With all the controversy surrounding this seasons Big Brother 15 cast over their racial, homophobic and misogynistic comments aren’t bad enough, recently Spencer Clawson “joked” about mast*rb@ting to ch!ld p*rn. As a result after being alerted to the disgusting comments he made the police from his home town immediately investigated him to determine if charges should be laid against him. Understandably, this is a VERY serious matter and it is great to hear that comments like this are not taken lightly. This cast of Big Brother house guests will likely feel the BIGGEST backlash from their comments / views that they have expressed inside the house.

“Big Brother” contestant Spencer Clawson just learned a valuable lesson about child p*rn … don’t even joke about that crap … because cops will go after you.

In case you didn’t see the clips from this week — Clawson goes off on this really uncomfortable riff about child p*rn, saying, “I like to be@t off to child p*rn. Did I ever tell y’all about that? I love it. Beat!ng off to child p*rn is my favorite thing there is.”

You’d think he’d stop there, but no … he kept going, saying, “I love it when they’re around three or four years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they’re in a basement.”

And the jokes didn’t go unnoticed … especially by Spencer’s hometown police in Arkansas.

Chief AJ Gary from the Conway Police Department in Arkansas tells TMZ, “The Conway Police Department was alerted to comments made. Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven’t found that any criminal act was committed.”

Good news, but still … don’t make child p*rn jokes. They’re not even funny.

LIVE FEED TIME STAMP: WEEK 6 Monday August 5th, 2013 – 7:07pm Camera 1 and 2

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Spencer’s employer Union Pacific comments on the issue:
Due to the volume of feedback Union Pacific has received from the public about Spencer Clawson’s August 5 comments on the CBS reality show Big Brother 15, the company wants to reiterate that it has taken all the action it can under the Collective Bargaining Agreement until Mr. Clawson is released from the show. Mr. Clawson took an unpaid leave of absence to participate on Big Brother 15. Union Pacific has notified law enforcement of Mr. Clawson’s August 5 comments.



CBS Interactive Inc.

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Well now, that was a pretty stupid thing to do Spencer.


Hopefully Big Brother kicks him out and Candace gets saved.


Candice goes on Thursday! Lets not change the rules at the eleventh hour. Yes Spencer comments has landed him in hot water. However, if Spencer leaves before the vote, an eviction vote will still be taken in his absence and Candice probably still will be voted out the house. Sorry for all the emotional pain that Candice experienced. However, Candice is just a bad player. Yep Amanda has been mean to her. That still doesn’t change the fact she is a bad player. Candice said she didn’t want to win the last HOH, because she didn’t want a target on her back. Ah Candice, I think that ship sailed a while back. Candice plays the POV comp and lets Amanda get in her head. Candice, why at that time doing the POV do you want to whisper to Judd in front of everyone that Amanda thinks you are the MVP? Made totally no sense for your game. However, you could of approached Judd before the POV or after with that comment and tried to deal with him…..sorry for all your Candice supporters. I know she’s been through a lot. She needs to take it up with CBS in the legal arena about the emotional pain she endured, but as far as staying in the game…..she is just a real bad player.


I honestly believe Candice and Howard would have played a different game if racial comments wasn’t in the house. No doubt it changed the way they felt in the house, which more than likely effected their demeanor. Psych 101 you can’t be comfortable or be yourself knowing you are being hated and stereotyping.

Paul t

Candace would be completely unbearable with white skin. She has the whiny, high pitched, doesn’t actually say anything, can’t be reasoned with personality. It’s a shame you were given somebody that can’t be respected for your “Ooh, she’s great because she’s black” bandwagon.


It is sad how we put labels on people, and how are we suppose to fight other Countries who threatens us when we are our own worst enemy. Americans must learn how to live in peace and respect one another, but I’m having a pipe dream. The women in the house could have ruled if they didn’t allow their own insecurities to control them. Jealousy and envy is a horrible sickness, there will always be someone prettier, smarter and richer, and non of that would matter if they could learn to love themselves and appreciate the beauty they have……sad just sad.


OMG, I really feel like I am going to puke. This is so sick true or not. Too make that type of joke this man has serious issues along with Hitler’s killing of Jews and the remarks he says about women.


if they kick spencer out i hope they also kick amanda out


Can they just stop this BB15 now. He is a disgusting pig and although I (ass) u me he was joking, this is something you don’t joke about. I am still astonished that these were the best this show could offer and put on.


Seriously, I’m not one of the “it’s rigged” crowd, but man, you HAVE to think casting picked the worst of the worst just to stir it up. I don’t know about the USA, but in Canada, there are “hate” crime laws, which include dissemination of “hate” propaganda. It’s broadcast on Global Network up here and I betcha their legal teams are paying attention. Inciting hatred (thinking of the racist, derogatory verbiage in particular) is illegal – hard to prosecute I’m sure, but illegal.

This season is a train wreck you can’t look away from…


simonPlease List The Time And Date Stamp Of These Jokes

this is a new low for the show

thanks, Dawg + Simon —!!!!

it is now hitting the more mainstream
media. E Online + the Huffington Post
are running the story. TMZ’s story is
from a day earlier, and is about how
his employer has fired him, and that is
before Monday’s comments. this incident
will most likely have a major shake-up hit
the show. this is worse than everything
earlier. CBS has to address what he said.

New World Order

His employer can’t fire him as he’s apart of the union. They are waiting until he gets out and work with his union to see what options they have according to their collective bargaining agreement.

www . uprr . com/newsinfo/2013/spencer_big_brother.shtml


IM Done With Him. I Thought He Couldn’t Get Any Worse Than The Butterscotch Comments But If Joking, I Hope He Gets fired. If The Cops Search His House And Computers And Find Evidence To Arrest Him They Better Not Wait Till The Show Is Over. He’s Totally Disgusting. Please StopGiving Him Air Time.


Monday August 5th 7:06 pm camera 1


When is this season going to end? How much more does this country have to endure with this CBS collection of misfits and idiots?

He Said What

Please CBS, put Evel Dick in the house for 24 hours.

No to evel dick

Evel dick says he hopes Aaryn wins and he doesn’t know why everyone hates Amanda. He also said they are overreacting on this spencer story it was a joke.


I think everyone needs to lighten up. With all that there is going on in the world, of course the media wants you to worry about something as petty as a joke from Spencer on BB15. If you couldn’t tell, the joke is obviously a joke and by his wording you can tell that he believes everyone knows how disgusting, inappropriate, and wrong it would be and he is actually mocking it, like yeah right.

Like, ‘oh yum I love eating sh!t for breakfast!’

‘Oh yeah, that 400lb hairy lady that looks like a man is soooooo hot.’

Do you people get it? Now get over it.


Jendel, clearly you are not a parent of a young child who could be the one that Spencer is jerking off to. You are hopelessly clueless… sigh


It was in very bad taste, but it was a joke. He was playing the part of a perv and trying to say something completely offensive to gross-out people. As far as I know you can’t arrest people in this country for saying something disgusting, if that was the case, the entire cast and many people that have left comments on this site would be in jail.


None of the misfits are as horrible as this and that is saying a lot after watching Amanda on tonight’s show. She really is a Racist Horrid Human Being!


Really? What is the country HAVING to endure? Nobody is being forced to watch the show! You don’t have to watch, you don’t have to comment or discuss, and you don’t have to read about it. If you think there are not thousands of people in this country who act and say the same things these houseguests do, you must live in a shoebox.

Thank you

Right on. If everyone here is so horribly offended, stop watching he show!! Stop watching the feeds and ask for your money back. Freedom of speech means you can say dumb things, get over it. Seems like a lot of people here want to live in a society where there are a small group of people who will tell us what we can and can’t say to make sure we don’t offend anybody.


You are correct we don`t have to watch this mess of a cast HOWEVER allowing this to go on is how we end up with a hoard of misfits who become famous for no good reason. Can you say Kardashians ! Another group of people who hav no morals and get rich because of it!


You are free to say dumb things but you will still suffer the consequences.


Based on these jokes and other comments made about other women in the house, especially about Jessie, I doubt if Marilyn will be there to greet Spencer on finale night.


Who knows if Marilyn is even a real person. Spencer after being rejected by every woman in the house could have made her up to prevent himself as being portrayed as a loser.


Spencer girl friend knows him very well, I can only hope she is nothing like him, but there is a strong possibility she may have similar humor. No doubt she has heard his joking comments before and she is still with him. If not she is truly heart broken over all of this. I can’t imagine my husband joking about the taste of a woman’s va jay jay and not fearing what I would do to him for making such distasteful and sickening comments. Good luck Marilyn


Sick….just plain sick.

Where did production find this year’s cast?


Whomever casted these people may be looking for employment soon. To cast one or two idiots is an honest mistake, but to fill the house with these jokers is really bad judgment of their character. Someone posted week one the cast is more of MTV Real World bunch.

BB15..worst cast ever.

There is always some truth in every joke.


The fact that he would even think of this much less joke about it is surely a warning sign.


I don’t think this is true in the slightest. Referring to my example above, where guys (or girls) joke saying “Oh yeah, that 300lb hairy girl that looks like a man is sooooo hot,” there doesn’t have to be any truth to that joke whatsoever.


I’ve always heard that behind every joke is a hint of truth…why would anyone even joke about something like this. Spencer just proved that he is by far the WORST of the group.

I'm Disgusted

His is a disgusting piece of crap and he should be kicked off the show for making comments like that. It reflects very poorly on CBS to even allow jokes like that be air on their live feed and even more for them to allow him to remain in the house. I am so disgusted by him and Gina Marie, Aaryn. and Amanda. This season are full of disgusting people who should be removed from the game by the producers.


WoW, just WoW. What the hell is wrong with this guy? off color and racist comments are one level of bad, but this is just disgusting. Jesus Christ, I mean, who jokes about this stuff? I have never encountered a person in reality who would joke about such a disgusting thing. If I were CBS, he would have been removed 5 seconds after joke 1.

New World Order

Yup, this season will go down as the WORST season of Reality TV ever. Not just Big Brother but all reality show and that’s saying a lot since the Kardaishans still have a show.


This show makes the Kardashians look classy. And that’s saying something.


I betcha the producer (Allison) will be “let go” after this season. After Amanda, arryan. and ginamaire’s comments. Then you got this whole thing now. I think he should be expelled from the game. Those comments go waaaaay to far.


Don’t forget like the 1st day David was talking to Aaryn about “Black Candice”. The things Judd has said about women are really bad as well. CBS just needs to cut it’s losses and re-run NCIS


People have been asking for the firing of Allison Grodner for several seasons now and (good or bad) she’s still there. I’ve often wondered about the criteria that is used to select the houseguests and just how much input Grodner has in those choices. But after seeing The Red Queen’s reign in the household this season, I’m inclined to join those who seek Ms. Grodner’s dismissal. This season of malcontents has made Big Brother achieve an all-time low and that’s saying quite a lot.

The authenticity and honesty of “Big Brother” have been questioned over the years. I also believe if The Red Queen manages to make it as one of the money winners (1st or 2nd prize), it will only prove the finger pointers and doubters are right.

Do something smart, Allison, if you hope to save your job AND the show–cut The Red Queen loose NOW.


IN no way did anything Aaryn say rise to that, and as much as I find total disgust with things Gina Marie and Amanda said those do not rise to that. Makes me ill. He is talking about children and UGH!!! They are all bad, but that was just on another something. Seriously, Grohner needs to be fired asap.


this is the wrose season in big brother history i didnt like dan moves in the game but i respect him doing it for his family my best player of all time in will love to be in the house with her is jenalle she great in compertions this season i like elssia candice an jesse an macre yes macre he just playing the game the other ones i cant stand to talk

Big brother ship is sinking

Lol well I use to love you big brother while you lasted.After this season I do not know if it will be picked up for another season.They should have warned the houseguests to watch their comments but nope they enjoyed the money more.The casting team for big brother will probably be fired.


What he said was obviously wrong without a doubt, but he was pretending to be Mccrae at the time.

The Basement

His thoughts and his mind – I told you all yesterday when he mentioned me it was creepy….


I don’t care that he was pretending to be MC when he said this, the meer fact that his mind went to this, and he thinks this a funny joke. This is truly a sick individual. I wouldn’t let him near my child, that’s for darn sure!


I think all women should use extreme cation around him.
In the begining of the season he made a joke about spiking womens drinks.
Although to me it sounded more like he was talking from experience.
How is it Amanda is never mensioned in any articles? Who controls Hollywood and the news? need I say more.
Same reason no one is getting fired as she should. What a bunch of sick people. And DTV wonders why I canceled
my service. It’s all turned to garbage tv.


Oh my.


spencer is possibly the most vile hg in bb history. and to make it worse, he actually says these things thinking he’s being funny or cute. it says a lot about him, and none of it good.

for the sake of the remaining hg, i hope he goes during the de this week ,before jury.


Jury is this week. Word is Candice gave production what for in DR and they want her in the jury house so she can’t do interviews, etc.


If this is true, GREAT and good for her! I definitely want her in the jury – maybe they’ll listen to her there….mind you, she’s going to sharing it with the awfulites, so maybe not good for her. Jeez, now that I think about this, it’s no not good for her. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. At the very least, there’s going to be a lot of people who won’t want to see her in the jury either.


The first jury member might be the next guest to be evicted. I thought I read that somewhere.


Seems the article fails to mention he was pretending to be McCrae.
Was talking into MC’s microphone, playing like he was going to get MC
in trouble by saying horrific things.

Do not get me wrong, I dislike Spencer the most out of all the HG’s.
But it is just getting ridiculous what has happened to viewers this season.
No one actually seems to watch for love of BB, everyone is just on patrol
to try and ruin yet another life.

I would like to ask a lot of the PC patrol if they have ever watched any comedy show.
Specifically Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli, Jim Norton….or ANY comedian who has
made a Catholic Joke/Pedephile joke.
NO ONE is saying any joke made makes anything OK.
But my god there is humor in this world, and shock humor fits that category.

I think for the first time Big Brother can actually be taken literally….
Watch out for the Thought Police!

(Not to mention we seem to have an entire season of “Hate Week”).

Good things Spencers Father is a Judge and brother a cop.


I was wondering what the context was when he said that. To me it almost sounded (read) like he was repeating from someone else’s comedy schtick or something similar.


I thought he was pretending to be Andy? Wasn’t Andy the one in the shower? Anyway, the comments were inappropriate and very poor taste, but I didn’t for a minute think he was serious. I disagree that all jokes have a ‘true’ underlying meaning. Some people just make inappropriate jokes! Nothing funny about them, in fact, they are usually offensive. Amanda & Spencer both make inappropriate and offensive jokes, but Aaryn & GM make inappropriate and offensive comments out of hate. They are personal in nature and intended to belittle a specific person. Elissa & Candice are guilty of making comments to belittle people as well. They are both of the opinion that they are better than anyone in the house, and are comfortable calling everyone else trash, low class, scum, illiterate, etc. Aside from Spencer’s most recent ‘jokes’ (which I agree go a little too far), I have to wonder which is worse……someone who makes inappropriate jokes openly and in front of everyone, or someone who goes behind closed doors and hurls the racial and sexual slurs? Or whispers how much better they are than the other houseguests, then proceed to party and laugh with them? Also, lets not forget while some of you are calling these houseguests a plethora of names…you are doing the same thing you are calling them out for doing…so I guess a lot of the BB fans are hypocrites.


You are kidding right. In what mind do you think cattiness of stupid women rise to the disgust of Spencer’s words. NO way, NO HOW ARE THE TWO CLOSE. Amanda who is the biggest racist biotch on the show or on any show is not as horrible as Spencer. The man is talking about preying on innocent children who cannot fight back.


Yea, except none of the houseguests are professional comedians. There is an art and subtly to cruel, rude, disgusting, and derogatory jokes; clearly none of these people have the finesse to even attempt such language.


I guess from Spencer’s stand point, that would be good to have a father that is a judge and a brother who is a cop. That means he will more than likely get away with his rape of women & children!!
Yes he was joking but who jokes about that? Spencer is defintaley a sexual deviant. If you look at all the stuff he has said…. HE HAS ISSUES!!!

And Amanda joking about cutting Jessie’s throat, killing her and then having sex with her dead body, is just as disturbing! Was she making a joke? She thinks she was, but i don’t see how that’s funny. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!!!!

Bad Journalism

I agree, this is journalism at its worst. To be clear — I do NOT condone Spencer’s comments and think it still shows how disgustingly crass, immature and perverse his sense of humor has been all season (and ultimately, him as a person).

But he was pretending to be McCrae and purposefully trying to say something bad for the shock value. Granted, Spencer’s version of shock value is truly terrible and appalling, but this was still entirely taken out of context. It’s BAD journalism. They need to provide all the facts and don’t present things out of context. Not that this guy deserves that amount of respect, but at the very least, we as readers who want to form our own opinions, deserve all the facts.

I agree with OriginalNoName on this one — everyone is on high alert this season and quick to judge every single thing that happens now. There are plenty of comedians out there that have made my jaw drop before by some of the questionably racist, crude, or offensive things they’re “allowed” to say because they’re only joking or because they’re famous so people idolize them. Everyone keeps tossing around how hypocritical this season’s cast has been with their comments and actions, so try not to be so hypocritical yourselves. Hate him for his comments and crude sense of humor, but don’t immediately assume he’s a sexual predator because something was taken out of context.

…although, he still very well may be. *meh*

Just shut up and play the game

Somewhat agree. TMZ always sensationalizes its stories – problem is, he said it showing poor judgment and this may very well follow him for quite some time.




BB15 goes down in history as THE YEAR OF THE SCUMBAGS IN A CESSPOOL. Where did they find these people and how much lower can they sink? Is this indicative and representative of young people nowadays. Mind you, after this year, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be on Big Brother as you’re more than likely going to be sequestered with morons, idiots, narcissists, racists, delusional and immature wannabees, and who knows what else. You couldn’t pay me enough to go through something like this.


Why wouldn’t you be on the show? From your comments, it sounds like you would fit right in. or is your name calling somehow different?


That is not funny Spencer!!!!!!


I wonder where they got these set of people from.They are so disgusting.Did anyone notice that all the people that hate Candice passionately inside the house are already having a difficult life outside BB house, my dear Candice is sure going to have the last laugh……


Oh yes, dear sweet Candice. I really liked her in the beginning, but that was before I started hearing some of the things she was saying about other people in the house one minute, then talking about her dedication and religion the next….followed by her MANY rants that included GD this and GD that. Yes, let’s not forget about sweet Candice!


GREAT casting CBS !Where did u find these morons ?


It is interesting because what does it say about the ones that tried out and didn’t make it!! Usually you think you aren’t god enough, this year you think I wasn’t discussing enough.


Does anyone else see BB15 being the demise of big brother? With all the controversy since day one it has had its ups and downs but more downs than anything else I have ever seen. I am an avid BB fan and love the live feeds but this is the first year that I have paid for the feeds and have barely watched them. I get disgusted by all the comments, I want to throw up reach time I see MC and amanduh, I am grossed out by Gina and from day one I say she has been loud, rude and obnoxious but this whole Nick thing brings crazy to a whole new level. I am not a Rachael fan but right now I wish for a Rachael season….anything is better that this bulls**t.

BB Fan

Someone mentioned a site recently and I can’t find the post. It was gossip pens or something like that. Does anyone know the site they were referring to? Thanks!


Maybe you mean gossipingpens.


Yeah, the site is, but this Simon & Dawg’s site has a much better clip, and more info. I’m glad to hear his hometown police are checking into the matter further.

What I find equaling unsettling is that Amanda and Andy were right there, and didn’t say anything to Spencer as he went on and on. Andy asks, “What’s for dinner?”.

It is reprehensible that CBS hasn’t removed Spencer from the house for these comments. Remember when Chima toss her microphone in the water, and the Hance fellow was starting trouble – they were removed from the house immediately, weren’t they? Why is this behavior not deemed as bad?


Lastdance, thank you for the information. I could not agree with you more concerning Simon and Dawg. I just wanted to follow up on the rumor pertaining to Amanda getting fired. No updates, but the link is no longer active. Interesting! I am totally devoted to this site. These guys do the best job! I can’t afford the live feeds, but who needs it, when you have Simon and Dawg. I anxiously await each new updatly because they definitely give the lastest and most accurate account. These guys are the best!


This is ridiculous…. BB is no longer about winning $500k, it’s about ruining lives.

Jokes are jokes, even when they are in poor taste (ever hear the one about putting wheels on miscarriages?).

But I’m done with this board. The self-righteous folk have taken over.


Bye, and take your pathetic defense of HGs joking about unfunny things like “gang-raping and murdering other HGs” with you.


the only way they could save this season by letting jesse elssia win this whole game


I have stopped watching, will catch the end to see who has been evicted and who gets HOH. Haven’t liked any of these house guests since the show started, they came in trying to ‘one up’ past guests, trying to become ‘memorable’ like Janel, Boogie, Dr. Will and a few others. Fail big time.


I think this season should be cancelled immediately,…this has gone too far,…. this needs to be stopped,…CBS SHAME ON YOU!


Pretending, jokes. Ok. But the subject matter. And detail. The one in the basement. Geez guy
Has anyone told those jokes before. The guy above must not have kids. Pretending at the expense
Of NcCrack! All I can say is “WOW, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya! Get OUT!


We can’t arrest him for being a fool but we’ve started a file on him.


Karma Is a Bitch x 3? ROLMFAO

I wanna to see the cat people defend Spencer’s comments in the same way they defended Means Girls(GM, Amanda, Aaryn and Kaitlin)

CBS complete dismisses what Amanda says because of her friendship with AG, Live Feeder know the real Amanda.


I’m sick and tired of all the people that are sick and tired and I’m certainly one of them


white people are looking really bad right now…


All of them went into the house before Trayvon verdict and before Paula Deen got into trouble ? Everyone was sayin racism and hatred were dead in america . How Russia and China were the countries that had problems . OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA after the 3 women were found alive after 3 years and hundreds of other stories over last 4 months .ALL OF AMERICA LOOKS HORRIBLE .


OriginalNoName’s post is easily the most reasonable I’ve seen concerning Spencer’s quotes. Spencer may be guilty of poor taste and unfunniness, but as far as this particular brouhaha goes, strongly suspect that’s about it.

La la la

Now production convince everyone in tue house to evict spencer for his comments since he is on the block!


Grenade yo.

Kelli Jo

Im glad he is being investigated. Honestly, this is disgusting. The racial and homophobic comments were bad enough, but talking and joking about the abuse and exploitation of an innocent child really takes the cake. Spencer, shame on you.


Just a horrible cast that has resulted in a horrible season….I swear if this is the reason they stop making new Big Brother seasons I will personally find each cast member and slap them


Most undesirable cast in history for any show. I’m watching out of pure loyalty and pity to CBS.


Just wow.


Spencer might be the first contestant pulled off the show due to criminal proceedings outside it…..Pretty crazy but then his comments were beyond crazy…






That is just disgusting how anyone could even make a joke about that is wrong and Amanda is no damn better laughing about it then again dont surprise me after the rape comments she made these people are gross and disgusting and need to have the shit kicked out of them supreme reality check they call elissa stupied but there the ones maken disgusting jokes and racist comments on LIVE FEEDS


all yall mfs act like you havent said something you didnt mean before. just cause hes more in the public eye than you are doesnt mean your any better. i swear people just want drama and something to complain about.


Of course I’ve made offensive jokes, but nowhere near the vile and disgusting things the HGs this season have said, the defense of what they say making it seem like everyone says the same things behind closed doors or on a comedy show is utterly pathetic.


I have to say, no, not so much. I don’t mind sex jokes but have my vulgarity limits and I only tell Irish/Scottish jokes ’cause that’s me, so no, I can’t relate to most of these HGs on any level. I would have self-evicted in the first week of this mess. Somebody else said it here, but it’s one horrendously awful Jerry Springer show…that never ends!


ok name, i am going to need you to explain why you post consistenly post comments about how vile these people are and then wait 10 minutes and post something defending not only the very same people,but the very same comments.




Ten year old should not be watching Big Brother period it just show people how to lie and backstab.


Amanda’a photo looks like she finds Spencer’s jokes VERY funny.


Spencer: I met a 14 year old girl on the internet. She was clever, funny, flirty and sexy, so I suggested we meet up.She turned out to be an undercover detective.
How cool is that at her age?!


FUNNY! Thanks for that x 1000.


Seriously, do any of these HGs have a filter on their brain and mouth. Or are they just comfortable with whatever crassness that comes out of their mouths. This BB season is just totally FUBAR!!!


I love the ‘FUBAR’, you don’t hear that one much anymore, but we used to say it all the time as a verb: “This is FUBARed beyond all recognition. I am totally gonna FUBAR this.” Nice.