How to Get Big Brother 15 Live Feeds in Canada

OK.. So CBS dropped a HUGE bomb on us Canadian Big Brother 15 fans today when they released the live feed information. CBS has decided to block the live feeds from Canadian fans for reason that are beyond me. Last time I checked Big Brother 15 is airing on Global this June. As a regular US viewer of the live feeds you should witness nothing different from previous years the service appears essentially is unchanged. It’s still the same great feeds but are now CHEAPER! so win win for US fans. As for the Canadian fans we need to jump through a couple hoops to enjoy our favourite summer entertainment.

How can I watch the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds in Canada?

You have to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a Big Brother Live Feedssubscription

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across public networks like the Internet. It enables a host computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if they were an integral part of the private network with all the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. wikipedia

WTF… is this hard to setup?

A VPN means that a computer in Canada will be communicating to the outside internets via a computer which is located in the United States. It’s a common network set up that I’ve used personally for many years, chances are you’ve used one already and just didn’t realize. It’s not very hard to set up and there are plenty of places to seek help if you need it (OBB being one of them ;) )

Where do I get a VPN?

I’ve used for many years and have had zero issues with their service. The package I use is “Lite PPTP VPN” for 3 months at a cost of $21. Many people have had good experiences with but I cannot comment personally.

Can I pay for my feeds in Canada?

YES, both dawg and myself have purchased our feeds using this link Big Brother Live Feeds with our Canadian credit cards from a computer located in Canada using a Canadian IP. The cost for the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds is $23.99 if you take advantage of the early bird special. (Please note you will have to us a US postal code)

How much is this going to cost me?

VPN = $21
Live Feeds early bird special = $23.99
Total = 44.99 for 3 months of BB15 feeds for Canadians

After I Subscribe to the feeds and purchase my VPN what do I do?

You need to set up your computer to run on the VPN. Now this isn’t as hard as it sounds and StrongVPN has some very detailed tutorials on how to set up your system to use their services. The tutorials are step by step and written for the layman. They also offer online support if you become stuck. For example if you are running Windows 7 and you’ve purchased the Lite PPTP VPN from Strong VPN (This is the package I use) it takes just 7 easy steps to configure your VPN

If you like the spoilers and the community here at please consider getting the feeds through us. For every feed sale OBB gets a cut it’s one of the ways we keep the lights on. OBB Subscription Link **–> Big Brother Live Feeds

Send me a email if you’ve decided to go down this path and are having trouble getting it to work, I may be able to offer some assistance.

**One thing to note… We have written confirmation that the feeds are not available to networks outside of the United States. Public outcry may change this decision but as is stands now a VPN is the only way around it**

CBS Interactive Inc.

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If I don’t have a US address, how can I still purchase the live Feeds if I live in Canada?


Simon this sucks….I was actually going to buy the feeds but not sure I want to go down the VPN route. I think I’ll just follow you guys since your updates are so awesome and donate the money to you. Is your app fixed yet it was messed during BBCan.

Biff Tannen

Simon, was this POWERSHIFT you orchestrated against the powers that he sponsored by Chevrolet?

Sorry, had to get one more POWERSHIFT in. It’s out of my system now.


No. I’m good. I’m finished.

PS–let me know if you want some help covering the feeds. I mentioned it during BBCAN, and I’d be happy to help. Least I can do for all the work you guys do.

Biff Tannen

Cool, I’ll be around. Just let me know!


if your videos of bb usa feeds are as extensive and as good as what you had for the canada season that will be awesome

hope you are able to post all the cbs eps and tvgn after dark eps to youtube too if possible, along with the live feed youtube videos


thanks for your reply Simon…i wasnt aware cbs wouldnt allow feed vids to be posted at all, thats unfortunate…you would think some people not knowing cbs policy will still post feed vids to youtube anyway, as alot of people around the world have an interest in the usa version


I agree with your comments Simon

for the usa season coverage on obb the only thing i would say to have a look at in terms of spoilers that i noticed in the canada season…if i was trying to catch up on events here at obb, i had to make sure not to look at the housemates picture montage on the right which had hoh or pov or nom or blacked out pics on the housemates pictures, so if i had still to see that nom or pov or eviction/hoh ep etc i had to make sure to avoid looking at that at certain times…if there is any way to avoid the picture montage spoiler on update pages which are before a noms or pov or eviction or hoh has happened, that would be great, but if not, then no worries

good to know you will be doing transcripts of the action…i find this site alot better than others to keep up with events of the house, and the chat is well set out


thanks…enjoy the upcoming season

Marissa87 Member,

Thank you for your inquiry. Though we value all of our viewers, unfortunately Big Brother Live Feed will not be available for viewing if you live outside the United States. You must reside in the United States or the U.S. Territories of American Samoa, Guam, The U.S. Virgin Islands or The U.S. Minor Outlying Islands to view the Big Brother Live Feed content. Puerto Rico and The North Mariana Islands are not included.

Have a great day, Support Team

Well at least they told me to have a great day, right?!?!

I don’t think CBS will be getting my money this year. I’ll just send it OBB’s way seeing as you’re the only way I’ll be able to know anything that goes on without purchasing $45 of VPN AND Feeds.


Thanks Simon for the VPN will cost us Canadians more $ but I think it is more than worth it.
I will wait until the last minute to go the VPN route, just in case CBS has a change of noheart.


There are hundreds of VPN providers out there ;) some of them much cheaper.

if you’re interested, I’m sure you can find a more suitable one :)




I hope all the Canada fans get to watch the feeds..
I live in the US & i watched the Canada feeds on my iPhone but it wouldnt work from my computer.


Is CBS doing this out of spite because American residents couldn’t get the BBCanada feeds? I heard something that CBS was doing this as some sort of payback…


What else could possibly happen? I’m scared. They aren’t going to pull the show off Global, are they? They wouldn’t!

I honestly don’t believe its for payback. I don’t think CBS cares enough about Big Brother Canada to be insulted by not being able to air it. I think if Slice was offered the chance to broadcast the show internationally, they would have taken it. More money for them, right?

The only thing that maybe they are pissed about is that Slice got their golden boy, Dan to come on BBCA. Maybe there’s a conflict of interest there???


Simon, if I click on the current OBB window for the BB CBS early bird special, will you guys get “credit” for it?


Hey Jim,

Yes if you click on the live feed banners on OBB and sign up for the feeds we will get credit for it. Signing up through us helps support all the updates we do throughout the season :)


you can also watch the BBAD USA shows on you tube they were all posted last year after they aired and I am sure will be posted this year. I am in the USA and was able to watch all of BB Canada shows including the after dark shows and reunion show right after they aired on you tube.


Well, First off Simon I LOVE this website you are doing. I have a few questions for you. 1st Are you going to keep doing these live feed stuff during Big Brother 15? 2nd Do you talk to CBS like do they send you pictures and you edit and post them on here? 3rd Do you talk to Julie Chen do you know her? Do you keep in contact with Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11 and 13? Like I said I love this website and keep doing what you do on here:) WoooHooo:))


Great job keep doing what your doing:) CBS talks to you that has to be cool to talk to them. If I was talking to CBS I would automatically tell them to make Julie Chen talk to me that would be AMAZING to talk to her lol:)) But I know she has things to do. Jeff and Jordan are my favorite couple in the whole world oh and while I talk about them are they still together? Thanks for answering:)) Oh and EVERY season of Big Brother KEEP doing it never retire on this site lol even if its in Canada or grease or anywhere keep doing this website for free and never charge us for looking its a great site and just love love love the updates on here:))


Has anyone confirmed whether or not media hint for google chrome will work for the live feeds? If so, that’ll save you money on buying a VPN. Media hint is free, and it works for me on unlocking US content on any website. I’ve used it for Hulu, and even Netflix. Ordered my live feeds last night with a US postal code and everything seems to be working okay so far.


Thanks so much I’m a BB super fan, when I found out we were blocked from the live feeds in Canada I was so upset… I took your suggestion and signed up with a VPN and it works like a charm, thx so so so much:)


Your site is amazing:)