show.. It’s a GAME.

    1. Hey Tomasa, Just wanted to let you know I love the sound of your name. Your comments aren’t bad either. Don’t worry, my name is not Amanda. So you can breathe easy.

  48. I just need to use this space to say I hate Andy the sniveling rat!!!!!

    As for what I feel about the remaining…. living organisms in the house:

    Andy: he’s so lucky to still be there. McCrae should have put him up over Elissa. He’s in great shape, but he’s going to have to win the Final HoH because nobody else would be smart to take him. Hate him.

    GM: repulsive wench. Should probably only beat Spencer in the F2.

    Spencer: needs a muzzle. Cocky for no reason. Has no shot to win unless he goes on a major comp run.

    Judd: I’ve liked him for the whole season. Don’t like him aligning with the above three floating pieces of nothing. I would personally have a hard time giving him the grand prize since he is on his 2nd chance.

    MC: I’ve liked him as well. Very irritated he didn’t nominate Andy. I can live with him or Judd winning. Not any of the other three.

  49. What a waste of my time this season, nothing but floaters left and they think they have done so much, only McCrae and GM have done anything in this game, Spencer for America’s player I think not, the way him and the other talk about woman is just not right he is an asshole, other than Mccrae I wouldn’t want anyone to win this season, None of them at all and only McCrae because I actually like him somewhat. I thought I may have wanted GM to win, but no she is a bigot and a racist! so give the money to charity and I will be happy! Glad to see Amanda leave, that was a highlight of this game! and one last thing I can’t wait till Andy gets his the little redheaded rat!

  50. i hate this show im pissed off spencer talking about elssia like that is wrong

    macre why did you do that you turn your back on us fans in im no to happy i was going for you too

    when amanda left she said andy trun on her in you sill bleam elssia you suck go home

    im pissed off

    by the way spencer andy judd ginamire we all think you are shit

    macre see you in the jury house this week i cant waite to amanda tell you it was andy that vote her out in elssia vote her to say
    i guess since ginamrie wanted nick in mcrea couldnt have her i guess andy is the new amanda to mcrea what a joke

  51. They are all vile and disgusting pigs. If this is the “lot” that CBS wishes to “manipulate” for a BB season, I will find other programs to watch. As a Canadian I must say that BB Canada was far superior! YAY Canada!

  52. America’s Favorite should go to either Andy or Helen, it was their ingenuity that got McCranda this far, without them, they would’ve been gone long time ago. They clearly did the most work of all 16 HGs. if you deny that, you’re just lying to yourself.

    1. It’s not called “who did the most work award”, it’s called Americas favorite player, two totally diferent things. Howard made the least nasty comments about people, and to most viewers Elissa as well. I’d like to see Elissa win it just to see all the faces of the nasty ass vulgar morons that sit around and talk cruel shit about her when she’s not even there to defend herself, that’s just plain trashy and all their parents must be so proud to know that they did not teach their kids integrity, respect, kindess or manners, or any descent behavioral traits whatsoever. It’s not Americas nicest either, but wanting to vote Andy or Helen cause they played hatd in your opinion, well that’s your choice, but I tend to believe most good people in America would rather the person with the most values win it, and that is teally only Elissa and Howard.

  53. Why Amanda was not called out on all the mess she said, maybe she really is friends with the producers???????????????????????????????

  54. If your rage level is a 9 or 10 because Elissa is gone then now is a great time to take a evening walk.. Take a deep breath enjoy some fresh air.. relax it’s just a TV show. If you hate the people that are left in the game no biggie let us know but also be considerate of the fans that do like some of the people that are left in the game. No need to get nasty we’re all Big Brother fans.

  55. So here we go with the Circle Jerk Alliance that all you dumbasses have been wanting. Misogynists gone wild! ! told you Judd & Spencer were women-hating punks. Now we get 2 weeks of pure adolescent masturbatory slimeball FUN. Gina thinks she can pass as “one of the guys.” What a stupid person she is. She will go next , then the 4 guys can RELAX and compare penises. I’m surprised Judd or Spencer didn’t shit in Elissa’s bag’. Here are your heroes, folks! ENJOY!

  56. I like the fact that Elissa did’nt really acknowledge these losers on the way out. I think that pissed off Spencer to no end. That she just sailed by him. He’a fat, goober.

  57. Enough with the “Elissa didn’t deserve to be there”. Judd, you are an a-hole. Actually – all of “yous guys” are a-holes.
    As much as I didn’t like veterans returning to the game, I have to say that the last two seasons were head and shoulders above this year. Would love to have Julie tell the winner and runner up – sorry, for failure to be a decent human being, CBS has decided you forfeit the prize money….we will however award America’s favorite – Elissa!

    1. I’m rooting for him!

      Finally, the mind control and production’s stranglehold over this season has been broken!

      1. Now, now, judging by your behavior over a television show…do you really think people would describe you in much better terms?

        Also, spell check, it’s your friend.

  58. A man calling another man’s wife and somebody’s mom a bitch publicly , now that’s just too below the belt. Well, what would you expect from a pervert like spencer. Stupid MC doesn’t know he’s next to leave. To be frank I don’t really want anyone of them to win but one has to win. It’s so unfair how they are insulting Elissa and how they are throwing her stuff like its trash. What did she really do to them to deserve all these. Nothing.

  59. Elissa will have no problem getting America’s vote…absolutely shameful they are still bullying her…and she isn’t even there…I am very disgusted at this point…

  60. YES! Andy survived McCrae’s HoH! He may be a rat, but he is the Rat King!

    JUDD didn’t save Elissa! Vindication! She so DID know about Judd’s fate on double eviction. Liar!

    I have two new favorite players!

  61. What kind of families do these people come from? Spencer is truly the vilest creature ever. Can you imagine Elissa “wanting” him in any way? And Judd, I thought more of you, you tell Elissa that you love her and will miss her when he leaves and then talk filthy about her. What is all this filthy talk? I that how people act and talk? I don’t know anyone like that. What a comment on our society. Like I always say, do unto others, boy do these people have it coming to them.

  62. I am relieved to be done with this season. Just cannot listen to the unending filth that comes from these people. I am surprised CBS has looked the other way during all of this. They are no better than the vermin left in the house.

  63. Loved seeing Amanda leave, hated to see Andy stay, but was totally PISSED that Amanda didn’t get held to the same standard as Aaryn . Aaryn got what she deserved but it was on national TV her parents are probably beyond pissed that she got all the credit and Amanda got NOTHING. And Spencer saying “now we can say what we want” are you kidding me that what these idiots have been doing all season, how can it possibly be worse !!

  64. Don’t know about you guys but those five are the LAST people I’d want packing my bags. Ugh.

    So disgusted by everyone left. I hope the table wins the 500k.

  65. i hope elissa wins americas hg choice just to piss of the houseguest left. mccrea is dumb for not putting up andy and gm elissa was the only one who would have your back in the house and see the elissa voted for spencer not amanda and that it was andy. these hg are so mean elissa isnt a bitch she maybe annoying but she is not a bitch. elissa deserves to be on the show just like the rest of them who cares if her sister was rachel they are two different people and im voting for elissa for hg choice because she was one of the few likable houseguests and i would rather have amanda even though i didnt like her in the house with elissa then spencer andy or gm. personally these last five houseguest are probably the most unlikable houseguests.

  66. This has got to be the worst final 5 ever….nobody deserves to win it…they’re all vile and disgusting human beings, especially Spencer, GM & Judd….and yeah Ratboy you ARE a floater!

  67. Poor Elissa……. I seriously will not be watching anymore, it’s sucks it’s between a pervertsuspected child abuser- spence, a racist special needs hater-GM, a woman hating beating fugly fire crotch-Andy, a spineless idiot Judd who is also a woman hater and abuser, and the bit(7 McRae….. No decent winner this year.

  68. Its one thing to put someone down that isn’t there to defend themselves but to threatened to ruin a persons belongings is another thing totally…When is Big Brother going to step in and stop this crap..No wonder Elissa wanted to take her things with her. Spencer is so vile and Andy is nothing but a backstabbing worm..None of them deserve to win BB…so angry at these idoits!!!

  69. Gonna root for Judd just because he is the lesser of evil, he actually has tried to stop a lot of the shit being said, just wish the old Judd would come back .

  70. Oh sweet, Amanda just realized she isn’t tHat well liked, her reception was about as virile as Aaryns. I loved it when Julie said ‘you don’t seem to have any filters! all that’s left are boring losers – can’t feel like cheering for any of them. Julie said a former houseguest will be coming into the house, please let it be Rachel.

  71. I wish CBS would create a show “My Life After Big Brother” so we could watch all the gross pigs lose their jobs,relationships, homes, etc.. Sorry CBS, no more After Dark for me!!!

    1. They did it’s called” Americas Most Wanted” or maybe “Cops” but I agree will def be checking Google for any information on them after it’s over !!

  72. Bro’s before ho’s. Boys will always stick together, girls will fight among themselves. After next week it will be four boys in the BB house, five girls in the jury house.

  73. McCrae and GM have worse odds. Either win comps or go home. Whats then left is pathetic. The 3 guys I like the least. What a let down. A few days of excitement was all we’ll get the season of BB.

    Long ago, there was a board game called “Mystery Date.” You “opened the door for your mystery date” which would be a picture that was either one of several good looking guys or “the Dud.” That’s how this seasons going to end. The final player out the door will be “the Dud.” Doesn’t matter if its Spencer, Rat or Judd. They are all “the Dud.” UGH!

  74. Sooo…out of the remaining HGs, I WAS thinking that maybe I’d root for Spencer, but he’s managed to reach a whole new level of jerkiness in the past hour that there’s no way I can pull for such a total tool. On to the lesser of the evils it is, then! Go Andy, you little wonder weasel, go. Whoo-hoo. Yay. :/

  75. As a guy, I’m appalled by how those guys treat women. Even if Elissa gets on their nerves, nothing justify the way they talk about her. Spencer is so ridiculous: “she never got my d*ck h*rd.” “I’d never f*ck that b*tch.” Is he for real? Lucky him that he found someone merciful to actually HAVE some sex with him! Poor Marylin! Besides being gross, he’s a misogynist, and his girl kisses that mouth. Dang!

    I’m really disappointed at Judd. For real… So much for a clean slate… voted on Elissa. And promised to have her back. What a c*nt!

    Even though I don’t like McCrae, I’d rather have him win BB now… GM is another racist, Andy is a rat and this season’s real flipflopper, Judd should have been double evicted for his lack of loyalty, and Spencer… ugh… is there ANYBODY out there besides his family that roots for him?

    1. At the end of the show Julie mentioned a past winner will be coming. I hope it’s Rachel to stir up some shit and out some of these idiots.

  76. Well, I’m glad that is OVER. And now we are left with a bunch of vulgar talking scumbags. In my opinion, if anybody finds this group remotely interesting, worthwhile as decent human beings, morally upright, worthy of $500K – people who you would want to hire to work for you, or live next to you, or have any other kind of relationship with, or have marry your son or daughter – well, I wouldn’t want to know you. If I had a pizza delivered by a filthy bum-looking guy like MC, I’d close the door and open a can of soup. If this group, in total, is a reflection of the trash that sells, and represents the direction of the culture of this country, we are all doomed. People are miserable and dying around the world from hunger, disease, war, etc., and we have a jerk saying he is going to pull down his pants and shit on the stage if something doesn’t work out to his liking. He is a terrible representative of the great union workers we have had in this country, and he should be fired as soon as he returns to work from his sleazy leave of absence. And as far as rat face goes, I know a lot of normal looking, talking, and acting gay people. Can’t you do better CBS? All we get are stereotypes and clichés. A freak show! Anyway, I don’t mean to offend any of the great people I’ve met here. I appreciate and have enjoyed all the narratives and comments. But I have BB fatigue and for me this is over and out for good – right now. And, I will not be tuning in next year – I couldn’t stomach getting hooked on another summer of garbage. I’m ashamed of myself. Godspeed everyone.

  77. I hate it elyssa is gone!! Everyone left hasn’t done anything in this game then talk the rudest about others then any other bb in history and floated to the end!!! Spencer n gm are racists and shouldn’t be allowed on tv. Andy is the biggest backstabbing rat ever on bb. Judd talks horribly about women and needs a bar of soap in his mouth. McRea just floated under Amanda.

  78. After Aaryn’s interview last week, I guess Julie Chen was told by CBS to do an impartial interview she was very soft on Amanda.Now it make’s it look like Aaryn was CBS’s scapegoat because Amanda and GM said thing’s that were by far way worse then what was said by Aaryn.

  79. Nothing left to watch now, vote for Elissa America’s Favorite and turn the channel. Send CBS a message that they need to screen their contestants better to avoid degenerates like this left in the game. Wasted enough of my time listening to this vial dialogue. Lowest of the low left..

  80. Best episode of the season. Finally, retribution for all the good players that left too soon.

    Hope Nick and the like were watching, and very pleased with the outcome. I’d rather have several other people who left before jury be in the final 5 right now, but at least the people who were ridiculously favored and given an advantage have been removed from the equation too.

  81. McCranda Drones Brenchel Drones, stop acting like Cat People, Amanda’s game was starting to fall soon as Helen left the house, and it died when Andy The Rat stopped sheeping, her game was buil;t on full-on intimidation, with no life-lines for herself for wasn’t she wasn’t in power, Elissa’s game never was, all she did was follow orders, Helen, Amanda, and Production were at her controls the entire summer, she never made one game decision on her own.


    1. I wish I could thumb this up 100 times. It’s a shame so many viewers are so emotional, and can’t see exactly why Amanda and Elissa were never going to win this game justly (ie, without massive production intervention).

  82. Spencer is the most disgusting, pathetic excuse for a man I have ever seen. Who does that fat f**k think he is? His hatred for women goes deep…..if there is a Marilyn…..I say run! On to another matter: do we have any hope at all Andy will be found out or are we past that at this point? I need a shot of whiskey to clear my head right now.

  83. Okay, I’m rooting for Judd and GM for final 2, BUT I have to admit Andy is playing one hell of a game. People can hate him and call him a rat, but you can’t deny he’s playing the hell out of the game.

  84. Oh, so now McCraes gonna play his own game now? go back to bed McCrae where you’ve been all summer, you’re gonna be exterminated next pizza boy, you can’t play in the next HOH so….

  85. “Spencer says if Elissa wins America’s Player I am going to pull my pants down and sh*t on the stage during the live show” Well Spencer get ready to do it.

    I can’t believe they let a woman hater and pedophile pack Elissa’s bags while cursing her. They should have done a lockdown and someone from BB staff pack her things. Who are these people??? Why all the hate???

  86. II can’t believe what happened !! Mc is a dumbass blinded by som. * i will vote for elissa as Americas fav e skank and a rat! Gm thinks shes a tough bitch, spencer is a perv, judd another dumbass!!! Not sure who I’ll root for as the remaining hg suck! U will vote for elissa as Americas fav just so i can see Spencer forfeit pulling down his nasty pants, yeah spenperv bliss didnt want your needle dick ..as if!!! Disgusting! Ugh

  87. Spencer wishes Elissa would have sex with him. Elissa has to much class and wouldn’t sleep with low life trailer trash like him. Elissa is going to win America’s favorite so spencer put your money where your mouth is and get ready to drop your pants. If Spencer truly has a girlfriend named Marilyn, I feel sorry for her and if she has any respect for herself she would dump that racist raunchy vile disgusting trailer trash Spencer. And Andy you RAT stop making idle threats of shitting your pants and killing yourself, JUST DO IT, so we don’t have see your rainbow rat face anymore…..

  88. Everyone left sucks! They are foul mouth floaters n racist! I don’t wanna even watch anymore! None of them deserve to even be on the show let alone final 5! Boo bb15! Boo CBS! The ratings will definitely suck now!

  89. Might only tune in to see just how bad the kitchen gets now that Elissa isn’t cleaning it. GM may have a fit on those pigs.

  90. God Elissa is dumb. She put the wrong two people up in her nomination. Then she turned on the house making herself a target. Then she had MVP to save her from going home for the first few weeks, and sent the most unimportant people home. She is NOT America’s Player, though stupid people who have no clue how the game is played will vote for her. And I SWEAR TO GOD if she keeps coming back like her sister every season, I will shoot my TV.

  91. God Elissa is dumb. She put the wrong two people up in her nomination. Then she turned on the house making herself a target. Then she had MVP to save her from going home for the first few weeks, and sent the most unimportant people home. She is NOT America’s Player, though stupid people who have no clue how the game is played will vote for her. And I SWEAR TO GOD if she keeps coming back like her sister every season, I will shoot my TV.

  92. When are they going to show what’s going on in the jury house? The show it’s almost over and they have only showed it once , sucks!

    1. The jury is where all the excitement is now…that could be a show by itself…… those bitches will go crazy around each other… I want to sign up for those feeds

  93. I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against this seasons BB. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.

  94. Spencer is the vilest creature… no wait, ALL remaing in the house are the vilest. None of them deserve to win. I hope they choke on it. I just can’t watch this filth anymore.

  95. BB After Dark.
    McCrae sulks in bed.
    Andy Spencer and Judd talk about getting rid of GM
    Judd leaves the room
    Andy: OMG we HAVE to get rid of Judd next
    Spencer: absolutely Judd, McCrae and then GM

    Cunt, bitch, whore, blah blah blah pick a girl any girl’s name that is what they will be saying.. boring

    I wonder when GM is going to freak, because she evicted her hairstylist and those guys can’t die or fix her extensions.

    Tonight the most exciting part will be when McCrae stares out into space and then rolls over..set your DVRs now.

    The one good thing about tonight nobody can bitch about production rigging the game for Amanda or Elissa to win, that crap is all over at least.

  96. Poor Rachelissa fans all swearing they are done with BB cause Production wasnt able to feel Elissa information and tell her what to do during a LIVE show.

    Boo hoo..

    This is how it should of been all year and she would of been out the door in week #2

  97. Most of you people commenting are as bad or worse than the HG’s. telling them to die? Really? How about you eat shit, it’s a TV show. You don’t like it, don’t watch it, but don’t come onto a BB fan site and cryt it about not watching anymore. Just leave quietly, nobody will miss you. Buh bye

  98. Big Brother is not a popularity or a congeniality contest. It is a game of alliances, trust, lies, and manipulation.

    If you can’t accept that, you never should have been watching in the first place.

      1. wow, you people are so bitter and nasty sometimes.

        I didn’t say you can’t have an opinion, Mr. Hateful. I said that’s what the game is about. It’s a fact. Google Julie Chen’s interviews about how SHE

    1. Nick, you say, “Big Brother is not a popularity or a congeniality contest. It is a game of alliances, trust, lies, and manipulation.” —–Tell the players that. For those of us who’ve checked in on the live feeds all we’ve seen is the players criticizing each other’s personal lives and appearances and using vulgarities to do so. Where does it say BB players are to use every swear word there is? I mean, where does a woman’s yeast infection play into the “game”? Why do we need to know about players use of condoms? You get the picture. Or Spencer pen*s whipping Elissa’s photo? Where is that game play?

      1. Yes, many players this season (elissa included) played personal.

        Some players, personal comments aside, still managed to pull off incredible manipulations, backstabs, and secret alliances. Andy is at the top of my list of remaining house guests in those categories. Tonight accounting for a lot of the points he’s sure to work into his jury speech.

        If you don’t like my answer that’s fine, go mope about it all you like. I didn’t owe you an explanation and I’m not wasting my night trying to win some random person on a message board over. Seriously, it’s a game show. You all act like you’ve been done this great injustice-as if the rest of us weren’t suffering through Jordan Lloyd and Rachel’s wins. Get over it! A television program should not affect you personally!

  99. CBS needs to let Elissa back in the house to gather her things before those A-holes sabatoge them. What jerks. If they vandalize her things that should be grounds for their eviction. Enough is enough with all this crap this season. They should evict Andy and Spencer for talking about wanting to hit Elissa. What low class individuals. And Andy needs to be fired from his job as an educator because he has set a poor example in that BB house. Who wants him representing their institution of learning or teaching their kids. I wouldn’t and I would complain if I found out he was my child’s speech teacher. He is delusional because he thinks America hates Elissa, but America hates his rat ways.

  100. Real class act that Spencer is. “…shit on the stage.” If he wins anything at all it is a travesty to say the least. CBS has played a hand in demolishing the BB fan base. RIP BB…

  101. Its funny how all u ppl sayin ur not gona watch again..yes u will people always say that yet they still watch n come on here…im sure some of u people arnt angels and so and say things u regret so dont st on ur high horse n look down on people…u bitch about andy being a rat he is playin the game…he must b doin something rite to still b there and not b a target for anyone

  102. so spencer pretty much wants to replicate his performances in competitions on finale night

    fair enough

    but elisa WILL win the fav. why? the rest of the votes will split, and Rachel fans will pull her through

    frankly she might be the only likable one, and I usually cannot stand the religious houseguest, but gosh, she was 100000000x better than any of the rest of them

  103. Sorry to see Elissa go. At least she made the show interesting by really playing the game. I and everyone I know will vote for her to become American Player. The double reward is how much it will piss off the bunch of two faced nasty dildo s left in the BB house… Expect the unexpected to be boring heading into the finals. Yawnnnnn

  104. how can people say things on this site like, “i hope andy/spencer dies” and then pretend they are above anyone in that house? It’s a game! Get some medication.

  105. Nobody cares that Brenchel fans are going to spam America’s Favorite with votes for Elissa. The only thing people will remember is that she came in 6th place and was responsible for some of the worst HOH nominations in the history of the show.

  106. They should sit down every HG left and show them a video of themselves being hateful and cursing at others. Then they’ll say, the person with the shortest video wins the game. It will probably be McCrae.

  107. Good bye feeds. I just tuned in for a moment and Spencer was saying that he was going to come out every night and slap his d**k all over Elissa’s photo. That cinched it for me.

  108. Guys, come on. I am SUPER sad to see Elissa go. I was rooting fr her to win. At least the first half of the episode was good. Lol

    BUT, you can’t be mad if at first you claim the show is rigged for Amanda…or Elissa…whatever one you believed it was rigged for. And now upset that they went home. I always knew production interfered in some way with the show. It’s always been obvious. But it’s not completely rigged. That said, I thought FOR SURE that they wouldn’t let Amanda go. I can take it that Elissa went home, not upset….not saying I’m not gonna watch again…yadda yadda. It is what it is.

    What I DON’T like is the people left in the house. Just sucks. I hate Andy as much as the rest of you, BUT gotta give credit to him. He pulled off this move of making MC and Elissa believe the other went against Amanda. That is HUGE! His stupid plan worked. I cannot believe MC and Elissa are that dumb to fall for it. MC still believes he has Andy!!!!! INSANE. Andy’s game has been annoying to watch, but yet it goes to show that he’s doing something right. Being a rat in BB is not illegal.

    Just sucks now that the live feeds are gonna be boring. MC doesn’t talk, you can’t understand Judd, so we’re left with Gina and Andy talking all night! Gag.

    1. Just FYI: I posted that comment about game play only.

      On personal notes, they are all disgusting human beings…how they are currently trash talking Elissa. Wow, Spencer knows no bounds. Sick.

      1. That’s the problem viewers have to wade through so much trash to find any type of game play. Spencer hasn’t won squat. Until he opened his trashy mouth I was for him sliding up, but now NEVER! The live feeds show their true self. No integrity.

  109. First of all, let me say that you cant blame Mccrae for this. They all had an exact plan and they worked it to perfection after Amanda walked out. They all got in his head. And we don’t know what deals he cut with them since he cant play in hoh tonight.

    At any rate, I hate to say it but gucgin Andy is going to win this unless Mccrae goes on a huge comp tear, starting with Saturdays veto comp.

    And as for all of you crying about Julies interview with Amanda….Heres my double middle finger salute to ya!!!! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

    Like it or not, unless Mccrae somehow plows to th end, a true FLOATER pos will win the half mil. (for those of you that stick around to see it. lol)

  110. How do I cancel my live feed subscription? I absolutely don’t care who wins at this point and don’t care to watch these animals throwing around the c*** word repeatedly.

  111. We should all complain to Spencer’s train company about his disgusting verbal behavior towards women. He really should get fired.

    And the Wampus Cats from Conway (the t-shirt he wears all the time) are probably embarrassed by having Spencer wear the t-shirt.

    1. I think plenty of busy-body losers trying to insert themselves into the lives of the houseguests have already contacted Spencer’s employer. I think a better idea is the moment you feel compelled to invade the personal lives of any of the players, just quit watching.

    2. He’s with a union so not so easy. Chances are there are lots of chauvinists he works with where he gets his training anyhow.

  112. The level of hatred, that Spencer has towards women is astounding. I have never heard, or seen, anything like it in my life. His language, and threat to drop his pants on stage, is why I will be voing for Elissa as America’s Favorite Player. I sincerely hope she wins, just so I can see his, and rat boy’s, reactions!

    I must hand it to the rat, he has played one hell of a game. Typically, when someone tries to play all sides of the house, their number is up within a couple of weeks. However, ratboy just keeps on gliding through. Of course, I have to remember that this was the season of the idiot. I absolutely LOVED his oh sh*t face tonight, after Amanda said I trusted you. It was priceless!!

    For me, there aren’t many people left to pull for. It’s almost like an election, who is the lesser of the five evils.
    My bet is Andy for the win.
    My hope is Judd or GM for the win/final two.

  113. I can’t believe how disgusting these guys are. Spencer truly is vile and the worst of the bunch. I didn’t expect Andy to be so bad, or Judd, but they aren’t much better. I have no interest in staying up on this show now. Even Gina Marie has been a huge disappointment. I cant’ believe the language that comes out of their mouths especially Spencer knowing this is now all out there for the world to see. Maybe if he lost his job he’d think twice about his future.

  114. WOW…. not even worth watching anymore. We are stuck with 5 guys….. yes, GM is the most unlady of all the females with her NY streetwise talk…. she reminds me of a wannabee street boy. The rest of the show can be easily predicted…. Amanda wasn’t gone 10 minutes and McRae was a lost puppy and will be the next to be exterminated. He deserves it for getting Elissa out when he could have made a dent in the team of 4 who are after him.

  115. I love Elissa but she made the worst game move everrrr! What was this girl thinking, voting for Amanda ugh!! I hate everyone who is left In the house, I can’t believe one of them is gonna win big brother

  116. I guess there isnt anymore conspiracy theory that Amanda and Elissa were slated to win…I almost wish it were trueright about now!

    1. It was never rigged for Demanda at any point of the season.

      Elissa got a rigged MVP twist, rigged competitions, and info from the DR all year and still choked.

  117. BB house is full of floaters now. None of them deserve to be there. Was a spencer fan till I read the feeds, what a loser under that ugly red beard of his. Now I know why he has that ugly thing on his face so he can hide behind it. Really McCrae a pizza boy, I would have to give up pizza if he showed up at my door! House of losers, white trailer trash all of them!

  118. Does it make you feel good to sit at your computer and just complain and be ignorant in your comments. All you people talking trash about people in the house should look in the mirror cause if you read what you type you’ll see your no better than the people your calling names.

    1. So that was why DR “encouraged” Elissa to go with a plan to align with Amanda. She had nothing to lose so she may as well. I would have been fine with that if Elissa hadn’t come out of that house and said that McCrae must have voted to evict Amanda!!! Dingbat. You deserve to be outside of the house.

      So BB was celebrating their 500th episode and needed good numbers. They made us all think the game was going to change again because otherwise, we would have had the same this week as every other week. Oh, we know amanda is going. Amanda tries to bully to try to save her ass etc and the rest of the HGs just “pretend” they are going to keep her and blah blah blah. and then Amanda goes home.

      Wouldn’t exactly make for an exciting 500th episode.

  119. Say what you want about Amanda.. But I think she left with a lot of class tonight. She was blindsided and didn’t start anything. She wished everyone luck and went on her way. It was funny when she said “some of you don’t like me so much” (or something like that) I think deep down she’s a nice person.

    I can’t wait until Andy goes to Jury with Amanda and Elissa! He’ll have some explaining to do!

  120. Yeah Andy, I hope you going to the jury. I promise you that. I’m voting for Elissa as America favorite houseguest.

  121. This whole group has played too personal. It isn’t a game to them. How is wanting to destroy someone personal property a game move. Just pack Elissa’s bag and leave her alone.

  122. Everybody’s upset at the outcome??? Amanda is a loud mouth, racist, filthy bully and Elissa is a air-headed floater who tried to play the game too damn late. She floated just like Amanda, McWussy, and Spencer. She should have played her own game from the jump instead of listening to delusional, power hungry Helen. How stupid can she be and help take out people that wasn’t targeting her. She played a weak game and lost. Andy is playing the hardest because he’s in everybody’s ear and has great social game. I don’t think Andy is a rat. I think he knows how to play social as well as mind games. “Game” being the key-word here, where so many others played much too personally. Good riddens to Amanda and Elissa. Two self entitled freaks!! Final two: Andy and Gina Marie.

    1. Well said… and if Andy was working with Elissa everyone would love him.

      Rachelissa fans only see stuff through their rose colored glasses. Which is why when Elissa worked with Amanda they all warmed up to someone who was saying Racist, over the top comments.. bullying people all year.

  123. Well no more reason why to follow this season anymore. I hope it will be Gina Marie and Judd in the final 2 but I really don’t care at this point. Thanks Simon and Dawg for this awesome site for us to keep updated with. Be back to check on things next season

  124. Ok I admit it I was pissed when JUDD got voted out. I liked him before. He came back I was super excited. Now just pissed he’s different this time around. Ok so now I just vote that they give the $ to a charity none if the scumbags deserve the $. Sorry JUDD you shouldn’t have been such an ass the second time around.

    1. i think we all need to have an onsite online poll here as to whether spencer is as good as his word
      and a turd at the finale lands on CBS’s stage. 50/50 odds says Elissa could win America’s Player?
      if spencer keeps his word then a turd arrives. i think he is total hot air but he is brazen enough to…

  125. Leave it to Spenser to be vile, gross and disgusting. I wish these house guests would be called on their crap. Have Julie pass him a roll of toilet tissue and tell him to go for it or how many times did Homanduh say she would kill herself? Again an issue were suicide is taken so lightly considering today’s suicide rate. I have been saying since day 1 that Gina Marie is loud, rude and obnoxious. Yes she was entertaining at times like last night but she calls herself a lady? Please. These house guests are bragging and slapping each other on the back congratulating one another but they forget that in a few hours they won’t be so happy when 2 more go up on the block and let’s hope it is RATBOY Andy. The more I look at him the more he does resemble a rat. He is so hyper because he wants to fit in with the macho group, saying what he thinks they want to hear, cursing and swearing. Are they all that oblivious to his working both sides? Elissa tried to warn them but no one would listen. RATBOY is this years Ian and will win it all….I can see it now. Well there is no one I am hoping to win now so I truly can say big brother is done for me this season. See you all for BIG BROTHER CANADA which BTW begins auditions in Burnaby this weekend.

  126. Dudd is such a douche. He told Elissa as she was leaving “I love you Elissa” What a piece of garbage you are Dudd.

  127. The biggest floaters aligned at the right time. Even though Andy has been a rat the entire time he has played a good game.
    His plan worked.
    right down to making Elissa think Mccrae voted to evict Amanda. I do agree this group has the worst set of mouths that
    has ever been on BB. I have not like Spencer for a long time but throwing Elissa’s bag was uncalled for. I also lost repect
    for all of them by the way they continued to talk about Elissa. Hate is a very ugly word. May the best floater win. Except for Spencer.
    I hope they all regret how they acted and talked.

  128. I am so happy to see Amanda and Ellisa go. I could not stand either of them. This has gotta be one of the worst seasons and cast that I have ever watched.

  129. Ginamarie is a foul mouth cheap looking skank……Nick should be so proud…..bet he cant wait to plant one on her finale night….just like Spencer’s plastic blow up doll Marilyn

  130. Everyone in the exterminators are disgusting! They even rubbed off on Judd! Then you have Mcrea, who is a complete Moron! I hate them all! lol

  131. This season was full of a bunch of sh!$ bags, too bad Helen got all the decent players evicted. Perhaps CBS can redeem themselves next year and have a Big Brother’s America’s favorites All-stars…

  132. SEE?! Spencer is showing his true calling. He wants to wear Elissa’s underwear. You better watch out Andy and McCrae. (McCrae couldn’t beat him off with a baseball bat. He would collapse under the weight of it). Spencer is feeling frisky

  133. I have been a hugh big brother fan since the beginning. I am very disappointed with this season. Most of tje people were crappy. I can’t stand Gm. I can wait to laugh when she leaves the house only to find no job beacuse of here hateful
    Personally. We will have tje last laugh.

  134. Racist gone, Elissa’s dumbass gone, Bully gone…and now we are left with the floaters.

    As thy great Freddie Mercury once said…

    Goodbye everybody…I’ve got to go…gotta leave you all behind and face the truth….

  135. spencer and andy need to go. they have floated by and havent done anything but talk shit and put people down…and behind their backs. grow some balls andy and spencer!

  136. Haven’t read all the comments yet, but AG can suck my big hairy balls. Amanda was just as racist as Aaryn, and Julie did not grill her about any of her racist comments. Julie, I am truly dissapointed in your exit interview I’m surprised Amanda call you Chen Chong Face!!!!!!!!! I’m sure production has something to do with this as Amanda is their pet. Tonights episode was amazing!!!! Soooooooooooo happy Amanda and Elissa are gone.

    1. aaahhahahaha!!! loved it!! Sooo glad all you petty assed Amanda haters didn’t get your interview!!! And with Elissa leaving on th same night it makes ya Amanda-leaving victory all the more hollow!!! Suck on it.

  137. This is worse than when Jan won it. These people s*ck!

    AND….. TVG Channel stinks to heaven. Bring back Showtime!

    1. Agreed! TVGN sucks as much as this season’s cast1 I don’t know whose idea it was to switch from Showtime but it was a HUGE mistake!!

  138. I wish they had live feed camera in the jury house I’m sure it will be more interesting to see Amanda & Elissa walk in one right after the other & share with everyone what a rat Andy is! If he is final 2 I don’t think he will get the votes to win!

  139. Thumbs up if the Exterminators are one of the best alliances in BB history.

    Thumbs down if the Exterminators are one of the best alliances in BB history.

    Ignore this if the Exterminators are one of the best alliances in BB history.

    Reply to this if the Exterminators are one of the best alliances in BB history.

  140. So we have a new production called the Wizard of Odd?
    Rats and Snakes and Racists, “OH MY!!!”
    Featuring as Toto, the unintelligible Judd

    Too bad about Judd, I thought he was someone I could root for, but he is just a root and that can’t happen.

    They are all reveling in their self-congratulatory remarks, but
    EVERYTHING they say and do makes them less likeable. If you have the feeds, I do not need to explain.
    Gina, you think that that motely crew of mysogynists will keep you? They stood around while you “washed up” and didn’t offer to help. Spenser, not once but twice, has tried to push the guys into an alliance. I don’t like you but want you to win EVERYTHING and watch them cannibalize themselves. It won’t work out for you, but will be fun to see.

    1. This actually works. Spencer as the Tin-Man, McCrae as the Scarecrow, GM as the Lion, and Andy as Dorothy. And Elissa looks just like that green witch chick that gets melted by the water.

  141. I know you all don’t like Andy because of the lies and deceit, however, that is kind of the name of game. At least he isn’t racist, homophobic or been throwing out personal attacks.

  142. Elissa was right these people are disgusting can’t wait till finale when the two biggest pieces of crap find out they don’t have a job Spencer/GM

    I am rooting for clownie ftw after having to listen to all this hate full shit:-)

  143. Spencer’s over the top disgusting. Says he’s going to get up at night and whip his wiener across Elissa’s picture. Misogynist definition, a person who hates, dislikes, or mistreats women

  144. All I can say now is that Elissa will go on and live the fabulous life she has! GM will leave with no job, no money and NO NICK! Rat will hopefully leave in 3rd place, no job because no one wants him to teach them, and no money! Spencer will leave and continue to live his vile life all alone because we know there is no Marilyn. I have no choice but to hope for Judd to win the 50k and Mcrea to win it all. Only because someone has to win. I wish the jury could vote that no one gets the money and the money is donated to Elissa’s favorite charity…..with Elissa taking the 25k to spend on herself because of all the crap she had to take from these vile, nasty house guests! I can’t even call them people!!!!!

  145. What’s wrong with these poor excuses for men? Especially Spencer?

    Let’s send e-mails and letters to his employer, Union Pacific, to tell them that his disgusting words against women should not be tolerated. If they don’t fire him, I’ll guess Union Pacific condones this type of behavior against women.
    It’s not that he made a comment one day, like what he did with the child molestation statements, which was completely disgusting too. He keeps saying horrible comments against women over and over and over and over, well you get the point.

    1. It takes a real busy-body loser to start contacting these people’s employers. If you get so wrapped up in the show that you’re to a stage at which you consider doing this, you should just quit watching.

  146. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE – if NOBODY SEES ANDY FOR THE LIAR AND HORRIBLE WARDROBE, BY THE WAY. I GIVE UP ON ALL FUTURE BB SHOWS. Just kidding. Where will I ever see such weak players/liars/pussywhipped/ players keep me entertained. Refuse to let my blood pressure go up although I hope Amanda will kiss ass for all the people in the jury house. Get ready GM your ass is out the door next and oh, by the way, Alyssa did your roots and hair touch-up. NO CLASS . RACHEL PLEASE COME TO THE FINALE AND DO YOUR THANG!!!

  147. CBS didn’t cover their bases very well by “suggesting” to Elissa that she save Amanda as McCrea sure didn’t know what to do!! That pizza faced non showering idiot just made the biggest most STUPID move of his game for nominating Elissa…the only person that could have helped to save his ass…now I’ll be glad to see his stupid ass leave next Thursday…barring the fact he doesn’t win Veto. CBS needs to bring back Elissa…yep..I’m a fan of hers. Boring ass show from here on out. Special eviction Wednesday followed by regular eviction Thursday…wtf…looks like one of the worthless so called Exterminators is gonna win the damn game…and not a single freaking one of them deserve it. None have played the game as others have..!!!

  148. At least Elissa had the decenty to try and play tthe game the way it should be played. There is nothing left in the house for strategy to win..all they are worrying g about is that now they don’t have to clean the house, take showers or even dress for days. They can all just sit around their lazy butts and talk dirty to each other and say inappropriate. Remarks about the houseguests that have left. BUT they feel so proud…of what????? Making it to the final 4 without actually planning the game??? Done watching this season….with what is left non of the, deserve to win!!!!

    1. Elissa’ played the game the way it “should” be played?? What’s that mean – do nothing for the most part & then make a stupid move – even with all her DR hints she couldn’t get it right if her life depended on it. Yep, she should have stayed in that wonderful life that she SO “deserves” and worked SO hard for. Pretentious witch.

  149. The reason Big Red doesn’t get a hard on over Elissa is because he’s closet gay…..me thinks there’s only a gherkin in those nasty shorts of his anyways

    1. When Andy said something on the live feed about him being a closet gay that only needs to get drunk and he said rather quietly not to let the world know, I think they were covering up the bl*w j*b Andy gave him weeks ago–the photo posted sure looked like that was happening and apparently Spencer told those coming into the room to stay out they were trying to get sleep. ha ha ya, for sure.

  150. The only positive thing from Elissa losing tonight is that now I don’t have to watch BBAD until 2:00 or 3:00 am in the morning anymore. I know if I were to tune in tonight I would just see Spencer and the rest vilifying her. I have nothing to lose by not watching.
    I think the show was making me lose my health a little because of the sleeping and also because I get mad at injustice. From now on I’ll check here for updates and watch the CBS show.
    Goodbye BBAD, from now on it’s going to B-BAD

  151. So that was why DR “encouraged” Elissa to go with a plan to align with Amanda. She had nothing to lose so she may as well. I would have been fine with that if Elissa hadn’t come out of that house and said that McCrae must have voted to evict Amanda!!! Dingbat. You deserve to be outside of the house.

    So BB was celebrating their 500th episode and needed good numbers. They made us all think the game was going to change again because otherwise, we would have had the same this week as every other week. Oh, we know amanda is going. Amanda tries to bully to try to save her ass etc and the rest of the HGs just “pretend” they are going to keep her and blah blah blah. and then Amanda goes home.

    Wouldn’t exactly make for an exciting 500th episode.

  152. Hey Andy just seriously made a great case. He HAS to remind people that people in the Jury will HATE him. He is doing a very smart job of planting the “Take me with you!” plan that Dr. Will played. Spencer and Andy will have to have someone take them to the end. They can’t win any other way. McCrea can win final HOH, GM can win final HOH, and so can Judd. But Andy is very smart to realize he has to make the case for someone to want to take him to win the $500k. When he get’s there he states the case that he played everyone and used secrets against him. Against McCrea, Judd, or GM, Andy wins. The game NOW should be played to convince others that they will win against you. I hate Andy, but his game play has been pretty good so far. Hate him now. If he wins and the hate subsides you will see he played well.

  153. We need buddha girl and butterfly girl to bring some calm to the board but let me try. Remember last year when Ian won?? That was cool. Lets Zen out and think happy thoughts like that.

  154. Kinda hoping McCrea wins veto and then wins final 4 hoh. We need to see the bug controllers act like true insects and “cockaroaches” and scatter around. I hated elissas arrogance. I despised Amanda’s cockiness, I hate Andy’s smug fuck face. Hope to see the floaters float their way to jury. And if McCrea is out next, the worst final 4 ever. GM is a 33 year old child. She deserves not a penny. She lost her job, so why give her a chance to find other jobs with a cushy 500k.

  155. WTF is Elissa going to do with 25 grand….Sometimes I just don’t understand Big Brother fans….why not give it to someone who it will make an actual difference for like Howard. I liked Elissa but its quite evident shes a spoiled brat just like many of the other guest..sigh the rich always get richer

  156. Amanda ruined the game all summer with her bullying and Elissa did jack shit apart from a few competition wins. Both of them were incredibly disrespectful to each other and to pretty much every other houseguest. Neither particularly cared about winning the game either and both talked about self-evicting repeatedly. What the hell could anybody possibly have to whine about tonight? They got what they deserved and the Exterminators (mainly Andy) completely hoodwinked them both.

    Hate on the remaining alliance all you want, but they formed at a perfect time and screwed over the powers in the house. They beat both production this week and Elissa/Amanda. It was impressive.

      1. Nice strawman and ad hominem there. What the hell did my post have to do with gender? You could criticize nearly every houseguest this summer for saying , disrespecting, demeaning, insulting shit about each other (and certainly every one of the final 7). Is it somehow better when Amanda/Elissa do it than Spencer/Judd?

        The bottomline here is the Exterminators hoodwinked two of the biggest jerks in the house this summer tonight. Their alliance may be comprised of jerks themselves, but they are jerks that are still in this game. And they beat production’s meddling to do it too. Quit your whining.

  157. I’ve got a solution for all the cursing going on in BB. For every word you say like “biatch” or “fukc” etc, you will get $5,000 deducted from your check if you are the Big Brother winner. I know that’s a lot of monitoring but maybe they could do it during certain hours only and not tell the houseguests which hours they are.

    Maybe someone wins and they’ll get no money. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  158. Do these idiots not realize the cameras are still on? If they think America feels the same way they do, they are sadly mistaken, As much as I can’t stand Mc’s “yea”, it is better than the filth coming out of the other disgusting pigs mouths.

  159. Uugghhh so irritated right now…would rather McCrae to win at this point but doubt it now :( dislike the rest of the disgusting filthy rats!!

  160. Well, mt prediction came true. Julie didn’t mention Amanda’s racist comments. I told you CBS had it set up to have the blond, blue-eyed Southern girl as the racist even though Amanda’s comments made Aaryn look like a saint. I am not one to say “I quit” but because of CBS and their sorry favorite pet (Amanda) I deleted all BB related shows. It is bad enough that only SCUM of the earth is left to win the money, but deliberately trying to destroy a young girl is horrible. I know Aaryn said what she did on her own but Amanda was worse and no mention on prime time . SHAME ON CBS!!! No surprise though. What do you expect from the liberal media!

    1. Sandy I feel exactly like you. Julie is biased and she just let Aaryn have it because she made the “Asian” comment, and of course Julie is Asian. What about the Puerto Ricans and blacks affected by Amanda’s filth? Amanda got a huge pass from Julie.

    2. She didn’t mention the racist comments or the threats to Elissa. Just asked her if she had any regrets about anything she said to which she replied “no”…It even seemed like the audience warmed up to her at the end. That was crap. Is julie only calling out Aaryn????

  161. This is the first season that I watch BB, and it has been horrible with the cursing and the women hating. I think I’ll never watch again. I watched a similar show called The Glass House on ABC (unfortunately just lasted one season) and even though they could be mean sometimes, they never got to the level of disgust that CBS has gotten. What’s wrong with CBS? And why didn’t they try to stop the women’s haters comments like they try to stop Amanda from bullying Elissa (which I agree with)? Don’t they know that half the audience watching is probably women? Get a clue CBS!!!

  162. Are you people really going to stop watching? I said I was going to stop watching the first week, when Elissa won mvp ugh, and here I am…

    1. I’m going to stop watching the 15 hours of BBAD but will be watching the 3 hours on CBS. And of course, I’ll get updates here. At least I can go back to sleep.

  163. Never mind that Elissa is a happily married woman. How presumptuous of Spencer, McCrae, and even Andy (only because he weighed in on this one) to think that she would give any one of them a second look, much less have sex with any of them.

    Also, I think it interesting that Spencer keeps commenting on how unattractive and sexually unappealing he finds Elissa to be; yet, every time he mentions her name, he makes some crude sexual reference. He seems to think of her ONLY in the most graphic SEXUAL terms. Spencer, you wish…

  164. Wow. Any and all of you spewing your vile and contempt about the houseguests with name-calling and irrational categorization … you’re no better than those you’re calling out. Actually, you’re even worse because you’re hiding behind your screens, and even fake names.

    The concept of floater is a strategy – if that’s what you’re doing. Andy has deliberately run back and forth, played both sides to protect himself. I don’t like him, but he’s final five. Those that just hide, and don’t know what the fuck is going on – bad floater.

    Spencer – pedo? really? He’s a guy that you’re watching 24-7. You think your husband or bf don’t say or do some of the same things when they’re with ‘guys’? The contemptible comments about people are not acceptable. But he’s articulate (ie. more intelligent that most of them). And while you might think he’s had no game – yup – cuz he’s been on the block all season – and yet, played it so he survived.

    Judd is a floater! But the lame type. Never seen any game from him. But seems like an okay guy.

    McCrae – totally poised to win this. No one knows his game – cuz he hasn’t had any really. But, that’s an asset now. Not pissed anyone off. But, he’s just a slacker in life. Pretty ick. (his car, in bed 24-7, lack of ambition, sex on TV)

    Amanda is a gross person (that’s not name-calling – sex everywhere, on TV, the vile and contempt spewed, the fake-TV ‘love’ – gross.
    Elissa is kept and received too much inside info from production. GM is spunky, but really not redeemable.

    At this point, McCrae (don’t like him), Andy, or Spencer – I’ll be okay if they win. Judd, sure – couldn’t care.
    America’s favourite – wish it was for a moment – cuz no one is worth that title (earned) … Howard pulling Candice from the bed-flipping and talking her down with reason. He won me there, but don’t know much about him (for real).
    My favourites have included Will, Danielle (4), Dick (his play), Jordan/Brit (nice), Dan (shrewed), Nakomis

    Rachel and Brendon – absolutely dysfunction. She’s not stable, he’s an emotional abusive individual.
    Jeff – first time I really got pissed off about someone being a homophobe elitist.

    1. Okay okay… Spencer, just shut the fuck up! That’s all over the line.
      And so are some of the others.
      You’re excited, I get it. Use your energy to clean or something! ;)

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Andy has played both sides of the house all season until picking a moment to strike (which was tonight). He was always aware of every eviction and was a significant part of Amanda’s influence in the house (Andy got nearly everyone to trust him including Helen/Elissa/Kaitlin among many others). Call him a floater if you want, but to me, he’s playing the best game of the remaining five players.

    3. you say things about having sex with 4 year olds when you’re with your friends? really? wow. i have never said anything like that no matter who i was with. and here’s another guy excoriating us for excoriating them…can you even see the hypocrisy? der.

    4. Sorry Chris but you’re wrong. Boys, only boys talk like J, A and S when they’re the boys, especially insecure men. Past 27, boys usually start to get their shit together and act like men. I know no husbands who talk about their dicks when they’re with their friends, they don’t even walk naked around each other in the showers at the gym. Once you’re married, you don’t have time for these insecure chauvinistic bravado. Talk to REAL MEN, even ask your dad and he’ll tell you that he quitted acting like a fool, trying to impress the other males, by the time he reached 30. Nope, only BOYS act like those 4 HGs.

  165. Hoping for a final secret alliance consisting of JUDD, McCrea and Spencer. Andy and Ginamarie get evicted. JUDD or McCrea win.

    Then.. we burn the BIg Brother House down!

  166. Ouch!! Kinda glad I am wrong. But WTF is up with Julie’s exit interview of Amanda. Hello? At least I am a person of my word.

    -Eat my words

  167. If i awoke from a coma and watched these vile people I would not have a clue as to what year it is. With the racism and the sick comments about about women and caveman behavior by all… I dont want to insult cavemen … I cant reward it by watching…but staying on OBB only for updates.

  168. Everyone commenting is a bunch of whiners – we finally got what we wanted and it seems like no one is happy about it. Keep your comments to yourselves. 90% of you would be easily as classless, annoying or boring as anyone on this season – whaaaaaa whaaaaaa stfu everyone

  169. Wow you people are such idiots lol this is been one of the most boring seasons in recent memory and as soon as people step up and make big moves you think it sucks now? Why because elissa left? You all are as dumb as her if you think she played a good game or deserves the money but you’ll vote for her as americas favorite anyways lol amanda was such an asshole and the reason why this season was full of sheep and so terrible. you all love elissa so much why cause shes rachels sister? Shes an entilted idiot who walks around like shes better then everyone add to the fact that production has CLEARLY manipulated the game in her favor (mvp twist and save amanda plan). Not because its some conspiracy but because elissa is actually dumb enough to blindly follow. I mean come on she honestly thought mccrae voted his own girlfriend out? lol are you kidding me? And you all jump to defend her like shes some brilliant strategist. please so us the favor and stop watching.

    1. So many believed she had some “master plan to expose Andy.” Ha! She looked a fool to the bitter end still believing McCrae had voted to evict Amanda while sitting on the stage with Julie. Truly a dumb woman.

    2. No kidding. Somebody finally steps up for the first time in nearly 3 months by getting Amanda out and beating production in the process and people are still upset because poor Elissa (who, if everyone is completely honest, was not good at this game and was merely a ratings tool) is gone. Hilarious.

    3. and as a matter of fact she IS better than anyone else in the house-the pedophile, the rat, the mumbler, the psycho, the hippie….ALL of them. you just cant handle the truth…..

      1. Give me a break dude if you didnt like elissa just because she is rachels sister and she was just a normal person then you would think she was a stuckup robot just like the rest us.

  170. The only reason they are not trashing Amanda is Mc is still in the house. If he leaves, it will be the same trash only for two people.

  171. Boo hoo Rachel is going on a twitter campaign to get Dumblissa to win America’s player.

    If it wasn’t for her Twitter campaign to get her to be MVP she would of been out in week #2,

  172. So BBAD is on – you see Andy walking around the house then we get the fish tank & now Andy was told to go to the DR. Live feeds still have fish…….

  173. All I can say is Mcrea is a Fu*#g IDIOT! Andy is some sort of savant genius scumbag liar, who will now likely win this game, and become the saddest excuse for a winner in BB history, by the way I have hated him the most ALL SEASON. Mcrea thought Elissa screwed them, Amanda thought Elissa screwed them, Elissa thought Mcrea screwed them?? What a fu*#&g JOKE! How boring is the house going to be now. Almost unwatchable I think, I feel sorry for you Simon and Dawg. I will really miss those sweet yoga posses as well! I say I would prefer 95% of the HG ever to play on BB to win over the ones remaining in this house, very SAD.

  174. Production tried all week to meddle with the game and mess with the Exterminators’ alliance and plans. They even went as far as actually getting Elissa, their ratings tools for this season, to side with Amanda, a woman who had been ripping her family, husband and her personality/looks for weeks on end. And yet despite that production interference, the Exterminators stuck together and fulfilled their plan tonight.

    Few things are more satisfying than when production doesn’t get what they want, especially when they’re so obvious about their interference.

  175. Comment sections are hilarious now that the Brenchel/Elissa superfans don’t know where to go. If word never got back that Elissa was trying to strike deals with Amanda, Judd might have used the veto on her. Maybe.

  176. Can all the people claiming they are going to leave/stop watching go now?

    We get it, you’re sore sports and you need to whine…but i’d like to talk about the game with some fun people now.

    1. I’m actually excited for this week! The exterminators are most likely going to break up. I have a feeling that McCrae’s not leaving on Wednesday.

  177. Too many spoiled, jobless baby-machines watching this season. I can’t fathom any other group of people who would so aggressively defend Elissa unless they are living the same lifestyle as her. And stop act like this is the first season where people cuss – what show did you all think you were tuning in to watch anyways? If people acted and played how half are you are demanding the show would be CANCELED – period.

    1. Are you kidding me?! I work my tail off to support myself, have not made babies for a living, and I support Elissa. She gets my vote for AF.

  178. So glad I waited till 1am to see the HOH comp & all BBAD has is Andy putting away clean dishes. hmmm – a little too much excitement as we wait to see who will be HOH. Sure glad it’s not Andy but I sure hope it’s not GM or Judd or Spencer. Darn it – there’s nobody left for it not to be! LOL!!

    1. Spencer just walked in from the comp with the HOH key on his neck , bragging about how hard he worked the comp. Oh Hell NO!

  179. Watching again as Amanda leaves the house and Andy says “Amanda you could”

    He has such a surprised look on his face. Andy sold it well.

  180. Well…..BBAD, has fish and Andy putting dishes and utensils away. Not a word spoken, everyone else outside doing an endurance most likely. Yawwwn. This is east coast. I pray for central mountain and pacific.

  181. Thanks Simon, Thanks Dawg – glad for the two of u that I made a small contribution toward the upkeep.

    For the rest, I’ll go along with what others have said and will not watch BB again until the Final Night, out of curiousity how the racist, violent, homophobic comments are addressed (or not addressed).

    Julie Chen’s interview with Amanda was amazing – I had to keep looking to make sure it was Amanda; Julie Chen interviewed her as if she were Mother Teresa.
    CBS Cares!

  182. I’m watching BBAD and there’s just Andy in the house. What happened to the others? I guess the rest are in the backyard competing for something and Andy was the first one eliminated.

  183. If someone is constantly actin like a b!tch and someone finally has the balls to call that person a b!tch – the kudos to them. It’s a complete double standard to think that a woman can act like a b!tch all day long but when a man calls her one to her face he has over stepped his boundaries? What planet are you all on?!?! Stunned it went 9 weeks before that happened. STUNNED. Gender should be completely left out of the equation – if you are acting like a b!tch, then be prepared to be called one.

  184. Watching BBAD and it is only Andy cleaning kitchen and playing cards by himself, no noise, no nothing, 15 minutes of this! The fish have better personalities and are more entertaining. OMG Andy sitting at table all alone and they are filming this? Or worse I am watching this!!!!! WTH

  185. “They continue to find more clothes and things of Elissa’s. They don’t know how they are going to pack all of her stuff. Spencer says lets prance around in Elissa’s underwear….Andy comments that the water is coming out of the fridge super slow. Spencer says it comes out fast for me, it’s a bigot. Andy says you make out with me every time you drink. Spencer says shut the f**k up I don’t want to live feeds to know. Spencer says lets put on her underwear and walk around saying look at me I’m a b***h! Andy says oh god Spencer you are so mature….Judd laughs at how it was McCrae’s HOH that got Elissa out. Spencer says that he is going to come out every night and slap his d**k on her (Elissa) face (memory wall photo).”

    I got to admit, I laughed when I read this, I don’t know why, especially the walking around in her underwear part. I like Elissa, I think she is so hot and nice and has a good personality and was one of the few decent people left in the house with a bunch of pigs. Frankly I was disappointed when McCrae nominated her, he must have known she’d go. So I figure he did it to get in good with the others. It was a dumb move strategically. There are 5 people left in the game and it should have been obvious from the events that occured in the house gm, spencer and judd where working together. the smart move would be to put up judd and gm and hope judd went. Because judd is coming after mccrae no matter what. If andy or elissa won next he could still have stayed but o well. Looks like mccrae will go either 5th or 4th. I never understood why players in the final 6 make such stupid moves. You have 4 players clearly working together and instead of trying to get a 3-2 for next week they just go ahead blindly and boot out the person to make it a 4-1 with them going hom next week. Now lets all strut around in elissa underwear, LOL

    1. no, i believe mc thinks ellissa played him and amanda. he thinks he is still good with Andy and has always wanted to work with judd. too bad, wish they would find out that spenser and andy have a final two deal. mc is gonna have to bust a move this week. so want spenser and andy out of the game. little did mc know that andy or spenser should or judd and gm were better choices.

    2. I thought he would put up GM and Andy who just betrayed his “love”. But rat bastard sold the whole thing, pawned it off on Elissa and McCrae fell for it all. I thought he might play a good game on his own, but me thinks not after that blunder tonight.

  186. Well one things for sure, with all these whiners professing to bail out after tonight, these comment threads should get ALOT shorter!

  187. Amanda evicted = good day plus Elissa evicted = FANTASTIC :D

    Like it or not Andy is the only one that actually “deserves” to win out of those left in the game. He has the most gameplay (backstabbing and being a rat) fluently lied and played both sides like a fiddle; everyone else kind of floated…….well maybe not JuDD

    1. It is kinda funny because the hardcore Amanda haters are Elissa fans. So in the beginning they had a good night, now they want to slit their wrists.

  188. McCrae just came in to go to bathroom

    A- Have they started playing yet?
    M- no
    A – did they say what happened yet?
    A- probably can’t talk about it but we should get info soon. you should make an alcohol request.
    A- okay, did they declare a winner for that round
    Andy tries to get into DR – the won’t let him in
    A – saying AD getting a great show – me playing cards
    M- yeah, why’d you have to go to diary?
    A – they were just filling me in on what was….
    BB – you are not allowed to talk about production
    McCrae waits for BB to let him back out. Misc chit chat.
    Now back to the Andy show…..

    1. thumbs down?? All I did was rewind BBAD to type the little bit of conversation that took place b/c nothing is on the feeds…. wow!

  189. BBAD is so boring. Only Andy in the house now, while I think the others are still playing for HOH. I really don’t like any of the people left but I kind of want McCrae to win. He should put up the Rat and the Pervert, but maybe he won’t put the Pervert because he knows anyone can win against the Pervert.

  190. I think Andy would have been much more appealing if we could have seen him running back and forth collecting information, but not always repeating it. He could still have used the tidbits to advance his gameplay, but he would have been perceived as shrewd, rather than rat-like.

    Dan was constantly listening and learning where people stood and what they were thinking and planning. But even the most rabid Dan-hater would admit that he held his info close to the vest. Anyone who will rat on others to you, will rat on you to others. McCranda learned this the hard way. And Elissa seemed to know Andy was a rat, but still put her trust in him simply because Amanda and McCrae said otherwise.

  191. I think Andy screwed him self in his good-bye message. Amanda would have never known and now when MC gets evicted he too will know. Think they will vote for him in the end? I think Judd and GM have a better chance than him. The only one Andy maybe able to beat is spenser. Andy and Spenser couldn’t win if there life depends on it.

  192. So much for all the dumbasses believing that the show is rigged for Amanda and she is preordained to win no matter what….morons

  193. lmfao i cant believe i was right about amanda leaving and elissa following right after. wow its sad and daunting…. this bb has been so bleh at times, i can’t believe it. i guess im cheering for GM now to win? i just dont know.

  194. I don’t understand why the live feeds get fish – I mean at least show what you’re showing on BBAD. That’s better than trivia that I’ve memorized with the BB music. UGH!!

  195. Predictions: GM wins hoh MC and Spencer go up. Anyone else wins GM and MC go up. I think MC will win veto so either Spencer will leave this week or GM. I would love for the final 4 to be GM,Spencer,Judd and Andy. Judd goes 4th and Andy goes 3rd. It would be funny to see the look on Andy’s face for GM to have that final hoh and send his ass out. He thought leaving under Elissa would be bad. Then the look on his face when Elissa wins America’s vote. I am done with the sites,feeds and show until finale. Go GM although that makes me cringe.

  196. Judd’s out.
    A – what did they determine happened.
    J – starts to whisper amndnmdgdjsfhjhfdherg
    BB- says you are not allowed to talk about prod.
    Now Judd is teaching Andy to play war.

    Talking about DE – nothing special – can’t believe they pulled this off… sounds like McCrea will be up & out if he doesn’t win veto. I wish they’d test these people out to make sure they can be understood!

    Curtain up – Andy & Judd go outside we get the HOH fish.

  197. Omg!! WTF! I will not watch the final episode if the final two are Andy and Spencer… They really think they have actually played the game they are the biggest floaters on BB! Andy didn’t do anything during his HOH he didn’t even use the POV!!